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Lust for power - Paul and Alex (Chapters 1-22)


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Thanks for your patience and apologies for my inexperience. Thanks for the guys who helped me!

Hi guys, just giving it a go as I had been thinking of this story for a while. I have a few chapters in mind and this is my first attempt.
Please note this story contains snuff (not gore though) and if you are offended or it is not for you please do not read.


Chapter 1 - The new neighbours


In the remote tropical Australia village where they grew up, Paul and his family were enjoying a typical Aussie life, a quiet environment, plenty of sunshine and the nearby beach.
His father was a farmer and his mother a hairdresser. The father played some rugby in his younger years so he built himself a respectable hunky body, and he enjoyed training his son as well as swimming a lot in the blue ocean. At 18 y o Paul had a very toned body, and his father gathered some weights for him to build some muscles in the backyard. Paul was also starting to develop attraction for males and muscles, and every time he would see muscle hunks at the beach and around town he would definitely love that sight.
One day new neighbours arrived, in the house next to Paul’s family. They seemed like a nice family, apparently they came from Armenia and they had an overall arab look and features.
They had a boy, the young Alex who will soon become Paul's friend, a lovely wife, and…the father. The father was a handsome, Arab looking hunk, and what really impressed Paul was his sheer size. The man was a beast, looked huge especially in his shorts and tank top, with massive legs, a pair of huge arms and everything else was just… humongous. His name was Milos and they met him shortly after his arrival where they introduced themselves to his family.
Their English was basic back then, but they seemed like nice people. Milos was very assertive and dominant straight away, very confident and almost arrogant at times.
They brought some homemade biscuits and they came into our garden for a drink. Paul was taken aback when he shook the big man’s hand, he felt a jolt in his crotch when the powerful paw almost crushed his hand. He loved muscle and big guys, and was realising the effect that powerful muscle men were having on him. His cock would twitch and stir, but now that he was staring at Milos, looking at his chest barely contained by that tank top, those footy shorts were unable to contain those huge legs and those bare feet were so much bigger and more manly than his own or his father’s... It was lust, pure lust for muscles and power that comes with them.

Looking at Milos strutting his muscles around barefoot was making his cock real hard and he could barely control it.
He started imagining how strong the guy was and what he could do with his muscles.
His mother asked him “Wow you’re a big guy, how tall are you? You must weigh over a hundred kilos!”
Milos answered very confidently “I know, I am tall 1,95 metres and weigh 135 Kilo but I like to train and keep strong!”. On that he flexed one arm and the bicep and tricep exploded in size. His mother laughed and wowed but Paul was feeling his cock going in steel mode…and he ran to the toilet.
Paul pulled out his 7” thick jock rod and could not believe how hard it got. Quickly pumped it thinking of those arms still vivid in his mind, and he dumped a load with such vigour that he trembled on his feet. He barely contained the ropes of cum with a bunch of toilet paper.
After a few moments he came out of the toilet trying to pretend nothing happened but felt completely self conscious..
He thought his father was built and he was just a 1,85m tall 90 Kilo ex rugby guy. This hulk was at another level.

The son was quiet, and for his young age he was already pretty build, following his father’s genes.
The mothers were commenting how big and strong he was for his age, and that he was going to be another hunk for sure. His mother commented “I know, the doctor was so surprised that he is already 60% heavier compared to the average weight at his age, and it is is not fat!”
That was unbelievable!The boy surely looked very, very solid especially at his age. He had a really good shape and his muscles were defined and visible under his paper thin skin.
Later that night Paul was furiously pumping another huge load out thinking of Milos' hulked out arms and shoulders. He could not get over how big his pecs were and the moment he was thinking of something that he could do with his muscles power, his cock would erupt so much that his balls would hurt.
Paul also looked at his body in the mirror and quickly did a few sets of pushups to tone up and get some pump. And instead of calming him down he was just ready for another explosion.

Later that month he enjoyed watching Alex’s father in the backyard, working in the garden and showing off his muscles. He definitely accepted the fact that he was not only gay but that he was completely into muscle and powerful guys. Just looking at the giant muscleman strutting his muscles in the garden and lifting stuff effortlessly was making him hard.
One day he saw him lifting some heavy badass stuff from the garden and shoving it on a small van, and his dick was painfully hard. Then he noticed that Milos was barefoot, another thing that made Paul absolutely nuts.After watching this behemoth constricting a huge amount of dry wooden sticks and poles in his arms, then crushing them, and noticing his huge back rippling with muscles, his dick started uncontrollably spewing cum, and that was his first hands free experience. When these episodes happened his orgasm was so powerful he would lose control of his body for a moment.
When bumping into Milos he was always self conscious and shy, he was super scared that they would find out his perv habit and the fact he was turned on by that stuff.

Then one day they decided to go on a trip together on a nearby lake.
It was the middle of summer and the sun was scorching hot.
Once they got there it was already incredibly hot to see Milos barechested, barefoot and strutting around…wearing speedos that did nothing to hide a huge package between his legs…then he helped Paul’s father to get the boat off the trailer, and he did so by basically lifting it like it was a piece of paper. Paul went so hard by watching that he had to jump in the water to calm down his steel hose.
Alex was amused and not really minding much but was watching carefully at Paul’s reactions, as if he was really trying to understand what was going on.
Also in his speedos Alex was already showing some muscle definition, he was definitely the best built and biggest youngster he had ever seen.
That evening they all slept in the same cabin, a simple small cabin with a couple of bedrooms, one for each couple and the children slept together on the big sofa in the lounge.
When they went to bed, Alex was very chatty and was asking Paul about his training and his father. “So why is your father so much smaller than mine? It must not be that strong. I bet my father could beat him up on arm wrestling or just wrestling on the floor”
Paul was a bit surprised and didn’t know what to answer. “Well yes but size is not all, he was a very good rugby player and he taught me a lot of fun stuff. He also taught me weights lifting”
Alex's face lit up “Oh weights so you train now? I want to train but they don’t let me. Papa has a gym in the garage, he lifts very heavy stuff but I am not allowed in. So I just do push ups sometimes.”
With that he flexed his arm a bit, his biceps were visible and his pecs were definitely there. Paul gulped down and said “Oh well you can use my weights sometimes” Alex was in heaven ”Oh yes please but don’t tell mama or papa”

Suddenly they heard voices shouting from the bedroom where Milos and his wife were.
Paul was worried and Alex said “Oh …this happens sometimes, I try to ignore and hope it ends quickly but sometimes it doesn’t”
And suddenly the discussion picked up and a loud slap filled the air and the mother opened the door and went outside crying.
Milos followed her wearing only his tight briefs, then Paul’s parents came out as they heard and gathered outside.
The mother was crying and Milos was shouting her to shut up and come inside OR….
Paul’s father stepped towards him and placed his hand on the huge man’s naked shoulder “Hey I don’t want to get in a discussion but I’m sure this can be resolved by talking, let’s go inside”.
Swiftly Milos grabbed Pauls’ father's wrist with his huge hand. Paul was watching this behemoth, naked except for his tiny briefs, towering over the much inferior guy, with his muscles in full pump, and could not help but feel his cock engorge spasmodically.
Milos then let him go and walked inside his bedroom and slammed the door.
After that there was a chat with the poor woman and we were all shaken.
The Morning after it was awkward but more disturbingly we realised that Milos was not a good guy and with his muscles and force he was also very dangerous.
Eventually we all got home and everyone was back in his house but we worried about the woman and what could have happened.

After that episode there were many others involving violence, police checks, issues and troubles. Paul’s family was trying to not interfere but often the mother would ask them to look after Alex, so he would often stay at mine and we would share the bedroom and play a lot together.
That’s when we started working out together, and realised that Alex was indeed very strong and although he was around ten years younger he was catching up extremely fast!

One evening it was quiet but Paul heard voices from the neighbour's backyard. Alex was fast asleep in the other bed nearby. He noticed Milos with two other men, they were quite big but not as big as Milos, and they were having a serious discussion. They were keeping it quiet but it was not a normal scene.
Suddenly Paul saw Milos grabbing the other guy by the throat, they were speaking armenian. Milos lifted the guy by the throat with his arms like he was a doll. He was clean off the ground and he repeatedly asked him questions.
At some point the other guy was visibly scared and tried to hit Milos.
Milos greeted his teeth in anger and compressed the guy’s throat until he passed away. He dropped him to the floor and turned on to the guy who had just hit him multiple times with his fists, causing apparently no damage to the huge guy.
The guy tried to hit him in the face but Milos stopped his hand with his huge paw. Then grabbed the other hand in his other big paw and powerfully forced both hands behind the guy who was being completely overpowered.
Then he bearhugged him swiftly and lifted him off the ground.
While in his embrace, he said something in Armenian which sounded really bad, then he added “And now you pay”.
He started trembling and gritting his teeth and constricting the guy in his arms. Paul could not believe what he was seeing, he watched as Alex was fast asleep and felt his cock start to throb uncontrollably and ooze precum profusely.
As the guy was trying to scream but was muffled by the powerful bearhug, Paul could see Milos’ huge back exerting power and he saw the rib cage being crushed by raw human power.
His cock was steel hard. He heard a loud crack of ribcage breaking and giving up. His cock exploded in the biggest orgasm Paul had ever experienced.
Paul suddenly let go of a moan as he was taken by surprise “Aaaaarghh…”
Milos heard him and turned his head to see who was there. Paul freaked out, still ejecting ropes of cum in his shorts, while lowering his head in order not to be seen.
Then he heard more muffled shouting and more bones snapping. Must be the other guy! Then some muffled noises, and the van going off….then coming back moments later.
Shit the guy must have disposed of the bodies! Paul was in complete shock.
That night the wife was not at home, for reasons we did not know, and he asked us to look after Alex one more time.
The morning after they had breakfast Alex returned to his father’s house, and Milos looked at Paul with a menacing face. Paul was shitscared to be caught, bit nothing happened. Milos was definitely a scary man. After that night Paul was both super scared and turned on, and did not know anyone to talk to about that stuff! He did not want to talk for fear of ending up like those men…

After that night there were no other similar shocking surprises but every now and then Milos was behaving strangely and dodgy people would come and go, their animated discussions and fights with the mother kept happening and Alex was clearly in denial or perhaps he was trying to protect himself.
One thing that happened a few months after is that a medical visit found Alex really heavier than the average, at 57 Kilo, and blood tests revealed the presence of testosterone that was not normal at that age. The doctor however said that it was all good from a health point of view and that it would have been necessary to ensure feeding the boy properly , with high protein and also allowing him to exercise as much as he wanted.
But his mother did not like the weight training and she did not approve of his father’s ways, so as a compromise she allowed Alex to train at the local gymnastics club, where lots of boys were having fun and building great bodies.
Paul was super impressed and he was thinking that the boy was going to grow a lot and could not wait to see the development of that muscle boy.


Years flew by and the boy grew. Every time Paul caught up with him he seemed thicker, taller, stronger, even more solid and his voice changed too. In a couple of years he reached 72 kilo of solid muscle, he never seemed to put on any fat.
Alex would often show off to Alex his new gymnastics tricks and Paul was in complete awe of how much power and control was in this muscled boy. He would do planks, handstands, lift his body in all sorts of ways and show the massive strength he had.

At Paul’s 21th birthday they all gathered at Paul’s home (again Alex’s parents were in some trouble and they left the kid with Paul’s family.. Paul was still bigger than Alex but Alex was catching up fast…they were almost the same height. During the party someone commented on how big Alex’s biceps were and he flexed them. Dave, one of Paul’s friends, said “Oh but I am surely stronger, and you are too young so you won’t be strong”
Immediately Alex faced the guy and shouted to his face “show me then”. He was already shirtless, sat down at the table and offered his meaty calloused hand to the bully.
The guy looked at the arm which was defined, and looked extremely solid.
The moment he grabbed his meaty hand he realised he was in bad trouble.
Dave started pushing the arm of the strong boy, which was not moving, and he thought he could have a chance.
Then he looked up and saw that the boy was not even exerting much power, he was just looking and grinning. Then suddenly he felt a jolt of power and the boy literally and methodically smashed down the much older guy’s arm, showing that his power was real.
The guy was shocked and could not believe it, he felt Alex’s arm and gasped at the feeling of suck hardness.
Then Paul’s father wanted to give it a go. “Hey boy don’t be shy, give me all that you have ok? I am fair and will try to knock you down, so be brutal ok?”
Alex looked more than ready. His hand engulfed the much older man like a muscled trap and suddenly they started. After a moment of struggle, the boy quickly and in full control smashed down the older man’s hand and arm. The father was shocked and gasped “Wow man you are one strong boy! Well done” then gave each other a man's hug and the father was even more shocked when he felt the hardness of the boy’s body.

In the evening there were comments about the boys’ power, and how fast he was growing.
Late that night Paul was waiting for Alex to come to sleep in his room, as the boy was spending more and more time in the toilet, especially in the evening. Paul thought what that meant but then shook off the thought, it was definitely too early and maybe the kid needed some time on his own…or maybe he was wrong.
When Alex came out his briefs were looking real tight on him. Paul gasped internally as Alex’s body was looking magnificent, strutting those thick defined strong legs and that amazing chest and arms were making Paul really jealous, the kid was passing Paul quickly.
Then suddenly Alex said “Hey I saw bodybuilders doing pumps and stuff on youtube, I thought we can do it together to get our muscles pumped, wanna try?”
Paul was again in disbelief that this young muscle god had these ideas in mind. But he was too excited not to join this type of fun.
“So if I wanted to pump my biceps, you would need to grab my hands and push them down, so while I work my biceps you can work your triceps”.
And so Paul did. At first it was easy but then Alex increased the rate. “You are not pushing down much are you”. But Paul just could not compete with the boy’s muscle power.
‘Ok I have an idea, keep your straight arms with your body and make fists” then he grabbed Paul’s fists with his big hands and started….lifting him.
With his biceps only, he lifted Paul completely off the floor and started curling him in the air.
Then Alex dropped him down and said “Also this is good for shoulders then” and grabbed Paul by his armpits with his paws and lifted him again, extending his arms all the way up and executing many reps like he was a doll.
Then he dropped him and flexed “Oh man feels so good! Check this out, feel how hard they are. You are much softer than me for some reason” and he struck a solid, impressive double bicep pose.
Paul was impressed and like in a trance he put both hands on those sculpted huge bicep peaks, and felt the hardness.
“Paul you need to train more, we can train together and we can both grow big and strong!”
Paul was ashamed that he was not as strong as the kid but excited at the same time. “Well it’s time to go to bed I guess”
Alex looked at him with his piercing green eyes and turned around, jumping on the bed. “Night champ, see you in the morning, we go for a swim”
Paul looked at the sculpted muscles and his massive, strong legs. He wanted to be that big himself.
With that, they went to bed and Paul had a massive wet dream that night.


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21 hours ago, thepump said:

Sorry guys removing this for review. Apologies, will repost asap once “cleaned up”

It was still very good. If you wanted to add to it while cleaning it up, I'm sure no one would mind 🙂


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On 3/21/2023 at 11:00 PM, xmrr20a said:

It was still very good. If you wanted to add to it while cleaning it up, I'm sure no one would mind 🙂


Thanks a lot! I have made it "compliant" which was not too hard. I am mostly focused on adults being strong and showing off their power and muscles, that's the core of it. And the fact that the main character has a weakness where he finds muscles and power very arousing. I am writing chapter two and I have a lot of ideas in mind. To reveal how the father got that strong, perhaps...and how the son inherited that strength, and how that will develop. The main event in chapter two is Alex's 18th Birthday, and what happens at that wild party, with Paul being 10 years older so he will be 28 y o. Edit: I have adjusted ages a bit so Paul is only 8 years older. Alex’s 18 yo birthday is a tad delayed as other ideas popped to mind ;) but will happen soon

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12 hours ago, thepump said:

Thanks a lot! I have made it "compliant" which was not too hard. I am mostly focused on adults being strong and showing off their power and muscles, that's the core of it. And the fact that the main character has a weakness where he finds muscles and power very arousing. I am writing chapter two and I have a lot of ideas in mind. To reveal how the father got that strong, perhaps...and how the son inherited that strength, and how that will develop. The main event in chapter two is Alex's 18th Birthday, and what happens at that wild party, with Paul being 10 years older so he will be 28 y o.

I can imagine so many things happening.

Paul going away to collage getting his degree and coming back to town to find a bigger Alex ready to take on everyone following his father bussiness.

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Chapter 2 - Like father like son?

Paul woke up with his briefs wet, dreaming about Alex and imagining how his muscles were becoming massive had its effect and he released a massive load. His boner was not showing any sign of relaxation so he ensured he was covered with the sheets... He heard some grunting and looked in the room, Alex was awake and he was doing push ups. He did a countless amount as usual. His arms looked pumped as fuck, as he looked up he noticed his friends was up. “Oh Paul you are awake! Let’s go for a swim”
“Sure, go downstairs and I’ll join you in a moment.” Paul needed to clean up himself, he looked at the muscled young man, sweaty pecs, strutting his incredibly defined and muscled body, wearing only a skimpy pair of swimmers.His large manly feet were slapping on the floor while he was walking down the stairs. The boyish scruffy hair was making him look funny but with that body there was nothing that could have made him any less hot.
After cleaning up Paul joined him and they went to the beach for a swim.
On the way back, as they got to the house they saw Milos in the garden, only wearing a pair of footy shorts. His massive chest was glistening with sweat and the hair was making him even hotter. He rose up from his gardening work and shouted “Hey boys come here”

Paul was still scared of the man since he saw that scene from his window, he was still processing those strong and violent images. What happened to those men? Were they just knocked out? Or were they…no, just the thought was making him shiver. The power of that man was hard to process.

“Hey Alex, I had a chat with your mother last night, I know you like to exercise, and you love your gymnastics, but I can see your hunger for more, and if you follow my footsteps you wanna get big and strong, am I right? “
In saying that he flexed up his right arm, and his bicep swelled to insane proportions. Paul was definitely sure that Milos grew in the last few weeks. The man looked jacked as fuck and veins were sneaking around his body.
Alex was immediately interested: “Sure baba, I really do want to get as big and strong as you, what do you have in mind?”
“Well so far your mother was worried about you training in the gym in the basement, and she is still not happy about it but I decided to allow you to train in the basement, whenever you want. I use the gym late at night, and your friend can use it too. It’s rough but it has all you need.”
Alex was in heaven and gave his father a hug “Wow! That’s great, can we have a look now?”
“Sure, let’s go!” Milos dropped his gardening stuff and headed inside the house, strutting his massive body, tilting sideways to get through the door. He was wearing only a pair of footy shorts that were hugging his huge thighs. His bare feet were huge, and his chest and arms were a sight to behold.
Paul and Alex were also barefoot and only wearing the swimmers.

Once they got to the basement, he turned the knob of the gym door which gave out a strong metal screech, and they were in.
The gym was super dirty, rough and rusty, and looked like they were teleported in a Russian detention camp. Massive weights everywhere, made with cement, stones, car disc brakes, it all looked hardcore.

“So I expect you to figure out how to train, I don’t have time to teach you. Just lift hard” Milos was rough as usual.
Paul was intimidated by him and even more in that basement, but he tried to be friendly “Oh I have trained with my father, so I can help Alex and we could workout together”
Milos grinned and laughed briefly “You and your father. Sure, you guys don’t look that big so maybe you need a few tips” and he stroked a massive double bicep.
Alex was in awe “Yes I wanna be that big, and more!”
“First Paul, you need to do chin ups for your back, it is too small” and he jumped up, grabbed a high bar and pumped out at least 20 strong pull ups, with the ceiling shaking.
He landed down and his lats were fucking pumped. He flexed them like a cobra and the lats were flaring out. He smirked. “Alex, your mother is at the shop and asked you to help her with the grocery, go there now”.
Alex was surprised but knew not to mess with Milos orders. “Sure baba, see you soon, wait for me to train Paul!” Milos grabbed the heavy door knob and cranked it open to let Alex out. Then he let go of the door and it closed automatically behind Alex.

Paul did not want to be there alone with Milos so he immediately headed for the door as well. “Oh ok so I better go as I have to do… stuff at home”
Paul grabbed the knob and tried to twist it. It was stuck. It was like cemented and did not even move a bit. “Oh it’s locked, can you open it please?”
“Paul, that knob is just hard to turn. I made it so only I can open it. Better than a lock no?”
Paul turned around and saw Milos looking at him menacingly. Immediately he started panicking and froze.
Milos grabbed one chunky piece of tree trunk that was piled up for the outdoor fireplace, must have weighed at least 20 kilo, and playfully carried it with his paws walking towards Paul.
“So I get that you like muscle, and power huh?”
Paul was frozen and could not mutter a word.
“You must be thinking how strong is this guy, this big muscle guy, this muscle God, how does his arm feel. Well feel my arm.”
Paul was trembling.
Shaking a bit Paul decided to follow any order as he was shitscared. He grabbed softly the biggest arm he had ever touched, trying to take in the solid, granite, powerful density of it.
“Now keep feeling my arms”
As Paul grabbed both triceps/biceps with his hands, Milos flexed them, turning them into hardened steel. At the same time he started compressing the tree trunk piece. Increasing pressure, the wood started cracking. Paul could not believe it and his cock started stiffening. Slowly the lust was taking over the fear in an unstoppable shift. He was in awe.
Milos' hairy pecs were engorged and his hairy arms compressed the wood like a hydraulic machine, splintering it and breaking it in pieces.
Paul was feeling the incredible hardness and his cock was rapidly becoming fully erect.
Milos face was relaxed as if that wasn’t even utilizing all his power.
As the wood piece was destroyed and all the debris fell off Milos’ hands, Paul had a direct view of Milos' footy shorts. With an obscene tent in the middle.
Milos clapped his hands to get rid of the wood splinters, and he grabbed his footy shorts and pulled them down.
Paul released his arms and stepped back only to hit the door behind him.
The size of Milos’ manhood was incomprehensible. Looked like a 10” or a 11” pole, with a girth that looked at least 8” around.
He stepped towards Paul and grabbed his face in his enormous hands.
Paul felt those calluses on his face, and looking at the copious amount of precum that was freely flowing down his huge shaft, he had a panic moment and screamed “NO!”
“Oh no no no. Shhh. No one can hear you now mister so keep it down. I just wanted to make it clear what could happen to your head if I ever discover that you are spying on me or looking at what happens on my property. Is that clear?” with that he lifted Paul off the floor by his head. He grunted and the massive cock pumped thicker a little more.
He then turned Paul around like he was a doll and pulled down his swimmers, and positioned his huge dick at the base of his anus.
“Do you get the idea? Do you get what I could do with these muscles and this cock?”
On that he grabbed Paul in a tight bear hug from behind, probing his anus with his huge head.
Paul was already hard and edging. As he felt those huge arms around him and compressing his delicate rib cage, his cock exploded in a river of cum, and he sprayed long ropes on the door in front of him.
“Fuck man you love this huh? You are better than I thought” Milos grabbed some cum off Paul’s dick and licked it clean. “Yeah, faggot power lust cum is the best protein”
Then he pulled up the swimmers on Paul and pulled up his footy shorts on the enormous dick.
He then opened the door with his massive paw and let Paul go.
“Not a word boy, or I crush your face first and then fuck your delicate ass”

Paul ran outside, and quickly into his room, scared that anyone would see him like that, and tried processing what had just happened.

In the next few days Alex asked Paul to train with him but Paul was too scared. He eventually faced the enemy and decided to go and keep that secret as he was ordered. Since then there were no issues but Milos was observing Paul and it was clear that there was no room for options.
Since then Alex started thickening up his body considerably, still doing gymnastics but pumping his muscles for size in the basement. He was getting bigger every week. By then it outweighed Paul dramatically, and there was no fat, just oversized muscles.

Then an opportunity came and Paul had an invitation for a prestigious college to study at, based in Europe. For five years.

At the airport a few weeks later they were all there to send him off, and Alex was there, already looking bigger as ever, thick neck, solid build, in flip flops, footy shorts and a tight tank.
Paul hugged Alex, feeling one last time his rock hard solid body, he was definitely following his father genes. “Man,when you are going to be back I will be 18! I will be a man!”
Immediately Paul thought how fucking big is he going to be in 5 years, and the thought was making him weak at the knees.
Milos was there in his footy shorts, his tank and his flip flops, looking more massive than ever. Paul’s father in comparison looked like a wimp.
Alright, Paul thought the best was a clean cut and focus on the study, and try not to think about his friend for a while. His gorgeous, jet black hair, Mediterranean looking, muscled, strong and powerful as ever.

On the flight Paul was trying to concentrate on himself and his life, but was still thinking of Milos and his cock…and his muscles… It was not too long before he had another wet dream…on the plane.

To be continued



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