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Role reversal: Teen alpha male impales his older brother


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Rodolfo tied the harness around his waist, making sure the rope was securely attached to the bus full of college kids.

Juan clung to his back, feeling the power of his younger brother's muscles as he prepared himself for the day's feat.
With a strong push, Rodolfo started walking, dragging the bus behind him. The roar of the bus engine mingled with the whoops and gasps of the students, as Rodolfo moved easily forward.

With each step he took, his muscles bulged more, as if they were about to burst.
His muscles are already enormous, with bulging veins and a strength that seems almost inhuman. Students watch in amazement as they stand behind the bus, ready to push if necessary.
Rodolfo, with his brother Juan still hanging from his back, concentrates and takes a deep breath. His muscles tense and bulge even more, looking almost like they are going to explode from so much force.

With a whoop of effort, he pulls the bus up and the students feel him start to move.
Rodolfo's muscles are a wonder to behold. Each one is perfectly defined, with a clear line of separation between each muscle group. His arms are huge, with biceps and triceps that look like footballs.

His shoulders are broad and strong, and his chest is broad and deep. His back is a true marvel, with muscles like waves on a rough sea. And his abdomen is a solid plate of muscle that looks like it was carved out of stone.
As he pulls the bus, Rodolfo grunts with effort while his macho voice echoes through the mountains, but it seems to have no limits. His muscles continue to grow, bigger and more defined, as if powered by some unknown force.

The bus moves faster, and the students whoop with excitement as they feel propelled forward.
Rodolfo's shirt bursts to pieces, revealing his imposing, muscular torso. His abdominal muscles form a grid of firm bulges, while his pectorals spread out like enormous wings.
The scene is simply impressive, a display of strength and power that looks like something out of an action movie. And at the center of it all is Rodolfo, with the biggest and strongest muscles ever seen.
With each step his breathing is more agitated, but he continues steadily pulling the bus full of students, his muscles seemed to grow with each breath, becoming visually more imposing.

Juan, his older brother and defenseless of him who hung with his best grip on the muscular teenager's back, couldn't believe the experience he was living.
The desire for his brother was a profound ecstasy, and his love for him was beyond brotherly.
Rodolfo had become a titan, a true alpha male, and he was the alpha male of his family, the breadwinner, and the one who worked two jobs to support them all. Therefore, Juan knew of his inferior position to his huge younger brother.

He was submissive and obedient to him.
I am the oldest, I am 35 years old. But I promised Rodolfo to be as fat and weak as I could, so that he can use me as a weight for his exercises. This had become a master dog domination.
Ecstasy takes me up to heaven and moves me among the stars. I never imagined feeling so much pleasure from feeling, touching, licking and cumming from a man's body, except my brother's, who is now the most powerful alpha male and Olympian of all time.
My brother is everything I love and desire in the world, he is my alpha male, the dominating man in the house. Oh my god, it's a constant orgasm! My penis is about to explode, I can't stop ejaculating at such a display of strength and domination.

My brother is only 18 years old.
Juan's penis was stuck between the enormous muscles of Rodolfo's back, it was such a thin and flaccid penis that it fit perfectly between the thirsty muscles of the god who had become his younger brother, so he could not stop ejaculating over and over again in the face of such dominance and physical stimulation.

Semen dripped like sticky beads between the chiseled dorsal muscles. Generating the hottest scene college students had ever seen in his life. Suddenly everyone was touching their genitals and masturbating fiercely for such a show of divinity.
Rodolfo realized what was happening, but for him it was just his daily exercise routine. He had reached a point in his physical training, that his body functioned like a mesh of perfect systems, capable of withstanding any challenge.

His penis became erect immediately, only his willpower was enough for the erect penis of 35 cm and thick as a liter bottle, tore his pants into pieces and flew off


This is a photo of my brother 3 years ago, before the roles in my family changed.

Do you want to know more about this story?💘


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The AI are amazing to bring character to life.

This was an awesome story and i hope there is more

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part two


Students gasped at the bus windows. Uploading the images to the networks with one hand and masturbating with the other.

-Juan, I got horny, could you come down for a moment and come here?

Juan lowered his enormous back, with difficulty moving and lowering himself from the two meters tall that his brother measures, and as he could, he stood in front of the alpha male who dominated him.

With a movement that seemed superhuman, Rodolfo lifted his brother using only his monstrous cock, erect as an oak tree. -Ready for the first exercise little brother?, said Rodolfo.

To everyone's surprise, the muscular teenage god wasn't just dragging a busload of college students up a mountain road from his strong, imposing waist.

With his 250-pound obese brother hanging from his fucking cock as if he weighed the same as a condom, otherwise, he started lifting his brother up and down with his monster cock to exercise her.

All while he was climbing the mountain. Juan was in an uncontrollable trance, his cock seemed like a fountain that never ended, now he was facing his god, with his head resting almost at the height of the shoulders of the imposing younger brother, and his cock being twisted by the fingers. huge abdominal blocks that move like a sophisticated imposing steel mechanism with movements and expansions like a machine. Now semen squirted from between the grooves of the mighty muscles. With his two arms free, Rodolfo grabs his older brother under the armpits and lifts him into the air as if he weighed nothing, but the imposing muscles of his arms glisten with sweat, orchestrating a series of movements of meandering muscle fibers and veins, protruding two huge spikes from his biceps. Rodolfo's huge cock starts dripping with pre cum, with one bold move, he manages to fit the huge head of his cock into his brother's anus.

And with a ferocious move of superhuman strength, he impales him on the ass. Generating a loud and audible noise by the students who died of pleasure. Juan was used to this treatment with his weak body when his brother was aroused (and he was aroused 20 hours a day), so Juan's ass had already deformed to a huge hole size, so it was easy to accommodate his younger brother's huge cock. Rodolfo continued his impressive feat of power as he continued to lift his brother up and down this time impaled to exercise his cock.
After 50 km of travel. Rodolfo stops, removes the harness from his waist. And he looks for a bottle of water that the students throw at him. Always with his obese older brother impaled on his dick.

The movement of such a muscular monster was impressive, the sun shining through the blond fur on his body that glistened in the sun, his tanned skin doing its best to contain the explosion of his moving muscles, and the dance of the veins underneath. the fine skin He made a few more curls with his brother's dick, while he gasped and licked his younger brother's pecs at his command. Rodolfo holds his brother with both arms and moves it up and down with great speed, takes it out and puts it back inside his cock, opening Juan's anus more and more.

The scene is impressive, the contrast of the weak body full of fat against the majestic sculpted machine is truly impressive. After going up and down his cock some 50 times, Rodolfo's cock erupts, filling his brother's ass with cum.

The semen has nowhere to escape, but Rodolfo doesn't let his brother out, he presses him and keeps fucking him over and over again while the semen begins to squirt out of Juan's ass. Juan faints with pleasure while Rodolfo goes (still very excited), to the bus full of university students 5, and 10 years older than him.





This is a much longer story! If you like it, help me get to 100 likes to continue with part three. Thank you! 😍



(In order not to interfere with your imagination, build your worldview of history with these photographs of Rodolfo in different planes of reality)


This is a photo of Rodolfo two years ago when he became the biggest alpha male in his class.




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(In order not to interfere with your imagination, build your worldview of history with these photographs of Juan in different planes of reality)

this is his older brother Juan. 





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Poor older bro completely dominated in every way by his muscle god of a younger brother, great story!

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Rodolfo and Juan are total opposites but i feel that whatever helped Rodolfo become the alpha he is the same happened to Juan. They both are fullfulling theor deepest  wishes.

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