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The Secret Snuffers Society Part 6- Michal’s apprentice


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Hi everyone, has always this is wacky stuff, i´f you don't like snuff stories, rape domination stuff, please leave, If you like this kind of stuff, i expect it lives to your expetations.  As a small reminded, English is not my first language so please be patient.


As always thanks to Freakoman2 and Mczapl for his encouragemnt and help. (Hope you enjoy it too). ;)


The Secret Snuffers Society Part 6- Michal’s apprentice

Michal’s was with Ricardo at the Old Red’s former van just some hours before Drukson’s demise, it was already night and Ricardo was looking at his cellphone some messages. They stream just finished. Michal frowned. So, Wolf returned to the stage. Ricardo nodded, “Yes sir, seems that he punished some cops, this night stream was only Wolf and also Carlos just got his promotion”. Michal slightly nodded, “seems that the SSS are making his declaration. Ricardo, tell me, one of the punished guys was someone called Brown?”.  Ricardo tapped on his phone, after some seconds he said “yes, the last one”. Michal pondered some seconds. “We don’t have much time, we need a faster ride”. Michal said. Ricardo was puzzled, “The SSS already made a declaration of war” Michal said, “Brown was a high ranking police officer, he was being paid by the Old Reds and before I arrived he was the strongest, I changed that a little”, Michal said bouncing his pecs and grinning. “Nikolai then preferred me over Brown, however,   Brown was a good asset on the police, I convinced Nikolai to keep Brown”, Michal looked disappointed, “I wanted that kill” Michal said,  then he kept on talking “I found that the Old Red’s they where using the police to keep a check on the SSS, so that essentially broke the truce”.

Ricardo looked at Michal, "what truce do you mean?".  “Look,  Wolf met the Interviewer and they built up the SSS, as far as I know, the Interviewer came with the business ideas, but he needed the brute force that Wolf provided. The Interviewer took quite the risk, you know how Wolf can be when he wants to kill, but for some reason I can’t know, Wolf took a keen on him. The Interviewer plan mean a place, more power and specially, his plan meant that the SSS could kill even more”. Ricardo was very attentive, I was no easy task to see someone talking about the SSS origins.  

“Wolf was the brute force, the trainer, and the discipline.  The Interviewer got the plan, the ideas, he looked for the recruits and also he cared for Wolf’s needs. The SSS was growing up, then I met Wolf, I was already strong, we could fight until some of us was dead but the Interviewer stopped Wolf and invited me to join the SSS, one of the best choices in my life” Michal said flexing his bicep and kissing it.  After some silence moments Michal continued “then the SSS grew, the warehouses business was a gold mine, but Wolf and I wanted to kill, so the Interviewer came with the arena idea, It was really fun to have all those shady contractors working for us, they gave os some really strong candidates, and then we snuffed the contractors to keep our secret”, Michal’s groin grew and he grinned.  “The cops came to ask some questions, but we already were strong, so we destroyed them, it was a Wonderfull bloodbath…for us” Michal was already aroused by the memories, “At the time, the former police chief came for peace talks and negotiated with the Interviewer, no cop would dare to be near the warehouses, and the SSS won’t make any trouble, nor kill any cop, suffice to say that the las t part was the most difficult since Wolf really hates cops. The truce also helped the community since the cops where kept on check by the SSS even if they didn’t noticed anything, for them we were just some stuff keepers, the truce went great until recently,  the former cop’s chief retired, and the new one had his own ideas. Ricardo asked “what ideas sir?” Michal looked at him and then put his attention to the highway then he took an exit way the seemed to go to a near airstrip. “Well as I was told during my mission, the new chief wasn’t keen on relenting his power to the SSS, he then decided to join the Old Red’s in hope to get a better deal from them…what an idiot, he allowed some cops to try to ask bribes from the SSS just to test the waters and the SSS already made his statement, the Interviewer and Wolf should be pissed if they are already wanting to jeopardize on the SSS secrecy to make his statement clear”. Michal said.

Michal went near the airfield, but not so close, he put the car on neutral and stepped down “get down” he said seriously “I will not allow the SSS to fall, so if the Interviewer and Wolf are going to the war, I’m on it and we need to do our part”. Michals loyalty to the SSS was showing up again, Michals already was offended that The Interviewer and Wolf doubted his loyalty, so he was keen on making for it, he even allowed Ricardo to come with him when he clearly preferred to go solo, but even Ricardo gave him some fun kills those two weakling that came near when he was rape-snuffing Drukson so Michals decided to go with Ricardo on his mission, he would be a worthy SSS member? That was still to see, but he decided to play along for now. “Sir, why you’re telling me all of this?” Ricardo asked. “Michal grabbed Ricardo from his head and early lifted, “because if you speak any of this to anyone…I will make sure that you pay for every letter you said on this matter” Michal dropped Ricardo who fell on his ass, and then grabbed his crotch, “If you ever speak of this you will meed this strong guy and it will make you regret every moment you saw” , and then… Michal lifted Ricardo from his throat until his legs dangled in the air “I will make you tell me about anyone who you spoke, and then I personally will find them, rape them until they sing, make the suffer,  and then kill him as easy as I kill a bug, do you understand…..Ricardo?” Michal dropped Ricardo to the floor, Ricardo grabbed his throat but Michal made sure he won’t seriously hurt Ricardo. “Do you understand?” Michal asked “yes Sir” Ricardo answered. Michal then helped Ricardo to get on his feet, he gave him a bottle of water and tapped his cheek gently, “Good boy, now I see why the Interviewer chose you”. Michal said. Ricardo was dumbfounded by this sudden attitude change. “You’re loyal, you want to be one of the SSS top league…but stop asking stupid questions, I hate stupid questions” Michal said. Then he went to the rear of the car and put his leg on the rear bumper the pant ripped and Michals quadriceps burst out of the pants. Michals nodded proudly “Now we take a plane he said” And with a sudden leg movement he pushed the car so hard that the car went full speed until it crashed loudly on a place far from where Michal and Ricardo stood. Michal ripped the rest of his pants and took of his slippers, he always loved to let his muscles free and uncovered and after some stretching Michal begun to walk to the airfield, Ricardo came after, they went directly to the control tower living the road behind, the night was dark so they weren’t seen. After some minutes of silent walking the got to the airfield borders, just in front of a electric fence.

“Stay clear Michal said seems you’re strong but not strong enough” Michal said, then he grabbed Ricardo from his chest and tossed him over the fence, Ricard said “woa” and in the air he somewhat managed to get some control but still fell on his front. “Michal wasn’t keen on jumping is he simply ripped the fence and passed on the whole he created, the electricity wasn’t strong enough to make him feel anything excepting for a small massaging effect on his muscles, then he walked to the place Ricardo fell and bounced his pecs. “Sorry pall” Michal said jokingly, Ricardo’s clothes where dirty “showoff” he said and ripped his shirt from his body revealing his swimmer torso, defined and hairy, Michal nodded in approval, “you will be a great elite if you train enough , now lets continue” Michal said.

It was a small airstrip, as it was a flying school airstrip there where some hangers where some  Cessnas 172, one Cirrus Visionwere parked, most of the hangers were had it’s light out and seemed that all the personel where off-site. On the only lighted hanger, a Pilatus PC-24 was being fueled, that caught Michal’s attention, “That plane will be perfect” Michal said, “Do you even know to fly a plane?” Ricardo asked, “yes, I know, that plane only needs one pilot, and can land on rough terrain” Michal said casually, “We need the plane, but is not like taking a car, I need to get it ready”,  then they quietly walked and crouched near some boxes. “I’ll take and prepare the flight” Michal said, “you go to the terminal building and neutralize anyone there, keep and eye on the alarm, the control tower seems empty, check it just after you took control from the terminal building”.  Ricardo nodded then walked quietly to the terminal building, then Michal went to the hangar. He walked slowly, taking his time to observe the hangar surroundings, so he could take the hangar personnel by surprise. He stood hidden nearby, he didn’t needed to hide, but he thought the best way was to use a little stealth so none report a missing plane, but he wondered why that kind of Jet would be there.  The Airfield was far from the city, so it could easily be used has a smuggling airfield, that would explain why there were so few people. There were a technician fueling the plane, bus Michal didn’t saw anybody else, so he decided to act.  Michal went to the hanger in a stealthy way, for a man of his size, he surely knew how to walk quietly, the technician was distracted, mainly since he was concentrated on the plane and had his headphones over his ears. Michal smiled, this could be easy since he didn’t had time to torture or rape him. Michal walked next to the technician, he saw a shadow and turned quickly, just to see a huge man walking fast to him with his arms opened.  Michal clapped the technician head off with such brutality that the skull exploded sending headphone parts, blood and brains splashing over the place. The body fell twitching, Michal looked the corpse and thought, “too easy”, then he filled the rest to the plane fuel tanks, closed the valves and entered to the cabin to prepare flight.

Ricardo walked to the terminal building, he heard some voices on the terminal. Ricardo crouched so he could be seen from the windows, when he reached the door he heard three voices. Ricardo body twitched in excitement, he opened the door quietly and opened it slowly for a little to look inside and peek how many people were inside. He peeked and saw three people there, one of them seemed to be the plane’s pilot, the others appeared to be airfield’s officials. “The plane should be ready in any minute” the pilot said. I’ll take a look for it, then I’ll leave ASAP I can’ risk to be found here, the plane was already off loaded so I’ll be out on 15 minutes. The pilot walked to the door, Ricardo hid before some boxes. The pilot left the building and closed the door behind him, Ricardo walked crouching behind the pilot, he was careful so he would not be seen from the windows. The pilot was nervous “where that idiot could be now, the plane should be ready” he said, then Ricardo went behind him and with his hands he grabbed the pilots head covering his mouth, Ricardo pushed the pilots he’d to his pecs and then he pressed the head on his pecs. The pilot muffled yells were pleasing for Ricardo, he was aroused, feeling this kind of power over another man was a feeling he just recently begun to understand and his groin was responding in kind. Ricardo flexed his arms over the pilots head, the pilot tried to fight, he punched any part of Ricardo’s body that he could reach, but Ricardo grip was strong, the pressure he was mounting on the head was getting bigger and suddenly he felt a crack and the pilot’s muffled yells stopped. Ricardo just left the body there and crouched to the terminal. Ricardo was excited, he found that he loved killing, his adrenal glands where doing adrenaline on his bloodstream and Ricardo knew he wanted to snuff these other two, Michal said “neutralize” but from know on, when Ricardo heard those words, the meaning from him would be “snuff”.  Ricardo then realized the kind of power the SSS meant, and he clearly enjoyed the felling.

 Ricardo reached the building door again, he was so aroused that  he forgot any subtlety, he kicked the for with all his might, the door opened with a bang. Ricardo’s brain was moving at such a fast pace that all the movements of the airfield officials looked like they where at slow pace. Ricardo looked at one of the officers who tried to use a radio, Ricardo threw a chair to the officer knocking the radio off his hands, the radio fell far fro, the officers reach.  The other officer tried to run past Ricardo, but he reached the officer with his hand and threw him at the other officer and fell unconscious. The officer who had the radio tried to hit Ricardo, but Ricardo dodged the hit and punched the officer ribs cracking three ribs. The officer fell on his knees in pain, and Ricardo lifted him and bear-hugged  the officer tried to push Ricardo, bit Ricardo was stronger. The other officer begun to regain conscience, Ricardo saw him from his lateral sight and while bear hugging the other Officer he ran to the man trying to get up and kicked his head so the officer fell unconscious, the bear hugged officer pushed in desperation but Ricardo kept his hold. “Die you motherfucker, die!” Ricardo said.  After some minutes of struggle the ribcage collapsed and the officers limbs went limp. He was dead, Ricardo celebrated his victory with a yell, he then flexed is biceps and kissed them. He then rubbed his wood and lost his mind on his excitement, Ricardo ripped his pants, his quadriceps where not as big has Michal’s but were clearly defined.  Ricardo walked to the unconscious officer and decided to use his legs, he took his time to lay next to the officers head, he placed the head on his legs and then he slowly used his quads to compress the head. The officer woke up to find himself compressed by Ricardo’s legs. Ricardo laughed in pleasure, he was finding more strength than he thought he had, he rubbed his dick while compressing the head. The officer yelled in agony and Ricardo went crazy, the power, the sexual lust was too much for him and then Ricardo used all his Smith, the head cracked and the yells stopped, Ricardo kept compressing the head until it changed to a ovoid form, Ricardo released and so to the sure that he was dead he placed the neck on his legs and with a twist of his legs he cracked the officer’s neck”.  Ricardo was still rubbing his wood while walking to the other officer, he punched the neck cracking it. Ricardo felt so powerful and the lust overcame his head, Ricardo yelled in pleasure and cummed. His breathing become fierce, the only being more powerful n the place was Michal, and Ricardo understood the pleasure that Michal and Wolf would be feeling when they snuffed other humans so easily that they didn’t made a distinction between people and bugs, Ricardo decided he wanted to be an elite.

Ricardo took his cum soaked hand and licked his fingers. He slowly left the building since he could not concentrate well enough from the feelings mixture he was just discovering. Ricardo left the building walking unsteadily, while walking to the plane he found the pilots body. Ricardo strength was raising and then he realized that he didn’t defeated a man but a bug, the raised his right leg and with all his might he stomped the head, Ricardo’s hairy legs danced and showed all the four muscle heads working in unison crushing the head and splattering all the brain and blood on the nearby soil. Ricardo yelled in pleasure and kept walking to the plane. Michal heard the yell and left the plane. Michal walked near Ricardo and he felt that something in Ricardo changed, Michal smiled “how it feels?” He asked, Ricardo took a deep breath and said “like I’m invincible” Michal grinned, “you’re  still way too far from that point” he said bouncing his pecs, “but if you stay with the SSS you’ll reach that point”. Michal turned himself and walked to the plane “Come here” Michal ordered, Ricardo slowly walked to the plane and entered behind Michal who closed the door.  Michal seated on the captains seat and pointed the other seat to Ricardo “Don’t touch anything” Michal orders, Ricardo was silent. Michal started the plane’s engines and took the plane to the runway,

Michal clearly knew what he was doing, Michal  took off and directed the plane to the desired destination, “we will reach the Old Red’s airfield in one hour” Michal said. When the plane entered it’s cruise attitude Michal looked at Ricardo, “So?” He asked. “I wan’t to be and SSS elite, what I should do?” Michal flexed his right biceps “fell my arm” he ordered. Ricardo put his hands on Michal’s biceps, “Squeeze it with all your strength” Michal ordered. Ricardo then squeezed Michals biceps with all his might but he couldn’t make a dent on it. Michal smiled. “You should train, at the moment you reach the point in which you can make a dent on my flexed biceps, at that point you´ll reach the level of an elite. Until you reach that point…you should train…anyway, good work out there, seems you got some strength yourself” Michal said.

Ricardo nodded his head, he was determined too reach the elite level of the SSS. He wanted to be worthy of the SSS and of his new master,  Michal would be his model and his mentor. Ricardo then looked at his body, he felt stronger, but he needed to train more. “Thanks sir, and I’ll train to be worthy of the SSS”. Michal nodded, “I’m sure Wolf and the Interviewer would be pleased to hear that, and by the way, report the situation to the HQ” Michal said handling Ricardo the plane’s phone.

After one hour Michal looked at his instruments and begun descending the plane. “We are near, Ricardo, prepare yourself” Michal said. After some minutes Michal found a dimly illuminated airfield. It was the kind of runway that you’ll never find unless you know precisely what to look for. After Ricardo saw the runway he begun to maneuver the plane to land. Before landing he briefed Ricardo. “This airfield is illegal, the Old Reds use it to smuggle drugs. I’m assuming that they will thing at first that this plane carries their goods, unless they first see me, so go back and see if there are any clothing and try to fit while I land the plane.

Ricardo when behind and after some minutes he found the pilot’s uniform in a closet. He tried to fit but it was too small, so Ricardo tried to fit as best has he could and went to the cabin “That will do, we only need some seconds, at least to gain some time before they blow the plane off. Ricardo opened his eyes. Michal smirked “If they blow the plane I could survive easily, you don’t, and If you die the Interviewer will nag at me, so consider yourself lucky that I need to take care of you”.  “Ok, Ok” Ricardo said disappointedly. “You’ll be a nice SSS recruit, just learn your place”. Michal said bouncing his pecs. “You’re weaker than me, so you obey me, understood?”.  Ricardo nodded in fear, he already saw what Michal muscles could do and he knew that even if he already scored some kills, he was still too way behind Michal’s skills, and specially, behind his strength. Ricardo knew that Michal’s gave him an opportunity to kill three people, but he struggled, Michal would do the same feat effortlessly and gruesomely within seconds, or in case that Michals take more time, would be not for lack of might, but because he loved to enjoy to see how someone struggled in vain against his incredible strength.  Ricardo instinctively knew that his place on the SSS were way below Michal’s, and that if he was very patient with him was only because he had an order, otherwise he could be already a smear on the soil for being weak for the mission. But Michal gave him the opportunity to taste the kill, at the very few moment he could heed the bone collapsing on his strength, he knew something changed, if he returned live from this mission was too be a loyal strong SSS member, he would be loyal to he SSS secrecy and will enjoy to snuff anyone that dares to step on the SSS ways. He wanted to be equal or stronger than Michals, or even Wolf is that could be possible. Ricardo felt his body responding to that desire, his body felt somewhat stronger. Ricardo took his seat and fastened his seatbelt, caressing his body on the process, his penis begun to engorge.

Michal seemed to read his mind when he said “Look, you just snuffed three people back there, I saw how you crushed that guy’s skull, don’t get too carried away, not now, your body will change, and seems you already feel your muscles strength growing. Don’t let that feeling take over your judgement. Not now, or you will jeopardize our mission, Michal grabbed Ricardo’s hand and squeezed a little to make Ricardo feel pain, he tried to break Michals grip on his hand but Michal’s ironclad grip was incredible. “Don’t forget your place… if you, for some reason makes me lose even one second of time on this mission, I will kill you in the most painful and humiliating way, no matter if the Interviewer or even Wolf gets mad at me,  learn your place, understood?”.  Michal released Ricardo’s hand and kept flying. “Now prepare, as soon has we land, you open the door and disarm the guards that are next to the plane, I’ll go behind you, after we  take control of the place, we rendezvous again at the plane side, you go front and left, I go right and behind…no survivors”. Michal stablished the plan and then proceeded to final Ricardo nodded and held his hand still reddish from the humility lesson he just received.

The landing itself was uneventful excepting for the fact that the guards were puzzled by the unknown plane landing. They initially thought “Could be that some shipment notification was forgotten?”. They unlocked their weapons and begun to walk next to the taxiing plane, the plane lights were on, so they couldn’t see who was piloting. After some time the plane engines  and light were turned off, Michal looked outside from the pilots window, “four or five guards, two left, three right” Ricardo did the same on his window, one behind, then he proceeded to the plane’s door. The guards walked slowly to the plane they kept aiming and the plane. The door opened. A medium-big guy dressed in a pilot uniform walked down, there were no moon so they didn’t noticed that the uniform was barely fitting and that the pilot didn’t have shoes or even socks. The “pilot” descended and in a very latin English he said “delivery, all the good are there, who will unload them?”.  

The guards were puzzled, Ricardo walked casually. Suddenly he punched the nearest guard will all his might, the other guards were surprised but at the same time Michal jumped out of the plane and fell over the other guard who fell to the floor,  Michal quickly jumped over him pinning him to the ground Michal took the weapon from the guard’s hand and tore two fingers with it. Michales closed his right fist, “bam, bam, bam” Michal punched the guard face three times, but the skull was cracked open at the first punch, the other two were just to make sure.

On the other side Ricardo already disarmed the guard and grabbed his head and then twisted the head 180° degrees cracking his neck. The body felt limp, then Ricardo ran to the other guard and ripped the weapon from his hand, the guard took a knife and swung it to Ricardo who dodged the knife and stood in a fighting position.

Michal jumped to the other guard who was surprised to see a monster size man bulging with muscles running to him, first the surprise, next, the fear when he noted Michals fierce face that looked like a predator falling over his price. BOOOOOM, CRACK was the only sound he heard when Michal punched his chest cracking his sternum and grabbing his pulsing heart. The guard looked at Michal pleadingly but Michal just ripped the heart of the body, the guard fell to the ground and saw how his life was leaving his body with his heart on Michal’s hand, Michals then jumped over the plane, the guard aimed at him, but before he could shoot Michals threw the beating hart at him.  The heart landed at the guards face where it exploded gushing blood all over the guards face, blinding him for a moment, Michal fell next to the guard and quickly he took the guard shoulders and in two quick movements, he ripped the guards arms from their sockets, before the guard could yell Michal grabbed the guard mouth and crushed the face and jawbone, the guard fell to the ground and Michals stomped his head crunching the head remains, Michal twisted his leg, so the only thing that remained from the head was a bloody stain on the floor.  Michal bounced his pecs in victory, then turned and walked calmly around the plane to see Ricardo fighting the other guard.

Ricardo was figuring out how to take the guards knife of the hand of the guard. Michal turned his head in reprobation, “Ricardo! You’re already stronger than that knife, don’t act so weak!” he yelled, Ricardo lost his concentration for a second, then the guard stabbed Ricardo right on his left pectoral muscles. However the knife bounced back and only the shirt were ripped by the knife. Ricardo was surprised, he then grabbed the guard who tried to stab Ricardo’s arm unfruitfully, he only could scratch his skin with it, so Ricardo took the arm with the knife and pulled I will all his might, the arm dislocated from the shoulder, but Ricardo couldn’t tear from the body like Michal would do, the guard yelled and stump let bak a few steps, but the arm was already useless. Ricardo then grabbed the guard by the neck and lifted him choking, the guard struggled and tied to fight with the other hand but Ricardo was focused, the guard struggled but Ricardo went full strength, a sudden shot of might entered Ricardo’s hands and he crushed the guards neck. The guards head went limp and has hangin from Ricardo’s hand, then Ricardo released the crushed neck but he wasn’t satisfied.

Ricardo felt disappointed, with himself, hours before he was in ecstasy, but now, he Feld so weak compared to Michal, Michal killed three guards in a few seconds, In some utter display of dominance and strength, giving in seconds such a bloody display of masculinity, Ricardo struggled with two guards and he even didn’t knew his limits properly. Ricardo felt he needed to make up for his weakness. He then ripped the head from the last guard’s neck and offered to Michals has an offering. “I wan’t to be strong, for the SSS, for you!” Ricardo said. “Michal took the head from Ricardo’s hands and crushed like of it were a beer can” Ricardo looked at Michal’s eyes and found Michal’s dark and cold glance. “You’re weak” Michal said  coldly, “But at the same time you’re way stronger than them, know your place” Michal said while cleaning the head remains with his tank top.  Ricardo said “help me” Michal glare was cold… “I could kill you anytime,  If I ever see any other sign of weakness, I’ll kill you, understood?,  Ricardo nodded, “Now get out of that disguise, it’s ridiculous” Michal said, Ricardo then ripped the uniform from his body and walked at Michal’s side.

Michal searched on the guards remains and found a car’s key. “Let’s go” Michal said, they found a Humvee, Mitchal took the steering wheel.  They went for the road and went to the Old Red’s headquarters.

Meanwhile on the SSS quarters the Interviewer was looking at his phone on Wolf,’s room  Wolf was just getting out of the shower, and went to put some clothes. “Have you received communication from Michal?” Wolf asked. “They are now on the Old Reds airfield, they are goin to their headquarters”. Wolf looked at the Interviewer phone and said “Why you sent Ricardo? He’s weak. “Ricardo can be a good  SSS elite, but he has his own pace, if I let him to you he would be dead at this time….Ricardo is not like Carlos, Carlos is more brutal, Ricardo can get strong but he needs someone that can lead him, that’s Michal’s strenght” Wolf lifted and eyebrow “Do you mean that Ricardo can be stronger than Carlos?” “I’m not sure if it’s stronger, but when he wakes up, he will be a top elite. Michal can teach him, or kill him this mission will be his own test”. The Interviewer said,  Wolf bounced his pecs and said “I’ve trained him, his body will be strong, his mind…I don’t know, Wolf put a beer can over his mouth and crushed it drinking the can contents”. The smiled and looked at the Interviewer. “When we will go to the police?” “Soon Wolf, we need to make sure all the pieces are in place, then we will go”, the Interviewer said.  He tapped his phone and said “We need first to see the results of Michal’s mission”. I’ll tell you as soon as possible. “How many of us will go?” Wolf asked, “Just you and me for now, we still need someone to take care of the warehouses, do you think Carlos could handle that?” The Interviewer said “Let me think Wolf said, has soon as I have a suggestion I’ll tell you buddy” The Interviewer nodded and left the room.

After just 30 minutes of driving, Michal was near his destination, the Old Reds headquarters were and unassuming building complex in a desert place, it was a big house with an unassuming looks excepting for one warehouse. Michal stopped the car and said “Look Ricardo, the house was four floors. I estimate that there are still 15 or 20 guards, the elite guards are on the third and 4th floor. Our target should be on the 4th floor”.  Ricardo then asked, “No survivors?” Michal pondered his answer,  “We might find some good candidates for the SSS, the big boss is mine we will enter the same way we entered the airfield” “Please don’t toss me again sir” Ricardo asked. “Ok, you’ll go behind me this time.” Michal said.  
Michal drove the car to a nearby mountain, he then looked ad the big white house, Michal frowned, "the guards have been alerted, you sure we killed al the guard on the airfield?”
“Yes sir”, Ricardo said, I’m sure that we killed everyone” Ricardo pondered if he would be punished by Michal, but Michal simply said “appears that they are ready for us, we need more information, I’ll go there, do your phone has signal here?” Ricardo showed him the phone, it had a good signal level so Michal nodded. Stay here with the car, I’ll go alone and then I’ll tell you what to do”. “But sir, you don’t have a phone, or even clothing” Ricardo said. “I’ll send you a message, so stay alert, or you might miss the fun”. Michal said. “But sir, you’re going to run?” Ricardo asked risking himself for a punishment. “I will go unnoticed if I reach the house before sunrise is still pretty dark but we don’t have much time, if we go with the car they can evacuate Igor, and I really want him” Michal said while grabbing his crotch.  Michal left the car and ran to the Old red HQ, he was very fast, not has fast as a car, but the managed to go unseen, when he reached the house fence he tor it apart and entered the place. “Idiots, they surely underestimate us if they think this fence will stop us”. Michal thought. He entered the house and was spotted by a guard. The guard grabbed his radio but Michael was faster than him he grabbed the hand with the radio with his right hand and his head with the left hand, Michal crushed the hand and the head at the same time. The body fell to the floor. Michal grabbed the body and and carried it to a nearby parked car, Michal dropped the corpse on the cars trunk, then he carefully went to the first floor, trying to not alert the guards, not that soon, he knew that he could take the HQ by himself, but he wanted Igor. Michal found the security room, with extra care Michal entered the room, there was only one guard monitoring the place, but the guard was asleep. Michal smiled contemptuously, “Incompetent piece of shit”,  He closed the door and secured it the room was filled by a brief “click”. The guard didn’t woke up. Michal decided to wake the guard and show the true size of his mistake.

Michal grabbed the seat and turned it, the guard woke up and saw the biggest man he ever saw “Michal?” He said but Michal fist crushed his head splattering blood and bone parts over all the screens. “Shit, you’re too soft” Michal thought, he dropped the body and looked at the cameras. He located the guards, and when he looked at the 4th floor cameras he saw Igor, Igor was a big Russian with some muscles still for himself,  Michal licked his lips “your ass is mine” his crotch engorged at the thought.  After some observation of the screens he knew that he could take the base for himself, but oddly enough, there were no means of scape excepting of the cars, Michal expected an helicopter for Igor, but it was quite strange, like if Igor wanted to be found, or like Igor was quite sure that he would survive any attack he could receive. Michal pondered his plans, then took the phone of the dead guard and sent a message to Ricardo “frontal assault, come quick”, Michal crushed the phone, he pointed the cameras to the mountain where the Humvee was and saw it moving, so he decided it was time to go. Before leaving the room he examined the the guard’s warm body and with a punch he ripped the heart and ate it. “Breakfast”, Michal said, he saw the clock, 6 am. “The turn shift” Michal thought. Michal decided to wait for his next victim, he was already aroused, Michal decided to play with his body for some instances, so he ripped his blood soaked shirt and massaged his strong hard nipples and . “Mmmm” Michal muttered, then he decided to unlock the door and waited behind it.  After some minutes of self caressing the door opened, the guard looked at the screens, the dead body, exclaimed “SHIT” But before he could read Michal grabbed his head and forced his nipples on the guards mouth. Michal closed the door with his leg and blocked the door with his body, the guard tried to grab his gun but Michal cracked his forearm. The pain muffled cries vibrated over Michal nipples. Michal moaned in pleasure, his engorged dick wanted an ass to penetrate but he was on a mission, so, he decided to make his lust wait a little, then he begun to compress the guards head over his nipple. Michal slowly pressed, the guards yells become a higher vibration on Michal’s nipple, “man, you’re a good masturbation tool” He said while keeping pressing the nipple on the mouth, after some moments where Michal moaned the guard jaw dislocated and the skin ripped, then the head was compressed against Michal’s rock hard pecs. Michal kept pressing until his had was only separated from his pec by a small lining of blood.  Michal licked his fingers wiped the blood from his body and  threw the body. Then he left the room leaving the door locked.

Ricardo received Michal orders, he jumped to the car and pushed the pedal to it’s full. The car slowly gained speed while descending the mountain.  The Humvee speeded, then Ricardo aimed for the main entrance, after some seconds the guards notices the Humvee descending at high speed. Michal was walking silently on the house aisles, then a loud bang sounded and some shots were fired. Michal knew that Ricardo made his big entrance. “That’s the signal” Michale thought with a devilish grin and decided to leave any subtlety behind.
The guards fired at Ricardo who was hiding in the Humvee crouching on the driver’s seat, “Looks I trapped myself here” he thought, the shots cracked the crystals and after some time they stopped, then a guard appeared in the driver’s side door, so Ricardo took his shot and kicked the door has har as he thought, the door flex and hit the guard. Ricardo jumped out of the car, found the guard on the floor and stomped his head as hard as he could. This time, the head didn’t made resistance, the feet crushed the head has it where stomping a bug, blood and brains flew over the feet, splattering the lower legs, even the quads. Ricardo felt this overwhelming power dominating him and giving himself a stream of pleasure right to his brain, but there where another guard firing rounds at him. Ricardo crouched on the Humbles side. The guard was yelling in Russian it seemed, but Ricardo would not wait for a translator, Ricardo knew his strength was real, so hew decided to use it, using Michals example he simply kicked the Humvee has hard as he could, the Humvee flew towards the guard who got crushed between the speeding remains of the Humvee and the wall. Ricardo’s body reacted to the kill and his crotch engorged, Ricardo rubbed his wood “this is what Michal feels” he thought, then he heard a cough. The guard was miraculously alive, coughing blood. Ricardo pushed the Humvee apart, the guard was crushed, he clearly would die at any moment. Ricardo wanted to fell his strength again, he then palmed the guards head, Ricardo grinned, he enjoyed the feeling of being superior, his pecs flexed showing all the striations possible, his biceps engorged and Ricardo laughed maniacally while feeling the head resistance, Ricardo pressed harder and the head begun to cave, a  subtle, but sickening cracking sound begun to emanate from the compressed head but Ricardo didn’t wanted to stop there, he kept pressing until the head gave up all the resistance possible and simple explored on Ricardos hands, Ricardo released the head and stumbled back in excitation. Ricardo felt superior, flexed his biceps and kissed them, he decided to sip his fingers to taste the human blood. Ricardo’s dick was engorged. He wanted to please himself but remembered that Michal was still there and decided to concentrate on the mission and went to search him.  He left the place and walked to the house aisles while the house alarm begun to sound alerting all the guards.

Michal crushed the alarm button he just activated, “that will make this funnier” he thought.  Two guards sprung from, the next room door just to find a bodybuilder in posing trunks,  soaked in blood and salivating. They ran to Michal, he yawned, Michal grabbed one guard by the chest by digging his right hand fingers on the sternum and lifting, then lifted the the other guard with his left hand, the guard with the perforated chest struggled but his pain was so intense that the only thing he could do was to express his pain with this face and try to move Michal’s strong arm but not even denting Michal’s skin. The other guard dangled his feet  trying to kick Michal and trying to scratch Michal’s forearms to no avail. That was so easily the Michal felt disappointed. “I thought you wold mean a more challenging foe”. He said,  then lifting the guards he pressed them agains the wall. Michal’s tríceps sprung to life compressing the guard by his sternum slowly, Michal grinned, he enjoyed the squirming of these weaklings. The sternum gave up and cracked on Michal’s fist, Michals kept pressing the heart and the body just stuck to his fist has the gravity made his job. Michal decided to prolong the suffering so, the decided to Miss the heart for now and went to grab the spine, the moment he grabbed the spine he felt the carotid pulse he felt the life passing through the blood, he felt sick to see that life wasted on such a weak being and then he grabbed the spine and the carotid and ripped from the guard’s body blood sprayed all over the place and soaked Michal and the other guard.  The  guard was horrified to see how easy was for Michal to rip apart a human being and how little care Michal had for their lives.  Michal kept lifting the other guard, he wasn’t even feeling fatigue. He looked ash the guard, his gaze was excited, the guard tied to yell but Michal’s grip barely left any air passing through the windpipe.

Michal pondered what to do. He pierced the guard arms with his right hand then slowly felt the muscles ripping by the strength of his fingers. The guard squirmed in pain but Michal continued slowly gripping the arm, he begun to tear slowly the arm muscles, the then fully grabbed the arm and yanked it, ripping it from the body, he released the grip on his neck so the guard fell to the floor trying to use his good arm to stop the blood loss. Michal said, “Is not use” So Michal grab the guards head and put it on the back of his leg and gripped it between his calf and tight. The guard tried to bite the calf muscle at the same time that Michal compressed his head with his calf and the calf broke the guards teeth and face, before the head slipped and the guard fell to the ground. Michal said “you should have let me kill you easily” then he put his foot on the head, he flexed his calf, the muscles were big and defined, Michal admired for some seconds his muscles and then compressed the head crushing it. “Weak, too weak” Michal said in frustration. Before he left for the second floor.

Ricardo walked to the aisle, he didn’t saw any sights of Michal near. He was puzzled because the alarm went off but he expected more guards on the first floor, bit the guards didn’t broke to the aisles. he saw a door, he walked quietly and opened  slightly the door, in the slit he saw a guard talking over the radio “There where two mangled bodies, we don’t know how many of them are here!, the security room doesn’t answer”. The guard said frantically.

The guard waits for orders and Ricardo saw his change, he opened the door and tackled the guard, he grabbed the weapon and knocked the radio off the guards hand, both men struggled for a little, but Ricardo was stronger so he overpowered the guar, Ricardo grabbed the guards throat and said “time to die” Ricardo ripped the guard throat from the neck. The guard gasped for air but Ricardo wanted to inflict more brutality, he pinned the guard body to the ground using his knee and grabbed the head Ricardo pulled the head with both hands and ripped if from the body. Ricardo yelled in victory so his yells mixed with the alarm in a sick sound. Ricardo threw with all his might the head against the wall crushed the head and splattering all it’s contents over the wall. He then left the room and went for another kill.

Michal walked to the second floor, he found the stair, there were three guards aiming his weapons at anyone who appeared on the base of the stairs. Michal decided to get up the stairs running to them. The guards fired his weapons, but the bulled bounced from Michal’s body, as soon as Michal reached the upper level of the stairs Michal grabbed to guard by the heads and crushed one agains the others, Michal pressed until his hands were almost together. Them he threw the headless bodies at both sides.  The other guard wanted to run but Michal grabbed him by the neck, with one hand, then he used his other hand to lift him from the ground, Michal used all his back muscles to fold the guard in two from the spine,  the guard just said “AIEEEEEEE”  before Michal let the body fall and stomped the head flat.  Michal enjoyed the cracking sound and the blood soaking his feet before going to the next Kill, he decided to go left to go to the playroom, he felt some of the guards where already there, he smiled while enjoyed the thrill to see how many kills he would get this day.

Ricardo found the stairs, he saw bullet holes on the wall and begun to climb the stairs. He reached the trench up the stairs he was two headless bodies and a headless body broken in two. He saw Michal’s bloody footprints on the floor and decided to go to the other side just to find some more guards to kill. Ricardo rubbed his crotch and went to a door marked “operations”.  He decided that since Michal already made a ruckus on the stairs there were no point in trying to be subtle. He kicked the door and saw two guards aimed at him. His weapons trembled, Ricardo wasn’t that big, but he was soaked in blood and brains, so he looked like a small version of Michal. He thought that they could be thinking that he was Michal, so he decided to play the role, “Fight with your fists or you will suffer the same fate your companions over there” he said with authority. The guards fired their guns and Ricardo dodged the bullets, but some of the bullets reached their target. Ricardo used his arms to cover his face, he feared that his stunt would cost him his life, the impacts hurt like hell but Ricardo then saw that even if the bullets impacts gave him pain, the bullets bounced on his muscles.  Ricardo smiled and decided to go wild, Ricardo took the door and ripped it from the hinges. Then he threw the door at the guards who dodged the door, Ricardo grabbed a seat and threw it at the guard head who fell unconcious, the other guard fired his gun wildly.  Ricardo covered his face, every step he took he understood that he now was stronger than the bullets, he still covered his face since he wasn’t sure about what would happen if the bullet hit and eye of his face, but he didn’t stopped. When he got near the guard, the guard tried to run terrified, but Ricardo grabbed him and bear hugged him, Ricardo used all his might tho crush the guards ribcage in one swift movement, the body fell limp, Ricardo kneeled over the body remains lifted his arms and closed his fist, then with both hands he slammed the head three times crushing it against the floor. Then he walked to the other guard, he grabbed the head and put it over his hairy chest. Ricardo compressed the head, has the guard was unconscious at first he didn’t felt nothing, but suddenly he regained consciousness to fin himself encased in muscle and hair. The punched Ricardo but Ricardo quit squeezing. Ricardo then felt contempt for the guard, Ricardo felt has a merciless predator so he used all his might and the eyes popped out of their sockets, the head was compressed against Ricardo’s chest and blood poured all over the place. Ricardo wiped the excess of blood and decided to go next to Michal.

Michal entered the playroom, there were three guards, all aimed at him. Michal examined the room, but his eyes stood on one very big guard that was expecting Michal. “Hello Michal, long time no see” the guard said.  Michals grinned, bounced his pecs and quads and said “Hi Ivan. Ivan was a big man, he was fit but he wasn’t a bodybuilder type,  already in his first 40s, he had big arms, legs and pecs, his face was masculine, the only defect you could saw on Ivan was a flabby abdomen, but it in truth made Ivan look more masculine. He was a former army sergeant, he retired and found in the Old Reds a way to improve his income. He forged a kind of relationship that bordered on a little respect from Michal, he was weak for Michal’s standards, but he could be on Ricardo’s level or easily could improve with some training from the SSS.

Unfortunately this time they both were on opposing sides, Ivan aimed at Michal but Michal said “Ivan I kinda like you, so I’ll give you a chance, first of all, I don’t use weapons excepting for these” Michal flexed his biceps, “these” he said pointing at his legs “or this” he said grabbing his crotch. Ivan raised an eyebrow. “So i kinda like you, you don’t seem like these bunch of losers, you have some strength, I’m inviting you to an interview, if you pass, you’ll be part of the SSS, you can become like me” Michal said. Ivan looked at Michal, Michal was huge and strong. No matter what, Michal seemed to be unfazed by the weapons. Ivan pondered his possibilities. “This SSS are another mafia?” Michal laughed, “Wolf would kill you at the instant you say that”.  Michal said while walking near on the of there guards, they fired but Ivan didn’t shoot, the bullets ricocheted from Michals body who casually walked next tho the guards while looking casually at Ivan, Michal pushed one of the guards and sent him flying to the other side of the room where he fell to the floor with a thud. Then he grabbed the other guard weapon from the barrel and twisted cracking the hand bones, the guard yelled in pain. Michal grabbed the guard from the neck and pelvis and easily lifted the guard overhead. Michal lats grew in size and Michal’s V body shape looks like a menacing cobra. Michal smiled. “the SSS gives you power” then Michal brought down the body over his quads with all his might,   the guards spine cracked but Michal’s might was so great the the body ripped in half over Michals quad scattering guts and blood over Michal’s abdomen ands pecs. Michal rose proudly bouncing his pecs an flexing his biceps “Do you want this kind of power?” Ivan was aroused by the brutal power he saw. Michal knew he had Ivan mesmerized, Ivan’s motivation on the Old Reds were that they gave the feelings of power and authority feeling that he lost when he was retired from the Army. On the Old Red’s he could execute some of their foes, Ivan became on of Igor’s favorites, unbeknownst to him, that saved his life because if he where one of Nikolai’s men he sure could be death at Wolf’s hands. Now, Michal could try to convince him to get an interview on the SSS. Michal kept flexing, mesmerizing Ivan with his power, Ivan loved the power, he saw the body remains. To increase the drama Michal went near the guards head and put his foot over it, it was unnecessary the guard would soon to be dead but still, he wanted Ivan to know his place. “Ivan, on the SSS we are way above the bugs” Michal said while slowly crushing the head until there was nothing from it excepting a paste that looked like Michal had stepped over dog shit. Michal’s quads rose and Ivan looked wondered, “How in hell you hide that power while you where here?” Ivan asked, Michal smirked “I didn’t” and slowly twisted the head so to show Ivan how little he cared abut the lesser beings lives. “All those disappeared guards…I was you” Ivan said dumbfounded. Michal dick sprung to action on the killing memories. “All those guards served his purpose… to be killed by my hands” Michal said while flexing a crab pose. “Don’t be a bug Ivan”. Ivan looked at Michal, “what do I do?” Michal walked next to Ivan, grabbed his shirt and ripped from his body, Michal used the shirt to clean his own torso. Ivan pecs where rounded, not as well defined has Michael’s but where way above average, he had good arms, then without asking Michal ripped Ivan’s pants, Ivans body was a powerlifter type body. “You have a decent body for the SSS, we could work your strength” Michal pondered to himself while ignoring Ivan’s complaint.  Ivan complained about his clothes, Michal grabbed Ivan by the throat and brought him near his face, Ivan tried to release the grip but now he was on Michal’s receiving end. Ivan found his place, just above the average bug, just spared by Michal’s mercy. “I will end you to the SSS quarters, I’ll commend you, but even if I spare you here,  I cannot guarantee that you’ll be received by the SSS” Michal said grinding his teeth, “We always look for candidates and we are now a little short on candidates, but If the Interviewer rejects you, you can have a fate worse than the bug there” Michal said while pointing at the corpse with his head. “Understood?” Michal said while releasing Ivan.  

Michal taught Ivan that he would get an opportunity on the SSS, but he lost his kill, he went in frustration and grabbed the other guard. He tried to use his weapon but Michal ripped the weapon with the hand.  The guard yelled in pain but Michal was aroused and the power display for Ivan left him anting more, Michal turned the guard and pinned him against the wall, the Guard yelled. Michal ripped the clothes from the guards body like the were made of tissue paper, Ivan jaw dropped when he saw Michal back in action, on the front Michal was impressive, but the back where so well defined Ivan dick engorged, Michal’s triceps danced while ripping clothes, the calves were like bulls pinning the body against the wall. Michal took the remains and ordered, “stop the blood loss, I need this one alive…for a while”. Ivan got the message and took some clothes and used them to stop the blood loss from the hand.  Ivan loved to see Michal domination, Michal caressed the guards ass “good, you have been doing your squats” he said and feeling the entrance point he rammed his dick ripping his posers and ripping the guards sphincter, Ivan saw the back, triceps and calves dancing while Michal raped the yelling guard, Ivan understood then that Michal didn’t wanted the guard to live for more information but has a release for his lust and primal instincts. Michal kepí pressing the body against the wall, the guard kept yelling “NOOOOOOOOOO” but Michal was so focused on his pleasure that he didn’t realized he was flattening the body agains the wall on each thrust. The guard yells where weaker by the thrust and after some time there were no more yells, the guard was almost dead,  Michal kept thrusting over the crushed pelvis, he came inside. Michal lifted the body from the head and took the body off his prick that was looking white cum. Then in a savage thust he crushed the head against the wall, the head exploded but Michal strength where so brutal that he pierced the wall with his opened hand, so the body stuck on the wall like if it was some gruesome painting on the wall. Ivan precummed from the show. Michal turned to him, dripping cum, Ivan was terrified that he would be next. Michal breathing was heavy, he took his bloody hand, cleaned his prick with his hands and licked his hand. “First, you go and find me some trousers, boxers, whatever you find” Michal said while breathing like a beast.  Ricardo entered the room and saw Michal and Ivan, he went to fight Ivan but Michal pushed Ricardo to the other wall, Ricardo went flying over the room and hit the wall, but Ricardo didn’t fell to the ground. Michal was surprised, his amusement lowered his excitation. Ivan stopped on his tracks, now knowing what to do.

“Ivan, do it quickly, don’t go to the third floor, they’re ours” Michal ordered. Ivan left the room as quick has he could. Michal roared in defiance. He wiped the blood from his body. “He is our recruit now, or at least until the Interviewer decides his fate” Michal said, Ricardo walked next to Michael “you grew stronger” Michal said.
Ricardo flexed his body, for a swimmers’s body, Ricardo was packed and his hairy pecs and legs made him look sexy, “I feel now the results of the training in the SSS”. Ricardo said proudly. “Know your place idiot, your body is still accustoming to the training,  don’t go reckless or you will be killed and the Interviewer will nag at me if I let you be killed”. Michal responded. “But sir, I learned that my body repels bullets” Michal looked at Ricardo’s body, this kind of bullets are easy, but they still can bruise you, so still, watch for yourself, if you get yourself killed, I’ll tell the interviewer that you were an idiot that didn’t knew your place” Michal said bluntly. Ricardo stood silent “yes sir” he said. “Good” Michal responded. They stood silent, Michal heard the movements on the 3th floor, the floor trembled form the guards movements, they were barking orders, but Michal decided to wait a little more, after some minutes Ivan entered the room with some military trousers and handed it to Michal.  Michal took some boxers that still left too little to the imagination and “covered”. Michal smiled, “Ricardo, let’s go, Ivan you stay her, wait us here, you were Boris confidence man, I will need you” He ordered and both naked man left the room.

Michal and Ricardo walked tho the stair, Michal saw the upper side of the stairs and suddenly he pushed Ricardo at the side and covered himself. At the upper side of the stairs three men on a sandbag bunker were firing a heavy machine-gun. They were scared so they were too trigger happy, has soon has they saw any part of Michals body they fired. So it was very difficult to go up using the stairs. “What do we do sir? Would be difficult to go up on this way” Ricardo said. Michal looked at him  “I could be strong enough to resist the bullets from that thing” Michal said bouncing his pecs. “I only pushed you so you don’t become a strainer, you should know your place” Michal scolded Ricardo who grew fa little ashamed. Ricardo tried to look up but the guards fired, one shot grazed Ricardo skin. Ricardo’s face twitched in pain. “Told you so” Michal said. Michal grabbed the wall and using his hand ripped a big chunk of wall and in a quick movement he tossed it to the machine-gun. The weapon was toppled, Michal seized his opportunity, so he jumped before the guards could put the weapon on his place, one of the guards yelled when he saw Michal approaching at an awesome speed. The guard tried to run but Michal grabbed him by his neck and used his body has a bat. Michal swung the body and nocked the guards over the bunker, one of the guard fell downstairs, Ricardo grabbed the guard in rage and swung him downstairs where he fell with a thud.

Michal stood upstairs looking down ad Ricardo, he just crushed the neck of the guard and ripped his head in one swift movement since Michal didn’t wanted to lose any time with this bug. Ricardo grabbed the other guard by his lowered and swung the guard against the wall, the guard stood limp but Ricard would not risk to let him alive, Ricardo went for the head and twisted if 180° degrees first, then twisted again so the head was looking forward, but the neck was clearly twisted like a knot. Michal smirked and then grabbed the other guard from the lower legs. When Ricardo reached upstairs Michal said “Too slow… this is the proper way to do it” Michal swung the body agains the wall with all his might, the head and body was crushed like a but against the wall, the body stuck to the wall, Michals pulled the corpse from the wall and ripped the legs of the body like they were tissue paper. Michal flexed his biceps. “come on Ricardo, can you do better?” Ricardo answered bitterly “show off”. Michal felt Ricardo’s frustration on his voice, Michal approached him and grabbed his wounded arm just over the bulled wound. Michal pressed the wound and Ricard yelled in pain. “If you just accepted your place you would not be wounded” Michal said with a calm anger on his voice, “Wolf already would have killed you, but the Interviewer sent yo with me to give you a chance to be of good use for the SSS”. Michal kept pressing, Ricardo cried in pain. “Know your place” Michal angrily said “Obey, don’t make me kill you…do you want to be stronger?” Michal ordered while causing more pain to Ricardo. Two guard appeared behind Michal and shot their guns but the bullets bounced on Michals skin who ignored them”

 Ricardo cried in pain but nodded with his head. “Good” Michal said and released the arm. “You have a lot of training to do, but today, you’ll learn you mental skills, that’s you mission” Ricardo stood up and forced himself to endure the pain, his arm was bleeding but he ignored it. Michal nodded then he turned to the guards, took both arms of one guard and with one yank he ripped them both at the same time, the guard yelled but Michal released the arms and punched the chest and abdomen with both hands, he grabbed the spine and with a yell his triceps and back flexed ripping the body in two.  Michal released the body halves and grabbed the other guard by the throat. He looked at Ricardo who was standing behind Michal clearly enjoying the way Michal tore apart a guard like he was made of cookie mass. Michal tossed the other guard in front of Ricardo “he’s yours, show me”. Ricardo seised hi opportunity, let his foot and slammed if over the guards femur that snapped, the guards quads here destroyed but Ricardo’s . Ricardo kept pinning the leg of the ground, he bent over the body and grabbing the guards chest he lifted the body ripping the leg on the process, Ricardo felt his strength and loved the feeling, but he now kept his cool, he enjoyed the feeling to be an unstoppable alpha, but now he was in control of his feelings, he could be more like Michal’s a snuff lover unstoppable man but who always kept his cool to enjoy his kill, Ricardo now had an example to follow and he knew that the guards life would be an excellent offering”. Ricardo walked next to Michal, “Sir….master, can I touch your body?  Michal stood and flexed his pecs, Ricardo pinned the guard’s legless body by the head In front of Michal’s pecs. The yelling guard saw himself looking at the most hard pecs he could ever see. Ricardo slowly pushed the guards head on  Michal’s chest Michal smiled. “Thats good”. Ricardo then pressed the head with all his might and the head was crushed. Blood poured from the head orifices and splashed his pecs. Ricardo rubbed the bloody head remains over Michal pecs. They were so big that Ricardo was forced to use both hands to feel Michal’s chest. Ricardo was aroused, “So this is your power” Michal grinned “Yes”. Ricardo, humbled felt Michal’s legs, then kissed them both, he licked Michal calves, Michal groaned for a second and then he gently grabbed Ricardo from the shoulders. “I can’t allow myself to be distracted from this mission, there are still more rooms here and Igor is up” Michal said disappointing Ricardo. “Don’t worry” Michal said “I accept you apology, so now let’s finish this mission” Michal said and then went to the aisle.  

Michal went along Ricardo on the third floor “Seems they couldn’t replenish the guards we killed with Nikolai”. Michal though.  “Ricardo, go to that room, there should only be a guards living room. Ricardo nodded, then Michal said “You can release a little if you can, I´ll be up”, Ricardo smiled and entered the room. There were two guards on the hide behind a big sofa, guns aiming “No machine-guns or Miniuzis?” Ricardo thought contemptuously. The guards fired his guns to Ricardo but now Ricardo was stronger, his body reacted in unison with his mind, so Ricardo’s skin repelled the bullets. Ricardo’s arm was still on pain from the punishment inflicted by Michal, but that pain helped him to be in control. Ricardo’s body was changing during this mission, so his mind.  Michal’s example gave him an aim, Ricardo wanted to be al least strong enough to be a SSS elite and he would aim for that, he would aim to be on Michals, Wolf and the Interviewer expectations. No matter if he never in his life would get as strong has Michal or Wolf, he will devote himself to be strong, and anyone that dares to interfere will feel his wrath…or his lust.

Ricardo quickly grabbed one of the guards and took the gun from his hand, then tossed it to the other guard who dodged the impact. The guard kept firing and hit his companion on the chest. The guard begun to bleed, Ricardo wanted a slow kill. He wanted to be like Michal, he wanted to enjoy the feeling of tearing someone apart, but until now he was a beast, not knowing to control his power, now he was in control, he would keep in control of his might and he loved this feeling even more. Ricardo walked to the other guard and took the gun crushing  the guards fingers on the process. Ricardo kicked the guard who flew to the wall. “Wait there”.

Ricardo then took the wounded guard, he knew that the bulled hit internal organs, so the guard would be dead soon, but Ricardo won’t let him to go peacefully to the other side. Ricardo took his right arm and twisted it tearing the biceps, the guard’s face twitched but the damage to his lungs didn’t slowed him to scream Ricardo released his arm and saw the bruise he just caused. Ricardo tested with the other arm but instead of twisting he yanked it has hard as he could, the arm dislocated from the shoulder.  The wounded guard moved his legs squirming to the exit, Ricardo walked next to him “seems I found a bug, then he lifted his foot and placed it over the guards head, slowly, Ricardo felt the guards hair caressing his sole, Ricardo’s quadriceps begun to contract, his quad fibers slowly recruiting to except pressure, the sole went down like an hydraulic press, slowly the head was compressed, ad first there where no clear deformation Ricardo felt aroused, his wood was growing, the pressure grew exponentially has more fibers where recruited, then the head cracked, Ricardo felt the first cracks on his sole, then he kept compressing, the head was not even a challenge, not anymore, Ricardo’s quads went full strength and the sole went crashing down anything on it’s way, crushing compressing and destroying the head. Ricardo’s food was covered in blood, skin brains and hair. Ricardo loved this.  He kissed his flexed biceps and touched his nips. This self worshipping was demanding him some release and he knew where exactly he could get it.

The other guard stood speechless at the gruesome show he was holding with his left hand the remains of the right hand and trying to figure a way out. Ricardo’s swimmer body was not has impressive has Michals, but the way he saw Ricardo crushing his former companion made him feel fear.  Ricardo slowly walked to him, he ripped is boxers revealing all his nakedness. The guard stood in horror, “what to you wand from me?” Ricardo just grinned, he wasn’t there to chat with bugs, he grabbed the guard’s left shoulder and tossed the guard to the sofa, Ricardo walked next to the guard and lifted him from the chest, with his foot he licked the sofa to accommodate it so he could lay the guard and turned him down. Ricardo Feld the guard’s ass and then ripped clean the clothes from his body, the clothes didn’t gave any resistance so in some seconds there where two naked men, or on Ricardo’s mind, there where only one man there, the other was only a body that only existed to satisfy a primal need.

Ricardo rammed his dick on the guards ass, the guard cried “NOOOOOOOO” but Ricardo would not listen, he saw Michal’s brutality and it aroused him, Ricardo primal needs manifested on each throat from the body, Ricardo’s dick rubbed against the guards thing ass, Ricardo thrusted and thrusted, every movement was stronger that the one before, the guards tried to break Bree with his left arm, Ricardo didn’t wanted the guard to let go so he grabbed the arr from the elbow and tore if from the body, the only thing that was left was a Biceps and triceps  heads dislocated from their lower insertions, the blood gushed from the am. Ricardo knew that the guard would be dead but he kept thrusting, his mind was overjoyed, he loved the feeling of utter dominance he had over a weakling. Ricardo trusted but the guards resistance was getting weaker, he was dying. Ricardo then decided to take a little more pleasure and grabbed the head with both hands, Ricardo thrusted, every time faster, Ricardo crushed the head and the twitching body gave him a final stream of pleasure. Ricardo went out and jerked himself fro another 5 minutes until he summed. Ricardo grinned, this was his first rape experience, he now felt what Michals felt and loved it.  After some seconds Ricardo’s breathing became normal,  he wiped the blood and sperm from his body, and left the room. Michal was out there, he had on his right hand a guards crushed head with his body hanging. Michal grinned “I went to see how you were going", Michals looked at the room’s interior,  “seems you had fun” Michal said with an amused expression on his face.  Ricardo just smiled. “Good” Michal’s said. Lets continue, Ricardo, look for the other rooms, I’ll go to the fourth floor”

The four floor was the smallest, but it had the most valuable assets for Michal. Michal knew that it was designed has a long aisle with three bulletproof divisions.  He still was puzzled that Igor didn’t left, Michal entered the first division, he saw a well equipped nursery, Michal nodded when he saw a slim guy dressed in a doctor’s coat. “Hi Doc” Michal said. The Doctor seated in his desk “Michal, long ti no see you, you came back, seems you betrayed us for real” The Doctor said.  “Well Doc, you already know that, you have a lot of patients down there…” the Doctor smiled resignedly . “If you’re here they are all dead I suppose, seems that the Old Red’s have sustained quite a blow”. Michal was amused “you’r saying that so casually?, don’t you care for you colleagues?” The Doctor shrugged, well, I’m really here for the “volunteers”, Igor wanted me to improve our guards physical abilities, I’ve tried but so far I haven’t achieved the results I wanted, you never let me study you, that would truly helped me, but you’re too stubborn” He said “Sorry Doc", Michal said, “I din’t really wanted to be your rat” he said bouncing his pecs. The Doctor raised an eyebrow.  “You’re quite the specimen, with your help we could rebuild the Old Red’s” Michal said “aaaah, the SSS will be the new owner”.  The Doctor took a beverage from his desk and drank. Michal didn’t recognized the bottle.

The Doctor flinched, yelled in agony and fell to the floor, “Coward” Michal said, the Doctor committed suicide, he walked to the next door “where are you going?” The Doctor said while stepping up. Michal seemed surprised. The Doctor took his desk lifted over his head and then threw it to Michal” Michal dodged the desk, then the Doctor jumped to Michal and kicked his pecs. Michal stumbled back, surprised “What?” He asked. “I only could prepare some of these ergogenic aids”  Only two, but I’m quite proud of the results. Michal stood there surprised. “What are those?” This serum helps me to improve my muscle strength and reflexes”.     The doctor put his hands on the coat’s pockets.  “It’ s very difficult to prepare it, but I’m very proud of the results” The Doctor jumped in front of Michal and to Michal’s surprise two heavy blows landed on his abdomen. The Doctor kicked Michal who stumbled back. Michal sent two punches but the Doctor dodged them.  The Doctor made a jab and Michal kept stumbling and crashed on a cabinet, all kinds of medical supplies fell to the floor,  Michal fell dizzy for s second before receiving a kick on his face. A drop of blood dripped from the side of Michals mouth. The Doctor was ecstatic on his ability to hit Michal. “See Michal, I really wanted you, you’re such a good specimen.  I could use you to improve my formula. So I could use that formula to improve all the Old Red’s guard.  If i had you, this tragedy would not have happened, if just you would lend me your blood Nikolai would not be dead, the Old Red’s would have destroyed you pitiful organization” The Doctor jabbed Michal again. Michal stumbled and tripped on an oxygen tank and fell to the floor. “But you’re stubborn, and you didn’t fell for the sedatives on your food” The Doctor picked the oxygen tank with the intention to use it has a maze. “I knew you were stronger than you appeared, even for your size, I tried to warn that stupid Nikolai, I always suspected you and now they see I wasn’t wrong”, the Doctor kicked Michal on the abdomen. Michal covered his abs. “I told them to keep an eye on you, my formula wasn’t ready for Nikolai’s guard, they could wait for two more days…now I’ll killl you, and when we rebuild the Old Red’s you’ll be dead and your blood will be the base for my new stable formula”. The Doctor lifted the oxygen tank over Michal’s head and went for the kill, the tank descended but Michal’s hand grabbed the tank and ripped it from the Doctors hand. The surprised Doctor tried to jump bak but Michals grabbed his ankle and the Doctor tripped.

Michal raised has big as he was. “The act is over…Now I see, your motherfucker” The Doctor was surprised. Michal had some red spots on his skin where the Doctor hit, but the Doctor knew that the damage was very minimal. “No, no, why you’re this strong?” Michal lifted the Doctor from the throat with his left hand “I knew you where doing some twisted experiments here, I knew you wanted me, I felt sick and now I see you were trying to poison me to take my blood?”  Michal cleaned the blood drop from, his mouth with his hand.  “This drop is more than most of my opponents had gotten from me”, Now you tell me. Michal lifted the Doctor and pinned him to the stretcher from the throat. Michal begun to crush the windpipe “Tell me Doc…what was that drug you used?” The Doctor struggled, but he wasn’t able to break free. “They are some noradrenaline analogs, they  offer short term strength boost, the mental effects make the soldiers stronger…” Michal looked at the Doctor’s eyes “You really thought that that could defeat me?” Michal asked clashing his teeth” “You know that Igor makes his close guards train very hard, no weak man can be near Igor” Michal, pondered the Doctors words. “Why you needed my blood?” “You where different, I saw that from the beginning, unbeknown to you, I gave you the prototype formula” Michal released the neck, then gave one step back, we was thinking on the Doctor revelation. “What did you find”. The Doctor sat on the stretcher smiling proudly. “You where the only one that didn’t die, you were stronger, I kept perfecting the formula, with such resistance I could use you to perfect the drug.  The Doctor went to a nearby cabinet and opened it, there were some bottles marked with numbers from the 1 to 12.  You helped me to improve the formula from 7 to 12. Before it the drug down’t had an effect or killed the volunteers. You resisted, your body was so magnificent, it was strange, the drug didn’t had any apparent effect on you, but somewhat made you even more aggressive, but the effect on your strength wasn’t apparent. Michal listened in silence, “…but having a body capable to resist the deadly effects made me wonder if I could  improve the formula by studying you blood.” The Doctor said.  Michal thought on those time where he felt more aggressive than usual, the time he needed to grab a guard and run to a far away place where he could rape and snuff at will. He wondered how many time he could resist all those uncontrollable wrath episodes, how many time his mission was in jeopardy because he couldn’t control his impulses? He wasn’t discovered but the now understood why he killed so many guards while on mission, that made Igor paranoid, so he needed to get near Nikolai, but Igor was the Old Red’s true boss, Michal felt the rage filling his body.

“I tried to convince you to give me some blood vials” The doctor said. “At the end I tried to kill you, but you’re too resistant, before I tried more drastic measures Nikolai chose you and you all left to the SSS headquarters, I was disappointed but at least with a last effort I could made the only vial of 13th formula, the one I used before, nobody knew it and at leas it seems to work for a quick strength boost, I still need to work on prolonging it’s effects, but I’m near…”. The Doctor left the stretcher, “Now I told you everything, I can’t beat you I Know, Igor will kill me if he finds I’ve told you everything, so I have two choices, I can try to leave or I can join you, I can be of good use for the SSS. The doctor said. Michal thought that the Doctor could be a useful asset,  he could help to accelerate the SSS guard’s training. Michal walked silently next to the Doctor. The Doctor felt secure, he had the experience, the knowledge so he could improve the formula, Michal looked at the cabinet with the rugs inside and asked “Where I can find the instructions to make that formula?” The Doctor tapped his head “I have all in my head, I just deleted the computer files just in case Igor tries to kill me, he needs ,e and now the SSS needs me”. The Doctor said. “So, no copies?” Michal asked “No cop…” Michal grabbed the Doctors throat lifted him and with a bam he pinned to the stretcher again. “See Doc, I’ve trained all my life to have my strength, I’m very proud of my might… so I don’t appreciate the fact that you gave me some drugs to use me as a guinea pig, the sole idea of using any drugs to make me stronger would soil the very SSS values, you don’t know us….you don’t belong to us…you don’t deserve us”.  Michal said while clenching his free fist.  Michal released the Doctor who tried to scape, Michal grabbed him and pinned again to the stretcher, Michal ripped the Doctors coat, shirt and tank top, the Doctor was fit, he had a swimmers body similar than Ricardo, but different from him he was hairless.

Michal looked at the body, he was fit, he could be a good recruit, but Michal won’t forgive what this unworthy being tried to do to him. “Doctor, you have surgery” Michal said, so he grabbed the Drs abs with both hands, dug his fingers and ripped the abdomen wall open. The Doctor yelled in pain, the Doctor guts where exposed, Michal graded the intestines and tore them open, while showing them to the horrified Doctor, “Look, you’re full of shit” Michal grabbed each organ and tore is apart, Michal graded the pancreas, the liver, the kidneys and tore them with increased speed and brutality. The Doctor tried to grab Michal’s hands but Michal just cracked the forearms who fell limp at the stretcher’s sides, the legs where moving wildly with each organ that Michal tore. “Look Doctor, you have even more things inside, I’ll take them out too” Michal said with en evil grin, “Your drugs worked”…Michal said while grabbing the Doctor’s lungs “they are useful to prolong you pain” Michal said while grabbing the  ribcage and ripping them open exposing the hearth and lungs, Michal grabbed both lungs and tore them open, then grabbed the heart and crushed if before yanking it out. The alls where soaked in blood and guts as Michael tore each organ from the Doctor’s abdominal and chest cavities. The Doctor where dead already but Michal would not let the brain go undamaged. He took the head with his left hand and with his right hand he punched the head with such strength the the fist came out from the bak of the head. Michal released his left hand and the body just stuck on the air, hangin from mica’s side like an exposed piece of meat on a butcher shop. Michal looked the body, he despised the body. “At the end you you need hard work Michal said flexing his biceps and then ripping the body from his fist with his left hand.

Michal dripped the Doctor’s blood, he used his hand to wipe out the blood from his body. Michal wanted to finish off Igor as quick as possible, he was puzzled that no-one came to help the Doctor, he expected al least a guard coming go help, but nobody came “Could be possible that the Doctor simply left? Or he truly wanted to defect?” Michal pondered while walking. At the next room he found seated on a desk, looking at Michal, “Nice kill you had there” he said. “Michal walked next to the desk. “Adam, why you didn’t helped the Doctor?” Michal asked. Adam was extremely big, not has defined as Michal but he could give him a run on his money at least from the size, Adam was bald, he had the face that showed that he could be fearsome if angered and his ling beard made hem look like a big biker type, but he didn’t wanted to fight. He simple stated: “I heard everything, I saw what you did, your brutality…I know I can’t beat you…but…I wan’t to join you, I wan’t to be like you” Adam said bluntly. Michal lifted an eyebrow, “but you’re quite strong isn’t it? You even have the Doctor’s formula”. Adam lifted a bottle on his hand “Come on, drink it!, I’ll wait” Michal said. Adam looked at the bottle and the looked at Michal, his bald face showed a mix of shame and despise. “I could drink it and maybe I can beat you, but for what? What would be the satisfaction? You already listed to the Doctor, this only gives you short term results, what would be the glory of that?” Adam destroyed the bottle against the wall. “I can’t stand this shame, the l Red’s were to be real strong, not this, I want to be really strong, like you” Adam looked at Michal’s begging.  “And what If I refuse?” Michal said. “Adam went silent, he walked in front of Michal. Adam didn’t looked like he was fearing Michal but he was sure on his steps. Michal felt surprised since this big man was so sure of what he wanted that he could even come next to him. Adam said bluntly “If you don’t let me join you…then kill me like you did to the guards, or the doctor, If you don’t let me join you, then destroy me, I’ll be useless”. Michal raised an eyebrow. Michal grabbed Adams clothes and ripped them out, Adam stood there only with his boxer briefs, socks and shoes.  Adam was packed, he had this wrestler-powerlifter type, Michal thought that Adam was very strong for his size.

“What to you offer?” Michal asked, “I offer me” Adam said flexing his biceps and legs. “Will you help me to manage the Old Red’s remains and make them an assists for the SSS?” Adam face showed a little grin. “I’ll even kill the remains and rebuild for you if you ask me”. Michal smiled, “I’ll grant you an interview, I’m not the one that chooses our members, but I can help you to get your chance”. Adam looked puzzled. “I´ll explain you later Ricardo. Adam, I need the Old red’s information, you’ll be able to handle that?” Michal said. Adam nodded with his head”.

Just at that moment  Ricardo arrived, looked at the Doctors office and corpse “Look you had fun here” Michal smirked. “Are you going to kill him?” Ricardo asked. “Nope, we will have another interview” Michal said.  Ricardo nodded “There were no more guards on the third floor” Ricardo said. “Only Igor and two guards are left” Adam said, “but they are not here” he added. Michal raged “what????” Adam stumbled back and said “Look for yourself”. Michal walked to the next door, ripped it from his hinges and tossed aside. The office was big, but empty, the furniture was the only thing that stood there. On the main desk there was a piece of paper and Michal found written on it just a word “basement” with a smile, like a meme.

Adam went behind Michal with Ricardo “He’s waiting from you down there, he had the only stash of the formula”  he said. “Why there are so few guards?” Michal asked. “After you left, with Nikolai, we lost contact with him, after a few days we assumed that Nikolai and presumably you were dead. We send our intel gatherers and when we saw you on the colosseum fights we knew that you double-crossed us” Adam said. Michal turned to Adam, “So you like the fights too” Michal said with a grin. Adam blushed Igor and I liked the fights, but we haven’t seen you before, we you found the links recently, but when you appeared, Igor went wild, he was decided to get his revenge, so he pressed the Doctor to improve the formula, as you saw, he could only manage to make to the 13th, but in the process, a lot of guard where killed. We lost so many man for such a small gain” Adam said, it seemed that he was worried for his men. “At the end there were only Igor, the Doctor, his two bodyguards and the few men fortunate to not be given the test formula.” Adam clenched his fist. “Igor wanted to kill you, he wanted to be strong, but he almost destroyed the Old Red’s” “you know I’ll destroy it” Michal said, “I don’t care anymore, you’re worthy, they are not” Adam answered. “So, what do I do for this “interview” he asked. Michal smiled “Ricardo, Adam will be our guest,  please escort him with Ivan” “Ivan defected too? Ivan is a good man” Adam said with a surprised face. Michal nodded “you too can help with this issue, if you both pass the Interview, now go”. Ricardo signaled Adam to follow him. “Ricardo, after you escort Adam I’ll wait you on the basement”.  Michal said. Ricardo and Adam left.

Michal pondered all the info recently gathered. So, in the end he was responsible for the Old Red’s demise. Michal smiled. He went down, the third floor was deserted, the seconds flor was deserted too, there were no signs of Adam, Ivan or Ricardo.  On the first floor he found a running terrified guard. Michal ran, the guard just saw a bodybuilder running ad devil’s speed that grabbed him by the throat. “No no no” The guard screamed. Michal left him and found a cellphone. The guard screamed. “Do you have any signal?” Michal purred. “No no no” The guard screamed again… “Oh you say that you have signal?, Can I bust borrow you phone?” Michal said in a sweet purring voice. The phone was locked but Michal recognized it was one of those with facial lock. Michal grabbed the guard by the head and made the guard unlock the phone.  The guard kept yelling “No, no no” The phone unlocked, “thank’s sweetie” Michal said in a sweet voice, “I’wont see your photos, don’t worry” Michal then crushed the guards head with his hand, the guard made gurgling scream before the crush;  Michal tapped on the phone. “Mission going OK, 2 interviews, wait for next update”, Michal send the message to the SSS Headquarters then crushed the phone and proceeded to the basement.

Michal went downstairs, he casually wiped the the blood from his hands with the walls. Michal went down humming slowly walking, enjoying the time, feeling his calved dancing with every step, his quads flexing, Michal enjoyed the feeling of being in his own Wonderfull body. And blood soiled body,  he reached the basement. Michal took his time to look around, the basement was big, It was a big space, like a warehouse, Michal wondered why the Old Reds would need to use the SSS space if they had this kinda big space.  Michal saw the door, so he used the blood on his hand to draw an arrow for Ricardo to find him.  Michal was aroused to see what he would find on the other side of the door. It was kind like entering the colosseum. He then opened the door.

The basement space was huge as Michale supposed, in the center there where two big guards, and in a small bucked there was Igor, Igor was a huge Russian, packed with muscle, Igor was shirtless, his biceps swelled with power. Michal knew Igor meant business, but he never saw him shirtless, unless Nikolai, Igor could easily put up a fight, Igor in fact was the real leader for the Old Red’s, Nikolai was his second in command, in fact, Nikolai was his only childhood friend, they went together to the military and both decided to retire at the same time, soon they both left Moscow, then Igor went heavy on training until he won some bodybuilding contests, that gave them enough money to travel and scape Russia and east Europe, but unfortunately in their new land they soon found that things where going to be difficult, very difficult, unfazed, Igor used his size and specially, his strength to make some mob’s business, they worked with the Russians, the latins, the  Italians, even the Japanese, on all those adventures Nikolai went along and helped him until they found that they needed to make their own business using the skills they learned.  They created the Old Red’s has a way to remind them of his old country and also to make a statement that they would take all the old Russian mobs under their wings.  

Igor and Nikolai grew their mob and their friendship together, they felt like brothers. But even has Nikolai had some authority, everyone knew that the brain and brawn was Igor’s but they already knew that if they even mentioned that to Igor, they would find their deaths at Igor’s hands. They grew in power, but unfortunately other mobs still outgrow them in size, but not in brutality, Igor wanted to grow even if that was at the cost of fear, Nikolai didn’t care, he even enjoyed the brutality, one day that found about the SSS warehouse business and decided to send some of their valuable stuff there, until Nikolai wanted to send them drugs to store. Igor knew that the SSS could be brutal but since they weren’t interested on the mob business but as a mob outsourcer, they didn’t taught they could be a threat. Even so, Igor knew the SSS would be pissed if they discovered the drugs, but Nikolai insisted, Nikolai decided to make increasing quantities of drugs, at first the SSS only sent messages, is Nikola decided to test the waters even more. Igor warned him but Nikolai dismissed his concerns “We could just take them out”  One day a new recruit came to the Old Red’s, Michael, he was one of a kind, Michal grew in the ranks at a extremely fast speeds, his arrival came at the same time that some guard simply vanished, but Nichal was son excellent on his work that the workload of the other guards wasn’t affected, Michal grew until he became the confidant of Nikolai, much to Igor disapproval but Nikola was set on him. One fateful day Nikolai decided we needed a base on the city, Igor was worried but Nikolai convinced him that the idea to take the SSS would be good, they knew the SSS didn’t used any weaponry, they thought that the SSS bribed some corrupt officers and politicians, Igor are worried that many guards disappeared without any explanation, they kept vanishing without any trace but Nikolai asked for a lot of men to take the SSS quarters…they never came back, they vanished. Now, the only apparent survivor was there, killing the rest of the Old Red’s, destroying what’s left of the organization…he was the answer, he had the explanations…and he seemed unstoppable.

“Hello Michal” Igor said in a clear but cold voice, ”You came back”. Michal bounced his pecs. “Hi former boss” Michal answered. “I never was” Igor said. Michal nodded, “We can say that for a time I was, I killed a few people for you as you can remember”, “And you killed more of us I might add” Igor said trying to control his rage. “You made some missions for us, I might say that you were a great soldier, but little us knew that you really had another boss. I should have suspected it, but Nikolai…poor Nikolai was mesmerized by you, he thought that you were a good asset, and in a way you were, but I suspected, you were a good killer, a too good I might add, that kind of experience you don’t learn in the military, I knew you meant trouble, but I hear Nikolai, I should have stopped him…now I understand It always was you…” Igor said with main and rage in his voice.

Michal scratched his chin, “Well Igor, in fact the ones that created this problem…where yourselves” Igor looked Michal with shock “You knew the SSS rules, you knew how we worked,  you knew that the SSS didn’t stored drugs of any kind” Michal said. “You received our warnings, the SSS values their secrecy vow, but the SSS also values their rules, you were too stupid to ignore our warnings, so they sent me…at first I thought it would be an easy mission, but once I learned of Nikolai plans to take over the SSS, I needed I have to act, I needed to protect the SSS, and I protected it. But your transgressions against the SSS were so extreme that the only possible punishment is to utter destroy the Old Red’s”  Unless you accept to abide by our rules and become one with us. Michal said in a cold but diplomatic voice.

Igor was shocked, Michal just gave him the piece of information he needed to complete the puzzle… “And what about Nikolai?” Michal flexed his biceps “I suppose he was crushed like the big he always was” Michal groin grew in excitement. “You don’t know how I enjoyed ripping the brains out of his head and crushing it with these hands” Michal laughed like a maniac. “So tell me Igor, you’re strong, I know that, your guards over there are strong too Michal said pointing both with his finger. “So what do you say? Do you want an Interview with the SSS?” Michal said, Some steps sounded on the aisle, Ricardo entered the room slowly, look at the size of the place. “Do you have a lackey?” Igor asked with contempt. “I don’t know if a lackey is a good word on the SSS we respect our peer unless they are weak, he is an aspiring SSS elite” Michal answered. “So, there are elites on your little group?” Igor commented. “I wont call it ‘little’, as far a we know…we are now bigger than your group” Igor took the hit and sputtered “You traitor, you killed Nikolai you came here and destroyed our soldiers, now you think that I would join you?” Michal was unfazed…he pondered his answer and said “I know your answer, and your guards…do you want to have an interview with us?” Michal asked pointing at them again. The guards stood unfazed, “see? Joseph and Oleg are my most loyal guards, they are also the only ones that can even match my strength because they train with me here” Michal said opening his arms and showing Michal and Ricardo the entire place “we took the training equipment outside so we can have a fight without any advantages, just you and us. Igor said “yo mean, you wanted to take me with your two guards…so fair from you” Michal said scorning Igor. “You really wanted to kill me here, but you miscalculated dearly”. Igor was shocked. “See Igor, I now understand that you had a lot of difficulty trying to recover from your losses since the SSS took your valuables hostage when you tried to overtook us, you knew that you couldn’t get more soldiers quickly enough to fight the SSS, or to defend yourself from other mobs when the news broke. You even asked the doctor to forcibly increase the formula strength, I didn’t knew about that chemical compound but unfortunately that will only ad to your faults”. Michal said “We despise those methods, but you embraced them we could work together in your benefit, but you decided to betray us…you’re despicable, you’re unworthy… but worst of all…you’re weak” Michal said scorning Igor.

“Do you want to fight me?” Igor asked.  Michal smiled, “That’s one fight I want…but before… I want to play a game…yo say that these two are strong, I have here may ‘lackey’ as you dared to call him, so why we don’t see what can your guards do against my lackey and then we hit ourselves until one of us dies?” Michal said.

The guards didn’t waited for an answer, Ricardo jumped to action too.  Igor yelled “wait your idiots” Michal just laughed. The three men clashed in the space between Michal and Igor watched in silence, Joseph and Oleg tried to punch Ricardo, Ricard was dodging punched and kick’s at fast he could, he could withstand a hit but he didn’t exactly knew the guards power so he tried to assess it.  Then he realized that trying to fight tow men at the same time wasn’t a good strategy, so he dodged a punch from Oleg and grabbed Joseph’s leg, with all his might he threw Joseph to a wall, Joseph’s head smashed against the wall and he felt unconscious. “NO, your idiot” Igor said, Joseph then hit Ricardo in the face, Ricardo stumbled, Joseph went for a jab but Ricardo reacted and hit him directly in the face, Joseph face bled by his nose and mouth, Joseph try to hit Ricardo but Ricardo was faster and using the leg has a lever he knocked the guard to the ground. The guard was facedown and Ricardo pinned his leg and made a heel lock, Joseph cried in pain, but Ricardo when fro more, he grabbed Joseph’s feet and cracked it so the feet was 180 degrees backwards, “YES” Ricardo yelled, Joseph grabbed his leg in pain. Ricardo flexed his biceps in victory “you haven’t finished yet” Michal said. Ricardo looked at Michal…”yes sir” he responded, Ricardo grabbed Joseph arms and twisted them, Joseph went wild from the pain, he was twitching side to side, but Ricardo wanted an utter defeat, Ricardo grabbed Joseph in a camel clutch, he looked at Michal and then Igor in defiance, he wanted the head backwards with all his might, there was a crack, then a riiiiip, Ricardo ripped Joseph’s head off the body. The ripped head had an horrified death, like Joseph wasn’t ready to be killed by a man smaller than him. “Your useless piece of shit” Igor said. Ricardo then grabbed Oleg from the place he felt and while standing defiantly in front of Igor he squashed Oleg’s head with his barefoot”. The body twitched and the stopped movement. Ricardo kicked the body against Igor who dodged it. Ricardo the jumped to Igor but Igor was prepared for that, Igor made a front kick that landed on Ricardo’s jaw. Ricardo stumbled back and fell unconscious. Michal walked next to him and said “you should have know your place” and kicked him aside. “Well Igor, seems that there is only you and me”. Igor looked at Michal has an animal, he had the formula on his hand. “please take it, I can wait”. Ricardo regained conscience and tried to stand up. He went stumbling next to Michal. Michal stopped him “Know your place, you’re not strong enough” then pushed Ricardo and sent him flying to the wall where he felt with a thud. After some seconds Ricardo seated next to the wall and decided to look at the ensuing fight.

Igor took the vial, opened it and drank it.  Michal just waited, Ricardo put attention since this was the first time he would see it in action. Igor yelled, he felt his internal organs where burning, after some seconds his body accustomed to the feeling. Igor ripped his shirt and flexed. “Now I have to power to destroy you” Igor said.  “Let’s see if that’s true” Michal said. Igor ran to Michal who tried to dodge Igor’s run but Igor was as fast as Michal. Igor tackled Michal and both men fell to the floor. Michal felt himself in the receiving end of a barrage of hits. Igor punched Michal who covered himself.  Igor hit again many times Michal looked surprised, after some seconds Michal used his legs to break free from Igor’s lock and stood up. “Seems you can put a fight he said”. Michales felt his body and felt some pain, at least some of Igor’s hits were able to sustain a little damage. Igor made some punched but Michal dodged some, blocked some with his forearms. Michal took his time to see Igor’s style. After some minutes Michal found an entrance and hit Igor’s abs. Igor’s feet left the ground for some seconds, Igor stumbled bak but didn’t fell. “I won’t fall until I’ve killed you” Igor said. Michal stood in guard but a quick smile formed on his face. “So…you’re ready to die?” Igor went back to fight, Igor this time added some kicks to his mix, one of the kicks hit Michals abs. Who stumbled back. Michal was serious “so this serum can give you this kind of power…” He said. “I told you, I’m going to kill you”  he surprised Michal with a left hook. Michal felt a  strange feeling for him, he felt the taste of his own blood in his mouth. Michal smiled there where few instances in which he would see of feel his own blood.  Michal smiled.

Michal decided to go on the offensive, he ran to Igor and feigning a left hook he then made a front kick with his right leg,  the kick landed and Igor fell backwards. Michal then kicked Igor on the ground and lifted him from the chest. Michal bear-hugged Igor. Igor yelled and put a struggle, Michal liked to bearhug his opponents but Igor was putting a real struggle. Michal felt a little annoyed that he could get a proper bearhug on Igor’s body. Maybe the serum clearly worked. Michal released the bearhug, Igor fell to the floor, Michal stood up thinking what to do next. Ricardo looked somewhat puzzled but stood on his place.

Igor body twitched from the pain, he stood up and begun a barrage of hits agains Michal.  Michal found himself own the defensive, Igor muttered, “I’ll kill you, I’ll avenge the Old Red’s I will avenge Nikolai”  Igor kept on hitting and kicking Michal, Michal was dodging and blocking hits looking for an aperture, but something was a miss, suddenly Igor’s hits were getting weaker, Michal begun to feel that some hits landed but they were weaker but the second. After some hits Michal didn’t felt the need to block any of Igor’s hits, he just stood there. Igor hits were now like hitting a brick wall, Michal sighted in disappointment. Michal grabbed Igor by the throat and  lifted singlehandedly.

“Looks like that crap drug effects waned already” Michal said. Igor struggled in vain, “Michal I…will..…kill…you”” Igor said “How do you want to back up that words if you can’t give me a decent hit without that crap drug?” Michal shook Igor. “You’re strong for a normal man…I thought you could give me some…excitement. Ricardo, get out” Michal ordered.  Ricardo left still stumbling.  After Ricardo shut the door Michal, still holding Igor said, I’ll have my satisfaction, one way of another. Michal ripped his boxers and shook his wood, Igor eyes went wild. “Nooooo”.  Michal released Igor who tried to run but Michal caught him and pinned to the ground, Michal took his dick and putted nicely on Igor’s ass “I have some plans buddy” Michal begun to thrust himself on Igor’s ass. Igor struggled but Michal kept him pinned. “You should have kept you head cool” Michal said while thrusting,  Igor struggled again “Let…me….goooooo”, Michael smiled. He could easily tear Igor apart but Igor could be a potential SSS member, Michal kept dominating and raping just for the sake of destroying a dominant man’s mind.  Michal thrusted and thrusted, Michal was containing himself so to not make any Irreparable damage on Igor’s body. “You will be mine… We’ll dominate you…and you’ll serve us….until we don’t have anymore use for you”. Michal devilishly said. “Nooooooo” Igor said “I will destroy every memory of you Nikolai, and of your old life…you’ll serve me, you’ll serve the SSS” Michal said thrusting Igor’s ass until Igor fighting will was destroyed,  Michal cummed inside Igor’s ass. Igor was exhausted, Michal then grabbed him from the throat grinding his teeth he said “We will teach you real power…you got an interview…what to you say”.  Igor stood silent, humiliated….after some seconds he just signaled a weak yes with his head. Michal said “good”, then he threw Igor to the ground, grabbed him by the ankle and dragged him out.

After some minutes Michal found Ricardo along with Ivan and Adam. All excepting Ricardo looked at Michal in surprise, “Is that Igor?” Michal lifted him from the ankles until his body didn’t had any contact with the ground. “With some training he could be a good asset, emphasis on the ass” Michal said while slapping Igor’s ass and laughing. “Do you have any cellphone” Michal asked, Adam had one and handed it to Michal. Michal tapped some numbers and contacted the Interviewer “Mission accomplished, send some people to clean here” then he hang out. Looked at Ricardo  “Ricardo, you will head to the headquarters.  You’ll go there with Ivan and Adam, tell the SSS we need some people here to take the shit out and take this place for us”  Then he trowed Igor’s  body at the feet of Ricardo, these three all have interviews.  The interviewer is impatient.

The sun was already high. “Man this mess is gonna take time to clean” Michal said, “For know I need a bath, but before…” He turned to Ricardo “Come here!” Michal ordered, Ricardo walked next to Michal “Do you know your place already?” He said. Ricardo nodded with his head. Michal flexed his bicep, then he ordered…“squeeze it”.  Ricardo lifted his hand and grabbed Michal’s biceps and with all his might he squeezed. A slight dent was noticeable on Michal’s biceps. “See? You’ve improved”. Michal said with a grin and left the place.


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