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Lust for power - Paul and Alex (Chapters 1-22)


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Thanks for your patience guys - a new chapter is in the works and will release in a few days, been very busy. Can't wait!

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1 minute ago, thepump said:

Thanks for your patience guys - a new chapter is in the works and will release in a few days, been very busy. Can't wait!

I just thought about you 😂😂

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Chapter 20 - extended family

Unaware of the danger Mo saved them from, Alex, Milos and Mandy were getting into details and a lot of answers and explanations were given, for what seemed the tip of an iceberg of surprises and hidden shocking revelations. Alex heard something going on outside but shook it off thinking it was some animal making some noises and creaks, although he strongly sensed a wave of muscle lust, unbeknownst to him it was Paul, completely entranced watching Mo crushing that guy in such a brutal and powerful cum-inducing domination.

Mandy was trying to reveal just as much as needed to gather his trust and ensure he would realise she was apparently on his side. “Alex, you were extremely strong from a young age, you loved your muscles and to overpower other boys, but you also realised you could control your size to some extent. I did help you sometimes, you might not remember as you were really young, but I taught you how to keep your muscles from expanding too much.”

Alex was in awe as he suddenly realised she was right, those moments were locked away in his subconscious. He raised his thick muscled veiny arms and flexed them, then commanded them to grow to their full size and they started to expand. Milos was in awe and his jaw dropped.

Mandy stood up and walked behind Alex “You see young man, your mind is powerful and you should master what you can do, I can show you the way but you need to take the lead and make it grow, and become a master of muscle control”
She placed her hands on the back of Alex's thick , powerful neck, in the area where his perfect skin fade was linking his manly head. He felt a tingling and a warm sensation, and he relaxed. Suddenly, he felt a jolt and a surge in his brain started to scream in his head, and he could not do anything. His muscles started to dry up, shrink, but kept their muscle shape and got more defined. His pecs got smaller but squared and super hard, his abs morphed into a ten-pack of shredded iron staircase, and his legs turned into smaller pillars of reinforced steel. As Mandy released his neck, Alex snapped out of it and screamed “Fuuuck! What the fuck, mum what did you….”
As he stood up, he felt his tank top baggy on him, and took it off in a swift motion. His footy shorts were loosened, his bare feet looked shredded as fuck on his uber defined legs.
He walked to the mirror, and he saw an incredibly shredded, veined pro bodybuilder, of the leanest kind, but still super strong.

Mandy wasn’t finished. “Now command your body to fill up a bit of space with a thin layer of fat, you don’t wanna look too obvious.”

Alex looked at his body and inhaled slowly, and visualised his body just with a little more fat, to hide his muscles a bit. In seconds, his body creaked and a small smooth amount of fat blended all his muscles in an harmonious slender fit as fuck body. He looked like a supermodel, of the fit muscled type.

Mandy was impressed. “That;s real good, young man. Now keep that as is and go to bed. No jacking off or getting too aroused, keep it in is that right? I know you have a strong will. Tomorrow morning we will continue training at the base. Now let’s call it a night.

Milos was shocked and could not believe it, his son was way smaller than him now, he grabbed his shoulders to have a proper look, and felt absolute  steel. “Fuck son, you are rock hard, let me see…” and Milos grabbed the lanky fit son by his armpits, feeling the exact same weight that he had before, he guessed 140 or 150 kg. Just compressed in a fit lean body. He struggled but he lifted him, when he let it down the floorboards creaked heavily.

The family went to bed and Alex felt his new body and thought of all the possibilities that camouflaging his hulking frame would present for missions and adventures, and what he liked most, scaring and making other guys feel uncomfortable, he could not wait.


The morning after, Paul woke up and saw the gigantic frame of Mo next to him, with his arms around Paul, and his flaccid cock oozing precum and brushing on Paul’s cock, which was already steel hard. One of Mo’s pecs was next to Paul’s face, with the nipple too big and plump and in range to be ignored. Paul licked it. Mo’s cock instantly moved and raised to life.
As Paul licked and chewed a bit on the hard nipple, the monster cock slowly but surely snaked in between their bodies and pushed through, getting closer to Paul. As he chewed more, suddenly he saw clearly the cock change shape and suddenly ... .shot up in size, like the alien beast from the movie. At the same time a river of precum flowed out, and he licked it. That cock in full extension was enormous, he could not wrap his hands around it.
Mo started moaning and he opened his eyes.
“Paul, you want my cock to erupt on you already? It’s too early, let’s get it inside you later, you will like it I promise”

Did he mean to fuck him ? Paul was equally shitscared and also impatient, or maybe he meant just that Paul could suck him until he came inside him. That was also exciting and scary at the same time. Those enormous hands had the power to crush anything. But PAul also trusted Mo for some reason, he could feel he was safe with him.

“Got stuff to do today, you will love it, let’s go”
Mo stood up from the bed still with the biggest erection Paul had ever seen, and walked like a gorilla looking for something to wear. He slipped on some footy shorts, he was bigger than Paul so he stretched them a bit. God they looked good on him. Hugging those enormous quads enhancing their size and power, and making him even more sexy.

“Let’s see what we can do with the bike”
They went downstairs. Paul slipped on some shorts too and ogled at Mo’s muscles as he walked behind the house, barefoot.
As he approached the big motorbike, Mo looked back and grabbed Paul’s face in his big paws, lifted him off the floor by his face and gave him a deep passionate kiss.

Alex woke up from his sleep , still holding his compact fit and slim shape, with a major sense of muscle lust. “That muscle whore is so fucking horned up. My dear Paul, you are making me hungry, what the fuck are you up to?” . He slipped on a pair of old worn out jeans shorts, tight enough for his incredibly small and powerful waist, and headed downstairs barefoot. He realised that his weight still made him walk like a bodybuilder so he had to learn to walk hiding his real weight…

Paul was in a trance deep kissed by that muscle god, and Mo whispered in his ear “Baby, you love my muscles, my power , my size, what I can do with my muscles, and how these huge muscles feel, so hug me from behind and feel my big pecs.

Mo released Paul and turned to the bike, he was right in front of it. With his big paws he grabbed the handle bar. Paul obediently stood behind him and hugged the colossal man from behind, the view of Mo’s back was incredible, so fucking wide and thick, unreal lats and thickness. He reached the pecs and they were insanely huge and hairy, feeling like two soft pillows of meat. Not for long, Mo started compressing together the handlebar and his pecs turned into enormous balls of stone. Paul felt it and his cock started to flow a river of precum and he could not stop it. As the handlebar was bending and creaking, Mo’s thick arms were closing in, and his whole body was a steel mound of muscle power. Paul was feeling his edging tension reach the climax and….

Alex was behind them, enjoying the view and he blared “Not waiting for me to play? I love destroying stuff”

Both Mo and Paul snapped out of the moment and Paul let go of Mo, not realising his footy shorts were tented with a massive bulge, where cock and balls were visible and a massive cum stan was seeping through. Mo was more relaxed and amused. “Ha, Alex, you are a creep, I was just showing my new friend how to demolish a bike”

Then they both realised, once they fully turned, that Alex was…smaller…but…still fit. Muscled, but like more of a model, not a musclebear any more.

Paul broke the silence: “Alex what happened? What the…”

“Don’t get scared Paul my muscles will be back. Plus I am still strong”

Alex walked towards the bike, he grabbed it and lifted above his head, and grinned, his muscles came alive in striations and wild veiny cords.

Mandy appeared behind Alex. “Son, you should be more professional, put that thing down”

Alex put down the bike, not so gently, smashing it down like a wrestler killing his opponent.

Mandy walked to Mo and grabbed his huge arm, cupping his bicep with his hand, while with the other hand she checked and groped his pec hard. “Well done Mo, thanks for getting rid of that thug. I saw him coming with an infrared camera and I really liked the way you compressed him and boxed him up, you are one fucking strong bull” she pulled his nipple heavy and still she could not make him feel any pain.

Paul was shocked again, and horny to see that display of power.

Milos arrived “What’s going on here? Boys let’s get to business, we got stuff to do”

Mandy looked at Milos intensely “You are good at saying shit Milos, but you need to gain your fellow boys here some respect. For instance, have you seen the full size of your son?”

Milos was double shocked for the attitude he received , and to hear about his son. It looked like he had to knock it down and shut up, unless he would be smarter with his actions.

Mandy looked at Alex and commanded him “You kept your size well. Now show us your full size, no restraints, no limits, and do it fast. Explode out in your full size and make your father shriek and shit himself so he can see what you can do”

Alex grinned. Paul was already holding his hard cock and was ready for anything, he was too horny to reason. Mo was smirking and awaiting for the show, but also a little uneasy as this was not planned and not under his control

Alex concentrated on his body and visualised an image with no restraints, no limits. The feeling of a massive workout, where pushing beyond limits pumps the blood in every muscle and there is no limit to size or strength, just sheer size, endorphins released and hormones exploding and muscle fibers becoming steel.
He bent slightly and crossed his arms as if he was ready for a double bicep. He grunted in a low, primal guttural growl. As he raised his arms, his whole body cracked and popped, as muscles exploded to full size, in his legs, torso, arms, shoulders. His full size exploded out and filled all his frame, justifying his 150kg of pure muscle.

In seconds he reached a size that was unrivalled by Milos, and even by Mo, although the two were not that far apart.

Paul saw Alex's jeans shorts literally explode out and let the most gigantic pair of hairy legs pump out a mound of muscle blobs, his cock and balls lacerating the last remains of fabric, his gargantuan cock standing at full size. Paul shot a massive load inside his shorts, spasming and trying to control himself. Mo had his mouth half open and said “Fuck.”
Milos was trembling and had a look on his face that challenged his own character, attitude and he saw his life flash before his eyes. All he could think was “Fuck”.

Mandy laughed “And this my dear Milos, is a true muscle God. Consider yourself lucky that he’s a gentle giant and not an asshole like you. Also that guy there (she pointed to Paul) is a true muscle slut and he will fuel all of you really well. Now I am going back to base. I let yourselves get ready and get some bonding going, see you later at the base”

As she walked away the four stallions were looking at each other. Then the three looked at Paul, as they sensed his stronger than ever muscle lust.
Alex muttered “Fuck I need a workout, in my gym in the basement” and looked at Mo.
Mo looked back and then at Paul. “Let’s do it, come with us. You too “ Looking at Milos.

The four hulks walked down the stairs, Alex opened the heavy door, and they entered the dungeon gym full of titanic weights.
Alex looked at Mo: “So tell me if I can shrink my muscles, is there anything in particular you can do? I know that my father “injected you” with his fluids to help you grow, with some pain.

Mo looked extremely excited “Let’s say I pick up strength but also abilities, now Alex show us what you can do. But first, let’s all get naked.”


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Alex knows teh truth now and Milos es gonna be so surprise to see what his son can really do.

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Another great chapter! I'd like to see Alex overpowering the other three in a friendly wrestling or arm wrestling match, especially if he did it in his "muscle model" body.

I can't wait for the next installment.


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Chapter 21 - workout the muscle lust [edited]

Mo started by dropping his shorts, revealing his massive ass and flopping out his flaccid but still thick and long cock, resting on a pillow of balls and hair. His midsection looked even more sculpted and veiny, with abs looking like concrete bricks; his legs were titanic and he struggled to get the shorts past the thighs and calves. Paul looked closely as the beast was showing off his body, and his dick started to expand and harden in his pants.
Then Alex tore off the remains of his shorts and by doing so exposed the brutal strength of his arms and hands, tearing through tradie-grade denim like it was paper. As soon as his cock and balls were free, they added to the show with an impressive size even when flaccid.

Paul felt his dick stiffen up brutally and he lost control of it, completely. His cock was by no means average, it was a legitimate beercan, and lately he noticed that the hardness and the strength was incredible, when jacking off it felt like a metal tube.
Milos looked at the two studs and heard a faint rip. He looked at Paul and down at his obscenely tented pants.
“You ripped your pants, you are a fucking muscle whore, look at you, ready to spew watching muscle” said Milos chuckling.
Mo looked at Milos and stepped close to him, towering him “So Milos how about you show us that your cock is not hard? I can see some tenting in your pants too, I know you enjoy muscle too, who doesn’t” and with that he hit a double bicep right on his face.

Milos looked annoyed but also not so confident, which Paul found interesting. He then slowly unbuttoned his shorts and pushed them down, having to get past the voluminous crotch area. He seemed nervous. As he freed his mature cock and balls, the mass of flesh flopped out, hair, balls, skin, and over two orange sized balls, the beercan with a massive head was showing signs of average hardness, and a stiffening motion ongoing.

Mo looked at his dick and then stared at Milos “Let’s see, maybe you need a quick check before we start to ensure your mature body is good to go. I will be your doctor for today. I think you might like that fantasy. A big, muscular doctor, with freaky strong arms and some badass huge biceps, and thick as fuck fingers, let’s see”
With that, Mo extended his massive paw under Milo’s ballsack and gently weighed the package, before suddenly and forcefully inserting his thick middlefinger up Milos anus.
Instinctively Milos grabbed Mo’s arm and bicep, feeling the insane hardness, the veiny concrete madness of that body. As the finger sneaked his way in pushing the prostate in the right way, Mo’s lifted Milos with just his arm. His Bicep swelled to titanic proportions, showing the separations, heads and veins. As Milos shifted up and his barethick manly feet left the floor, his feeling for the muscle power he was subject to won his brain completely. His cock stiffened up and obediently rose to a massive double beercan, with the most humongous and mature hard head. “That’s it, good boy, very good, let your fucking mature pole stand up, and enjoy my fucking muscles, you know you love it when a massive stud owns you, admit it” and with that he dropped him to the floor, and licked his finger clean.

The four started with workouts that resembled regular gym workouts except for the equipment and the size of the weights that resembled more of a strongest man competition. Paul did some squats and leg presses with Milos, where Milos surpassed him completely, and Mo trained with Alex exhibiting their prowess with some mind blowing bench presses.

After pretty much destroying the gym, the four beasts were soaked in sweat. Milos still semi hard as he could not calm down looking at those naked beasts training, and Paul super hard throughout, leaving a trail of precum everywhere he went, and he found training naked quite liberating.

At some point Alex was benchpressing something like 250kg or 550 pounds, to get that weight they had to tie up extra weights and chains. At some point Mo spotted him to make him finish his tenth rep, when he touched Alex’s fingers and felt a jolt. He then realised that other than ogling and observing each other's bodies, they hadn’t touched each other yet. Alex felt the jolt too and he stood up from the bench, looking pumped as fuck after the training. Mo slowly walked near him , and they grabbed each other's hands, intertwining their thick manly fingers, feeling a massive jolt of power running through their bodies.As they did so, their cocks started to expand in size.
“Fuck, this is the shit, man look at our cocks” said Alex. Mo looked at him and instinctively hugged him, and Alex hugged him back. They groaned for a few seconds before releasing each other, and when they stepped apart, their cocks were….gigantic.
Both cocks started oozing a dark liquid and dropping on the floor, it created small droplets, like mercury pools that were joining each other.

“Fuck Mo, I want to feel you power now” - Mo answered “Me too”
Alex had an idea “Mo let’s get that armwrestling table. I used to beat my father all the time ahah, let’s see who’s stronger”

In the corner there was a wooden table with a simple wooden leverage mechanism on top so that a pair of guys could arm wrestle and have some guidance.

The pair sat on two stools with the table in between, and the show started.their cocks standing at full attention under the table pointing up vertically.

Paul had his mouth wide open and his cock leaking. As he watched his cum flow to the floor he also noticed some of the dark cum from Mo on the floor, next to some who came from Alex. He flicked some with his big toe so that they mixed together. The liquids merged but some reaction happened, the liquid moved and bubbled, and a small hint of vapour emanated. He felt the heat with his hand and wondered. Then Milos grabbed him and they both went to watch the two behemots armwrestle “Let’s watch this, it’s fucking hot isn’t it”

Paul squatted on the side of the armwrestling table, with Milos squatting behind him, so that Paul was feeling the huge pole hard on his back and near his ass, which made him a bit nervous.

As soon as the two started the wrestle, the power emanated was unreal. The two beasts swelled and their muscles revealed additional shredded fibers, veins and tendons. Their cocks also grew even more under the table.
Milos was in awe and he was whispering in Paul’s ear “See those fucking bastards? They are strong like hell, look at those guns, they are fucking enormous” and with that he sneaked one of his thick arms around Paul “I bet you wonder what it must be like to feel the power of a really strong arm, or maybe how I crushed those two guys that night, when you were watching me” - and he tightened up his hug with Paul getting real nervous and looking scared.
“Don’t worry Paul, I won’t do anything bad to you, but it’s too funny to scare you, mind you being scared is ok as I could crush your ribcage with my arms whenever I want”
Paul was lost in a sea of fear and lust, he watched the two giants, their muscles, and he couldn’t care less that Milos could have been dangerous, he wanted all those muscles, he wanted to feel their power and he wanted it no matter what.
As the game progressed and the two giants were still stalling each other, they grunted hard and their cocks started to thicken up. Instinctively Paul grabbed them and felt the hardness and the trembling which meant only one thing: they were about to shoot up in size.
He withdrew his hands as if a bomb was exploding, and as the two giants grunted, both their massive cocks erupted in a powerful explosion of power, shooting up vertically in size and shattering holes through the table board, sending shards on their faces and distracting them from the wrestle. They both released their grip and looked down at their inhuman, super strong cocks, that just pushed through the wood like it was paper. They slowly stood up, carrying the table with them, then they giggled as they hugged each other and pulled each other close, slowly crushing and destroying the table between them. The wooden board and the metal parts creaked and snapped as their cocks made their way through, destroying the remains that were holding them stuck. As they parted, on the floor there were pulverized remains of the armwrestling table.
“I guess we need another one” Said Alex, then he looked at Paul, who was hyperventilating and was breathing fast. Milos, still hugging him from behind, lifted him up and held him off the floor whispered to him in his ear: “Imagine the table was you, in my arms” - and he exerted a good amount of pressure, to make Paul feel his power. Paul’s back cracked, just a regular pop and crack , but it was enough to send Paul over the edge. He exploded in long, thick ropes of cum, landing on Mo, Alex, and on the remains on the floor. He kept going for a few minutes, then Milos put him down. “Fuck, I remember those days, I was cumming like that when I was younger, that is a fucking pint of cum”

Alex looked and laughed “Paul, that’s why we love you, because you are such a whore for muscle lol, now let’s have a shower and then let’s take off”
Milos later texted Mandy “They made contact, it was like you expected, next steps?”


In the large villa of Vladimir “The boss”, where he was controlling all of his dark businesses involving drugs, steroids and more, and an important meeting was taking place. 8 invitees were at a large table in the conference room, all dressed up with elegant suits, and they all looked like bodybuilders. The boss entered and welcomed the party.” All right guys, let’s get to the point, we have many things to discuss but before we start, I heard something about a spy in our departments, and we need to take action to resolve this problem.”
One of the invitees, Johann from Germany, was looking more and more uncomfortable.
The boss snapped his finger and a guy entered the room, suited up and very elegant, not so tall, but looked stacked as fuck and definitely one of the security guys the boss was famous for.
“Johann, can we check your phone please” - the bulky security guy walked behind Johann and waited.
Johann was very nervous and muttered “No there is nothing on the phone, it’s…”
The boss did not want to waste time and snapped his fingers again. The guy behind Johann grabbed his head in his massive paws and the pressure was insane.
“ I have seen my guard crush boulders in his hands, he is very strong. If you don’t unlock your phone and give it to him now, he will crush your head”.
Immediately the phone was unlocked and passed on to the guard, who inspected it and nodded back to the boss.
“Great, now we have the confirmation that you were the spy, and don’t worry we always thank our peers for their collaboration, we won’t shoot you like we normally do” - and he nodded to the guard, who slowly took his jacket off.
Johann felt the heat emanated from the guard, now that the jacket was removed, he was very close. He looked at the boss and muttered “No wait…”
The guard without the jacket looked like a bodybuilder off season, with the shirt painted on him, his muscles were obscene and looked scary and dangerously powerful.
He slowly snaked his thick arms around the chair and Johann, latching them in front of him, tightening the grip and then lifting up him and the chair like it was nothing.
“As promised, you won’t feel a thing Johann, have a safe journey”


The guard delivered his devastating bearhug, constricting in his steel arms both the chair and his occupant, crushing his ribcage as well as the chair, making a gruesome noise, then releasing the whole lot down.
“And just in case you didn’t believe the head crushing thing, here’s a proof”

The guard placed his hands on both sides of the head. Muttering a low grunt and gritting his teeth, he delivered a powerful crushing blow to the skull, which literally imploded in seconds, with a gruesome crunch. When doing so, his shoulders swelled so much that the fabric ripped.

The other invitees were used to violence and executions, but this was another level of terror. As they cleaned up the mess, they continued the meeting.

The guard nodded to the boss checking if he needed anything else.

“That’s all for now, I will call you if I need your reliably powerful services again, thanks JACK...”



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4 hours ago, marki said:

OMG....What a story.

JACK is the guy from the beach party?

Oh wow! I completely missed that connection.

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11 hours ago, marki said:

OMG....What a story.

JACK is the guy from the beach party?

From what part was he on 

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