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Greek Diner Muscle. Updated 3-13


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After one month of training camp, Dino came home to finish the last five months of police training at the local county facility, where he’d be in classes from 9 to 5 every weekday.

He texted me when he got back. ‘You gotta see this. I’m coming over’

Soon, I heard his Camaro roar into my driveway. I heard the loud thud of him shutting the car door. My heart was pounding hard in anticipation. I knew from talking to him while he was away that the morning 5K runs he took every morning had shredded him up. But at the same time, he’d gained muscle mass from the ‘take all you want, but eat all you take’ policy of the camp’s cafeteria.

I let him in through the side door. He had on black tactical boots, jeans, and a police issue shirt. He was huge. Almost wider than he was tall. He grabbed me and kissed me, and walked me back until I was up against a wall. He broke off the kiss. “Miss me?” he asked. We were both breathing heavy.

“Yes.” He undid the top button of his shirt. His chest pushed the shirt open, straining the next button. He undid that button, and more chest swelled out. “Wait,” I said. I reached out and slowly undid the third button. His massive chest pushed out even more. I could see deep striations.

“My body fat feels like 1%, bro.” He flexed his chest and made the striations dance and writhe. “I shaved myself down so you could see them better. I been dreaming of you pec fucking these hogs.” I ran my finger up the deep pec valley. He had a thick chain on his neck that dug into his skin like a too tight choker collar.

“What’s with this?” I asked. I couldn’t even get my finger under it.

“My mom gave it to me awhile back. She said ‘Dinos, why you not wear my gift anymore?’ so I put it back on. It used to hang loose.” He flexed his neck, and the chain almost exploded apart.

“Wait!” I said. I reached behind his neck and undid the clasp. I put it down on a table, then I rubbed the indentations that ringed his bullneck. His skin was oily with viscous sweat. “I know a guy who can add more links to your chain.”

“Yeh? You’d do that for me, bro.” he whispered into my ear.

I reached inside his shirt and felt his traps. “Jesus Christ , Dino.”

“Help me outta this shirt, Tommy. You gotta see.” We got his shirt off him. He stepped back from me. The waistline of his jeans was slack, but his quads stretched them tight. His torso flared out, pure shred and mass. He unbuckled his belt and pulled it off. He sat down on the sofa and took off his boots. His grainy muscles rippled as he struggled out of his jeans. He had on black posers. He stood up. The posers fit him like a thong. He flexed his abs and they clenched up like cobblestone.

“Feel this shit, bro.” He took my hand and put it on his stomach. “Pinch the skin,” he said. I put my index finger and thumb on one of his cobblestones. The skin so tight and thin, I could see the veins. I pinched it and rolled it in my fingers like Saran Wrap. I let go of it and it snapped back into place. I rubbed my hand on his 8 pack. He grunted, then sucked his abs into a vacuum pose. His chest heaved as his stomach clenched into a deep maw of muscle latticework. My hand caressed his iron obliques. “Not bad for 278, huh?” he said.

“No way,” I said.

“Go get your scale.”

I went and got the scale, and put it on the living room floor. He stepped on it, and we watched as the digital readout flashed higher and higher. It stopped at 279. He stepped off the scale with a satisfied smirk. He was built like a younger, more massive version of Hadi Choopan. A shredded 279 pound future cop.

I got on my knees and peeled his posers off him. It wasn’t easy. His ass and quads were so big. The posers were stretched to fuck by the time he stepped out of them and had his way with me. I had gained some size myself, but he handled my 220 pounds with powerful ease. I had abstained for the month he was gone, just like he’d asked me to, and it paid off in spades as I wallowed in his massiveness, and he maneuvered me around for his pleasure. By the time we finished, two legs of my sofa had snapped, and we had smashed my heavy oak coffee table into pieces. He’d been here three hours, and I felt like I’d been through a triathlon. We showered together and I scrubbed down his Herculean back and deep ass crack. The soapy water ran along the striations of his ballooned glutes.

Afterwards, we went back to the living room, and I laid on my skewed sofa and watched him get dressed. I picked up his gold chain and handed it to him. He shoved it into his pocket. “We can get that fixed whenever you want,” I said. His neck still had indents around it, like a chain of hickies.

“Sounds good.” Then he left.

The next few months went by quickly. I had to travel a lot for work. Dino was busy during weekdays with training and lifting, and he was working nights and weekends at the diner. We did get his chain fixed. My friend Joey worked at a fancy jewelry store in town, so I took Dino there to meet him. They were such total opposites. Joey tended hard towards flamboyant and fabulous, and Dino was such a strong silent type, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It went better than I thought. Joey even got a little giddy around him, but it was hard not to, especially when he showed up in his police training uniform.

Dino ended up graduating in the top ten percent of his class. One night he showed me how he’d learned to take apart a gun. Guns usually make me uneasy, but watching Dino disassemble a Glock 22, then put it back together with his thick hands was so goddamn erotic. It didn’t hurt that he was naked and had me rubbing gun lube all over him while he did it. When he finished with the Glock, I lubed up his other two 25” guns.

A week after his graduation, I took him out to an nice Italian restaurant to celebrate. As the hostess led us to our seats, I watched people’s reactions as they saw Dino waddling through the restaurant in his button down shirt and snug fitting dress pants. He was bigger than ever and hard to miss.

The place was known for its huge portions, and I loved watching Dino eat as much as he loved eating. So when the waitress brought out his fettuccine Alfredo in an oversized pasta bowl, we were both pleased. The only distraction was a family of four that was a few tables away from us. The father kept obnoxiously complaining to the waitress about everything. People at surrounding tables rolled their eyes and shifted uncomfortably in their seats. Dino didn’t seem to notice. He was about halfway through the bowl when he said, “You wanna go to Vegas?”

That took my attention away from the jerk at the other table. “Sure,” I said. “When?”


“Tonight? Why?”

“So we can get married.”

I dropped my fork, and my jaw. “Dude. Seriously? Why the rush? I’m not even pregnant.”

“We’ll have to keep trying,” he said with a smirk.

“What about tickets?”

“I already booked them. We’re on tonight’s red eye.”

“I’d have to pack,” I said, my heart racing.

“When you were gone last week I went to your place and packed a bag for you. It’s in my trunk.”

“You cocky fuck,” I said, and he chuckled as he continued to eat. “Where’s my ring?” I asked.

“Joey has the rings. I picked them up last week too. He’s bringing them here later.”

“You’re not fucking around?”

“Do I look like I’m fuckin’ around?” he said, still eating. There was a cream coated fettuccini noodle hanging down his chin. “We can join the mile-high club on the way,” he added.

“You and I would definitely not fit in an airplane bathroom together.”

“We’ll have room. We’re flying first class. Then we’re staying in the bridal suite at the Bellagio.”

“Oh yeh? How are you paying for all this?”

“My dad sold the diner. He’s moving back to Greece with Mom, and he gave me my share of the sale. You up for this or what?”

“God yes. Jesus.” My head was spinning. I reached across the table a took his hand. He rubbed my palm with his meaty thumb. “Hey,” I said, “can Jack come, and be our witness?”

“I already booked him. He said he had the perfect bridesmaid outfit picked out.”

We both laughed. I was getting all verklempt.

Just then, the obnoxious father passed our table and went over to the wait station and started yelling at the waitress. When he finished, he turned to go back to his seat. The waitress looked all shook up. As the guy passed our table, Dino grabbed him by his forearm and pulled him down to face level. The jerk was about to yell out, but Dino squeezed his arm harder, and I saw the guy’s face go ashen.

“If you continue to berate the wait staff, you’re going to have a 290 pound problem on your hands,” Dino said calmly. Although I saw a vein in his forehead starting to bulge out and pulse. “My fiancé and I are trying to have a nice evening. Capiche?” The jerk shook his head yes. “Oh,” added Dino, pulling the jerk’s face closer to his. Speckles of Alfredo sauce hit his face as Dino spoke. “Leave a one hundred percent tip. I memorized your license plate when you were being an ass to the valet when we pulled up. I will run your plate, find out where you live, and hunt you down when you least expect it.” Then he let go of his arm. The guy scurried back to his table, rubbing his forearm. People applauded, including the wait staff.

“You gonna eat that?” he asked, nodding at my half eaten bowl of bolognese.

I slid the bowl over to him. “Did you really memorize his plate number?”

“Hell no. But he doesn’t know that.” He started eating again, nonplussed.

I could hardly wait to get to Vegas.


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Jesus how could I miss this masterpiece! I'm so into these Mediterranean, hypermasculine fireplugs and Dino represents them perfectly! And his desire to become bigger and even bigger while still being mostly realistic is the cherry on top! 

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After Joey showed up at the restaurant, we all went to the airport together. Traveling first class definitely has its perks. The security line was a breeze, and the admiralty club was sweet. The bathroom in the lounge area was cleaner than my own. Dino and I went in there to change into clothes that Joey had brought us. Dino stripped down to his briefs and started posing in the bathroom’s big wall mirror. He looked morphed. I ran my finger down the deep canyon than ran along the middle of his perfectly symmetrical monster back. When I got to his briefs I slid my hand under them. I felt his gluteus medias jutting out atop his massive gluteus maxima, hard as iron. I strummed my fingers across his glute striations.


“You want this, bro?” he asked. 


I moved my hand to the front of his briefs. He was hard as iron there too. I started to jerk him off, but then Joey stuck his head in through the door. 


“I knew I couldn’t leave you two alone,” he said. “You know it’s bad luck for the grooms to ejaculate all over an airport bathroom the night of your wedding, don’t you?”


I gave Dino’s dick one last hard squeeze. “Our chaperone is here,” I whispered into his ear as I wiped the precum off his hard cock. Then we started getting dressed. I put on a pair of joggers and a Tommy Bahama shirt. Dino put on cargo shorts and a tank top that fit him like a second skin. His eight-pack showed through the snug cotton. He had on a pair of flip flops. His feet were thick and sturdy.


“Seriously?” said Joey. “That’s what your wearing?” Joey was a dandy dresser, and was also bejeweled.


“Not white trash enough for you?” Dino smirked as he scratched his crotch. Joey rolled his eyes and left the bathroom. We followed him back to our seating area. Dino pulled a baseball hat out of his carry-on and put it on backwards.


“Lord give me strength,” Joey said. Then he reached into his Louis Vuitton bag. “You might as well put this on too,” he said, pulling out the thick chain that he had added links to so it would fit around Dino’s massive neck. He went over to Dino and reached around his neck to clasp the chain on. Joey wasn’t a big muscle fan, but there’s something about being that close to a man who’s extraordinarily swole that is flustering. I saw their eyes meet as Joey clasped the chain. “There,” he said, and he stumbled back to his seat.


“You okay?” I asked, bemused.


“I just might be suffering from the vapors. It’s so hot in here. Is it too much to ask that the first class lounge have better air conditioning?”


When it was time for us to board, we went down to our gate. We didn’t even have to sit down, first class was already boarding. We walked down the jetway without even stopping. I didn’t know how I’d ever fly coach again. There were only three rows, with two seats on each side. Dino and I sat in the first row. Joey sat in the middle row, across from us. Before any coach passengers even started loading, the flight attendant brought us warm towels and took our drink orders. Our attendant was a trim little guy, but very attractive and fit. He looked like a pint-sized Tommy Fury. He even had a British accent. His name was Tobias. “You must workout tons,” he said to Dino. “Your upper arm is the size of my waist,” he said with a dazzling smile. 


“You think?” said Dino. Never one to miss an opportunity to show off, he flexed his arm. He watched it peak up, then looked at Tobias’s waist, and said, “I think you might be right.”


“Lucky for you you’re up here. You’d be a tight fit in the back.”


“You have no idea,” I said.


After Tobias went back to the galley, I looked over at Joey, who mouthed ‘Oh my god’ at me. Our attendant was definitely his type. When Tobias brought our drinks out, he said, “It’s not a very full flight tonight. It looks like I might have you three all to myself.” He turned and winked at Joey as he sat down his drink.


Tobias was right, not many people got on the plane, and we were loaded and taxiing in no time. We took off, and when the plane leveled out and the seat belt sign went off, Dino said to me, “Unbuckle.”


“Why?” I asked.


“Cause I’m gonna fuck your brains out.” He reached into a pocket of his shorts and pulled out a small bottle of massage gel. He kicked off his flip flops. He pulled his shorts and briefs down over his massive thighs, then kicked them off.


“Dude,” I said nervously, looking around for Tobias.


“Don’t worry about him, I tipped him when we got on. He’s got the curtain pulled. Anyway, this isn’t gonna take long, but I gotta unload.” He squirted gel on his dick and lubed himself, then he turned back to Joey and said, “Why don’t you go keep him company?” nodding toward the galley. Joey grasped on quickly to what was happening. He got up and shielded his eyes with his hand as he passed us, but I saw him peeking.


As I fumbled with my seatbelt, Dino got impatient. He reached over, grabbed the buckle and slowly crushed it in his hand. When it still didn’t unlatch, he grabbed the belt and ripped it right out of the seat. 


I could hardly get my sweats off fast enough, I wanted him in me so badly. I started unbuttoning my shirt, but Dino grabbed it and ripped it open. Buttons flew off it. He lifted me up like a sack of potatoes and placed my ass over his dick. Then he pulled me down. His gelled up rod slid into me deep. We both grunted. He pumped me up and down with his hugely muscled arms. I worked with him, thrusting down with all my weight. He stared directly at me as we fucked. The roar of the jet engines drowned out our grunting.


“Who’s my fucking muscle whore?” he grunted.


“I am,” I grunted back. I leaned forward and put my hands on his massive delts. “Fuck my brains out, you bloated fuck.” He pounded me harder.


Just then the plane hit some turbulence. After a minute or two, the fasten seatbelt light chimed on. 


“Maybe I should…”


“You should stay right where you are. I’ll hold you.” He gripped my arms so hard that it hurt. He raged into me like a bull, slamming my head up and down into the overhead control panel. “Fucken muscle whore,” he growled. “Fucken swollen meathead,” I growled back. He fucked me harder.


The turbulence got worse. The plane bounced like a speedboat in rough seas. But it made the sex even better. Dino held me tightly against him and continued to thrust. 


Suddenly, the plane started losing altitude and the oxygen masks came down. I heard some screaming from back in coach. Dino pulled me down and kissed me hard. Then I put my mask on, and helped him with his as he held onto me. I don’t know if it was the oxygen or the imminent threat of violent death, but I’d never felt so sexually charged. I held onto him tightly. He grunted and huffed. Finally, I felt him cum. Every huge muscle on him rippled. He held himself in me. Our mask were steamed up, and sweat rolled off both of us. The turbulence abated. 


Dino took off his mask, ripped the front of his tank top open, and said, “Pec fuck me.” He grabbed the gel. He poured it on his meaty chest and filled his deep pec valley with it. He grunted as he rubbed it in. “So goddam smooth,” he moaned. I put my dick in it and pushed it deeper down with my fingers. Then he flexed his chest, and the thick mounds closed in on my dick. His pecs were inches bigger than the first time I’d fucked them. And he seemed to enjoy having them fucked more than ever. I slid my dick up and down, arching into his powerful chest. He gripped his armrest so tightly that ropes of veins bulged out on the top of his arm. His grip made it crack. Suddenly, the armrest snapped off. He continued to crush it, right next to my ear. The cracking sounds made me cum so hard. In his cleavage. Up his thick neck. On his chin. Onto his face. His chain looked like a wet pearl necklace.


I plopped over into my seat. “Holy shit,” I said, drained. I pulled on my joggers. Dino dropped the crushed armrest, and it swung in the aisle by its wiring. He pulled on his cargo shorts just as Tobias came into the cabin with a tray full of warmed towels.


“From the sounds of it, I thought you two could use these.” Dino grabbed a handful of the towels and handed some to me. As Dino wiped down his torso, Tobias said, “You are the most muscular chap I’ve ever seen.”


“Thanks, mate,” said Dino. He bounced his massive wet pecs.


“Wow. How big is your chest?” asked Tobias. 


“70 inches,” bragged Dino.


Tobias thought for a second. “That’s 6 inches more than I am tall.” 


Joey came out of the galley and joined us. “Why does it smell like a barn in here? Oh, I see,” he said, looking us over haughtily.


“Is that a hickey on your neck?” I asked him.


“No. Where?” He grabbed his neck and scurried into the lavatory.


Tobias changed the subject by saying, “I see that the turbulence caused a bit of damage,” as he eyed the swinging armrest and the mangled seatbelt. “Funny thing is, the pilots say there was no weather pattern indicating turbulence. They don’t know why it happened.”


I thought I had a clue, as my banged up ass throbbed in my seat. My arms had deep tissue bruising from where Dino held me. I looked over at him as he wiped his deep armpits, his musk wafting over me. I wondered if I would survive our wedding night.



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