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Part 2


Now driving in his car, he could feel his heart beating out of his chest, his brain pounding as it incessantly kept imagining the godly bodies, he witnessed his roommates turn into. His crotch was painfully hard seeing their massive bodies up and close his cock got harder as his pre cum started soaking his boxers leaving a sticky mess as the image of Adrian and Michael locking lips filled his head, their ballooning muscles fighting for space as they pressed into each other’s titanic bodies. 


He needed something to take his mind off it as he rushed home but the only other thought, he could muster up was the image of his own father looming even larger than those two behemoths. Which made him feel even more small and weak. A son was supposed to surpass his father due to the simple fact of life being their difference in age, but newly found fears of being outgrown was taking hold of him imagining his dad becoming a freak of nature cumming uncontrollably as he swelled with even more muscle than Adrian. 


“Fuck-anything but that!” Dave swore to himself as he hit another red light.



Sitting there with nothing but himself to calm him down he tried talking himself out of it rationalizing that if his own meager gain from the shake were anything to go by, then he didn’t have anything to worry about even if his dad had downed the shake all to himself. He pictured the current form of his father a man living in the shadow of his former glory having let all his gains go down the drain as he had a responsibility as a father to his two sons. The thought calmed him as he focused on the gut his dad has now making him feel secure with his washboard abs as he felt them up. But as he thought about his phrasing, he looked past the shadow cast on his dads washed up physique and saw the body that shined like the picture of perfect health. It was clear where he got his genetics from since his dad was just as hot as he was, if not (regrettably) hotter than even his own body now. But as he felt it overtaking him the light changed to green and he took off.




Finally arriving home, he dashed for the door frantically fumbling his keys in hand trying to get the door open.


Flinging the door open almost bashing it into the wall looked around frantically his eyers darting around the room in a panic in search of the shake or his dad.


A figure with his back turned to him sitting at the dining room table caught his eye, the short jet-black hair now confirming that this man was indeed his father.


He breathed a sigh of relief as his dad looked relatively normal still, taking a big gulp as he approached him from behind.


“Hey dad just thought I’d pop in and check on ya, my roommates said you came by, and I missed your visit!”


“Oh, hey there’s, my champ looking as good as ever.” His father stood up and brought him in for a hug.


“Yeah, thought I’d surprise you with a visit with the semester almost being over, but you weren’t there. Those two boys you have as roommates were sure happy to see me though, I’ll admit those twinks had their eyes glued to this old man’s *beefy* build. Felt good to get some of that admiration I haven’t felt since my own college days.”


Dave couldn’t even comprehensively think as he heard his dad start going on about his ego being stroked. He felt his anticipation boiling over as he rudely interrupted his dad.


“Dad it’s *totally* nice to hear how you’d gladly fuck my two gay roommates, but did you happen to take a shake from my delivery.”


“Well gee sport what’s got you in such a foul mood, I thought I taught you better than to interrupt someone when they’re talking. And yeah, I did, didn’t think you’d mind.”


“Where is it!” Dave responded.


“Haven’t opened it yet, help yourself if you want it’s all yours after all.”


“FUCK YES, THERES STILL A CHANCE!” Dave thought to himself.


Running over to the fridge he opened it up seeing no sign of the bottle, his panic now coming back again.


“Uh, dad it’s not in here!”


“Look harder it’s got to be there somewhere.” His dad responded


Rummaging through the fridge he still couldn’t find anything, a sense of hopelessness filling his body as he shut the fridge, now laying eyes on the empty bottle of the protein shake laying on the counter.


“Dad who was in the kitchen just now?!”


“Oh, your little bro was just in there, said he was making a smoothie, was even nice enough to make your old man one too while he was at it!”



More of Dave’s fears were realized as his wimp of a 22-year-old little brother Tommy let out a guttural scream as his father finished speaking.


“You alright up their son, come on down here your big bro came to visit!”


His father had no idea what was happening to Tommy, but Dave was already vividly picturing the god that was waiting for them upstairs. 


But he’d soon find out as the sleeve of his shirt started ripping.


“What in the?! I just bought this damn shirt.”

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Part 3


Staring at his dad’s body he watched utterly helpless as his oblivious dad still hadn’t realized that the small rip that had just formed could have been the start of a MUCH bigger situation.


“Please tell me that was it.” He thought to himself.


The last thing he needed was for his dad to join in on the parade of men that were outgrowing him today. He audibly gulped as he now had to think about the newly added man on that list. His own little brother, a geeky bag of skin and bones who never took advantage of their blessed genetics never wanting to put on size himself. He always teased the runt for not following in his brother BIG footsteps.


But as the sound of heavy thuds slowly descend the stairs filled the room, Dave suddenly regrated ever teasing him like that now watching MUCH LARGER bare feet come into view. 


“Dad what’s happening to me…?!” A deep voice boomed as Tommy’s fully nude body was on display, the sheer vascularity and size of his muscles rivaling that of many competitive bodybuilders.


His sheepish demeanor still having somehow survived such a drastic change as he struggled to cover up his junk with just his hands.  A 12-inch python poked above his grip smearing cum all over his abs.


But out of everything that made Dave feel small compared to his own *little* brother, it was the fact that he was looking down at them both, easily over 6’8.


“Tommy what the fuck happened to you; you are fucking HUGE son!”


“I don’t know dad…but i-….i-…..IT FEELS SO GOOD!”


Spurts of cum erupted out his massive head that was pointed at Dave directly, completely covering his chest in thick cum.


“Dude watch where you aim that thing it’s fucking gross” Dave responded with a *small* twinge of jealousy.


“Oh shit sorry Dave, I didn’t see you there, when did you get home?” 


“Just now… but I was too late.” Dave responded in with a tone of defeat in his voice.


“Too late for what?”


Dave raises his arm up pointing to this monstrous little brother

“I was too late for all that okay!”


Tommy was surprised to hear his brothers’ words.




“No Tommy not you…..I was trying to get home before dad drank that shake you opened.”


Their dad now joined the conversation.


“Now hold on Dave you’re telling me that the shake I brought home DID THIS? Fuck me I should have taken it when I had the chance!”


Their father now turned his attention to Dave.


“Please tell me you have more sport; Daddy wants in on this!”


“That was actually the last one…”


“WHAT! Who drank them?”


“Aiden and Michael….”


“Fuck your telling me I missed out on staying over and helping myself to one of those shakes with th- wait…. If they drank them how big are they now?”


Dave felt like his stomach was turning inside out as his dad looked at him with bated breath to hear how big they had become.


“A little bigger than Tommy over here.”


“Fuck me son, imagine how big I would have blown up, I could have been be fucking two godly “twinks” into next Sunday. But hey I guess they left you out too huh sport.”


“Uhhh about that… I had one of the shakes too…”


“What! Where is all your size like your brother over here, you look practically the same!”


“I dunno dad I just didn’t grow okay…. It’s why I even came over here in the first place I wanted the last shake before Tommy over here drank it.”


“Are you serious sport! What a waste, you should have saved it for your old man.”


“Dad if I didn’t grow from it, odds are you wouldn’t have either okay.”


That’s when Tommy stepped back into the conversation.


“Uhhhh dad how long ago did you drink that smoothie I gave you?”


“Just before your brother happened to walk in why?”


A sudden spasm hit Tommy’s body as the realization that his dad may join him in his greater heights. His face blushing as more spurts of cum uncontrollably erupt onto Dave again.


“Well you see….I put that shake into that smoothie I made.”


A look of pure joy fills their dads face as he looks back at Dave.


“Something tells me that we’ll just have to find out if you really are right Dave.”


A surge of power hits their dad’s body as he starts grinning like a madman, his shirt growing tighter on his body.


“But I already know the answer to that sport.”


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