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This story will contain some themes of incest. Please do not continue if that is disturbing to you. 


Chapter 1:


I was driving up to my Uncle Ryan's house. At age 35 he was my dad's younger brother. I hadn't seen him in years, in fact, it was before Covid lockdowns. He lived in the opposite end of the state and often missed events due to his intense work schedule or from Covid outbreaks. He was my favorite family member growing up. Ryan was always the life of the family and I had missed not seeing him the past couple years. But now I was coming to live with him for a while. I was granted a partial scholarship to a university only a few minutes walk from Ryan's house. My uncle graciously opened his home to me so that I wouldn't have to take out loans. 


I eventually got to his house, pulled into his driveway and stepped out of my car to open my hatch. It was hot and humid in the early August sun. As soon as the trunk slid open I heard, in a deep resounding voice, "Hey Andrew! How's my favorite nephew doing!" I turned around and it was my Uncle Ryan. He was an extremely handsome man with a thick head of graying hair that was cut high and tight. Ryan also had a very short and trimmed beard that nicely accentuated some of the rounder features of his face. He was a taller man standing at 6'0" only a couple inches taller than myself. He kinda had a bloated stomach and love handles poking through his shirt, although his arms were bulky with a good bit of muscle, despite not having a ton of definition. He began to hug me tightly with a large layer of fat between us two. 


Uncle Ryan wasn't always like this. Growing up he really got into bodybuilding in high school and college and really packed on a lot of solid muscle. Family trips to the beach were always a treat when I got to see him without his shirt. Every year he grew more as his physique improved. His body was absolutely magnetic to me at the time and didn't understand. Growing up I jacked off to the thought of Ryan flexing his muscles for me, letting me feel him up. It's kind of embarrassing to admit but Ryan helped me to realize that I was gay.


On top of that, he inspired me to pursue my own fitness goals. Since I graduated high school I had taken a year to work and save money, then a couple more years going to community college. All the while I signed up for a gym membership and dove into bodybuilding. I wasn't massive but at 5'10" and 170 pounds I felt that my body was quite respectable - at least that's what the sexual attention I got from men seemed to indicate. It was somewhat deflating to see Ryan hadn't been able to keep up with it. Being only 22 I was excited about how much room I had left to grow. 


"I'm so glad you made it Andrew! I'm excited to have somebody come stay with me for a while. Now, why don't I help you get your stuff into the house." Ryan said to me. I replied, "Sure, that'd be great. I didn't pack much since I knew you would have most of the furniture. I just brought clothes, electronics, and personal items." We both gathered the luggage and went inside his fairly large sized 3 Bed, 3 Bath home. Ryan lead me into a room that was fairly empty - only a bed, a dresser, a night stand, and a desk and chair - that had an in-suit bath attached to it. 


"Here's where you'll be staying, Andrew. Please, make yourself at home. You're going to be living here for the next few years, so no need to act like a stranger. All my Wi-Fi and streaming passwords are on the fridge."


"Hey, thanks Uncle Ryan again for letting me stay here with you. You don't understand how much this means to me!" 


"No worries, man. I love having you over. Now I am going to go to the store to get stuff to make meals for the week. Do you need me to get you anything?" 


"I think I should be fine, Uncle Ryan. I just need to spend sometime putting away all my stuff and getting settled, but thanks." 


"Alright, sounds good. I will leave you to it then! I am running some other errands so I will be back in a couple hours." 


After Ryan had left to go the store, I really began to unpack all of my belongings. I hung my shirts up in the closet, put my other clothes away in the dresser. 


I also brought with me my supplements that I had been taking and protein powder. Looking the the bag I found a huge box of hundreds of little packets of powder that I had bought from a mutual acquaintance. They are supposed to be stirred into water to drink. He swore up and down that they're perfect for losing fat and gaining muscle fast. This dude was huge and he came with a good recommendation. I had bought them last week and had been using them but they didn't quite seem to be working all that well for me. It was disappointing to say the least, especially because of how expensive the box was. I gathered all of it and put it on the kitchen island to ask Ryan where I could store them when he got home. 


I went to Ryan's massive living room and sat down on the comfortable sectional couch and turned on the television. It was so nice to be out of my parents house for a while, even if it was my uncle's house. I suddenly was filled with excitement for this new chapter in my life - I'm finally getting out of my hometown! 




"Hey Andrew! Dinners ready!" Ryan called out from the kitchen. I came out of my room to join him there. I saw that he had already set the table and made me a plate - it was grilled chicken and sautéed vegetables. Simple, yet it looked absolutely fabulous. I sat down at the table with Ryan and we began digging in. 


"I saw all those supplements you had on the kitchen table, Andrew. Looks like you're really getting into bodybuilding. Look at how big those arms are!" He said taking a glance at my biceps that were showing ever so slightly through my shirt sleeves. 


I blushed ever so slightly and replied saying,"That means a lot coming from you, Uncle Ryan. You know you were the one that inspired me to get into working out?" 


"Really now?" Andrew replied with a surprised tone in his voice, "Well, it's somewhat of a shame that I haven't kept up with it these past few years. Work has really taken over my life since covid began. I am hiring some new people to take off a lot of stuff off my plate but now I have really just lost the motivation to keep it up. I even have a garage full of gym equipment that I don't use anymore. Maybe you can put it to good use?"


"I'd be glad to!" I said, I was going to look for a place to workout but now I don't even have to step out of the house. 


"Great, now excuse me. I gotta use the restroom. I'll be right back." 


Ryan got out of his chair and walked to the hallway bathroom and shut the door. Across from me I could see his food and a large glass of water. I looked over to my supplements on the counter. I got up and walked over to them and grabbed some of the powder that dissolves in water. The powder wasn't doing much for me but maybe it would help Ryan to at least feel more energized. I ripped off the top and poured it into his water. Frankly, I don't think he'd notice. The powder really doesn't have much of a taste to it and it dissolves quickly. 


I heard him flush and begin to wash his hands. I hurriedly threw away the packet and sat back down at my seat. Ryan almost immediately opened the door and came back in to the kitchen. He sat down and took a big gulp of water, sitting his glass down. He made no mention of the water or any odd taste or smell. 


Both of us sat at the table and caught up for hours and hours. It was so enjoyable to spend time with Uncle Ryan again. He was personable and carried great conversation. Having started dinner at 6:30 it was nearly 10:00 by the time we had to call it quits. Ryan had to go to work tomorrow - it was going to be a dreaded Monday. My classes won't start for another week or so, so I just made plans to explore the town and campus a little bit. 


I helped him to clean up - I noticed he drank all of his water. I don't know how much of it would help but I was intent to keep slipping him some every day I could.




The next morning I got up about 6:30 to go workout in the garage. Before getting there I hear a loud grunting sound. I opened the door and there it was Uncle Ryan curling some heavy weights in front of a mirror he'd hung up on the wall. He was wearing a gray shirt that was large on him and absolutely soaked with sweat. His hair was a messed and matted down with tons of sweat. 


I couldn't tell if it was the workout but here certainly looked pumped and slimmer than he did yesterday. 


He saw me come in, as he placed the weights back on a rack and sat down on a bench. He turned my way, "Good morning, Andrew. Sorry I'm taking up your time in here. I just woke up this morning and felt this desire to pump a little iron, something I hadn't felt in a while." 


"Oh, that's no problem Uncle Ryan. In fact, I wouldn't mind if we worked out together. I think it'd be a good motivation tool. Do you need me to get you some water?" 


"That would be great, Andrew. I have a big bottle of water in the fridge I carry with me throughout the day. I usually fill it up before I go to bed. Could your bring that to me," he replied between huffs of trying to get some air. 


I went inside to the kitchen to get his water. Of course, I picked up another packet and put it in there. I could sense it was working well for my uncle. I took him his water as he began to slowly down it. I absolutely knew that both he and I were in store for some great times ahead. 

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Chapter 2:


I've been living with my Uncle Ryan for about 2 school weeks now. My classes had started for the semester and I've started a job at a local grocery store across the street from my college.


All of them are beginning level engineering classes. I was fine just taking four classes a semester. I wanted to have time to focus on working a job, working out, and studying as much as I could. Being an older student, I wasn't terribly interested in partying a whole lot. I had other things to worry about. 


But these past two weeks Ryan had really been changing - a lot. Much more than I thought he would. Every night I'd been refilling his water bottle and putting another packet of the powder inside. His energy levels and motivation was absolutely through the roof. 


Uncle Ryan was starting to get back into shape and maybe I had something to do with it! We were only a couple weeks into my stay and I wondered just how big Ryan was going to get. 


His body had rapidly begun to slim down, as his muscles began to bulk up again. I honestly couldn't quite see all of his progress because I never have a chance to see him shirtless and he quite likes to wear baggy clothing when working out with me. The closest I get is seeing him in his tucked-in dress shirts. They had really start to fit really well on his body. His arms bulged, and his pecs had started to really stretch the fabric around his chest a little more every day. 


I was finally going to get to see a little more today. My uncle Ryan knocked on my door around 10:00 on Saturday morning. I came out, dressed in my usual t-shirt and shorts. 


Uncle Ryan asked, "Hey Andrew, my friend, Alex invited me over to his house. He said his wife was going to visit with her parents today. He suggested we swim in his pool. He wanted me to invite you along too. He's a really nice guy." 


It was early September and still hot as hell outside. Just being outside felt sticky and gross. Mosquitoes were every where. I was honestly looking forward to some brisk fall weather. But not until I got to see my uncle in the pool!


"Yeah, I'd love to come along!" I replied with enthusiasm. 


"Great, change and we'll get on over there. He only lives about 5 minutes away." Andrew said, as he walked to his room to get changed. 


Thankfully, I had thought to bring a bathing suit. Just on an off chance that something like this came about. I quickly slipped out of my pants and underwear and put on my swim trunks, keeping my shirt on. They were solid blue and came a little more than halfway down my thigh, showing off some of my developing quad muscles. 


I met my uncle out in the kitchen. He was still wearing a really baggy shirt but was wearing a tighter pair of trunks that came just above his knees. He was prepared with a bag of sunscreen and other pool related items. 


"Alright, Andrew let's get going! No need to keep Alex waiting." 


It didn't take us long, we were out the door, in Ryan's car, and at Alex's house in no time. We parked on the street in front of his house. It was a modest little cottage-style house that had nice fencing and a porch. Along the fence there was a door that was slightly ajar. Ryan started walking towards it and I just followed suit. He opened it as it lead to his back yard that contained his friend's pool. It seemed pretty deep, a good 6ft in the deep end. 


"Hey Ryan! How are you doing, my man? It's been a while since we've got to see each other in person!" 


It was Ryan's friend shirtless friend, Alex. Boy was he hot. He was around the same age as Ryan. He wasn't super muscular but he had just enough to have an awesome, manly shape to his body. A v-taper that expanded upwards to his faint abs, built chest, and wide shoulders. His arms were about "15 around. His legs look absolutely powerful too (something not common on guys with similar physiques). His face was absolutely strikingly handsome - chiseled, square, and clear of blemishes. His hair was dark, short, and wet with chlorinated water. His body had a nice tan complexion to it. 


Ryan and Alex went in for a "bro hug" 


"Great to see you, Alex. Works been a killer but I'm here today. By the way, this is my nephew, Andrew. You've heard me talk about him before." Ryan said, introducing me to his hot friend. 


Alex shook my hand firmly, as he greeted me. 


"Yeah, your uncle's told me about you. He's excited that you were going to be staying with him." Alex said looking me in the eyes. 


I kinda lost track of what was being said. I quickly snapped back to reality, "Oh, uh. Yeah, I'm thankful he's letting me stay with him for a bit." 


Ryan interjected, "Well, now that we've met let's go ahead and get into the pool." 


Ryan laid his bag down onto the pool table and peeled off his shirt. Damn, Ryan's physique was much better than I had anticipated. His love handles were all but gone at this point, and his back looked absolutely huge and rippling with muscles. He turned around to face Alex and I after squirting some sunscreen into his hands and rub on his torso. He still had a slight stomach but it was very clear he had abs as well. As he rubbed sunscreen all over his chest his arms kept bulging and twitching with muscle - they certainly looked more defined than they did a week ago. His powerful looking chest was likewise bouncing up and down. He looked to be about 225 lbs with still a good bit of body fat but he clearly looked solid. 


I didn't want my stare to linger too long so I walked over and peeled my shirt off as well revealing my much smaller but defined body. I knew I was at least bigger than Uncle Ryan's sexy friend. I began to apply sunscreen too. I could feel my washboard abs as I began to rub sunscreen on to them. Man, it was moments like these that certainly made me feel glad that I started working out in the first place. 


"Holy shit, Ryan! You've grown a ton since I had you over last. Looks like muscles run in the family too. It's impressive." Alex said, giving us both the up-down. 


"Yeah, I've started working out consistently again." Ryan said as he slowly began to spread more and more sunscreen over his body. He eventually got to his back where he lacked the flexibility to reach. "Hey, Alex. Come over here and rub this sunscreen on my back, I need help." 


"Sure thing!" replied Alex, as he walked over and squirted the sunscreen into his hand and rub my uncles huge back. 


The whole situation was completely homoerotic. It seems I wasn't the only person that felt that way. Both my uncle and Alex began to get a little bit of wood forming in their swim trunks. 


Uncle Ryan spoke up, "Last time I could reach back there. I guess my arms and back are just getting too big to reach back there anymore," as he shot a double bicep pose and held it for quite a while. Alex remained quiet as my uncles biceps peaked into massive baseballs of hot muscles. 


Seeing that, I had to adjust my pants as I could feel myself getting a little hard down there, like Ryan and Alex. 


There was no way that Alex was completely straight. He certainly enjoyed rubbing that sunscreen way too much. My uncle seemed to be enjoying it way too much too. Not that I had a problem with any of it, though. 


My uncle Ryan went ahead and just jumped into the pool as soon as he had everything rubbed in. Alex and I got into the shallow end and walked towards the end where my uncle was. His hair was wet, and his traps kinda bunched up as he tensed his shoulders up in the water. 


In my uncle Ryan's typical fashion he promptly walked over to me, playfully grabbed Me - one hand on my neck, the other on my lower back. He picked me up, pulled my entire body of his head and threw me into the deep end. I sunk and immediately came back up, wiping the water from eyes, and laughing. 


"It's been a long time since I've seen the playful side of my Uncle Ryan," I said as I was chuckling, and spitting water that happened to be running into my mouth. 


Truthfully, I was beginning to see a side of Uncle Ryan - one I hadn't been acquainted with - one that liked to show off a bit. I wasn't sure if he was always like this and I missed it growing up or if this was something new for him. 


Either way, the whole pool experience was awesome. We just sat around in the water chatting and solving the world's problem. We got out periodically so we wouldn't shrivel up to raisins or die from skin cancer from lack of sunscreen. We happened to end up staying the whole day up until 4:30 when we ordered pizza, having skipped lunch. There were no dull moments when Ryan was around. This is what I missed so much about him not being around, most everyone else in the family were simply just sticks in the mud. 




We eventually said our goodbyes as his wife arrived at home. She greeted us as we went out the fence gate to head back to the car. 


As soon as we got home Ryan began to drink from his water bottle. Little did he know that water bottle was the source of his rapidly transforming body. 


I went to take a shower to get the chlorine off my skin and out of my hair. I got out, threw my swimwear into the laundry basket and got dressed into another t shirt and shorts. I wanted to just relax and watch some videos on YouTube.


I went to the kitchen to get some small snacks and water. While there I stopped to take a look at the box of powders that I had to look at the packaging. I was quite disappointed that it didn't work nearly as well for me as it was for Uncle Ryan but I wasn't going to complain if he was making good use of them. Looking at the box I saw a small warning on it, "Do NOT take more than one packet a day. ALWAYS dissolve in water. Effects may compound otherwise." I wasn't quite sure what that meant but it wouldn't be a problem for me. These things were too expensive for me to be wasting doses. 


I looked up and noticed that the door to the garage was opened slightly. I went over to shut it but noticed that Ryan was in there shirtless, I suppose working out before taking a shower. 


I stood my the door peering in - seeing he obviously had been lifting weights. His body was absolutely pumped, red, and sweaty. Uncle Ryan couldn't see me due to the angle. I got closer and I could hear him speaking from the echo inside of the garage that funneled into the kitchen. 


He began to bounce his pecs back and forth saying, "Oh fuck. Looks at these pecs. They're getting their definition back again." 


He lifted up his right bicep up to the mirror and began to kiss it, "My arms, oh god, they're getting huge. Fuuuuck. I couldn't believe how easy it was to pick Andrew up at the pool.


He lifted his arms up above his head, and scrunched his stomach. His abs really began to flare out as his stomach fat sank back and his pecs bulged out. "This stomachs about to be gone and my midsection is going to look absolutely jacked." 


He then pulled a most muscular pose. His whole body tensed up with veiny muscles. Ryan looked absolutely massive. "Oh fuck, look at all this muscle. I can't wait to get bigger and bigger. It's not enough. I need... More. Everywhere." 


I could make out the outline of his huge boner in his pants. 


This was so fucking hot watching my Uncle Ryan get off to himself in the mirror. He was absolutely in love with his muscles and he couldn't stop. I started backing away for fear of being caught. I went back to my room and locked the door, laid on my bed, and stripped my pants and underwear off. I pulled my shirt over my head to expose my torso. 


I began jacking off my fat 6" cock, rubbing my other hand up and down my abs. All I could think about is my huge, mature uncle growing and hulking out. I imagined him flexing his big arms for me while jacking myself off in front of him. FUCK. He's so hot. 


I couldn't take it. I dumped load after load of cum onto my muscular stomach. I didn't even bother cleaning up. I just fell right asleep with shirt raised over my head and all. 


It's only been a few weeks and it's come to this... 




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Mmm can't wait to see where you take this! I went to sleep not long after reading chapter 2 and I dreamt that Ryan had started adding more of that supplement to his already enhanced water and had begun growing taller in addition to growing more and more massively muscular 🤤

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18 minutes ago, KeiraCooke said:

Mmm can't wait to see where you take this! I went to sleep not long after reading chapter 2 and I dreamt that Ryan had started adding more of that supplement to his already enhanced water and had begun growing taller in addition to growing more and more massively muscular 🤤


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