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The Secret Snuffers Society Part 7- The Interviewer’s plan


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Oops, sorry the new chapter was fast.  As always, if snuff stories are not of your liking please don't read, and as always, thanoks to Freakoman2 and Mczapl for their input and help (sorry if this comes  too quick, I've shortened but still gets long...but at least noit thaaaat long) :P


The Secret Snuffers Society Part 7- The Interviewer’s plan

The Interviewer was taking a shower,  the warm water cleansed his body, he simply was lost in his thoughts. He suddenly begun to remember old times the first days of the SSS,  the fateful day he met Wolf.  The Interviewer closed his eyes and the images came racing to his mind.

The town was already a mess, the neighbor was hell. All nights the yells, the shots the cries for help were like the soundtrack of a terror movie, the Interviewer came to his house from a boring job, but was the best he managed to find on the nearby town. The police abandoned town to his fate, fort of, the only police that came there where all corrupt cops that abused his power or negotiated with the gangs and the mobs for their own personal gains. The Interviewer felt sick for that, but he didn’t have any power on his hand is he resigned to his fate.

One day he arrived late to his home, it was a rundown apartment in a building next to a profound and dark alley. He picked his key and he heard some voices on the alley. The Interviewer wanted to go to his home and forget he heard something but his curiosity won that night. He walked to the alley, slowly, almost stealthy.

“Do you have my money?” One deep voice was heard. “Man, I’m on it, I tried to make the old lady of the mini market to pay me but she didn’t had any money?” “Don’t lie to me, you surely smoked all the money on weed” The first voice replied. “I wan’t my money now, or else, I can’t guarantee your…protection” the same voice continued.

The Interviewer gave a few more steps, he saw a cop in front of two thugs, the Interviewer felt sick. “They were supposed to help us but they are just thugs in uniform” he thought. Many things raced his mind, he wanted to have a weapon, he wanted to be able to do something…he wanted power. “Crack” the interviewer stepped over a branch and the sound scared the thugs who ran away, the cop turned to see where the sound came, the alley was dark but the Interviewer decided not to run, he was fed with it, It could be little, but little was way more than nothing”.”Who are you?” He asked defiantly. On the inside, the Interviewer was terrified, but his pride, of his stupidity made him face the cop. “I needed that money” the cop said angrily, “Now I’ll  have to seek those tugs again, those idiots”. The Interviewer said “so you were here just to claim your bribe?”, “and what if that’s the case?” The cop defiantly asked. “I will report you” the Interviewer said,  he knew that those where empty words, but was the only stupid thing he could say at that time, he knew the system was broken so at the same time he felt stupid and ashamed that the only answer he could make was to resort to the system. “Don’t think so pal” The cop said and even before the interviewer could read he fired his taser gun to the Interviewer, the pain was unbearable, the Interviewer yelled in pain. “You made me lose my pay asshole” The cop kicked the Interviewer. “I lose my pay….I’ll kill you”. The cop loaded his gun, pointed to the Interviewer head, the Interviewed looked at the barrel, he was too terrified to move, too terrified to even try to fight, but he was too prideful to ask for mercy, I the seconds that followed he accepted his fate and waited for the bulled to get out of the barrel and kill him.  The cop pressed the trigger but before any bang could be heard a shadow passed in front of the Interviewer face, a loud yell sounded and some bangs where heard. The interviewer stood up and looked at the place the cop was, for some reason the cop was “floating”, then when the interviewer eyes adjusted he saw that the cop wasn’t floating, a big hand was lifting him from the head, covering the cops mouth with his hand, the cop had his gun in his hand but he already emptied the magazine. “What to we have here” a fierce voice sounded…”what’s the meaning of this…a lone cop?… you know…I hate cops…I have not found a good cop, but I’ll make you a good cop…you know….the only good cop is a dead cop” that was the sound of the shadow, his voice, the Interviewer knew that he needed to take this opportunity and run, but at the same time he was too stupid, or too daring. He took a step, then another, then another…to the shadow.

The shadow got iluminated by one of the few alley’s lights, the Interviewer saw a very big and strong man,  the Interviewer saw his big arms swelling with power has he lifted the cops almost effortlessly, he was dressed in a big tank top and shorts with converse shoes. The man took the cop’s arms and ripped from the body, the cop muffled yells were sickening, but the Interviewer kept looking, the man ripped a leg, then another then he crushed the face, then ripped the other arms, the cop was dead, but the man haven’t finished yet. He lifted the cop from the chest and crushed it like a beverage can. The man wiped the blood of is hands with his shirt, then ripped it from his body and bounced his pecs, the interviewer was mesmerized by the show of brutality and tried to run, but the man noticed. The man caught the Interviewer and lifted him by the throat. “No witnesses” He said.  His gaze was fierce, his deep, dark eyes lusted for the destruction he was about to exert, The interviewer knew his life was finished, but he had too much pride, or too much rage to beg for his life. The man looked at his eyes, and suddenly his glaze softened. The Man dropped the Interviewer who stumbled back ad hit the wall. “Who are you?” The man asked. “Does it matter? You’re about to kill me, you murdered brutally that cop and never asked his name, so why it should matter?” The man lighted hysterically…for one minute, two minutes…5 minutes… the Interviewer felt his blood boil…”What?” He asked with rage, the man looked at him still smiling, bounced his pecs and said “woa buddy, calm down” he said with amusement. “I have never seen such a fierce attitude from anyone I was about to kill… you really know how to make an impact buddy…I’m Wolf, how’s that they say?…Nice to meet you?”

The interviewer was puzzled, some minuted ago he was going to kill him brutally, now he was presenting himself…the Interviewer nodded with his head. “Nice to meet you Wolf”. Wolf laughed…”so… what you were doing here?, obviously you didn’t wanted to meet me here I should say”. Wolf said with a smirk.

The interviewer knew he wouldn’t have a smart answer, he also found a little irritating that smirk, his blood boiled but he also thought that would be madness to offer a rude answer, so he decided to go with the truth. “I sorta wanted to stop them,  I shouldn’t have spyed them”. Wolf smirked “weak” he said, the Interviewer’s blood boiled again so he forgot any warnings to  “I was fed of them, I was fed of this cops using their authority to bully the people, to intimidate us…they let those thugs go free, they just robbed a poor old lady that can’t even defend herself so I tried to make something”. Wolf was amused…he was intimidating, all the people he met were frightened by his presence, all the people but this weakling.  Wolf teased him again to have fun. “Come on buddy, they are going to find that corpse an you seriously don0t want to be found here. “At that moment the Interviewer realized that he was in front of a super strong murderer that was about to kill him, he was a witness and he remembered to feel fear. “Don’t worry buddy…for now” Wolf said in a menacing voice. “How about we go to you place,  I saw you trying to enter this building…so what do you say?”. Wolf wasn’t asking he was kinda ordering, ordering in a somewhat diplomatic way, but the Interviewer knew that Wolf must have saw him when he entered the alley, he wanted to kick himself, but now because his short temper he was talking casually with a monster that just tore a cop apart with his barehands, that also just have a little bruises from the bullet impacts and that is self-inviting to his home. He felt extremely dumb but he thought his best strategic move would be to accept. Come on, please be sure that you don’t destroy the doors please.

Wolf smiled, he clearly enjoyed to tear people apart, to make them fear his presence and even more, his strength.  But now he found a new source of fun, he just found this weakling that even when he saw what he was capable to do, was capable to speak to him directly, even irreverently, but also, he saw how he was mesmerized by his size and his muscles he felt that this pathetic excuse of a man enjoyed his lust for destroying another human beings and show them who’s the boss in a very bloody way. He decided to test the waters just to see how much time he could enjoy to be near this weakling before deciding to snuff him out, but for now he would know this man better. He smirked and walked casually.

Wolf and the Interviewer entered to the latter home, it was a very small apartment on a 4th floor with a bed, a small table and a worn sofa and a laptop, there was a small window pointing to the ally so Wolf understood that the Interviewer should have seen the cop doing their business a lot of times, he saw the cop’s corpse and smiled, he felt his biceps and pecs and marveled at his own strength. The interviewer looked at his fridge, and then to Wolf…I really don’t have much food here, I’m not sure you’ll be satisfied. “Can we have some burgers?” Wolf asked. I don’t have too much  money “the Interviewer said” “I have some”, Wolf said casually while showing the Interviewer the blooded wallet of the cop and smiling. “What the…” the Interviewer wondered if the kind of monster that was in his house had any limits. Wolf opened the walled took some bills and handed them to the Interviewer, go get food” Wolf ordered. “Do you think I’m some kind of maid?” The Interviewer snapped at Wolf, at the same time some kind of loud music begun to sound and the smell of weed stenches the air. “Oh my…there we go again”. Wolf frowned on the smell and said “Why do you suffer this?”. “I don’t have any other place to go…I’m stuck here so I endure it”. The Interviewer said in a low, almost ashamed voice. Wolf looked at him, tapped his shoulder and said “you go to bring food, I’ll wait you here…don’t try to scape, if you do it, I’ll find you…”.

The interviewer left his place, on the third floor the stench increased so he gagged, he walked down and saw the abandoned apartments that didn’t found new tenants, the Interviewer ponders Wolf’s words “why do you suffer this?” A tear ran down his cheek and the Interviewer left to find some burger place open. After some time, the Interviewer brought food home Wolf gave him enough money to buy three spare burgers that he knew wouldn’t last, and some coca colas, he loved coca cola.  He saw two cops doing guard, he pondered for some seconds if he should tell them about Wolf but then he remembered how useless they where, so he passed on the idea and walked to the burgers store. He went back to his home while still meditating on Wolf’s words. He though that would be easier if he had Wolf’s strength “that would make thins so much easier” he said ti himself and kept walking.  He went up to the building, the building was strangely silent, when he entered his apartment Wolf yelled “come here buddy”.

The interviewer freaked out, he was gay but he freaked out at Wolf size, would he wanting him to have sex? The interviewer feared for his life,  he thought that Wolf would sex-snuff him, on the other hand if he didn’t came Wolf surely would get out and still sex-snuff him so he decided to enter, “Hi buddy Wolf said casually, did you bring the food?” Alf was naked, the Interviewer saw that:  first Wolf was huge in any sense of the word, second, Wolf doesn’t have any kind of shame and third that Wolf likes to tease him just for fun since he didn’t had any kinda of sex interest. The Interviewer blushed and stormed out the bathroom while Wolf laughed hysterically. After some minutes Wolf left the bathroom naked. “Do you like what you see?” Wolf said flexing a double biceps pose, the Interviewer saw him directly in the eye and said “Of course yes…I like big men” Wolf smiled pleased, he relaxed bounced his pecs and said “And did you like what I did to the cop down there?” The Interviewer blushed, he never though he would enjoy the death of another human being, but at the same time, Wolf’s brutality, his strength, his lack of care for anybody or anything mesmerized him. “Yes, he muttered” Wolf smiled.
They shared the meal, The Interviewer was puzzled, the third floor apartment usually where loud, but there wasn’t any smell of weed, the silence was almost relaxing if it weren’t for the mole he had at his side of the sofa. The sofa struggled to hold his weight and Wolf was clearly enjoying his size and is meal, he devoured four of the five burgers clearly honoring his name. “That was delicious” Wolf said. The interviewer asked “the burgers or what you did to the cop?”, Both Wolf said with an evil grin looking at the Interviewer.  “So what do you eat? Normally” the Interviewed asked. “Well I like a lot of food, I also like protein shakes, in desperate cases I eat cops or any victim” Wolf said  that so casually that the Interviewer pondered if he was teasing him again. “Nice buddy, at least you didn’t snapped at me again… you’re learning” Wolf said with a smirk. “The Interviewer was exhausted so he decided to shut up, “can I sleep without fearing that you will kill me like you did to the cop down there?” He asked. “I cannot guarantee nothing, these pythons like to kill has you can see” Wolf said flexing his biceps casually, the Interviewer opened his eyes in fear, Wold smiled “go sleep, I won’t hurt you…at least not yet”. For some reason the Interviewer believed Wolf, he went to sleep, he left some space for Wolf, and was so exhausted that he quickly felt asleep.  Wolf stood in front of the Interviewer, he looked at the abandoned corpse down the alley and looked at his hand, “why this guy is still alive?” Wolf pondered that it was the first time that he didn’t kill a witness, but for some reason he felt that he could build a connection… or he could break it. He went to the crackling sofa and fell asleep.

The new day the sirens woke up the Interviewer, they found the body!, The Interviewer freaked out, he went to the safe where Wolf was sleeping, the Interviewer tried to touch Wolf to wake him but felt that I could be rude to wake him and also some fear that Wolf could kill him with a hit. But the cops would ask questions and Wolf clearly could be a suspect and they could both go to jail. The interviewer tapped Wolf’s shoulder, no response, he grabbed his arm, Wolf could be dead like a rock if wasn’t that he clearly was still breathing, then he pinched his pecs and they bounced “Hey buddy” Wolf said with a smirk. The Interviewer blushed, you did all of this just to tease me?” “Het buddy people like me like to be muscle worshipped” Wolf said flexing his biceps again.

The Interviewer snapped at him, seems the cops found you piece of art down there. Wolf stood in front of him, naked and amused, this weakling clearly doesn’t fear him even if he already saw what he was capable to do “wait until they see my work of art down in the third floor” Wolf said with en evil grin… “you..snuffed them?” The Interviewer asked “kinda” Wolf said, “whet where so high that I don’t even know if they felt something breaking” Wolf enjoy the Interviewer reaction. “They where trash anyway, so I hope they don’t stench” the interviewer said “oh they will, in some time they will, until we burn them” Wolf said casually. “Oh yeah? Do you seem to have some experience, can you explain me how to you make bodies disappear?” Wolf laughed “are you sure that you want to learn?” “If you stay here seems I’ll have to learn so I can help you clean your mess” the Interviewer said angrily “you make too much ruckus” the Interviewer continued bossing Wolf ho stood there puzzled. “Let’s go grab breakfast” Wolf said.

The interviewer went shocked, no-one has invited him to get breakfast, he was always alone, and now this brute came crashing down on his life and then inviting him the dinner and  now the breakfast? “ I can cook myself, thank you” he said pridefully “woa buddy, calm down, I’m just saying thanks for the night, if you want me to leave,..I´ll leave “ Wolf said,  even surprising himself. When he was so casual with anyone weaker than him? Wolf was the clear alpha but now he was caring for anyone?” Wolf’s feeling where puzzled he warmed to this weakling, not romantically, but for some reason he could see on him some kind of friend, that was something he didn’t knew, people like him don’t have friends, he’s on top and he sniffs the ones down, but for some reason he enjoyed to be near this impudent brat. “Don’t be so proud, I’ll invite you the breakfast, do you have any clothes?”

Both men descended the stairs, they walked causally when they looked at the cops on the alley, some of them were puking from the gruesome scene, Wolf smirked. The people walked away at Wolf’s presence, he was so intimidating that people didn’t wanted to be on his way, only the Interviewer was near Wolf and for some reason Wolf didn’t mind at all. “So how you disappear the bodies of the third floor” The Interviewer asked casually. “You don’t mind at all?” Wolf asked “they were shit, their minds are weak, they just escaped the world with drugs…I can’t stand it”. The Interviewer said with scorn. “So you don’t like bullies, nor drugs" Wolf said, “yeah that kinda summarizes it, do you use steroids?” Wolf was surprised by that question, in other instances he would be offended and snuff the shit out of the one who dared to ask that question but he was with this stringed person that takes all kind of risk with him. “Nope, I’m all natural” “good” the interviewer said has the sole answer, “you’re quite strong, I like you” the Interviewer said casually. “Wolf walked silently”  They arrived at the restaurant, when Wolf entered people begun to freak out, even the waitress felt nervous, “two breakfast sandwiches” the interviewed said, then pondered his order “maybe five please”. The other customers begun to ask quickly for their tickets and left, after some minutes the restaurant was alone excepting for Wolf and the Interviewer. They kept silent, then the waitress left the sandwiches and two beverages an ran away.  Wolf wasn’t even surprised, the Interviewer took it has a desired result.
 The interviewer then casually asked “So, why did you came here?” Wold devoured a sandwich and said “I got from here to there, I never stay on the same place…” “So why do you stood on my house?” “Don’t now, to play with you, to kill you, don’t know yet” The Interviewer took the hit, “you almost killed me yesterday, so I’m acting more or less like you’ll kill me at anytime”  Wolf saw him and said “So, why you confronted that cop? Why you don’t even felt fear when I told you that I snuffed those junkies form the third floor, you are strange”. The Interviewed sighted “I like strong men, I like those who confront life and in some way beat it, I can’t stand injustice, I can’t stand those who abuse of their power,  those who believe they are above every one but don’t have real power to back up that claim, I really can’t stand those who waste their lives on junk like drugs or those things that makes them scape and who become voluntarily on a burden to others…but at the same time I hate myself for not being strong enough to change that”. The Interviewer bit his sandwich with rage,”Power is everything, you can’t turn around things without power” he said; a tear begun to form but even with his tear he stood fiercely his gaze to the interviewer, “So you already know, I´m weak, and now I´m kinda stuck with you, so, what you’ll do?” Wolf laughed and ate another sandwich, Wolf begun to understand what he saw on the Interviewer, “What you would do if you’ll have the power?” The Interviewer was surprised for this kind of question, Wolf looked more or less like a self absorbed hyper strong guy but this question made his mind race “I’ll use the power to change things…,maybe take over the cops, make things better over here, don’t know” he said.

Wolf took a sip of his beverage and casually said, “So, I’ll lend you my power, that should be fun”.  The interviewer almost choked “what do you say?” “Let’s see, you hate cops, I hate cops, you like to see me killing cops, I love to kill cops, you dislike weak people, I love to kill weak people, you want to change things, but do not have any power, I have all the power you decide…so I’ll lend it to you” the Interviewer mind was racing…how he could control that power…”you’re joking right?” “Nope, I’m serious, I’ll stay with you for a while, so… do you accept?…do you have plan?” Wolf said while petting the Interviewers head like if he was a small puppy. The interviewer didn’t’ snapped so Wolf saw has a good sign.

The Interviewer took a sip of his refresh and said “you know that to change things around here you’ll need to kill a lot of people, we would need to use your power to eradicate all those gangs and to drive the cops out of the neighbor, we will need loads of money to turn around things here” he said. “I can kill has many people you want…with these” Wolf said flexing his arms. The Interviewer smiled, “show off he said” Wolf then asked, but we will need more people for your plan, I suppose we have to find some recruits, I can also help you find more strong men, they surely won’t be has strong has me, but they can be, with my aid, they’ll be more strong that most of the people…but you spoke about money…do you have any plan?” “Mobs” The interviewer answered. “The mobs have money, we can do work for them, we can provide some services to them, and they pay handsomely, we will stay neutral,  we’ll serve all of them, but we won’t help them to trade drugs, and we will always keep our business  secret.” The interviewer said. “Fine by me” Wolf said “but you still haven accepted, tell me, will you let me lend you my power?” The Interviewer smiled and said “Yes”, Wolf then asked, so what’s your name? How I call you?, boss?” The interviewer laughed heavily, he knew that if Wolf get pissed he would be dead, but for him It was so absurd that a mountain of strength and muscle that Wolf was, would call him “boss” that he could’t stop his laughs. After some minutes he said “Look Wolf, I´m not your boss, OK? You’ll lose respect of anyone hears you calling me boss, so let’s keep this way” He signaled both of them pointing with his index. Then he took a pen and wrote on a tissue his name, “look at it Wolf, it’s my name” Wolf read and before he could say anything the Interviewer took the paper and destroyed it. I won’t be called in that way anymore, I’ll choose our soldiers, I’ll use your power, you’ll take care of me and I’ll take care of your needs. I´ll be the Interviewer”.  But there is one condition, the Interviewer’s should fell to his feet “what are your conditions” he asked. “I will take care of you, but…Do not be weak, or else I will crush you…” . After that moment he took on the role of the Interviewer  and Wolf took his desired role an hyper-strong killer that didn’t bow to no one except if was to crush them to death.

After some days passed the Interviewer saw the benefits of having Wolf nearby, Wolf helped him to be much more braver, Wolf instilled fear on the people, but he felt safer, and in some way understood. Wolf and The Interviewer developed some camaraderie that even could be seen has a friendship.  The first days Wolf just killed some cops on very gruesome ways but that proved Wolf his much desired kills, and the Interviewer is much desired funding, it was good for a small operation, but the Interviewer had his plans. Wolf felt somewhat in “home” and the Interviewer got a purpose in his life, after sometime the Interviewer got the funding to buy out the building they lived and begun to change if for the better, at first they changed his old apartment for an office, then they used some of the apartments and adapted has barracks for the guards, Wolf trained them and they soon learned that if they were weak Wolf would snuff them in very gruesome ways, but that didn’t stopped them to hire new recruits, soon the people knew that they where serious business but has the business grew, the neighbor grew safer and in some ways, richer. They adapted some parts of the building has gym for the guards and one specially adapted for Wolf’s special needs.  

The police too learned to not cross on the guards path, or specially Wolf’s. Some of the early encounters finished with some dead cops, Wolf learned a knew hobby, to destroy and compact police cars, sometimes with cops inside them, the guards enjoyed the show, however, they found some difficulties because they couldn’t freely kill anyone in plain sight if they where to keep their secret.  Wolf complained but stood loyal to the Interviewer. The mobs hired them to do dirty work, and   some guards developed impressive skills so they eventually become a category apart, Wolf liked to be the alpha male of these group. However there where some losses too, some guards failed miserably his missions so Wolf took their live ripping his limbs and crushing their heads or  bear-hugging them to death and stomping his heads, or in any other creative way that Wolf finds suitable other guards defected to the mobs or tried to give information to the police so Wolf was sent to end their lives, every failure made the Interviewer colder, harder, and in some ways, wiser. Even so, the business grew so exponentially that the building begun to feel small, Wolf strength grew exponentially too and his gym was not on par with him. That was the moment the Interviewer felt things needed to change.

One day Wolf and the Interviewer were walking by the streets, the Interviewer was quiet. “What?” Wolf asked bluntly. “Seems that we need to go away soon” The Interviewer said “what do you mean?” Wolf asked. “Come with me” the Interviewer said. They hop onto a car and drove at the outskirts of the town. That was an old, abandoned part of the town, the only thing of note were a lot of warehouses that looked like an old abandoned factory.

“Why we are here? Wolf asked “this my friend will be our future, see, your gym equipment is getting destroyed at an alarming rate, the building where we are is now too small, we need a new place and after some looking I found this, we will take our own modifications but I think we can manage it specially your growing expenses. Wolf stood silent, the interviewer then explained him the warehouse business for the mobs, how they will continue the assassinations contracts, the new training gyms and the arena where Wolf could’t kill at will at anyone, well the new place will be his playground too, the Interviewer explained how they will build this place and grow from there…” “You’re nuts” Wolf said jokingly, the Interviewer smiled, “I have you, I also think is time we give our organization a name, I’ve thought that we will be SSS, the Secret Snuffers Society”, Wold laughed “You grew buddy, I kinda like it”, so, after that day the SSS was officially born, sooner than later, they fixed the warehouses, build the basements, the arena, the gyms and the subterranean alleys and left the old building, unfortunately they couldn’t risk the secrecy and the builders and architects had and odd choice to do, join the SSS or to get a visit from Wolf, the last visit. Many accepted just because of the good payment terms, some because they didn’t had a a better place to go, so with building the place they got new members, The Interviewer also modified the old building so it now became a shelter for the homeless and for some people that needed a place to eat and feel accepted, the Interviewer wanted to return something to the community that gave him the opportunity to change himself by meeting Wolf. That became the SSS shelter, but even has a shelter, it was ruled with an iron-fist. Eveyone was welcomed there, but if anyone tried to use or even worse, tried to smuggle any drugs, do harm to another refugee or abuse of the SSS kindness,  they will meet the end of their lives at Wolf’s or some Elite SSS member’s hands, Wolf destroyed the mobs, so the neighbor was improved, but now,  It was time to go to a new home, so they left the old building went to the warehouses, now their new headquarters, the people of the neighbor didn’t knew the source of the miracle they just enjoy and that was good for Wolf and the Interviewer. After some year a new recruit came with his own challenges, Michal. He helped in many of the SSS business, but Michal and Wolf were too expensive assets for the SSS, they kept creating headaches for the Interviewer but they also where the two main strongholds of the organization, Conner they were recognized by all the underground business that payed handsomely for their services and soon Wolf, Michal and the Interviewer found a new place to call home and in case of Wolf and Michal, a place to indulge on their darkest desires while growing in power.

The Interviewer remembered all those things that was a lot of years and now Wolf was stronger now, so did Michal. Now the SSS would make quite a move, They where planning to go to take the power from the cops, they will be using their power to stage a low level coup to destroy this new local menace. But first, the SSS needed to take out some undesired customer, the Old Red’s, Michal and Ricardo were sent to destroy them and the Interviewer was waiting for their report.  If their mission succeeded, they would need to male sooner than later their next move…but first he needed to make some arrangements, he went out of the shower, dried and clothed himself and went to sleep. Wolf’s training grunts were heard in the distance but the Interviewer was already accustomed to his noise, even since that fateful night their bond  had kept growing along with the SSS. The interviewer closed his eyes and got a good nights sleep.

Next day the Interviewer got up and after sometime he got ready of his day’s work. He received the update from Michal’s mission, Wolf walked next to him, Wolf was big as ever, The Interviewer wondered how he fit on those shirts but still, “Good morning” The interviewer said. “Hi buddy” Wolf said. “Nice workout you go last night, your grunting sounded everywhere”, the interviewer said. Wolf just smirked “I need to get big you know” and bounced his pecs. “So Michal reported yet?” He asked. “Yes, he and Ricardo are doing fine, we will wait for today’s mission and then we decide when we will finish off our plan” The Interviewer said.

Soon they went to have breakfast, the restaurant was packed but has soon has they saw Wolf the stood up, the Interviewer smiled. “Well get the guards ready for the mission, there will be minimum personnel taking care of the warehouses, but we will need some more time, seems that Michal found candidates, so I’ll take care of that first” Wolf smirked, “you have me, why yo need more?” The Interviewer pinched Wolf’s bicep lightly “Wolf, you’ll have too much fun, so I need to cover our absence. Also, we surely would need to send Michal some help so we take the Old Red’s HQ for us” Wold smirked and flexed his bicep to tease the Interviewer. “What? Michal need help?” Wolf smirked. “He’s too proud to accept that”. The Interviewer smiled back. “He should, unless he want’s to clean the mess by himself and I highly doubt it, he doesn’t like it…nor do you…”.  The Interviewer took his phone and tapped, “I’ll be sending 5 men to Michal, so they can take over the OldRed’s HQ and get it ready for us, I suppose Michael would start adapting the interior to our needs, so we won’t be counting on him for our next mission. Wolf smirked “You only need me”.

At noon the news from Michal arrived. “As planned, Michal finished his mission” The Interviewer said. “Good” Was the only response he got from Wolf. “He’s sending back, with Ricardo, and three candidates, oddly, Igor, the Old Red’s former boss is with them…what could Michal see in him?” The Interviewer pondered, It was odd, Igor… that will be a good Interview.

At the next day Ricardo arrived with the three new candidates, Ricardo looked exhausted but proud. The guards took Adam, Ivan and Igor and left them and the quarters where the cops stood.  But the Interviewer had the intention to deal with everyone alone. Wolf bounced his pecs while pondering if they were worthy of his strong, but even Adam, the biggest of them couldn’t match Wolf  size, and aside of that only Igor seemed to have been beaten but for some reason he was quiet, and looked defeated. The Interviewer thanked Ricardo and send him to rest, Carlos, give him a quarter on the elite rooms. Ricardo smiled, Wolf then said “seems you’re not weak anymore” Ricardo flexed his biceps in response and Wolf flexed back “But you’re way weaker than me, go rest” Wolf added, Ricardo left with Carlos and Wolf stood with the Interviewer….”So, when do you want to start buddy.” Wolf asked. “Come to my office” The Interviewer said. Wolf knew that when he called somebody to his office it was serious business,   the Interviewer left and begun to walk to the small warehouse that served as the cover of the underground spaces. The Interviewer was silent, Wolf thought he would be lost again In his thoughts. They walked quietly until the got to the Interviewer office, “Fuck…” the interviewer muttered, “Lost my key” Wolf smiled, “Allow me…” Wolf punched the door and perforated if, then he ripped it outside ripping the door and the frame from the wall. “Show off, the Interviewer said, now I’ll need to take my PC out and go to a quarter… this will add expenses” The Interviewer said slightly irritated but Wolf knew he loved his displays of power and brutality, he just laughed.

The Interviewer took his PC and  a can of coca cola for himself and gave one to Wolf. Then he walked to a vacant room. They sat on the bed and the Interviewer opened his PC and opened the excel spreadsheet. “Now I add the estimated price of the door you just destroyed…” the Interviewer tapped again. “We will go tomorrow” Wolf crushed his can in surprise. “We needed another elite member, so we have now Carlos and Ricardo”.  The dark liquid was pouring from Wolf hands, Wolf stood quiet, he was dead serious this time, the Interviewer continued.  “Well go to the police station, there would be two defensive lines, the other liner will be formed by the second line guards, they are stronger than a normal cop but they won’t resist bullets, I hope we won’t be needing to restart to them”. The Interviewer tapped his PC casually, “the second liners will help us in case any officer scapes, their order will be to capture and bring anyone here”. The first liners will be the colosseum warriors, they can kill any officer they find.  We will send them in small packs so they don’t raise too much suspicion”

The Interviewer tapped his PC until police station diagram appeared in the screen.  “As you can see, the station has one back door, and a side door, the other side door is shut because they are making repair on it, some of the construction teams have been infiltrated by us and we are quite sure that this exit will stay closed. The main mission will be the utter destruction of all the agents on the police station, tomorrow is Saturday, so we are quite sure that the administrative workers won’t come, but since the protests, they kept almost all the cops there.” The Interviewer closed the PC and stood up facing Wolf he looked like some kind of army strategist.  “You will go with Carlos and Ricardo, you’ll attack front and center, Ricardo and Carlos will enter side and back, then when you three have killed all the people on the first floor Carlos and Ricardo will stay on the main hall, then the first line will move fowler and close all the exits, at the same time, you will go alone to the second floor and wipe all the cops, I’ll need the commander alive. Wolf raised an eyebrow, “how in hell?” Wolf said. “Calm down pal, I just need his knowledge so we can negotiate later, after I get my answers you can do whatever you want”.  The Interviewer said.  “What negotiation you want to make” Wolf said. “Just the one I need to make sure no one messes with us again…then we will need more recruits” the Interviewer voice went down until it was barely audible.

“Are you sure you want everyone dead?” Wolf asked with mischief, The Interviewer stood silent. “We need to make sure they let us be here, without interruption”, he walked in front of the bed, back and forth. “We shall take the power so we can change things here”. The Interviewer said while staring at the wall. He went silent, Wolf looked at him seriously, he knew that there where few times where the Interviewer made that kind of bet and now moving all the bed SSS assets at the same time was something he would not make unless they knew that was the best possible way. “Do you think I’m doing the right thing for us?” The Interviewer said while looking at Wolf. Wolf knew that he was truly worried if he was asking that to him. “Don’t be weak” Wolf said “you will still have me”.  The Interviewer face hardened. “You’re right it he SSS is not strong enough to change things…it shall disappear”. Wolf smiled, that’s the buddy I know, shall we go? You have Interviews” Wolf said.  

The interviews returned to his calmed stance, he went out and went with Wolf to the rooms where Ivan and Adam were escorted, Igor was on a cell. They first when to the rooms. There the found Adam. He was the biggest of the two on the room. He barely fit on his clothes and he was taller than anyone the Interviewer could see, barely taller than Wolf but he was impressive in his own way and they found him standing in front of the fridge where he took a beer. “So you’re the one that will interview me?” He asked. “Yes, I’m the Interviewer”, Adam looked at him scoldingly, the Interviewer was unfazed. Adam tried to be intimidating, and for some other person he could be very intimidating, but the Interviewer had experience with intimidating people and he knew he had Wolf at his side. “So, why yo want to join us?” The Interviewed asked dryly.  Adam was shocked, he usually was the type of person that intimidates people like the Interviewer but that kind of insolent demeanor was something he wasn’t accustomed, at least not from people he saw weaker than him.

“What’s your name?” Adam asked, “I’m the Interviewer, they all know me by that name”. Adam was shocked too. “You should call me by that name if you want to stay with us…so why you want to be a member of the SSS?” He Interviewer said again. Adam, shocked because he didn’t made the impact he thought we would mad acting though decided to take a more diplomatic stance. “Michal spared me, I suppose” Adam answered, “That doesn’t mean that Wolf will spare you, Wolf has even higher standard than Michal” The Interviewer said signaling to Wolf with his head. Adam looked at Wolf’s bouncing pecs, then he was is arms and understood what the Interviewer meant. “The Old reds gave me work, meaning, power, but Michal destroyed the Old Red’s almost by himself, I lost everything….I saw that they didn’t have true power…I want true power…” Adam answered. The Interviewer pondered his answer. “What to do you offer us?” Adam looked at the Interviewer eyes, he felt his mind was being read, or at least the Interviewer was pondering if he wanted him or not, and looking at Wolf, the way he was so casually standing in front of them, and the lack of care that both seemed to take in front of him told him that they always had the upper hand. “I have a lot of knowledge on the Old Red’s business, I’m strong too” Adam said Wolf laughed, the Interviewer smirked. “Want to test your might against Wolf?” The Interviewer challenged Adam’s word so fast, that Adam felt has he was caught on a lie. “The Old Red’s business was destroyed by us, your strength is not that much if you compare it to Wolf or even Michal… Ricardo can destroy you has I can see and let alone Carlos, you’re not stronger than a thug, you seem only bigger, so, what  do you offer?” The Interviewer said. His words were filled of scorn, Adam felt small in front of this impudent brat. Wolf smirked,  the Interviewer simply went to the fridge and took a can of coke, opened and sipped, tossed one to Wolf who said “I prefer coffee”, “You know you get hight n that, but if you insist” the Interviewer went to the coffee machine and prepared a cup of coffee and handed it to the Interviewer.

“See mr Adam, I’m fed of big men simply saying that they are strong, trying to act high and mighty and just acting as bullies in front of other people, has you can see, you really haven’t offered nothing so I’m afraid that this interview will meed it’s end…alongside you…” Wolf took his coffee and wiped it, left the cup on the table and walked to Adam. Adam freaked out, he knew he was about to be snuffed, Wolf gave cold and collected steps, enjoying Adam’s fear.  Adam stood frozen in fear, Wolf bounced his pecs smirking, Adam saw his life in front of him, he remembered how he cracked his enemies necks easily and that made him feel strong, but now all these feelings didn’t meant nothing… “I’m offering myself” Adam said, Wolf stopped, “I’m offering all of me…I now understand that I’m really weak…I want to be really strong…I want to be somebody…I want to be more…than this” Adam said a heartfelt way. The Interviewer was unfazed…”Wolf, what do you think?” The interviewer asked, Wolf just shrugged, he was clearly disappointed.

“Adam, you’re kind strong I give that to you, you will train in Wolf’s watch, the training will be brutal, but when you finish, you’ll be a good Elite, for now you’ll be a guard, if you show results you’ll become an elite warrior and go to the colosseum, Michal’s favorite place”. The Interviewer said.  Wolf, he will be assigned to the First line. The Interviewer said, “I’ll compensate your kill buddy” The Interviewer promised. Wolf bounced his pecs in approval. “Wolf, go seek Ivan please”, Wolf walked to the living room, “You’ll be a good SSS member Adam” the Interviewer said. Adam didn’t even tried to think otherwise.  Without touching him put him in his place, the way the Interviewer stood next to him without feeling fear was a clear indicator of that, after some seconds there was a bang, a Whaaaaat?” A crashing sound and some broken glass. The interviewer put his hand on his hand. “Man, another broken thing? That’s another expense I’ll need to put on the excel” he sounded exasperated. Adam was puzzled, how he could be worried about a line on the excel when he had this  kind of monsters at his reach? He wondered. Then Wolf came back with Ivan hanging from his ankle.  Wolf tossed him at the from of the Interviewer with a smirk. “Oh, so you’re the new candidate!” The Interviewer said. Ivan jumped and punched Wolf in the chest, Wolf hardened his pecs unfazed, the Punch didn’t had any effect. “You’re in an interview, give the man attention” Wolf said.

“May I have you attention?” The Interviewer said, he opened another can of coke. “I’m sorry for the rudeness of mi friend there, but has he says, you’re on an Interview, so please give me attention, of not, I’ll gladly reject you and my friend here will gladly help you out” The Interviewer said coldly.  Wold cracked his knuckles and smirked.

“Do you really want to join us?” The Interviewer said. Ivan breathed, then he thought it would be a better idea to keep his cool. He took a deep breath, “I want to have authority and power…I lost it when I retired from the Army, I lost it when the Old Red’s were destroyed, now I don’t have anywhere to go”. The Interviewer pondered “Do you want true power?” He asked. Ivan stood there quiet, he found a seat and used it. “I felt that in the army I belonged, so do with the SSS, the power was mostly a byproduct, but in those places the power were the organization…” The Interviewed looked at him quietly. “I like to belong, I like the power, but I want to have power for myself, no thought something” Ivan said.  

“We offer you true power, If you’re weak, you don’t belong to us, If you’re strong by yourself, you’ll be part of us…Do you want to be with us? The Interviewer said. Ivan nodded with his head. The Interviewer nodded with his head, you’ll come with us tomorrow. Both of you, we don’t use any weapons, we’ll help you yo gain more power, and you’ll be part of the SSS. You’ll both train hard, the day you truly become strong, you’ll find your place here. Wolf will train you… but let me remind you, the Old Red’s died for you, you look back, you’ll die. Understood?” The Interviewer was dead serious, Wolf looked at them coldly. Adam and Ivan nodded with their heads. “I will speak with your formed boss… talk to you later gentlemen”.  The Interviewed left the room, Wolf looked with men with a smirk and left”.

The Interviewer took his phone, tapped some orders and walked on the aisles, after some minutes Carlos arrived, “Carlos, please take Igor and the other prisoner, the one that tried to break on the warehouses to the Colosseum,  and two seats too please, I won’t be using the cabin. Wolf raised an eyebrow. The Interviewer kept walking, Carlos left. “We will make a practical show” The Interviewer said, Wolf smiled and bounced his pecs, witted his pecs and kept walling with a smirk”.

Thirty minutes later Carlos put two seats on the arena center, he accommodated the seats so they were looking at each other, he took a seat, Wolf stood behind him. Some minutes later, The doors opened and Carlos entered with Igor, he stood silently, his gaze was lost, but when he crossed his looks with the Interviewer, his face hardened. “So it’s you” Igor said fiercely. The Interviewer smiled, “Glad you’re still there Igor, please have a seat”. The Interviewer waited until Igor sat and then he took his seat.

“So you’re the one that took Nikolai’s life?”  Igor asked, “No, I’m afraid that honor shall be given to my friend here”  the Interviewed answered signaling to Wolf “so, if you want to kill the perpetrator you shall be able to kill Wolf, and Michal too, and I’m afraid, you can’t”. Igor glanced at Wolf, he at first tried to look fiercely at Wolf, but Wolf size was so freaking unbelievable  that his eyes widened and the effect was lost. Wolf flexed his biceps and teased Igor “These babies crushed your friend like a twig, then…I might have opened his head to new ideas”. The sudden description of Nikolai’s death was so egregious for Igor that he tried to jump and hit Wolf but Wolf quickly grabbed Igor and forced him on his seat. “Calm down” Wolf ordered. His grip was so strong that Igor felt like trying to move a wall, a wall that can fall over him crushing him like a bug.  After some seconds the struggle ended and Wolf released his grip, but Igor’s skin was red and bruised.

“From one leader to a former one I shall say that you need to be less emotional” The Interviewer said “He killed my friend” Igor said “Your friend was stupid and compromised your organization, your friend was the cause of the destruction of the Old Red’s, your friend was the cause of your humiliation on Michal’s hands…oh yes I know what Michal did” The Interviewer said at Igor’s surprised face, Wolf smirked “Weak” he muttered. “I might add that it’s quite a surprise that you could survive Michal’s lust” the Interviewer said casually. Igor blushed, “so why you don’t kill me and spare me the humiliation?”, “we want yo give you a chance, but first, we need to make a judgment and you’ll testify;  Carlos, Bring the other guy”. The Interviewer said turning his seat to the door, he stood silent”. Carlos brought the guy that tried to break in the warehouses some time before. We was now bigger, ands looked stronger. His gaze was fiercer while looking at the Interviewer but he tried to avoid Wolf’s face.
Carlos pushed  the other guy who fell to the ground, he was a big light-black man medium height, he was dressed only with a jogger, his tattooed uncovered pecs were well defined, so his arms. Igor looked at his body, a detail that the Interviewer didn’t skipped but kept quiet about it. “Carlos, bring Adam and Ivan, you stay with them on the arena, they will be our witnesses, but I’m afraid we will begin without them, please make haste” The Interviewer mad a pause. “They are new recruits, so please be patient”. Igor looked astonished.”Adam and Ivan joined you?, they…betrayed me?” He said. “Igor, the Old Red’s are no more, so there is no betrayal, we don’t tolerate traitors on our ranks, so please do not be so emotional and please take a deep look at what’s happening”. The Interviewer answered. Pierce stood up and tried to put a though look.

“Mr. Pierce” The Interviewer said “recently you tried to enter without permission on one of our warehouses with a companion that decided to put resistance and was neutralized”. “Neutralized?” Pierce said defiantly “four of your guards grabbed him by the libs and tore him apart…you call that ‘neutralization’”. “Anyway we call it, we have only one rule, if we find you, you shall join us in the streaming fights, or be destroyed, your friend chose the second, you chose the latter, but you haven’t faced your opponent. , I’ve given time enough for you to get stronger, to grow, so you give us a worthy fight, If you survive, I’ll grant you an interview, and maybe an opportunity to enter the SSS, if not…well, you’ll join you friend ”.

Pierce stood in front of the interviewer. “Fuck you” he said and tried to kick the Interviewer, but Wolf jumped into action, he grabbed Pierce from the leg who dangled upside down, “Leave me your asshole” Pierce said. “What do I do?” Wolf said. The Interviewer took his phone, called and said “begin streaming” then to Wolf “I promised to compensate you, so, take your compensation” the Interviewer said. Wolf threw Pierce to the ground, Wolf ripped his  shirt and bounced his pecs “Don’t Worry pal,  this one is on budget Wolf said while walking to Pierce. The Interviewer said “good, you’re already over-budget”.

“Mr Igor, please look, I wanted to show you our strength, the might the Old Red’s never had…or never will”  The Interviewer said. Wolf lifted Pierce from the throat “let me goooo” he said while kicking Wolf in vain. Wolf threw Pierce at his side while laughing. “Get up you loser, give me a little fun”.  Pierce jumped and kicked Wolf in the face, but Wolf didn’t even budge. Wolf pushed Pierce again who tried to kick Wolf in the pecs but a bounce of Wolf pecs repelled the kick.  At the moment the doors opened and Carlos, Adam and Ivan entered. Pierce trie to run to the doors but Wolf grabbed him from the neck and lifted him,  his feet dangled in the air.  Wolf  kept lifting him until the doors closed and Carlos indicated Adam and Ivan their places. Igor tried to get up but the Interviewer put a hand on his forearm and with his head made a negative sign.

Wolf laughed at Pierce “come on, you’ll make me bore”. Pierce tried to kick Wolf’s groin but Wolf grabbed his leg. The interviewer covered his face ”Pierce, you stupid piece of thrash, you ruined your interview”. Igor looked at him and said “what?” “Wolf truly hates dirty tricks on this arena…I suppose that we are about to see Pierce’s punishment” The Interviewer said.

Wolf then pressed the calves with his hand and a sickening crack sound on the arena. Pierce yelled in pain. “Now’s my turn..you ruined your opportunity” Wolf said with contempt. Pierce fell to the floor and tried to crawl back while looking at Wolf in horror.

“See Igor, this is the kind of power you can have…if you train with us, if you join us…you tried to do thing your way has former head from the Old Red’s” The Interviewer said while looking at Wolf stomping the good Pierce’s leg. Wolf twisted the leg laughing at Pierce’s pain.

Wolf looked at the Interviewer and shot a double biceps pose so to assert his superiority. Wolf grabbed the stump of the leg and dragged Pierce to the center of the arena just in front of Igor and the Interviewer.  “Do you have an special request?” Wolf asked to his public. Igor looked at Pierce, Pierce was in true pain,  for some moments Igor thought on letting him free if that would be a possibility, but he then remembered his own ways on the Old Red’s, he didn’t tolerated any fault or broken rules. Igor looked at the Interviewer and thought that he also must govern his organization with Iron fist and this guy broke at least two rules from his point of view. He thought too that he was being out on test. “Do it like you do here on the SSS”. Wolf smiled and ripped both Pierce’s feet. Blood begun to gush at the sound of Pierce’s yells. Adam and Ivan were astounded from the sheer strength that made Walt tear flesh and bone like it were tissue paper. Wolf took the seams of his shirt and with it closed the hemorrhage, so he could prolong Pierce’s suffering.

Igor was shocked, at the Old Red’s his fame was that he was brutal, but his punishments didn’t  were anything near with Wolf’s level, Igor even thought that Wolf could be even more brutal than Michal and even thought that it was an act of pure mercy that Michal was sent and not Wolf. His mental resistance was broken with a pure show of brutality and it was even the beginning of it. His crotch begun to grow in size just at the look and at the thought that he could be capable of similar acts.

Wolf the turned to Pierce and grabbed his crotch with his right hand, Pierce tried to “kick” Wolf back to not avail, from his pain and that without feet there was no way he could land a good hit. “I hate those dirty tricks, those are not thing that a man would do, but you’ll never will be a man… not anymore” Wolf said and then he crushed Pierce balls and penis. Pierce eyes went wide opened, then Wolf ripped the crushed genitalia. “Not a man anymore” Wolf said tossing the destroyed organs at the floor. Pierce grabbed his crotch and rolled in the floor. Wolf laughed manically at his own show of force. Pierce yells where getting annoying for Wolf. So he seated Pierce who tried to get apart from Wolf since wolf frightened him. But Wolf was too strong so all his efforts were in vain. Adam admired the way Wolf exerted his dominance and terrified his opponent, so he understood that he still needed to learn a lot, Ivan was getting aroused and getting wet at the brutality he was witnessing, Igor barely managed to stay in control. What kind of power the SSS had with Wolf? He thought.  Wolf then acted like he was caressing Pierce’s cheek and grabbed his jaw. Wolf moved gently Pierce’s jaw and said…I bet this hurts and then Wolf ripped the jaw from the face, blood sprayed over Wolf chest and face, Wolf liked the blood from his mouth and enjoyed tearing Pierce apart. The Interviewer smirked, Wolf was getting to the desired effect he wanted and knew that this brutality should crush any desire to rebel from the new recruits, and even would make them lust for that kind of power for themselves.

Wolf lifted Pierce from his shoulders and showed them to Igor, Adam and Ivan like he was showing an unfolded shirt, Wolf even shook Pierce’s that was trying to muttering something But with the amount of blood it was more a gurgling than words. Adam was lusting for more pain, Ivan was feeling similar things, he even went so far to rub his groin. Wolf enjoyed the public and then he said “Now prepare for the blood act…at the count of three…THREE” And with that said he plunged his fingers on the flesh crushing the shoulders and then ripping them off the chest, Pierce face made a painful expression and gurgles while falling to the floor, Wolf knew he needed to finish thing quickly, but not less brutal. Wolf palmed Pierce head and while looking at Igor’s face he crushed the head in one with and brutal movement. Wolf crushed until his palms felt together, Wolf opened widely his arms and flexed his biceps while the corpse fell to the floor, he grabbed the body from the neck and bear-hugged the chest it with all his might. Blood gushed from the arms sockets and head like a blood fountain that drenched Wolf, Carlos, Adam and Ivan in blood. Adam licked the blood and Ivan lost control of his primal desires. Igor clenched the seat with his hands.  Wolf released the body and made a crab pose that frightened Adam and Ivan, Igor left his seat and bowed down to Wolf “I’ll be loyal to you, to the SSS, I’ll follow you” Igor said. Wolf saw at the Interviewer and both nodded in complicity.

“So, what are you orders for tomorrow?” Wolf said. The Interviewer left his seat, “You, go take a bath, Carlos, deploy the second line, when they are deployed send the first line in batches of two people every 30 minutes, tomorrow morning Wolf, Ricardo and you will begin the attack”. Wolf bounced his pecs and kissed his biceps, The Interviewer looked at him “Don’t break the plan, please” “No worries buddy, I’ll keep up with the plan”. Wolf said jokingly. The Interviewer frowned but decided to keep shut. “Igor, are you sure you will forget the Old Red’s and join us?”  Igor ripped his shirt and said “I’ll be 100% loyal to you, Nikolai was stupid to rebel against Wolf…anyone that defies Wolf shall perish at his hands” The Interviewer thought that the ship ripping was an unnecessary detail, but Wolf set the example so he thought that would be a good obedience sign, and Igor had a nice body himself but decided to keep his cool “Igor, you’re not Adam and Ivan boss, I will” he said then looking at all the new recruits he asked. “Will you train hard at Wolf orders?” The three nodded at him and at Wolf who bounced his pecs. “So be it" the Interviewer said. ”You’ll be with the second line, Carlos will give you your orders on tomorrows mission”.  Carlos nodded. “What are you going to do tomorrow?” Igor asked. “ We will begin to build our place here” The Interviewer said while walking to the doors that Wolf opened with a kick tearing them from the hinges, “Not again! That cost!” The Interviewer said with exasperation. Carlos stood  behind with Igor, Adam and Ivan.  “Carlos, let’s meet at my office tomorrow 6 am.  The Interviewer said and left the place.


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This is the kind of story I live for. Thank you for putting your desires to words and sharing here. I edge through every chapter and long for more! Hot as fuck, Sir!

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the plot tickens more and more.

The interviewer created the SSS to restore banlance in a damaged city and at the same time have control over those people that want to fuck up the city.


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