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Don't Push Me - Chapter 11 added March 21


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OK!  Hope our muscle-guy gets a Pete-substitute soon.   Someone who will really appreciate his physique's work of art.

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i get sam has a dream to be a beast but pete is right, sam is becoming a jerk about his size, there is nothin wrong with having pride but sam is going over the line with intimdation, i think bigger is better in the muscle department and it seems like sam is getting as jacked as he is huge but his personality is starting to suck, its still a great story and i just feel sorry for pete as he has lost the guy he fell in love with due to sam not stating his dream before hand, 

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14 hours ago, Newmassaddict said:

You think I should feel bad when people like that dude over there looks at me and is grossed out? Well, I’m not. In fact, I see that reaction and it only makes me want MORE.

Yeah! It's all about MASS! When smaller weaker people start to be grossed out by your sheer size, you know you're in the right path

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Fantastic descriptions of his growth and his overwhelming desire for more.

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Chapter 5
I was scrolling though my social media feeds when I stumbled on a someone familiar face. It was that guy Ken from the gym. He was standing on a bodybuilding stage holding a first place trophy. I clicked on his profile and started to scroll through his pictures. I saw him at the size he was the day Pete had meet him in the gym. As I scrolled up, I saw him get more and more ripped as the completion got closer. The day before he stepped on stage, he posted a collection of pictures. In the caption he wrote that he had reached 234 pounds and was ready to “dominate”. I have to admit, he looked really good, lean and muscular. I thought back to the day we met, just over two months ago. He was probably 240 pounds and not as lean as he was on contest day. I chuckled remembering that I was just over 190 pounds then. As I continued to look at his pictures, I absentmindedly felt my swollen pecs. I felt my heart skip a beat when I came across some backstage pictures after Ken’s win. He was with a group of people, posing with his trophy but there, to the left was Pete! He was smiling at Ken with a look of lust in his eyes. The next picture was of the two of them with a caption that read “Thanks for the support Pete!”. My hand was trembling as I continued to scroll. I stopped at the latest post, from an hour ago, two days since the show, advertising a meet and great at a gym an hour away. I resisted the urge to through my phone across the room but instead stood up and headed for the door. 

I drove like a maniac and still didn’t know what or why I felt the need to go to the gym but as I pulled into the parking lot, I turned the car off and just sat, collecting my thoughts. In my rush to leave home, I realized I was wearing my skin tight workout shorts and a stringer tank top that covered nothing. I reached in the back of the car and grabbed a hoodie and sweatpants. I quickly put them on and walked towards the front door. It was one of those old school gyms that had seen better days. The owner must have hoped an event with a bunch of local bodybuilders would drum up business. There was a fair size crowd and glancing around the room, I could see a number of recent competitors, each still darkly tanned and extra lean.

My eyes spotted Ken in the distance. He was stripped down to a pair of shiny red posers. He had his left arm up, flexing with a woman as someone took their picture. I slowly approached and caught some of what he was saying to the crowd around him.

“I knew as soon as walked back stage that the show was mine. No one had a total package like mine. They say contests are won from the back and I definitely had the best back. A lots of heavy weights and high reps is what it takes.”

“Congratulations Ken. Care to test that back?” I said loudly, getting everyone’s attention. Ken and a number of others turned to face me, now clad in baggy sweats with my hood pulled up over my head.

“Excuse me?” Ken asked, annoyed he had been interrupted.

I pulled my hood down but could see Ken didn’t recognize me at all.

“You said it takes lots of heavy weight to build a big back. I’m just curious how heavy you can lift.”

“Hey kid, this isn’t a lifting seminar. I’m just here meeting my fans.” He said and turned back to the crowd.

“Sam! What are you doing here!”

I turned to see Pete approach quickly.

“Hey Pete. I saw Ken won the show and figured I’d stop by to congratulate him. Funny seeing you here with all these pointless muscle heads.”

“Fuck off Sam. If you don’t care about anyone but yourself, why do you care who I’m friends with?” Pete said with contempt in his voice.

“I don’t care Pete, you can hang out with who ever you want. Even these little muscle wannabes.” I responded and turned my attention back to Ken. “So Ken, not feeling up to showing us if that muscle is real or just for show?” I said loudly.

Pete moved close to Ken and whispered something in his ear causing him to step closer with a smug grim on his face.

“Sam isn’t it? I sort of remember you.” He said looking up and down my body. “I see you’ve not been as dedicated at the gym lately, looks like you’ve hiding a lot of extra weight under those baggy clothes. Pete said you wanted to get huge, I guess being fat is a kind of huge.” He said laughing.

“You don’t know the meaning of the word dedication Ken and if you join me at that squat rack for some heavy back rows, I’ll show you.” I said.

“Ok kid. I can take a few minutes to show you up. Besides, getting a little pump will just make me look better in everyone’s pics.”

I added two 45 pound plates to one side of the bar while Ken did the same, laughing the whole time.

“225 is a warm up for me Sam, are you sure you want to start with your max?” Ken said as he stepped into position. He bent over, showing off his exposed glutes that flexed for all to see. He gripped the bar and started to crank out reps. At the top of each rep, he held the bar close to his body, flexing his back for the crowd. He did ten reps before placing the bar back on the supports.

I stepped forward and gripped the bar. I knew my clothes didn’t show much but I made a point of contorting my face and moving the weight very slowly.

“Easy there kid, don’t hurt yourself.” Ken said as I appeared to struggle with my eighth rep before slamming the bar down.

“See everyone. It takes a different type of person to lift real weights. Add another plate and I’ll show you some real power.” Ken said as two members of crowd loaded the weights. As he started to hoist the bar now loaded with  315 pounds, I looked over at Pete. His face stared back with a cocky grin, like he was the one humiliating me. When Ken completed his eighth rep, he slammed the bar down just to make a loud noise. He stood up and hit a back lat pose. The crowd cheered and admired his award winning body.

“You done?” I asked, causing Ken to relax the pose.

“You think you can move that bar?”

“Probably not. Can we add two more plates?” I said. The place went quiet for a moment before erupting in laughter.

I stepped closer to the 405 pound bar but stopped just short. I gripped the bottom of my hoodie, making sure I also grabbed the tank top underneath. with one quick movement, I pulled both layers over my head. Before it cleared my head, I heard the crowd gasp. As I tossed it aside, I looked at the sea of shocked faces, stopping at Pete, who looked like he was going to faint. I then turned to Ken, who’s stood slack-jawed.

“You see Ken, THIS is what dedication looks like. Two months ago you said I should add some mass to my 190 pound body and think about stepping on stage. Well, as you can see, I’ve done a hell of a lot more than that.” I said as I mimicked his back lat pose. As my lats started to spread further apart, I heard people in the crowd start to freak out. I was only halfway done the pose and I knew I was already as wide as Ken. I squared my shoulders and continued to flex, relishing the shock and awe on the faces in the gym. Fully flexed, I smiled when I felt my lats graze my forearms. Glancing at my reflection, there was only a small flicker of light shining through from behind me, my muscles eclipsed it all. “I’ve packed on 60 pounds of shredded beef since that day. Yeah, that’s right, I’m 250 pounds now and from the looks of it, I’m leaner than you too. I can’t see from this angle but does your back have this level of vascularity?” I asked as a few people looked only to cover their mouth in disgust.

I dropped the pose and stepped to the bar. I hoisted it like it weighed nothing and started to perform textbook perfect reps twice as fast as Ken had just performed. I reached 12 reps in seconds and showed no signs of slowing down. At 20 I slowed my pace but only so the crowd could see each individual muscle flex and twitch. The ones that didn’t look way, saw the most outrageously developed back ever. My definition was so extreme, each muscle appeared to move almost independently of each other. I reached 30 reps before tossing the weigh away like I had become bored with it. I took a step back and raised my arms into a double bicep pose but it was my back that stole the show. A few people stepped away in fear as Ken stumbled back, almost tripping on a nearby machine.

“You fucking little shit!” He yelled.

“LITTLE? Do you see anything little about me?” I said as I relaxed the pose and took a step towards Ken.

“SAM! STOP!” Pete screamed and stepped in front of me. He placed his hands on my pecs as if to restrain me but I caught his eyes look down, trying to comprehend what he was feeling. I bounced them in response and he recoiled quickly.

“Tell you what Ken, if you can gain a little more mass, maybe we can have a real workout some day.” I said as I bent down to pick up my clothes. “This shitty gym isn’t built for a freak like me, I’m going to get a real workout in.” I said and walked towards the front door while the entire gym stood in stunned silence.

Outside, the cool air feel good on my naked upper body. I heard the gym door open behind me and I turned to see a guy stop dead in his tracks. He was a little taller than me and a few years older. He slowly approached.

“Hey. Is it true you gained 60 pounds in two months?” He asked, scanning my bloated upper body. He wore a baggy t-shirt and loose fitting sweatpants but they could not hide is size. While far from ripped, he looked think and powerful. I guessed he outweighed me by close to 20 pounds.

“It sure is and I plan to make those gains look like five pounds in no time. I’m Sam.” I said, extending my hand. 

“Chris.” He said taking my hand. “That’s incredible Sam. I can’t get over how jacked you look and your level of conditioning is astounding.”

“Thanks man.” I said and flexed my pecs so deep cuts appeared and within seconds, the number of veins tripled. “Looks like some people in there think I’m a little crazy.”

“Fuck them.” Chris said with a smile.

I smiled back. “If you really believe that Chris, why don’t we head to my gym and really get a pump on?”

“You mean it?” Chris said with excitement in his voice.

“Sure. I can see you got some serious size there. If you think you handle it, I’d love a spotter than can actually push be to my limits.”

“Hell yeah!” Chris exclaimed.

“I’m not kidding Chris. If you follow me to the gym, I expect you to push me until you think you’ll kill me. And let me warm you, no one’s as hardcore as I am.”

Chris had a quick look of concern on his face but seemed to push it aside. “You drive, I’ll follow.”

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