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Part 4


Dave was sick to his stomach living out his worst nightmare, watching his father’s shit eating grin plastered across his face, grunting with pleasure as the growth hit him in full force. 


“Oh god tommy, is this what you felt Ungh-… feels like my whole body i-…. Fuuuuuuu. FEELS LIKE ITS CUMMING!”


Their dad hunched over like he was in pain but was actually overwhelmed by the intense pleasure overtaking his body every inch of him felt as sensitive as his throbbing cock head that was already snaking its way down his shorts, sliding against his hairy thighs that were ballooning with size. Veins appearing across his body as the sounds of his clothes hanging on for dear life as they were stretched thinly across his body.


Tommy watched mesmerized as his dad’s aptitude for the shake had already far surpassed that of his *gifted* brother, now joining him in the process of becoming something far greater than Dave could ever hope to achieve. He was getting so turned on by his dad that he absent mindedly took his own monster in hand jerking himself off. His cock shot out streams of pre as each individual button popped off their father’s shirt coating Dave in even more of his seed.


“BRO that’s our dad, why are you jerking off right now!”


“Have you seen our dad, Dave? He’s a fucking hunk, and now that he’s joining in on the fun, he’s going to be borderline irresistible. You’re just jealous that you can’t have all this.”


Tommy flexes his arm making Dave pry his eyes away from his dad and his own enormous cock still leaking pre.


Dave was shocked as his little brothers reserved self was slowly dissipating as he grew accustomed to his new size.


“Count yourself lucky to even be close enough to be coated in my seed little bro. Fuck I haven’t even cum yet and your shirt is drenched in it. I bet you can’t even make as much as my pre with your small weak orgasms.”


Almost as if hearing this turned their dad on even more, he let out guttural moans even stronger than his previous ones.


Tommy looked down as Dave stared into his eyes, knowing he crossed a line that he could never have before, giving him a knowing look that said “I’m in charge now!”.


Dave couldn’t even respond back to his god of a little brother, staying silent as his brother continued to enjoy the show that was their dad who was still hunched over in ecstasy.


Their father then stood back up as his hands fell back bracing themselves against the wooden dining room table, his increased grip strength forming chips in the wood as he gritted his teeth sucking air between strongly as the veins spread to his bull neck. The collar of his shirt constricting his neck as it slowly rode up his torso revealing where his slight gut once was, now replaced with the ever-increasing definition of his slightly furry abs. The sleeves of his shirt were riding up his arms as they were pushed apart by his swelling biceps growing tighter by the second as they ripped at the seams the further up, they were pushed back. The growth slowly starting to subside as he was ready to burst out all his clothes.


A sigh of relief came out of Dave as his father’s growth seemed to be slowing down, now having to deal with already being outgrown by both his brother and father.


That was until Tommy decided he wasn’t done just yet, now approaching his dad


“Come on dad I know you’ve got more in the tank, take a deep breathe and REALLY GROW!” Tommy said eager to spur their father on ever more.


He did as he was told and braced himself further and he inhaled more than ever before in his life thanks to his greater lung capacity.


As he did so Tommy took the opportunity to explore his bigger body and squeeze the throbbing bulge poking out from his dads’ shorts.


On command their dads body convulsed as he moans uncontrollably, the biggest surge of growth hits his body, as he practically bursts clean out of all his clothes.  Revealing a physique that Dave could only dream of every achieving. The growth of his height picking up speed as he steadily climbs up to 7’8 now a foot taller than even Tommy.


Their father out of breath slowly regains his composure bracing against Tommy for support taking a few moments before looking down at Tommy and saying “Thanks sport” before giving his mammoth son a kiss.



Dave watched in total shock as his dad and brother kiss, their perfect bodies bulging against each other looming over him like giants.


But just as he felt his mind was ready to give in, the cum that had soaked him completely had been absorbing into his body. He felt a sudden arousal fill his body akin to the one he felt when he had first taken the shake.




Dave was filled with hope ready to outgrow his “dweeb” of a brother and “washed up” old man, but as soon as he felt it enter, his body swelled again for a mere moment, before he embarrassingly came in seconds.


His dad and little bro both looked down at him both almost laughing at him. 


“Sorry bro you’re just not cut out for this.” Tommy said before going back to kissing his godly father.

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Part 5


As Tommy and his dad couldn’t keep their hands off each other, lustfully feeling each other’s strength. A sudden thought popped into their dad’s head causing him to break the kiss.


“I almost didn’t even notice you were growing son, your little bros huge body here it just too sexy to be paying you any attention. You didn’t have any more of the shake though, how’d you make it happen?” He said looking down with a stern but eager look.


Dave took a deep gulp aware of the fact that his brothers cum had made him grow the minuscule amount that he did, but looking up at the two massive men he called brother and father he felt nauseous at the thought of even telling the two godly men how they could blow themselves even bigger.


His dad and brothers peering eyes burning a hole right through him as he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret, even if he played dumb, they’d find out in a moment’s notice when they inevitably came inside each other “why risk getting on the bad sides of two massive men” he thought to himself.


“I-…It was Tommy’s cum that triggered it dad…”


His dad’s attention was now on Tommy as he didn’t even thank him for revealing that knowledge, no longer even acting like he existed in the room.


“you’re telling me my own cum did that…. AWESOME! What about you dad, do you think that you’re cum could do the same to me?”


His dad lovingly caressed his cheek.


“Why don’t we find out, I was just about to thank my fine ass son for helping his dad get so huge.”


His dads’ arm wraps tightly behind his waist pulling him in nice and tight against his rock-hard body, both their massive cocks rubbing against each other. His father’s hands cup his beautiful ass spreading his cheeks apart, signaling to Tommy as to how he wanted to repay him.


Without even looking at him Dave’s father spoke “Go fetch my lube from my room, don’t bother with the condoms I don’t think me, or your brother will ever fit into one ever again.”



Dave did as he was told and rushed quickly as to not keep his muscle hungry father and brother waiting.


As he returned, he saw his brother sitting atop his father’s lap who was sitting on top of the dining room table his head brushing against the top of the ceiling as the table creaked under their combined weight. Tommy’s massive thighs squeezed their fathers 16-inch monster as his father nibbled on his ear his hands exploring Tommy’s ripped abs.


Standing next to them they didn’t even register that Dave had returned, enraptured in their deepest muscle dreams coming true.


“Dad, I’m back!”


“Oh, sorry about that sport didn’t even see you down there, now hand over that lube.”


Grabbing the much smaller bottle, he whispers into Tommy’s ear “You ready to find out if daddy can grow you even more sport?” before kissing Tommy’s neck as he applied the entire bottle of lube on his monster.


“Yes dad, I want it so bad, GROW ME HUGE DAD!” Tommy responded.


Lifting his son up so he could better angle himself their dad spent several minutes gently easing Tommy down his massive rod until he reached the bottom.


“That feel good Tommy?”


The giant cock inside him made it hard to even think as his father was the tightest fit, he had ever taken inside him, only able to reply with a mix of a grunt and moan giving his dad a thumbs up.


“Were gonna take it nice and slow okay.”


Tommy’s dad grabbed the bottom of his chin tilting his head upwards now going in for a tender kiss then wrapping his arms around tommy as he began moving his hips ever so slightly.


Their fathers’ thrusts began increasing in speed as time went on and the whimpers of pleasure that escaped Tommy were almost alarming his dad, causing him to break their kiss.


“You doing okay champ?” his dad asked 


“Yeah…keep going.” Was all Tommy could mutter out as he anticipated his guts being flooded with his dad’s hopeful growth inducing cum. 


“Good, I’m gonna pick up the pace okay.”


His dad started adding vertical motion to the movement of his hips driving his rod somehow deeper inside him making him moan out uncontrollably. His cock spewing out precum with each small thrust.


“Fuck we don’t want to waste any of this sport!”


Their dad now locked onto Dave with a grin on his face.


“Dave be a good brother and help out your little bro!”


Dave was overcome with utter terror as his father’s command registered in his brain.


He couldn’t believe he was about to do it but as he thought more about it, his brothers cum did make him grow so maybe he might finally reach a point of actual growth if he took an entire load from his brother 12 incher.


Walking closer to the giants he was the perfect height met with his brother’s cock pointing directly at his face. He winched as he did it, but he took the head in his mouth barely able to contain it in his mouth from how fat it was.


Tommy wailed in appreciation as a flood of precum hit his mouth, almost choking on it.


This went on for several minutes as their dad expertly fucked Tommy checking in on him every so often as he started thrusting harder.  While Dace choked on his little brother’s massive dick, feeling like he was droning in precum as his brother seemed to never stop like a leaky faucet.


At the rate they were going Dave’s shitty blow job was going to make Tommy finish first which their dad took note of, and he wasn’t about to let it happen.


Tommy’s moans of pleasure grew stronger as cum poured out the sides of Dave’s mouth. Dave knew he was close and prepared himself for the geyser of cum about to be onloaded into him.


But just as his brother let out a guttural moan bucking on his dads hips ready to cum, he felt nothing drip into his mouth, not even the steady stream of pre that he had been drinking.


That’s when a hand grabbed the back of his head plucking him off his brothers’ cock. Opening his eyes, he saw his father’s other free hand with an iron grip on Tommy’s member which looked ready to burst.


“Sorry son can’t be wasting this on a wimp like you with no potential, this load is all for daddy. Thanks for your hard work!”


With that their dad plopped Tommy off his cock, laying him flat on the table as he took his son in his bigger mouth able to take way more than Dave ever could.


Releasing his grip on him, Tommy unloaded gallons of cum inside his dad. 

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Part 6


Dave watched as Tommy moaned, his voice deeper than it had ever been sounding more manly than Dave himself ever could sound during his orgasms. He swore that random things in the house were vibrating only from how strong Tommy’s voice was, everything about minute detail about his little bro screamed how much of a man he really was now, eclipsing all of Dave’s hard work built up throughout his entire life; outdone in less than an hour by a “cruel” stroke of fate.


Even his bigger father struggled to keep up with Tommy’s monster as the cum spilled out the sides of his mouth falling back down onto Tommy’s body covering him in his own seed.


His brothers body gave one final shudder as they thought it was thought it was over but all the precum from his father’s fucking had seeped into his ass now taking effect. 




Upon hearing those words their father was elated to hear his boy would keep growing with him, but he had bigger issues to deal with as he braced himself for Tommy to snake even further down his throat. 


Dave watched in pure jealousy as the perfection that was his little bro was going about to get even bigger.


It started with his legs as they began stretching towards Dave, his mammoth thighs now joining as they fought for control of the space they occupied. Each abdominal muscle on him grew larger as the ridges between them deepened now being filled with the cum still being pumped into his dad. His chest swelled stretching his skin across is, forcing his nipples to point further downwards as they cast a shadow from the light coming from the ceiling lamp. A light dusting of fur appearing on Tommy’s pecs where he was once hairless.  The last part of him to enjoy the effects of his father’s cum were his arms swelling with size as his biceps alone grew to the size of a football.


The part Dave couldn’t see growing was the monster cock that their dad was struggling to keep a hold of as his nose firmly planted itself in his little bros cum ridden crotch, he was gagging for air still holding on for every single drop he could savor from Tommy. Only releasing himself as Tommy let out a sigh of relief as his father slowly lifted his mouth from his son’s cock.


Where Dave once thought his father’s mouth would pop off instead traveled upwards as his father moved up another 6 inches, taking a deep breathe free from the wonderful torture of deep throating his son.


“Fuck son, you could kill a man with that thing!”


“Good thing you’re not a regular man dad!”


Tommy now sat up giving Dave and their dad a better display of his added size.


“Haha guess I’m the biggest one again”


“BIGGEST is an understatement son, look at how big daddy’s precum made you, I bet I can fuck your brains out no problem now.”


“I’d love that dad, but you just took a WHOLE load from me, you’d split me in halve if this is how much I grew from just precum.”


“Hahah I guess you’re right sport, I’m just eager to feel the best ass I’ve ever fucked again!”


Tommy blushed at his father’s praise. His mind now registered the pool of cum on him and he looked back at his dad eager to fuel his impending growth even more.


“Dad, I think you missed some.“ Tommy said now pointing downwards


Their dad looked at all the delicious growth cum splattered all over Tommy ready to lick it all up, but he suddenly remembered an ant in the room with them.


Looking over at Dave he paused for a moment wondering if he should let his son in on the fun,


Dave now looking at him almost like a puppy dog waiting for permission to get his treat, but the more he thought about it all he could think off was all the wasted potential he’d be giving to a wimp like his once “alpha” son.


Dave waited with bated breath pleading for his dad to allow him to have some of his brothers cum, but his hopes were dashed upon the rock as his father began lapping up all his bros seed as Tommy giggled from being ticklish as his father’s tongue danced across his abs.


Not one single drop was left over for him as his dad licked his lips clean.


That’s when it finally hit his father’s smug face was quickly scrunching in pain again as the cum that churned in his bloated stomach was being processed.


“Oh god….I feel it Tommy, you we-…..were right! Daddy’s g-….g-…..HNKKK…..GONNA BE MASSIVE!”


Unlike all the previous times they grew this time their dads body surged at a pace quicker than the last time. The growth his body in different places simultaneously, causing him to look disproportionate as the rest of his body tried to catch up. His head bumping into the ceiling knocking him to the floor as the whole house shakes at the impact of his fat muscular ass hitting the ground. His large legs encapsuling Tommy between his thighs as his cock stretched further down until it reached a length of 26 inches. His father’s massive feet kept coming towards Dave as they also grew taller, the massive foot brushing against his leg not measuring from the bottom of his own foot to his knees as they pushed past him.



The growth finally subsiding as their father was not hunched over practically a ball of pure muscle.


His father now unaware of his presence again as his foot moved knocking Dave over not even realizing that he had down so.


All their dad could think of was his sexy son nuzzling his massive cock who was already slurping down on him.


“Drink up son, Daddy’s not cumming until you’re big enough to fit into again!”

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I can see Dave getting alienated from his Dad and brother (and roommates) simply because he isn't big enough to associate with them anymore. 

(Dad speaking) "Sorry boy, can't have you gettin hurt by real men.  You're an adult now, you can find your own way." 

(Roommate speaking) "Oh... uhm... well... we decided to kick you out.  We figured with how big we are and how tiny you are, we don't want to harm you accidentally.  You just don't fit with us anymore.  You certainly won't satisfy us.  I mean, you'd have to use a leg to even half way fill us."

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Part 7


Tommy was in heaven as his breathed in the intense musk of his father’s sweaty body and massive cock, it’s purple head nearly as big as his own skull. He nuzzled against it with his freshly grown in stubble sending shivers down as his dad as each hair pricked against his sensitive skin.


His father’s deep moans shook the house causing things to fall from the shelves.


“Son, daddy is getting impatient, he needs his boy BIG and soon! Why don’t you put that massive tool to use in the meantime.”


His father flexed his massive cock causing it to jump upwards as Tommy’s mouth tried following it just out of reach from his lips as more pre dribbled out his dad’s cock and onto Tommy. Relaxing himself he gently lowered it back down smacking against Tommy’s face who was now understanding what his dad meant.


Taking his dads rod in hand he had trouble even at his own tremendous size lowering its rock-hard mass down brining it in line with his equally impressive but “smaller” cock. Looking back up at his dad’s huge handsome face he gave him a wink as he rubbed his head against his, watching his father coo in appreciation.


“Come on don’t tease me here son, stick it in already!”



He did as he was told slowly inserting himself into his dad’s mouth size slit treating his own tool like a monstrous sized sounding rod to any average ma, but his dad was anything but AVERAGE.


“God, it feels like I’m fucking your ass dad, except I’ve got an endless supply of lube coming out your whole.”


Feeling his sons thrusts into his dick was a sensation new to him, the massive rod fighting against the current of his cum radiating its warmth inside him felt unreal.


“UGH- yes! Just like that Tommy go harder!”


Tommy didn’t have to be told twice as he quite enjoyed the feeling of being inside his dad’s dick pressing even deeper inside him. The endless stream of precum mixing inside his dad’s cock, that felt as If it was going back inside him as he fought against his dads current. 



“Daddy wants to kiss you so bad right now.” Said his father impatient for Tommy to grow tall enough to meet his lips.


“Don’t worry pops I’ll be right up there” Tommy responded as he suddenly started shuddering, his body flexing involuntarily as he kept up his face every muscle in his body felt as if it were on fire as he slowly expanded in all directions, but most importantly upwards watching his fathers excited face come ever closer ready to devour his mouth. The closer he drew to his dads lips the harder it became to push his dick inside his dad as he was still growing down their too.


The pleasure they both derived from the excruciating tightness caused by Tommy’s monster growing inside him was ready to send them both over the edge their lips inches apart ready to explode.


Just as their lips met, his dad Firmly grasped his torso as the floodgates opened. Tommy’s monster was quickly shot out along with the lower half of his body as his father’s goliath of a cock erupted a geyser of cum. Their kiss unbroken as Tommy felt the vibrations of his father’s moans fill his whole body, being help in place by his dads’ big strong hands.


All the while Dave was still in the room pinned against the wall by the blast of cum that had hit him, almost knocked unconscious from the force of it hitting him. As he tried getting himself up, he was knocked back down by his father’s foot who was still unaware of his presence, now being pressed up against the cum covered wall unable to break free from his father’s unintentional hold as more cum shot at him from his father. Forced to watch as his little brother grew even larger in his dads embrace.


In his seething jealousy he failed to realize that he had hit the jackpot, as he was covered head to toe in his father’s cum, until it pooled all over his father’s massive foot his eyes ogling it as his desperation kicked in. Hit tongue licked all over his father lapping up as much as he could like the worm he was compared to his dad and brother.

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