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holy shit, this will probably develop to be the bestest i've read around here. so good. the only feedback i got is that just don't care about how good it is while writing cause that would only impede you, causing boredom eventually. just write what you enjoy. this is really good

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Time for another update. 
I’m trying to get my ideas all in order and write a bit in advance so I can keep a flow of updates going. Next one should be up before the weekend, too!

Chapter 3

The rest of our Sunday morning had probably been the weirdest we’ve ever shared since we met each other. John left the bathroom after cleaning up and I had no clue what he was gonna say or what to expect. I myself didn’t know what I was gonna say. Turns out he didn’t say a single word. He went straight to the kitchen and started looking for something to eat. I didn’t know how to feel. It had been hot, sure, but wasn’t he even going to acknowledge he literally just blasted his biggest cum shot to date while humping me?

What about last night? Had I really imagined all of that? The more I thought about it the angrier I was getting for him having the balls to be literally just looking for food now as if nothing had happened. I got up and immediately started packing my things to leave everything ready to return home earlier than we’d planned. I dumped all my clothes in my bag, my phone, battery charges, everything.

“Hey, good morning” John said in a friendly voice while entering the room. He had that goofy and charming half smile up.

He stopped by the door and was leaning against the door while eating some yoghurt. I just waved back without being sure what to say.

“Do you want anything for breakfast? Actually, why are you packing up? Are we leaving?” He asked seemingly confused.

I truly couldn’t believe he was literally gonna act like nothing happened. Or was this not him and last night wasn’t really a hallucination? Before answering him I glanced at his hands again. There was still a band-aid there so again I felt like I was going crazy.

“I don’t feel hungry. Can we pack and return home earlier?” I finally broke my silence.

He didn’t say anything but luckily just acknowledged my will and went to the kitchen to finish his yoghurt. When he came back and started packing he started looking through his night stand seemingly looking for something he couldn’t find. I didn’t pay much attention at first but he was very insistent on finding whatever it was he was looking for.

“Hey did you see the black rock we found yesterday? I left it at my night stand and I can’t find it.”

So he finally decided to talk about last night. There’s no way he’d talk about a fucking rock he found in the lake but not everything else that happened.

“Seriously?!” I replied, annoyed at the fact he was giving this so much attention and ignoring the rest.

“Yes, really! I remember putting it here last night before going to bed. Then I woke up to go to the bathroom and last thing I know you bumped into me acting out of yourself”

Did he not remember anything or was he playing me now? I was just fed up with that. The idea of simply not talking about things was awful to me. I’m not gonna let the same happen with my own best friend.

“Listen, so about earlier…” I started saying but got quickly interrupted

“I am so so so sorry, I don’t know what happened…” he immediately spurted out.

Ok, good. He wasn’t oblivious of it, but why on Earth would he just choose to not talk about it. I guess I would have to try to calm him down.

“Look I just wanted to thank you for getting me to bed after I freaked out last night. That was sweet of you” I simply said.

He was looking down, not quite able to look me in the eye. “I, uhm… yeah. No problem, bro. I am really sorry about this morning, though. I was having one of those dreams and when I was slowly waking up it all felt so good I couldn’t handle it and…” he was mumbling trying to find words at this point.

“Look, you don’t have to say anything. It’s fine.” I replied.

I was trying not to overthink things but it’s quite difficult when you have a crush on someone and something on that level happens. My mind was racing and I really just wanted to get out of there and back home. I needed some fresh air. John was a big boy, he could look for that stupid rock by himself. I got up, put on a light jacket and headed outside.

When I stepped out the door I froze for a second when I stopped at the same spot I had the “terrifying sighting of John” last night. Now, during daytime, things looked exponentially less creepy and there was nothing by the firepit except of course the burnt wood and charcoal, some toasted marshmallows that fell into it and the two wooden stools around it. No blood, no animal carcass, not a trace that what I saw had been real. It was actually quite a nice day outside, but something else caught my attention. A tiny, black, shiny object sheepishly hiding besides the stools. It couldn’t be. As I came closer to it there it was. The little rock we found in the lake the day before. Except it looked a bit different now. I picked it up to inspect it and the slit in the middle now looked bigger. The markings were the same but it’s shape was rounder like it was fuller. John immediately seemed to appear out of nowhere and snapped it out of my hand as I was studying it.

“You found it! ” he thanked me very enthusiastically.

“This is exactly where I saw you last night! I’m not going crazy!” I once again said annoyed.

John was so mesmerized by the rock, again, that he barely even acknowledged what I said. We finished packing and returned home without any objections. He didn’t seem to mind or object to anything for the rest of the day. By the time we were back I was just really over everything that had happened and wanted to get some actual good rest. John on the other hand was restless. He walked around the apartment, watched tv shows, vacuumed the floor. He was on fire, more active than ever. And on a Sunday of all days. He really was acting out of himself and I couldn’t figure out why. It’s like that freaking rock was changing him somehow and I didn’t like this new John, he had the same qualities to him but felt like a stranger to me. After an entire day of this I was done. Enough was enough.

“Hey, what’s going on with you? And why won’t you put that thing down?” I asked John.

“The rock? Cause it looks amazing! The more I stare at it the more details I can see!”

“Dude, cmon. Give me that stupid thing” I moved to try and get it from him but he didn’t let me. It was one of those weird moments when someone does something unexpected and you just don’t know how to act. John was actively protective of that stupid rock. But he was already taller than me, and despite not being heavier than me his longer arms kept it away from my reach. We actually now looked stupid, like two kids fighting over a toy or something. While trying to get it from him I actually managed to make him drop it, but if fell inside the aquarium we had in the living room. We both observed it sinking into the bottom of it.

After a couple of seconds some of the fish inside it started approaching to check it. John and I just watched it not wanting to dip our hands inside the water to fetch it. That’s when I could see the vaguely faint orange glow again around the rock. But now it was clearer to me because of the glass. There was a gelatinous membrane around it that actually gave it that orange glow. And it was “leaking” from the slit in the middle of it. The moment the first fish approached the membrane it got engulfed in it. It didn’t react any differently and just moved on with his life, but now the fish also had the gel-like substance around him. Soon other fish in the aquarium also had it and it was a matter of a couple minutes before all of the fish inside had it.

“Are you seeing that?” I asked

“I thought I was the only one. That’s exactly what I saw in the lake. Except inside the water I couldn’t see as clearly as I can now through the aquarium glass” John explained.

“Well that explains one of the dozen weird things that happened over the weekend but it doesn’t explain…”

Before I was able to finish my sentence I saw the first fish that touched the substance glow a tiny brighter. It was hard to notice at first but the first thing I noticed that was different about it were the completely white eyes. The dead look in it that felt so familiar. Then the fish suddenly attacked another one trashing it violently inside the water. There was a small cloud of remains, blood and flesh but it was all engulfed by the slimy substance which seemed to be dissolving everything inside it and then returning the gooey blob to the fish that had first started it.




Soon all other fish were gone from the aquarium and the only one remaining fish was looking different. Its color was bright red, and the soft orange-ish glow around it was no more. Then it started to convulse and the skin was melting and reshaping at the same time. Each time it reshaped it seemed to gain a tiny bit of size. Just looking at it seemed painful let alone feel what the poor fish could feel. But its scales were now looking denser, thicker, more resistant and each time it reshaped itself it became darker in color. The fish also grew in size with the fins becoming longer, its body expanding to the sides and the tail becoming bigger and more flamboyant. It was so different from the original fish. Like a larvae that had gone under metamorphosis and was now a butterfly. But the fish was no longer the bright red it once was. It was now a shiny black. The fish calmly swam across the aquarium to meet the rock again. It poked the slit a couple times and the rock stood up in a vertical angle and the fish started to force itself inside it. Despite its much larger size the rock started expanding to accommodate it and even if it didn’t completely grow you could see that the fish was making its way in. Parts of it body were simply ripped apart from brute forcing its way inside a rock but they simply gooey-fied and followed it inside. As if you were painfully trying to stick your finger inside a tin can that could not accommodate it and simply ignoring the pain by continue to push it through. By the time all of the fish - and the goo - had finished entering the rock it sank back down to bottom of the aquarium, now again completely still and looking devoid of any life inside it

I was horrified about the whole freak show we had just witnessed. When I turned my head to look at John he was fixated in it. He wasn’t even blinking. He turned to look at me and we both had very visibly different expressions. Mine was pure horror while his was pure amazement. My mind started spiraling when I remembered I had seen John, or whatever I thought was John, the night before feeding off of other living beings. But I couldn’t make sense of things now. Before I could process any other thoughts I looked at John and saw the faint orange glow around him. “Oh fuck, no no no” I kept thinking.

“Are you feeling ok?” He said as he extended his hand to me.

My vision started going black. The last thing I felt were John’s arms holding me and I blacked out.


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Excellent so far. The premise that seems to be setting up should get super interesting,

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