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Your going to be a god babe


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chapter 1
Marcus pov

“Babe a package arrived for you says it’s from titan corp” my adorable husband ray  said. I carefully went down the stairs even though they were reinforced i was still 500 pounds of muscle. I grab him from behind lifting him up  “i still can’t believe I convinced you to marry me” I say kissing him. He blushes “I think I should be the one saying that your the beautiful dark god the swept me off my feet with your love of dnd” ray said looking at me with nothing but love and a little lust as he reminded me of how we got together.

about 7 years ago the government randomly selected people for the titan program which was really just them testing out super solider serum on the lower class wether it work on you or not you got a fat check and all medical covered for life and free college. And it worked for me went from a 140 pounds to 500 all muscle and I’m still growing a bit. After my results and a bunch of tests I was released and went to a nearby college where I met ray a kinda chunky guy but the way his eyes lit up when he talked about dnd or his other hobbies drew me in and after we hung out a few times I asked him out the rest is history.

I opened the package and pulled out the vial inside the same stuff that grew me  “babe this is for you even though I think your perfect the way you are I wanted to give you the option to grow as big as me” 

“how did you even get your hands on this isn’t this worth millions as this point “ ray says “I pulled some strings alright don’t worry ” I put the vial in his hand “just drink it if you want to or toss it up to you babe”

ray pov 

I didn’t even have to think about it I opened it and downed it in one go. Even though I knew he loved me for me I always had that voice in my head that I wasn’t worthy enough to be in a relationship as perfect as this one. Just seeing him walking around the house made me hard and now I was gonna grow just as big as him



(picture of Marcus)

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(If anyone wants to send me a better morph for Marcus I can swap them out)

also imma make these 2 grossly in love no brake up drama just two massive dorks in love 

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(imma split each chapter into 2 post)

Chapter 2 Marcus pov 

holy shit he barley touched it before he downed it “well then guess we should get you some new clothes and fuel”

ray looked a bit confused “fuel?” 

“Babe your body needs stuff to grow otherwise you’re gonna get really sick. So your gonna have to double your calorie intake atleast so let’s go”

Ray jumped into my truck looking excited and a little hungry. We get to the mall and get him the things he likes in multiple sizes so he dosnt have to keep coming back and by the time we’re done his stomach is audibly growling.

it looks like his body is already burning his fat for more fuel. The dork tries to act like he’s not hungry saying we should finish our shopping but I just pick him up and bring him to bigger and better a Titan restaurant (they serve normal people but have a special menu for titans and those growing into titans for little cost) run by my brother .

“Davon my man needs some fuel stat” i yell knowing he’s here today 

my younger brother also a titan yells back “then get him back here marc “ 

Once we’re back there davon serves him a mountain of food “so you finally managed to get him a dose“ 

“yah have some friends in the business and they finally managed to get me one”

“uh guys I know I’m hungry but isn’t this a bit much “ ray says staring at the pile of food in front of him 

davon chuckles “dude that’s just the appetizer now start eating while I make the main course”ray starts eating slowly at first before he is eating like a mad man  devouring the mountain of food in front of him in minutes 

“more “ he demands while licking the plates clean 

“remember when we were like that bro” I say 

Davon chuckles “yah I’ll never forget the look on docs face when he realized how much just one Titan needed to eat let alone the group of us” 

there’s a ripping sound and ray blushes his dick ripped through his pants D2BD4C70-F3E9-47CD-B4FC-8E100B20FB3A.thumb.jpeg.3ba7de2f09270b424ed5e381e233c59b.jpeg

“there’s the first spurt kicking in “ Davon says while slamming enough food to fill a buffet in front of him “keep eating dude it’s perfectly normal you can change once your done.

I catch up with Davon while ray finishes his meal and passes out “welp guess it’s time for us to go tell the wife I said hi” I say picking ray up and bringing him home

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Chapter 2 ray pov 


I wake up not being able to stop cumming moaning as I’m overwhelmed by pleasure . Marcus walks in “don’t hold back your body isn’t used to the amount of cum your producing just enjoy the feeling while I get you breakfast and we can have some fun after ” he takes off my pajamas and winks“these won’t fit soon anyways”

leaving me able to look at my improved body while my cock blast out seemingly endless cum.

if anything that made me somehow cum even harder I’ve went from a kinda chunky nerd to a Adonis in my own right if he had a 11 cock and balls the sizes of baseballs. 

As soon My cock stops  cumming Marcus walks back in with my breakfast aka enough bacon to kill an average person and a farms worth of eggs “ thank you babe also sorry for the mess “ I say catching my breath I should be spent but Marcus bringing me breakfast naked except his dumb kiss the chief apron made my cock rock hard again 

“what do you mean sorry this is so hot seeing my ray grow into a god maybe after you eat we can have som-“ I pull him into a kiss “food can wait I need you now” I grab the lube just about to prep myself when Marcus grabs it from me “I don’t think so big boy now that your gonna be my size soon I want us to switch sometimes don’t worry though I’ll pound that ass after if you want me too”

he starts prepping himself as I looked at him kinda shocked I kinda just assumed he was a strict top but then again I never asked I guess.

he grins turning around lowering himself onto my cock “being honest babe I was afraid of crushing you but now I could get used to this” he starts bouncing himself on my cock and I try thrusting a bit but he stops me by slamming his beautiful muscle ass down

“babe just cuase your fucking me this time don’t think your in control now jack me off a bit “ I listen and start jacking him off trying not to lose my mind as my dick felt like it was in a vise milking pleasure out of it.  we both came and took a small break to eat before I start teasing his monster cock leading to a legendary fuckfest I can’t tell you how many times we came and how many times we swapped but I have never been more satisfied that night in his arms.

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