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Tales of Xzarda: Dedicated to the Cult of Hercules Chapters 5 and 6 added 1/29 - All of Part One now available!


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Chapter One thru 4 of Tales of Xzarda in full follows. Then Chapters 5 and 6 are in a reply.

This is the beginning of a science fiction novel dedicated to muscle worship.  There are 25 chapters in total, all averaging 20-25 pages each. 180,000 words in total - even I can’t believe it - and it all glides the reader along exactly like the following chapter. I hope you like it.

The entire book available now: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09LLDPTQT

Tales of Xzarda: An Erotic Science Fiction Fantasy Dedicated to the Cult of Hercules

Part One: Fuckpuppy to the MuscleGods

Chapter One: The Arrival

It’s not always easy to get what you want. It’s also not easy to figure out what you want. There are too many distractions and so much information trying to convince you what you need. It’s hard to have the strength to sift through it all. I ended up in life with a series of sub-optimal choices. Even so, some friends and relatives were still jealous of my choices compared to theirs. The grass is always greener on the other side, as they say. At least my choices were leading to a safe life. A comfortable life provided the planet didn’t burn up in another twenty years. But maybe a bit boring and lonely in all honesty.

Of course, some drama would invariably crop up at work. I may have said the wrong thing, or someone decided to interpret something I said negatively. Or I simply put my foot in my mouth, drawn to stupidity like a moth to a flame. There certainly were plenty of nights that I replayed the minor conflicts at work endlessly, ...so much time spent on nonsense that basically went nowhere. And yet, time after time, I would get hooked. Pointless drama is addicting. Maybe it is a cure for boredom. Or just a useless trick of our monkey minds.

I was in my house a little after 9 PM, stoned on the sofa and surfing the net while I watched TV. Nothing unusual. I had to work the next day yet again, so my aim was to unwind. I lived on my own. But I was used to that. I moved to a small city to pursue my career, even if that meant having to sacrifice my social life. There weren’t many gay men to connect with in my town. None that were easy to find. But I was open to the possibility of meeting someone and went to the gym regularly. I accepted solitude and, secretly, enjoyed it. I came from a family with a lot of drama, so I found peace and quiet comforting. Maybe I distanced myself from others more than I needed to. Maybe the peace I experienced was good for me.

Suddenly, I felt jerked around as if I were having a seizure. I was breathing and conscious and then noticed I was really floating in the air. I swallowed deeply and spun, then stopped, and felt a massive rush in my head like when you stand up too fast. Then I passed out. After what felt like only minutes, I woke up and found myself lying on top of a large, soft table/bed in a sterile lab. I was fully awake, but felt disoriented and small on the cushioned surface. It seemed like they made it for someone twice my size, maybe 8 ft tall. The pair of gray 2xist briefs I was lounging in at home were neatly folded beside me, cleaned and very much real.

Still feeling cloudy, I could discern a few people moving toward me. As they approached, I noticed they wore dark glasses, had fine fur-like hair, and were grayish with rodent-like features. They were slender, and shorter than me at slightly over 5 feet. Their ears looked like giant mice, and they had a non-threatening, almost comical, presence despite being engaged in a professional purpose. They raced around making excited, high-pitched sounds. Despite feeling anxious, I found them amusing. But I also knew something strange had just happened. The technicians were working on equipment I had never seen before. But I found nothing odd with that, I wasn’t interested enough in the health field to be up to date on its technology. The workers may have also just been in costume. However, after having watched a lot of science fiction in my day, I got a sneaking suspicion I was quite far from home.

A while later I noticed a few larger, more menacing figures come closer toward the bed. The grayish folk scattered and disappeared. I began to get my bearings and saw things a bit more clearly as a wave of fear engulfed me. Three men came toward me, and they were large and imposing but seemed human. As they moved closer, I thought, “Shit!” And my heart started beating faster while the fear subsided, but my adrenaline continued to surge in overdrive.

The men were enormous, super-fit, and damned handsome. They had incredibly muscular bodies under their lab coats. They were tall. Taller than any men I was used to seeing. They must have been close to 7 feet each, with massive, bulging round shoulders as wide as walls and comparatively narrow waists. Their chests were huge, with biceps that stretched the sleeves of the thin, silk-like cloth of their lab coats. They looked like superheroes.

A little further down from their jackets I noticed their baskets and watched as their groins swole and pressed against tight, spandex-like pants. Cords laced their crotch areas and secured their waists like football pants. Their clothing, although serious and professional-looking, was fashionable and designed to complement their well-developed physiques. One had royal blue tights with an embossed jacquard design and a black cord. He also wore a yellow mesh shirt that hugged and defined his thick and hairy chest. The second wore black tights and a gray shirt with a deep V-neck that revealed his huge and perfectly sculpted pecs. A field of short, light brown hair had grown on them. The third was smooth and wore similar black pants and a dark gray, almost transparent shirt under his coat. He turned and I could see the black fabric entered between and defined the beautifully round muscle of his large, dimpled butt cheeks. Like those of a well-muscled, giant male ballet dancer.

I was naked on the bed and grew a boner as I watched them come closer. I looked along my much smaller body and saw my smooth chest was still full and squared, my 6-pack was marginally visible, and my legs were nicely shaped and defined. I was well-worked out; I had not shrunk. There was at least a foot of space above my head and below the heels of my bare feet, and a couple of feet of space on either side of me, but the table/bed was massive. As much as I fought against it, the blood continued to flow into my exposed, 7-inch cock and I mindlessly stroked it as I attempted to hide it. They noticed how I was looking at them and I felt embarrassed. They glanced at each other, then peered down at me and grinned at my pathetic attempt to hide my boner. The one with the exposed chest reached into his pants and adjusted his big dick for greater comfort. I watched mesmerized. The thought flashed in my mind of how I wanted to go down on it, or at least have him rub it against me. I pretty much forgot I had just been abducted.

The one in royal blue reached over with his massive hand and gently stroked me from my pec down my right leg. He wanted to feel the hardness of my body and softness of my skin. I gave in to the fact my exposed dick was full, hard, and pointed upward. They seemed thrilled and I smiled back at them, excited despite my uncertainty and anxiety. I enjoyed being touched and wanted the superman to do it more. To them, they hit the jackpot. Those three giant musclemen craved nothing more than to kiss, cuddle and fuck me there on the spot. Despite their overwhelming interest, they were restrained, and I remained unsure, still a patient on a hospital bed, or a prisoner at their mercy. Little did I know they were a small part of a larger plan, and there was much more in store.     (this is where the last post ended)

In retrospect, I now realize they were an advance crew of scientist-physicians who evaluated those brought through a wormhole to their world. They were there to determine if the humans coming through met their target criteria. If so, they would act as ‘hosts’ to the ‘traveler’. The initial evaluation at the lab also mined my genetic material to integrate it into their reproductive process. Their objective here was to enhance their genetic diversity. Varied human gene stock was guaranteed by their focus on gay men influenced by sthenolagnia, or muscle worship, being the sexual attraction to the display of strength or male muscular development. This attraction cuts across most human cultures and influences both gay men and heterosexual women but is not often expressed openly by Earthmen. However, it was behavior the Xzardans were able to zero in on through their technology.

Returning to Earth was impossible. The wormhole I came through went in one direction and we were half a universe away. However, this world carefully selected targets through observation to find the most compatible candidates to avoid ‘mistakes’, and waste resources. Recently, they became better at remote observation and targeting. They could also access any electronic database from Earth and increasingly understood our world. As a result, the advance technicians communicated with me in broken English.

Part of their purpose was to teach their language and introduce the ‘traveler’, me in this case, to their world and way of life. They also assessed ‘travelers’ for their potential to appreciate the most physically developed men who were celebrated in their civilization. If the ‘traveler’ were gay and attracted to their champions, or could learn to be attracted to them, they would be prepared for a potential coupling. These men would be twice the ‘traveler’s’ size, exceptionally strong, and would not speak any Earth languages.

It was a plum job for these ‘hosts’. They were not part of the elite, but they were among their society’s top scientists, and all were on track to elite status. Their job was a rare opportunity to meet and interact with the smaller human ‘travelers’ who were their sexual ideal. For my first few weeks these three scientists, who were tall, massive, and handsome competition-level bodybuilders, would become my teachers and lovers. Their names were Stanj (pronounced “staa-nish”), Ruud (pronounced “rood”), and Dzaan (pronounced “Jaan”). I am called Greg.




It now seemed like many hours had passed since I woke up in their lab. They gave me some odd-looking food which was surprisingly delicious. I watched the three tall and fantastically beautiful men move about as I ate. When their tests seemed to wind down, they removed their lab coats as if to show themselves off. Stanj was in the royal blue and yellow shirt. He had short, dark brown hair and a remarkably good-looking face that was wide and angular. His thick, soft beard outlined his jaw, crept up his cheeks, and settled into a crisp goatee. His otherworldly blue eyes matched his pants and contrasted with his black hair. The man was stunning, god-like even, and ridiculously beautiful. He had a determined but gentle look to him, like a failingly anonymous Clark Kent.

He looked to be in his late 30s, was almost 7 feet tall and his body was beyond anything from a Mr. Olympia contest. His size and symmetry reached further than what I thought possible as perfect and attractive. I figured he could be over 360 lbs. and was exactly twice my size. He looked strong, stronger than any human ever. The size of his body parts was fully proportionate, built from lean muscle mass. His shoulders were round like bowling balls and double my width, while he tapered to a 36-inch waist. His biceps were enormous at over 27 inches and when he flexed as he moved, I could see his arms were larger than either my head or even his. I couldn’t help but notice his monstrous, hairy chest and abs through his shirt and could see they were spectacular. I knew that seeing him shirtless, let alone touching him, could have the potential to make me cum on the spot. His butt was as fine as his colleague Dzaan’s, tantalizingly shaped, plump, and muscley. The way his tights highlighted and traced the cleft between his cheeks would be considered illegal in our world, an unabashed display of sexual potency and power. As I watched him turn around, I wanted to slide my hand up there, if not bury my face inside it.

He tied the strings of his sandals like lacework which showed his calves off rather nicely, along with his hairy feet. Further up his powerful legs, the bulge of his crotch gave the impression his balls were being tortured under the fabric and black laced drawstring, desperate for escape. The material was light enough to show the outline of the head and crown of his protruding penis pressed against it. The thickness of his legs caused his junk to push forward. When he walked, he waddled. He showed off his dick and muscle like an uncomfortable hulk that demanded the relief and care of my tongue and hands. He looked human but was beyond human with his superbly muscled tank of a body and stunning face.

Ruud was the one in the grey V-neck shirt and black pants. He had thinning, light brown hair, and a small manly bald spot. A short beard outlined his jawline with a goatee grown long at the chin. His facial hair complemented his angular face, which also appeared infused with testosterone. There was a brutally masculine look about him. He was in his early 40s or looked like it, and older than Stanj. His hazel eyes complemented his beard. He was deeply tanned, which offset the lighter hues in his hair and added to his appeal. His expression seemed both severe and kind. He was about as tall and wide as Stanj, but bigger and rounder and even more cut with less body fat. He stood at 6’,11" and had 375 lbs. of pure muscle tapered to a 35" waist. I was unaware at the time that he competed in a high-status bodybuilding contest the previous week in his quest to join the elite. Both he and Stanj were pre-elite tier competitors among their world’s 35,000 professional, as opposed to recreational, competitive bodybuilders. And close to the level of the planet’s elite champions.

When Ruud removed his lab coat, my heart almost jumped out of my mouth. I couldn’t take my eyes off him since he adjusted his dick while staring at my boner a little earlier. The muscle on this man was unlike anything I had ever seen as a lifetime bodybuilding enthusiast. The deep V-neck of his shirt revealed a pair of thick and round plates of muscle. His pecs created a cleavage you could sink your face into, or even bury your hard cock as you fucked the deep cleft between them. There was something about his muscle that revealed it was well-worked over many years and had kept maturing, becoming bigger, fuller, more striated, more defined, and fed by ever-multiplying pipes of pumping veins. This was going on all over his pecs and massive arms and under his clothes. I was dying to see and taste his prick and had to stop myself from reaching for it as my hard dick throbbed.

His exposed pecs capped a view of his rocky, cut abs that were so well-defined and large I could easily fuck the space between just one pair of his 10-pack, and secretly he was eager for me to try. In fact, he wanted it badly. His arms were the same size as Stanj’s but seemed larger because of their deeper cuts, his lower overall body fat, and muscle maturity. From behind, his enormous back was thick with muscle and definition, which you could make out from under his shirt. Beneath his narrow waist his large, hard, round butt comprised two perfect spheres of muscle, separated erotically by his pants that were tailored to advertise the shape of his butt cheeks. Because of his size and bearing, his display of his heavily worked-out and perfectly shaped gluteus muscles was masculine and powerful.

His legs were wide, thick, and cut, like tree-trunks as they say. His pants clung to his calves, and he wore what looked like black running shoes with no socks. He was horny, as his hard dick pressed against the tight fabric that outlined a large tool that was at least 10 inches long and 6 and ½ inches thick and pushed forward by his massive thighs. I figured I could handle it, but it would hurt, and hoped I could spend time with him. I couldn’t stop staring and all 3 of them knew, and they kept smiling. Apparently, they had removed their lab coats on purpose to gauge the potential of my attraction to them and men like them.

Dzaan was also a bodybuilder but seemed to be from a different group than the other two as there was a lean quality to his body. He wore black pants like Rudd, an excellent choice, I’ll admit, as they complimented the lower half of his body spectacularly. And what a body this man had. Dzaan was fucking handsome in a ruggedly pleasing and exotic way, and seemed playful. His skin was caramel-hued, shiny, soft, and smooth over his big, hard, and cut body.

His physique compared well to his colleagues and suggested he was also an accomplished swimmer. He stood around 7 feet tall, the tallest of the three, and weighed 355 lbs. His muscles were full, well-defined, and corded with veins. His head was longish and covered in wavy brown hair. He had sharp, angular features with a wide, testosterone-infused jawline, and soft, cleanly shaved skin on his face. His lips were full and wide, with small lines that curled up, giving him a smile as his normal expression. His lower lip was defined by a soul-patch. The tops of his ears were pointed, which complemented the shape of his head. His eyes were golden, unlike anything I had ever seen, and together with his ears gave him the most alien appearance of the three. He was probably a little older than Stanj but seemed to have a younger spirit.

His butt was incredible, tantalizingly round, and dimpled, and sucked you right into it. Possibly the sexiest of the three. His junk looked massive with a VPL (visible penis line) that dominated the front of his pants. His arms and shoulders were also huge and veiny. He walked like a stallion despite his muscle mass, but he also seemed to be deliberately displaying his muscle and crotch for my benefit. What I could see of his super-built torso under his soft black shirt made me desperate to see more. I looked over at Ruud to imagine the possibilities. He was almost as cut as Ruud and with an even more erotic shape to his physique. I had an overwhelming desire to kiss Dzaan and get lost in his mouth even as I lay in that lab like some experiment. I found him intoxicatingly handsome and kissable.

When he stroked me softly with his large hand out of his desire, I felt like purring and he could tell I liked it. So, he did it again, and I reached out to suck his finger while I thought about his beautiful, monumental cock. As I did that, I could see it grow in his pants and drip pre-cum, creating a small, wet stain and showing me that his prick was big but that he wanted me to handle it, taste it and do whatever else pleased me. It was a damn good thing I had already been de-contaminated and acclimatized to their world by the time I awoke. I was ready and willing, actually desperate, to worship them and exchange fluids as I involuntarily held and stroked myself. My mind continued to race in overdrive. Beside desperately needing to shoot a load I worried about missing work. I experienced waves of anxiety, but the beauty of the men focused on me, combined with my intense attraction to them, ultimately calmed me.



The next step was to prepare me for what they brought me to do. Ruud came over and caressed my head as he motioned to Dzaan to cool it. Stanj, Ruud, and Dzaan were genuinely nice and gentle, almost loving, as they finished their tests. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them. Finally, Stanj brought over a small robe, like the lab coats they wore, and asked me in English to get up and sit at the edge of the bed. I suppose they could have given me the robe earlier, but they probably enjoyed seeing me naked. Now, sitting there surrounded by these amazing musclemen, musclegods as they were beyond anyone on Earth, Ruud spoke as two gray, furry folk, called ‘Erindans’, emerged from the shadows to bring more food. As we all ate, he told me they had brought me to their world to enhance their genetic diversity and as a gift for their elite.

A wave of panic hit me. I was “brought” there? Where was “there” I wondered. For my genes and as a gift for their elite? Did that mean I was now a slave? Adrenaline replaced sexual arousal with panic. My dick shrank. It was a lot to take in. I was shocked, but also fascinated. Ruud assured me that the three of them were there to help me transition to their world and not to worry, he could see that I would adapt well. I would have choices and control; they would impose nothing on me. I wondered how long I would be there and where I was. They did not give straightforward answers, except to say I was in a place called ‘Xzarda’, and it seemed like their plan was long-term adaptation. I was worried and realized my family would think I died. I became quiet, perturbed, disturbed. But these men were beautiful, incredible—beyond words. Dzaan came beside me and put his hand on my shoulder and softly massaged it. He then sat next to me and hugged me with his superhero arm, which perked me back up again.

I considered the circumstances. Gorgeous men now surrounded me with a strong sexual vibe. I lived alone in a different city than my family and had few other ties as a single gay man. I also had few romantic prospects where I was from, and I missed that. Pressed against Dzaan’s warm muscular body, I felt comfortable and that there was no real threat, so I relaxed and decided to find out more.

Ruud continued with an outline of their world. Adult men lived among themselves and were catered to by the Erindans who supplied meals, performed household tasks, and helped out in many other ways. Procreation was through scientific intervention rather than biology and the ratio of men to women was 5 to 1. Xzardan society was predominantly homosexual. The men occupied themselves with military training, teaching, professional activities, sports, and bodybuilding. They worked around 25-30 hours a week on average and devoted the rest of their time to exercise and recreation.

Bodybuilding was the ultimate sport, and they structured their social calendar around the competition schedule. It was also a celebration of male beauty, excellence, and strength, which were at the core of their culture and resonated with their religion. Some men became so good at bodybuilding that they comprised an elite class and were supported in luxury to train and compete exclusively. Selected for the size and beauty of their musculature, their good looks and sex appeal, their strength, and their professional accomplishments, the top champions were the ideal of Xzardan male society. Only the absolute best made it to the elite level and were treated like kings.

The elite level of bodybuilders comprised about 250 men from each city-state, of which there were currently 7. These 250 men were the cream of an exceptional crop, and unbelievable in their beauty, size, and symmetry. Ruud was getting close to the elite level, along with Stanj, and was at the top of the amateur pile. They had not yet reached elite status, which could take them many more years or not at all. Dzaan was a bodybuilder and swimming champion, and almost the size of the other 2, and possibly even better looking. Something told me they were all close to the elite level, or they would not have this job. The top champion bodybuilders had it made in this society and were musclegods in many senses of the word, from how they looked and their focus on building their physiques, to how they were treated and catered to. They lived in stunning areas within what was the referred to as the ‘tamed’ part of the planet, the Xzardan archipelago.

Above all, Xzardan champion bodybuilders liked their hard work to be admired. Their ultimate reward was to be worshipped by other men as a hero. Their sexual ideal was a much smaller guy attracted to their hulking, muscular physiques who they could fuck, cuddle and be worshipped by. Their desires were tied to their psychology and founding myths, but full satisfaction was exceedingly rare. They often chose younger and smaller adult Xzardans among the under 28s as their preferred sex partners. The smaller the better, but the smallest was still over 6 feet and 245 lbs. Xzardan men ranged in height from 6 feet, 4 inches to 7 feet, 4 inches and weighed from 245 lbs. upward to over 475 lbs. The youngest men usually preferred their peers, so the cultivation of younger Xzardans for elite men was possible but had limits.

A human guy, say 5 feet, 10 inches, 180lbs, almost washboard abs, muscular and handsome, was already seen as intensely desirable by most Xzardan men. A gay one wildly attracted to well-developed male muscle, an eager and willing human ‘puppy’ from their perspective, was the supreme fantasy of most of the Xzardan musclegods. To have a guy like that as a lover and be worshipped by him, rather than a younger Xzardan man, was an almost impossible ideal. Their recent exposure to information from Earth, and their ability to identify gay men, whetted the champions’ appetites.

Because of the hunger of the musclegod kings for human ‘pups’, and the resources their society devoted to their pleasure, they recently found a way to pull people from our world into theirs. The only problem was the limits to their technology, which could accommodate only one, maybe two ‘travelers’ per city-state per year. Some of those would be ‘mistakes’ who were not hot and hungry gay men interested in their elite musclegods. So far there were about four to six gay Earthmen per city-state who each became primarily monogamous with one champion. This left most of the top men, the musclegod kings, fantasizing about Earth dudes.

Ruud said that I was number 5 for their city-state and seemed like I may be the best match yet. He, Stanj, and Dzaan would prepare me over the next few weeks, teaching me their language and their ways. We would live together in a villa within the city but separate from the focused bodybuilder area. He said it was for my safety and they found it was best to introduce new Earth ‘pups’ to their world gradually as many became overwhelmed at first.

The more Ruud spoke, the more relaxed and excited I became. I was being prepared to live among the elite musclegods and to choose one as a lover. Stanj, Ruud, Dzaan, and I would enjoy as much sex as we wanted while we lived together, but I needed to remember that we would separate in a short while. We would always be friends, and they would always be available if I ever needed help. The reason there were three in the transition team rather than just one or even two, was to prevent me or them from attempting to pair off. They assured me I would enjoy the elite life once I left their care. They said if you like us, you will love them. And the feeling would be more than mutual.

End of Chapter One

Chapter Two:




Chapter 2: The First Two Days

It was already evening by the time we prepared to go to the designated transition villa. I walked between my hosts to their shuttle, which was a flying vehicle. I enjoyed watching Rudd’s awkward muscle waddle as he led the way through the building. We walked down a hall along a glass wall with a forest on the other side. The colors were like a rainforest on Earth but with a light blue hue, as if seen through tinted glass. We stepped onto a circular pad and arrived at an open space with 6 shuttles parked at the edge of the platform. Ruud brought us to a sleek and elegant brown and steel blue machine with masculine lines. I sat in the back with him. We flew out from the port and emerged into Anaxandri. 

Ruud wrapped his massive arm around me as we flew over the city for a few minutes. I could tell from the architecture that this world celebrated masculinity and artistic design. Our destination was a beautiful beige and white villa on a cliff overlooking the city’s skyline and the sea beyond. The air had a salty smell and felt humid, but pleasant. A contrast from the cold autumn air I experienced going home after work a few days ago, the last time I was outside. On a level lower than the main house was an Olympic-sized swimming pool surrounded by two outlying buildings. They occupied an expansive terrace carved into the hill. One building housed a gym that was suitable for both me and the guys with our different levels of strength. The other was a beach house with what looked like a few separate rooms with beds to nap on, an open kitchen, toilets, and a large shower room. A gleaming tiled patio was covered in an abstract pattern that blended curves and angles. There was an area with daybeds and lounges, and a dining table under a pergola surrounded the pool and outbuildings. The pergola overlooked the city and sea. 

Tall trees circled the villa and gave it privacy. However, the surrounding hills were peppered with similar homes. The architecture was Greek classical mixed with whimsical curved elements on various parts of the buildings and in the balcony's layout. It looked as if they fused the work of Antonio Gaudi with ancient Greece while on LSD. And yet it all worked stunningly. On Earth it would be a home for a plutocrat. Everything I saw along the way appeared rich and clean. The climate was tropical, warm, and pleasant during the evening. It was sunny and warm to hot during the day.

We were greeted by two Erindans who spoke to Stanj when we entered the main house. The Erindans were alien; they were humanoid but seemed as if they evolved directly from rodents, rather than via primates. They had soft, fine fur on their skin that was shiny and reflected the light. They were not hairy, as their fur was very short and thicker than human body hair. It was almost skin-like, but you could make out different colored areas the way a cat or dog could have varied spots of color on their coats, but muted. Their mouth area was a hybrid of a mammal and human mouth that appeared like a cleft top lip, but that was an illusion caused by their facial muscles. It was possible to discern their various expressions with practice. They had a nervous energy and hurried. From what I could tell, having seen them at the lab and now here, it was normal for them to be in constant motion.

Dzaan seemed to know where to go and I followed him into a large bedroom decorated in dark woods and surrounded on three sides by windows. Rudd and Stanj were close behind. The bed was gigantic, about 9 x 8 feet, with two satellite beds 6 x 8 feet each angled to the sides at the foot of the main one. I realized substantial beds without covers were a major piece of furniture in this world, used in different ways and contexts. They variously were used as beds, sofas, daybeds, lounges, or settees. 

The Erindan crew already prepared our bedroom for sleep as thin blankets lay folded by the edge of each one. The guys agreed among themselves that I would sleep on the main bed between Dzaan and Rudd. Stanj would be on another. They planned to alternate who slept beside me each night in succession. Once settled, they stripped and peeled their tight clothes from their huge muscles while I removed my lab coat. At the lab, I dreamed of going to bed with them and could not believe we were doing it. Despite my occasional anxiety, I was thrilled and horny as hell.

The first night with the guys was perhaps the best in my entire life to date. I slept between Rudd and Dzaan with a hard-on throughout. I occasionally awakened to touch, kiss, and lick them; and snuggle into the crevices of their awesome bodies. The three scientists were spectacular in the buff, they seemed to drip testosterone from every pore. Dzaan’s body was more amazing than I imagined once his shirt came off; soft skin, bulbous muscle-bellies, cut, and erotic as hell. When he removed his tights, I asked him if he shaved his legs and he said no; he was naturally hairless. His hard dick was a massive club of almost 13 fat inches with a beautiful mushroom head, even larger than what I saw of his VPL in the lab. He flexed to get me going and tease me; he knew I liked muscle and could tell his physique impressed me, which pleased him.
Rudd in the nude was spectacular to see. All his muscle was well worked, dense, round, and shredded. His hard, fat cock was also a beautiful 10 and 1/2 inches of uncut meat and matched his veiny, super-muscular body. They wanted to fuck me stupid but held back as they knew they were there to train me to accept and enjoy their comparatively large and thick penises. A part of me craved to be brutalized and torn apart by their powerful, manly meat, but I was elated just to be around them. The first phase of the process was very gentle and erotic. They liked to stroke and pet me, often using their heavy dicks for this purpose, and reach over and press their tongues in my mouth and kiss. I enjoyed the attention and responded as they hoped I would.
For them, I was amazing and responsive right out of the box, remarkable as a solid, muscular guy of only 5"10", 180 lbs. With a shaved head, dark goatee, and smooth skin, I also seemed like a giant penis that they wanted to screw, kiss, and worship. That first night, I must have quietly cummed about three times sleeping between Rudd and Dzaan, finding crevices on their bodies to fuck and rub my dick against as I fell in and out of sleep. I occasionally woke up to see one of them, or Stanj, standing over me and masturbating.

When we got up many hours later, Erindans had brought some food to the bed for the four of us to eat, and the guys taught me some words as I admired their otherworldly muscle.
------- Day 2:
After eating our fill, Stanj stood up naked in front of me and asked if I wanted to get washed. I agreed with a smile and he took me to the magnificent adjacent bathroom. The shower area was almost 10 feet square with several jets pointed at different angles. Along the walls were soft benches with wide seats on the floor, covered in a waterproof material. I stood in the center of the shower area as he adjusted the jets and temperature. He came up behind me and hugged me in his enormous and strong arms, and squeezed me against his thickly muscled and hairy chest while we got wet. Held tight in his grip, he pressed his hard dick against my back and rubbed himself on me. He soaped my front, paying careful attention to my crotch, and caressed it with one hand as he felt and cleaned my pecs and torso with his other.

When he finished, I turned and reached up to feel and soap him, while I explored his massive pecs, shoulders and armpits. I rubbed and admired his arms as he flexed. I pressed my face between his hairy pecs and snuggled in his body hair as my nose and lips drifted down over his rocky, defined 8-pack; licked and kissed his throbbing cock on the way down, and settled onto my knees in front of him. I lifted his heavy, engorged penis to get to his balls and sucked on one of them. His dick was now a stiff 9 inches and fat. His balls were big and full. Just one was difficult to get my mouth around. I sucked on it and kneaded my junk as he pulled on his dick just above my face, careful not to hit me. This went on for almost 10 minutes until he stroked faster and ultimately came. He lifting me off his balls and into his arms and kissed me hard and deep. Then he sat down against the wall on the leather cushions and pulled me into his lap. His solid dick was against my lower back and he slid it under my bottom. He held me in his enormous guns, and my head rested in the cleavage of his pecs. His massive thighs trapped my butt and lower body. He jerked me off as he brushed his biceps against me and kissed my bald skull. I reached around to peck the peak of his bicep. The water continued to rush over us, and I was in ecstasy as his gigantic hand stroked my 7-inch cock.

I came after a few minutes and moved to lie on top of him as he lay back on the cushions. I kissed him hard. The man was a phenomenal, hot, and massively muscled funhouse. We stood up and finished washing each other’s legs and feet, and any remaining cum from our bodies and the shower walls. He got out first, dried himself, brought me a towel, and dried me off. He then gave me a device to clean my teeth and showed me how to shave with it. After about an hour we emerged from the bathroom, very satisfied and a little tired. Stanj figured that because the other two slept with me, he would be the first to cum with me. I felt that I wanted to make sure the three of them were happy and satisfied as I began to enjoy my new circumstance.
Dzaan and Rudd were standing on the terrace waiting for us, still naked. While I was with Stanj, I got lost in how stunning he was. But when I saw Dzaan and Rudd casually standing with their magnificent muscle and good looks, my heart skipped a beat. I had to stop and catch my breath. But I just smiled as though nothing much was going on. Dzaan filled me in on the day’s schedule in his muddled English through a strong, accented voice. He sounded as hot as he looked. I went over and leaned against him as he put his big hand on my shoulder. It did not take long to feel comfortable with these men, they were extremely affectionate, even with each other.
Dzaan announced a tailor was coming from the city center to meet me. He wanted to get to know a bit of my personality, and for me to select the fabric, patterns, and colors I liked. He planned to create a wardrobe for me geared to Xzardan tastes. Getting dressed in a manner to enhance one’s physique and sexual appeal was a standard requirement in this world. The rest of the day we would eat, relax, work-out and they would continue to teach me. They said they were easing me into their world and knew such a transition could be a shock for anyone. They aimed to take things slowly and make my transition enjoyable. It was only my first day outside of the lab, but the thought of not being able to return home was a little let less stressful. I processed the experience more like an incredible vacation than anything else.
When the tailor arrived at the villa we were dressed in briefs for the pool, with me in my 2Xist ones that were my only possession from Earth. The Xzardans spoke in their language for a moment. When they spoke, it was very sexy. It was soft in strong, throaty male tones and incorporated many sh, b, t, p, k, and oo sounds, similar to a very erotic and masculine Brazilian Portuguese. It made them seem like they liked to kiss, which they did. After a brief while, they came over to translate for me. 

The tailor was hot, but he was not a competitive Xzardan bodybuilder. He looked like a bodybuilder, however. Although not as heavily muscled as the guys. He was 7 feet plus an inch or so, a few inches taller than Stanj and an inch higher than Dzaan and Rudd. He was a swimmer, and at 285 lbs. he was very lean and streamlined. In our world, he could be a competitive bodybuilder with so much lean muscle, and he had perfect proportions. Here, however, he was slender, and incredibly attractive to the biggest men who could reach up to 7 and ½ feet and well over 400 lbs. of fat-free beef. His lover was in fact one of the largest bodybuilders ever, a very tall hulk of over 450 lbs. of lean muscle with an unbelievable 18-inch, beer-can thick cock. And he was not yet part of the top elite competitors.
The tailor was blond with long hair that covered his neck and wore black slacks and an intricately laced shirt. They called him Shen. He could see I was getting along well with the guys and that I was, in fact, one of their most willing ‘travelers’ yet, especially so early. Shen seemed to think I was attractive. We sat together and selected fabric and patterns and examined colors. He acted like it was an honor to do this for me. He said he would have things brought over as he had them made and would start with some basic everyday wear in a few days. In the meantime, he learned of my measurements from the Erindans at the lab and already made a few items to lounge around the villa and pool. I thanked him for his thoughtfulness and Stanj translated.
It blew me away how nice everyone was in addition to how beautiful they were. There was a great deal of planning and resources spent to make me comfortable and integrate me into their world. It made sense if they devoted so many resources to importing me through a wormhole, then why not add a little more to ensure I was happy? At least compared to throwing me in a dungeon. I remained confused, but it was fun, so I didn’t question too much.
When they were talking with Shen, I kept hearing this word repeated and about me, “rooshk”, and asked Dzaan what it was. He said it meant ‘pup’. He said he hoped I didn’t mind, but I was referred to in their society as a human ‘pup’, which they liked very much and, apparently, I was an ideal one. I must admit in that context I liked it and let Dzaan know I would not object. I also wanted to kiss his dick, which was visible in his skin-tight white swim trunks. Or at least lick the protruding curve of its head, but decided not to in front of Shen.

After the tailor left, we went outside to the terrace, and it was the first time I saw their city in the daylight. It was an exceptional view as we were on a hill separate and above the core city. From the vantage of the balcony, the whole place was at our feet and it was stunning. The natural beauty was amazing with tall hills and small mountain ranges that led to beautiful beaches, the sea and a few outlying islands. There were incredible public buildings in polished stone, sculpted metal, and glass. Housing appeared to be a mix of villas and complexes that were inviting and impressive. It was a wealthy place with shuttles flying around and all sorts of watercraft in the harbor and beyond. It was artistic in layout and design. Otherworldly, while also relatable. Xzardans used space like humans.
There were about 300,000 Xzardans in the city-state of Anaxandri. Of those, 50,000 were female and lived in a separate zone. They cared for all children 0- to 9-years-old, a cohort of 45,000. The remaining Xzardans were male, a ratio of 5 men to 1 woman. 90,000 of the population were children under the age of 20. Male Xzardan children in the 10-19-year-old cohort comprised 37,500 individuals. The military raised them with the support of the 50,000 adult men who were lifelong members. Of the city’s 160,000 active adult men, 110,000 others went through the military and practiced various professions. Professional activity focused on science, administration, air, and sea management, resource extraction and building, trade and communication, exploration, design, health, and sport. 

The 7 city-states that comprised the settled area of the planet had similar demographics. Anaxandri was the typical model of a city-state that they replicated as they expanded. Their rate of expansion accelerated by the time I arrived. An 8th city-state was due to become operational in a year and a 9th would follow 8 years later. Each city-state developed in harmony with an Erindan provincial settlement of 6 million. 
Dzaan, Rudd, and Stanj said they needed to work out after lunch for a couple of hours and that they would show me around the gym. I was eager to watch them train. Afterward, we could have a snack and hang out by the pool (and maybe have sex). There was something in the food that made me recover from an orgasm and be ready for another, and so I was ready again. I wanted to worship Dzaan’s massive sausage, or at least lick it for a while. And yet there was Rudd, so magnificent in his black briefs and erotic muscle waddle. We went over to the gym and they began their routines in their briefs, thinking nothing of changing into gym clothes. I enjoyed watching them train and get pumped, but figured I should get into my routine and get pumped as well. It felt like a few days had passed since my last workout.
I looked in the mirror and thought my body was nice but needed work. I was lean, but I thought I appeared puffy. My legs and calves were well-defined, and I had a small waist and a petite but hard ass. They considered me a hot guy in most gay communities, at least when I visited them. To a Xzardan, my look and size made for a very desirable ‘pup’ and I loved the idea of being one, but I wanted to be even better. Two or three days ago I would never have imagined myself thinking like this, in a situation beyond imagination, and now I didn’t want to leave.
Next thing I knew, Rudd came up behind me and kissed the top of my head. Looking at him through the mirror, I couldn’t get over how handsome, built and affectionate he was. Rudd alone was a dream come true. Those hot black briefs pushed his dick and balls out front and, in the back, they cleaved into his big, perfect, round, and hard muscled ass more than his pants did the day before. I could put my entire hand in there before the fabric reached his asshole. He had the power to crush my hand as I did it. 

I asked him if he had a posing routine and he said yes, of course, many even, and if I would like to see the one from his last contest after they finished training. He said he came in second during an event held about a week before. He also said he would only do it with me in private because he would want to have sex after. Asking to see a Xzardan’s routine in private had sexual connotations. Muscle posing was erotic for Xzardans, and one-on-one it was for sexual display. It presupposed a desire to have sex by both parties. An offer to perform was an invitation to play. I had no problem with this and wanted to see each of their routines often.
We made a plan for the late afternoon after training. He kissed my head again and said thank-you as if I was doing him a great favor; yet my heart beat so hard I thought it would explode through my chest. I turned around and went to feel his big hard muscled butt while I licked the nipple on his massive, thick pec, which was about as high as I could reach on him. He didn’t move a millimeter until I finished, enjoying my touch as much as I enjoyed touching him. His dick swelled huge in his black trunks, the full head of it now visible through the stretchy material that covered it. With my hand still feeling the inside of his butt cheeks, I moved down his body to put my face against his cock’s head and kissed it. He wanted to pull his throbbing, full cock out right there in front of me. I stood up and motioned that we should get back to training with the guys so we could hurry and go off together.
About 20 minutes later I wrapped up my routine as all I wanted to do was go over to watch my new Xzardan buds. I was transfixed as they exercised almost nude, stretching and pumping their massive muscles until they swelled even bigger than I had seen them yet. It was great fun to observe, as I unwittingly rubbed my hard dick on the metal of a barbell while I looked on in rapt fascination. They concluded after another 40 minutes, after which we moved to the pergola for some food. I had a few bites and jumped in the pool to wash off and Rudd followed.
He was pumped and contest ready and stood in front of me to display himself. I reached out to touch each of the ten slabs of his protruding ab muscle. I slid my hand into his trunks and held his fantastic, swollen meat. I told him I was ready to check out his routine. We surfaced from the water and he dried both of us with a soft towel-like cloth, then heaved me over his shoulder. He took me to a large room about 20 by 30 feet. It had high ceilings, and many windows interrupted with a 12-foot wide mirrored wall. A 6 x 9 foot daybed and a sofa were neatly arranged, along with an 8 x 8 foot platform positioned against the wall in front of both the bed and sofa, elevated at knee height. Music was controlled through some weird-looking device on a table by the platform, or dais. Between the bed and the sofa was another table with lubes, oils, creams, and sex toys. He laid me down on the bed, kissed me, and slipped my shorts off and pecked my dick.
He brought about 6 pairs of posers in various colors and patterns from the table and asked me to choose one. I selected the solid black ones; I always loved black on bodybuilders as the color suits most men well. Rudd was no different. In fact, black looked amazing on him. He slipped off his briefs as I stared, and he attempted to fit his swollen package into the minimalist posers. His boner grew as he saw me stare. So he had further trouble putting them on. 

He succeeded in getting the material to cover his throbbing prick, but part of his testicles were visible. From behind, the fabric clung to his cheeks and entered far into the cleavage between them the way his briefs did. The deep cleft of his ass also complemented the canyons of the well-worked muscles on his massive back. Unlike the briefs, however, there was no fabric on the sides of the posers to mask the dimples in his butt cheeks. The cloth covered the round curves of the outside of his cheeks and enhanced their separation. Connecting the back to the front of the posers were thin strips of material that led to a V-shaped pouch that exposed his light brown pubic hair. The pouch contained most of his junk and highlighted the lines on his body that led from his waist to his dick. The cloth was like silk, but stretchy enough to accommodate a swelling cock, if not all of his balls, and exposed every contour and line of his jewels as if he were naked.
He asked me if I wanted to cover him in oil and I said ‘yes’. Oiling him was great. I was already familiar with his body from sleeping with him the night before, but oiling gave me the chance to touch and see every inch of him up close in the light. Both of our dicks were rock hard as I rubbed the glistening balm into him and got to know him that much better through my fingers. As I was more than a foot shorter, I used a stool to reach his face and focus on his upper body first while I looked straight into his eyes. This encouraged him to grab onto and kiss me. I caressed his growing chest hair and memorized each inch of his herculean pecs and abs. 

His skin reflected the light as I worked the terrain of his superhero back and massaged his thickly muscled traps and shoulders. I made sure the oil didn’t look wet, but became a part of him, soaked into his skin. From each enormously round shoulder, I followed his thick triceps around to big double-peaked biceps. Working on his mountainous arms, I lingered and admired them and told him that each time he flexed it bumped my excitement a notch. He achieved a level of muscular development and perfection unheard of on Earth. I silently worshipped his monstrous arms as I polished them, then moved onto his forearms, hands and fingers.

My hands reached into and around the open sides of his trunks to massage the exposed part of his powerful behind. I slipped my hand through one opening to reach his dick and balls and caressed his meaty package. As I held his dick, I stooped over to peck it but realized I wanted to see him pose before ripping off his posers. I turned my attention to his massive, cut, and rock-solid legs. Moving over his thighs, I pressed my face into the crack of his butt to sniff him. My dick was pounding and so was his. When I finished oiling his feet, I got up, and he crouched over to kiss me. He reached over to start the music and hopped onto the dais with a thud.
He started with a front double bicep pose. His arms were like small mountains with double peaks. They measured 29 inches to my 16.5. This guy was as strong as he was incredible, and if I wasn’t so solid myself, he could easily hurt me. If he had me in a headlock, he could crush my head like a cantaloupe with one flex of his arm. I didn’t know at the time he was an accomplished warrior, besides being a physician and scientist. The thought of how powerful he was and yet so gentle and loving got me going. The beauty of his huge and perfect body was unbelievable. In terms of muscle mass, symmetry, and perfection, the man was beyond any Mr. Olympia, let alone a Mr. Universe. He was beyond anyone from Earth, even though he was human.
After 5 minutes, he finished. His thick cock throbbed and dripped pre-cum as it threatened to burst from its covering. I rose to peel the posers off his ass and prick as I buried my face in his balls, licking them and his exposed club, as my meat was about to explode. I moved up between his legs to chew his taint. This made him crazy and ready to shoot. He crouched to lift me and press his tongue deep into my mouth as I sucked on it. He brought me to the bed while we continued to kiss. I climbed on top of him and reached to feel his super meaty pecs and play with his protruding, wet nipple. At the same time, I squeezed his slippery dick between my thighs as he pumped, and rubbed my cock against his hard and cut washboard abs.
We kissed for a while until I moved down to worship his penis. I kissed and licked every inch of him along the way and took a detour to bury myself into his armpits and lick them and taste his odor. My senses filled with his smell. When I got back to his musty dick, I focused on its head and licked and nibbled it as he responded in ecstasy. I then spent time with his balls and sucked each one as I could just fit each one in turn in my mouth. 

I asked him to flip over so I could explore his ass with my tongue and bury my face in his fantastic muscle while licking his hole. It drove him nuts as I dug deep into him. Eventually, he turned over and placed me on my back in the middle of the bed against the headboard, and sucked on my jewels. I stroked his big, handsome head, played with his bald spot, and amazed at his awesome shoulders and muscular back as his head bobbed. It was too much for me and I struggled not to cum. After a while, he got up and moved to sit up on the bed. He pulled me next to him with one arm, trapped me, and kissed me as he jerked himself off. I reached for some lube and did the same as his tongue pushed toward my throat. Suddenly, he gushed a streak of cum that continued to bubble from his piss hole. The sight of his Xzardan load made me shoot over our chests and into his face. I went on to pump out more cum and became exhausted. He tenderly placed my head on his chest. I rested in his arms and told him how awesome I thought he and his routine was before I fell asleep.
When we got up, he asked if I would go shower with him, which I considered odd since I’d follow him anywhere like a happy pup. We went into the nearest bathroom and he set up the jets. He wielded a semi hard-on and employed it to soap me up. I bent over and let him rub it against my head and face as he got the soap to lather and cover me using only his penis. He did it against the rest of the front and back of my body, teasing me at the butt by playfully trying to push his dick into it. 

He bent onto his knees and used his hands to finish soaping my legs and feet. I then used my hands to soap him and admired him yet again. He lifted me into his arms and he kissed me as the water fell over us and rinsed the soap away. When we emerged from the shower, a couple of hours had passed and the sun began to set. Dzaan and Stanj were naked and lounged around the pool as they had been fucking each other while Rudd and I were busy. They were so turned on by what we were up to that they fucked each other nonstop for well over an hour. Thinking of the two of them together excited me and was something I wanted to see, which I told them.
Still naked, we moved to the balcony overlooking the city and Dzaan asked if I wanted a special fruit that gets you high like pot, with a euphoric and relaxing feeling and a sense of giddiness. He was now calling me ‘pup’. Dzaan seemed to like this fruit, but the others were also eager to have some and said they often had it at sunset. A couple of different Erindans brought out the fruit with other things to eat and drink as we spread out on a group of three daybeds. Each of the beds was large enough for me and one Xzardan to lie on as they were about 5 feet wide by 8 and 1/2 feet long. They had a thin but comfortable cushion and a covering like a pillowcase. The plan was to relax, eat, hang-out, and teach me a few new things. Dzaan pulled me onto his bed and curled himself around me.
   “Thank you all for being so hospitable, you are amazing guys, and I enjoy being with you.” I meant what I said. It was strange being in this alien world and I would be freaked out but for being so turned on. Maybe they were playing with my mind, but so much of what was going on was beyond my imagining. I could not see some alien species mining my head to make me dream this ‘dream’. Everyone and everything was consistent, and there were no gaps to suggest unreality, which I searched for. The guys really were wonderful.
   “I enjoy being with each of you,” I said.
   “You honor us, I am glad you like us, I think you are amazing,” said Ruud.
   “We’re lucky you got here, and that we were selected to help you,” added Stanj.
   “We all went through a long process to get into this position to help you transition to Xzarda. There were hundreds of men who competed to have this job. Few of us will ever know an Earthman.” Dzaan said. He stroked me from my shoulder to my foot.
Ruud took the opening to start a lesson, the first of many.
   “We Xzardans are from Earth, which is why we look to it with our technology. We started as a group of 250 warriors from Thebes and Sparta that fought each other at the Battle of Leuctra in Earth’s ancient Greece 2500 years ago. The Muraan took our forebears from the battlefield, an alien species from a world system far from Earth, so that they could relearn aggression and martial skills from cultures that mastered them. They were far more advanced than us by eons and developed a pacifist nature. However, they were under threat at the time and believed the Spartan and Theban warriors suitable for their purpose. They abducted the group much as we did you. The stolen Greeks gave the Muraan what they needed, and they returned the favor by fostering a new colony among them. The 250 original men were overwhelmingly homosexual on both the Theban and Spartan sides and reproduced through Muraan technology. Over two thousand years we developed and prospered with the Muraan until we reached their level of technological understanding and numbered over 10,000 people.”
   “Some ancient traditions we continued while we evolved as a new people. Some we adapted to new circumstances. The name ‘Xzarda’ is a play on ‘Sparta’, but it means the ‘bringers of peace’ in our language. If we now number two and a quarter million from only 250 souls two and a half thousand years ago. You can imagine there have been many twists and turns in our evolution.” said Stanj.
   “When we Xzardans reached 10,000 and had the same knowledge as the Muraan,” said Ruud, “we wanted to find a home of our own. About 220 years ago, we set off in a group of ships to a new planet we identified for settlement, but we flew off course. You cannot plan for every eventuality with space travel. Once lost, our ancestors responded to a distress call from a planet in their immediate vicinity, which was this one. The distress call came from the Erindans. They were originally a Bronze Age, agrarian society that was enslaved by a culture capable of space flight. The Erindan slave ship veered off course and landed on this planet. The broken and abandoned ship sent a distress call that went unanswered for a few generations.”
Stanj interrupted again, “The planet is hostile to humanoid life. Our forebears formerly called it the Planet Deimos, a land of fear and dread. It is full of huge and terrifying beasts that are known as ‘megafauna’. They knew nothing of beasts like these in ancient Greece, or the Muraan home world. The Erindans lived cowed in caves on the island of the city-state we call Chreondzoi, where the slave craft landed. They developed a cave-dwelling gatherer existence over generations, darting in and out of hiding to forage, and experienced a high mortality rate. They eked out a squalid existence while being prey for many endemic beasts. Both you and we would also be easy prey if we left the protected zone without a military team and a lot of equipment.”
   “To shorten the story a bit,” Ruud continued, “our ancestors came and helped the Erindans, and over time we cleared a few large islands for comfortable settlement. This was in keeping with the values we absorbed from the Muraan, to respect and value all life, but especially intelligent life. The Erindans are an extremely productive people when not living in terror and so they thrived under our protection and grew to almost 50 million today. They renamed the planet Xzarda in our honor. Our cooperation has led to enormous abundance on this land. There is a great surplus produced by both groups. We trade domestic help and food for security and fresh territory to expand on, and processed resources such as metals. We have a ‘tamed’ zone for our civilization that comprises a substantial archipelago, but only makes up 3-4% of the planet’s territory.”
Dzaan added, “The Erindans want us to reproduce faster to help them expand as their population is exploding. Our growth is aligned with theirs. We have tried to encourage them to slow their birth rate by educating them to the development level of Earth’s 20th-century consumer society. We also need them to learn to take more of a role in ecological management and monitoring the boundaries. They are nervous and passive by nature, but highly social. With prosperity they became focused on the arts and intoxicants to slow themselves down. But they focus little on security where they defer to us, who they see as their protectors.”
   “Their settlements can be awfully noisy with all their festivals!” said Stanj. “But they have also changed us; where the Muraan made us wise and compassionate, the Erindans taught us to enjoy life’s pleasures.”
   “On average, there are 20-25 Erindans per Xzardan who rely on our protection to prosper. We also help supply them with raw materials such as metals for their industry. Every Xzardan relies on 3 Erindans to support us through producing our food and acting as domestic help. The Erindan state pays the ones who help us from the value of the goods we supply. They have a money economy, we do not. That is the arrangement in a nutshell.” said Ruud.
   “There seem to be more student interns helping us as more of the adults pursue intellectual work,” said Stanj. “Luckily, they consider food and cooking a high art.”
   “That sounds incredible, but why is everyone so much bigger than a regular human? And why so few women, on Earth there is a relative balance between male and female that holds true for the whole of the animal kingdom?”

Dzaan, who had his thickly muscled arm over me and held me firmly against him, said that they became focused on perfecting the human body over a thousand years ago. Genetic manipulation was now an ancient art. They increased the human body’s average size 15-18% over Earth’s 21st century standards. They also allowed for a greater level of muscle mass on the male body by suppressing myostatin, the gene that inhibits muscle growth. This led to their ability to develop beautiful physiques across the board. Most teenage Xzardans would appear like world-class athletes on Earth, and that would be before becoming adept at bodybuilding.
All this tied into the classic Spartan and Theban founding myths that they were born from Hercules. For Xzardans, Hercules became a central figure in their consciousness and was considered the original bodybuilder in both our worlds. Hence, the pursuit of male beauty through bodybuilding. This mindset, combined with starting from 250 gay male warriors who adopted the superior technology of the Muraan, led their society to develop on a largely homosexual path. As reproduction was removed from a biological imperative as in the animal kingdom, and could be accomplished outside a female, they evolved by design to produce more men. However, women were always seen as important to men and their well-rounded development, so they found an ideal ratio of 5 to 1 to promote Xzardan growth.

Xzardan society had male and female sub-societies. The female society was lesbian and had its own culture and norms that evolved over millennia. Women took part with men in government and worked alongside them in various professions, but were mostly focused on child-rearing. They also had help from male adults and Erindans, who were motivated to encourage Xzardan reproduction. Alternative lifestyles were accommodated in areas next to the women’s zone, and the community supported women who chose to reproduce biologically. 
It was a lot to take in. They were human, they seemed human, I was attracted to them as if they were human. Their stuff was very human. The villa compound and surroundings had alien, or futuristic architecture, but it served human purposes. Things seemed to make sense within the context of these new parameters. The mega-faunae thing was wild, and I still could not quite grasp that we were in a small, protected zone of a very hostile planet. I thought about dinosaurs but remembered there were also saber-tooth tigers and mammoths or giant cave bears not so long ago on Earth that were mega-faunae.
   “But why exactly am I here? It must take tremendous resources to bring Earthmen.” 
   “The Muraan taught us the technology centuries ago, we have only recently been able to bring Earthmen with the motivation to integrate with us to this location, which is far from the Muraan homeworld. It is difficult to identify ideal candidates remotely, but we are getting better at it,” said Stanj. 

   “Each city-state can only bring 1-2 of you a year, which is a recent development. We need you for new genetic material to add to our genetic strength and diversity. That is already recognized as a tremendous gift to us. We are also a homosexual culture, and you are seen exceptionally attractive as a native from our ancestral homeland. Since you are likely attracted to our elite champions judging by your reaction to us, you offer the possibility of an ideal experience. That is to bond with another man from Earth, who is pure of all the genetic manipulation that has altered us over 2 and ½ thousand years. In a prosperous society, there need to be goals and incentives to strive ever harder. If we could bring 100 of you a year, it would still not be enough. Just 1 or 2, however, at least offers a possibility.”
   “You might be the best one yet.” Dzaan was very affectionate and hugged me to him. “Some Earth men we brought earlier were not suited to our life, and they were absorbed into the alternative areas where heterosexuality thrives. There are also outlying islands for different lifestyles, and options will increase as Xzarda grows. Anyone we bring is treated well and with gratitude for the service of allowing us access to their genes. We know we have caused trauma to some, and act to gain their forgiveness.”

This all sounded strange, and yet erotic and exciting as well, and showed that I had a great deal of power in this world. I was being treated like a celebrity, given anything I wanted, lived in luxury, and was catered to by some of the hottest men in this world with Stanj, Dzaan, and Rudd. I would be able to choose a lover among over 250 men who were even hotter than my guys, if that was possible. My elite musclegod lover would be devoted to me and would strive to make me happy, or I could choose another. Some gay Earthmen had to be trained to appreciate very large musclemen, but I was among a group that was sexually compatible with them, which made Stanj, Dzaan, and Ruud’s job a pleasure. 

The guys repeated how much they liked me and were sorry they could not compete for me. As I sat and listened, all I wanted to do was spend my days sucking the cum out of each of them. I could barely get my head around the concept of an elite musclegod who would be a couple of notches above them in symmetry, muscle mass, and sex appeal. They let me know I would get a peek at the elite zone in a few weeks and then attend one of their premiere annual events.
My head was swimming. I told them I was always gay and had a fetish for musclemen since I was a kid. In my world, there were competitive bodybuilders and bodybuilding was an activity some people took part in, especially gay men, but not like here. The biggest bodybuilders and the ones who competed tended to be heterosexual, as was the base of the society. And then they worked toward an unsustainable ideal. 

The human body could not achieve the potential for muscle mass and symmetry the way a Xzardan body did. Men who were seriously into bodybuilding comprised only one one-thousandth of the male population, if that. I found competitive human bodybuilders attractive, and the developed muscle of a man very erotic. This was a minority taste on Earth, but I was fully compatible with Xzarda. I made for an ideal ‘pup’ in their terms and was delighted to be one.
As I lay with Dzaan, I studied Stanj and thought about how handsome and symmetrical his face was. His eyes were wildly unique as well, being so bright and royal blue. Earth did not have many men close to being that handsome. Looking at him, it amazed me that someone so appealing could have a body like a stunning, hairy hulk. He looked as if he could push tall, wide trees over with his bare hands, or would do that for fun just to show off. He exuded strength, even his flaccid penis proclaimed his power. 

I could see that he and men like him would intimidate anything they came across as Xzardan warriors, ready and able to tame a hostile world. I wanted them to take the whole planet over and dominate it. The raw strength these men exuded was intoxicating. I felt content in warrior Dzaan’s magnificent arms, wrapped in his power and caressed by his soft skin. His semi-hard dick pressed against my back. He felt fantastic to lean against and caress while being cuddled in his massive guns. I was looking forward to sleeping between him and Stanj that night, safe between one hairy and one hairless musclegod. Thoughts of home easily passed as I enjoyed my new friends.
We spent the rest of the evening lounging on the patio, being brought food by Erindans, and eating more of that delicious, relaxing fruit. Dzaan wanted to keep me snuggled on the lounge with him and I watched Stanj and Rudd intently as they moved their glorious naked bodies around the balcony. I admired them as they pointed out and described parts of the city from our high vantage point. 



Stanj motioned that over and behind the villa, past the forest nestled in nearby hills, was the leading Erindan metropolis of the Anaxandri state, called Eyra. There were over 3 million living there and those that helped in the Xzardan city commuted daily by road and ferry. Within Eyra there was a growing consumer economy that produced goods such as clothes and furniture for both Erindans and Xzardans. Smaller Erindan cities were devoted to fishing, agriculture, and administration. These were scattered on the plains of the main Anaxandri Island, or on different harbors and lagoons. It appeared like the Erindans and Xzardans lived harmoniously rather than in subjugation, as the Erindans had a lot more going on besides helping Xzardans. Beyond the Erindan cities were other islands of the Anaxandri sub-archipelago and then the southern sea frontier.
Rudd moved his astoundingly built body around the railing of the balcony to describe the city-state from our vantage point. As we could view the city like the rim of a partial circle, he pointed out clockwise from Eyra, which was at the position of 7-8 O’clock. The military and youth zone was at 9-10 O’clock. From 10 to 11 O’clock there was a small buffer forest, then a small village between the road to the Erindan city and the women’s zone bordering the sea to the northwest. It was a village of about 6,000 that was for the small minority of Xzardan men and women who were heterosexual. They worked with the women’s society, and their men would also take part in the economy and various sports.
The Women’s zone was partially visible from the villa’s railing. This was where they raised Xzardan children under 10. From the Women’s zone, a small mountain range emerged, which was where the villa was situated. Next to the Women’s zone and the zone we were located was the professional and scientific zone at 12:30. At 1-2 O’clock was the Central zone and city seafront which we could see below us. Next to us and moving down the mountains beside the Central zone was the Dionysian zone, devoted to entertainment and design. Beside it was a sliver of beachfront and a triangular district that was the young men’s city for 20- to 27-year-olds. That cohort moved from the care of the military as adolescents to explore independent life and choose a profession. They were neighbors to the guardians of the sea, the Poseidon zone which reached from 2:30 O’clock. Bordering the Poseidon zone to the east was another mountain range, or low-lying sierra, that was the end of our view from the villa.
That sierra marked the start of a satellite township with a massive beachfront. It was hidden from everything and very exclusive, offering a view that was said to be the most spectacular of the city-state. The mountains of this area housed villas and apartment complexes for the men which descended to the beaches and recreation facilities. These included a few monster gyms, pools, sports fields and training areas. There were also dining areas for communal meals, clubs for parties, bars or gathering nooks and booths to meet. They placed magnificent public buildings and temples for optimum impact. Anything you could want or dream of was available. If they did not have it and you could think it up, they would try to make it.
A thick spit of land that stretched into the sea defined the zone. It formed the core of a massive recreation area devoted to 5,000 Xzardan bodybuilder gods from whom the elite emerged. These men came from the top of the military and other professions and had become accomplished competitive bodybuilders, an activity practiced to varying extents by most Xzardan men. Once invited to live in this district they devoted their time to muscular perfection to an almost religious degree.

The guys here were spectacular. Stanj and Rudd were typical and lived in this zone, they moved to the villa temporarily to take care of me. While the Hercs, the men of this zone, were free to go anywhere at will, others needed permission to enter their area. Dzaan was from the Poseidon zone, but he was on a competitive bodybuilding path and looked like a well-morphed classic bodybuilder. He was also an expert swimmer.
Beyond this zone was a small buffer forest and then the Hermes zone, geared to those Xzardans who protected the skies. Beyond that section was a spectacular and exclusive neighborhood. This was the Governor’s zone, which was actually the zone for Xzardans over 80 who were either retired or devoted to spiritual activities. This area was at the start of several outlying islands, many of which were used for private villas and retreats. Xzardan men continued to grow and their musculature matured well into their 70s, then plateaued and declined to a 110-130-year lifespan. This was a slower rate of aging than Earthlings experience, another result of their mastery of genetics. The administrative governors who ruled the society and the entire planet came from this group. Deeper inland at 5 and 6 O’clock to our villa, before the mountains that cut the bodybuilder zone off, were further military areas and buffer forests. These gave way to Erindan farms that spread out from Eyra.
Rudd brought his hulking body over to kneel by the daybed and kiss me while Dzaan held me tight between his hard body and golden bicep. Stanj was leaning against the balcony facing us as his muscles twitched and flexed. The guys were in a constant state of growth, of breaking down and building up each fiber of their physiques. If you liked muscle it was fascinating to watch. Stanj had his hand on his crotch and was thinking about bedtime and sleeping next to me. 

I kept forgetting that as attracted as I was to them the feeling was very mutual and I was in fact the rare one in the group. I asked Stanj and Ruud to flex against the flickering light of the skyline because I thoroughly enjoyed watching them. They liked that I found it attractive and thought they were super-hot. It did wonders for their egos and made them want to please me even more.  

Stanj asked a while later if we could go to bed, not to sleep but just to pet me for a while. I smiled and said sure. I got up from the daybed and let him take me to our bedroom, and the others weren’t too far behind. The three buff musclegods came onto the massive bed to lie with me and chill. I told them again how fantastic they were, and we spent a while expressing our mutual admiration as we touched and kissed. I watched them touch and kiss each other as well but was blissfully lost in the middle of the action. They were also forming a relationship with me as the catalyst.    

They let me know they looked forward to their work with me. That we would get to know each other very well and become close friends. But, they repeated, none could become my lover as they were not yet elite bodybuilders, and their roles were to be my guides to transition to their world. When the time came, I would have my choice of the most beautiful and accomplished Xzardan men. However, they would always be my first Xzardan friends and the ones I could go to for any reason in the future. We would always be connected. I could also invite them over with any new partner, they had a very social culture, and we would not have to end contact. Any partner would also accept that I may have sex with other men, or even in a group with him. Although, I would probably want to form a bond with him for a period before sharing with others. Or I may feel comfortable being solely monogamous. Their open attitude toward sex was a function of their value of sharing in an all-male society. And yet they also promoted and nurtured relationships. It seemed contradictory, yet a weird sense of freedom welled in me as they spoke. Whatever I might decide to do, they assured me they would understand and be there to support me. Which, of course, started to make me fall in love with them.      

End of Chapter 2.

Chapter 3:


Following is Chapter 3 of Tales of Xzarda. It is about a 30 minute read. If you are offended by lots of gay sex this probably will not be to your liking.  If not, grab a 'sundowner', relax and have fun. Let me know what you think.

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Chapters 1 and 2 are already posted on this forum and are also at the link above.

Presenting... Chapter 3 of 25 (I will post chapter 4 next week. Then chapters 5 and 6 to the end of Part One)

Chapter Three: Through Week One      

Day 3

I woke up in Dzaan’s smooth and muscular arm. He kept me snuggled next to him and hogged me from Stanj. Or he’d cup my butt in his hand when Stanj pulled me toward him. Ruud stretched and flexed his beefy frame on the satellite bed. Dzaan loved to touch my behind, more than the others. He had me attached to him for a good 14 hours since sundowners the day before. I loved being pressed against his hairless, bulging body and wrapped in his arm. I pawed him all night. Occasionally I would bury my face in his incredible, muscled ass and lick his taint.    

As we awoke, Stanj and Ruud went to the bathroom and I climbed on Dzaan. I squished myself against his three-dimensional abs and deeply carved chest and kissed him everywhere my lips reached. With his massive hands, he grabbed me by the sides of my ribs and lifted me above him as if I was a toy. Then positioned me so my dick was on top of his face and laughed at how light I was for him. He brought me toward him and licked my cock, easily receiving my full 7 inches and both my balls into his warm and wet mouth. After a few minutes of making me crazy while he sucked, he moved me so our lips could meet and kissed me hard.    

   “Fuck, Dzaan.”    

   “Yes, Pup…” He continued to kiss and squeeze me against him.    

   “I’d like to see your posing routine later.”    

He grinned and kissed me again strongly as a reply. Then turned me over on my back so he could look at me while he stroked his monster prick. He caressed me with his heavy sausage, and I flexed my arms and body as he rubbed his cock over my skin. Soon after, he knelt on top of me and poked my hard dick with his as he stared into my eyes. My heart jumped, I was kind of infatuated with him, and it looked as if the feeling was mutual.  

The next thing I knew, Ruud came into the room with a tray of food and drinks. Stanj was behind him. Both were naked, and both were magnificent, and god-like. The plan was to stay at the villa all day, train, relax, eat, and teach me some more. Dzaan was going to show me his routine later in the afternoon. We would have sex alone until sunset, but I would sleep between Stanj and Ruud that night. I was in a constant state of awe by their beautifully muscled hulking bodies and good looks. Even as I was falling for Dzaan, I was falling for Ruud and Stanj as well, and it was only our third day together. The Xzardan strategy to make me forget my world and adapt to theirs was ingenious.  

We made our way down to the pool and gym. The day was sunny and warm again. I wore a short gray toga Shen brought the day before. It was nice, thin with a silver belt, and cut low at the thigh. The swim briefs I wore had a nice mock laced-up design in front. The clothes were light and comfortable. All the pants and trunks and posers I had seen so far emphasized the crotch area with designs geared to enhance a man’s package. Apart from that, I was shirtless, it was hot enough not to want to wear a shirt. Or any clothes, frankly. I also noticed my body fat diminished a tad and my 6-pack abs were becoming clearer. I then realized I no longer had any need for glasses, my eyesight had become perfect.  

Ruud came up beside me and looked incredibly powerful and sexy wearing a pair of exquisite gold and black briefs with an imperial design based on a coat of arms that incorporated mythical creatures like griffons and phoenixes, or maybe they were representations of local mega faunae. The briefs were like Speedos but tailor-made, thin, stretchy, and cut to accentuate his butt and basket. They reached deep into his butt crack and outlined the lines of his junk. The material was also stretchy enough to handle a 10–11-inch boner growing from a soft 7-9 inches and was made to enhance both a hard and flaccid state of his prick. The gold caught the light the way his head and body hair did. The black contrasted well with his dark gold tan. From his narrow waist his shredded, erotically shaped legs flared out to dominate the ground.    

Ruud turned to face me, and he took my breath away like the first time I laid my eyes on him. His cobbled, 10-pack abs led up to an even bigger set of muscular pecs that were like flat, square watermelons. Those led to round, multi-muscled and striated cannon ball shoulders that flickered with every movement. His superb physique revealed additional dimensions to the muscles of his neck, traps, and shoulders as they led to his remarkably large and powerful upper arms. And then he turned. From behind, his thick back and wondrous butt were as magnificent as ever. His trunks looked like something I wanted to steal and wrap around my head and mouth while I yanked myself dry. I smiled at the prospect of sleeping with him later that night.  

Stanj, the stunning mega muscletank, wore steel-blue with a clean, modern design in deep brown. His pubic hair fell over the top of his briefs, which exposed the first inch of the shaft of his cock. He seemed stuffed into the tight and stretchy material, and he bulged all over. The outcrop of his crotch was in harmony with the mountains of his heavily muscled chest, arms, shoulders, and glutes. The steel blue worked with the royal blue of his eyes. With his dark, hairy chest against his reddish-brown tanned skin and thick solid frame sculpted with so much unworldly muscle, he looked incredibly strong. To Stanj’s look of pure power, Ruud’s look was magnificent and elegant. Dzaan, however, responded with an achingly erotic and superbly sculpted ultra-heavyweight Mr. Universe physique.  

Dzaan wore banana yellow trunks with a stylized pattern of leaves embroidered in metallic green silk. It contrasted beautifully with his shiny gold skin. The fabric Dzaan wore was rich, and the trunks clung to his body like a glove. They covered and revealed the outline of his cock and the intricate design moved with, and complemented, every state of his penis from soft to hard. I loved to watch him walk both toward and away from me. His ass was a wonder of hyper-muscled perfection. Each massive cheek bounced and squeezed up and together tantalizingly as he walked.  His abs were chunky and crystal clear under his pecs. His torso was a superbly sculpted masterpiece that exploded from his humongous shoulders. The smooth shininess of his paper-thin skin made this beautiful muscleman an incredible sight to behold. He carried himself with the quiet confidence of a god. I felt like praying to him as I watched him work his enormous arms in the gym.

After I finished my routine, I sat in rapt fascination for an hour as I watched the three musclegods train with heroically heavy weights. Their sweat made them glisten in the light, which also highlighted their beautiful trunks. I was hard yet again as I admired every movement they made.  After Dzaan finished his workout, he came to see if I was ready to go off with him. Imagine… if I was ready. We had already cum 15 times in my mind as I watched them work out. All pumped he looked spectacular. I muttered an incoherent ‘sure’ and he peeled off his trunks as I did my shorts. Once stripped, he threw me into the pool and dove in behind me so we could rinse off. Then he grabbed and kissed me before carrying me back onto the patio and drying me off.

We hurried naked to the posing room. As I got comfortable on the bed, he brought over a few pouches to select from. I picked one in a gold sparkling material that felt soft and erotic and stared as he struggled to get his huge semi-hard dick and fat, full balls into it. I laughed as he toiled.    

   “You sure you wore those before? Do they still fit?”  

He looked at me and grinned as he got it all together and made sure he looked great and was comfortable. His cock looked amazing pressed against the light material that acted like a glove. He didn’t really need to wear anything. I reached over to lick the pouch and pinch the skin on his abs to see that it was paper-thin over each hard, bulging cobbled ab. He insisted I rub him down with oil to make his skin gleam more. He knew what made him look awesome.  As he walked onto the dais, it shook under his thundering thighs. The sound and vibration of his concentrated weight on the floor added to my arousal. I hopped off the bed and followed. He was a spectacular giant, and I oiled him as an act of worship. I wanted to express how much I admired him without saying a word as his presence left me speechless. Starting with his wide, veiny feet, I proceeded to suck each of his toes.  He moaned in his deep, manly voice.    

   “Oh that’s wonderful! Puppy… mmm ahhh.”  

I caressed his calves as he tensed them into hard geometric shapes. I rubbed each individual muscle. He was smooth with no hair or even stubble. I could feel every aspect of his legs as I massaged the oil into him. His dick had now grown to its fullest and stretched his pouch to its limits. He hit me several times with his bound club and snickered as I made my way up his thighs. I spent quite a while at his ass. First tracing the string of his posers deep in his crack, and then ever so slowly to work the oil into his hard butt cheeks. From behind, I moved over the short plain of his lower back to the wide sweep of the set of his lats that emerged like huge, fleshy wings a foot from each of his sides. And folded again into a canyon that ran along the center of his back up to the top of his spine.  I brought over a stool to gain some height and give him a minor massage while oiling his body.

From his thick, protruding traps I rubbed the oil deep into the skin of his shoulders. Each were at least a foot in diameter. They added to his back to create a wall of beef over 3 feet wide, wider still than the trio’s top competitor, Ruud. His upper width must have aided somehow in his swimming career.  As Dzaan settled on the dais under the glow of the lights, his back muscles twitched and moved under his tight, thin skin. From his right shoulder, I worked along its back and outer heads to its front and faced him to look into his incredible, alien, golden eyes. His lips pouted as he coaxed me to kiss him while I held onto his basketball-sized shoulders for balance. I moved my hands up over his head and felt around his almost pointed ears. As we continued to kiss, I felt and marveled at his huge, thick, smooth pecs, like pillows filled with some amazing gel-like material. The feel of his flesh was seductive in its hardness and squishiness that he alternated by flexing. Those beautiful, perfect pecs seemed like some fantastic armor that was punctuated by protruding nipples. They inspired me to step off the stool and suck. My mouth reached them as they were level to me when I stood on the dais in front of him.    

   “Oh Graaaayshhhnn.”    

He moaned as I licked and sucked on him.      

   “Mmm …Come, finish oiling me and let me pose for you before we get crazy.”  

I massaged the oil into his pecs and chunky, hard abs as he flexed under my hands, playing games of catch-up. When I finished, he bent onto his knees and reached for my dick to place it in his warm mouth and sucked. This lasted for a few minutes as I marveled at his traps and sculpted back. With a firm suck, he pulled off me to start the music and begin his routine.  

The music he chose was unique to me, but pleasant and dramatic. At first, he stood relaxed, his body gleaming with cords of thick veins running over his shoulders and arms, through his pecs and abs, and all along his legs. Like a monstrous and fantastic penis. As he flexed his arms, I felt like exploding at how handsome he was. He continued through his routine that displayed his awesome, god-like beauty. His side triceps and kneeling poses were particularly breathtaking. There is nothing more beautiful than the male body and Dzaan was gorgeous. His routine was super erotic as sex permeated his being. He felt no inhibition against touching himself.  

I could no longer stand just sitting there and watching. I came over to him as he finished and tried to pull his pouch off with my teeth. I tried to get the pouch over his hard dick and the string from around his muscled round ass. He smiled and laughed heartily as I struggled. I licked every place the string and the fabric escaped my mouth. All the while my mind was full of Dzaan. His smell was blissful. I could think of nothing apart from how I worshipped this man and wanted to be full of him, fused to him, and filled with his cum.  His exposed dick was magical, and I took its head into my mouth and began to suck, lick and kiss it as if there was nothing else in the entire universe. Just me and this fantastic, near 13-inch prize. I licked up and down his shaft and then met his balls while I enjoyed his salty taste. I kept thinking of how I could take it up my ass. If it was still too big for me to enjoy without too much pain. And if he would soon train me to take all of it.  

I must have spent at least half an hour worshipping his dick, balls, and taint as he moaned in ecstasy and murmured, “good puppy” in his deep, accented voice. Geez, was I into Dzaan! I had never been so into anyone, ever. Ruud came close and was a constant source of awe as well. Stanj was third, even though the sight of him always made my heart jump. His face was spectacularly handsome. The difference with Dzaan was the sexiness that oozed through every pore of his hairless skin and his naughty irreverence and humor.  Next thing I knew, Dzaan lifted me from his jewels and laid me flat on my back on the bed. He crawled next to me and kissed and licked my face, then hovered over my smaller pecs and lingered on my nipples.    

   “Fuck!” I said as I was so close to cumming.    

I found it hard to believe he could be attracted to me. As he licked from my pecs down to my dick, over my balls, and along my legs, he also used his huge pecs to stroke me. He came up again to taste and suck on my stuff. It was hard to keep from cumming, but I wanted to continue and forced myself not to. I moved my hand to my prick to squeeze it into obedience and as I did that, he moved up to kiss me some more.

He put some oil on his fingers and played around my butt as he moved his tongue around my mouth. Soon his smallest digit poked inside my hole as he continued to massage around it. He popped it in and out repeatedly and moved slowly and expertly. He progressively used ever-larger fingers as we locked our lips. He removed his hand and brought his imposing arm over to hug me. We continued to kiss as he pulled on his great big, delicious prick. I did the same while he squeezed me in his arm and propped me up with his bicep.

As he was about to cum, he got up and knelt on top of me like a giant statue. Staring into my eyes, he stroked himself violently. I then sped up and shot onto his abs and chest as I yanked out my load. At that he shook and groaned loudly and then sprayed and pumped at least a cup of cum over me.  We slowly squeezed every drop from our balls.

I got up and motioned to him to lie flat so I could climb on him and squish our cum together and into each other. So I could feel his hard muscle against mine. We ground and squished the mess against our bare skin, untrammeled by stubble. I worshipped his outstanding body with mine. When we stopped grinding, I lay on top of him, still mildly pumping on his abs, and soon fell asleep. I enjoyed being with him, and even sleeping on him was an incredible pleasure.

We awoke pressed and stuck together, but the Erindans had brought warm, wet towels. They also left drinks and cake made from the euphoric fruit on a table by our bed. Exhausted, but happy, we cleaned, had snacks, and continued to wrap ourselves around each other.  As I lay in his arms, he reached to caress my ass and said,  

   “Pup, I can’t wait to fuck you”.    

   “Yeah, I’m really into the idea of you doing it to me, but I am more of a top where I come from and never really liked to be fucked. And yet, you Xzardans, you make me want you to dominate me just by the look of your pure power.”    

   “Most of us would love your reaction. As for submitting to my sensitive rod, I can tell you’ll like it a lot, I’ll do it so you can’t help but like it.… And don’t forget we love to fuck, and we went to great effort to bring you over…” He snickered.      

   “We plan to wait awhile and ease you into being able to accept and enjoy our much larger bodies. I can see you are tight, which for me is incredibly erotic. I could explode thinking of my dick up your ass. But we, meaning Ruud, Stanj, and me, want to loosen you up with some toys over the next couple of weeks. I know you‘ll really enjoy being fucked by me and I constantly think about how I want to be inside you, which is why I keep caressing your cute little behind every chance I get. I often jerk off thinking about just that. I even did that at the lab while you slept. I’ve committed your tight little ass to memory.” He winked and snickered.  

I laughed. He was cute, direct, and sexy as hell. My dick couldn’t help but perk up again as he talked.      

   “One reason they selected me for this job was that I am also known as an excellent fuck in the Herc zone. I love doing it and I approach it like an art. Many of the elite men ask me to come over to screw them, even as some protest they don’t like to be fucked and put in a submissive position.” He chuckled.    

Then he looked straight into my eyes with his golden irises and said,      

   “I promise you, Puppy, I will please you and you will love it.”  

I told him I would not only like that, but I would love to see him in action. He asked if I would like to watch him fuck Stanj or Ruud. I said yes, both. He smiled and laughed and said he would do anything I asked.  Dzaan said there was a separate room they would use to train and prepare my butthole. The elite men were twice my size or bigger, extremely strong, and generally had large meat. They will all want to top me, but they like to play in a lot of ways and will try to get me to like them. I should also know they come from a warrior culture and may have moods where they like to play aggressively. This could be a great deal of fun and would always be in the context of pleasure. He said I should take Ruud as an example. He was affectionate and safe while being immensely powerful. Being playfully rough could be a lot of fun, but I needed to feel confident I was solid enough. The elite men I chose would take my lead, but controlled aggression and roughness with someone my size, combined with penetration, was an unbelievable sexual fantasy for them.  

The first step was to learn to handle their larger bodies. There were human men with 12-13-inch dicks, but that was very rare. The Xzardan range was 8-14 inches, with some even larger and impossibly thick. I could physically handle about 80% of them but needed to learn how to enjoy it. Up to then, I had known only a rare few who could screw me in a way that I liked it. Dzaan measured 12 and 3/4  inches long and as thick as the inner core of a roll of paper towels, with a beautiful shape. However, it seemed like it would take a bit of effort to get from point A to point B in terms of becoming a successful bottom.    

   “I am eager to teach you, and I want to protect you. I am also sad you will leave us as soon as we make you ready, and I am becoming very fond of you.… I would love to put you in my pocket and keep you as my lover. That can’t happen, but we can take our time getting you ready.” He whispered.  

I thought of how my life changed in just a few short days. How quickly I developed emotional bonds, and how Dzaan was so fucking amazing. And yet my mind pulled me toward home, whatever that was. I had gone missing from my web of connections. I was still interconnected on Earth despite being on my own in a small city. I felt guilty for a moment. Just then, Dzaan bent over to kiss me. I loved spending time in his mouth against his boyish soft skin and being the sex object of a fantastically muscled, exotic, and erotic superman. I shifted my focus back to what was in front of me.  



Dinner was on the patio by the pool. The four of us had our treat as the sun set spectacularly over the city and sea beyond. The moon was much closer to the planet than on Earth and dominated the horizon. The colors of the sunset shifted from shades of purple to red to a golden amber and then darkness illuminated by clouds of stars. The Erindans prepared savory pastries with a fruity wine-like drink that left a pleasant buzz. Partaking of a snack at sundown to get high, whether by drinking, eating, or inhaling, was a standard part of the day. They also referred to it as ‘having sundowners’, or just ‘sundowners’. It was an Erindan contribution to the culture that had a parallel on Earth but was previously unknown to the Xzardans. That evening, ‘sundowners’ merged into a tapas-style dinner with various plates of different sweet and savory dishes brought out by Erindan staff.  

The ‘sundowner’ fruit available this day was called ‘nreesj’. It was tear shaped with a deep purple peel, the size of a golf ball or large fig. It opened to three fleshy sections that surrounded two green seeds. The flesh took on the color of the seeds and the skin, and I could hardly discern a smell except perhaps mild plastic. When popped in your mouth, the fruit tingled on your tongue like a fizzy drink, then collapsed into a citrusy-tart, and syrupy sweet jelly that was surprising but pleasant. As soon as I felt the tingling, a wave of euphoria engulfed me, then lingered as the fruit rested in my belly. The guys munched on it freely.  There was always a lot to eat. My Xzardan bodybuilder buds were in a constant state of growth and regularly needed fuel. But evening dinner was still an occasion. Many plates were available with sweet and savory foods. Some were sublimely delicious; others were odd and pungent. There was an art to balancing the various flavors as one ate, an art I had no clue about. This was a source of ongoing amusement to the others.  

Stanj talked about the Xzardan way of life as another lesson commenced. He worked it into dinner conversation well. Xzardan children began in the women’s zone where they were raised until the age of 10. At 10 years old, they raised the boys into adulthood in the military zone. The girls remained in the women’s zone to be raised in their ways. The military zone had several roles. It managed and coordinated land, sea, and air defense; it controlled land defense and expansion; and a large part of it was geared to raising boys. It had a significant educational component. I pictured a boy’s boarding school, but his description made it seem like there were far more resources and options available to the youths than I could imagine. There was a serious commitment by the entire society to increase their numbers and raise new generations.  

As the boys aged, they were educated and trained to assist in the effort to expand Xzardan territory. The planet was hostile to intelligent life. As some mega-faunae preyed indiscriminately on humanoid species, they had to be removed from areas designated for expansion. Even though only 4% of the planet was settled, they planned to 'tame’ 30% of it over the next century.  

They continuously created buffer areas as they expanded, so they controlled over twice as much raw territory as was settled. Monitoring outposts were arranged across the planet's surface. Some areas outside ‘tame’ sectors were used for mining and needed to be maintained actively. Land defense was responsible for these activities, with some input from air and sea. Their adversary was the untamed planet. A planet of terror… and peace. They were also required to operate per Xzardan values, which emphasized respect for life.    

   “I loved my time in the military,” Ruud said. “We are a big family, and my memories are fond ones.”

   “Did you have to kill many beasts, was it dangerous?” I asked.    

   “Only boys 18 and over would go on expeditions, and then only as junior observers. It is the professional land defense that handles those functions. When I was there, I had to kill, unfortunately. The expeditions are dangerous and there are casualties. Some creatures out there are terrifying and cunning. They are driven by their survival instinct, and we appear, smell, and taste like food to many of them. Even with all the precautions that can be conceived, it is always risky. There are many men who stay in the military for most of their lives. And many guys do not want to leave. Exploration and expansion is an appealing life despite the danger and misgivings.” said Ruud.    

   “For large endeavors, or projects, we create massive fortress-like structures. Some men become fantastic hunters and can take down monstrous beasts single handedly. Teams of 3-5 soldiers are needed to stop individuals from some species. But we do our best to evade direct confrontation. We also try to avoid mass slaughter, which requires a large warrior force to implement creative measures. In a sense, we’re warrior/scientists.” Stanj said.  

This seemed vague and he did not want to go into detail. When they said mega-fauna, I only thought of elephants and hippopotamuses, or maybe a dinosaur. I couldn’t wrap my head around the concept fully. Anyone can tell you about a pterodactyl, but you have to see one to appreciate its implications. There were millions upon millions of unfriendly creatures like that.

   “Were any of you hunters?” I asked.    

They didn’t seem to follow where I was going with this. Which was to project a definition of being ‘macho’ on them. They weren’t biting.   

  “I definitely encountered and had to slay a few creatures. I know Stanj has as well since we’ve been on expeditions together. It is not a thing I like to think about, it does something to you. I didn’t like it and I wouldn’t seek it out. These beasts can be shrewd and can come out of nowhere. In fact, they watch to ensure they catch you off guard. It’s a battle to keep your wits about you, let alone protect yourself. They operate without morality; they do what they do. But we are the ones who came to them. We put them in conflict with us. ” Ruud said.    

   “I Had some run-ins while in the military, and with sea predators in Poseidon. Most guys do. I wouldn’t say I am a ‘hunter’, however. Some guys are specialists and they come in very handy in some circumstances. Nevertheless, we must all learn how to defend ourselves from an early age. There are challenges in this world, pup. But we’re prepared. There is no danger for us here, the archipelago containing the city-states is safe.” Dzaan said.    

   “I picked up a love of bodybuilding in the military. It’s a major pastime and encouraged from a young age.… The guys with the biggest muscles are always the most popular.” Ruud said and chuckled.  

He flexed his arm to show and laughed. It was reassuring to know muscle obsessed them as it did me.  

That evening I got into bed first so Stanj and Ruud could surround me. Each of my shoulders pushed against each of their pecs. They pressed their swollen cocks against the sides of my body as they became comfortable. Each one licked my ears and kissed my head while they lightly pumped my sides. Ruud held Stanj over me in his massive arm and trapped me between them. I faced each in turn as they alternated sticking their tongues into my mouth and sucking on my lips and nose. Stanj used his free hand to massage my jewels with his wide palm and fingers. It felt amazing to be between their strong, soft, and hairy muscles. I could hear the lube slosh on Dzaan’s dick above us. We ground and pumped to the wet sounds of sloshing lube. After a few blissful minutes, we all climaxed. Ruud wiped us clean and Dzaan went back to his bed.  


Days 4–7: End of 1st week  

My ass had a lot of action toward the end of the week. As I would play with one guy, another would insert progressively larger toys. I wasn’t used to getting pleasure from my anus, but these men were experts at it. And it was incredible to watch and spend time with them. They were from an ancient homosexual culture that attached no shame to that very complex body part. They understood how to maximize the art of taking enjoyment from it and devoted themselves to teaching me. We played with various dildoes with distinctive qualities over the days and evenings. Some were inflatable, some were textured, and some were smooth.  

The rest of my first week followed the same pattern. We stayed in the villa, had sex, and worked out. In between, they taught me more about their world and language. They kept me occupied with fantastic musclesex and fascinated with their stories. My thoughts about home became gentler and less imperative. The hosts were amazing, and I felt our bonds deepen with each passing day  

The following week we continued with the toys, and I started to fuck with Stanj, with his relatively smaller, but thick, 9-inch weapon. It was massive from my perspective and well above the Earth norm. The way they approached my training was a great deal of fun, and full of pleasure. They also showed me all the ways they give each other enjoyment as I watched some of the most incredible live Xzardan muscle porn that had previously been unimaginable to me. It was paradise. They told me I would have a full understanding of Xzardan sexual culture by the time they were done.  

One of the more intriguing sexual practices regarded cum. Xzardan men did not eat cum during sex, or accept it inside them, unless it was from a lover as it was part of an intimate bonding rite. They also found that their cum had an even greater effect on Earth guys. It was like a superfood, or even a steroid, especially from the most advanced elite bodybuilders. This may have had to do with their genetic makeup and enhanced nutrition. An Earth guy could live on it alone for weeks. Consuming it strengthened the bond of Earth-Xzardan couples. It also helped the Earth dude become more buff and solid. For that reason, my hosts wouldn’t cum inside me or let me eat theirs. It would be something I shared with a partner I chose.  

This invariably led to the key question. What exactly was going on? It was a blast, but I needed to know more. Information seemed to trickle slowly, and yet there was a lot to take in. They said we would go on a tour of the city-state of Anaxandri, beginning with an overview of the settlements that comprised its vast area. The tour of the island would give me a better understanding of their world. We planned to go in a few days. Meanwhile, we continued with our regimen of sex, working out, relaxing, and learning.  

The Erindans kept us fed and maintained the villa while we played. My phenomenally hunky new friends had me endlessly entertained and time flew by. I even noticed continuous improvements to my body. My muscles were more defined, and I had less body fat. I also felt my love handles were melting, and my six-pack was getting clearer. I focused more on developing my glutes, I saw how attracted the Xzardans were to my ass, and I wanted to please them. My hosts were a constant inspiration in many ways.  

Besides being wildly attractive and superbly muscled, all three of the guys showed an earnestness that was reassuring and charming. They did not betray ulterior motives. Their behavior was consistent with their words. It was disconcerting to notice they had no guile but were incredibly intelligent and accomplished. I surmised this was a consequence of their culture and the make-up of their society. It seemed inconsistent that negative intentions would motivate a society that produced men like these. I became increasingly comfortable as each day passed and I started to love them. Still, I wondered, where was the fly in the ointment? I actively searched for it.  

I supposed it would be a negative experience if I were an unwilling straight man. But even then, they mentioned Xzardan society accommodates diverse lifestyles. Being torn from your home and life with nothing to attract you could be traumatic for anyone. Not to mention being surrounded by physically superior, larger homosexual men who wanted you and could break you like a twig if you didn’t comply to their demands. And/or brutalize and rape you at will. They were sexually attracted to Earthmen, regardless of orientation. Being abducted in that circumstance, and for genetic material, would seem like a hostile act. No matter how well they treated you, you would always be on edge. That would be a major fly in a lousy ointment.    

But for me, I found paradise.


Want to read more? There's a lot more to come. Another 22 chapters and a whole lot of characters and action. It's a really fun read.

Click the link, its both easy and easily accessible.

Tales of Xzarda: An erotic science fiction fantasy dedicated to the Cult of Hercules - Kindle edition


Chapter 4



Tales of Xzarda by Zooty McBooty

Part One: Fuckpuppy to the Musclegods





We had a few false starts on our outing. It was a lot of fun to hang out with the guys at the villa. So much so, it was easy to put off our trip. Stanj and I were having a mini affair as I became accustomed to his cock. I would still be affectionate with Dzaan and Ruud, but the focus of the week was training to enjoy an ever-larger tool, beginning with Stanj. Besides my lingering anxiety about being MIA (missing-in-action) from Earth, I also had to deal with becoming a bottom. I would always be the smaller partner here, and the desire to top me was off the charts. I wanted to be topped by these guys too. Their size and power were exciting, and the thought of sex with men more magnificently built than even Ruud had me eager with anticipation.    

I was learning to appreciate being penetrated, and there was an art to it when done well. I had been there almost 10 days, maybe a few days longer, but I was unconscious at first. There was a lot that I learned since I arrived, but still much to adjust to. Not least a sore rump, as Stanj was eager to train me. I relished being squished against his soft hair and bulging, bulbous muscle while he gradually got my ass used to his fat 9-inch prick. His stunning face was irresistible, and he loved to kiss like the others.  

Toward the end of the week we accomplished our day trip. It was my first outing since arriving at the villa, or on the planet, actually. The plan was to use the shuttle to tour the main island from above and fly over the outlying islands to get an overview of the city-state’s territory. The shuttle reminded me of a giant cock; it had seating for 4 or 6, depending on the configuration, in a tubular design that pierced the air in front of it with a cone-shaped hood. The rear maintained its shape but tapered inward slightly as narrow wings emerged from the lower halves of its sides. The roof of the seating area was transparent and slid under the body to allow easy entry and exit. They painted its metallic parts in an angular, abstract design that had some symbolism I wasn’t yet aware of. It was steel-blue with silver and brown trim and a brown tan interior. A handsome machine, well suited to a trio of Xzardan musclegods.  

I slid on the front bench with Ruud, and the vehicle secured us in place without either of us taking any action. It did the same for Dzaan and Stanj, in the back. Ruud flicked his hand and fingers and the shuttle pulled out of the port, hovered, turned direction, and took us into the sky about 30 feet high.  

We hooked around the city along the coast and quickly reached the start of the sprawling Erindan metropolis of Eyra. It had a few central areas and an extensive seafront port. The buildings looked organic and sturdy. Every inch of area shaded by the hills was built upon or into. They used neutral tones in their architecture but decorated extensively in bold colors and patterns. The closer into central business areas, the more colorful it became. The central areas were in a sea of suburban housing that was based on a concept of a shared yard for 6-9 families. They built their houses in the ground, so they appeared like mounds. Their yards were like parks with shaded gazebos. A few apartment-blocks popped up in the central areas and overlooking the sea along the coast.  

It appeared to be a middle-class society with a narrow range of income groups. Ruud explained the Erindans followed a biological reproductive model and were extremely social and family oriented. I noticed the roads were full of small, open-air cars, with everyday things lying on their seats. The road network was extensive and well-kept. The city had a modern infrastructure that would be familiar to anyone from a Canadian or Australian town. It was an alien city, nonetheless. Its appearance was colorful and organic, somewhat dark as they took advantage of shadows when building in the ground, but gave an inviting impression, nonetheless. In fact, there were a lot of open spaces with sun protection that appeared designed for gathering and interaction, following the concept of the shared yards.  

   “The Erindans appear to have a prosperous life. Are there poor areas we haven’t passed yet?” I asked.    

   “Poor areas? What do you mean?” Ruud asked.    

   “Areas where some Erindans may not have enough to eat or live in houses that leak in the rain or have no running water. Areas with Erindans who do not have many resources.”    

   “No, the Erindans are not poor. Some get involved with powerful intoxicants and may sleep on the beach and not work. But even they will live with a relative or a communal apartment that is clean and respectable. The Erindans are prosperous and take care of themselves as a community.”    

From what Ruud and the others said, the Erindans overcame being a slave society. They were enslaved for a couple of thousand years before landing here. The group that crashed on this planet over 300 years ago was on a transport ship intended to bring slaves to a new colony being opened by their overlords, the Griets. The Griet transport must have gone off course in an area of space outside their control. They probably assumed the transport was lost and the Erindan slaves would perish in the hostile environment of this planet.      

The Erindans were now self-governing and independent. They viewed the Xzardans as a fundamental part of their world and their well-being but may have come to take them for granted. They governed their settlements within city-state frontiers as provinces within a loose Erindan nation. Their federal government was based in Chreondzoi city-state, in their mother city of Eyrim.    

The combination of Xzardan technology and Erindan resourcefulness in a spirit of compassion and mutual interest created a virtuous circle of prosperity. The Xzardans were doubtless aware of the Spartan legacy of having enslaved fellow Greeks over centuries. Their enslavement of fellow Greeks was among various Theban concerns at the Battle of Leuctra. That must have factored into their treatment of the Erindans. On this planet, the Erindans considered it an honor to work with Xzardans. But only about 10% interacted with them. In a sense, they cultivated the Xzardans as their warrior caste and desired to keep them well-fed and happy. Their society was wealthy enough to support Xzardan needs without negative consequences for their own growth and prosperity. Helping Xzardans was a fundamental component of their success.  

After a while flying over Eyra along the coast, the city gave way to rolling hills interspersed with thousands of small farms and villages. They generally built into the hills to maximize shade. Despite the architecture blending seamlessly into the terrain, the farms and towns were full of color and the evidence of activity. Otherwise, the countryside seemed quiet and empty of life. The guys said the Erindans preferred to work in open areas after sunset. There was not much to shade their sensitive eyes in the open fields. There were small fishing boats in the waters by the shorelines, and occasionally we would pass vast stretches of forest as we went into the interior. A great deal of the island’s land was unsettled or designated as wildlife reserve areas.  

We decided to stop at an outlying island off the southern shore. The shuttle could reach a speed of 750 MPH, but we had been cruising at 150 MPH for over an hour. From north to south the main island was 165 miles long, and 275 miles at its widest. The current settled area could support over two million family farms, with the potential of twice that number. The output of Anaxandri alone could feed half of all Xzarda.  The Xzardans liked to plan for almost every eventuality. If you think about it, building one’s physique to outstanding perfection required a lot of planning. The more I witnessed, the more I realized these people were masters of organization. Under their guidance, the Erindans married Xzardan organizational know-how with high productivity.    

The Xzardans also supplied raw materials which entailed further exchange between the societies. The Xzardans translated the exchange of raw materials to a monetary transaction that required strict adherence to fiscally responsible practices. Hence, to receive needed but otherwise inaccessible resources to feed their rapid technological development, the Erindans had to ensure their leadership was not corrupt. Money that would be paid to the Xzardans for the raw materials paid comfortable salaries for those Erindans working to support Xzardan needs. This guidance, along with their own cultural traits, encouraged the Erindans to develop a more democratic and egalitarian society. This was clear by the thousands of prosperous, small farms that stretched over the horizons. There was also no visible decay or poverty in their cities.  

The Xzardans were otherwise self-sufficient and could have used robots to do much of the work Erindans offered. This was their strategy for the planet they originally planned to reach. But there was something intangible the Xzardans received from the exchange which caused them to stay and was fundamental to their spirituality. Their belief system was also flexible enough to allow themselves to be influenced by the Erindans. It seemed like the guys enjoyed their presence or took it for granted as a good thing. I noticed no negative reaction on their parts toward anything Erindan related. It just seemed like the Erindans were there and everyone was fine.  

In retrospect, it was me who was not focused on the Erindans. There was a lot to absorb, and they were on the back burner in my mind. And yet, they pointed to the reality that this world could not have existed without the motivation of altruism. It could only have been a positive impulse that led to a seemingly endless, well-organized prosperity. I was kind of welling up from the experience, it was emotional and visceral. I now understood how they had to show me rather than speak of their motivations and the nature of their world. They came from a good place. I was the one from a more brutal one.  

We landed on an outlying island off the southern shore. We were at the edge of the Xzardan archipelago, the area of the current 7 city-states which were all on larger islands in the group. The islet was sub-tropical and ringed with inviting beaches. The sand was white and the water was mint green and crystal clear. Beyond the southern frontier was a small continent composed of 2 islands. The Xzardans were preparing it for settlement and had already secured the airspace from the archipelago over the great islands and the surrounding sea. This ensured the southern part of Anaxandri, although on the frontier, was exceptionally secure from any mega-faunae incursions by sea or air.  

We emerged from the shuttle after having flown from north to south for over an hour and a half. We parked at a designated port and walked down to an idyllic picnic area on an elevated patio cut into a few enormous boulders. The section was empty of any other sign of intelligent life. It was pristine and looked like a tropical paradise, but with some very odd plant life. There were the sounds of various birds, or similar flying creatures, calling out as the waves splashed. They used the island for recreation like a park which was conveniently accessible by shuttle. We could have arrived there from our villa in 15 minutes had we gone directly at speed.    

The guys took out containers with a delicious looking lunch and got it ready. Stanj brought us swimming briefs from the villa and handed me mine and then stripped along with the others. I was feeling particularly affectionate and went up to Ruud, who had finished changing, to feel his pec so he would bend over and kiss me. He reached down to grab me in his arms and laid his mouth on mine as I rubbed his great round shoulders and traps. He surrounded me in pure muscle while he probed my mouth with his tongue. I looked forward to being fucked by him.    

   “I can’t wait to fuck you, puppy,” he said breathlessly as he briefly released my lips.    

   “I know, I’ve been thinking about it, too. You are so wonderfully muscular. I love feeling you.” I said.    

He enjoyed hearing that and held me with one arm while he flexed his humongous double-peaked bicep with the other, which made me that much harder. He then used both arms to lift me and my crotch to his mouth, and he kissed my junk over my briefs. As the guys approached, he lowered me.    

   “Lunch is ready!” Dzaan announced.    

He was distracting with his alien good looks. The length and shape of his cock and balls were also tantalizingly clear as they pressed against his orange briefs. He may as well have been naked. I slid my hand over his package, and he stroked my shoulder as we made our way to the table. I slipped behind him to appreciate his glorious ass, which I wanted to bury my face in. The guys looked outstanding in the deserted, tropical paradise setting.    

   “Do you want to go for a swim after we eat? The waters are warm and safe around here. The great islands to the south prevent the waves from getting too high.” Dzaan said.  

   “Sure, sounds like fun.” I went along with anything since they hadn’t steered me wrong yet.    

We continued to eat and watched each other. The guys were not only attracted to me, …and everyone was horny. The light reflecting off my agreeable hulks, mixed with the natural setting, was seductive and intoxicating.  I decided I’d swim in the nude since my persistent boner was uncomfortable in my briefs. I quickly shed them, as did the others. Ruud was rock hard and looked god-like against the sea as he stood in the surf. He had a superhero’s silhouette against the sun, and he struck a few poses that appeared like the ideal male bodybuilder, perfectly proportioned and larger than any Olympian. I came over and knelt in front of him so I could put his cock in my mouth. Its capped head filled my cheek while I sucked from his crown upward and used my tongue to play with his piss slit. I simultaneously fondled his heavy balls and stroked his long shaft. I looked up and watched him flex his enormous and powerful muscle from his abs to his shoulders.    

After a while, he bent down and lay in the surf beside me. He turned on top of me and kissed deeply as I watched his incredible arms twitch and flicker as he held himself above me. He lay his big, heavy cock between my legs and over my junk while he gently rubbed himself against me.

Carefully and sensually focused, …back and forth.  Again, and again.  

While we were intertwined, Dzaan and Stanj were making out in the water. Their giant arms squished against themselves as their heads and shoulders bobbed like a clutch of flesh-colored beach balls.    

Ruud picked me up and carried me into the water to join the others. We easily merged into a four-way kissing session and soon I was in the middle, consumed by the three great musclegods while their pricks pressed against me. Stanj slid his dick inside me as I hung onto Ruud and kissed him deeply. My rod found the wonderful deep groove between his rows of abs. Dzaan moved around Ruud and plugged his massive cock into him with a determined thrust. My tongue pushed into Ruud’s mouth while Dzaan drilled the superman’s manhole and worked his jewels in his hands.    

The four of us found a rhythm as we fucked each other harmoniously. I wished it would never end. I eased into the sounds of our bodies squish mixed with the gentle slosh of the water. The smell of sea water, muscleman sweat, and Xzardan breath blended as I inhaled. We continued for a marathon session of 40 minutes until Stanj and Dzaan pulled out and Ruud and I released.

We were spent. We rested for a while in each other’s arms as our loins relaxed.  

We cleaned in the water and went back to our picnic and had a bit more to eat and drink. Dzaan brought out a few towel-like cloths to dry ourselves. They were light like half pillowcases, but they pulled the water off me and left me dry and feeling clean. Stanj took his and flicked it over the beach like snapping a towel, and all the remaining liquid flew off it. I did the same, and it was dry again. We put our togas and tunics on sans briefs and returned with our things to the shuttle. Ruud and I both wore short togas with no shirts. When we were all on board, he put his hugely muscled arm around me and we rose, hovered a few seconds, and took off.      

   “The weather always seems so nice,” I said.    

   “It’s not always like this. We’re in the dry season. All our freshwater comes from rain. You arrived at the start of the calm, dry season. It should be like this for a few more months. After that, the rains will start, and the heat will rise. Some areas of the archipelago encounter fierce storms, but Anaxandri is more sheltered because of ‘The Lovers’, the great islands to the south.” Said Stanj.    

   “Does it rain continuously?” I asked.    

   “Sometimes, yes. But usually, it’s for a few hours and some days it may not rain. However, it gets very humid. Many people like to go to mountain resorts that we’ll soon pass, or other city-states to avoid the humidity. Chreondzoi is popular in the hottest month because it is high on a plateau. There are also a few other islands that are pleasant at that time. …There are many interesting and varied recreation areas to visit. Xzardans are always shuttling around.” Stanj added.  

The guys explained that there were 7 city-states in the protected Xzardan archipelago:

  •  Anaxandri - central and to the south;
  •  Chreondzoi - center-east, the first city-state;
  •  Leuctrapolis - center-west, acting capital;
  •  Laconadzom - to the northeast;
  •  Demaradzom - to the southeast;
  •  Leonidzoi - to the northwest; and
  •  Archidzoi - to the southwest.  



Each city-state was unique, and every Xzardan prime city was in a special setting unlike any other. An 8th city-state was slated to open in a year and would be built in a mountain range and would therefore be cool. Eight years later another would open and then the frequency of opening new city-states would accelerate. They planned to expand by replicating the city-state model where each one would contain 275,000-315,000 Xzardans.    

Each new city-state would be accompanied by 4-5 million Erindans. They would settle newly ‘tamed’ land with farms, villages, and cities, and form new provinces. Within 40-50 years they expected to settle the rest of the archipelago, the great islands to the south, and a great prairie land on a supercontinent to the north of Chreondzoi. That would comprise roughly 7-8% of the planet and more than double the population.    

   “Are there any other people on this planet?” I asked.    

   “No. They could not survive. And no indigenous species is close to evolving into intelligent life. The planet has extraordinarily hostile creatures. We could not survive in this shuttle if we got lost in Phobos, the ‘untamed’ wilderness. You need a lot of specialized equipment out there.” Ruud said.  

I still had a few questions. Which were two sides of the same coin. Why continue forward and expand if you could easily have a comfortable society using less than 10% of the planet. And/or why not undertake mass annihilation of the pesky predatory mega-faunae and anything else that is dangerous and go whole-hog in settling the place? What are the boundaries between respect for intelligent life and respect for all life?  

Raising these questions was far less clever than answering them.  

We planned to zig-zag across the island a bit faster to see some of its natural features, such as inland lakes and three tall mountains that rose from the plains like Mt. Fuji or Kilimanjaro. A large section of rocky terrain and koppies in the south was designated wildlife reserve and offered some fascinating sights. I could have easily spent a few days there. Otherwise, there were farms and small Erindan towns neatly woven into the gentle countryside with odd splashes of color among the brown and green.  

The interior was at higher elevations and supported a variety of sub-tropical crops. The mountains were terraced and able to support temperate zone produce. My initial impression of Erindan society was reinforced the more I saw of Anaxandri. I also found the variety of environments remarkable. There was much more to explore and discover than I thought possible on one island and its satellites.  We headed northeast toward the coast and flew out over Anaxandri’s small, northern archipelago of at least 20 mid-sized islands and scores of smaller ones. Each was its own little world. As we came in toward the city itself, we crossed some islets included in the Governor’s zone. Then curved around the seafront from the Herc zone to the Central zone and finally landed at our villa in the hills above.    

   “Wow, that was a great trip. Thanks!” I said. It really was a lot to process, though. I was exhausted and needed a nap.    

   “I really enjoyed it too. You’re a lot of fun to show around.” Stanj bent toward me and winked.  

   “In a few days, we’ll take a tour of Anaxandri city and the Herc zone,” Ruud confirmed. “I also had a wonderful day with you, thank-you.”  



The following day we decided to stay in the villa to work out, hang out, and continue learning the language. That night we had a new type of sundowner that was derived from a different intoxicating plant made into baked treats. The effect was a bit like MDMA as it released gentle rushes of dopamine over a few hours. I asked the guys, who were also scientists, if there were any negative effects to the ‘sundowners’.    

   “No, the effects are transitory and leave no lingering effects. A behavioral problem would occur if it interfered with your day-to-day life. That’s why we have a designated time during the day to do it …so that it doesn’t interfere with life but complements it… if we want to do it. You don’t have to partake in ‘sundowners’ all the time. We borrowed the practice from the Erindans who have uh… a more… complicated relationship with it.” Rudd added as I watched the effects of our treats take hold of him.  

The guys became like pups themselves, even giggled, and became more tactile than usual. We spent the rest of the night together on the large bed, feeling and kissing each other, and playing with toys. I was treated to the spectacle of the beefy herculeans slowly fuck and make love to each other while emitting brutal and slippery sounds with groans of pleasure. The best was watching Dzaan deliver his huge cock into Ruud again and seeing his expressions of ecstasy like it was the best fuck he ever had. He was so massive, rugged, and perfect, and yet brought to a whimper by Dzaan’s skill. Stanj held me against him and massaged my cock as we watched. Over a few hours my mouth, my balls, and my butt became sore from so much activity.  



The next day was the last of the current phase of my anal training regimen. It would be the last fuck with Stanj before graduating to Ruud’s larger size. Stanj wanted to make it memorable, and I had become comfortable and more skilled at controlling the experience. I increasingly enjoyed being topped by the larger man and considered how I could make it more enjoyable for my partners.  

Dzaan asked me to start the day by showering with him, we had spent little alone time that week. We didn’t cum, but we spent a good hour touching and kissing in the marvelous shower room. I could see in the mirrors that I had become leaner and more muscular while I maintained the same weight at 180 lbs. I found my body very attractive, whereas I used to be critical of it. Dzaan next to me was intimidating since I was far less developed. I was a comparative twink next to a stunning nude musclegod. We looked at each other in the reflection as both our dicks hardened. He lifted me and kissed deeply as the water rained on us. I loved feeling his hard muscle and powerful tongue in my mouth. His face was also breath-taking.  

After a long while of giving our facial muscles a workout, Dzaan lowered me and lathered his enormous cock with soap. Pointing at me to kneel in front of him so he could rub my head with his soapy sausage. He used it to soap my skull and face, moving down my shoulders around my upper torso. He motioned for me to stand up as he lathered himself some more and rubbed me deliberately with his meat, ensuring every inch was sparkling clean. When he finished my legs and feet, I knelt and brought his delicious, round balls to my mouth and licked.  His legs were hairless, and veins twisted and protruded all over as he flexed them into multi-dimensional pinnacles of hard and squishy rock. The more he flexed, the more inspired I was to lick his shaft and put it in my mouth as far as it could go. Battling to draw his cum, I sucked until he lifted me off him in ecstasy lest he shoot in my mouth and I involuntarily swallowed. I swallowed his pre-cum, nonetheless.  

I lathered up his feet and thickly carved calves, which were works of art themselves. He treated me to the continuous show of his flexing quads as I washed him. I lingered on his fleshy ass as he flexed. When I got to his masterful member, I examined it and committed it to memory. Playing with his foreskin by gliding it up and down, I watched how it moved as he softly groaned. I eagerly awaited Ruud but realized something even better was ahead.    

I wanted to kiss him again and puckered my lips at him so he would bend down and give me his mouth. He sat cross-legged in the shower to be more accessible, and I bent over to kiss him. I also lathered soap in my hands and worked it into his head and face. Once rinsed, I readied to clean his thick traps and massive shoulders. I massaged the soap on him as we kissed. After a while, I knelt in front of him as he flexed his huge biceps and got ready to lather them. He squeezed his guns into peaked cantaloupes as hard as rock. I massaged and worshipped them as I buried my face into his armpit and licked. I did the same on his other side and eventually got his arms and shoulders clean. His back and torso were left, and I saved the best for last.  

I moved behind him as he remained cross-legged in the shower and knelt higher to reach his traps. I enjoyed gliding my hands across his smooth skin and his thick back. The valleys of muscle on it were deep and easily kept my grinding dick in place. Even from behind, he was beautiful. I finished and turned in front of him and almost gasped as I saw his pecs and abs anew. Like a Roman noble’s chest plate, but bigger and real, his pecs popped like square cushions from his front delts. He made his abs dance in waves and then flexed and kissed his biceps. He teased me with the poses he had been practicing.    

I made like a puppy and lay on my back in front of him as my dick swelled to its fullest. He climbed on top of me but held himself up by his elbows and we kissed again. He glided his massive cock over my jewels as he licked and explored my mouth. I loved the smell of his breath and the strength of his lips and tongue. He stopped for a bit and looked down on me as he panted. We could have stayed like that for hours. Just looking at him was a pleasure.    

He moved beside me and pulled me against his pec as he leaned against the shower wall. As he held me in place, he bent to kiss me while we jerked ourselves off. We almost came in unison, almost, and then lay spent on the shower floor. Exhausted, I lay my head on his pec for a couple of minutes. I got some more soap and made some lather to spread on his pecs and abs. We kissed as I rubbed the soap into his spectacular torso. I was still exhausted, but it was a pleasure to finish the job. After a little over an hour, we emerged from the shower, sparkling clean.

When we got to the patio, Ruud and Stanj were already working out. They got into a heavy legs session and would be at it for another hour and a half. My workout wouldn’t be as grueling, but Dzaan was also on a competitive track and eager to join Stanj and Ruud’s level. He spent the rest of the morning working out and swimming. I would rather watch them than do anything else, but I still had language homework.    

I thought about the day before and smiled at the young Erindan male who acted as a server. It was hard to see his expression with his square sombrero-like hat with a veil attached. They were definitely not sunworshippers. But it was nice to know they were happy to be there and well paid, and their gracious attitude was most likely genuine. I had thought little about them before, but realized they were multi-dimensional people. They also came and went like a service, so the same ones didn’t come all the time, which made it hard to get to know any individuals.    

At first, they all looked very similar, and only over time did I learn how to distinguish the variances in their features, even male from female. They often wore those wide-brimmed hats and/or dark glasses with colorful frames during the day to guard against too much light. But the look also depersonalized them. I kept thinking they reminded me of Beatrix Potter characters, but I hardly remembered those stories and only brought to mind anthropomorphized, or humanized, gentle rodents such as mice or rabbits. Maybe I kept pushing them from my mind because they were the most alien element of this world and recognizing them meant I wasn’t on Earth anymore. And I wasn’t. They were not wearing costumes. Which led to thoughts about home.  

I was alone by the pool and thought how I would not see Earth again. I let everyone down and was alone wherever I was. Maybe I was dead, I was on a fast-track to being legally dead. I wondered at what point you considered a missing person dead. I couldn’t Google it. I was truly incommunicado, whether or not I wanted to be. A wave of sadness hit as I acknowledged the reality. I decided to have some alone time that afternoon to process everything and used the excuse of studying the language homework. I pretended to look at work while I descended into a gloomy reverie.  

The time for sundowners crept up and a new Erindan server brought out a sweet wine, which had a milder effect than the day before. We had it with a few pastries filled with meat and a sweet bean paste. The guys gave me space as they realized I would need to mourn the loss of my old life and everyone I cared about and knew. The guys were available to touch and hold but made no demands. They were remarkably comforting, which I wouldn’t have expected from magnificent musclegods. We went to bed together that evening without having sex.  

As I lay between Ruud and Stanj, I noticed Stanj had shaved and was smooth. His muscles swelled and bulged, and I noted how sexy he looked when he got up to take a piss. I followed him to the bathroom and asked if he would pose and then fuck me in the posing room. He went to get a pouch, but I told him to forget it, I would rather watch him pose nude. When we set up the lights and he got on the dais, I was amazed at how he looked. Like a super-handsome Bluto with an incredible contest-ready physique of quality muscle. He bulged in all the right places. Having shaved his body hair, his thick, cut muscle appeared to swell to an even more erotic degree. His contrasting dark beard made him look hyper-masculine while his muscle was irresistible when he flexed.

I went over to him and grabbed his prick to put in my mouth and started to suck it like a calf on a teat.  He looked down and continued to flex, knowing I wanted him to take me and wrest my mind from gloomy thoughts. But he enjoyed my cock worship, and I was getting into a zone as I kneaded his thick, round muscle-ass. I sucked for a while as he held an abs and thigh pose. Then he gently backed away. He flexed some more with a side triceps and side chest and motioned for me to get on the bed. I eagerly complied, and he waddled over and stood at the far edge with a jar of lube and his cock pointed at me.    

   “Come closer, Gray’shn.” He said.    

He used the Xzardanized form of my name, Greg. I scooted in front of him, and he pulled my legs on his shoulders and filled my ass liberally with lube. He slid in and maneuvered my legs to an ideal position and plowed skillfully as he flexed his pecs, abs, and arms. I focused on how he felt and squeezed at my own pace as he plowed.  

Eventually, he lifted me while still inside and moved us, so I was sitting facing him while he continued his rhythm. I smashed my face against his beard, then his mouth. He gripped me in his solid arms and pressed me against his bulging pecs while my cock slid against his abs.    

   “Harder!” I demanded.  

I absolutely felt muscle fucked as his body squeezed hard and soft against me, keeping me pinned while being pummeled. It was a good thing I liked it because he could easily have taken whatever he wanted and left me whimpering.    

I lost myself in his thrusts and his body as I needed him to destroy me. He went even harder, and I acceded to his power and wanted to be made sore by a hulk. He didn’t disappoint but pulled out before cumming, only to explode a few seconds later as he moved to lie beside me. I shot a few moments afterward, and we lay spent. Glimpsing into nothingness for an instant.

I felt raw, but glad to think of something else. 



Want More??? There is a lot more to come. 

Chapters 5 through 25 are at the following link: 

Tales of Xzarda: An erotic science fiction fantasy dedicated to the Cult of Hercules - Kindle edition by McBooty, Zooty. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.


Chapters 5 and 6 will be posted in a few weeks...

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Following is the addition of Chapters 5 and 6, which completes Part One.
Parts 2 and 3 are an additional 19 chapters available on Amazon (click the updated book cover)


Chapter Five:

Weeks Three and Four 

The cults and city tour


I was back to my cheerful self the next day. I would go through periods of melancholy from time to time but tried not to fight or succumb to them. They soon passed and became less frequent. But during my first few weeks, there was a lot to get used to. Toward the end of the 3rd week, I adapted to Ruud and thoroughly loved getting fucked by him. He was just an inch and a half longer than Stanj, about as thick at 7 and 1/2 inches, and fit me well. We entered my 4th week almost fused together as we enjoyed marathon fuck sessions that could last a couple of hours when we used certain plants. That his body was the most spectacular display of muscle I had ever seen made it a pleasure to screw with him for hours. He had an extremely masculine look with his thin layer of soft, light brown fur and ongoing, 5 O’clock shadow on an otherwise clean-shaven face. He knew I liked it when he flexed, so he did it a lot, especially when we were alone. Overall, I was having a fantastic time despite the occasional sad moment. 

 By the end of the 4th week, they decided it was time to deepen my understanding of Xzardan society and take a tour of the city. They said the best way to explain the city’s layout was in reference to their spiritual beliefs, which motivated much of what they did. We devoted the day to the topic and discussed it while we hung out by the pool. 



 The cults: 

 The religious life of Xzarda appeared to comprise various cults fashioned after gods that were derived from Greek mythology. There was a continuous line of thought from their historical origin of ancient Greece, despite the centuries and light-years between them. However, this polytheism was mediated by the spirituality they adopted from the Muraan, which was at a greater level of abstraction. The overt Xzardan religious expression was a means of accessing the transcendent truths that were at the core of the Muraan civilization. Truths that are beyond cultural expression and become limited by the very act of describing them. There was far more going on than ancient Greek myths and lore. But the myths and the cults were an important means of accessing those truths and understanding Xzardan society. Every city-state organized itself according to the cults. 

 The Xzardans held as their founding myth that they emerged from Herakles’, or Hercules’, semen. This was also the belief of ancient Thebes and Sparta. The most masculine of demigods gave birth to their city-states. Hercules became a god in his own right in Xzardan thought, and the central figure in their pantheon of gods. He blended strength, aggression, and excellence with protection and nurturing.  

 Over time, various cults emerged that were rooted in gods associated with Xzardan society. Beginning with birth, Xzardans began in the women’s zone under the cult of Hebe, a wife of Hercules and a goddess of the young. This cult evolved over many centuries in the Muraan home world and was followed by Xzardan women. Females in the youth cohort remained under this cult as the boys moved to the male world when they began their tenth year.  

 The cult of Ares was the largest cult named after the god of war. It was for members of the military who also raised Xzardan youth. It contained the cult of Alexiares and Anicetus, named after the gods of youth and sport. Boys from the age of 10 onward left the Hebe zone and entered this male realm to learn to be adults and warriors. They graduated to the full Ares cult in their teens.  

 Ares provided spiritual and physical belonging within the military setting. Aggressive and nurturing, the cult was geared to expanding their society’s frontiers as a cohesive team. Members learned professions, practiced military and combat arts, and planned expeditions into the land of Phobos, the wild planet. Besides raising the youth and managing the military, it was also the home of the land forces. 

 The adherents of this cult were amazingly fit, always training in gyms and on the many sports fields scattered around their extensive zones. The Ares teens and men were very muscular. They had bodies that ranged from Earth athletes and local physique competitors to those of professional classic bodybuilders and beyond. This was the most popular cult, as all Xzardan boys are raised in the military, and many never felt a need to leave it. 

 Sexuality was a major component of the cults and began early in the cult of Ares, where they fostered various forms of homosexual love. The cult encouraged sexual activity among boys and mentorships of younger boys by older ones. Sexual relations between boys and adults were prohibited, however. The Xzardans were careful to ensure adult needs would not trouble those learning to be adults. Many Xzardan men had long-term relationships established from childhood while in Ares, and these bonds could either be sexual or platonic. 

 There was a cult of Poseidon, for guardians of the seas, who held both a naval and a managerial/merchant function. They managed the water frontier, which was susceptible to dangerous mega-faunae incursions. There were hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of gigantic sea monster-type creatures swimming the waters of the planet. Besides protection and wildlife management, they also managed maritime trade and traffic. These men were beautiful and elegant, taller than average, with a look of lean muscle. Very muscular by our standards but considered having ‘swimmers’ bodies’ by Xzardan ones. Many, like Dzaan, pursued bodybuilding with determination. They selected adherents to this cult from Ares among young adults who showed an interest in the sea. They were often adopted by older members who took them as lovers or added them to existing relationships. 

 The parallel cult of the air and communications was Hermes. The mega faunae threat from the air was not as severe as from the sea, but the airspace still needed careful management. Beside security, they managed air traffic to ensure Xzardan shuttle traffic and nascent Erindan air travel remained safe. They also managed the airwaves and broadcast communications.  

 Hephaestus was a popular professional and scientific cult that provided and distributed the information to run the society, and its managers. These included scientists and the intellectuals who taught in the universities. Ruud and Stanj originally came from this cult and the villa was located in the Haephestus, or ‘H’ zone.  

 The cult of Dionysus dealt with design and entertainment, which was a newer cult that grew in harmony with Erindan society, established since they landed on the planet. Others served separate niches such as the cult of Achilles, for running sports, or Pan for park management and recreation. Adherents of the cults shared many characteristics, both ideological and physical, and had their own legends and lore. But they all complemented the overall spiritual, intellectual, and testosterone-driven nature of Xzardan society. 

 The pinnacle of the cults, and the cult that captured my attention, was the cult of Hercules. Other cults fed into it as the ultimate expression of Xzarda. The focus of the cult of Hercules was strength, excellence, muscularity, and male beauty. Entry to the Hercules cult was by invitation to men from their late twenties onward, with a few very notable younger exceptions. They offered invitations to members from the other cults who were considered to have excellent bodybuilding potential and had achieved a level of excellence in their field. Being handsome helped as the cult emphasized male beauty. Ares provided most members, but there was representation from all the cults. Many ‘Hercs’, as I called the Hercules cultists, experienced a cult or two after Ares and before entering the Hercules one. The selection criteria were very stringent. Both Stanj and Ruud were from this cult, while Dzaan was in the Poseidon cult, but wanted to join this one. 

 The aim of the Hercules cult was bodybuilding. More precisely, it was to build the most muscle mass in the most aesthetic way possible for the Xzardan male, who already ranged in appearance from physique through classic to advanced bodybuilder while starting life out in Ares. Their aesthetic muscle mass was on frames that were generally 10-12 inches taller than those of Earthmen. The Xzardans spent centuries advancing their genetic manipulation and took their preexisting gene pool to new limits. One of their achievements was to suppress human myostatin, which inhibits human muscle growth. Another was to grow the average frame by over 15%. Their taller frames could hold a great deal more muscle, and by suppressing myostatin they could achieve a significant level of muscle mass.  

 Development of the Xzardan body focused on muscle size combined with aesthetics and resulted in a new ideal, buoyed by a religious devotion to muscular Herculean beauty. The Xzardan ideal was something closer to a well-morphed classic physique than to an overly ‘roided one which, in contrast, was amateurish and artificial-looking. Elite members of this cult with the best physical development appeared like imposing, yet beautiful and erotic, morphed musclegods. They were, in fact, the most spectacular of thousands of incredible musclegods. Literally, musclegod kings. Ruud was close to reaching this level. 

 As the homoeroticism of the Hercules cult was open and celebrated, besides achieving physiques beyond those of professional bodybuilders; appearance, muscle size, overall symmetry and proportion, and sex appeal were competitive goals. They also paid attention to the face, skin, the gluteus muscles, and the genital area. This was a very pleasant, and logical, contrast to the heterosexual dominant view of bodybuilding we are used to. Presentation was emphasized so artistry and elegance in posing and dancing routines were valued, especially at the elite level.  

 As the pinnacle of the cults, it was felt that expertise in military arts, sports, and or science was already proven. Now the focus would be on the art of male beauty as expressed in taking the muscular and tall Xzardan body to an aesthetic and ‘swole’ ideal to worship Hercules, the founder god of Xzarda. The ultimate combination of religion, testosterone, bodybuilding, and male homosexuality. This elite group would also take part in other sports such as wrestling or swimming, especially if they could display their massive and perfected muscularity while performing. 

    “Let me show you a few of the elite Hercules cultists. I have some holographs of a few men who are in the elite ranks so you can get an idea.” Ruud said. 

 I was intrigued to see what a holograph image was on top of seeing what a Xzardan elite bodybuilder looked like. 

 Ruud left, collected a small device, and brought it over to the table under the pergola where we were all hanging out. The device was like a credit card, which he made project an image about 3 feet square in front of us. At first, the image was of a dais and appeared solid and three-dimensional in the space which we looked at like a window. A few men stepped onto the dais in succession and performed posing/dancing routines.  

 The men were almost inconceivable. I had seen nothing like them. Ruud came close, but these supermen were at a higher league. They looked like massive cartoon musclemen with enormous arms and narrow waists. Their backs appeared to explode from their hips. They were also symmetrical and achingly beautiful. They posed and and danced to music gracefully and artfully. I felt guilty to be fascinated by these unbelievable monsters, but they got me hard. With Xzardan musclegods, bigger was better. One of them I found unusually handsome and exceptionally erotic. I couldn't look away from him. My dick became concrete and my heart beat faster as I watched his routine. I asked Ruud to play it back a few times. He knew who it was and looked amused by my interest. 

    “These men want to meet you,” Ruud said as he pointed to the device.  

 He seemed to say I could take my pick. I was overwhelmed and didn’t know what to say.  

    “When you’re ready.” He added, remembering he needed to go slowly.  

 Then I realized these were the men they were preparing me for. I thought I wouldn’t mind being kept as the sex slave of that super-hot musclehulk. I was thrilled and anxious, but easily distracted by Ruud as I realized his body was cleanly shaved, except for his face. 

    “Did you shave?” I asked. 

    “Yes, this morning.” 

    “Please take your toga off, I’d love to see more.”  

 He promptly complied. It amazed me how I could ask anything of him, and he would agree without fail. 

 He had a black posing pouch under the toga and looked more defined and even bigger completely shaved. He compared to the men on the holographs, and he was right in front of me and looked fabulously beautiful and powerful. Stanj and Dzaan were nowhere to be seen, and I was still hard after looking at so much fantastic holographic muscle. Ruud took it up a notch and posed. His shaved, tanned skin glistened with sweat, and his arms were larger than anything I had ever seen. They were well over 30 inches and perfectly sculpted. He was an amazing musclegod, and I knew his dick well. I loved to suck it before he fucked me. I wanted to do it again. 

    “You look amazing, Ruud. You may be the most beautiful bodybuilder I’ve ever seen.”  

 I was getting into worship mode, and he ate it up. The more I admired him, the more he flexed and tried to impress me. He watched himself pose in the reflection from a mirror set up for that purpose. I thought of the Hercules cult and how I too was a worshipper of Hercules, and Ruud was the perfect stand-in. I stripped and dove into the pool, hoping he would follow. I noticed he was watching in the reflection and removed his briefs.  

 His beautiful, perfect prick was hard. He flexed at the edge of the pool while his 10 and ½ inches danced in front of him. I licked my lips as I stared. He sat on the rim of the pool with his feet in the water and beckoned me. I swam up between his legs and got hold of his delicious meat. I closed my eyes and thought of Hercules as I went down on him, only to open them and see him flex his biceps as his abs and pecs heaved with each of his breaths. He groaned as I gripped him harder in my cheeks and played around his foreskin with my tongue. I slurped and smacked my tongue and lips on him as I’d come out to explore his shaft and balls. My cock was singing in the water as I worked his using all the techniques I learned over the years, from long licks to gentle nibbles and detailed attention to his crown and slit. 

    “You are fantastic, Ruud,” I exclaimed as I slurped on his penis.  

 He decided to jump into the pool and grab me from behind after he scooped up some lube from a nearby jar. I knew what was coming and eagerly anticipated his moves. He squeezed me against his pecs and abs and manipulated his hand to push the lube into my ass. He used his index finger to massage and play while he ensured I was adequately wet. I pictured his beautiful hard tool and outrageously fantastic muscle behind me and smiled in my inner mind.  I bent over to accept him and steadied myself with the edge of the pool. His cock slid easily inside after a brief sting, and I gripped it as he felt his way through my warm hole. 

    “You’re so comfortable, Gray’shn. You fit like a glove and  I could think of nowhere else I’d rather be.”  

 He drove his cock into me with a steady and methodical rhythm as I held the pool’s edge. I enjoyed feeling the length of his shaft and its head push against my lower stomach as our flesh rythmically slapped. 

    “I feel like I’m with the gods.” 

 All I could do was grunt softly in reply. I was being fucked by a god, so I was definitely with them. His long dick and the thought of him had me in rapture. He bent with me and gripped me tightly in his gigantic arms as he persistently drilled. I couldn’t go anywhere, he had me pinned and trapped, and I was loving it. 

    “You’re wonderful sex, Ruud.” I managed to say.  

 I wanted to stroke his ego; I loved what he was doing to me. He held my cock in his hand and played it with skill. He learned how to control when I came. I suppose he could sense the movements in my junk.  

 He held me back from cumming as he continued our pleasure. I could sense his need to accelerate and release. He held me tighter and increased his pace while his hand massaged my cock. He was powerful, and I was glad I had become stronger. He didn’t use all his strength, but even his attempts at being gentle were rough with his enthusiasm. I loved that he was enthusiastic, even if I would be sore for a while after. He made me his happy cock slave, no doubt about it. 

 At the moment he released, he withdrew his member and his milky mess oozed into the pool, as did mine. He pulled me around and lifted me in his arms so we could kiss, and I could feel more of him. He was the most Herculean of the three hosts, and I was in awe of his incredibly well-built body, and loved his brutally handsome, fuzzy face. 

    “Do you want to take a nap with me?” He asked. 

    “Mmm, yeah!” I emitted as I basked in his awesomeness. 

 He took some towels, and I watched him as he dried himself off. He smiled and came over to dry me as I stared at him, dripping wet. Still bent to dry me, and buck naked, he lifted me over his shoulder, stood up, and took us to a daybed at the other end of the terrace. We lay kissing for a while until we passed out. 


Dzaan, Stanj and Ruud.

 City Tour 

 On the last day of my fourth week, we toured the city by shuttle. Dzaan took the lead, and I got in the front with him as Stanj and Ruud settled in the back. We headed over the hills behind us where a group of lesser cults was clustered with several small temples nested in a central area. Otherwise, there were villas and fascinating housing complexes set among the hills and trees. From there we passed the vast Ares areas that had various centers and intriguingly designed residences. They peppered these among neat sports fields, courts, pools, and spaces whose uses I couldn’t identify. Half were full of activity, with shirtless and/or superbly well-built uniformed men everywhere in all manner of groups and combinations. We slowly traveled westward toward the Ares zone seafront and port area and passed various sorts of military and recreational activities along the way.  

 Going north along the coast in a giant curve, we passed the Ares youth zone and some beautiful complexes that housed and educated small groups of the thousands of kids. Each complex was like a color-coded micro-village and there were over one hundred of them in the vast zone. Interspersed between the complexes were forests, trails, sports fields, stadiums, and other buildings that created a maze for activity and areas for children to explore and connect between complexes. The area was designed from a young boy’s perspective and seemed like a kid’s paradise. 

 Along the coast from the Ares areas was a buffer forest that separated a small village that made up the alternative lifestyle area. It looked like a pretty seaside town with futuristic architecture and had a less organized character. It was part of the city but still had a unique character. I noticed a few people in traditional family groups with parents and kids, which was very Earth-like. The district’s border with the Hebe zone was defined by a stream and linear park.  

 The Hebe zone had different areas for different uses, the main one being to raise 45,000 children. It had a large port with constant ferry traffic with Eyra, a few miles away. Erindan help was essential to raising the newest Xzardans. The sector also included five islands used for recreation where men were not permitted.  

 At the top of the curve next to the Women’s zone was the Haephestus, or ‘H’, zone and the hills where our villa was situated. The zone included a mid-sized island that was the campus of the city’s version of a university and held the cult’s main temple. It was otherwise residential, as most members worked in the Central sector next to and in front of it. 

 As we got to the Central zone, Dzaan mentioned Anaxandri was the third Xzardan city-state to be established 60 years ago. They would always know it as one of the three original city-states, but it was relatively new. The Central zone was spectacular with classic columned architecture using colored polished stone and futuristic, alien-looking buildings in glass, wood, and metal. These buildings were light and open and had various effects on their surfaces, from pulsing colored light to shimmering facades which created a sense of constant activity. This movement was harmonious rather than a vast cacophony of color and sound like a large Earth city, or an Erindan one. The city itself was like artwork. It was inviting from afar and delightful up close. Each building seemed to have spaces you would want to explore and inhabit. The architecture had the effect of making you wish to enter, even if you had no reason to. 

 I noticed there were few stores, or maybe none, and some things looked like stores but weren’t. Shopping was not a focus in the Central zone. However, there were many places to eat and meet to have refreshments. There was a lot of street activity among the amazing buildings. When I asked about it, Stanj said they did not have a money economy. There was no ‘trade’. Whatever anyone needed was available to take, or order, or an Erindan would give it to you. Most Xzardans requested what they needed remotely, and it would either be delivered, or they would go get it. From furniture to doctor visits. No money was necessary. A computer system managed it all to ensure supply met demand in a fair and streamlined manner. They gave citizens who made outstanding contributions to the society some better perks, like nicer housing and shuttles. Or preference to travel wherever and whenever they wanted within the ‘tamed’ area if a place was popular. Because resources were plentiful, the system could meet evolving demand without experiencing scarcity, just the occasional delay. And they could respond to shifting demand quickly. One could say the means of production were fully mature… beyond, in fact. Their technology could produce anything, including new cities.  

 The average Xzardan lived what we would consider a life free from want in beautiful settings. A wealthy and successful life by Earth standards. And then, you could have even better accoutrements to distinguish those who pursued excellence more fervently and achieved it. We passed some incredible villas that were far more outstanding than the one I was in, which itself would be a multi-million-dollar estate in the US or Australia. And yet the goal of Xzardans was not an endless rat race, but to contribute to their society. For most, additional trappings of success were unnecessary but accepted to show to others the value of pursuing excellence. Their socio-economic organization engendered a culture of authenticity and warmth. It’s contrast to Earth made clear that the pervasive sense of not having enough is the root of so many problems. 

 Dzaan stroked my leg and turned to look at me as Stanj talked. He was exceptionally handsome and exotic. I puckered at him, and he bent over to kiss me. These men were far more affectionate than I was used to, which was unexpected as they were so buff and powerful. Despite their good looks, they appeared intimidating and fearsome. Yet all they wanted to do was have sex, kiss, and eat.  

 Over an hour and a half elapsed on our tour, and it was time again to have lunch. We landed at the edge of the Central zone where it bordered the Dionysian one to stretch our legs and grab a bite. The Dionysian section was small, but it curved around the central zone and connected to the ‘H’ one. We walked along the part closest to the seafront and the shuttle. They devoted this zone to design and entertainment. There were several theatre-like buildings used for large parties and the performing arts. We headed into a communal dining hall that was a colorful space with long tables and private booths. We sat at a table with more than a few beautiful men who were super fit, even if not as thickly muscular as my friends. Most of the Dionysian guys were sexy, and they were characteristically affectionate among themselves. We generated a lot of interest. After Ruud ordered several plates for us, a few of the men came over to talk. 

 I was the chief object of interest. I realized there was a reason I had seen little of the city earlier. It’s not that they were hiding anything from me, but that everyone would be curious about the Earth ‘traveler’ and would want to meet me, which the guys thought would overwhelm me in the beginning. They had just started bringing Earth guys to Xzarda successfully a couple of years ago, and there were only around 4-5 in the entire city. Everyone knew about us, but few had seen us. We were part of their roots, from their home planet, and living connections to it. Plus, there was a sexual attraction to us, not least because we were part of their roots and exotic, smaller adult men.  

 I enjoyed the attention from scores of hot guys in that restaurant. It was exciting to see other Xzardans. I only encountered Ruud, Stanj, and Dzaan… and Shen since I arrived. Besides their great looks, it impressed me they all knew of me and were very welcoming. I became more comfortable understanding that the worst thing that could happen was to have been abducted, and if I was okay with that, then I had nothing to worry about. The Xzardans were otherwise genuine, and their actions and words were consistent. 

 After lunch, we walked along the seafront for a few blocks. We soon reached a small district that blended out from the Dionysian zone, which was the young men’s zone. This was an area for young adult men who graduated from the Ares youth area. When an adult Xzardan male reached twenty, they could live in this section to sow their wild oats, so to speak. The area was for 20-27-year-olds who wanted to party and explore different careers. It was not for nothing they were next to the Dionysian zone. Their neighborhood was also surrounded by cults other than the Ares one, and they were encouraged to explore various options. Members of this age cohort could also move to the parallel section in any city-state whenever they decided. Toward the far edge of the area, we could see large docks emerge on the seafront as the Poseidon zone came into view. We returned to the shuttle to examine it by air. 

 The Poseidon cult was a prominent one in Xzarda, as so much depended on the defense of the marine frontier. The oceans were hostile, and the archipelago was a significant maritime territory that had to be kept clear of dangerous mega-faunae. Most intra-Xzardan trade was by sea. The Erindan provinces were even more dependent on sea traffic, as air travel was still new to them. The Poseidon zone was not as vast as the Ares ones, but it was huge. Its seafront was equivalent to that of the Central zone. It also contained large offshore islands that were used to construct vessels and platforms to exploit marine resources. There seemed to be far more activity in this zone than the two we just explored, but we were in the shuttle and covered a lot more territory. Dzaan was very animated when he talked about all things Poseidon, as he had been a member of the cult for over a dozen years. 

 Poseidon’s eastern boundary was a small mountain range that tumbled into the sea and created a natural barrier. Massive boulders littered the seafront, and you could not see beyond them. The outermost mountain of the chain seemed like it had its top sliced lengthwise, as there was an immense flat rock face up high that stood sentinel for the city behind it. On the other side of the mountains, and built into them, was the Hercules zone. 

 The Herc zone was isolated, like its own town - or what seemed like its own resort. The whole city-state appeared affluent, but this area was a step higher. Access was by a single road, or via water, or by air, as most Anaxandrians had their own shuttles. They built villas into the mountains overlooking the beaches. Some appeared like high-end apartment blocks with wide balconies and communal pools.  

 The mountains gave way to a shallow plain and then beaches and a small peninsula, as well as a forest that served as a buffer between it and the adjacent Hermes zone. The flat areas off the main beaches and on the peninsula held fields for various sports, many open-air areas for weight training and gymnastics, swimming pools, and gym-bath complexes. There were also large public buildings, including a spectacular temple at the tip of the peninsula, and many varied places to eat. They lined parts of the beaches with what looked like cabanas, which allowed for guys to interact privately while out and about. Sex was welcomed and widely encouraged in this cult as it was devoted to male beauty and sex-appeal. 

 Wherever I looked, I could make out men with big bulges and fantastic physiques. There were hot musclemen of various Xzardan shapes and sizes everywhere, and even from our higher vantage point they appeared spectacular. Many seemed morphed in a superbly aesthetic way, like Ruud and Stanj, and some looked even bigger. If the whole city-state had about 300,000 people, 175,000 of whom were adult men, then 1 in 35, or 5,000, of the most worked-out, buff, and beautiful Xzardan guys were members of the Hercules cult and permitted to live in this area. Chances were, I was attracted to each of them. It was a gay musclesex paradise with Erindans around to cater and clean up.  

 With soon to be eight city-states on the planet with similar demographics, the Cult of Hercules held about 40,000 members planet-wide, each of whom would inspire universal awe as an other-worldly musclegod. These men were part of a complex hierarchy of ever-better development and display. It would take me a while to untangle the nuances, but they designed the matrix of contests to occupy thousands of competitive men driven to impress and excel. 

    “Will we be able to get out?” I asked, eager to see some Hercs up close. 

    “Not today, but you will spend time here,” Ruud said. “You'll meet some elite men soon and may decide to stay with them. They definitely want to meet you…” He grinned as he said that.  

 I was excited by the prospect, those holographs I saw of a few of them captured my imagination, but the reality scared me a bit as well. I was on my own in an alien world and the elite men would be unbelievably powerful. 

    “The city-wide elite competition is in about a month, and we will go to it together.” Stanj said.  

 Which sounded like a done deal, but all the members of the Hercules cult attended that event. I liked the ‘we’ part, I was comfortable having a group to explore from. I considered us a team and avoided thoughts of separating from them. 

 We continued to the Hermes zone on the other end of the buffer forest. This zone was different again and busy with shuttle traffic. Every flying object was plugged into the Hermes control system, which managed air traffic. For example, Dzaan set the parameters of our preference to fly low to tour the city that day. The system prevented possible collisions and could pre-empt the driver/pilot if necessary. Erindan air travel, which was at an early stage and limited to commercial travel, was integrated into this control system for added safety. This was another example of how the Xzardans mentored the Erindans.  

 The Hermes men were sky-focused and used tall, narrow buildings with bulbs, or caps, which looked like tall mushrooms, or palm trees, or dicks, in hues of blue and silver. At ground level, variously shaped curved buildings were sprinkled among the taller ones in interesting, silver-hued colors. There was a major skyport by the forest, and the shoreline held four long docks that accommodated different vessels. The mountains that cut the Herc zone off grew and extended behind the Hermes zone, and were where most of the members lived. Beyond those mountains were forests and Erindan farms. The zone itself was larger than the Poseidon one, but without the islands. 

 After the Hermes zone, a secluded zone and a small archipelago started off the coast. A few of the islets closest to the coast, along with the adjacent seafront and area around it, was the Governor’s zone and the end of the city. This zone was particularly beautiful, with buildings and villas set among the islands and waterfront. Its central square on the mainland was like a small maritime Zocalo, surrounded by eight major  buildings in blue and white polished stone embedded with designs in colored metal. These were used for city governance and religious observances.  

 Stanj said their elders, who were Xzardans in their 70s to 100s, governed as a service rather than retire or pursue a spiritual path. There were 101 members on the governing council or Senate. Members served for set terms of five years or fewer, as they wished. Decisions were made democratically within the council. As all Xardans participated in a form of direct democracy, and were aware of all issues, the council was tasked to reflect public sentiment. This pressure caused most Xzardans to view sitting on the council like performing jury duty.  

 All the cults were represented among its members, including Hebe, which had a third of the seats as women were one-sixth of the population but also guardians of the children under 10. If the city-state could not find 101 members from the elder cohorts in a given year, they would randomly select adult Xzardans to serve one-year terms.  

 We circled a few islands and then flew behind the Hermes mountains back home over forests and a large swathe of the Ares zone. The forests looked like Earth from a distance, but on closer examination, the trees were very different. Some were like giant pinecones on stalks, but the cones were palm fronds that grew in a weird shape. The space beneath these trees was filled with cycads and a thick bush with branches that twisted around wildly with little leaves, and apparently flowered spectacularly in the rainy season. A few other types of trees were interspersed that took advantage of open light. They looked more like Earth trees such as tall eucalyptus or giant redwoods. The forests were green as photosynthesis was present, but the light was different, so colors appeared more vivid with a blueish tint. A forest must have completely covered the area of the main city at one time, as it seemed like vegetation grew everywhere it found an open space.  

 Within a few minutes, we were back at the villa. 

    “Now, Gray’shn, you know where you are,” Dzaan said.  

 Little did he realize I was never good with directions. 





 Chapter Six: Weeks Five to Nine


It was interesting to have seen other Xzardans and put the guys in context. I trained with Dzaan a few days earlier and was learning to accommodate his larger size. He was a couple of inches longer than Ruud and thicker at 8 inches at his widest. Dzaan easily fit with the Hercs. He had a phenomenal physique and appeared much more muscular than anyone I saw in the Poseidon zone. He also visibly grew since I first met him. I was becoming attached to Ruud but screwing with Dzaan brought back my intense feelings for him in a rush. It was a good thing my body was strong, and I seemed to heal and recover quickly. All my butt-related functions were normal, the heavy workouts had no worrisome effects. They say lots of lube is important for the full enjoyment of that part of us. I also learned to improve my muscle control. 

 I was more and more interested in going out. I loved the villa, but I enjoyed the communal dining hall we went to, and I was intrigued by what I saw while flying over the Herc zone. Especially since the Xzardans were so friendly. I had a taste of the outside and I was hooked. I thought about that, my lessons, and daily life with the guys more than Earth. I had all these new clothes from Shen that were intended for use in public, but just wore a simple short gray toga, a couple of pairs of swim briefs, or a short tunic, or nothing. We could clean our clothes almost instantly, so the same outfit was always fresh. We also enjoyed looking at each other’s bodies, and clothes weren’t a big focus. Although I became a connoisseur of their posing wear.... 

 As antsy as I could get wanting to explore, the guys could easily distract me. They came to know me so well each one could anticipate my moods through micro-expressions. The fact they were so smart was often disconcerting, but most times sexy. They played me well and seemed to be having a lot of fun. 

 By the middle of the 6th week, my training was almost complete. Dzaan became rougher and more exuberant over time and pounded me with his incredible tool a few hours a day. He worked me like a genuine artist and drove me to new heights of ecstasy. We used special plants for longevity and spent entire afternoons alone together. He taught me how to receive him and optimize his pleasure by squeezing on him and taking control while he lay flat on his back. He emphasized talking to him and letting him know what I wanted and when, and to ask and listen to him. I was more fit with greater stamina and could explore many new positions to get the most pleasure out of his cock. And give him gratification. He emphasized that communication is key as different men have varied tools and that is how you learn to use them well. We took it a few steps beyond Ruud, but I was eager to bring my new skills to both him and Stanj. From being a reluctant bottom, I learned to become very good at it and preferred doing that more than anything else with my guys. 

    “You’re a very sexy pup, Gray’shn. We did not expect you to be this much fun. You learn fast and you are irresistible. Whoever you want would be very lucky to be with you.” Dzaan said. 

    “I’m pretty satisfied being with you guys,” I replied.  

 The thought of the elite musclegods intrigued me a lot, as did any of the Xzardans I had seen so far, but I loved my guys and was comfortable with them. I could not conceive of not being with them. 

 Ruud and Stanj came over to the main table on the terrace as Dzaan and I were munching. They were both glistening with sweat and were topless in short white tunics. They were thickly muscled, pumped, beautiful beasts. 

    “Did Dzaan tell you? He accepted our invitation to become part of the Hercules cult.” Stanj said. 

    “Wow, that’s great! Congratulations Dzaan.” I said. 

    “It is a commitment, and I will wrap up my life with the Poseidon cult. I'll be devoted to bodybuilding full-time and enter the Hercules contest cycle… I'll also live with Stanj and Ruud. You brought us together, Gray’shn.” 

    “Thanks, I never thought of myself as a matchmaker!”  

 I considered the irony of being a matchmaker to my alien abductors. I may have taken Stockholm Syndrome to a new level. I also wondered where I fit in, as usual. I knew I was being prepared to meet the elite Hercules cultists and that the guys had not yet reached that status. At some point, we would separate, and I would experience more loss, which already nagged at me. I was happy for Dzaan, but a little worried. I loved them and was content with the way things were. It wasn’t very clear what would happen next. 

    “Dzaan has the making of a champion. He’s also achieved a great deal with the Poseidons. I’m sure they’ll still want you for assignments from time to time.” Ruud said as he looked to Dzaan and then turned to me.  

    “Hey, whatever happens, it’s you who will want to do it. And we know you will. But you will always have us to rely on if things don’t work out for whatever reason. Your bond with us as your first Xzardan friends and you as our Earth friend will last forever and our homes will always be your homes.”  

 Ruud could read me well. I snuggled up to him and we kissed a bit, and Stanj moved around to hug us both. 

    “We live in a place like this one in the Herc zone.” Added Stanj, as if to reinforce Ruud.  

 I forgot we were in a temporary place. And why not just move there? I thought. But even I realized it was complicated. Dzaan came over and pulled his huge semi-hard salami out of his briefs and tapped the top of my head with it. That was my cue to get up from the table and follow him for our next session. He took me to the posing room and shut the door. 

    “I want to try something special with you, okay?” 

    “Sure, I’m yours for the taking.” I was as agreeable as they were. I loved and trusted Dzaan completely. 

    “Stay here, I’ll be back in a minute.” 

 I settled in on the bed. My tunic and briefs were still on, so I slipped them off. The room was empty and windowless except for the bed that was like a flat table of 7 x 8 feet. It had a thin cushion and a black vinyl-like covering. Dzaan closed the door behind him, and a soft light illuminated me. I could smell nothing, except for my armpits. There was a small table next to the bed which had a couple of flasks of water to drink. It was silent. After a couple of minutes, I felt bored and fidgeted with my toes.  

    “Come on, Dzaan.” I thought to myself.  

 I figured I should be patient. I continued to wait. 

 I heard the door whoosh open. Dzaan came through the entry dressed in a black bodysuit trimmed in a luminous gold with lines that enhanced the bulges of his swollen muscle. The material was like a rubberized Lycra that clung to him in a way that revealed every vein of his physique. His head was covered by a cowl that allowed the top of his hair to escape and framed his handsome face. The headgear was entirely black except for a stylized band at the forehead in an abstract, Xzardan design that incorporated curves and angles. From his neck, along his traps, over his shoulders and down his biceps was a narrow line of pulsating metallic gold. The suit covered his arms and gloved his hands. The shimmering trim traced his pecs and abs.  

 From the back, the gold lines formed a diamond shaped design with chevrons that pointed to his almost perfect buttocks. The material cleaved into his butt crack. It dished up his butt like a shrink-wrapped prize. The lines followed the contour of each demi-sphere. There was a spiral design on the sides of his cheeks that descended along the sides of his legs in an unbroken line to the covering on his feet. His cock was full and stretched the rubbery fabric at the crotch as his weapon tried to push out of it but was held in place. The fabric stretched by his boner formed a pouch area that revealed the shape of his big, round balls. He looked massive and striking. My cock sprang to attention. 

    “Do you want to feel?” 

    “How d’you guess?” 

    “I don’t know, maybe it was your hardening cock.” 

 I got up and felt the fabric over his abs. I traced the outlines of the veins that squiggled over each chunky section. My fingers easily slid over the tight material. He smelled like Dzaan. I buried my face in his stomach and let it glide down to his crotch. I could see the veins on his prick as it pressed against the bodysuit. A bit of pre-cum emerged at his head. I wiped my lips on his hard member and kissed the wet spot. I looked up, and he was flexing his biceps. They may have now grown to the size of Ruud’s. As I looked, he bent over and flung me on my back. 

    “I wore this suit to prepare you.” 

 As he said that, two poles rose from the head of the bed. He climbed over me to grasp something from a pole as his junk brushed my face. As I attempted to grab his cock in my mouth, he clipped my hands into cuffs secured by the poles. He leaned back on his knees to watch me struggle. He smiled a grin that was wider than I ever saw on him. 

    “Ooh, you are really fine when you struggle. Do it some more, I love watching you flex and tense.” 

 I laughed with him and went along. He started touching himself over his suit, pulling his full cock as it stretched the fabric. He looked fantastic and yet I could not touch myself. I struggled some more as I realized I could not hold my dick. He laughed even harder as he stroked himself. Then he pulled out a blindfold from the side of the bed and covered my eyes. 

    “Now, dear pup, I am going to have my way with you. But first, I need to get out of this suit.” 

    “I really loved the suit.” 

    “It’ll be in the way.” 

    “You look incredible in it.” 

    “You can’t see it anymore, anyhow.” he laughed. 

 I felt him slide off the bed. I was eager for the next thing. I didn’t like not knowing what was going on. I struggled a bit involuntarily. 

    “Keep doing that, you look so good, pup. …I may have to cum part way through this.” 

 I heard fabric moving around. Then a bump. Then more movement. I imagined him struggling to peel off the suit. I laughed. 

    “What’s funny?” 

    “Nothing.” I giggled some more. 

    “Maybe I should have brought a gag.” 

    “Sorry, I’ll stop.” I tried to seal my lips.  

    ‘I’ve come so far.’ I thought to myself. 

 I snickered, then exploded with laughter. 

 I felt a bang on my mouth. He tapped it with his heavy prick and caught me by surprise. I became quiet.  

    “Keep flexing, I like it.” 

 I struggled a bit to make my body tense and emphasized my biceps. The sound of his masculine voice excited me. I wanted to touch myself and started fucking the air. I heard his accented grunts of approval. I knew if I asked him to touch me, he would deliberately take longer to do it. And then I felt my cock glide in his warm mouth. Xzardans were compassionate.  

 As I thought of cumming, I felt him kiss my belly and suck my nipples. I soon smelled his skin and breath above me. Then a wet kiss that became insistent as his tongue reached my throat. I grabbed it with my lips as his saliva soaked my goatee. I thought about his beautiful face, which made me crave release again. He lifted his head off me and I felt the weight of his fleshy club on mine. It was nice to feel the pressure as my hips rose to feel more of him with my jewels. Then I felt the bulbous head of his cock push into my balls and then my armpits. I could sense him moving toward my head. I rapidly stuck my tongue at him like a lizard to let him know I wanted to kiss him. He pressed his head on my lips. My mouth widened to encompass as much of it as it could without touching teeth. Finding its eye with my tongue, I believed I made a fortunate encounter with a Cyclops. 

 He rubbed me with it for a while. Then he held my left leg up by my ankle and clipped it into another device and did the same on the other side. Something must have come down from the ceiling as I was now fully bound. My legs were in the air with my butt hole pointing outward and my hands remained tied behind me. I struggled some more and heard Dzaan snicker with delight. He pressed a handful of a cool, sticky substance into me while he massaged my rear. I then felt his warm tongue carefully lick the fruit from my ass. I noticed a rush as he ate from me and then waves of dopamine engulfed my head. We were in fact sharing a sundowner fruit, but this one was new. His tongue massaged the rim of my anus. He tried to go deeper and taste more fruit. I breathed deeply a few times. He came up. 

    “Don’t tell me you’re tired already!” 

    “No, I love it. Keep going, please.” 

    “Okay, but brace yourself.” 

 He positioned the head of his dick at my hole and teased it. Then, he thrust himself into me fully in one swift movement. He stopped. He gave me time to adjust and feel him. It stung. He slowly moved so I could feel him better. Gradually, he pumped, at first sliding back and forth only an inch. I took deep breaths and relaxed. As I did so, he quickened his pace. This had the effect of stimulating the remaining fruit inside me. 

 He used more of his length as a rush overcame me. I hugged him when I reclaimed control, only to be relaunched repeatedly into oblivion. I focused on the feeling of my insides and the sense of thrill. My balls felt sore, and I struggled to touch myself. I heard him laugh and felt him increase his tempo. Then a clammy hand gently pressed on my junk and I tried to move into it. I groaned and squeezed on him. The waves of rush were now a tingle in my head. My heart felt warm in my chest and beat faster. He emitted a deep growl as he moved himself to feel the sensations of his tool. The sound of deep ‘ah’s’ accompanied my gasps.  

 I could smell my odor mixed with the musky scent of Dzaan, his breath and hints of my poo. I found it intoxicating. His beefy balls spanked me harder. His fingers held my cock at its base to suppress my emerging cum. He thrust harder.  

 Then more determined.  

 His balls felt heavy. My hole was sore.  

 His hand released me. And my insides suddenly felt empty. Then I felt some splattered cum. 

 Dzaan was panting, softly repeating, “Oh Gray’shn.” 

 He cleaned the dripping santorum from my butt. My legs were still aloft. I felt his tongue on my balls. Then on my taint. It felt warm and wet and comforting. He cupped my butt in his hands and fit his lips around the base of my cock and sucked it like a teat. Continuing, he slurped as he breathed through his nose. I was already so close, and then my cum surged forward and dropped down his throat. 

 I felt his hands around my left ankle and the sound of unclipping. Then the other side. He lowered my legs and pulled up beside me on the bed. He pulled the blindfold off. I looked at his smiling face and thought, ‘Fuck, this man is incredible.’ He seemed even more handsome and buff than ever. Still tied to the bed and helpless, he gazed at me with a shit-eating grin. I struggled and flexed to entertain him. He bent over and kissed me, then took full control of my mouth. I genuinely struggled with my hands trapped, I wanted to grab onto him. Laughing, he moved over to untie me. 

    “How was that, pup?” 

    “Not something I’ll soon forget. That was quite an experience. You did good.” 

 I glanced on the floor and saw his suit looked like an insignificant black and gold rag about 18 inches long. 

    “I thoroughly enjoyed it. You were really delectable; you will never know how amazing it is to fuck you.… I won’t forget this.” 




 Weeks 7 to 9 

 By the time the eighth week started, the guys and I had regular group sex sessions and we avoided one-on-one scenes. We were deepening our bonds, but I was also reminded that there was a lot of Xzardan Hercs who wanted to meet me. To keep me as their lover would contradict what they were tasked to do. They also showed me more holographs of their top champions. I couldn’t help it, but each one I saw turned me on. And yet I did not want to give up my life with the guys. 

 From what I could tell, the Hercules cult held a series of annual city-level competitions for various titles, which culminated in the titles of Hercules of each city-state. This kept an ongoing momentum of contests and exhibitions to fuel a continuous effort for the Hercs to perfect their bodies and routines. Posing routines were also more elaborate and incorporated dancing and flexing in a way that reflected personality, muscular achievement, and sex appeal. A goal in this sex-driven, testosterone overloaded society was to be widely desired, and muscle was a hotly desired male trait. 

 I had yet to see any of my city-state’s titleholders in the flesh but judging from the holographs they were all beyond Ruud in development and undeniably magnificent. Somehow, they would be selected from the top 5% of the Hercules cultists, which meant competing directly amongst an elite cadre of 250 of the Herc zone’s 5000 musclegods. The contest/exhibition calendar narrowed the top 250 down to about 50 of the absolute best, if determining that could even be possible among so many perfectly developed musclegod kings. What I did not realize was that the next city-wide competition was to be held in less than 2 weeks... and they invited me as an honored guest! 

 Later, they would hold a planet-wide contest to name the Hercules of Xzarda as a whole. This Hercules event would occur in 2 of their months at the beginning of their new year. It was part of the new year celebrations and ended in a week-long Bacchanalia in the winner’s city. This competition took place among 5 titleholders from each city-state, or 35 Herculeses (soon to be 40 with the newest city-state), which gave each city 5 chances to win. 

 The reason I believed they spent so many resources to get me to Xzarda was to enhance their genetic diversity. The original 250 men who were abducted by the Muraan provided adequate genetic diversity, but they believed more human stock would improve the strength of the Xzardan people and enhance its overall beauty. Those like me they imported from Earth were considered ‘pure’, as opposed to themselves who they saw as less ‘pure’. It would not matter what the ethnic or racial origin of the import would be. Humans from Earth were root homo sapiens stock. This gave us a cachet amid these supermen who actively and consistently pursued perfection with a religious determination through all the cults. As the Hercules cult was enticing to me, this complemented another motivation for my happy kidnaping. 

 Among the lore of the Hercules cult is the story of Iolaus, Hercules’ favorite lover. It is embedded in Xzardan consciousness as an ideal, highly sought-after form of love. However, Iolaus is much smaller than Hercules, and far less muscular, but is an adult who can grow a beard. Man-boy love is not approved of in Xzarda, the youngest permitted age for an adult man to have sex with is 18-19 years old, and even then it is seen as being of questionable ethics to date guys who are still in the Ares youth zone. Not to mention, the competitiveness and energy of teenage Xzardans rarely make for a stable love affair. They viewed it as better to engage with men who have graduated to the young men’s zone and left the Ares youth areas behind them. 

 Thus, the Iolaus story is a rare ideal and fantasized over by most of the giant Hercules cultists who discuss it endlessly, but invariably satisfy themselves with other musclemen, their main available attraction, or the occasional tryst with a younger and relatively smaller Xzardan man from other cults. And so, I learned I was as desired by these supermen as they turned me to jelly at the sight of them. Maybe even more. What I did not yet fully realize was that the Hercules competition was also widely understood as a ‘coming-out’ event for me, where I would be seen by the local cult’s 5000 musclegods. They would also introduce me to some top musclegod kings, including the winner, who I would have a role in selecting. The guys knew that after the competition I would probably not be coming back to stay with them, but I was still not sure of what was ahead and feared the unknown. I seemed to react by upping our sexual activity level and thought less about exploring and having lunch at a communal dining hall. 

 As change was in the air, the guys also wanted to take advantage of our last remaining days together. I was unsure of the details, but a sea-change in my life was on the horizon. Over the weeks I added a few more pounds of muscle and developed a hot, dimpled bubble-butt that was wildly desired by most Xzardan men. I took great comfort from having one of my hosts’ fantastic cocks up my ass, or in my mouth, or hands. I had become their happy and willing fuck-puppy, ready to be used and abused by them at a moment’s notice. 

 Dzaan looked like he gained 20-25 pounds of solid muscle in the past eight weeks. He was swallowing Ruud and Stanj’s cum, which helped him build, and they all worked out and ate a lot. Dzaan was like a professional bodybuilder now, he seemed less swimmer-like and more like a beautiful hulk who was catching up to Ruud. And yet Ruud and Stanj also improved. Dzaan was not yet at the level of Stanj and Ruud, but he was not far behind. He was also ahead of many of the current cultists. Ruud had 2 levels to cross before becoming elite, and Stanj had about 3. Dzaan was starting with 4 levels to cross as he had achieved a great deal of progress already. Other new members of the cult may have 7 levels to cross. Not everyone in the cult made it to the top 2 levels before elite status. They could be limited by sheer muscle mass, the aesthetic nature of their development, symmetry, presentation skills, overall package, and level of male beauty. They could also plateau for years and then take off again. 

 Dzaan’s shoulders, arms, and pecs were visibly larger. His arms were enormous to begin with, but were now the biggest of the 3. At least they looked that way because he was so lean. Veins squiggled over them like roots and extended into his shoulders and pecs. His torso was outstanding, but it was the elegant way he carried himself, like a fine stallion which made him breathtaking to watch. Combined with my intimate knowledge of his incredible prick, his warmth, and humor, I understood what a fantastic man he was. 

 The large mirror on the deck used to practice their posing provided me with endless entertainment. They knew it got me hard to watch them. It was also an aphrodisiac for them. They enjoyed showing off and watching each other. I wondered if the same thing went on all over the Herc zone. We changed up the bedroom and now used one gigantic bed for the four of us. We were there or on the patio. Erindans came daily and ensured we were well supplied and catered to. In between it all, I learned enough Xzardan to be at the same level the guys had in English. Their language had many more words related to a man’s anatomy and sex than I ever knew in English. It was the best language for sex. We interacted in Xzardan for the most part. 

 We would mark our days by day and nighttime sex that lasted for up to a couple of hours. I could watch the guys fuck in different pairings and observe their magnificent bodies heave and flex and mash against themselves. I would then turn to the one available and grind with them. Sometimes one would come up behind me while I was kissing another and fuck me. At one point I was kissing Stanj as Dzaan screwed me and Ruud sucked my cock. We ultimately did that in every combination. It was muscle-sex paradise. Our only proper job was to learn the language, and that was going well. 

 I wondered if the elders knew this was going on, or if they set the situation up for this to happen. I wondered if every Earth guy went through the same initiation. It was an ingenious way to transition us to a new world after being abducted. The trick was in the accuracy of their selection. The cost was being torn away from my previous life. However, I would have chosen Xzarda if given the choice. I just would have agonized more.  

 I also wondered who else could be out there. 



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