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Oz - Chapter 4 added 1/30/23


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2022 had been another challenging year. Pandemic exhaustion and more success at the office had once again kept me from even attempting to achieve last New Year’s resolutions. Promises I had made to myself had once again been broken. Resolutions to get back into shape, meet the man of my dreams and live happily ever after had been long-abandoned. Now on the eve of another beginning, all that remained were feelings of failure and guilt and diminished esteem. On top of it all, I was leaving the office alone at 11 pm, and the evening seemed colder and darker and wetter than most. I once again vowed to get out of my rut, but for now I was nothing but lonely and cold, and I had no plans to celebrate the New Years with family or friends, no place to go except home by myself, and no prospect for Prince Charming. It was depressing, but I figured it was my lot for tonight. Tomorrow would be a new day and a new year. So I buttoned my coat, opened my umbrella and headed toward home.


The weather was awful, rainy and wet, and few people were out on the sidewalks or streets. I could only assume that everyone else was already celebrating the end of the old year and awaiting the second when the clock chimed midnight, ushering in a new day and a new year and the endless possibilities of a perfectly clean slate. 


As I walked toward the subway, a car in the curb lane sped through a puddle and kicked up a splash that soaked the left side of my body. At the same time, a gust of cold wind blew me sideways, and before I knew what had happened, I stumbled over a threshold and fell through a poorly closed door and found myself sprawled on the floor of a surprisingly spacious and well-lit  foyer. Before I could process what had just happened, I heard a man yell, “Oh my God!,” as he rushed to my side and knelt down beside me. Then more calmly, “Oh my God! Are you alright?”


I was so shocked by what had just happened that all I could do was instinctively yell out in response and push away from the man. He also recoiled in surprise, at the same time realizing that I was just startled and he was just adding to my angst. 

He raised his hands from my shoulders and pulled back to give me some space and time to realize that I was alright and he didn’t pose any danger. I took a deep breath and prepared to run toward the door, but he quieted me down with a gesture and said, “It’s okay, buddy. I’m just trying to help. You fell through the threshold. You’re safe here. Are you okay?”


I looked into his face and found a concerned expression and compassionate eyes. I relaxed and settled back on my elbows, and the man’s distressed expression softened into a kind, gentle smile.

I softly exhaled, “Oh my God.”

“Are you okay?” the man calmly asked once again.

“I… I think so,” I stuttered, still piecing together how I had wound up in this place on the floor. “The storm… the wind… it just hurled me through your door. I didn’t mean to...  I… I… I… It just caught me by surprise. Oh my God.  I… I’m so sorry. Look at this mess. I’m dripping all over the place.”  

“It’s okay, Buddy. Just breathe and relax. You’re in a safe place. I was just locking up after a long boring day. At least you brought a little excitement.” His smile broadened, and his eyes sparkled. He was solid and handsome. Something about him made me feel good.

Then he queried, “Are you able to stand?” 

I nodded, and he offered his hand. I took it. Then he rose to his feet, pulling us both to full standing. He was quite a bit taller, and his shoulders were broad, and the neck leading up to his Adonis-like face was a column of muscle.  Then I looked down his thick chest and big arms to the hand that still held onto mine. It was warm and big, and his grip was both gentle and strong. It made me feel good just to hold it, and I felt a stirring deep in my groin. 

I looked back at the man’s face. He was so handsome, and he was knowingly smiling, aware of the effect had was having on me, I’m sure amused by my stupor. 

“I’m Ian. Ian Doorman,” he said, “but my calls me Ozzie.”

“Teddy,” I responded, “Actually ‘Theodore Gale,’ but my friends call me Teddy.”

Ozzie grinned playfully as his eyes rolled slightly up and to the right before falling back on mine. “You’re kidding, right?” His smile sparkled.

I knitted my brow. “No. Why?”

“Oh, no reason really. It just reminds of a tale I once heard.” 

I just let it pass.

God, he was good looking. Thick dark hair, brows and lashes and a swarthy complexion. A strong, stubbled jaw and gleaming white teeth. He was so handsome that I couldn’t stop staring at him, and the harder I looked, the more handsome he was. He now was smiling broadly, and I became acutely aware that I was gawking with a love-struck grin on my face. Then I realized I was still holding onto and slowly shaking his hand. I didn't want to let go, but the magic was broken when another gust of wind blew the door open again, bringing another blast of rain and cold air. Ozzie pushed the closed door once again and turned the deadbolt this time.

“That should hold it,” he proclaimed. “This storm’s not letting up. Looks like you’re going to have to hang out here a while longer. I couldn’t let you go back out there in good conscience.”

He had a point. Other than tornados I remembered from childhood, I could not recall a storm that packed such a punch.  I looked through the glass and saw a street sign that had been flapping on its post blow free and sail down the sidewalk with the howling wind. I knew that he was right. I shouldn’t go back out in the storm.

“I know it’s New Year’s Eve,” he continued sympathetically. “I hope you don’t have plans that can’t be canceled. The weather folks are calling for this storm to last most of the night, and I think it hasn’t yet peaked.” Then he reached under a counter next to where he stood and produced a white terry cloth towel and held it out in my direction. I took it, and he shook his head, realizing that I was a lot wetter than one towel could handle. Then reached behind the counter again and retrieved a whole stack of folded white towels.

“At least we’re well equipped,” he stated, patting the tower of terry that now sat on the counter. “In a way, you probably couldn’t have blown into a better place along this block tonight. We have showers, and saunas and more towels than you need. We even have industrial grade washers and dryers to take care of your wet clothes.”

I stared at him blankly.

 “This is my place," he said proudly, "and it's everything the sign says that it is.” He flipped a switch that caused neon to flicker and then glow on the wall behind the counter beside him.  


Where dreams really do come true


Ozzie beamed, “Welcome to Oz, the best gym this side of the rainbow.” 

Was this a dream?



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Chapter 2

 “Come in,” Ozzie beckoned, opening a door into the gym, turning on lights that suddenly illuminated a space that was much larger than I had expected. Walls lined with mirrors reflecting back and forth on each other created a funhouse infinity of more gleaming workout equipment than I had ever imagined. 

“Oh my god! This place is enormous!”

Ozzie beamed proudly, “And it’s perfect. We have free weights and equipment that can work every muscle fiber in your body. Some stations provide the standard fare you might find at most gyms and fitness centers. Other equipment I designed and put together myself - pulleys and machines to work particular muscles that are more stubborn than others. If you want a perfectly-balanced, symmetrical body, I can devise a plan with conventional and specialized training that will make your weak points strong. Likewise, if you have favorite muscle groups that you want to be overdeveloped, we can push some muscles beyond their usual limits. For instance when you hear about bodybuilders with record-breaking statistic, slabs of unbelievable pecs and mountainous biceps, you can bet they are clients of mine.”

“Wow, that’s amazing!” I said. “How could I have never noticed this place before now? I walk by it every day on my way to and from work, and my office even faces this building. I never knew you were here. Why didn’t I see it?”

“Well, we’ve been around for a long time,” Ozzie replied, “but the entry is pretty low profile, and people rush by all the time.” 

“Still,…” I paused, feeling some guilt. “I guess I was just too immersed in my own world to notice what was right outside my window. I’ve been vowing to get back into shape but have been using the excuse of lack of time and convenience for far too long. I guess my excuses are totally  blown now.”

Ozzie smiled, “It’s funny how sometimes the solution to all of your worries are right there in front of your face. You just need to see them. Maybe the storm threw you into this place because you needed to see it.”

Then it dawned on me. I did need to see it. I needed to see it tonight. There were so many signs that the  universe had been trying to send me to this place for a very long time. The company I worked for moved into the building across the street. Then my first office, on the other side of the building, flooded from a burst pipe, and I was moved to an office with a window that faced this direction. My takeout lunch just last week had fortune cookie that read: “Look straight ahead,” and if I had I would have stared out my window right at this place. I guess finally the universe grew so impatient with me that it just hurled me through the front door. I was dumbfounded.

Then I heard a growing sound from the distance that was suddenly right beside me: “Teddy… Teddy… TEDDY…”

“Oh hey,… Ozzie. Sorry. I was just thinking about something.”

“Okaaaaay,” he said sounding cautiously concerned. “You’re okay, right? You didn’t hit your head when you fell through the doorway, did you?”

“No… no. I’m fine. In fact, I think I’m better than I’ve been for a very long time,” I said, looking around. Then I added, “It’s practically midnight. New Year’s Eve. I’d like to sign up for your gym. I know the circumstances are unusual, but can you set me up with a membership now?”

“Right now? Tonight?”

“Yeah. The sooner the better. Right now if we can. The life I’ve been living up until now seems so black and white when I think about it. This place feels like an explosion of color. It makes me feel like possibilities are endless.”

Ozzie beamed again proudly, “It is magical here. I’d be happy to sign you up now. First though, why don’t you hang your wet clothes on one of the hooks in the locker room over there?” Ozzie said, pointing toward a doorway on the right side of the room. “We provide workout attire for our clients so that they don’t have to bother lugging gym bags all over the city. You’ll find everything that you need in a variety of sizes. Then you can join me in the office.”

“The office?”

“Oh yeah. It’s easy to find. When you come out of the locker room, just follow the inlaid pattern of yellow tiles on the floor through the gym, and it will lead you to the office and me.”

Funny. It felt like a whole different world, and yet in a way it seemed so familiar. Was I crazy? Maybe I did hit my head? Well, no matter now. I didn’t want to get lost in the gym trying to find the main office; so I repeated Ozzie’s instructions inside my head: Follow the pathway of yellow tiled inlay. It seemed so familiar...

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Life took a turn for the busier. As a result, I'm publishing a short chapter today with just a hint of muscle and where we are going. Sorry for the slow burn. I had hoped you'd all be glazing your knuckles before now.

OZ - Chapter 3

Ozzie headed off to the left as I slowly walked toward the locker room, pausing long enough to look over my shoulder and admire his wide back and tight, shapely ass. I felt a stirring as my eyes raked over the breadth of his shoulders, the sharp taper of his torso and his tight narrow waist. The meaty globes of his ass were massively muscled, and they flexed and relaxed in hypnotic succession. Just watching him take one step after another sent my mind into orbit. It was more erotic than porn and more inspiring than what I could dream.

Seeing him from this angle, I realized he was bigger than I had at originally perceived. In fact, he was massive, on the edge of enormous, the size I wanted to be. I wondered what it must be like to possess such a body, to be that exquisitely muscled and to command such attention. I gripped my right biceps and flexed it in my left hand, wondering how it would feel to have it swell and push my fingers apart. I looked up, and I caught Ozzie’s reflection in one of the mirrors, performing a similar move, pumping his right biceps in his left hand and then gripping the sizeable bulge in his pants. He caught my stare in the mirror and knowingly smiled before he disappeared through a doorway. My cock stirred in response. I felt a familiar warmth flooding my loins as I started to chub.  

Adjusting myself, I entered the locker room and found it much like the rest of this place – vast, immaculately clean and without signs of wear. It was either completely unused or practically new. I removed my wet overcoat and shoes and hung them to dry. Then I found the promised assortment of clothing and shoes of every style, color and size. There were tank tops and t-shirts and gym shorts and trackies. There was even a selection of jock straps that ranged from the timidity of white cotton to the audacity of studded black leather. 

Since I was soaked to the core, I stripped the rest of my clothes, dried myself with a towel and considered my option. Usually I just wore briefs under my gym clothes; so, the closest approximation of a white cotton jockstrap seemed logical. However, the black leather  caught my attention. I had never worn leather before, and considering the events of the night, my vows to turn over a new leaf, and my newly aroused craving for change and adventure, I couldn’t resist. As I slipped my feet through the waistband and thigh straps and pulled them up to my knees and over my thighs, I felt manly and sexy and full of untapped potential. It seemed so erotic. By the time I guided my cock and balls into the pouch, I was more than half hard, and I wondered if this particular garment would be the best choice. After all, it seemed more like a stiff codpiece than a usual jockstrap, and I worried it would be too unyielding to accommodate my erection with comfort. But, I was so wrong. As I slipped my man parts into place, the leather softened and contoured and snugged to my body, and the pouch gently gripped my enlarging erection and cradled my scrotum and balls. It felt more like a warm hand and soft palm than I would have imagined, and it gently massaged me with every adjustment. Now I wondered if I could will myself to go soft without cumming, but I decided that walking around with a hard-on wouldn’t matter since Oz seemed empty this evening except for Ozzie and me. 

As I made a final adjustment and let go of the waistband, I could have sworn that the jock warmed and glowed for an instant, and  I felt a sense of potential as an empowering wave of virility washed through my body. I was meant for this place and this moment, and it was just a beginning. I took a deep breath, arched my back, and thrust my arms in the air before pulling them down into a double biceps pose. I flexed my muscles as hard as I could and remarked in the mirror that despite my recent years away from the gym, I still wasn’t half bad. Sure, every muscle was tiny compared to what I desired, and my body was soft – actually verging on flabby. But my structure was good, and I had made my commitment. I would do whatever it took to pack on the muscle. No more excuses. I would stick with the plan until I was done, and when I was finished, I would be the most powerful, muscular version of me that could be achieved. 

Ozzie was waiting, so I hurried to finish dressing. I chose a white wifebeater tank-top, layered under a black t-shirt and dark zippered hoodie and black trackies. When it came time to choose shoes, there was only one pair in my size. Of course they were red. After all, this was OZ.

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Oz – Chapter 4 - The Emerald City


I exited the locker room and located the yellow stripe on the floor. It was curled into a spiral with the tile inlays of other bright colors, each heading in different directions, outlining various paths through this place. I was sure I’d get a complete tour later on; so, I followed the yellow tile inlay as Ozzie had instructed. 


I half expected the path to wind over hill and through dale, meandering through various parts of the gym, and I kept an eye out for unusual characters that I thought I might meet on the way, but the pathway was more straight and efficient than that, and the vast gym was quiet and seemed entirely empty. I was almost satisfied that I was truly alone, although I still had the sense that someone was watching. 


In due course, the yellow path ended in front of an impressive, wide door emblazoned with bold letters that read:







There was no knob on the door; so, I stared at it blankly. Then raised my clenched fist to rap with my knuckles. However, before I could act, a deep synthetic voice demanded my name:


“Teddy,” I replied.

“Full name, including first name and last,” the voice demanded again.

“Uh,… Theodore Gale.”

My name appeared as letters on the door, first spelling my name correctly and then rearranging in rapid succession: Theodore Gale,… Deothore Lage,… Thorodee Agle,… Rooteed Eagl,… Dorothee Gale,… then back to Theodore Gale…

“Ahhh…. Very good, Mr. Gale. We’ve been expecting you. What is the nature of your visit this evening?”

I perused the italicized options listed on the door and clearly replied: “Membership.”

The voiced answered in an emotionless 2001 Hal-ish voice, “I’m sorry Mr. Gale. I can’t do that.” Then there was a chuckle, and the original baritone bellowed, “The Membership Office is closed. Please come back during regular hours.”

Fuck! I thought. Outmaneuvered by AI again. Now what was I going to do?

Trying once again, I lifted my fist to knock, and the wide door slid open. Rather than the previously synthesized speech, Ozzie’s voice came through a speaker and laughingly said: “I crack myself up." Then more laughter. "I'm sorry, Teddy. I couldn’t resist messing with you. Come on in, and we can get you set up. I’m in the membership office. As you walk down the hallway, it’ll be the first door on your left.”

I walked over the threshold, and the door slid shut behind me. I looked over my shoulder and pondered. This was a very slick system for an athletic center. It seemed more like tech or science fiction. What kind of place was I in?

I then turned back around and looked down the hallway. It was painted with a gradation of shades of deep green that made it seem like it went on for miles. At the end of the hallway, a mirror reflected the same pattern again, giving the hallway the illusion of an infinite length. It was convincing, but it had to be a trick of the eye. No hallway could go on forever. 

I took a few steps forward, and Ozzie’s handsome face leaned out from the first door on the left, smiling broadly and calling my name.

“Hey, Teddy. I’m in here.” His eyes twinkled. “Come in.” Then he ducked back into the room.

I followed him into the office which was again larger than I would have imagined. I also again noted Ozzie's impressive physique. He was big in all caps. Still totally covered, he was dressed in workout clothes that were similar to mine, but through the stretch nylon fabric I could make out the curve of his buttocks and the flair of his thighs, the width of his back, and the outline of bulging deltoids and triceps. I followed him toward the desk. Then he turned. Rather than taking a seat opposite me, he leaned back against the front of the desk and crossed his legs at the ankles, causing the mass of his quadriceps to push his prodigious bulge front and center. 

Then he smiled and friendlily said, ”I really have to apologize once again. We just met, and I’m already playing practical jokes. My sense of humor is sometimes a little bizarre, and I couldn’t resist. Well, I probably could have resisted, but I didn’t really want to. You seem like an amiable sort, and the set up was just too good to pass up - me being a Wizard of Oz nut and you, Theodore Gale of all names, blown into Oz by the storm. The only things missing were a dead Wicked Witch and a land full of Munchkins. It’s uncanny.”

“I’ve got to admit," I replied, "the similarities weren’t wasted on me either. I was totally primed, and you really had me going for more than a minute. Another similarity is that with the storm blowing outside, I’m trapped in this place, and there’s no way to get home. It’s almost the same as the story.”

“Well, I assure you that you’re no prisoner here. Oz is a place I created to make members feel that they’d rather be here working out than sitting at home all alone or drinking too much at the bar. Everyone seems to like it, and although the gimmick is kitsch, even the biggest, gruffest muscle heads get in on the act, and there’s an implied possibility that there just might be some magic, and I just might be a wizard."

He continued, "I think it gets the guys through the doldrums when they reach a growth plateau. When they get stuck with their training, they bring their worries to me, and I change their routine and nutrition and provide new supplementation. Before they have time to get too depressed, they’re growing again and happy as clams. The results speak for themselves. Our members enjoy astonishing outcomes.”  As if to punctuate the last of his statements, Ozzie ran his hand through his hair, and the giant mound of his biceps bulged up in his sleeve. Fuck it must be enormous!

I couldn't help staring, and I felt my cock stir in my jockstrap. Ozzie noticed.

"So you like muscle?"

I nodded. 

“And you’re not disappointed that I’m not a wizard?”

I paused and then answered, “I’m not sure that you aren’t.”

Then he smiled wryly and pulled me in for a kiss. It was surprisingly soft and amazingly sexy.

“That's the right answer, Teddy." He pulled me in harder and kissed me more deeply.  Then he whispered my name softly, "Theodore Gale." The way his voice rumbled and the heat of his breath on my neck made me weak at the knees.

"Thank God for the storm. I've got a feeling that this place is for you."

He pulled me back to full standing and pulled my hand as he turned toward the door.

"Come with me to my office. I have Champagne and two glasses. Let’s toast the New Year, and then we can get started."



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