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Lust for power - Paul and Alex (Chapters 1-18)


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Chapter 17 - Strong Revelations

Paul was staring at Alex. The Armenian muscle freak was standing there, wearing only a skimpy pair of briefs, that failed to conceal the gargantuan size of his cock and balls. The hairy body was a complex sculpture of smooth muscles, carved like a granite statue from a Greek temple. His fresh buzz cut and high fade was amplifying the tremendous thickness and power of his bull neck, paired with his handsome sexy face. His legs were displaying their powerful strength and his bare feet were adjusting their powerful stance, as to prepare for something strong. His head rose up and with his eyes closed he groaned intensely, while his body tensed for a bit, showing striations all over his muscles, then he exhaled profusely and sighed in relief, his muscles relaxing.
Suddenly he opened his eyes and stared at Paul intensely, while he made a fist with his right hand and activated his forearm muscles. A wet popping sound followed and Paul saw the forearm become massive in front of his eyes, getting covered in veins and bulging with massive, defined muscles. Then he lifted the arm, flexing biceps and triceps, which exploded in size and became sculpted mountains, with the bicep showing a double head and the tricep growing even bigger.
The other arm followed and they both reached a monstrous size. Paul had his mouth wide open and could not speak.
Then the shoulders popped and snapped out, and the traps. The neck grew and Alex tilted his head, making a loud popping noise of bones adjusting in that bull’s neck. He shuddered for a moment while his traps reached their full grotesque size.
As his arms released the double bicep pose, they moved down as his hands collided violently with one another, which made the pectorals explode and become two massive pillows of powerful muscle. Holding that pose more muscles were recruited and the whole abdominal plateau ridged up like a mountainous landscape.
Then his hands reached the base of his sides and he prepared for a lat spread. Paul already had his dick hard and leaking by then, he had to adjust his position as he was feeling uneasy on his feet.
With a loud growl Alex flared out the lats, like two massive cobra wings, Paul felt the slight rush of air caused by them and his cock twitched at the thought.
Then Alex slowly turned around to show his full back. For the small movements the legs slowly swelled up and became huge pillars of meat.
Once the back was fully visible, Alex brought his arms up in a slow circular movement, as to prepare for a rear double bi, which recruited all his back muscles, resulting in a spectacular revelation of dozens of pumped muscular ridges, full of veins and some hair, ending up in the most spectacular wide back double bi Paul had ever seen.
Before turning back to face Paul, Alex went upon his toes to pump his calves. They were enormous. And feet reached a size 15, at least. Wide…
Paul looked at the now freaky huge mass of muscle, and looked down at the briefs, on the brink of giving up, as the bum was massive and the thighs were enormous.
Alex thundered in a booming loud voice to Paul “look at this, my best trick”
Alex grabbed his own nipples and with his tick, meaty fingers pulled gently. His cock grew. No, it snaked down, thickened, then started pulling up. 9, 10, 11 inches. Or more. Thick as a fucking beercan.
Alex grabbed Paul’s hands and guided them to the massive nipples and commanded silently for him to play with them. Paul obliged and felt the hardness of the nipples, and the solidness of his pecs. Alex could not resist and let his cock grow more. With one of his huge paws he gently but firmly grabbed Paul’s head and guided it to his right nipple, whispering in his ear “I know. It is fucking hard, and you feel like you are about to cum. Do not touch your cock or it will happen, leave it with me, trust me.”
With that Alex increased tremendously the pressure and Paul felt he was about to be crushed by that powerful arm and hand, against that solid huge pec. But he sucked hard on that nipple. And he was pretty strong too.
That was what Alex was looking for, and his cock shot up in size instantly, ripping out of the briefs and reaching full size. Alex tilted Paul’s head so that while he was sucking the nipple, he could see that huge cock. Paul grabbed it.
The girth and the feeling of that smooth yet veiny and strong rod sent Paul to the stars and back. His lust for muscle, cock, and Alex was unleashed and he felt like he was one with the mountain of muscle around him. He didn’t know where he was, it felt like he was surrounded by hard muscle. His cock came, harder than ever, in his pants, hands free. He bit harder, feeling his cock spew. That sent Alex over the edge and he came too. His gigantic pole spewed ropes after ropes of this manly cum and directed some over Paul.

They hugged each other and Paul had his longest orgasm ever, as those mounds of muscles groped him from all directions he felt his cock and balls spasm again, in an endless loop of satisfying sex impulses. All those images of Alex across all those years, those muscles, that body, all those moments when he would have wanted to feel all that body and muscles, they all flashed before his eyes a fountain of emotions mixed with manly cum and sweat.

They both laid on the bed hugging each other, massaging and exploring the newly discovered shapes and sizes of Alex, in his massive true appearance.
“Alex, fuck, this is….”
“I know, I should have shown you before, but I guess now you’re ready.Also my strength has increased a lot, and it is becoming scary. I sometimes worry that I could hurt someone if I’m not careful. You remember the feats of strength I showed you? Well now these pecs and lats and arms can do much more, if I hug a pillar of cement I can crush it and destroy it. I will show you, if you try not to cum again ahahah”
Paul felt his cock twitch just listening to that. “Fuck man, that is so fucking hot, I wanna see that, I wanna see everything”
“I know, but now we need to make some decisions,I am not sure I want to stay here with Milos, he is very dodgy and unless I get a grip on what he’s doing, I think I want to move somewhere else, and you can come with me. We can share a place and be best mates, train together, I will still help you getting huge and you can also look after me to make sure my strength is under control, so to speak”
Paul was surprised but he realised he had a point, Milos was dangerous and they had to do something about it. “My big powerful friend, sounds like a plan, and I wanna get huge with you”
“And I need your muscle lust, plus I like you a lot.”
They both stood up. Paul felt Alex’s muscles once more. “Are you gonna shrink now?”
“Yeah I gotta do it man, that’s the painful part. But feels like a strong pain after a hard workout so not too bad,”
With that he started to tremble and tense his muscles, and slowly shrunk to his “normal” but still hunky as fuck size.

A couple of days later, Milos was still at large, but Alex and Paul had a plan and they were ready to leave. Paul packed his stuff and Alex bought a cheap old car, they were gathered outside Alex’s place and ready to go, when a white van arrived, with Milos driving it, and a massive Arab guy next to him. Mo. They were both dressed up in suits that barely contained their masses, especially Mo who looked like he was about to explode any minute.

Milos got out of the car, tilted his head and snapped his neck in a very similar way to what Alex did when he grew for Paul, and looked at Alex with a serious face. “So, what the hell do you guys think you are doing?”



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Milos had come back and he doesnt like Paul at all and he is a good ,man for his son.

Alex has transformed into a beast. He is the betetr man of the family.

Things will be heated now,

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Hi everyone, happy holidays and thanks for the messages and encouragement. I would love to hear from you to have an idea on which parts/details of the story you like most, what pushes those buttons etc.

constructive criticism is very welcome, either here or as PM, also ideas etc

i have a few clear ideas for the story and I’m wrapping up a “season 1” so to speak in a few chapters. 
thank you in advance for your participation!


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What i really like are the elements of domination, how they know they are strong and dominates those around them. I loved how Paul built his body cause his friend is a muscle beast and that drive make him transform himself

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Can't wait for the next part.. I do hsbe the feeling that this is gonna be fun and that Milos and Mo might be in for a HUGE Surprise

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Sorry for the long wait! Been super busy. Here you go. Thank you for the comments all!


Chapter 18 - family affairs

Paul looked at Milos getting out of their car, and he saw the car getting slightly higher once Milos’ hefty weight got off it. The thought of that mass of muscles always made Paul weak in the knees. And his assertiveness, his cocky attitude was a winning cocktail that Paul could just not resist. But he glanced in the passenger seat and saw the massive, built arab looking like he completely filled the car, and could not believe how handsome and sexy he was. And he looked much bigger than Milos.

Alex looked angry and muttered to his father “Why do you need to know? Does it matter? You are never home anyway!”. Suddenly the rear door of the car opened and someone got out of it. It was Alex’s mother. “Son, you should be nicer to your father, he had a hard day, and he cares for you. We drove for quite a while so we will all need to go inside and perhaps have a chat. And by the way this is our friend Mo”  and she gestured to the big guy in the car.

The door opened and slowly the massive mountain of muscle stepped out of the car. As soon as he grabbed the door with his big paw, it was obvious that the guy was enormous. As Paul stared at the beast, he saw the car lifting up for the substantial weight that left it, and he heard a metallic creak which just made the whole scene even hotter if at all possible.

As soon as he was out he stood slowly at full height, towering on everyone but even more on Alex’s mother who was next to him. His size was almost as Alex when he was at his full glory. He slowly stepped towards Alex and gave him a good look. “Nice to meet you strong young man, your father told me about you. Nice muscles. Is that your friend?” Nodding towards Paul.

Before Alex managed to respond, his mother took over the situation. “Ok stop you boys. Alex and Milos, let’s go inside. Mo, you better sit this meeting out for now. Hang around with your new friend (pointing towards Paul) or you can drive back to base, up to you.”

Paul was surprised to see how everyone seemed to obey Alex’s mother like there was no other option, obviously there was something going on there and they were going to have some revelations for Alex perhaps, as Alex looked angry but at the same time curious and startled about the situation.

They all stepped in the house, leaving Mo and Paul outside.

It was quite warm, Paul was wearing footy shorts and flip flops, showing off his beefy legs, and he had a revealing tank, his body was definitely impressive although next to Mo he felt pretty small…and he didn’t know what to say to the hulk that was slowly walking towards him with a cheeky smile on his face.
Paul was hesitant but muttered a nervous “Well, mate, you look pretty damn massive, you must be a pro bodybuilder or something?”

Mo was looking at Paul and checking him out. “Well I love to train and get fucking strong, I bet you do the same, you got a killer body there. Man I am quite tired, don’t think I feel like driving back. How about I crash down at your place? If you don’t mind, I’ll be quiet and I’m happy with a sofa. Just taking my shoes off sounds like a dream, my big feet are very sore”

Paul already looked at the size of Mo’s shoes and could only dream of those massive feet. He wanted to see. He needed to see. And the body. That body without that suit. What kind of incredible hard mass of muscles. He was excited, confused and a bit worried, but the sexual excitement was vastly winning. Mo seemed very relaxed and looked genuinely tired, so there was little hesitation. “Sure, well, come in, I have a sofa and I am alone this week, my parents are camping in the bush”

They walked in and Mo’s weight made the floorboards creak heavily, making Paul even more excited.
“Nice place,man really cosy. Do you mind if I take my shoes off?” said Mo, while taking his jacket off and revealing a shirt that was skintight, and detailing a massive outline of a mix between an offseason bodybuilder and a powerful linebacker. Paul almost gasped at the sight.
“Ough…ooof course man, can I get you a beer or something?”
“Oh I would rather have a glass of milk or a protein shake”

Paul looked at the giant taking off his shoes, and went into the kitchen looking back a few times. Mo wasn’t looking and Paul had a very good perv at him while he was taking his socks off and revealing those hulking manly thick feet. “Sure I will make two shakes, get yourself comfortable”
From the kitchen Paul peeked, not able to resist - he saw the size of his bare feet and he felt a jolt in his balls. The massive man, standing barefoot, started unbuttoning his shirt at his wrists and chest. He rolled up his sleeves and turned around facing Paul and getting towards the kitchen.
As soon as Mo looked back, Paul nervously looked away, being caught perving.
Mo looked tall, even barefoot, with his muscles now clearly outlined and exposed through the shirt. Paul could not hold back “fuck man you are massive, your arms are huge, and your legs…and feet. Fuuck.”

Mo chuckled. “I get that a lot, thanks for having me here”, without giving Paul much attention he looked at the collection of protein powders and supplements in the kitchen, while Paul was nervously making the protein shakes. Paul wasn’t sure about what was going on the big guy’s head but he was hoping to get close to him, to his muscles, he was in awe.
Mo grabbed the protein shake and lifted it up, gulping it down in a few massive sips. Paul saw the incredible size of the arm while he was downing the shake like it was his last meal.

Paul was mesmerised “Wow man, your arms, I see you have elastic fabric for your shirt otherwise you would destroy it!”
“Yeah that’s true man, this stuff is great “ as he flexed in a most muscular, looking at his own arms and the ridiculous massive peaked biceps. Looking satisfied from the shake, he muttered “Nice one mate, feeling much better. Now, can I take a shower, do you mind?”

Mo started stripping off his shirt, looking at Mo. He slowly revealed his massive pectorals, big nipples, hairy chest and chiseled abs, struggling to get the shirt off and popping out his massive boulder shoulders from it. Last but not least his massive arms were visible in full glory.
Paul thought he couldn’t possibly comment again on those incredible muscles and tried to keep that smooth “Sure I’ll give you a towel”

Mo was noticing how Paul was into his muscles and felt a rush of muscle lust like an electric bolt of energy. He turned around and casually flexed his torso and arms, walking back to the lounge, where he slowly took off his pants.
Paul’s dick was growing, and there was no stopping it. To see Mo’s chest and back was too much to handle. And to then see those humongous legs come to life in all their arab hairy glory was a total killer. Not to mention the huge calves.By then Paul’s cock was leaking hard.

Mo turned towards Paul naked, except for his tight briefs. The look of the gargantuan arab giant was overwhelming, He looked solid like steel and sexy in a way that was making Paul weak at the knees. Then, Paul looked down and he saw the most massive bulge in Mo’s briefs. The outline of his balls and massive cock was so prominent that Paul felt the beginning of an orgasm build up. Shocked and without being able to not look at the python, he handed the towel to Mo nervously “Oh ehm. Here’s your towel, mate…”

Mo took the towel and threw it on the sofa, looking at Paul with a casual yet interested look, focusing on his chest. “Paul, how about you take your top off and show me those pecs, they look pretty damn good.”

Paul was now super nervous but also uber excited. He obliged in silence. He was in a very good shape, his chest was great and his pecs well defined and beefy. His footy shorts were now unable to hide the massive hardon he built up.

Mo looked and nodded “Yeah, not bad mate, nice muscles” as he grabbed and felt Paul’s triceps and biceps. “Flex”

Paul nervously did a double bicep feeling stupid doing that in front of a much bigger man. But it was a nice, friendly guy, and also arab, handsome, and also built as a fucking gorilla.

Mo turned towards the big mirror in the lounge and flexed next to Paul “Arent’ we strong hey mate what do you think”

Paul’s erection was now painful and a blob of precum stained visibly his grey shorts.

Mo noticed. Looking at Paul intensely, he grabbed him with his massive paw and reassuringly mentioned “You like muscle, strength. I am a lot stronger than you think and you love that, I can see from your hardon. I think I should put you at ease and let my python grow too, I just need a little help. “ and he gently grabbed Paul’s hands and guided them to his huge pectorals, grabbing the juicy nipples. Paul grabbed them and felt the hardness of the muscles, and started playing with them and pulling them.

In seconds Mo’s bulge grew. A lot. The massive snake uncoiled and sprung to life, tenting his briefs in a way that Paul has never seen before. Paul stared with his mouth open at the huge pole tenting up, threatening to rip the briefs to shreds.

Mo grabbed his briefs with his massive hands and effortlessly pulled outwards, slowly shredding and ripping them apart. The anaconda sprung out, finally free, with a massive head oozing precum. As Paul dropped his shorts and briefs, letting his cock out, fell to his knees and felt his orgasm was building up like crazy, he abandoned himself and succumbed to Mo’s superior godly insane sexyness. He. He went for the kill and engulfed the apple-sized head with his mouth, tasting the juices and trying to take at least some of that huge pole in his throat. Paul’s hands were definitely big and manly, yet they were unable to completely grasp the pole, his fingers weren’t touching around it. That was a first.

Mo’s pole was almost a full mast, after a few minutes of pleasure he grabbed Paul by his armpits and lifted him like a doll. Up and up, until his dick was close enough and then Mo sucked it hard. Paul grabbed Mo’s arms as he was lifted, and feeling the concrete slabs that were his triceps with all the veins and the hair, he could not hold it. He sprayed a full load into Mo’s mouth, who sucked him well dry.

Mo let Paul go and he stumbled, almost falling for his exhaustion and thrill. Then went back to Mo’s cock, still super hard, and started pumping it, facing it directly and admiring the size and hardness of the head.

Mo knew very well that his pole was about to shoot up explosively and that possibly meant smashing Paul’s skull instantly, although he found that extremely hot he was not there to kill his new friend. Then he had an idea. He pulled away Paul “Hey go in your kitchen and get a sturdy wooden slab, those ones you use to cut meat and stuff. Paul was confused but obliged.

Mo grabbed the slab and positioned it right in front of his cock, as if he was going to smash through with it thought Paul? That seemed weird and insane. But in his mind he thought of the way that Alex cock was shooting up a bit, perhaps they shared the same peculiarity?

“Trust me this is going to be fun, keep pumping my cock  and then switch and pull my nipples really hard”

Paul pumped his cock, watching the precum ooze, and then pulled hard the nipples of the huge man.
Mo shuddered a little and then suddenly he felt a jolt, and his cock shot up in size and hardness, instantly, shattering the wooden slab and spraying around wooden shards around them.

Mo was grunting like a gorilla “Yea, fuck yeah, unstoppable!”he grabbed firmly the remains of the slab in his hands and crushed them like they were paper, showing off his herculean strength.

Paul was already aroused again and to see that in front of his eyes was incredible, he felt a second orgasm mount and he grabbed the elongated and even thicker cock, feeling its steel hardness. And Paul came again.

“Now we both need a shower”

Mo grabbed his pal and they both showered together, lathering their muscles and feeling each other's bodies. They dried up and Paul said “so you on the sofa, right? See you tomorrow” and Mo smiled, bearhugged Paul and they both went in Paul’s bedroom.
Mo deep-kissed Paul and they went to bed, which creaked under Mo’s weight, explored each other and stayed hard most of the night…

In the meanwhile at Alex’s, his mother was sitting at the table, with Milos and Alex ready for the talk.
“Alex, you are a big man now so there are a few things we need to talk about. Let’s say we need to talk business, and my business is my life. But most importantly, and without too much chatting, let’s get to the point. I’m not your real mother. Let me explain what Milos and I exactly do. I think you might find it interesting.”



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