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The car slowed and made a ninety degree turn. It stopped. Fina-fucking-ly, HE thought. HE’d spent so long trapped in the hot, stuffy boot, HE was more concerned about getting out of there than HE was about being abducted.

Car doors opened and HE heard footsteps. Moving away from the car. FUCK! They were going to leave HIM in here? Still? FUCK!

HIS angst was short-lived, however, as only a few moments later HE heard footsteps coming towards the car. It sounded like a gravel driveway.

HE squinted as the boot lid opened, bright sun blinding HIM. “Up! Let’s go!” barked a gruff voice, but HE couldn’t yet see, everything was too bright after the darkness of the boot’s interior.

“I said MOVE fucker!” HE grunted as HE was manhandled out of the boot, unsteady on HIS feet after having spent so long curled up.

HE’d started the journey amped up, horny, arousal off the charts, but HE very quickly realised that would be torture. Well, okay, more torturous than it already was being stuffed into a hot, cramped space for hours on end. So HE’d calmed everything down, reducing his hormonal profile back to something more normal. Okay, supra-normal. Fine. Super-normal, but less insane than they were before. Thus, as HE was shoved along, and blood flow started to restore to HIS cramped muscles, HE started feeling good again, confident, powerful. Horny, despite HIS predicament.

Horny would come in handy, HE would soon learn.


Johnny tilted his head at a few of the Aryans, and they quickly moved off to distract the two guards on yard duty with some inanity or other. Only two guards, a benefit of the cheapskates running the joint, he thought.

Johnny wouldn’t need long, just enough to despatch this upstart fucker, and set flame to the Aryans-Hermanos tinderbox. Once things kicked off, the guards would be overwhelmed and Jake would get his lockdown.

Why DID he want it locked down, anyway? he thought. Not that he really cared, he needed this leadership issue sorted, and that sort of violence tended to spread anyway. Besides, those spic fuckers deserved everything they’d get.

Johnny didn’t wait, he tackled Stevo to the ground taking him somewhat by surprise. What? It’s a fucking prison. You expected a fair fight?

Besides, it was never going to be a fair fight. Johnny had about 15cm/30kg (~half a foot/66 pounds) on Stevo, and he now had him pinned on the ground. In short, Stevo was fucked. Not in that way. Maybe later, after Johnny was done with his bloodlust…

Ewww, no. Not with Stevo. Come on, even in prison there are limits.


Amber’s piercing green eyes bore into Scott’s. She hoped the kid understood.

Their timing was perfect. As Scott reached for the gun, Amber grabbed at Felipe’s balls from behind and squeezed. Hard. He yelped in pain, loosening his grip on the weapon, and reflexively doubled over. Amber smiled, pulling him away from Scott, not loosening her grip.

Scott aimed the weapon at his chest. Amber released her grip and stepped away from him.

“There, much better. Now. WHAT THE FUCK, FELIPE?!?” She was still quiet - she didn’t want to tip off the others - but somehow her tone conveyed yelling.

He started blubbering, words tumbling out, “you may as well go ahead and kill me. The others will as soon as they find out I fucked up and let you get away.”

No sympathy from Amber, though Scott seemed to waver a little. “You made your bed, lie in it fucker. Get in the van!” They walked him over to the back of the van, but as she opened the door, Felipe began screaming something in Spanish.

“FUCK!” she yelled. “Smash him in the back of the head with the gun, and RUN!”

Scott did as he was told, knocking Felipe out, and they ran. In different directions. Into different buildings.



They both swore. Stupid fucking green Felipe, he thought as he ran back toward where they’d parked the van. The stupid fuck is lucky they'd already finished up with the commandos. But he was more worried himself. Felipe would probably be killed for his monumental blunder, but he was the leader and should not have left someone so green alone watching the prisoners. His hide was on the line too, no doubt. FUCKING FELIPE! They would find them. They had to.


Jake didn’t really want Miguel pile driving his dick down his throat. He didn’t often play the submissive, and didn’t feel like continuing now. So he tried a different tack.

“Fuck the foreplay, let’s just get to it. The faster I fuck you, the faster you get growing,” he said to Miguel, smiling inwardly as he noticed a spurt of pre from Miguel’s cock as he finished speaking.

Jake stood, moving over to Miguel. “Turn around.” It was not a request. Jake ripped the briefs off Miguel as he turned, exposing his arse.

This is it! thought Miguel… anticipation overwhelming. Jake was right. Let’s just get it done so I can start growing. He groaned at the thought, another spurt of pre stimulating his urethra. Fuuuuck.


HE looked around, as best he could with eyes still adjusting to the punishing brightness. HE was right about being in the middle of nowhere. It looked like a farmhouse, surrounded by furrowed land as far as HE could see in every direction. HE couldn’t check his phone, but HE’d bet anything there was no signal.

“What are we doing out here?” HE asked. “What do you want with ME?”

“YOU’ll find out soon enough. Get inside,” one of HIS captors said, giving HIM a shove, “There’s someone that wants to speak with YOU.”


Jake was rough. They didn’t say anything about ensuring they got off, though he suspected Diego would enjoy it rough. Much more so than Miguel.

“Diego, kneel down by Miguel.” Again, it was not a request. Jake was over it, he would blast a few pumps into Miguel, then spray the rest over Diego, ensuring some entered his mouth.

The average man ejaculates anywhere from about 40 to 930 million sperm each time. Jake was certainly not average; even before his ability, his ejaculations were legendary. He had been honing his sperm ability, slowly increasing the number of sperm he produced per ejaculation. He would need the dozens of billions of sperm he produced each time he came, as the more sperm he injected, the better his ability.

What no one else yet knew, Jake had developed the ability for his sperm to survive longer-term once he’d pumped them into someone. They weren’t invincible, but they were much hardier. He could direct his body to surround each sperm in a protein coating that allowed them to evade the immune system, and protected them from the higher temperatures inside the body.

At least, he was pretty sure that’s what it would do - he hadn’t yet been able to test it - but once he came inside Miguel and Diego, his sperm would invade every corner of their bodies (hence the need for more sperm), and he could exercise much finer control over more of their bodies’ systems. At least he fucking hoped that’s what would happen.

If I’m wrong, he thought, then my plan is fucked. But he reasoned he could always revert to his normal sperm, avoiding the extra protein coating, and cum again. More cum, what’s not to like?

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for a moment i thought they were getting HIm to the prison in case Jake didnt cooperate but he is somewhere else and i too woner WTH want with Him. Diego knows HE has teh sperm ability and even more so HE could be easily manipulated cause he doesnt have much control over it like Jake does.

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