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Brotein! A straight to gay story. (My cum has steroid like features!)


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My new roommate Jake is exactly my type.
As handsome as they come, with a perfect ass. There is just one problem. He's straight.
Since he moved in with me, I've constantly been looking for opportunities to check out his rump sneakily.
Luckily for me, he likes to sleep on his stomach. He is always hot at night and only sleeps in his tight briefs. Many nights, I jerked my meat across the room to him while he was asleep.
I sometimes get so horny while doing that that it's hard for me to contain myself and not just walk up to him, yank his briefs down, and expose his bare ass while he sleeps. Instead, I imagine myself doing so and burring myself between his cheeks. Jake is not only walking ass, though. We've actually become decent friends.

We went out with some friends one night and got drunk. He lost a bet and had to give me a lap dance. Fuck, that was so hot! I had to hide my boner while everyone was watching us. I get wet instantly when I remember that night. Him lowering himself into my lap and onto my crotch. If I could, I would fuck him right then and there in front of everyone.
Jake got pretty drunk that night. I had to carry him home. Poor guy puked on me, but I cleaned it up. No biggie. I was glad when I noticed that he didn't remember anything from last night, which spared him some embarrassment.
To be honest, Jake is a total idiot. You can literally tell him anything, and he will believe it. I'd like to know if he can even scale on an IQ test or if he would just be written off as mentally impaired. Surprisingly though, and compared to many other straight guys, Jake is open-minded and overall a good dude. He is just a chill guy.
Both Jake and I are consistent workout buddies besides being friends. My favorite activity at the gym is spotting him while he does his squats. His ass looks extra thick from that angle.

"Man...I hate doing leg day!"

Jake just finished his squats.

"I wish I could skip it or do the least amount possible. Pfuh! Why do we always go so hard on everything when doing bodybuilding? "

He wiped some sweat off his forehead.

"You know there are no shortcuts Jake!"

"Yeah, Yeah... Sometimes I wish there were. Besides steroids, I mean. Fuck, Bro, that shit is so dangerous. And besides, no one wants a micro penis."
Jake let out a slight sigh.
I don't know what came over me! It was like a rush through my veins, and I could feel it all throughout my body. The room started spinning and time froze. I had to close my eyes, and an image appeared in my mind. I thought that god was appearing in front of me. Was I dying? But the man I was seeing wasn't god. Heck, I wouldn't even call him a man. He looked more like a hulking giant! Fuck he was looking at me!

"Congratulations, boy! The demons of desire have chosen you to be their vessel!
We know what you want and grant you the ability to fulfill every last one of your desires. All you need to do is use your new capability to the fullest! That will give us power! HAHAHA!
Now boy, no need to explain your gift to you. Once you return to the mortal realm, you will unconsciously know what we have gifted you with. All will be revealed. For now, forget this little interaction and wake up!"


"Woah! Alex? ALEX!"

"Fuck did I pass out?"

Jake was holding me. My whole weight was pressed against his body.

"Yeah, dude! Oh my god! You just scared the shit out of me. I thought you were passing out. You started collapsing, so I caught you, but the second I did, you woke up! Shit, man."

"Woah, sorry dude. I'm fine, don't worry. Let's finish this workout!"

"You sure bro?"

"Yeah yeah, I'm fine."

"Okay bro."

I did feel fine. If Jake hadn't told me what happened, I would have had no clue I had just passed out. But something inside me did feel weirdly different. I felt a tingling of heat inside my gut. It didn't hurt or anything, and it felt… empowering?
I couldn't get my eyes off Jake's ass during the rest of the workout. Again.
As we finished, a fucked up and risky idea popped into my head. It came out of nowhere and felt like the best idea in the world.

"Hey, bro! You were talking about shortcuts earlier, right?"

"Yeah, man! God, I wish there were some. For real!"

"Well, it's your lucky day!"


"There actually is one! I might know of something dude!"

"Wait for real? Like a shortcut for quicker gains?"


"Tell me!"

His eyes lit up.
Oh fuck, I was really about to say this!

"So I heard about this thing... it's a new discovery, so not many people know about this!"

"Yoo, just tell me what it is man!"

"Not here. Let's go to the locker rooms."

Jake was visibly confused but followed me to one of the changing stalls like a puppy. We were still sweating from our workout, and the air in the enclosed space of the stall immediately got hot.

"Okay, listen to this bro! So we know that our muscles need protein to grow, right? So there is this purest form of protein that is suitable for growth and useful for men."

I grabbed Jake by his shoulder. There was pure anticipation in his eyes.

"So basically. You inject this protein, and you see gains like never before!"

Jake whistled, and a vicious smile appeared on his face.

"You haven't heard the best part yet!"

I gave Jake a little smirk.

"It's all-natural, safe, and completely free!"

"DUDE! You already sold me! Let's go. I don't even need to hear more about it."

We both smiled.

"I'm glad that you are bro. I wanted to try it and see if it worked. So this method will give you the best gains on your glutes and legs. That's great for you, right? You hate training those muscles the most."

"Yes dude! I hate training them. But whoah! Was this protein like made me for or something? Haha! So how do I do this, and what do I need?"

"We! What do we need, and how do we do this! The process can only be done between two guys."

"Oh? Oh, okay. So like, we are two. There is you and me. Hehe. Perfect! We can do it bro!"

"Yes we can! Give me five!"

Our hands clapped together surprisingly loudly.

"Okay, now just do what I say!"

"Okay bro."

Jake did a salute.

"I will do as you say! You are the  commander now!"

We both laughed. My smile disappeared quickly as I realized what I was about to do. The air in the room was even hotter now. It was almost thick.

"Turn around!"

"Sir, yes, Sir!"

As Jake turned around, his hips and colossal ass bumped against my crotch. I could feel my dick twitch in reaction to the contact.

"Sorry bout that dude. It's so tight in here. There isn't much space."

"Yeah, I know bud. I'm almost pressed up against you. But this is good for what we need to do."


"You will see."

With Jake's back turned towards me, my gaze immediately darted to his glutes. His tight nylon shorts were hugging them perfectly.
Oh my god!
Am I finally about to do this?
I have been resisting for way too long. There is just so much a guy like me can take.
Jake turned his head around. He looked skeptically into my eyes, followed their trail, and looked back at his huge ass.

"Dude! Are you staring at my butt?"

He started laughing.

"Well... I'm sorry, it's just...You do have an objectively nice ass bro."

He laughed even harder now.

"Hah! You know the guys from my team always like to joke and say I have a girls' ass!"

Jake proudly arched his back, exposing his butt more.

"Well, I do have to agree with them. It kind of looks like a girl's ass, yeah!"

My breathing stopped for a second.
I just grabbed Jake's ass cheeks and squeezed them. They felt perfect! Hard and yet so firm. His ass was made to be fucked!
I took a long breath as my hands reluctantly left his muscles alone.

"Hola! Someone's a bit touchy back there!"

"Sorry dude, haha! I just had to check if it feels like a girl's ass, too haha!"

"Haha, so does it feel like a real girl's ass?"

"Ehe, yeah, it does."

"Awesome! Haha! I will bet my girlfriend later that my ass is better than hers."

Oh, I bet on that, too, Jake. I bet on that too.
I could feel the blood starting to rush toward my dick.
My crotch was just inches away from the grand prize at this point.
Jake laughed, but I didn't feel like it. I was getting horny.

"Speaking of Ass Jake..."

His laughing stopped.

"You need to drop your pants if you want to do this!"

"Oh? I'd you say so. No problemo bro!"

I watched him grab the fabric around his ass and slowly start exposing his bare bum.
That bastard was not even wearing any underwear!
Adrenaline filled my veins, and everything seemed to be happening in slow motion for a second. The view I'd wanted to see for so long was finally in front of me. I couldn't believe it. Jake's exposed ass!
My straight roommate bare ass right in front of me!
Accomplishment filled my soul.

Jake's butt cheeks were sweat-covered, making his ass glisten beautifully.
He has the most fuckable ass I have ever seen on a man or woman. At this point, the surrounding air was musty and stuffy.
Fuck! When did my dick get so hard?
It was about to burst out of my pants!

"Someone's going commando today I see?"

I tried to stay playful and calm.

"Sir, Yes, sir!"

"Okay, but for real man..."

Jake said with his head turned towards the wall.

"Why am I butt-ass naked right now?"

He bounced on his feet while saying that, making his ass and thick thighs jiggle.
That almost made me drop to my knees and stick my head between his sweaty cheeks without warning. It was about time to show him what effect he had on me anyways.

"Well, I'm sorry to say, but you must be for the protein intake."

"Oh, okay. Why sorry bro? No worries man! I hope you are not disgusted by the view. Sorry bout that dude."

Wow, he has no idea, does he? After all this time and hundreds of times, I looked at his butt. He didn't notice how badly I wanted to fuck him. How horny he made me.
Even now!
If he looked more closely, he would see the fucking tent in my pants!

"Hey Jake! We live together, remember? You are my bro. I'm not disgusted by you. Come on now!"

I had to come up with something generic quickly. Otherwise, I would have said: Man, you are making me so hard right now I'm about to stick my dick in you!
It was time to get this done!

"Okay, let's give you the protein and get this over with, shall we!? Follow what I will say now closely, got it?"

"Ai Captain!"

Sweat was falling down my forehead like crazy at this point. I was sweating all over at this point.
My clothes which were already wet from the workout were becoming even wetter.

"Okay, close your eyes, dude... Relax."

I watched Jake's back muscles relax as I fumbled with my pants. They finally dropped to my knees, and my eager dick popped out. I grabbed it immediately and stroked it a few times. I could feel my legs shaking. Fuck, this is going to be good.

"Okay, now, deep breaths! Breathe in and breathe out..."

Jake did as I instructed.
I almost let out a moan from stroking my dick behind his back. I could only imagine how tight his hole would feel around my dick.

"You are going to feel some pressure! So stay calm and take a deep breath when I say so... okay?"


"Keeping those eyes closed and muscles relaxed Jake?"


He nodded.
Damn! I was really about to do this!
I pulled closer behind Jake and aimed my hard dick toward its prize.

"Okay, take a deep breath now bro!"

Jake's back arched slightly, and his butt touched my raw meat. Holy fuck, his ass looked even better and bigger now.
I pressed myself against it. The head of my dick disappeared between Jake's inviting cheeks.


I poked my meat at his sweaty asshole. Fuck he was so wet! It must be all the sweat from working out.
And that's when I jammed my entire dick in with force. I let out a moan which echoed like a growl.

"AH!!! What the... Woah! What-Ahhhh What is that?"

"Hold it! GAH! Hold it bro!"

My crotch slapped against Jake's ass as I buried myself deep inside him.

"Ahhh! AU! Fuck dude!"

He screamed, so I covered his mouth with my hand. The whole gym would hear us otherwise.

"Shhh dude!"

I started moving inside him.

"It's all good! It's part of the procedure. You can take it."

Thrust. Thrust. Thrust.
Jake's ass felt better than I could have imagined. Never have I fucked someone this thick and tight.

"Relax bro! Uhm! This will make you big!"

Squelch. Squelch. Squelch.
Jake was moaning and whimpering into my hand, so I let go of his mouth.

"FUCK DUDE! AH! ThatAH, shhhiiITT caught me off guard. AH! bro?"

I continued fucking Jake recklessly. All those years of pent-up frustration. It was so intense.

"You can do it Jake! Come on!"


"Come on!"

"Ahhhh! Yes, YES! Uhhhhh! I can do it! I can do it!"

Jake tried to hold on to something while I was fucking him into the wall, but there was nothing he could grab onto.
I slowed down the pace of my fucking. I rammed into him so quickly that I didn't even get to feel his insides with my dick properly.
I took a deep breath once I slowed down and twisted my dick around his virgin ass walls.

"Wait! bro? Is that? Is that your dick in me!? Are you fucking me? What the fuck Alex!"

"Yeah it's my dick. Sorry bout that, but it's the only way."

His insides were so warm. I wanted to continue my fucking, but I had to give him a break for now and explain myself.

"The only way?"

"Yeah, so when I told you about that special protein. Well, it comes from my dick…"

"Oh? So like your cum?"

"Yes, exactly! Well, I need to deposit it for you. So basically, I need to stick my dick in you raw. Otherwise, it won't work."

"Oooo! Now I understand why you said two dudes must do it together!"

Can we get this over with?
I just wanted to continue my fucking.

"Wait! So you need to like cum in me, right?"

"Y-yeah Bro."

"Okay… Hm. But why did you ram me so hard just now? That shit hurt a little man! Couldn't you just, like, put the tip in?"

"Oh, about that, yeah, sorry. But it has to be done that way. There is a special spot in your butt, and I have to find it. It can be real deep sometimes, so I need to go all the way. Besides, I still need to cum, right?"

"Oh, okay. Yeah, I think I get it now dude…

Sorry that you have to stick your dick in me for this. Must be disgusting."
I wanted to tell him that I loved it and waited for this for months, but I didn't.

"So? Do you still want to do it? I'm telling you, the gains will be insane!"

"Hmm… Fuck it dude! We have already got this far. I can take it! I'm a real man, after all!"

"Fuck yeah dude! A real man and a big one as that! Haha!"

I caressed Jake's back and squeezed some of his muscles. He was a big fucker.
I couldn't believe my dick was still inside him. Man, I wish I was as big as Jake.

"Okay bro! Give me that protein!"

Without waiting any longer, I started to move my dick in and outside Jake's straight ass.
This shit felt too good!

"There we go bro! Relax those muscles. It's really tight in there."

"AH! O-Okay dude."

I felt Jake's inside twitch and his muscles relaxed around my dick.
Time to go to town on this dude!
Smack! Smack! Smack!
Jake started whimpering and grumping.

"Shh dude! Someone is going to hear us."

Jake turned his head and just looked at me without saying a word. His gaze was more focused now. He looked back at his ass before returning his gaze to me. My god, this situation was so surreal.
I grabbed his full butt cheeks with both my hands. They were all sticky. I wasn't the only want sweating like hell at this moment. The stall had small openings, and the air inside wasn't distinguishable from a sauna. My insides were burning up from all the heat.
Jake continued to look me in the eyes and on his butt as I fucked him. I was jamming into him full force. His head was bopping back and forth alongside his body.

"Have you... Have you found the spot yet? Agh!"

"Oh yeah the spot! Yes, Yes! I'm looking for it! I'm about to find it."

"Good, mmhmm, Good..."

"It's just a bit narrow in there, you know? Hard to find. I'm going to. I'm going to go all the way inside."

I let my hands fall from his ass and pressed them against the wall next to Jake's face. My whole body was pressed against his. He was squeezed between me and the wall now and couldn't move.

"UGH! That's deep bro!"

"Yeah, I found the spot now. It's deep inside you."

"Good! Can you put that protein in there, please?"

"Yes, just..."





"Fuck you a bit down there!"



"So I can cum! GAAAAAAH!"


And there it was! I started cumming like crazy. My whole body was trembling, and I screamed. I put my nose against Jake's neck and bit his compression shirt. The orgasm was beyond intense it felt like my heart had stopped.



"Shit, dude, are you cuming?"




"Pfuh! Your ass felt nice man!"

"Haha! Not to sound gay, dude, but... Your dick felt kinda nice too. Never felt something like that. Look! I even got hard. HAHA!"

I was still experiencing an orgasm, but there was no cum left in my dick.

"There you go. I put all my protein in you!"

"Fuck, thanks dude!"

"Gonna pull out now!"

I let my dick flop out of his hole carefully. The sensation sent shivers through my body. As soon as my head slid out, Jake's hole opened, and cum started dripping out.

"NO Dude! Close your hole! Squeeze! Squeeze tightly."

"Woah, okay!"

He tensed up, and I watched his hole squeeze shut. His asshole was covered in my cum now.

"You have to keep it inside! We don't want to waste that protein after all this work."

"Oh, you are right dude! Sorry bout that."

"You can put your pants back on now."

"Oh, right!"

Jake put his shorts back on and turned around to look at me. His face was all red.

"Holy shit Alex! That was insane! My butt feels so weird now. HaHa!"

"Yeah it really was bro. But you know what will be even more insane? Once you wake up tomorrow, your muscles should grow by even a few inches! You will see significant changes, especially on your legs and ass, cause they are closer to the source of protein."

"WOAH Dude! For real? I can't wait! HuaHA!"

A bright smile appeared on Jake's face.
I don't know why I was so confident about all the stuff that I told Jake. I believed it myself, but why?
Suddenly a loud knocking sound scared both Jake and me!

"Hey, what the hell is going on in there!?"

The next day.

I woke up to Jake violently shaking me awake.

"Bro! Bro! Alex! Wake up!"

I rubbed my eyes to focus on what I was seeing.

"Look at this!"

Jake was standing in front of me with only his underwear on.
He was flexing and presenting his muscles. He was already a big guy, but now he was even bigger. And wow, those legs! They were massive!

"It worked HAHA! Look at me! IT WORKED!"

I couldn't believe it. My cum has actually made him bigger. All the nonsense I was spouting was true? No way! This had to be like a placebo effect or something.

"Bro, I love you! I love you, man, haha! I could kiss you right now!"

"Damn Jake! I am so happy for you. That's awesome. Fuck yeah dude!"

"Fuck yeah!"

Jake continued to flex his muscles. He gave his biceps a few kisses.
Then he smacked his legs.

"WOAH! And look at those legs dude! Haha! They are so thick. You better call me hulk boy from now on! GRUUAAAHHH!"

He pretended to be hulk for a moment, which made us laugh. I still couldn't understand what had happened, but I was glad. Seeing Jake like this fulfilled me. I wanted to look like this too. Maybe I could try to eat my own cum later? Could that make me bigger too?

"Fuck, you had the best idea ever bro! I will be grateful to you for life, man!"

"My pleasure, dude. Literally, lol."

We both smirked cause Jake knew what I meant.

"Well, I'm sorry, dude, but I couldn't hold my excitement in... So I told some guys from our team about what happened. They wouldn't believe me, so I sent some pics, and now they are all shocked!"

"What! So you told them I fucked you!?"

"Well yeah, but it wasn't like a real fuck fuck you know? It was just like a little fuck 'cause I needed that protein."

"Right... So how did they react?"

"Bro! They can't stop hitting me up! They want to try it too. The protein, I mean."

"Holly fuck man!"

Oh my god! I think my chest is about to explode! What was happening? Did I actually die yesterday or something? This can't be real.

"Well, that's not all of it, bro. I got so excited. I'm sorry. I basically told them you could give them all your protein. They want to try it later after practice today."

Huuuuuhh? My brain was completely broken at this point.

"Well, would that be okay with you bro?"

"I... I guess so yeah."

"HaHA! Great! I knew it!"

Well, I didn't have to worry about if this was just a one-time thing then, and I can find out if Jake is not the only one this would work on.

to be continued...

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Chapter 2!

I couldn't sleep all night. When I woke up the next day, my hands started sweating immediately. The thought of my teammates confronting me about what I did with Jake was impossible to comprehend. I told Jake I was dying of nervousness; he just brushed it off and told me not to worry. This really wasn't a big deal for him, huh? 
Before we headed out to practice, Jake told me how excited everyone must be to talk with me about the special protein. 
His enthusiasm didn't help me relax. It only made my heart pound harder. 
I felt petrified as I stepped into the locker room. I just stood in front of the crowd of my teammates, who all stopped what they were doing and looked at me. 

Everyone started cheering and greeting me, some guys slapping their heavy bodies against mine as a welcoming gesture. Their weight threw me into the center of the locker room. Everyone seemed to await to hear me talk about my newfound secret eagerly. Jake had told them what he'd discovered thanks to my "unique" protein, and now they wanted more information from me. 
Adam was the first to speak. He was on our offensive line and considered the alpha among us guys. He has garnered his status thanks to his big body.
Adam looked like he had just stepped off a fitness magazine cover for bodybuilders. He's got a squared jaw, broad shoulders, and ripped muscles that stretch his clothes to their limits. His gaze suggests confidence and power, informing everyone in the room who's the top dog here. 
Adam's muscles are so big they almost defy the laws of human physiology. It's hard to believe that he achieved such an incredible physique without undergoing some serious scientific experimentation...or maybe it's not so hard to believe when you consider how much time and effort he must have spent in the gym, coupled with regular doses of anabolic steroids. All that hard work paid off for him, though. His chiseled chest, bulging biceps, and tree-trunk thighs are a testament to his dedication and commitment.

With his bulging muscles and steely stare, Adam is not someone I would ever mess with. 
But his intimidating appearance fools people. Behind that tough exterior lies a surprisingly nice and joyous guy, but maybe this is another case like Jake's where Adam's stupidity somehow makes him a better person. The years of steroid use have caused him to lose many brain cells.
It surprised me that Adam seemed to be the most eager to learn about my special protein considering he had a body that everyone would say was perfect, but heck, maybe he was desperate to replace his steroid use with a safer option. 
The atmosphere was tense, but everyone was also hopeful, convinced that I had some magical solution to improve their performance on the field. 
Adam's voice made everyone go quiet. 

"So Alex! Jake has told us about natural protein intake. Looking at him, he's gotten more buff than he was two days ago, which is incredible. Are you guys fucking with us, or are you for real with this?"

I was shaking nervously.

"No, ehm. We're not fucking with you guys. Shit, I told Jake not to spill it out to everyone 'cause I just discovered this method."

Adam crossed his arms and raised his right eyebrow. 

"So? How the fuck does this work exactly."

As I explained my newfound protein injection method, you could almost hear a pin drop in the room. Everyone was silent and hanging off my every word; it seemed like each person in the room wanted to gain an advantage over their opponents with knowledge about this technique. 
As I explained, I thought someone would beat me up any second for sounding like a crazy pervert, but everyone looked serious and interested in what I had to say. I explained how I had to put my raw dick inside Jake to give him the protein and felt my dick twitch. Some guys gasped while others looked away from me with hurt expressions. 
Adam's gaze pierced my eyes as I explained how Jake took my cum in his ass, and his legs grew enormous the next day. This situation was beyond comprehensible, but my dick didn't seem to mind. I had to cover up the tent in my pants with both hands. 
Jake was nodding the whole time and acted like a hype man for my presentation. He didn't seem embarrassed about what I was saying—more than that, he seemed proud, and I could see guys give him stares that almost looked envious. 

Everyone here must be as gullible and stupid as Jake was, but at the same time, what I was saying was actually the truth! 
My heart raced as I continued talking about my discovery, starting to sell it with enthusiasm and energy. I could see the spark of hope appear in the pair of eyes of my teammates and felt a sense of pride as I saw their faces light up with anticipation. 
As I was finishing my speech, Jake took the final word for some reason.

"And I call it…. a brotein shake! Are you guys ready to try it?!"

I wanted to curl up and facepalm myself hearing those words, but my hands still had to cover my bricked-up dick. 
To my surprise, the whole locker room started cheering.
After what seemed like an eternity of me talking, everyone seemed ready to try this secret new method and see if it would work for them. Some guys even came over to me and wanted to shake my hand in congratulations. One hand had to leave my crotch so I could shake hands with them. I was surprised that these guys were so desperate for a fix of steroid-like protein, even with the concept of injection being so gay!
Adam shoved some guys away from me and announced himself again. 

"For everyone thinking they can jump on this method first, you are wrong! Right after practice, I will be the first to try Alex's brotein. You can wait for me to be finished or get your fix somewhere else.!"

Fuck was I hearing right? Did Adam, the top dawg, announce that he was about to take my dick in front of the whole team?! Maybe I did die, and this was heaven?
Our youngest player Julian stepped out of the crowd and raised his arm slightly. He was the smallest and skinniest of the bunch but still athletic. He might've been less intimidating than the other guys, but he was the only intelligent one here. He spoke softly.

"But… How are you already so sure it will work?"

Adam turned to him and scuffled. He didn't take his point as a valid argument but rather an opposition to his authority. While Julian was questioning me here, Adam took it personally instead because he already believed what Jake and I had to say. He pressed his finger against Julian's chest and made him back up to his locker.

"Well, I will see if it works, smarty pants. But who are you to question our teammates and top players like Jake!"

Adam turned around to the whole team again.

"Well, everyone! As I said already! I will take Alex's protein after practice, and as the strongest among you, I will sacrifice myself to be the test subject and see if the method works again. Looking at our dude Jake over here, I have no doubts about that."

Everyone started applauding Adam's words, and some guys went over to squeeze Jake's huge new leg muscles. He flexed them for his teammates proudly. 
Suddenly, I couldn't help but feel a little apprehensive about the whole thing - after all, I had no way of knowing whether this would be successful again. But at least everyone knew about my special cum; it was in the open now! I still needed time to process all this. I was scared but also incredibly giddy, knowing what would happen. 
We wrapped things up with a round of high-fives and headed out to the practice field, this time with renewed enthusiasm and excitement. Before I entered the field, Adam came up behind me and whispered into my ear.

"I believe you and Jake, but for your own sake, this better work for 100% again."

He made my skin crawl with the comment, slapped my ass, and ran off on the field.
During practice, I observed my friends enthusiastically discuss the brotein method. Some guys approached me during training and asked me how it all worked again. Some didn't want to believe that it could only be done by me injecting them with cum, but they were considering the method either way. 
I had to reassure some guys that it wasn't gay at all. I was applying the same logic that Jake used in my explanation, saying none of us are gay, we are not doing it for pleasure, and it's just a procedure done thanks to a bro helping out.
Maybe I still needed to discover a miracle cure-all solution or something like that. Still, at least now, my teammates seemed hopeful about a substitute for anabolic steroids, which would be safer for everyone. The thought of me supplying them with this new way made me feel pretty proud; if it worked out well, they'd owe it all to me! 

I would feel bad if they knew about my perverted motivations, but they seemed to look at it in a platonic and almost professional way. 
So I still needed to figure out exactly how things would turn out and how they would react. But the thought that I knew it was all legit in the end was reassuring. Otherwise, I would've felt like a criminal.
The practice ended, and everyone was heading to the locker rooms. Jake stopped me for a sec, telling me how pumped he was for everyone to discover what he did and hoped that they would all go through with it. 
For me, he made it sound like he'd wish the whole team to get a shot of my jizz. The overwhelming thought of that made my head dizzy. I didn't even have that much cum in my balls!

With renewed enthusiasm, Jake and I made our way to the locker room, ready to face the wave of excitement awaiting us. 
As soon as we walked into the locker room, we were bombarded with questions from our teammates. They wanted to know every last detail about the new brotein method. It was like seeing a room full of hungry puppies ready for their first meal after a long day on the field.
I was confused because I had already told them about the method, but they still wanted to know more. It was like they thought I had this life-changing skill, and they needed to learn how to acquire it as well. Well, technically, I had developed a skill like that.
Some guys asked me how my cum turned into steroids, and I made something up that it was a genetic mutation. 

"Holly shit, bro! So it's basically like a gift from god!"

Guys started to shout and cheer in excitement. It felt great that my friends were so excited and interested in me, but I was overwhelmed at the same time. Everyone talked to me from left to right while I changed into more regular clothes and started getting my things.
Adam roared out with the loudest shout ever, and everyone turned quiet and looked at him. 

"Okay, enough, guys, calm down!" 

Adam wasn't wearing his whole set of football uniform anymore. Instead, he wore extended knee-high white socks, grey compression underwear, and our team's signature red polyester shirt. 
Suddenly, he just grabbed my hand and guided me to the toilets. Guys were hollering at us as we left. I trailed behind Adam's big frame, and we entered a stall. He turned around and faced me, his big pecs practically in my face. The enclosed space made the interaction feel very intimate. 

"Okay dude, let's get this started."

Adam turned around, brushing against me with his colossal body. There really wasn't much space here. He primed himself up on the toilet seat and bent his legs. I watched as his enormous backside presented itself to me perfectly. A small, lengthy sweat stain appeared on his compression underwear as the fabric stretched. 
I had this big alpha stud put himself in such a compromising position for me!
The view was so unbelievable I wanted to stare at Adam forever. I pulled out my phone incredibly quickly, snapped a pic of Adam bending over on the toilet, and stowed the phone back again. 
Adam had his face positioned towards the wall. I was staring at him in awe. He had tree trunks, glutes of steel, and a back so wide it could be used as an ironing board. Adam's posture commanded attention in general, but this was next level. I gasped as he started to pull down his underwear and exposed a perfect bubble butt. Holly fuck, he was shaven clean! Bodybuilding reasons? Heck, I had no idea.

Our top dawg player was exposing his hard work for me to see. His ass made my mouth water. Adam was a sort of muse for me when it came to motivation about sculpting my body, and the thought of him bent over in front of me made me die inside.
Guys, we're banging at the stall door and shouting in a chant. This jolted me back to my senses from a muscle-ass-induced trance. I watched Adam's body tense up as he roared.


His voice made me shake, and my ears hurt, but the banging stopped immediately, and I could hear the footsteps of guys leaving the bathroom. 

"Sorry bout them Alex. Can we get to work? I don't want to stay like this forever."

I swallowed hard.

"Yeah sure, let's ehh do it."

I stepped closer to Adam's exposed backside. In any other situation, I would've never dared to do what I was about to do, but this wasn't an ordinary situation. Was I really about to fuck this Adonis of a man in the ass?
I almost hesitantly put my hand against Adam's right mound of ass cheek. It felt so warm and firm. I let out a gasp. How was this real? Even photoshopped asses on Instagram don't look this good!

"Okay, so you just have to bust a nut in my butt, right?"

"Eugh! Yeah, bro."

I tried to act cool.

"Okay then, just quickly get your dick in my ass, and let's get this over with."


Adam captivated me so much that I hadn't even noticed how hard my dick was. I let it jet out of my pants as I pulled them off. 
Adam didn't know much about how anal sex worked when you're receiving. He probably didn't think he needed lube. I didn't want this to be unpleasant for him, so I put as much of my spit around my dick as possible. 

"Dude! What are you waiting for?"

"On it! On it!" 

I clumsily grabbed Adam's gigantic ass and positioned my spit-covered pole against his pink virgin hole. It looked hella tight. He grunted as he felt the tip of my head against his puckered skin. The sound he made was more akin to a beast than a man. 
My dick started twitching like crazy, and I started panting because the thought of what was about to happen hit me. 

This huge alpha stud had his straight hole presented to me, and my wet dick was about to enter his butt! 

"I'm going in Adam!" 

My voice sounded more high-pitched than usual, probably because of my nervousness. 
Adam took a firmer hold of the toilet seat. I watched his tight hole twitch once. He grunted continuously even though my dick was still only pressed against his muscle ass. He was getting nervous. 
I grabbed my dick and started probing at his hole. Adam was shut tight. I pressed in harder, basically knocking at his hole now. 
Here I was, trying to break into the virgin ass of this stud.

"You… You need to relax bro."

Adam was grunting more intensely now.

"UGH! GHH! I'm trying man!" 

I started massaging Adam's divine ass in a circular motion. 

"Shhh! Calm down. Relax."

His grunts became lighter, and I felt his hole loosen up. 

"That's it. Shhh!"

That's when I took my chance, stood on my toes, and pressed my dick downwards into Adam. My head popped his anal cherry. 
The heavy grunting from earlier returned, but now Adam was incredibly loud. 


Shit, it wasn't even halfway yet. I started pressing into him harder and felt his anal walls stretch slowly. Damn, this must've been the tightest ass I've ever fucked!
Mike was quiet for a second and threw his body against the toilet seat. I took the opportunity and pressed my whole body into him. My entire dick finally slipped into his manpussy. 


I watched as Adam's eyes opened up in shock. His mouth was wide agape, but no sound came out of it until...


"I'm in!" 

He began breathing like a maniac and seemed completely out of it. 
I decided not to prolong this for longer and just started fucking away. As I slammed into his warm inside, I watched his mouth open wide. His breathing stopped. 

Slam! Slam! Slam! 

After several slams, he started breathing again and let out the loudest grunt I'd heard. This was too fucking erotic for me to stop. Damn, his ass felt so good.

Slam! Thrust! Thrust!

Adam was just grunting and panting like crazy. Sweat ran down my forehead, falling onto Adam's red polyester shirt. 
He was hyperventilating at this point. 

Slam! Slam! Slam!

Seeing my raw dick buried inside this virgin stud's ass was beautiful. 
Even though I was picking up my thrusts, I managed to pull my phone out again and hit record. 
I watched Adam's round cheeks flop around on the screen with each thrust of my dick. His ass looked more like a fuck balloon at this point. After a couple of seconds, the phone was too distracting, and I put it away again. 
The pleasure inside my dick and body was so intense now that nothing could slow me down or stop me from cumming inside Adam's ass! I started fucking like an animal. My gaze was transfixed on Adam's behind. It was an impressive sight to behold. Adam was still grunting but more steadily now. 

"Fuck Bro! You're gonna make me bust any second!" 

As my words left my mouth, I noticed Adam's hole twitching around my dick.

"You have such a big butt bro!" 

And again, immediately after I talked dirty, Adam's hole twitched. Was he into this? 

"You are taking my big dick, so UGH! So well bro!" 

There it was again! 
My mind was only filled with lust at that point, and I started maniacally fucking him with zero regards.

"Take it in your huge butt! Take my big gay dick in your manly cunt." 

That's when Adam's whole body started spasming, and I watched him cum all over the toilet seat. My mind was blown, and I immediately started cumming like crazy as a switch of realization broke loose in me.

"I'm busting dude! I'm nutting in you!" 

Shot after shot of my super protein plugged into Adam as his whole body twitched from his orgasm. I let myself fall against his body and completely emptied my balls. We stayed like this for some time, but Adam started to wobble and lose his grip on the toilet, so I let him stand up. My dick flopped out of his hole, and he immediately started oozing cum. I watched as some of my cum dripped to the floor. Adam turned around, and I saw his sock-covered feet step into the cum splattered on the ground. 
He was still breathing heavily. I looked up at him. Although my whole body was overcome in bliss, an immediate surge of danger traveled through my body. 
Was he about to hit me? 
But instead, Adam pulled up his underwear and started avoiding my gaze. 
He scratched his head and started coughing. 

"Ehm. Thanks for the brotein, dude. I Ehm. I will let the guys, and you know if the injection worked."

He scratched his butt.
Then he brushed past me, slammed my body against the bathroom wall, and left.
I stood there baffled, still out of breath, and with my leaking dick in the air. My breathing steadied, and I listened to what was happening behind the bathroom walls. It seemed quiet. As I left the bathroom, I noticed the locker room was empty. Everyone left, including Adam. He must've rushed out of here. 


I was lying on my bed, exhausted from practice. Jake was lying in his bed beside mine, still discussing the new protein method we revealed during training. 

"Man, that was so cool of you," he said as he excitedly punched his fist into the air. "I mean. All those guys were really paying attention when you talked. And Adam! Wow, Adam, he was fixated on you!"

I could tell Jake was trying to impress me, but I just smiled and nodded. He continued talking about the different scenarios of guys coming up to us and asking us about the method and how excited he was to go to practice again.
As his enthusiasm persisted, I couldn't help but laugh at his dumb jockiness. Despite all of it, though, I knew that deep down, he admired me for having the guts to share my secret with everyone else despite being scared of how they might react. 
Jake did not calm down, and I was silent until I finally said goodnight and drifted off to sleep. His constant talking annoyed me, but I couldn't be mad at Jake now. I knew that no matter what happened, I could always rely on Jake to be there for me when I needed him in this insane new journey laid down for me. 
As I tried drifting to sleep, I was constantly awoken by Jake's talking or rustling. After a while, he got quiet, and I thought I'd finally be able to fall asleep. My eyes were closed, but I heard movement in the room. I opened them slightly and tried to discover what was happening in the darkness surrounding me.  
That's when I saw Jake's impressive silhouette next to my bed. 

His frame was bopping up and down, and he looked like he was trying to keep his excitement contained, but it seemed like the energy was just too much for him. I observed as the dark frame slowly got into position closer to my body, barely managing not to make any noise while still visibly vibrating with anticipation. 
What the actual fuck was Jake doing!?
I braced myself for him to prank me or something and decided to keep a stone-cold posture. Jake's hand slowly moved over my blanket as he pulled it off me. 
My body almost started shaking. 

His warm hands drifted to my underwear, and I couldn't believe he was starting to pull them off slowly. 
He fumbled with my underwear for what felt like 20 minutes. I bucked my hips up slightly to help him pull them off. 
Jake still thought I was asleep. 

Finally, Jake pulled off my underwear, and I could feel the air around my exposed crotch. 
Cool air was soon replaced with the hot rhythmic breath from Jake's mouth. 
I almost gasped as I felt a hot, warm mouth enclose my dick. 
That's when the suction started. 

Although my dick felt good, it didn't feel like someone was giving me a good blowjob. 
It felt like someone was trying to suck on my dick like a straw, desperate to get something out of it.
My mind raced with thoughts as to how the fuck this scenario was happening, and I felt my dick grow like a mast inside the wet mouth. That's when I gasped aloud.
It took a few moments before Jake realized I had woken up and was watching him. I could make him out better now as my eyes got used to the darkness. Jake's eyes widened in surprise and embarrassment as he met my questioning gaze. However, his enthusiasm for sucking my dick hadn't diminished despite the awkwardness, so I decided to pump his face with my erect pole. While fucking his face, I blurted out, confused but overtaken with lust.

"What the fuck are you doing Jake?!"

Jake let my dick flop out of his mouth sloppily. He caught my wet stick with his right hand.

"Sorry, Bro I. I thought you were asleep, and… Just earlier, I thought. Hey, what if I get a brotein injection in my mouth? That would make my upper body grow for sure! 

So. So I asked you if I could try it, but you didn't reply. Then I asked you again and told you if you didn't reply, that would mean yes. You didn't reply, so I said I must try it."
Jake was insane, but heck, I didn't care about this explanation at all. I was happy he found an excuse to get on my dick, but his reason was still shocking.

"I got so excited thinking about how I'd make up with a bigger upper body tomorrow! And then I could show it to the guys and explain the method! That would be sick, Alex, and make them jealous for sure!"

As Jake continued to blabber on, my wet dick was being squeezed tightly by his right hand. 

"Ouch, dude!"

A look of concern crossed Jake's face.

"Oh, oh! Sorry, dude."

"It's okay. Just put it in your mouth, please, and let's get this over with. I want to go back to sleep." 

I lied.

"Yeah, sorry. Sure."

I just stayed motionless and let Jake do all the work. The sensation of his hot mouth around my dick came back. 

"Fuck Jake! Just bop your hot up and down. Imagine you're sucking a big lollipop and need to get it all in your mouth."

Jake murmured around my dick, the sensation making a tingle run through my dick.


Jake may not have been the best at sucking dick, but his enthusiasm and energy stayed constant throughout his attempt.
After a couple of bops, Jake pulled my dick out of his mouth and started gasping. I wanted to shove my dick right back into his mouthpussy.

"Like this Alex?" 

"Yeah, Jake! You are! Doing so! Good. It feels good!" 

Jake made a surprised yet impressed face and grimaced a bit. 

"Oh really?!"

He bounced my dick around with his hand and lowered his mouth where it belonged again. He pressed the head of my dick against his lips and smiled. 

"Why does it make me feel weirdly proud that you liked it bro? Haha! This is crazy! I'd never think I'd suck a dude's penis. Let alone a penis this big. It kinda feels like a warm and hard banana in my mouth." 

Jake continued to talk while my dick was pulsing. My head was pressed against his mouth, waiting to be taken back in.

"But anyways! It's not even gay, is it? Cause like we are Bros, and I just need the brotein. Plus, I'm wearing socks. This is sick dude. It's like regular rules don't apply to… UAWHMMM! UHM! UMMFH!"

I interrupted Jake's outrageous blabbering by thrusting my dick into his face. I grabbed his hair and started face fucking him. 


"Yeah, Jake! This is not gay at all! And it feels so good!" 

My hips were humping into his face furiously. 


"What are you saying bro?!"

Hump! Hump! Hump! 

"MMWHH! Bhhmm! mww! mmYYWY? BYW…MHHM?" 

Was Jake seriously trying to talk while I was fucking his mouth? I almost laughed but got distracted by how incredibly the vibrations of his muffling made my dick feel. I didn't want him to stop.

"What was that bro?!"

Thrust! Hump!

"OuGH! Hmm! Hm..Hm. WYF! Byf! OHHMF."

I could feel the climax in my balls approaching, so I started to face fuck Jake even harder.


"Come again bro?!"

Jake's mouth and my dick got all slimy due to all his spit. My dick was sliding in and out of his throat so easily now.


"You're Right! Yeah, you're right."

That's when I couldn't take it anymore. The sensations around my dick were becoming too much to handle. I started shooting my warm cum and held Jake's face close to my dick.

"AH! GAH! Remember! Remember to swallow all the brotein dude! FUCK!"


Jake was focused on keeping his mouth enclosed around my shaft, but he still managed to give me a thumbs up as I pumped shot after shot of my cum into his throat. I watched his throat contract as he hungrily swallowed my shots one after another. He might've been a first-timer to this, but he was hungry as fuck for the brotein, I guess. 

My dick stopped twitching, and I let it slide out of his mouth. Jake almost didn't let it go and had his mouth sucked up hard on it. Finally, he let it flop out of his mouth. 
He looked up at me with big eyes and red cheeks.

"DAMN, Alex! That was quick. Could you understand what I was saying?"

Wait, that was his concern right now?!

"Suuuure dude."

"Fuck that's awesome! I can talk with my whole mouth stuffed with a boner! HAH!" 

I gave Jake's shoulders a couple of proud claps. 

"You took all the brotein right?" 

Jake swallowed hard.

"Yes. I did. That was a bunch man. Maybe it's going to make me even bigger than huge!"

"Good. We don't want any going to waste. Thanks for making my dick feel good, by the way." 

"Oh yeah. That's a bonus for you. Thanks for the protein." 

"I like this payment method."

Jake scrunched up his face a little. 

"I guess that's fair dude."

Jake was still holding onto my dick with his right hand. 

"You can let go of that bro."

Jake looked at his hand and slowly realized.

"Oh! Sorry yeah." 

He let go of my dick slowly and let it lay against my stomach. Surprisingly Jake gave my dick a few gentle taps as if he was petting it.

"We don't want to damage the goods."

"Oh yeah, I have to be careful with those."

We were both caressing my dick now.

"Let that weapon rest so he can charge up all his shots for later." 

Jake laughed, jumped up, and threw himself onto his bed. 
I had no idea if Jake was just so oblivious at this point or if he knew what he was doing to me. 
I let out a deep breath and pulled my covers back up.

"Fuck, dude, my mouth is all sticky. Bahaha!" 

I laughed with him even though the thought of that made me excited. 

"You know Jake? When you take the brotein injection you also lose some calories. It's like a workout almost."

"Damn! Dude, that's so awesome. The more I learn about this, the better it gets!

And I can't wait for tomorrow! It will be so awesome looking in the mirror In the morning and seeing my chest and arms be even bigger."

"Well yeah, let's hope so. We don't know for sure if it will work like that."

"Nah dude! I know it! I can feel it already. Trust me bro. My chest will be so big by tomorrow everyone at practice will call me "Jake the Great"! HAHA!"

Jake was so dumb and yet so incredibly cute. He has certainly outdone himself with this one, and I couldn't help but be thankful for him. I almost thanked Jake for being here for me but chickened out.
Everything seemed to fall into place with Jake, and I realized that even when things get crazy, which they already did, having somebody I can rely on makes all the difference in the world. Jake was my confidante and companion now. I needed him because I knew that this was only the beginning of many more crazy adventures to come.

to be continued...

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