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The Curse of Something - A Muscle Growth Game


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Yo! Welcome to The Curse of Something - a very special text-adventure/rpg game about large furry men and growin' huge!

Maybe some of you remember SuperWaffle's game that he shared here years ago? Well this has been partially inspired by that, so hopefully it's something some people here are interested in. There's also a decent amount of weight gain content, but it's mostly avoidable if that's not your thing.

Live the life of someone afflicted with a curse that makes you ultra buff. You can go out into the woods and fight monsters, or talk to them and try to make friends - or fuck them.

Just come here to play: https://mcrugermasta.itch.io/the-curse-of-something

Screen15.thumb.png.2d97047caf8ccf14631bd9fac0056459.png Screen6.thumb.png.dd5daeb47f6815ad860419f6e113a8f5.png

Screen7.thumb.png.dd3e3c1f7f4b1e5fe259cd836578ffc3.png Screen8.thumb.png.0a377340cacf7587ad7287625b804954.png

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I think I ended up breaking the curse of corpulence.   I got REALLY FAT... REALLY RICH and just plain planetoid size like you had to write the number in exponential notation

Every other turn I ended up using the collection facility and I just kept growing fatter and taller.  lol

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Well okay then.  lol

I was kinda hoping to turn it around so I could unlock some of the other things.  I kinda noticed that it was hard to get some of the other sections open that I saw in the Curse of Manliness... or is that in the other one, The Curse of Nothingness?

Also, I liked the fact that there were some characters that got big enough to barely fit in the frame (they were practically about to bust out of it).  I was kinda hoping I would see that happen to all of them.  But there were a few that just stopped at "fitting."

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There's only one unfinished section in the Curse of Debt that is unavailable in the other curses. Other than that, all sections should be open in every curse. Unless you mean that battling was harder in the curse of corpulence - if so then yeah, I eventually want to do things to make fighting better for fat characters.
And for the character pictures that burst out of the frame, I think that's cool too. I would've had versions like that for each enemy but I got the idea to have pictures like that after I already finished most of the enemies. Maybe at some point I'll go back and rework some of the art so that they all get pictures like that.

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Yeah, I started playing it myself last night, and now I'm addicted! I like the Cobra Mage, the Giant Werewolf, and I **ADORE** the Smug Kangaroo! A few times now, I've cast the "Give Strength" spell on him multiple times just so I can see the image change, and watch him get bigger and bigger ill he bursts out of his pants! It also works if you use the Mana potion on yourself repeatedly.

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