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With the new year commencing and fresh ideas churning in my mind, I find it is time I share a story once again. This theme keeps on lingering in my mind and it is just very fitting for this particular audience. I've written a similar story once before but unfortunately it has vanquished into the abyss after the server crash. You could say the story you're about to read, especially it's details, also faded away in time...

A friend like me - Chapter 1: It's a BAZAAR world out there
The thing with fairytale, myths, and folklore is that the details and often not so happy-go-lucky endings are frequently left out or changed. This story is no exception to that phenomenon, which is why it is definitely worth reading. Now... let's begin our story in the land where caravan camels roam.

Dashing through the narrow streets, products rolling of carts, freshly hung laundry falling on the dusty paths, and sweat travelling down his body. A quick, hooded, figure made his way through the busy Bazaar aiming for the outskirts of the city, a bag hanging over his shoulders. Tumultuous sounds heard all over the place. "STOP! THIEF!!!" a buldering voice echoed from behind him. The chasers were surely gaining on him and it was almost over for him. In a split second a little throwing-knife slid from under his sleeve and with a flick of his wrist it dashed toward the inner gate. The knife made a clean cut through the rope and the gate started to lower. The figure dug under the falling gate and a loud crash followed as it hit the ground. He looked back through the gate's bars and saw an exhausted Royal Guard unit; led by THE Razoul himself. "Always fancy seeing you my fellow Agrabahnians and have an enchanting day" the supposed thieve said. Quickly the figure disappeared into the busy crowd of working folk and continued his way onward.

While our stranger is continuing his way, I'll shed some light on the time and scenery we're dealing with. This story, as you've probably already guessed, takes place in Agrabah; wealthiest of the kingdoms in the Seven Deserts and most strategically located within the Citadel. It is currently under the rule of the Hamed Sultanate, with its current head of state: Sultan Hamed III. A city of mystery, of enchantment, and the finest merchandise this side of the River Jordan! A real melting pot of social classes. Before I start rambling about this bustling city, let's get back to the story.

Our mysterious stranger had made his way to the infamous, Thieves Quarters, a place where crime was the norm and not the exception. Not the safest place to be you'd expect but because of its reputation, not many dared go there. Amidst the Thieves Quarters was the Street of Forty Thieves, where our protagonist reached into the well to grab a key. He walked up to a stack of barrels, inserted the key somewhere on the side, turned it and entered the building through the entrance. He was greeted by the sweet smell of perfume lingering in the room. He looked around but saw no-one, he shrugged and dumped the bag in the kitchen area. "You must be Devi," a female voice said. His heart jumped as he turned around and saw a young woman brew herself some tea. "Fuck, you scared the shit out of me... But you're correct m'lady!" Devi said. The woman laughed softly and said: "I heard you had some rooms available, you know, the of the grid kinda type". "Definitely, however I usually hear about arrivals from my companions beforehand," he replied. The lady apologised and told him she would pay extra for the inconvenience. Devi walked over to a little counter, bowed down, pointing his juicy cakes up to the sky, and reached for a key. He pointed to the stairs and directed her to her room: "This is yours, make yourself at home. It ain't much but you won't be bothered by whomever you're running from". "I'm not running from anyone perse," she said, "I'm merely here for observation; Celeste is the name by the way". "I honestly don't need to know miss, the less I know, the better I can protect you" Devi said. Celeste smiled and handed Devi the money, a bunch of exotic coins, but whatever. Devi left the room and started stocking the cabinets with the products he "brought"...

You must know Agrabah isn't the easiest city to live in as a mere street rat, or mice if you're female, but juggling a couple of jobs most can get by. This story however, takes place amidst the hottest summer recorded yet. Most crops had decayed, the harvest was practically ruined and the lower class was starting to crumble. It is still a flourishing city, with all its export of silks and jewels, but the scarce import of food is mainly directed towards the upper-class. All the fault of the cowardly Sultan Hamed.

"Challenging times are they not..." Celeste said spontaneously. "By the djinn!" Devi said, "How are you so quiet?! But yeah, this Sultan is really making a mess out of it." Devi continued stocking his supply as Celeste stumbled across the walls of the room. It was incredibly hot in the room, the sweat pretty much streaming from his face. Devi took of his hood, revealing his tan and muscular arms, covered in intricate tattoos. Devi had always been quite athletic and was generally gifted in the muscle department. His height wasn't spectacular at 5'7" but he made up for it in raw, pure muscle strength. His arms were big, sturdy forearms, big begins slithering over them, topped with perfectly rounded, 20-inch, biceps. You could clearly sea the musculature of his upper body through the thin and drenched tanktop he wore underneath. Celeste glanced at him, blushed, and quickly continued scanning the shelves. Devi was finished stocking up and quickly smelled his armpits and they smelled utterly foul, like beyond the musk that would make the average human feel horny. "Who are this?" Celeste asked holding a piece of papyrus. Devi walked over and said: "It's me and my mom, she actually started this safe haven years ago. Initially so my dad could return home because he was falsely accused by some vizier." "And this?" Celeste asked. "That's Al, my bonus brother, and his pet monkey Abu. We took him in as a kid and cared for him, since his parents abandoned him. I was always ready to fight for him, good guy! Haven't seen him in a while though..." Devi said. Celeste looked over her shoulder, right into Devi's amber eyes, then looking at his chiseled chin and dark beard covering his chin, his man-bun sagging from its hairband. Devi also glanced into her light grey, almost white, eyes and quickly announced he was gonna wash himself real quick. He rushed towards the washing room on the patio, where he undressed, and started cleaning himself up a bit.

After a while Devi was all cleaned and made his way to his room. In all the commotion he totally forgot that he had a guest over and well before he knew it he heard a clattering sound. Celeste had dropped a little plant in a pot when she saw him walking towards her. There Devi stood, butt-naked, his dark long locks still a bit wet and hanging over his pecs. Celeste was presently surprised by what she saw. A beautiful young man with stunning arms, his pecs also covered in tattoos and bulging outwards, topped with pointy nipples. The kind of pecs that sensually bounce when you walk. Underneath a beautiful 6-pack of abs. His whole body was covered in a musky layer of hair. Devi's legs were also impressive, they were thick, you could clearly point out all the different muscle groups within them. Mostly she was amazed by the 6-inch flaccid cock that was dangling between his legs, promptly pressed forward by a pair of luscious balls the size of eggs. "I'm so incredibly sorry, I totally forgot you were here," Devi stammered, "I'll get you some food on the house as compensation!" Celeste looked at him and grinned. "I know a better way to compensate me..." she said and with a flick of her wrist here beautiful, white, silk dress loosened and fell on the floor. The room now filled with two naked individuals.

Devi couldn't control his lust and like an animal he rushed towards Celeste. He lifted her up and pressed her body against the wall. The two started kissing furiously as they made their way to Devi's bedroom. On the way Devi's 6-inch flaccid dick turned into a juicy 10-inch poker with a mushroom head on top. Devi threw Celeste on the bed and carefully started caressing her body. She wore beautiful jewelry and wore a silky cover over her heaving breasts. Devi removed the cover and continued kissing her boobs. Celeste started pounding his muscles while Devi was giving her all the poses. He then flipped her around, grabbed her hair, and pounded her for a good while in doggy-style. "RRRRRrrrrrhaaaa... rrrhhaaaa," echoed through the room with every powerful thrust, making Celeste's boobs jiggle up and down, as well as Devi's juicy ass. Just before he climaxed, he pulled out, and a sweet stream of cum landed on Celeste's breasts. Celeste hadn't had such great sex in a long while but was flustered by what happened when Devi climaxed. His eyes, interestingly enough, flared a bright amber coloured light, almost like a flame, when he did. Without giving it much thought, the two slowly drifted away into the world of dreams, a world of endless possibility...

Meanwhile within the inner walls of the city, in the Royal Guard HQ, the mood was quite different. Razoul had returned from the Bazaar with the taxes they'd earned from directing the goods to the right merchants. While the poor despised this system, the rich, and mainly a certain vizier, wazir, alchemist, whatever you wanna call him, benefitted the most from it. Almost as if he had a hand in enforcing this new law, like he planted this idea into the Sultan's mind...

"You bunch of second-best imbeciles!" a voice bellowed, "How can you lose all that valuable merchandise to a mere street rat". "Vizier Jafar, we were simply outnumbered..." Razoul lied. "Yeah yeah, 10 guys" ... "At least 30 guys were in on it" two guards said at the same time. Razoul quickly shushed them. "Lying now, are we?" Jafar said, "For that you'll be punished Razoul! Leave us be you two!" With a swish of Jafars cobra-headed staff the doors opened and the two rushed out. "Time to pay, my little servant!" Jafar said with a grinn on his face. Razoul undressed, revealing his big and bulky muscle swine body and a leather jockstrap containing a small and fat cock. Razoul was a big dude, about 300 pounds, bulky muscles all over his body, a real muscle swine kinda body, a thick layer of hair all over. A real jiggly bubble butt portruding from behind. He got down on his knees, pulled Jafar's robe to the side and started caressing Jafar's monster cock. It was long and veiny with a cockring on top. "Choke you useless piece of meat!" Jafar said, grabbing Razoul's head and pressing it firmly on his groin. Razoul gave Jafar an insane blowjob, using all the tricks he had up his sleeve. All the while Jafar was humiliating him for his tiny cock. At the end of the heavenly blowjob Razoul's eyes were starting to tear up from the ginormous stallion. Jafar pulled out and said: "Yes... YES... YEHES!!! Serve me, my little bitch!" as he came all over Razoul's face. Thick streaks of cum still running over Razoul's face as Jafar commanded him to get back to work. Eventhough Jafar knew Razoul enjoyed this punishment, it was still worth it considering the immense pleasure it gave him. Razoul was about to leave when Jafar asked: "Enlighten me, cumface, who stole the goods?" "Don't think we've ever caught him sir!" Razoul answered, "He did, however, have very noticeable tattoos om his hands and chest and his eyes had a very mystical amber kinda colour." Jafar mumbled something as he pulled a book from the shelf, opening a secret entrance to his system of tunnels and alleyways throughout the city, quickly disappearing into the darkness...

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A friend like me - Chapter 2: Another Arabian night
Devi woke up from a night of endless pleasure, a true Arabian night, amidst dawn the next day. He always got up early, he just had so much energy to give. A glance down gave him a sense of satisfaction. Celeste was still sleeping, laying on his bare chest, looking peaceful as ever. Devi was kinda lonely in reality, an every-mans-friend, but lonely nonetheless. Most of his guests were too, so having sex with them was generally inevitable. Male, female, everything in between, he just had lots of love to give to all. Celeste, however, was a special one, a pretty one for sure. She had long white, blonde, locks; angelic you might even say. She had a very calming atmosphere around her, just very pleasant. A woman gifted in mind but also in body, a true hourglass figure. Beautiful hips and a plumb booty. Devi noticed some intricate scriptures between her fingers and behind her ears. "Mystical..." he mumbled. Quietly he moved Celeste over and got up from his bed, Celeste's coffer was still stalled in the room next door. A little peak revealed some ancient books and relics placed carefully on the ground. Without giving it much thought he continued downwards.

You must know practicing magic was strictly forbidden for the common folk. Ever since the horrible freak accident that overcame the late Sultana, bless her, the Sultan was wary of practicing unlicensed magic. Nowadays, the city counted a handful of court-licensed magicians and healers; all under the strict rule of the Royal Court's vizier and state wazir. It was in fact punishable by public death. Magic, however, streamed greatly through the roots of Agrabah, so setting up shop here was pretty high risk, high reward!

Devi took his mom's cookbook from the shelf and started preparing a hearty meal. The smells and aromas must have woken Celeste up, as she came downstairs, in full glorious ornate, within minutes. A vast contrast to Devi, who was merely cooking in his underwear. "I know your culture is welcoming but I'm far from famished, Devi," Celeste joked. Devi explained he often cooked, like his mom, for the less fortunate in times of need. So he'd eat a quick breakfast and quickly be on his way to deliver the goods to the good people of Agrabah. "How very kind," Celeste mumbled mysteriously. He grabbed a bag, filled it with meals, put on his hood and went on his merry way. Meanwhile Celeste returned to her chambers, to commence what she actually came here to do...

Meanwhile, Jafar also got up early that day. Manipulating a Sultan and preparing for the creation of an unstoppable empire isn't an easy task after all. Jafar descended into his lair and contemplated his malevolent plan. The ancient Scarab had indeed led him to the Cave of Wonders but the incapability of one Aladdin had robbed him of his precious lamp. Without it he'd have to find another way to gain more power, quickly... To take his mind off things, he decided to undo himself of his robe and reward him with a fair bit of pleasure. Jafar said a little spell to his staff, one that echoed throughout the hollow room, filling it with anguish. Slithering noises came from all corners of the room as the staff started to move like an actual snake. The snake started swirling up Jafar's long, athletic, and shaven legs where it halted as it made its way to Jafar's muscle-hard ass. Jafar spoke in ancient serpent tongue, commanding it to do as he said. The golden snake slithered around Jafar's long and hard shaft, squeezing it rightly. Its mouth opened wide as it engorged the juicy stallion whole. Jafar moaned expressively as the snake started milking him, the slithering snake tongue deep in Jafar's piss slit. Jafar's mind went blank as the snake got to work. He started pinching his nipples and licking his athletic biceps. When Jafar finally climaxed he buldered: "NONE CAN SATISFY ME LIKE I CAN, THEY ARE ALL INFERIOR TO ME!!!" The snake retracted, returned to its original form, and Jafar licked of the excess cum. That was breakfast for Jafar, as he was now pumped for another day of malevolence.

Devi, like magic, appeared on the now bustling Street of 40 Thieves, given the unannounced black market that was today, from behind the barrel door. He had a handful of addresses to visit and the others would simply be handed out as he saw fit. After a good while he was done with his usuals and made his way to the outskirts of the Quarters. It was busy, per usual, but extra busy because of the Matchmaking Day that was upon us. It's the long awaited day that a fit partner will be found for princess Jasmine, bachelors visiting from all corners of the world. Meaning there are more people to provide their business too and maybe even trick some of them into marriage. Devi pushed himself through the crowd as he made his way to the main Bazaar. "Out of my way, peasants!" a sneery voice said as Devi unpromptly bumped into a regal looking man. The tall, towering man, dressed in black and scarlet red looked at him annoyed. Devi looked at him and excused sincerely and like snow in the sun, a grin appeared on the man's face. "Point me to the black market will you," the man said. Devi have him a piece of paper with a riddle on it and rushed away, just before the man was out of his reach he felt a pull on his hair. Yet, before he could turn around the man was far gone. Quickly Devi finished his deliveries and made his way back to the Street of 40 Thieves.

Before Devi returned home he dashed into the always interesting Skull and Dagger, the tavern where thievery is eminent and pleasure imminent. Only thieves and criminals are allowed inside, it's the place where all sneaky ideas take shape. "Any interesting news picked up from the streets," Devi asked the barkeep. "Some dashing Prince Ali made his way to town, rich fella he is apparently, other than that got you a couple reservations for tonight only," the barkeep replied with a quick wink. He pointed at a couple sitting in the back, Devi tossed him a coin, and brought the couple along to the retreat. The couple got settled in their room, they had dinner together as the sun slowly dissipated along the horizon. When the night had fallen the couple showed their real intention, not that Devi is one to judge, as they asked Devi for some one on one time. They retreated to their room where the woman started oiling Devi muscle body, sensually caressing all his crevices. His sharp obliques and abs shimmering in the glowing moonlight. Afterwards the man, a scrawny little dude, took out a whip and did his best at dominating the stud. He punded Devi in his bubble butt, making it jiggle with every thrust. All the while the woman was watching and pleasuring herself intimately. Devi did both enjoy being dominant and being dominated alike, at this time, however, his mind was fixated on the tall and handsome man he met earlier that day...

Funnily enough the mind of the mysterious stranger, namely Jafar, was also fixated on this encounter. However, his plans were much more nefarious. The black market was a big bust, there were many con-artists selling worthless crap for mystical relics and knicknacks. Jafar only brought back some ingredients for potions and stuff, nothing special. When they bumped into each other, not only did his cock twitch. Also the Scarab, a relic that senses powerful magic, twitched. Jafar took a map of the Sultanate from one of his drawer and placed it over the table in his lair. He dipped the hair he knicked in some ghastly water, he then took a mouse, said a spell and broke its neck. A ghostly mist of voices appeared above the map, almost like a sea, and as he dropped the hair above it, it was navigated over the mist like boat. Until it stopped somewhere and burned a little hole in the paper, at precisely the place where Devi lived. Jafar called Iago and to deliver a message to Devi's address. Iago went on his way and quickly delivered the letter.

Dear stranger,
I feel as if our rude encounter was fated. You might possess something that is of interest to me, so I propose we make a deal. Please meet me at midnight, next to the city wall along the list of the damned.
Sincere greetings,
Royal Wazir Jafar 🐍

Devi found the letter, laying promptly on his windowsill. After he read it, feeling a little confused, he noticed it was already nearing midnight. What could a wealthy man, member of the Royal Court, possibly want that he had to offer, he thought to himself. Anyhow, he couldn't contain his curiosity and rushed to the place the letter told him to go. Just at midnight Devi stood there, back against the wall,  when all of a sudden everything went black. Someone had ambushed him and pulled a sack over his ahead. Two other men grabbed him by the wrist and pushed him away. A rumbling sound of moving bricks followed as they seemed to move into a hollow room. An endless walk, that seemed like just a long corridor followed, when eventually he sensed they entered a bigger room. This room smelled nice, it smelled masculine, it felt intimidating, yet calming in a sense.

Suddenly Devi could see the room as the hood was removed from his head. He was in some kind of lair, the magicky kind, the one filled with potions and knicknacks. The room seemed to be empty, until he saw a golden snake slither in the darkness and moments later the mysterious man from before, Jafar apparently, arose from the darkness. "You possess something I want," he said, "something magical". Devi was confused, as he'd never done anything magical in his life and surely didn't have his house stocked with ancient relics. "I have nothing for you, sir, I abide the rules and magic is forbidden..." Devi replied. Jafar have him a doubting look: "We both know that isn't the truth, child". "Razoul,  search him!" Jafar commanded moments later. Razoul can stumbling down the spiral stairs moments later and made his way over to Devi. He cracked his knuckles and started the search. First, he started feeling Devi's calves, they were very pronounced and hard. Next up were his upper legs, they were a steady 32 inches thick and veins running all over them. Razoul continued on the back. He couldn't help himself and gave Devi a little spank. To Jafar's surprise, Devi seemed to enjoy that, unlike many other Agrabahnians. Razoul's hands glided over the juicy cheeks and he brought his face closer to get a little whiff of them. His back was also impressive, you could still see the remnants of the whip from earlier, but they made his back look even more intense. When Razoul continued with the front, squeezing his pecs like they were actual books, Devi noticed a small bulge form in Razoul's pants. He smiled and so did Jafar! Finally Razoul reached his groin and announced he found something. Jafar was excited and commanded he hand it over. Razoul pulled down Devi's pants, only to reveal the massive snake he felt was actually Devi's horsehung cock. Devi angrily spat on Razoul's face: "Jealous now, little man!" Jafar was disappointed but also positively surprised. "Leave us be Razoul," Jafar said as Devi got dressed once again, "I've gotta get to the bottom of this".

"How very peculiar..." Jafar said, "My Scarab is never wrong but you seem to have nothing on you, luck for you, otherwise I'd have you arrested for unlicensed magicking!" Devi was also a little flabbergasted from the entire situation. After some contemplating, Jafar asked: "Did you recently come on in intimate contact with something magical, perhaps?" Immediately Celeste and her belongings shot through Devi's mind. Jafar noticed this and seemed contempt. "Perhaps we can help each other out... You bring me something of magic value and I reward you graciously," he said, "Us particular males have to stick together, do we not!" Devi didn't want to betray Celeste perse but there was something charismatic, something menacing, something horny about this Jafar fella. "I can do that for you, sir, but what can you do for me?" Devi asked. "Excellent, child!" Jafar said, "Perhaps I can give you a little piece of me to begin with..." Jafar used his staff to open a little cabinet and threw Devi some clothing. Devi took the bunch and put on the leather harness and also the golden, ruby engraved, chastity cage, which barely fit his flaccid cock. When he turned around he was greeted by a vision from his wildest dreams. There Jafar stood, with his towering 7 foot frame, wearing a leather gladiator outfit covering his athletic body, a scarlet demonic mask on his head and a gag in his one hand, a snake whip in the other. "Here my pretty pet," he said to Devi. Devi walked over to him and Jafar added the gag to his attire. "Oil me up, peasant!" Jafar commanded, "And when that's done, I'll pin your fine ass to that table and do some proper poking around!" Jafar's megalomaniac laugh echoed through the lair, as ecstasy descended upon the two of them!

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A friend like me - Chapter 3: Diamond in the Rough
Jafar opened a cabinet and handed Devi an expensive bottle of oil, at least that's what he thought it was, since the language was foreign to him. *Plop* Devi opened the bottle, filling the lair with an intense musky smell, the kind of smell you get when a bunch of guys bro out together, a sweaty locker room kinda smell. The aroma got Devi pretty excited all of a sudden. A thud followed as Jafar lifted his leg up on the table. "Have at it my diamond in the rough," he said with a wide smile on his face. Devi got down on his knees and slid his finger along Jafar's thigh, all the way down to his feet. Jafar shivered with excitement. Jafar's feet were big, well taken care of too, wide veins running all over them. His nails were painted an inky black and he wore rings on them. Gently Devi kissed his one feet, he wanted to be subtle about it but couldn't contain himself. He violently started licking and sucking Jafar's toes, Jafar was overcome with excitement, this was what he deserved. *WHIP!* echoed through the room as whip clashed into Devi's bare back. Devi winced but his cock started getting a little hard. "Continue upwards streetrat!" Jafar commanded. Devi took some of the oil and massaged it into Jafar's olympically pronounced calves. The oil had a red hue that seemed to penetrate the skin, leaving a fiery sensation, making Jafar moan. Moments later Jafar's calves tensed and they instantly got super pumped. Quickly Devi did the same to the other calve and continued upwards with the quads. They also quickly ballooned, making all the muscly striations visible to the naked eye. "YESSS, bitch!" Jafar grunted as he stomped on the table, leaving behind a massive crack.

"Now the back!" Jafar commanded demonically. Devi got around back and massaged the oil into Jafar's broad back, every single muscle group tensing and getting pumped after the other. The shiny muscles were decorated by a beautiful tattoo of a cobra running along his back. Next up were his shoulder, or even better his boulders, with the oil pumping them up it made Jafar look like a cartoon superhero. Shoulders that could literally protect you from any incoming danger. Jafar's moan had made place for grunts as lust was slowly being overshadowed by sexual rage. Jafar moved one arm into a bicep pose, the other exposing his lean traps. As the oil did its job, you could quite truly see the raw power rippling through the individual muscle fibers. Jafar felt overcome with power: "I shall be Sultan and Master!!!" he buldered as he slammed his fists onto the table, obliterating the hind legs that supported it. Devi dropped a little stream of oil on Jafar's juicy ass and used his tongue to spread out the goodness. Jafar flexed his tight muscle ass, almost entrapping Devi's skilled tongue. "Get in front of me, slave, and bow" Jafar sneered. Devi naturally listened and sat down in front of his new friend... with major benefits. Jafar pushed his groin into Devi's face, Devi could smell the sweet perfume of dominance, as well as feel Jafar's big Prince Albert piercing. Devi reached up and started oiling up his pecs and abdomen. His pectoral bouncing sensually as they swole up and heaved with every grunted breath. Devi's almost started to break out of its cage, considering the pressure it was on. Jafar slammed against his chest and yelled: "I DESERVE TO BE LEADER TO THIS PUNY FOLK, I OWN THEM!" He pulled Devi's hair upwards and lifted his face to his, he forcefully kissed him, then spat on his face and pushed him against the tilting table.

Almost instantly the snake-headed staff moved and turned into cuffs that pinned Devi to the table. Jafar ripped off the leather skirt with ease, followed by a slam as his bulging footlong cock slammed against his abs. Devi put his legs up in the air and without warning Jafar thrust his cock in, all the way. Devi's eyes started to tear up but his mind was filled with pleasure. He could feel the cold piercing move over his insides with every powerful thrust. Jafar pounded *RRRrrrAAaa* and pounded *RRrrrrAaa* and pounded for dear life. Jafar reached down and clenched his slender finger around Devi's neck, choking him. The pounding continued for quite some time, sweat dripping from both their bodies, adding to the heavenly musky musk. When all of a sudden, when Devi's conscience started to fade, Jafar forcefully climaxed all over Devi's upper body. The moment that happened, Devi's cock burst out of the golden cage and another stream of pearly cum joined the party. Both panted, contemplating what just went down in here... The silence was broken when Jafar said: "Lick up all the mess, will you!" Devi obeyed and slurped up all the juicy cum. Jafar handed him an obsidian ring, Devi looked confused. "It shall bring you to me, streetrat, when you've got my merchandise," Jafar said, "Now scram!!!"

While Devi was on his way home, barely being able to walk from the gaping hole Jafar left inside of him, Celeste was busy with an ancient ritual. She was an ancient seer, of sorts, she observed and, when needed, intervened. By many her kind were known as the Ethereals, Judges of Kingdoms. They lived between the planes of existence and wielded and commanded the Cube of the Ethereal, a powerful relic that turned hope into power in its rawest form, pure and chaotic magic. She'd set course for Agrabah because the scales of the universe were tilting out of equilibrium. Jafar had also continued his daily routine, unwelcomely interrupted by the infamous Prince Ali but in all honesty Jafar felt like something was off about him...

While all the frantics were going down between Jafar and Devi, Celeste had also awoken and gotten on with her day. She went down for breakfast, looked through Devi's stash of ingredients, took a few things but left some coins behind, and was almost tricked into a threesome with the aforementioned couple. She returned to her chambers, tidied up, and got to work. From her coffer she took four items and carefully placed them in four corners around her. A piece of pottery, representing earth, facing East, an ancient oil lamp (genie-less), representing fire, facing South. A bottle of water from the river Styx on the west and a golden peacock feather, embodiment of air, facing North. "I call upon thee, Sisters of the Ethereal, bring me wisdom in this moment of judgment," she recited as white flickering whispers gathered around her. She took out a cube from the coffer, which lit up upon touch. Her mind swirled with thoughts, completing blocking out that Devi had returned and was watching her through a creak in her door. Celeste's eyes lit up and the whispers showed a battalion from Muskar, seeking advantage of the wary state of Agrabah and take over. Celeste lifted the cube to sky and all the whispers gathered inside it. Lightning crackled over the faces of the cube and with a boom that spread all through Agrabah the cube snuffed out. Celeste woke up from her trance, carefully placed everything back and started packing.

Devi waited a while and then knocked on her door. "Come in!" she said. Devi entered and asked her if she was leaving, she told him she was and wouldn't bother him anymore. She said all was set for this story to unfold, no interference from beyond the gates of Agrabah. Devi did not understand what she meant and nodded slowly. "The stuff in my kitchen is free to take," Devi said, "so here are your coins back." Devi purposely dropped the coins on the ground. "Consider it my tip, I'll pick them up," Celeste replied politely. While they were picking up the coins Devi knicked the cube and slid it under the cupboard, along with a journal that fell out. Celeste handed him the coins and he grabbed her belongings. "I will see you out!" he said and with that she left, leaving Devi with just the sweet memory of her moans... and some of her belongings!

Jafar, the vizier after all, was busy with the serious business that was Jasmine's wedding. Considering he couldn't acquire the lamp, the second-best way to obtain as much, if not more, power and status was to ensure Jasmine's partner would be malleable, easily manipulated and controlled. Jasmine marrying Razoul would be great, though you wouldn't particularly wish that upon anyone. That Prince Ali was a wealthy man at least, from a far away kingdom he claimed, so not much interference from his side. Though, his gut feeling told him something was off. There were no mentions of Ali's kingdom, which was odd to say the least. Jafar called upon Iago, who reluctantly descended from his cage and commanded he inspect their new guest. Iago hadn't even left the room and one of Razoul's lackeys knocked on the door. Jafar annoyingly looked over at the man standing on his doorstep, completely out of breath. "Sir, one of our scavenger units was observing a Muskarian batallion, lead by the prince, that was heading our way," he said, "and with the blink of an eye they were obliterated by lightning, just mere hours earlier!" "How peculiar," Jafar reacted stoically. "Were they perhaps using magic wrongly?" he asked, ti which the lackey answered they did not find any magicky things on them. As the lackey left, Jafar pondered to himself: "Why isn't powerful magic given to those who deserve it, who can dominate it!"

Celeste was long gone by now and Devi had retrieved the relic and journal from the room and now sat contemplating in the kitchen. He was thinking about what to do, since making never really worked out for the poor and what if giving Jafar this, was the end of their relationship. Normally he could just ask his bro Aladdin for some advice but he seemed to have skipped town or maybe he'd met the wrong person and ended up in jail. Though, normally those things would spread like a plague of gossip through town. Besides, Devi had been doing well lately and by rewiring his income stream, he could probably afford a little home for him and Al uptown. Al had always been a dreamer, a person that likes to show off, this could be a legit chance to get closer to that dream; but hey, gotta let Al go and move on I guess, he would want that too. Devi snapped out of it, got dressed in his sexiest outfit AKA some pants from Al, since they fit pretty tight for him and a cotton shirt with deep cleavage and his dark locks in a bun. If he'd walk by you, you'd think it was Marino Katsouris, but with a juicier ass. He grabbed the relic and followed the glow of the obsidian ring, leading him towards the classy part of uptown Agrabah.

Devi stood in from of a very moody facade. Looking very regal and expensive, though everything looked expensive to him in this part of town. He knocked on the door and a small latch opened: "Password?" a voice asked sternly. "Uhm, idk... I'm here to meet Jafar," Devi answered. "Hmmm, meeting with the boss himself, lucky you," the man answered as he opened the door. Devi walked through the door and was greeted by something whimsical, a dream. He had walked into a true male harem. There were cushion, mattresses, and pillows all over the floor. Mellow music was playing on the background and all around the room men were pleasuring themselves and others. "Through the other room, don't linger, and downstairs you go," the doorman said. Intrigued that he was, Devi continued his way to the other room. The next room was different, more exclusive. This room had beds and a gym and was exclusively for the fittest and strongest of Agrabah. There were many bodybuilders oiling each other, working out in the nude, pounding each other. Devi reached the stairs and reluctantly walked downstairs. He was amazed by what he saw. He saw Jafar sitting on a throne, commanding and abusing a scrawny dude while being pleasured by a stunning hunk. He was wearing a leather suit and seemed very contempt with the situation, Devi felt a little jealous but didn't know at who...

"Ah yes... my true diamond in the rough," Jafar said at the sight of Devi, "Leave us be!" The bodybuilder lifted up the other dude, tossed him over his shoulder and walked away. "What did you bring your master?" Jafar asked. Devi said he wasn't sure and as he showed Jafar the cube, a big smile appeared on his face. "So that obliterated that puny army in the desert..." Jafar said maliciously. "This my child is the Cube of the Ethereal, a finite source of chaos magic, only heard of in legends... or so I thought, " he continued. Devi walked over to Jafar, sat on his lap and handed the cube over, as well as the journal. Devi said he didn't understand the language but Jafar sure did. He told him that for the magic to transfer, the cube had to be broken, since it was essentially a cage for magic. To do that, however, chaos magic was necessary, which was ancient and practically impossible to find and use. Jafar started carefully reading the journal because, maybe, there was another way. I mean, how were they gonna get magic from the depths of hell. Devi had taken the cube and grasped his hand on either side. He started pulling the cube apart, nothing happened, he continued, still nothing, he grunted and Jafar told him to keep it down. Devi tried again and used all the raw muscle he got, veins pumping blood into them like there was no tomorrow and all of a sudden Devi's eyes flared with fire. The silence was disturbed by the sound of cracking ice. Devi looked down and saw a small crack grow on the side of the cube. Jafar heard it too and was overcome by excitement, not questioning at all how it happened. He told Devi to stand in front of him and point the cube at him. With anticipation the crack grew, and grew, and grew until eventually it burst open and a burst of deafening lightning shot at the leather hunk sitting on the throne... 

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A friend like me - Chapter 4: On a Dark night
While things were going down at Jafar's,  Iago took his task of observing "Prince Ali" very serious. Not necessarily to expose him as a fraud but also to find out his weaknesses. Prince Ali seemed to be enjoying all his attention. While he and his entourage toured the city with Princess Jasmine, many people showed interest in him. He greeted people, accepted gifts but was also rather agitated when a street mice accidentally spilled some juice on his white robe. Jasmine was intrigued by Ali but this encounter opened her eyes a little bit. Anywho, I know you're all bursting of anticipation, so let's get back to the harem!

Devi had a strong stance but truly had to use a lot of force as the crackling and swirling beam made its way over to Jafar, it legit almost made him fall over. Jafar's eyes filling with excitement and his mind racing with endless possibilities. Devi's heart raced as the beam got closer and closer to Jafar, "what had he done?!" he thought. The crackling burst of power hit the vizier square in the chest, the sheer impact of the chaos magic thrust Jafar against the back of the throne he was on. "AAAaaaaaHhhhh" Jafar screamed in agony, tears forming in Devi's eyes. This all took mere seconds but to Devi it felt like agonising hours. Jafar had absorbed the beam, the cube obliterated, and instantly Jafar collapsed on the throne. Devi's heart skipped a beat as he ran towards Jafar. There he was, completely motionless, had Devi killed him... Devi was devastated and spread his broad arms as he went in for a hug. Would this world be going on with one less master?!

Moments before Devi reached Jafar, his arm shot up at lightning speed, clenching his hand around Devi's neck. Jafar stood up, lifting Devi, with his easy 200 lbs body, straight up in the air. Slowly Jafar lifted his head, revealing his eyes, blacked by dark lightning glaring inside them. Devi was terrified, intrigued, horny, jealous, overjoyed, and horny :) all at the same time. Devi felt the grip Jafar had on his neck tighten. He looked down and saw Jafar's forearms bulge with power, literally expanding with every pump of blood that gushed through. Next his traps engorged, putting pressure on the leather. His biceps peaked and grew to 25 inches. Next his back broadened immensely, making the stitching of his leather suit start to fray. Jafar took a deep breath and with that his pecs pushed against the tight leather, nipples piercing through it like nails. His pecs crept upwards because of the tight space they're in. Like a latex body suit the leather formed around Jafar's growing 8-pack. Next his formerly round but purely athletic bum inflated, literally lifting Devi higher in the air. Finally his legs swole immensely, creaking sounds filled the room as they tried to push themselves out of the tights. Jafar looked at Devi and with ease tossed him half way around the room. "GGGhhhHHrrraaa" Jafar grunted as he looked at his gorilla arm and tore of the sleeves of his leather suit. He then flexed his ginormous arms, revealing thick veins, black lightning running through them, all over his mighty hulking arms. Jafar stomped down the room and with his new pent-up rage took a barefisted swing at one of the rooms columns. The limestone column was instantly obliterated by this fatal hit, making Devi's heart pound from fear and love. "ME, JAFAR, ROYAL VIZIER, POWERFUL WAZIR, AND ABSOLUTE ALPHA MALE!" he buldered, instantly giving Devi a raging boner, to Jafar's pleasure.

There Jafar stood with his newfound power, looking like a morphed Jay Cutler, casting a menacing shadow over Devi's now inferior physique. Devi slowly got up from the floor, carefully making his way over to Jafar. Devi reached out to Jafar's engorged pecs, to know if it was real and out of curiosity. His pecs felt squishy, yet rock hard, they were gorgeous mounts of testosterone filled slabs of power. The whole ambiance of this gorilla male, the smell of leather and sweat, Jafar's heavy panting, made it all the more lustful. "Come here my diamond," he said as he pushed Devi's head deep into the luscious pecs, drool flowing from Devi's mouth like a waterfall. "And you too, you little shit," Jafar exclaimed looking at the stairs. The small and bony twink from before arose from the stairs and wanted to make his escape but Jafar opened his hand and a beam of lightning engulfed the boy as he was lured towards the hunk. Devi was no magic lover but was intrigued... He climbed on Jafar's wide back and placed his head over his shoulder, so he could watch the twink too. Jafar kicked the little dude on the shins, making him fall head first into to the beasts groin.

"No need to be greedy my child, you'll get all you want..." Jafar said with a wide grinn on his face. Jafar forcefully quenched his churning balls and with extreme force the horsehung cock ripped through the tight and bulging leather, punching the dude right in his face. "That's gonna bruise," Devi thought to himself. The twink carefully inserted the first part of the stallion into his mouth. Slowly he continued pushing the shaft down his tight throat. Suddenly he pulled back gagging and threw up on the floor. "Greedy kids... never know what they're getting themselves into, " Jafar said mockingly. Jafar sternly grabbed the boy's head by the hair and looked at him, his eyes slowly flooding with fear. An anguishing sound was heard as Jafar pushed the boy's head over his erect cock. Tears started flooding over his cheeks as Jafar slowly took out is girthy anaconda. With tears in his eyes the boy looked at his Royal Vizier, piss started flowing from his puny cock because of the angst he felt. Unlucky for him it landed on Jafar's beautiful feet. "You imbecile, I was gonna let you go but now you're gonna show us what you're made off!" Jafar commanded. To Jafar's satisfaction he could feel Devi's bulge portruding more and more on his massive back, making this all the more enjoyable.

Jafar swung back his mighty arm and forcefully tossed a lighting leash around the twink's neck. The boy, looking like a prowling pup, looked at his master with, well, mixed feelings. The bodybuilder of a man lifted his arm, showing deep striations of muscle under his arm. An odourous, dark, jungle of pit hair stared into the slut's eyes. He had to stand on the tip of his toes to reach the fountain of musk. He took several deep breaths, his still dripping cock heaving with anticipation. With his facy fully in the pit, Jafar started teasing the boy, lowering his arm and squishing the boy. He pushed and pushed and pushed, making it hard for the boy to breathe, him pounding Jafar's muscly side for dear life. Devi was a tad bit worried and sensually started caressing Jafar's enhanced bicep and rubbing his bulge against his back. This aroused him, popping a bicep pose for his friend, releasing the boy from his powerful grasp. He then used his smelly feet to push the twink to the dirty and smelly ground, face pointing to the ground, and his accidents, and ass promptly pointing to the sky. His cheeks glossy from the sweat, a rosy pink hole shining in between.

Jafar looked down at his horsehung cock, precum dripping from the slit. You could literally see his balls churning the newfound power into his body. Jafar grabbed the boy's rosy cheeks and squeezed them gently, slowly caressing the boy with his powerful arms. He used his finger to trace around the juicy hole, teasing the boy a little. He then bend over and rubbed his cock, similar girth to the boy's forearm, between the plump peaches, making the boy moan ecstatically. Jafar launched a stream of spit onto the boy's hole and the pushed his shiny mushroom head onto the tight hole. "It won't fit..." the boy whispered. "Oh yes it will, yes it will," Jafar grunted. Jafar inserted a third of his cock into the boy, slight exclaims of discomfort leaving his body. As Jafar pushed his anaconda through the tight hole, further and further, the boy's pain increased. Jafar put his finger into the boy's mouth, the boy biting harder and harder as the pushed continue. About a third to go when the vizier retracted the cock from the boy, a deep sigh escaped the boy. Jafar looked at the gaping hole he'd created and without hesitation he slammed the full glorious length of the cock into the boy, the force made Devi roll of Jafar's back. You could hear the pelvic bone snap on impact, the boy passing out from the sheer power.

"Weakling!" Jafar mumbled, "Hey, love, look at this lifeless piece of meat on my cock," he continued. The boy still slid over his cock, his extremities hanging to the ground. Jafar grabbed the boy's body tightly and slowly started moving him up and down, and increasingly he started pacing up. Eventually Devi looked at a man using a boy as his human fleshlight, this was getting out of hand, he contemplated. Jafar used more and more force on his new into, worrying Devi. Devi made his way over to Jafar and started hitting his back, bulge pushing on his ass, asking him to please stop. This aroused the alpha male, upto the point where his thrusts started to obliterate his pelvic bone. "STOP! Jafar, stop, please..." Devi cried. Jafar turned around, facing Devi, revealing his voided eyes and he said: "Your wish is my command!" He removed the boy from his peen, looked at Devi menacingly, and with rippling power raced towards the boy. The pelvic bone shattered but it did not stop there, Jafar cannoned his cock straight through the boy. Like a needle popping a waterballoon. Blood and guts gushed everywhere as Jafar climaxed, covering most of his body in a scary scarlet colour. Streams of pearly and potent cum mixing in with the sad remains of his cock sleeve, right through the poor unfortunate soul...

Devi was dumbstruck as to what he just witnessed. His heart rate was through the roof, not a word could leave his lips. Anger, disgust, fear, love... and lust, he felt it all. To his despise, a noticeable cum stain had formed on his groin after seeing this gruesome spectacle. While Devi was nearing a panick attack, our vizier was slowly realising what he had just done, with his bare hands. With a flick of his wrist, the bloody remains that were on the floor were burned to a crisp by lightning from his mighty hands. Jafar noticed the struggling Devi, looking at his hands smothered in blood. Jafar walked up to him and towered over him. A warm and calming embrace embodied Devi as Jafar was giving him a golden shower. A long, continuous stream of piss cleaning all the remnants of his body. Devi got up, looked Jafar in the eyes, looked down and without saying a word left the harem to go home, regretfully looking back several times...

Meanwhile Jafar had gotten one of his lackeys to wipe the crimescene and freshed himself up. He hoisted himself into his regular fit, made for his old self, the silks tightly covering his every bulge and crevice; the stitches holding on for dear life. He picked up his staff and quickly returned to the Royal Palace to get on with his work and get the latest status quo from his partner in crime Iago. Walking past several of his guards, Royal maids, and Prince Ali himself, all turning their heads as he walked by. They might have heard Jafar was the athletic type but never noticed how massive he actually was. Jafar reached his chambers and waited for Iago to return. When, several minutes later, Iago flew in, he frantically crashed into Jafar's massive chest shelf because he was so amazed and surprised by what he saw. "So... mission accomplished, sir, Jafar, sir," he cawed. Jafar patted him on the head and placed him on his broad shoulders. "Iago my friend, tell me what you saw!" Jafar said. Iago told him about how Ali did seem to be winning over Jasmine in the end but he still did some stupid things nonetheless. He also mentioned how he saw something shimmer from underneath his turban. Besides, Iago was pretty sure he heard Ali make a snarky comment to Razoul, as if they already knew each other. "Interesting... Good work my pet!" Jafar said, walking over to his bed. Exhausted from the day he just had, he let himself fall into his bed, the frame creaking from the massive hunk that just plunged into it. Rather quickly, not bothered in the slightest, Jafar closed his eyes and paid a visit to the Sandman.

Devi had returned to the Thieves Quarters, still recovering from his shock. He really needed to talk to someone, he was hungry, he was dirty, he simply needed a friend. Mindlessly Devi made his way over to Al's apartment. "Please be there," he thought to himself on this literal and figurative dark night. As he climbed the stairs to his rooftop hideout, a glimmer of hope was felt because Devi thought he saw a light. He looked around the corner but saw no-one, not a single soul. The light he saw, strangely, came from a pile of shimmering jewels and gold. Devi was confused as to why Al had this laying around here... maybe he was arrested for burglary or maybe he left town and forgot to take all his belongings. Disappointment overcame Devi, disappointment towards Aladdin, his bro. They were literally always there for him, he cared for him, listened endlessly to his list of dreams and even bailed him out of prison several time and now he'd just left for the horizon without the decency of even leaving a simple note. Devi took some of Al's clothes, plus a handful of coins, and as he put them on, he could see, far in the distance, that Princess Jasmine and some classy dude dressed in white enjoyed a feast of a picnic in the Royal Pavilion; all the while the common fellow was getting closer to starvation every day...

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A friend like me - Chapter 5: Prince Ali
Jafar woke up bright and early, as he did most days; world domination takes discipline after all. Slowly the world began to make sense to him again, dark shapes turning into objects. He looked down and smiled. His duvet had never had such big highs before. He tossed them away and admired the fact that he could barely see his feet over his mountainous pecs. Jafar really put the major in pectoralis major, that's for sure. He made his way over to the Royal Guard's gym. The place was already bustling with people ready to get swole. "Morning gentleman!" he said in a, rarely heard, cheerful voice. The men looked at their vizier with surprise and respect, at least now it made sense that he was in charge of Agrabah's defenses. "Looking swole, sir," the biggest guy in the gym said to Jafar, making his cock twitch. "Workout with me, will you," Jafar said to him. Together they started on an intense chest routine, Jafar using the guy's maxes as warmup weights. As Jafar pushed the heavily stacked bar away from his body, you could actually see blood being pumped into them. When they were done, he tossed his shirt at a small dude rewarded the guys with the ultimate flex routine, his pec shelf big enough to sit on. Not gonna lie, that seems like a great idea!

Across town Devi awoke in a very different mood. His feelings were all over the place, not really knowing what was right. Devi reluctantly got out of bed and made his way over to a small bazaar, just to be among some people. He sat there, silently, looking at the bruises Jafar had inflicted on his body. "Having a rough day?" a sweet voice asked him. A girl, wearing a black hood, sat next to him. Devi looked at her, her beautiful smile and hazel eyes looking straight at him. He nodded slightly. The girl handed him a pastry, revealing she wore several expensive looking pieces of jewelry under her robe. They sat there, looking at the people stumbling on with their days. "Did you ever see someone you... uhm... like, I guess... do something that made you more wary of them?" he asked the girl. The girl hesitated and said: "Recently I saw him be mean to others, really unnecessarily, but I forgave him because I think he was just really trying to impress me, kind of losing himself in the moment because of that..." Devi silently nodded at her and contemplated about Jafar. "Hey there pretty thing!" a street rat said to the girl, "How much to show me your boobs?" The girl silently looked at him. "Nothing?! That's right, you cheap whore," he said while pulling the girl closer to him. Devi's mind flooded with anger as he stood up and without a shred of hesitation, suckerpunched the dude, instantly knocking him out. The girl had grabbed him by his arm and he looked at her with is fiery amber eyes, letting out a soft growl. Shock had overcome the girl, tears forming in her eyes, so she didn't see Devi's eyes flare up. She handed him a royal looking bracelet, looked at him thankfully, and suddenly made her exit as the Royal Guard started their patrol.

Meanwhile Iago continued his work as a PI, following Prince Ali's every move. He'd noticed how he often started talking to someone when he retrieved to his private chambers but was seemingly alone. Iago followed Ali when he returned after breakfast with the Princess. Ali let himself fall on his bed, putting his turban beside him, a glimmer coming towards Iago once again. "How can I win her over, G?" he asked... well, the room maybe. "Does she show you physical affection, Al? Is there lust in her eyes?" a voice wondered. Then suddenly a blue genie appeared, sitting beside him like a psychologist. Ali grunted loudly. "Seriously, Aladdin, make the girl want you!" the genie said sternly. The genie had a point... "Wait what?!" Iago thought to himself, "ALADDIN!" Iago almost crashed into the wall, trying to get to his master as quickly as possible. Aladdin got up and made his way to the steam room; he really needed to lay of some pressure, this prince life was really wearing him out...

Jafar had finished his epic workout, his veins clearly visible by the hard work he'd delivered. It was time for a little session in the steam room, help him get his thoughts in order, really concentrate all the magic that flowed through him. Jafar made his way over to the stream room, leaving a trail of raunchy sweat behind. Upon entering he noticed someone was already there, not being able to make out who it was, since there was thick layer of steam hovering over his face. "You mind if I join you?" Jafar asked from across the room, the person shrugged. Jafar lowered his pants and took place on the far corner from the other guy. Jafar rubbed his body with some delicate essential oils and eventually leaned back, his mighty hands behind his head. He peaked at the guy and saw a built kinda guy, not too big, not too small, just decent really. A smile appeared on his face as he noticed the dude's cock, not necessarily miniscule but the girth, the girth was laugable; real pencil-stick dick. Jafar teasingly started scratching his plum-sized testicles. "Always get itchy balls after a good workout, you know how it goes," he said mockingly. To Jafar's satisfaction the dude laughed it away and crossed his legs, hiding the little worm between them...

Al was contemplating what the genie just advised him, was Jasmine just not physically attracted to him? He entered the Palace's steam room and sat there, letting his mind roam free and not worry too much about a thing. A while later Aladdin was intimidated by a ginormous man-beast entering the room. They exchanged a couple of words and then enjoyed the heat. Al was especially intimidated and embarrassed by the enormous cock that hung between the dude's legs. It had the anatomy of a horse's cock and even than it looked big. To Al this whole situation was also kind of intriguing, after all, this alpha stud surely had to know how to please a girl, any girl probably. Aladdin hesitated: "Um... could... can..." "Out with it, boy!" the MAN said. "Can I ask you something?" Al asked, his heart racing. The man agreed. "If you were in love with someone but they don't really show you physical affection, what would you?" he asked. "Can't make them fall in love now, can we," the man said. Unfortunately for Al that was one of the genie's rules. "If the physical odds aren't in your favour, you could always add a few additions to your attire and gear... and try to play into their kinks, that always works," the man suggested, "You know what, I have something for you that wouldn't fit me anyway, I'll have someone drop it here later, so you can just take it." Al couldn't believe he just asked this giant gorilla of a man for help and was relieved when he left, longing to have a similar juicy jiggling behind as the guy he saw walking away.

Devi had returned home after he stayed the night at Al's hovel, in the hopes that he would return sooner or later. Unfortunately, no luck. Devi walked in and was unwelcomely greeted by Razoul and his lackeys. "By Sultanate law, long live Sultan Hamed, you're found guilty of high treason due to the constant harbouring of magickers!" Razoul exclaimed. He snapped his fingers and two lackeys grapsed their arms around Devi's and tried to detain him, greatly struggling because of his raw strength. "I know your boss, I know..." Devi exclaimed as his mouth was gagged. The Royal Guard bound him up and made their way to the Palace. Razoul thoroughly enjoyed spanking Devi every now and then, purely as a means to make him walk faster ofcourse. Normally the detained would spend a night in jail, so their case could be heard or bail could be posted, but because of the Sultan's insane hatred towards magic, this was a priority case. Meaning it was straight to the public execution block for Devi. Devi felt hopeless, would this be his 1001st night?!

Jafar had sent a package for the mysterious boy and was in his room scanning through several books and journals on ancient chaos magic and its potential. This could really be a breakthrough for his malicious plans. Jafar grunted, utterly annoyed by all the fuss he heard coming from the hallways. Iago, who couldn't remember passing out after crashing into the wall on his way back, finally returned to report to his master. "Jafar, sir, I have very interesting news!" Iago said excitedly. "Hush, bird, I'm trying to read now," Jafar reacted. Iago persisted on continuing but was cut short by an annoyed Jafar. "Hail Amuk, what in the world is going on in this gruesome Palace," he rambled, "First find that out, Iago!" he commanded. Iago left the room and came back but a minute later. "Some bimbo, handsome big fella tho, is being executed for harbouring magickers, the scumbag," Iago joked, "A Devi, or something." Instantly Jafar's eyes widened and a, never before experienced, wave of terror overcame him. Jafar quickly moved into a meditative position and concentrated his magic. He focused on the soft spot he had for Devi and used it like a mantra, you could say. Jafar's eyes flared with lightning as a beam of chaos magic slithered its way out of the room. Devi had been placed on the execution table, sack over his head, and the axe was surely coming for his head, this was it, it was over for him. Mere nanoseconds before doom struck Jafar's chaos magic embraced him and with the blink of an eye his body was swapped by that of a convicted felon, saving him from the gloomy grasp of Death himself. Devi opened his eyes confused but couldn't see anything because of the sack. Quickly he was blinded by the light as the sack was removed. There he stood, in Jafar's room, confused but when realisation hit, he ran to Jafar an hugged him tightly, Jafar allowing it this one time, "I am sorry for bailing on you!" he said with tears in his eyes. Jafar advised Devi to sleep off the shock for now and within minutes the exhausted Devi had fallen asleep in the vizier's bed. Finally there was an opportunity for Iago to tell Jafar his findings, leaving the vizier with a sneaky grinn on his face from ear to ear.

Al still wasn't completely sure what to do about his situation, or as the swole dude called it jokingly: Mission Stalemate. He stumbled across the Palace, contemplating on whether he should use his last wish to selfishly enhance his body. Then, to his surprise, the swole dude actually had a package delivered to the steam room. Al took the heavy package and made his way over to Jasmine's quarters, opening the gift in her bathroom. After putting it on Al heard Jasmine enter her room. Jasmine audibly gasped when she saw her Prince Ali. Aladdin was wearing a snuggly fitting leather body suit. Not just any body suit though, an actual muscle suit. A shiny, black, leather muscle suit with exaggerated slabs of padded muscle. Al looked like a cartoon superhero, sexy and with insanely big muscles. Jasmine walked over and felt the flow contours of the suit, her pussy heaving. Al lifted her up and tossed her on the bed. As Jasmine undressed, Al tried to show his best poses, making him hard just thinking about it. He took of the dick cover and was now ready to fuck Jasmine. He slowly pushed his erect shaft into the Princess, soft moans coming from her mouth. He sped up the pace and started pounding her, Jasmine forcefully hitting the perfectly round leather pecs. The night was still young, the room filling with the creaking sound of moving leather, this was a great night for Prince Ali!

Hours later Devi awoke from his deep and replenishing nap, his nerves had luckily calmed down from all the commotion. He woke up, to his surprise, not laying on a cushion but laying on Jafar's bare chest. "Welcome back to the Land of the Living, my diamond in the rough," Jafar said jokingly. "Too soon," Iago said nagging at him. Devi looked at Jafar's face, then at his pecs, back at his face. He carefully removed the drool he left behind on the majestic slabs of powerful pecs. "Never seen the guy so worried Devi," Iago said. Jafar zapped him off his pedestal; "Don't you mind that glorified chicken," Jafar said. "In fact, I got you something, for your effort," Jafar said, handing him a vial on a golden chain. "It is filled with my essence, meaning you'll be able to teleport to me ONCE by whispering my name after you drink the contents of the vial," Jafar sternly explained. "Now boy, show your savior some love!" he commanded. Devi smiled cheekily and climbed on Jafar's abs, he plucked at his shirt and whispered in Jafar's ear: "Burn them!" With a flick of Jafar's wrist Devi's clothes were obliterated, the silence broken by Devi's erect cock slamming on Jafar's juicy chest. Jafar smiled at Devi, his cock slowly being flooded with blood. Devi placed his hands on Jafar's shoulders and positioned his cock in the deep crevice between the Olympian's pecs. Daddy Jafar flexed and squeezed them together; Devi starting to fuck his juicy man tits. Now Jafar was the one moaning, the glans of his cock brushing against Devi's back. Devi upped the pace and started using more and more power with every thrust he gave, the bed linen slowly soaking up the hunks' sweat. Devi squeezed Jafar's nipples, him pushing the cock deeper between his pecs with his hands. "Allow me to bring you a cum offer, my lord!" Devi exclaimed in full ecstasy. Jafar's body twitched when he heard him say it. He used some magic to stimulate Devi's prostate and almost instantly Devi came, thick streaks of pearly sweet cum landing on the vizier's bearded face. Jafar also came, launching hot dollops of cream onto Devi's back, making him moan loudly. Jafar licked up every last bit of cum and then said: "Enough pleasure for my slut slave, tomorrow you're going to steal something important for me, so get some rest, boy!" Both fell asleep with a contempt smile on their face, one happy with the horny reunion, the other one step closer to his goal...

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