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A friend like me - Chapter 10: Jasmine runs away
Several days had passed in Agrabah. With the Royal family back in reign, the people had grown a little revoltous towards them. The signs of Jafar's short reign had been discarded of and most things seemed back to normal. Word spread like a virus through the city, word of a ginormous cobra slithering from the castle and the menacing sight of a massive muscular being filling up the night sky in all its glory. To some these sightings brought horror and fear, while others felt differently. A group of men and women had gathered together to form a worship group for the muscular being, a muscle cult of sorts. Other than that not much had changed for the average Agrabahnian, besides the fact that the Palace was still a bit hard to reach on top of its new rock pedestal. It did look more majestic now though and you could stare in the far away horizon easily, spotting danger from afar. Genie had been relinquished of his duties and therefore had no longer access to cosmic magic. A new era was about to start in Agrabah and it is gonna be a good one!

A thud echoed through the deep shaft of the Endless Pit as Devi was thrown inside. This used to be called, the Everlasting Well, on which the Palace was initially built. But yeah, it clearly wasn't everlasting. It was now a deep and muddy dark prison, perfectly suitable to torture prisoners and let them rot in these most conditions. To ensure no-one went out the easy way, all prisoners were stripped of their clothes, so they couldn't hang themselves. So there Devi sat, his plump naked butt deep in the mud, looking up at the little speck of light coming from the top of the tunnel. Devi was angry, he was disappointed, he was mad. "AAArrrgghh!!" Devi exclaimed as he forcefully punched the stone wall of the well, creating a deep fist-size crater in it. Like a beast he panted and grunted while thinking about what had actually happened and what was probably happening right now. For Jafar it was over, Devi was locked up and no-one else knows what happened to his master, to their powerful savior. Desperately Devi looked for a way out of this mess but there seemed to be no escape, he'd stay there to starve to death, a miserable death...

Above ground celebration and construction was happening. The last of Jafar's damages were being taken care of, the statues of his physique were destroyed and new personnel was hired, all acting as if nothing had happened. Today was a day off nationwide celebration, a day for all Agrabahnians to celebrate the return of the Sultan. Though, for most Agrabahnians there was no reason to celebrate, as water was no longer being redirected from neighbouring states and the people were slowly starting to feel that. Sultan Hamed had gathered all his court members and headed out to the central balcony, ready to make an announcement. He stood on a little pedestal and said: "Dear Agrabahnians, due to the late vizier's demise, I am exhilarated to announce I've found his successor... This will be no other than my daughter's beloved suitor, Aladdin!" Aladdin was presently surprised by this course of events, as this meant he'd also get a say in the Royal Court and actually be Jasmine's right hand. "Hooray to the vizier!" the Sultan exclaimed, followed by a scatter of hoorays from the crowd beneath. Then the Agrabah sky was filled with an arrangement of colourful fireworks, booming through the silent evening. This caused such distraction, that not a single soul noticed how Princess Jasmine snuck away from the celebration, following her own agenda. 

Deep beneath the crust of the earth, on the Palace's subterranean level, Devi desperately tried to climb his way up the well. The sides of the well,  however, were too slippery, covered in mould and algae, to get a decent grip on. He tried and tried but eventually realised it was pointless. He sat back down, his cock sadly hanging in the muddy puddle beneath him. Besides a measly rat, he was competition alone... or so he thought. Faintly Devi heard footsteps coming towards him from the distance. "Don't you dare mock me by tempting me with food, traitor!" he exclaimed without looking up, expecting there to be one of Royal Guards. "I would never mock you, Devi!" a sweet and harmonic voice echoed down the well. Devi's body twitched as he processed who had come to his rescue. There Princess Jasmine stood, holding a lantern and a basket, looking worried at Devi. "I'm so sorry I couldn't change Father's decision but I'll get you out somehow!" she assured him, "I'm not strong enough to lift up your big and muscular body by myself but I'll think of something." Jasmine swung the basket over the railing and slowly lowered it using a rope, the sweet smell of pastries embracing Devi. Just before Devi could reach the basket he heard a scream. Jasmine had slipped on the muddy tiles and came hurdling towards him. Jasmine screamed with fear, tears flowing down her cheeks, but just before she'd hit the ground she felt safe. Sobbing she opened her eyes and saw how Devi had caught her with his big, hairy, and muddy units of arms, snug as can be. Devi could feel her heart pound while holding her, he just embraced her and comforted her, both unbothered by the dirt around them.

For a few seconds there was complete silence between the two of them, they quietly stared at each other. "I just needed to see for myself that you were okay," Jasmine said, still a little shaken up by her fall. "Aladdin has been blabbing my ears of, talking about how bad of a person you were but I didn't believe one word of it," she continued. Devi grunted after hearing this, thoughts racing through his head. "They'll come look for me, won't they?" Jasmine asked worried. Devi's thought were still drifting somewhere in between the here and now, when he said smugly: "At least I know how to satisfy a Princess!" while sensually popping his pecs. Without hesitation Jasmine slid of her dirty clothes and kneeled down before him. She started gargling his plump and dirty balls, while rubbing his thick and juicy shaft. Slowly it grew up towards the light, goosebumps forming on Devi's body. Jasmine got down on the massive schlong and tried to push it all down her throat. Then Devi turned her body towards the wall and positioned her in doggy-style. He grunted several times, flexing his body to get pumped up, spit on his erect dick and shoved his cock into Jasmine. "Aaawhh," Jasmine moaned ecstatically, while holding on to the wall. Like the beast in him took over, Devi started pumping the Princess, rubbing his rock hard pecs and nipples over the princess's naked and heaving body. Then, one forceful thrust followed, making Devi's pompous glutes bounce up and down, as did his pecs, when the panting was interrupted by a subtle tinkling sound.

Devi's hair had gotten loose because of the movements he made, his dark and wet locks now resting on his broad shoulders. The two of them looked at where the sound came from and saw something shimmer in a puddle. Devi picked it up, revealing it to be a golden chain necklace. It took a few seconds for Devi to realise it was the necklace Jafar had gifted him, the one that would bring him to his master. Devi got excited and explained to Jasmine what it could actually do, how it could help them. Devi grabbed Jasmine's body and pushed it rightly against his naked body. To his surprise, she softly caressed his big muscles with her cheeks, softly squeezing his bum. Devi opened the vial and dumped the red fluid over their head. Instead of falling down, the fluid started to swirl around the two, slowly dissipating into a cloud. Jasmine tightly held Devi's body, feeling comfort in his arms. Then the well was filled with light and echoeing thunder, as lightning soared through the cloud embracing them. Jafar's manic laugh buldered through the thunder, his beautiful face appearing in multitude within the cloud. Then suddenly, a bright flash blinded the two and moments later, while still a bit blinded by the light, they were hit by the smell of antiques and books, almost like a dusty museum.

When they finally got their bearings Devi looked around confused. He had no idea were the pendant had brought them, he thought it must have malfunctioned. Jasmine surprisingly said: "So that's what this room looks like!" Jasmine explained to him that they were in the Royal Vault, where all the most valuable and rare relics and trinkets were stored, and how this room was solely accessed by knowing the secret password. Still confused as to why they were here, considering neither of them saw a black lamp anywhere, the two of them scanned around the room. Jasmine was more or less looking for a way out but Devi lifted every cupboard and box to find the lamp. After a while they heard some grunting noises, followed by a slam. Both their hearts dropped, Jasmine grabbing Devi by his arm, then they noticed a book had fallen from one of the top shelfs. Devi picked up the book, turned it around, and dropped it back on the ground. Looking straight into Jafar's eyes, somehow trapped in the books cover, he said: "That's a sight for sore eyes... as is your face, Devi!" he said jokingly. "Your father trapped me inside this worthless vessel," Jafar said agitated to Jasmine, "Now we need that puny genie to release me!" Jasmine looked at the book, then at Devi, hesitating as to what to do and then explained that the Genie had said goodbye to his powers... for good...

While Devi was trying to concentrate, Jafar rambled on about how stupid the genie was and how he didn't deserve such power. Finding another genie was a doomed mission, as it would take decades, if not hundreds of years. Devi started looking through the book, reminiscing on all the memories they'd made in such a short time. Then in the end he saw a picture of a celebrating Aladdin, depicted as the strong and majestic hero of the story. Devi started breathing deeply, like a bull ready to charge, as rage fueled through his body. "Calm down, love!" Jasmine reassured him but Devi didn't listen. He quickly turned his face to Jasmine, revealing his eyes were flaring with fire. Jafar had no idea what was going on, he couldn't see any of it. Slowly Jasmine saw how a fiery orange glow was pumped through Devi's veins. Devi felt strong; he grabbed both ends of the book and started pulling it apart. At first nothing happened but then the fibres started to give way, magic crackling as the seal was starting to crumble. Devi, unaware of what was happening, kept on freeing his master, while Jasmine was amazed by what happened. As Devi tensed his grip on the book, Jasmine saw how his long dark hair gained volume and length and turned into a thick unit of manes, like those of a lion. The ends of his black hair started to emit light, as if they were actually on fire. Then his beard did a similar thing, covering his chest in a thick layer of manliness. His bushy forearms were also covered by a thick layer of fiery fur and his dirty and sweaty pubes, now sat tightly between a lucious bush of hair. Subsequently, the tattoos on Devi's body started to glow, while his body started looking more and more like that of an animal. Jasmine did not know where to look, as a set of black and razor-sharp horns started to grow from the top of his head. Devi's pearly white teeth made place for a set of drooling wolf teeth, while his ears took on a demonic but sexy shape.

Then, as Devi continued forcefully straining, trying to free Jafar, Jasmine felt her legs grow weaker at the sight of this transformation. Beginning from his forearms, you could see the muscle fibres swell. Quickly his forearms grew bigger than his biceps but not for long. Devi's biceps and triceps busted from his arms. Thick balls of powers pushing into his side, eventually reaching an easy 40 inches in size. Devi's shoulders burst from his body, casting a menacing shadow over the ground before him. With every strained breath, Jasmine saw how Devi's pecs pumped themselves full of immense power, adding up to a scary 80 inches in size. His nipples portruded from the massive pec shelf, dripping down sweat on the floor. Jasmine started pleasuring herself, as she saw how her love turned into a gorgeous beast. Devi abs flexed and grew with every breath, forming an intricately demarcated 10-pack. Finally, Devi's legs started to grow in length and width, every striation visible by the naked eye. Each leg alone grew wider than his slick torso, extreme strength locked within. Then his feet and hands grew hairy and turned into predator-like claws, ready to obliterate anyone that stood in his way. In the end, fire started to spread over the book and with a forceful roard: "RRRRHHAAAGH!!!" Devi ripped the book apart. While the book turned into a crackling cloud of magic, Jasmine could only have eyes for Devi. She loudly orgasmed as she noticed how Devi's cock doubled in size, slammed against his beautiful body and turned a dark tint of brown. The veins on his inhuman cock literally pumped lava through his cock, his majestic balls plumply glowing between the bushy pubes. Eventually Devi noticed what had happened and started flexing his muscles, amazed by his newfound strength. His bliss abruptly ended as a strong blast of magic boomed through the castle, Devi could just grab Jasmine before she got caught in the shockwave, which was ended by the clattering sound of Jafar's lamp falling on the ground... Now, it was time for revenge!

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Amazing! I can’t wait to see how the omnipotent, all-powerful Jafar takes his revenge on these puny, weak creatures!

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A friend like me - Chapter 11: A whole new world
With Devi still taken aback from the surge of magic that blasted him through the room, Jasmine slowly made sense of the situation. Staring at the panting beast, she made her way over to the newly freed lamp. Devi looked at his pompous body and admired his new upgrade, still unsure what had just happened. Then he noticed Jasmine sneaking up on the lamp. She picked it up from the dusty ground and in that moment she hesitated. What was she gonna do? Get the lamp to Aladdin and her father, who didn't actually think or want her to become Sultana, or hand it over to Devi. At that moment Devi felt anger race through his body, he needed that lamp, and slowly fire started to crackle between his hands. His muscles tensing, as his body was ready to strike down the helpless Princess. Then, however, he noticed the hesitance leave Jasmine's face and she walked over to Devi and elegantly gifted him the lamp. Jasmine took place next to the towering beast of a man, grabbed his big claw and held him tightly. Without a single shred of doubt on his face, anticipation brewing within the both of them, Devi rubbed the lamp... finally awaking the mighty genie within...

Slowly but surely drops of menacing scarlet aether started to drip from the lamps opening. As the echoeing sounds of Jafar's laughter spread through the vault, the aether started to whirl and lightning started to crackle. From within the tornado, Jafar's genie body started to take shape. Soon after Jafar's hulking genie body hulked in front of the two. "Yes... YES!!!" Jafar buldered with his deep and masculine voice. What had been days for Devi and the rest, had been millennia for Jafar inside his entrapment. Jafar had grown a musky layer of hair over his chest and looked a little bewildered. His musculature had increased immensely, his entire body looked bulky and roided, bigger than even the extents of Devi's imagination. He looked extremely yolked, his immaculate pecs heaving with every breath and his abs bulging outwards as a result of his newly acquired roid gut. Jafar stretched out his body, the grinding of the powerful muscle fibres gave of the faintest crunching sound. His demonic laughter made treasure and books fall from the shelves. Finally the true ruler of Agrabah had awoken, finally it was time to overthrow the Sultanate.

When the aether had dissipated and Jafar had gotten aware of his surroundings, he looked at Devi dumbfounded. Devi's insane physique and beastly appearance took him by surprise, but his piercing eyes were a dead give away. "Interesting..." Jafar mumbled, "Interesting indeed..." Then Jafar noticed how the Princess was hiding behind Devi's broad back, like a little cub hiding behind her lion dad. Jafar swung his arm backwards, power coursing towards his fingers, and aimed a bolt of magic at the Princess. The bolt, however, quickly lost moment and the crackling magic dissipated into a cloud of butterflies, Jasmine not hurt in the slightest. "That damned lamp," Jafar grunted! "Relax, my master!" Devi said in his deeply masculine voice, "Princess Jasmine played a part in your rescue." "I might be mistaken but aren't I, your master?" Jafar questioned. Devi laughed, walked up to him and embraced Jafar's big genie body with his hairy arms. Jafar felt pure lust course through his body as he noticed Devi had started licking him like a little puppy. "I've gained quite some knowledge during my time in the lamp, pet..." Jafar said, "I'd say an ancient ifrit was hidden inside you all along," he continued, "Powerful servants of the Inferno and harbingers of the new order. How fitting!" he laughed.

At that moment the doors of the vault burst open and the entire Royal Guard came rushing in. The blast of magic that echoed through the Sultanate when Jafar got unleashed, did not go unnoticed. Before Devi could well do anything about it, Abu had grabbed Jafar's lamp and swung it towards the Sultan. The Sultan caught it but in his haste and worry immediately tossed it over to Aladdin. In all his rage, Devi got on all fours and sprinted towards Aladdin. He went in for the lamp and grasped Aladdin's arm, the sheer power broke Aladdin's forearm in two. With Aladdin wincing like a little baby, Devi noticed the lamp swirling through the air. Just before Devi had grabbed Al, he'd thrown the lamp away, but to whom... Way across the room, Jasmine had caught the obsidian lamp. Jasmine stared at the lamp, then at her father and Al, then at Jafar in front of her. Hesitation and confusion overcame Jasmine, all the power in her hands. "Make an end to this all, Jas!" Aladdin gasped through his painful cries, "Do it for love!" he continued. Jasmine started stroking the lamp, her lip quivering slightly, Jafar could feel his power brewing and slowly filling up his arms. Stuttering, Jasmine began her wish, "I w.... wi... wish!" she bravely continued, "that Jafar be freed from his shackles... To become a IMMORTAL, OMNISCIENT, OMNIPOTENT FORCE OF NATURE! A GOD!!!"

Jasmine gasped loudly as she heard her words, spoken moments before, echo through the room. She put her hand in front of her mouth and looked through the room. All of them were expecting to hear the clattering sound of Jafar's lamp hitting the marble floors but as the antique was hurdling towards the ground, it slowly dissipated into a small cloud of smouldering ash. Al and the gang were totally dumbstruck... what had Jasmine done? What was gonna happen? Even Devi was a little flabbergasted, his beastly cock twitching at just the idea of it. But the one, in that moment, that was by far the most surprised by the words the Princess just uttered, was Jafar himself. Jafar could feel his body start to pulse, small cracks forming on his shackles, slowly they were falling apart. Jafar's skin must have become so hot, the golden shackles started melting right off. The thing that the gang did not experience at all, took the whole of Agrabah by surprise. People were staring up into the morning sky and chatter started to arise. From the corona of the desert sun, light seemed to be raining down. This light was, little by little, being replaced by a gorgeous red hue. As more and more light rained down to Earth, the sun turned more red by the second. After a good minute the entirety of the sun had turned an apocalyptic red, covering the Earth in a whole new light, like a literal and symbolic dawn of a new age.

Still unaware of the rare phenomenon happening outside, the gang watched in anticipation of what would happen. Nothing seemed to have changed but then the room started to look brighter and more lively. Through the vents, the doorframe, and even the little cracks in the wall, lights started flowing through it like a river. The river meandered through the room and made its way over to Jafar. The light became one with his genie appearance and slowly started to take up his whole body. Jafar felt the warm embrace of infinite power take over his body, filling him with a sense of serenity. Eventually all the light had centred itself around Jafar and the gang had to look the other way to not be blinded by his magnificence. Then, as the last drop of light had reached its master, a high pitch was heard throughout the vicinity and then... dead silence... You could faintly hear the heartbeats of the gang thump in the background. The bright room, covered in golden light, spontaneously turned a scarlet red. A booming sound wave, like those from a subwoofer, blasted through the entire world, embracing the world with a new power... a new order... A NEW RULER!

An eery sense of submission had spread through the room and subsequently the world as a whole. The gang carefully opened their eyes to a miracle. Jafar's entire body starting morphing and growing, like reality itself was molding him into perfection. Jafar already hulking posture gained height and quickly he grew from a tall human to a frightening 20-foot behemoth of a man. Jafar had to bend over, as his shoulders were already pushing into the vault's ceiling, his body simply growing too big. Then, dust and debris started raining down as the Jafar broke through the ceiling, growing bigger every second. The gang could just escape the danger and made it out mostly unharmed. Jafar was now casting a shadow over the majestic throneroom above, surely growing towards the golden ceiling above. He put his arms above his head and effortlessly pushed the ceiling away, once again leaving destruction behind. Now, an easy 60-feet tall, the whole of Agrabah could also enjoy the show. A myriad of ooh's an aah's spread through town, seeing what was going on at the Palace. People started looking up towards the sky, a red sky that was slowly being filled by magnificence, by their newly appointed champion of champions. Eventually Jafar's size had more than doubled, his swirling genie appearance hovering in the air at a majestic 150-feet. This, however, was just the beginning, the real work was yet to be done. "I HAVE BECOME A GOD!" his demonic voice warbled through the atmosphere, for humankind to hear. "THE UNIVERSE IS MINE TO COMMAND! TO CONTROL! SECOND TO NO-ONE!!!"

Hovering proudly above the Earth, in his full macro glory, the gang thought this was the end of it but Jafar knew, and somewhere Devi did too, that this was just the beginning. The crackling sound of energy spread through the city, as Jafar's claws started to absorb power from the literal fibres of reality. His fingers started to swell, absorbing all the cosmic power, eventually morphing his hands into thick gauntlets of power. Then the power started seeping into his veins, rhythmically snaking up his immaculate scarlet skin. His veins were pumping power into his forearms, visibly morphing them into perfection. Within seconds they were as thick as his biceps, every striation of muscle visible throughout the whole entire city. Jafar didn't anticipate for the orgasmic feeling that overcame him when this growth hit him. In his excitement, though, he swung up his massive forearms and clenched his fists into a double bicep pose, creating several sandstorms in the vicinity. The wrinkling sound of muscle fibres being damaged and restored could be heard, as the veins quickly rushed up his arms, filling them with bulging packets of muscle. Two majestic peaks of dominance were violently pushing his skin, and with that reality, aside. Within seconds his biceps were as big as the average house beneath him. His shoulders did not wait for long either, they quickly filled themselves with omnipotence and started to form perfectly rounded hills atop his biceps. You could faintly here Jafar's posture correcting for the immensely broad shoulders that now accompanied him, covering most of downtown Agrabah in a menacing shadow.

The growth continued upwards, towards his traps. They grew into two square blocks of pure power swelling up against his ears as his jaw grew more square and perfect, now more beautiful than any person ever in existence. A deep breath of testosterone filled air swirled down Jafar's lungs, expanding his chest outwards. Subsequently, his pecs burgeoned outward, forming ginormous meteorite-sized humps of masculinity. Orgasmically his pecs heaved upwards pressing against the base of his chin, almost swallowing his picture-perfect head! The entirety of his chest shelf was now as big as the throneroom itself, there was more muscle in his one pec than in all the Agrabahnians combined. Steamy nipples pointed downward from the majestic pecs, glimmering beautifully in the red sunshine. Jafar's focus was interrupted by tickling sensations, like little ants walking over your body. The Sultan had ordered the army to seize at sight and now arrows and spears were hurdling toward Jafar. Jafar effortlessly popped one of his pecs and the entirety of the army was now seated on his other pec. "YOU CANNOT STOP A GOD, YOU MORONS! THIS WORLD IS MINE!! ALL POWERFUL!!!" he bellowed, busting all their eardrums. Without hesitation Jafar flexed his other pec and launched the witless soldiers into oblivion, never to be seen again...

With the gang still struggling to get through the debris, Devi had grabbed Jasmine and climbed his way out of the vault. Looking up at the transformation, tears of joy rolling over his cheek, Devi came at the sight of Jafar's majestic pecs. Thick, bulging muscle continued dancing beneath his skin. Rhythmically contracting and relaxing, forming a chiseled runway of abs beneath his heaving pecs. Hills of diamond-hard muscle, deep crevices between them, shimmered brightly in the dawning light. Continuing the streak, Jafar's obliques started to swell, sensually pushing into his colossal pecs and pushing his abs further outward. Looking down Jafar could hear a mixture of terrified screaming and moaning as people were witnessing the birth of their god. Then silence befell the Sultanate, followed by a second sonic-boom. A shockwave of masculinity spread over the surface of the Earth, filling the air with the musky smell of men. Devi breathed in the deep hues of the musky scent embracing him from the giant’s presence and orgasmed once again and, this time, without hands. A lucious bush of armpit hair peaked through beneath the titans shoulders. On the spot, Jafar's arms started to become bewildered with dark hairs, followed by his pecs and a trail downwards to his swirling groin. The power that was soaring through his body produced so much heat that it almost seemed like it was raining, hot and steamy, showers on the dry ground of Agrabah.

The boom also created a little crack at the bottom of the genie-esque whirlwind that was still Jafar's lower body. Slowly the whirlwind started to dissipate into two separate units. Then the scarlet aether started to condense, forming to thick clouds of crackling power beneath the god's immense torso. Far beneath his immaculate torso, pointy black claws started to form, followed by the creation of two humongous veiny feet. Creation continued upwards, where two beautiful lower legs with crazy big and rock-hard calves boomed into existence. As part kept snaking up his legs and down his torso, the creation started connecting the two pieces of the deity together. His upper legs bombarded into existence as two massive thighs pressed into each other, quads bulging outwards like a majestic bull. His stance changed immensely because of the sheer power the legs were exerting on each other; they were nothing compared to those of a powerlifter. *BOOM...BOOM!* echoed through the city as two mountainous butt cheeks appeared out of nothing, a hairy and rosy crack shimmering between them; for all of the fortunate Agrabahnians to see. Then, when the beasts entire pelvic girdle had moulded itself into perfection, with just the right amount of pubes, the real work was about to start...

Jafar's muscles bulged and fought for space as he moved his gorilla-looking arms towards his sweaty groin. In all his excitement he just started stroking the air, clenching his fists into reality and moulding it into the epitome of masculinity. He moved his arms up and down, and up and down, concentrating all his power into the growing stallion. Slowly a ginormous cock started to form, looking juicy from all angles. At all times the girth was comparable to its length. "GO AHEAD and RUN street rat! AHHH run with those twinky little legs! You FOOL! You fucking OHHHH GOD! WITLESS WASTE OF LIFE!" he moaned orgasmically to Aladdin as he noticed him making a sad attempt to flee. Eventually Aladdin looked back and froze; he was staring at perfection itself. He looked right at a 50-foot long girthy anaconda of a cock, pointing proudly to the sky. Now the entirety of Agrabah was surely overshadowed by Jafar's superiority. A tan and glistening mushroom head sat atop the undreamable cock, topped with a beautifully engraved reversed prince albert piercing. Jafar slammed his dick against his abs, a truly sensual sight, revealing his plump balls cushioning beneath the (un)godly cock. It was as if they were pumping more power into an already godly muscle-bound being of pure power. Eventually, with precum already dripping from his cock and the scarlet sun shining behind him, Jafar's tonnage came rushing down to Earth, ready to set a new world order, ready for revenge!!!

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Wow!!! Absolutely incredible chapter!!! Please do continue this amazing story. I can’t wait to see what the new GOD Jafar does next, how he dominates the world around him, and bends reality to his will!

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