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Following is Part 5 of the fantasy story, MY FATHER, THE BREEDER.  If you missed the first 4 parts, you can find them on this site at https://musclegrowth.net/topic/25868-my-father-the-breeder/



Dylan spent the rest of the afternoon watching the videos of big men jerking off.  After some time, his mind started to wander.  He thought back to the day about 35 years ago when his father, Thomas, told him that his mother, Thomas’ wife, was gone.

Thomas:  hey buddy I got something serious to talk with you about.

Dylan:  What’s up?

Thomas:  Well, it’s about your mother, she’s gone.

Dylan: What! She died??

Thomas: No son, she’s not dead but she left us.

Dylan: What do you mean, left us?  Where did she go? Why? She never said anything to me???

Thomas: Well, it’s a little bit of a story.  You remember not long ago when the three of us were the first participants in the body enhancement programs that my Company developed.  And right after that, I started treatments to make me into the Breeder. You will recall that my physique, which was already extraordinary, really buffed up.  And you, my boy, look at your muscles.  You are a gorgeous man, and you will stay that way and you will never have to exercise or diet!  But your mother was a different story.

Dylan: Yeah, I know that, I have eyes LOL

Thomas: Well, the first effect is that she grew nine inches.  No problem there. She went for 5’2” to 5' 11"”.  I had no problem with that, I was still taller than her.  In fact, by this point I had already attained a height of 7’!  The problem started gradually as I noticed, when we were intimate (with my sexual appetite that’s all the time) I noticed she was getting bigger.  At first, I thought maybe she is putting on weight. But in a matter of days, it was apparent that that was not the case.  Her body started developing huge muscles, I mean MUSCLES!!

Dylan: Yeah, I remember that it was sort of cool!

Thomas: Well, I didn’t feel that way.  First of all, I believe that a woman should have voluptuous curves, not huge muscles.

Dylan: Well, we always knew you were a chauvinist pig.

Thomas: Now son, bear with me.  I did my best to look away from her new physique so that our marriage would still be solid.  But she, more and more, got into her own muscles.  Having intercourse with her was like fucking a rock. Not that I needed her, as the Breeder I was fucking 1,000 women a day  And if course I have my band of musclemen who help me loosen my load after work! Her breasts which were probably her best feature when we first got together flattened out and then pumped up into huge pecs.  You remember when she started going topless?  I thought she was turning I to a man! She purchased posing trunks and would spend all day looking at herself flexing in the mirror.  I swear she could easily beat out a competitive Classic Physique Bodybuilder.  I started teasing her that she should enter the Mr. Olympia competition because she would definitely win! I said it as a joke but it was really true.  All she needed was a dick and balls in those posers and she would look just like a male bodybuilder.

Dylan:  There we go, that’s part of the problem.  What you call teasing can really hurt.  Like when you get on me about my tiny dick!

Thomas: I knew you would take her part. You always loved her more than me. 

Dylan: Love?  All you love is your humongous body and your oversized genitals.

Thomas: That’s just like your mother.  She called me a monstrous freak.  She told me that sex with me was unbearable.  She packed her bags and left.  I had heard rumors that she was seeing a pro bodybuilder on the side.  Figures, she was so into her own physique so she went with someone that looked just like her ! I guess she considered a puny muscleman more attractive than this physique. And because of her reaction to her treatment, the FDA almost pulled their approvals on the growth enhancement  process because of that bitch.  That would have cost my company a billion dollars! Luckily we were able to refine the process so that women developed voluptuous curvy figures 

Dylan: There you go, the real truth comes out.  Besides your size the only thing you care about is your money.  Well, she is right. You are a monstrous freak.  Sure, you got size, but you are not aesthetic at all.  You are not pleasing to look at.  And I can’t imagine that baseball bat you call a dick inside of her, even in her enlarged size!

Dylan was snapped out of his thoughts of the past by a knock on his door.  Opening it, he saw Mr. Galaxy himself, Theo Kincaid.  Theo greeted him with a “Hey buddy.”

Dylan thought this was a bit odd as they really had just met and only had one personal conversation, but he greeted Theo with “Hey Theo, how’s it hangin” but as Theo motioned to his cock Dylan realized that nothing was hangin, he was at full mast, all 11 ½ inches!

Dylan: So, I don’t need to ask you what’s up, I can’t miss it LOL.

Theo: Yeah, that’s why I am here.  I’m tired of masturbating constantly.  I need some human interaction. Can you help me out bud?

Dylan: Hey man, I think that would be great but remember I am not supposed to ejaculate until the doctors say I can.  Besides that, and this may surprise you coming from a 51-year-old man, I have never had sex with anyone.  You know, it’s the small dick thing.

Theo:  Actually I am so tired of huge rods up my ass, your little prick is a real turn on to me! Well, you could still suck me off.  I will tell you what to do.

Dylan: Well after the day I had today I guess I need something different. OK

Dylan gets on his knees and puts the head of Theo’s dick in his mouth.  Did not take long until Dylan was at full mast too, although only 5 7/8”

No sooner had this action started than a loud voice came over the speakers “Dylan and Theo, stop immediately.  Dylan is already hard and probably leaking some pre-cum.  This is not permitted.  And Theo, this will go into your personnel file.  Leave immediately.  Go to the break room and jerk off and then return to your desk”

Dylan: Oh well, we got caught. They were not kidding when they said we are watched 24/7.

Theo left.  Dylan took a cold shower and went to bed, a restless sleep anticipating what was in store for the next days and weeks.

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I'm beginning to think Dylan is not going to succeed recalling something earlier in the story.  I have some suspicions.  

I also think the ex-wife might be even more than Thomas has described.  

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My Father, The Breeder Part 6


The eight weeks passed for Dylan more quickly than he anticipated.  He dreaded Mondays, because that was injection day and they hurt like hell! He also noticed that his sex drive was increasing more and more.  For so many years he could go weeks without cumming; now he yearned for being asked for his once weekly semen sample; he was hornier than he had ever been.  He also noticed that the volume of his semen sample increased each week.  He was encouraged when the docs had to give him a cup for his sample as opposed to the small test tube that he started out with!

The doctors were pretty closed mouth but even they seemed to be impressed with his progress.  There were always a lot of whispered comments between the docs when they came to see Dylan.

Dylan was encouraged as each morning he woke up with a nice stiffy.  And his morning wood appeared to be a bit bigger each day!  He also noticed after the very first injection that a day or two later his cock would actually hang.  He was so used to 51 years of having it stuck to his crotch.

At the end of week eight, he was ready for his final measurements.  Dr. Wilcox (the lady doctor) was again taking his measurements.  She looked at his naked body and told him that he was the talk of the organization; he had made such fine progress!

Final measurements: Flaccid dick – 8 1/2inches!  Erect dick - 14 inches!  Semen sample volume - 2 ½ cups!

Holy shit Dylan thought.  This is awesome.

Dr. Snark then said to him that they would like him to stay behind after they were done.  There was a board meeting going on and the Chairman wanted Dylan to participate at some point.  Dylan thought What the fuck is that about?

The Board Meeting

The Board was seated around a solid oak table, naked off course, except they were waiting for the last few Directors to finish up so they could start.  The Chairman announced to the five men and women on the other side of the room “You will have to finish masturbating soon as we are running behind schedule!”  (After all it had been four hours since they last ejaculated.)

Sitting next to the Chairman, in an oversized chair built especially for him was the Breeder, Thomas Stern.

Once everyone was seated, the Chairman called the meeting to order.  They reviewed the minutes of the last meeting and then the Chairman passed out a handout for the attendees:

The Breeder – User Manual:

“The Breeder is a unique individual that has been especially enhanced to assist in the Company’s repopulation mandate.  The Breeder has the ability to will instant erections and to change the size and girth of his penis to accommodate each of the 1,000 women that he inseminates each day.  Insemination only takes one second but both parties enjoy an enormous orgasm.  Insemination is fail proof.  Each ejaculation mutates the Breeder’s subsequent emissions so there is no danger of two of his offspring having cross breeding issues; each offspring will have unique DNA.  The products of the Breeder’s inseminations may be raised by its mother or if she chooses the Company will take responsibility to raise and relocate each child.”

Thomas:  Why the fuck are we going over this?  I’ve been doing this for years and we all know all of this shit!

The Chairman:  Hold on Thomas, this is pertinent to what we are going to discuss.  Thomas, we are grateful to you for your development of all of our Enhancement procedures.  They have been very successful in developing a society of what would once be considered super – humans.  You also developed the Breeder treatments and determined that you, yourself, was the perfect recipient of these treatments.

Thomas: Yeah, so tell us something we don’t know.  You are taking away from my breeding time and you can see I am getting hornier by the second!

The Chairman: Thomas, cool it!  I am getting to the point.  As you know, for the past two months we have been conducting a trial of the 2.0 version of the Penis Enhancement.  I am thrilled to report that the trial appears to be very successful.  However, as we were going through your notes from back when you were going through your Breeder selection research, we concluded that in fact, you were not necessarily the perfect candidate.  You chose yourself to be the Breeder because of your need for size, power and sex!

Thomas: What the fuck?  After all these years you are questioning me?  I have single-handedly repopulated the whole Earth!

The Chairman:  True, but you got to do it under false pretenses.  And we feel that if the true “right candidate” was found, he would have done that more efficiently and produced even bigger and better offspring.

Thomas:  OK so you found me out. Nothing that you can do now.

The Chairman: Oh, but there is Thomas.  This comes at a good time since you are past 80 years old, and you probably have no more than 20 or 30 years left to give us.  And we have found the PERFECT CANDIDATE!

Thomas: What, you’re firing me?

The Chairman: Let’s say we are retiring you.  Here are the conditions.  You will be allowed to remain in your home for the rest of your natural life and food and services will continue to be provided for you.  Services will include access to the group of bodybuilders that you have on call to care for your needs after work hours.  However we anticipate that your sexual needs will decrease as going forward we will not be providing the Breeder treatments.  Your size will decrease over a short time; you will probably be no more than 7 feet tall.  Your enhanced penis abilities will fade; you will be left with an erect penis of only 13 inches.  Your need to experience orgasms will decrease significantly too; you will become just average, I’m sorry to say, so seven or eight ejaculations a day should suffice.  We are sorry about that, but the Company cannot afford to provide Breeder treatments to more than one man.

Thomas:  Holy fuck, I can’t believe you are doing this to me!  So, who is this new wonder boy that will become the Breeder?

The Chairman asks his assistant to escort their guest in.

The doors to the Board Room open and a stunning 7 ½ foot tall man walks in.  The first thing Thomas notices is that he is wearing the special reinforced jockstrap that some men need after penis enhancements when the increase in size and weight of their genitals increase significantly.  So Thomas assumed that this new Breeder candidate has just finished his penis enhancements.  He then takes note of his beautiful physique.  Not huge and disproportionate like his own body; the man is huge but extremely aesthetic.

Thomas: So, you think this pretty boy can replace me?

The Chairman:  We have been doing extensive tests on his sperm and DNA and we have determined that he will produce even better, healthier babies.  We have also given him all of the ultra-sophisticated penis abilities that the Breeder needs.  But Thomas, we are surprised that you didn’t raise the elephant in the room.

Thomas: The elephant, you mean his dick?

The Chairman:  No but now that you mention it (to the new Breeder) Sir will you please remove your jockstrap so we can see what you are carrying?

(The candidate complies and displays a soft dick 8 1/2 inched long and testicles the size of baseballs.  He is then asked to get erect and he shows the assembled group his 14 1/2 inch erection!)

No, Thomas, the elephant in the room is that you didn’t comment on our choice of the Breeder.

Thomas:  What am I supposed to know him?  (He surveys the man’s body again but realizes that he never looked at the man’s face.)  Their eyes meet and Thomas exclaims Holy fuck! Dylan?

Dylan:  That’s right dad.  Its me.  No more button dick jokes.  I will be a bigger and more beautiful Breeder than you ever were. My cock will be bigger than yours too!   And I got this honestly without doctoring up any research results.

Thomas is defeated and almost burst into tears.

Dylan: Don’t worry dad.  We will still be living together.  Of course you will have to take over all of the chores that I used to do for us.  Because I will be busy impregnating a lot of women. And when I get home from work, I have dibs on the selection of bodybuilders I want to service me. 

So, at 51 years old, Dylan lost his virginity in a grand way, fucking 1,500 women on his first day as the Breeder!

The End (Almost)

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Interesting twist... for the better.

I was right about Thomas though...  but there's no detail of if Thomas already knew his son had better results and decided to stunt his own son's potential.  But then the question would be "Why would Thomas let his son be a part of this new trial if it could risk his own place at the top?"  Maybe Thomas thought Dylan was too far removed from any further enhancement potential that he ignored any risks.

I'm glad Thomas is taken down a peg.  Who knows, maybe preventing the full potential of repopulation ends up being a crime.  If my assumption is correct, what Thomas did to his son should be considered one.

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