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Hey everyone, I've been busy getting my life together and enjoying it with the love of my life. ☺️

But I had some parts already written, so here's the next part of the story.

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Part 8


Still plastered against the wall Dave was still at the mercy of his father’s body unable to escape. The cum he had been licking had coursed its way through his body making his pathetic “growth” spurts kick in as his much smaller man hood came instantly.  His clothes still hung loosely on his body, not a single tear having formed on them. It felt like a never-ending cycle of his piss potential being rubbed in his face as he heard the earth-shaking moans emitted from his dad and brother who were passionately kissing feeling up each other massive muscles swelling against each other’s bodies, while he sucked away on what felt like a life time supply of cum that had been blasted all over him.



Suddenly his father’s foot moved in response to his tongue which had done enough work to catch his father’s attention away from Tommy’s growing body. Finally free his own feet contacted the cum covered floor. While he thought his first response would be to flee from the house, he instead fell to his knees licking up more of his fathers seed desperate for any more growth he could get.



“Oh, you’re still here son, I thought you’d run out by now. Well, you better get started the real men of this family are trying to have some fun and this house won’t last much longer wouldn’t want a tiny thing like you to get hurt now would we.”


Humiliation surged through Dave as he came to his senses now realizing he was on the floor covering himself in the cum of his own father who was looking down at him grinning from ear to ear as he jerked off his little brother to even greater heights.


“Oh, and don’t you worry, you’ll have PLENTY more to drink in a bit so go on outside and get ready for daddies money shot, alright sport!”


Dave did as he was told frightened of the gods that he had unleashed upon the world.


Getting up and going outside shutting the door behind him he felt a sense of unease as the house looked perfectly normal from the outside. No one would ever suspect that two 12 ft giants were hunched over inside eagerly filling each other to the brim with cum.


As he stood there waiting for something to happen, he felt the sudden shaking coming from the nearby ground that grew stronger with each passing moment. He thought it was his dads’ expert thrusts inside Tommy causing them, but he couldn’t have been more wrong. A shadow loomed over him causing his neck to look straight up to see Adrian’s pretty smile beaming down at him larger than ever.


“A-ADRIAN! You’re even bigger?!”


“Haha you better believe it little man, when you left in a rush for the last shake me and Michael over here got back to having fun.”


Adrian raised both his arms flexing them a couple of feet above Dave’s small head, a look of pleasure filled Adrian’s face as his body seemed to shudder with even more growth subtly filling out his biceps as he flexed them.


“But guess what we found out……OUR CUM MAKES US GROW!”

Both the giant men’s cocks oozed a steady stream of pre pooling at Dave’s feet as he could see them chubbing up at the thought of sucking down on each other’s massive rods.


Michael then chimed in “We felt so bad for you, that we figured we’d visit your house after we outgrew our dorm; oh yeah sorry about that your gonna need to look for someplace else to crash by the way.”


Dave could see the look on their faces filling with lust as they stared down at Dave like a hungry meal ready to blow him up to massive proportions, as their cocks inflated at a quicker pace lifting into the air nearly smacking his face from their abnormal lengths. The heat radiating off them as the intense smell of sweat and cum filled his nostrils. His gaze now meet eye to eye with Adrian’s massive cock head angrily pulsating in front of his face.


“So how about its little man, you want to take a load from a real man and grow?”


Just as Dave was about to respond a sudden rumbling could be felt coming from the ground catching all three men’s attention to turn towards the house as deep voices could be heard coming from inside.


Dave braced himself for the inevitable that he knew was coming, while Adrian and Michael watched befuddled as to what was happening inside.




Their confusion would soon be answered as Tommy’s head broke through the roof of the house. Their legs pushed out knocking down the walls around them, their arms stretching out puffing their massive chests making rubble fall around them.


A shocked Michael said “Who the fuck is that Dave? He’s so BIG, even bigger than us!”


Before he could utter a word Adrian in his complete state of arousal unloaded a torrent of only precum directly in Dave’s face, his knees buckling causing the ground Dave stood on to shake even more in combinations with the force of his brothers growing body.


Now coated in his roommates seed he tried getting their attention again to explain what was happening, but his words fell upon deaf ears as they were mesmerized by the erotic scene of his little bro muscles outgrowing the house, he grew up in.


The smaller giants drew closer to the house casting their shadows big shadows behind them onto Dave making him feel so tiny.




Adrian and Michael both looked at each other gulping as they realized the giant of a man exploding out of Dave’s house was Dave’s own LITTLE brother, furthermore at the fact that not only was he growing, but he had also mentioned Dave’s sexy father alluding to the fact that he was inside him.


Suddenly their fathers voice boomed from inside as well.


“That’s its Tommy, grow for daddy! Pump me full of all that cum and GROW!”


His head burst through the front of the house knocking down the metal door to the ground as he was on all fours, being impaled by Tommy’s monster cock. It seemed as if with each thrust that Tommy gave his dad, his whole body surged with more growth his cock elongated further pushing his dads massive body further outside the house wrecking more of the wall as his boulder shoulders made space for themselves no longer able to be contained.


The pain and pleasure of Tommy’s first time was getting to him as he could barely focus on anything than the massive cock inside him, pushing his organs around from how growth hungry his boy was.


Picking his head up from the ground he was met with surprise when he saw not only his ant of a son stunned to see him, but his two hunky roommates now bigger than the last time he saw them.


Watching the cum dribble from both their cocks, he licked his lips hungrily; giving both men a wink as he beckoned them to come near.


Feeling the onslaught of thrusts from Tommy who was fucking him like a wild boar in heat; Completely overwhelmed from the feeling of a man’s ass squeezing his cock for the first time. He felt that needed a bit of a boost to better handle his son and Adrian and Michael were going to help him do just that.


Even at their impressive size his growth had already eclipsed theirs allowing him to easily slurp down on both Adrian’s and Michael’s cocks at the same time, the force of his suction almost lifting both men off the ground.


As both men felt their balls being drained by a man with years of experience, they turned their heads to kiss enjoying their giant-sized blow job, ready to floor the irresistible giant even larger.

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Oh forgot to mention I decided to extend it beyond one more part, due to a certain someone. 😁

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