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Greek Diner Muscle. Updated 3-13


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Best SFW line:  "I don’t know if it was the oxygen or the imminent threat of violent death, but I’d never felt so sexually charged. "

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After we landed in Vegas, we went right to the Bellagio and checked in. Dino had arranged a wedding package at one of the Elvis chapels in town for that night, so we changed into our wedding clothes. Joey had packed a traditional tux for me. Dino’s tux was traditional too, except he had had it heavily tailored, and the sleeves were cut off. His upper arms hung out like big hams. Big veiny Hormels. They made my dick jump. 


We met Joey down in the lobby. He was wearing a hot pink suit with a big corsage on his wrist. He had invited Tobias, who was on a layover for a few days, and he was wearing a dashing Turnbull and Asser suit. He looked ridiculously handsome. We must have been quite a sight, even for Vegas, given the way people were gawking at us as we walked through the lobby. I heard someone whisper, “Is that Nick Walker?” as they watched Dino waddle out of the casino.


The chapel had sent their limo to pick us up. It wasn’t a very long ride. We practically could have walked, but Dino’s legs would probably have pumped up so much that they would have torn his pants. The service wasn’t very long either, which was fine with me. Elvis sang ‘Love Me Tender’ as we walked down the aisle. Joey wept. The woman taking pictures couldn’t take her eyes off Dino. When he flexed his arms in his sleeveless tux, she almost fainted. 


Back at the hotel, Dino and I went up to our suite to change clothes. When I opened the door, Dino said, “I wanna carry you over the threshold.”


“Maybe I should carry you, I suggested. Dino laughed a deep baritone chuckle. “What’s so funny?” I asked.


“That you think you could lift me.”


“Hey. I do deads with 345 pounds. I can pick up your fat ass.”


“Give it your best shot, Muscles.”


So I did. Give it my best shot, anyway. If you’ve ever tried to lift a bank vault, that’s what trying to pick up Dino was like. I don’t know why deadlifting 345 is so much easier than trying to budge Dino’s blocky, granite hard Greek mass, but it was. I couldn’t get him an inch off the ground. I tried and tried. “Fuck,” I finally said. 


“No worries,” said Dino. He scooped me off the ground like I was a puppy. “It was so cute watching you try.” He stepped over the threshold with me, then lifted me up and over his head and onto his shoulders. He started doing squats. Deep, slow squats. “Ah fuck yeh,” he said. “You’re so light.” At 220, I didn’t think I was so light, but with my crotch pressing into his mounded traps, I didn’t care, he could use me as a weight all night. After twenty reps, he started using me for lunges, crossing the length of the suite until we were up against the floor-to-ceiling windows. He did a set of squats. Then he went back again, lunging his was across the suite. Then, more squats. Then he turned and started lunges again. Halfway across the room, I heard the seat of his pants start to rip, as his oversized glutes pumped full. My dick was hard on his bull neck. I heard his pants legs giving out as his quads ripped them apart. 


“I’m fucking hulking out, bro,” he gloated. When we reached the window, he lifted me off his shoulders and put me down. I put my hands through the tears in his pants and groped his hard ass and huge thighs. 


“Jesus, Dino. You’re so goddamn huge.”


“I gotta fuck,” he said. “Brace yourself against the window.” I turned and put my hands up against the glass. He undid my pants and pulled them down. Just as he entered me, the Bellagio fountain’s water show started. The music was piped throughout our suite by hidden speakers. “Twerk on my cock, fucker,” he said. I arched into him as the water spouts shot up higher and higher, spinning and spiraling, the fountain lights flashing and changing colors as Dino plowed into me. I felt like I was on ayahuaska, tripping my brains out with pleasure. My head banged up against the window in a steady, hard rhythm. I hoped the glass would hold.


As the show crescendoed, Dino grabbed my waist with his powerful grip and pulled me in hard. He roared like a great ape as the music grew more and more dramatic and the water shot impossibly high. He shot his own fountain in me as he cursed lustfully. He finished just as the show ended and the music stopped, the lights went dark, and the water spouts rumbled back to the fountain. All was quiet. He pulled out of me and we rolled to the floor. I crawled onto him and used him as a 290 pound sweaty mattress of muscle.


“Suck me off,” I said. I didn’t need to ask twice. 


“Yeh, I’ll feed off you, bro.” He lifted me like I was made of balsa, and lowered me into his mouth. It had taken everything I had not to bust all over the window, so it wasn’t going to take long. He nursed on me like the hungry gorilla that he was. I imagined my cum making him grow better than a heavy cycle of tren. “Jesus, Dino, fuck, man.” I emptied my own fountain of jizz down his gullet. He sucked on me like I was the best protein shake he’d ever tasted. 


When I finally rolled off him, he stood up, then picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry. He carried me into the bedroom and tossed me onto the bed. He stripped down naked, then he stripped me. I watched his naked massiveness strut into the bathroom. He came back out with a bottle of moisturizer. He held it like it was his cock, and sprayed the white cream all over me. His big forearms rippled as he rubbed it into my skin. I took the bottle and sprayed him the same way. He turned around so I could splatter his massive backspread. 


“Goddamn man, your back is huge,” I said as I rubbed cream on his jutting lats.


“Yeh, look at these bat wings,” he said, flaring his broad muscles out over a meter.


We were both hard again. He climbed into the bed and mounted me. We were both slippery with moisturizer. I groped him up and imagined him getting even bigger, stronger. We went at it until the sun was coming up over the desert. Then we fell asleep in each other’s arms. 


Best wedding night ever.


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