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The Changed Man


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51 minutes ago, dredlifter said:

I don't think he's anywhere near that tall.  Muscular men often seem taller than they really are and part of it is because their chests stick out so much.  You feel like you are looking directly at a tall muscular man's chest because they are so broad and thick that their head is further back than you think.  If that makes sense.

In this story I picture Clint being 6'4.  Very tall but not absurdly so. 

But it does bring up a good point, that I really wish some indication of height were given (in this story and others) as it does have a big affect on our perceptions of the characters. 


Still loving the story!  Some really fun and creative muscle sex going on and I'm for it!



Next part I’ll be sure to include a hot measurement scene with some muscle worship and dirty talk to seal the deal 😂

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This story is so hot! I’m hoping Clint can grow his son bigger as well! Now, I’ll go clean myself up….more please!

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11 hours ago, Throwaway0282639 said:

Next part I’ll be sure to include a hot measurement scene with some muscle worship and dirty talk to seal the deal 😂

I can't wait!


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Part 4

“Count them out loud son.” Clint said. 
“5,6,7,8,9,10…” Sean began to count, trying to focus more on that and less on the incredible pleasure coming from having his cock buried in his dad’s muscled ass. 
“20,21,22,23,24,25…” Sean continued, Clint kept an even pace, moving his body steadily up and down, the fluid motion of the push-up carrying Sean along. 
Clint let out a grunt as he past 50, stalling for a moment, “I gotta say, I figured you cum by now. I’m impressed. Maybe I need to try a bit harder.”
Clint began to pump out push-ups in rapid succession, moving so quickly Sean was having a hard time keeping up. The increased speed increased the clenching and relaxing of the muscles in Clint’s ass. Sean moaned as he struggled to not cum. 
“100,101,102,103…” Sean was determined to keep up with Clint, he had to impress his dad again. The stalemate continued, Clint effortlessly moving through his push-ups, and Sean fighting the urge to blow the biggest load of his life inside his father. 
“205,206,207…” Sean noticed his dad had started to get sweaty, his hands rubbing over Clint’s thick chest, Sean felt the sweat trapped in the hair on his dad’s pecs, and he felt the sweat between their bodies as Sean lay on his dad’s back. 
He couldn’t hold it any longer, “Dad. I’m. I’m. Going to cum!” Sean said.
“Fuck yeah. Cum inside your daddy’s big muscle ass son, show me how much you love me huge muscles!”
Sean gritted his teeth, and his cock began to unload inside Clint. Shot after shot Sean pumped into his dad’s tight hot hole. 
“Ohhhh yeah son. What a fucking load!” Clint said, almost sounding proud in his adulation. 
Once Sean had stopped cumming, Clint rolled his back, Sean’s cock slid out of the hole and Sean rolled to the floor. Landing in his back on the floor he saw Clint’s mighty figure rising above him. Sweaty, swollen, hard as a rock still. Sean went to get up, but Clint placed one huge heavy foot on Sean’s chest and held him to the floor. 
“Stay down there son. Enjoy the show.”
Sean couldn’t see his dad’s face past his pecs at the angle, but Clint was jerking his large cock with both hands. The force of the masterbation causing the now pumped up pecs to shake. The sweat dripped off of Clint’s body, landing on Sean as the little man lay below his father, pinned to the floor by his dad’s huge foot. 
“Fuck. Open up your mouth son!” 
Sean did, opening his mouth and sticking out his tongue, Clint pointed his cock down, and cum began to spray from the tip. Ropes of cum assaulted Sean’s face, many making it into his mouth, streaking across Sean’s chest. Clint’s orgasm slowed. The king thick ropes of cum changing to heavy drops. Finally Clint shook his cock one last time, a massive glob of cum flying from the tip and landing directly into Sean’s mouth. 
Sean licked his lips and swallowed, “damn. You taste so good dad.” He said, feeling the huge amount of cum covering his body, scooping up handfuls of his fathers cum and putting them in his mouth. 
“God you look fucking good laying there covered in my cum.” Clint said, finally releasing his cock and lifting his foot off of Sean. Clint stepped back and relaxed as he sat on the bed. Leaning against the headboard with his tree trunk legs spread apart wide. Placing his large hands on his thighs, Clint took a few deep breaths. 
Sean stood up and sat on the bed as well. 
“Well. Would you look at that. You tired your old man out.” Clint said, gripping his soft cock and smacking it’s still substantial thick length on his thigh. 
Sean climbed up the bed, positioning himself between Clint’s heavy legs. With one hand he gripped his dad’s cock, still almost too thick to wrap his hand around while soft, and with the other he caressed the muscles in his dad’s ripped thigh. 
“Come on dad. You can’t stop now.” As he continued to stroke his dad’s cock he flicked Clint’s nipple with his tongue. “Your muscles are just getting pumped up. You’re looking fucking huge. Your last load was the biggest yet. You can’t be done yet.” In his hand he felt his dad’s cock getting hard again, blood pumping into the shaft. The thick tube of meat getting longer, harder, thicker in Sean’s hand. He felt his fingers being spread apart as Clint’s cock expanded in his hand. “Look at that. I knew my big daddy still had another load for me in there.”
Sean lowered his mouth to Clint’s cock he said, “I want to feel it grow in my mouth.” With that Sean deep throated his dad’s dick, burying his nose into his dad’s pubes. Once he was at the base of Clint’s cock, he opened his mouth a bit more, sticking out his tongue and he began to lick. 
“Ohhhh fuck yes boy! Suck on that cock and lick those bull balls holy shit that’s hot!” Clint said, bucking his hips. 
Finally Sean felt Clint’s cock turn into hot iron in his mouth, stretching his jaw and oozing precum into the back of his throat. Sean pulled his mouth off of his dad’s cock, leaving behind a slippery layer of spit covering the length. Sean grabbed with both hands and began to work in twisting motion. Clint grunted a deep gutteral sound as he shoved his hips forward. “Fuck son. You know how to work a cock…..let daddy give you some tips.” Clint gripped Sean’s small waist in his hands and lifted his son. Clint stood, holding Sean by his waist. As he planted his feet to the ground in a steady stance, he held Sean’s crotch towards his face, and Sean was upside down staring at his dad’s dick. Clint swallowed Sean’s cock while holding him in the air, hungrily sucking Sean all the way down and taking his balls into his wide open mouth. His stubble rubbing against Sean’s bare body sending shivers of pleasure down his spine. 
Sean gripped his dad’s cock with both hands and began to work at the huge erection before him. Working his tongue over the engorged cock head as he went 
It didn’t take long for Sean to cum. Clint hurriedly swallowing ever drop of Sean’s load, which wasn’t much as he was drained from their session. 
Clint on the other hand, had a large load still waiting for his son. 
Laying Sean down on the bed, Clint positioned him so that he was on his back, with his head hanging off the bed. “I wanna see my cock as it moves down your throat.” He said, and he touched the large head of his penis to his sons waiting lips. Pushing forward, he pushed past the soft lips and down into Sean’s throat. 
Clint placed his huge hand over Sean’s throat as he thrust deeper, “are hell yeah son. I can feel you taking all of my huge cock. You’re such a good little cock sucker.” As he thrust his hips back and forth, he began to pick up speed, Sean working to control his breathing, and Clint preparing to bust a load deep in Sean’s throat. 
“Fuck. I can feel my cock swelling in your mouth. I’m gunna cum son!” With that Clint shoved his cock in once more, burying Sean’s nose into his huge balls. Sean felt them contract as they began to pump cum through the long shaft. 
“Fucking. Swallow. Every. Drop. Ughhhhhh!” Clint pumped shot after shot into Sean, refusing to pull out until he was finished filling his boy up. 
Sean felt the warm thick load coating his insides, the power of the burst of cum shoving each one before it deeper into his throat. 
Finally Clint slid his cock out of Sean, smacking the wet sticky meat on Sean’s face he said, “have you had enough yet?”
“I’ll never be able to get enough of this.” Sean said rubbing Clint’s powerful muscles and semi hard cock. 
“Let’s say we go shower once more and then head to bed. I’m exhausted and I need to be up early tomorrow.”
The two headed to the shower, unable to keep their hands off each other still. Sean taking every chance to feel his dad’s huge hard hairy muscles, and Clint unable to resist his sons tight tiny body. 
Washing the copious amounts of cum off of each other, father and son worked in silence, appreciating each others bodies. When finished after drying off, Clint carried Sean to bed and laid him down, hugging him from behind. 
Sean considered his position, he’d never felt more loved and safe in his life. Wrapped in his dad’s giant arms, his thick hairy chest brushing against his back, the strong cock resting between his legs. He finally had the two things he’d always truly wanted the most, a dad and a muscle daddy. 

Waking in the morning, Sean rolled over. He felt a heavy hand on his shoulder, “hey, wake up son.” Sean blinked his eyes, the sunlight bright in the room. As he opened his eyes he was greeted by his dad’s large form beside the bed. He was wearing only a pair of boxer briefs, stretched by his big cock, which was hard as ever before. A dark spot formed at the tip where he was leaking. 
“Sean. I need some help.” 
Sean sat up in bed, “what’s wrong dad?”
“Well. I woke up this morning with this huge morning wood. I was leaking precum all over you, I decided to go workout, maybe burning off some steam would help, but afterwards I was even hornier. I took a cold shower to cool down, but all I got were some hard sensitive nipples. So I was wondering if you could help me with this?” Punctuating the question Clint smacked his cock a few times, the heavy beast threatening to bust the underwear. 
Sean’s eyes lit up. His own morning wood almost busting at the sight and situation presented in front of him. 
“So. Do you have any ideas on how to help me out?” Clint said, giving Sean a devilish grin and his cock jumping in the underwear in anticipation. 
“Well. I think we should go back to the gym and you should workout some more. Get out some energy. While you workout your muscles, I’ll take care of your cock. Maybe we can drain your energy and cock at the same time.” 
Clint smiled, “I like the sound of that. You haven’t even seen my gym yet. You’re in for a surprise.” 

Following Clint down the hall they walked outside, across a few stone steps, and into the garage adjacent to the house. Walking in Sean had expected nothing impressive, but that changed as he crossed the threshold into the room. The floor was a polished concrete with thick mats under each piece of gym equipment. There was equipment for each possible body part and exercise you could wish. Everything from a simple bench press to a complete smith machine. Rows of different sized dumbbells, stacks of heavy weights strewn across the room. Mirrors covering the entirety of two of the walls. Belts, gloves, protein, an assortment of other things all littered shelves hanging on the other walls. A large sound system and water cooler in one corner of the room. 
“Pretty cool huh?” Clint said, reading Sean’s shocked expression. 
“This is impressive dad. No wonder you got so damn big.”
“Heh heh, yeah. This all for sure helped. So what should we workout today? I did biceps and legs this morning, and that clearly didn’t work.” Clint gestured down to his still hard cock. 
“Hmm.” Sean said. Walking towards his father, “I think we need to work this chest. It’s a little small, could be bigger.”
Clint looked down at Sean and bounced his pecs, “you think I’m small?” He said. 
“Well I mean. I’ve seen bigger.” Sean said, teasingly. 
“Then I’ll have to change that.” 
Clint walked to a stack of 45lb weights and began to load them onto a bench press bar. Sean tried to watch and keep count, but his mind was clouded by thoughts of how he’d use and abuse his dangerously horny dad here in the gym. Something about the way he’d teased his dad’s size earlier really did it for him. 
Clint lay down under the bar, the metal bending and bowing up in the middle from the weight on their side of the bar. Clint gripped the thick metal, repositioned his hands, and gripped again. 
Sean approached his dad as he situated himself on the bench. His legs spread wide on either side of the padded support. Clint’s cock still hard as iron in the thin briefs. As Clint lifted the bar off of the rack, Sean began to lick the length of his dad’s cock through the underwear. 
Clint pumped out rep after rep of the heavy weight, while Sean worshiped the covered length of his cock. 
Sean heard a tear. The elastics in the underwear starting to break and give at the power of Clint’s hard cock. 
His dad racked the weight and he lay back on the bench. Sean still licking the length of the meat, and placing his mouth on the covered head of his dad’s cock. 
Clint stood, and Sean, in his knees in front of his dad, was looking directly at the huge bulge. Precum so thick and plentiful it was leaking out through the fabric and Sean licked it off of the outside of the briefs. 
“Take them off of me.” Clint instructed. 
Sean reached up and grabbed the waistband. 
“Ah ah ah. Not with your hands. With your mouth.”
Sean moved, grabbing the waistband between his teeth and pulling down. He had to pull out and down to get the waistband over the obnoxious length of his dad’s full sized erection that was sticking straight out. After the front was taken care of, the waistband had snagged in the back. Sean moved around his massive father to get the back. The top of the underwear caught on the shelf of ass Clint possessed, a dark wet spot forming along his crack as the big man began to sweat. Sean grabbed the underwear in his teeth again, pulling them down slowly over his dad’s ass, his nose and lips running along the length of the deep crack between Clint’s cheeks. 
Finally off and on the floor, Clint stepped out of the underwear. As he laid back down on the bench. 
Clint’s cock lay and rested on his hard stomach, and Sean positioned his body and placed his ass directly over his dad’s cock. Letting his crack fill with the length of the huge member under him. Placing his hands on Clint’s jacked pecs for support, Clint lifted the bar again. Pumping up and down the heavy weight as if it were nothing. Sean for his part, grinding his ass along the length of his father’s thick cock. 
“Fuckkkkk!” Clint said, racking the weight. He grabbed Sean and pulled his head between his deep pecs, bouncing them as Sean licked and worshipped the massive chest. 
Clint bucked his hips, moving his cock up and down Sean’s ass crack as he smothered his son between his huge pecs. 
“Please son. Let me fuck you again.” Clint pleaded. 
Sean hesitated. Remembering the massive member and the pain from the night before. But feeling the impressive size and hardness of his dad’s cock between his ass and being completely surrounded by his huge pumped muscles made him reconsider. 
“Okay dad. But be gentle.” 
“I’ll let you take the lead.” Clint said, laying back down on the bench. He reached up and grabbed the bar and Sean spun around. Placing his ass in front of Clint’s face and preparing to wet the huge cock before it entered him. 
Clint dove into Sean’s ass. Working one finger, then two, then three in he said, “damn son. You’re still stretched from last night, and you still have daddy’s load in you. I think your ass is ready to go.” Sean swallowed Clint’s cock, ensuring it was coated in spit, and then he positioned his body so he was hovering over Clint’s strong erection. 
Clint, holding the bench press bar again, nodded to Sean. Sean lowered his body, feeling the huge head slide in surprisingly easy. 
Clint moaned as he entered his son’s wet, warm hole. 
Sean placed his hands on Clint’s chest, bracing himself, and he began to lower his body down onto the huge cock below him. Clint lifted the bar and began to bench again. 
Sean reached as much of the cock as he could handle and lifted his body, pulling out until only the head was in. He moved in a rhythm. Taking as much as he could, then lifting out almost completely. 
“Fuck dad. It’s so big.” 
Clint simply continued to bench, his chest swelling with power, his face contorted with pleasure and strain as he pushed his muscles to the limit. 
Quickly Clint racked the bar, reached his arms around Sean, and pulled him into his chest once again. Clint moved his hips, pumping in and out of Sean, respecting where Sean had stopped on his own. 
Clint picked up speed. Working his cock into Sean while his son moaned and cried into the crevice between his pecs. Pushing in, one final time, his cock swelled and began to pump cum into Sean. Sean felt the thick warm load fill his insides as Clint pumped another massive load into him. 
Shot after shot of cum raced out of Clint’s cock. 
Finally, Clint’s cock began to soften, and he pulled out of Sean, a thick river of cum following as Sean’s stretched hole began to recover from the pounding. 
“Thank you son. I was afraid that morning wood would never go away.” 
“Dad.” Sean said tentatively, “you’re so fucking huge and horny. It’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”
“Well, the way you worship my muscles and get off to your big muscle daddy is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” 
“How big are you dad?” 
“What? Like my cock?”
“No. Like everything. How tall are you, how much do you weigh, his big are your arms, chest, legs. I know you’re massive, but how massive are you?” 
Clint got that same sky devilish grin on his face that Sean had come to know. 
“I haven’t measured in a while, Son. How’d you like to help me get some fresh stats?”
“Oh I’d fucking love to!” Sean said, not even trying to hide his excitement and enthusiasm. 
Clint walked over to one wall and grabbed a tape measure off a shelf. 
He then walked and stood in front of a mirror. Sean followed and stood next to his dad. The height difference so clear in the mirror, Clint looking wider than two of Sean. 
“Now. I know from getting my license renewed last month that I’m 6’8.”
Clint then flexed his left arm, lowering it down to in front of Sean’s face. The huge boulder seeming as big as Sean’s head, the huge flexed are taking up his entire field of vision. 
“Go ahead son. Measure that big bicep.” 
Sean draped the tape measure over the tall bicep peak. He observed the insertions of the muscles. His dad had perfect genetics to create such an incredible arm, the long insertion allowing for the king sized bicep to fill with space, and the split peak of the bicep allowing it to rise up along the length. Clint pumped his bicep a few times, a large vein popping up along the head of the bicep.  Sean wrapped the tape measure around the low hanging tricep, bringing it back around. 
“Well, what’s it say?” Clint asked, looking down at Sean. 
“25.5 inches.” Sean said, practically drooling over the big arm. 
“Why don’t you give daddy’s bicep a kiss before we continue.”
Sean leaned forward, placing his soft lips on his dad’s flexed arm. When his mouth connected, Clint began to twist his wrist, flexing and unflexing the bicep under Sean’s mouth. 
“How’s that big arm taste?” 
Sean pulled back, “it’s so hard dad, but it tastes so fucking sweet.” 
Clint turned to face Sean, lowering his right bicep down in front of Sean, “now measure the other one.”
Sean lay the tape measure over the bicep, around the tricep, and pulling it tight. 
“My right arm has always been a bit bigger than my left.” Clint stood to his full height and hit a double bicep pose. “What do you think son? Can you tell a difference in the size?” 
Sean looked up at the incredible display of size and strength. 
“No dad. They both look perfect.”
“Speaking of perfect. Let’s measure this chest!” Clint dropped his arms to his side and bounced his pecs, rhythmically and slowly rolling the huge slabs of meat, the striations popping through the dark chest hair. 
Sean looked straight forward, staring directly into his dad’s monster chest. Grabbing the tape measure he tried to get it around the expanse of chest, Clint relaxed to make it easier, Sean leaned in, his face burying deep into his dad’s chest as he tired to get the tape measure around Clint’s wide back. He pressed and stretched as hard and as far as he could, finally, barely he got the tape measure around. Centering it over the deep divide between the two pecs. 
“Damn dad. The tape measure almost isn’t long enough. 59.5” and the thing only goes to 60”.”
“How’s that for a small chest boy? I’ll need to get a new tape measure so I can just grow and grow!”
Clint looked down, shook his thigh, then flexed. The muscles popping out and each separated by defined grooves. Sean leaned in, pulling the tape measure over the largest, thickest part of Clint’s thigh. 
“31”.” Sean said, still looking at the ripped quad, running his hand over the ripped hard muscle. 
He then felt a heavy weight on his head, looking up Clint smacked his face with his rock hard cock. 
“How bout you measure this muscle next, son.”
Sean held the tape measure, pressing it to the base of Clint’s thick dick. Slowly moving his hand along the length of his dad’s dick, Sean enjoyed and appreciated the veiny thickness of his fathers length. Reaching the tip he read out, “11.5”.” Clint moved his hands to his nipples and tugged at them, his cock responding by growing larger, thicker. 
“What about now?”
“12” even.” Sean said, resisting the urge to swallow his dad’s cock in the moment. 
“How thick?”
Sean chose the thickest part of the cock, near the base, although it was roughly the same thickness all the way down, the base seemed to be just that much thicker. 
“9”. Thick as a beer can.” Sean said. 
Clint stepped back and walked over to the scale sitting near the door. “Come here and read the weight son. I can’t see it over these huge tits.” Clint laughed and bounced his pecs again. 
Sean walked over, looking at the readout on the scale, “345lbs.” 
Clint stepped off the scale, his weight causing the metal and plastic to groan. 
“How bout that son. 345lbs of rock hard muscle. So fucking big….everywhere.” Clint flexed his bicep, bringing it to his mouth, he licked his own big bicep. Cupping his pecs, he buried his chin into his hairy chest and licked the top of his pecs. 
His cock bouncing hard as he worshipped his own muscles. 
“Come here son. Enjoy these big muscles with me.” 
Sean moved over to his dad. Reaching his hands up and caressing Clint’s chest. Grabbing handfuls of the thick hair and feeling the muscles move under his hands. Clint bent down, grabbed Sean by his ass and lifted him up. Brining Sean’s face to his. They kissed, Clint’s tongue assaulting his mouth, his hands exploring his son’s hole. 
“Fuck son. I need to go eat. I need to feed these big muscles. I need some protein.” 
He sat Sean down and Sean hear his dad’s stomach growl. 
Walking inside, Sean watched his dad’s huge back and ass move. Following his dad inside, Sean finally took a moment to notice how hard his cock was. The muscle worship, the measuring, the admiration of his dad’s size, his dad kissing and feeling his own muscles. Sean had been close to cumming all morning but had prioritized making sure his dad came. 
“Dad.” Sean said, Clint stopping in his tracks as he moved into the kitchen, “I think I need to cum now.”
“Well.” Clint began, “cum is a good source of protein. I’ll help you cum on one condition son.” 
“Yes dad. Anything.”
“You have to promise to blow your whole load down my throat. I need all the protein I can get.”
Clint gripped Sean by the waist and lifted him up. Resting Sean’s cock against his stubbly face, and letting Sean’s ass rest on his shelf like pecs. 
“Get ready son. Daddy’s hungry for cock this morning.” 

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Part 5 

Clint sucked and swallowed Sean’s cock. Sean loved the way his dad his effortlessly held in up to his face as he worked every bit of Sean’s length. Slipping a finger deep inside Sean, Clint expertly probed his son’s prostate, working Sean up. 
“Fuck dad I’m going to cum already!” Clint didn’t change a thing. He continued with his onslaught from the front and back, ready to pleasure his son more than anyone else ever could. 
Sean grabbed Clint’s head and pulled him in as he began to shoot his load down Clint’s throat. Clint didn’t stop, though. Sean’s sensitive cock working in overdrive from the pleasure. Sean writhed and moaned as his dad pleasured him more and more, urging every last drop of cum in his son down his thick throat. 
Clint finally pulled his finger out and released the cock from his mouth. He licked his lips, “fuck I love the way your cum tastes. It almost sweet.” 
Setting Sean down on the floor again, Clint walked out of the room. Sean heard the shower start up down the hallway. As he walked towards the bathroom he saw Clint had left the door open. Entering the bathroom he watched as Clint put on a show in the shower. Soaping up his huge body and working the lather into his muscular frame. Feeling the size and heft of his chest, caressing his flexed bicep. Turning around and leaning against the wall, he spread his ass wide and soaped his hairy hole. Bending forward, he put his ass on even greater display as he reached down to soap his thick quads. Turning back around his semi hard cock hanging heavy and low, his huge balls looking swollen yet again. Sean had no idea why he didn’t get in the shower with his dad, but there was something so attractive about watching his father wash his huge body in such a seductive manor. To get to enjoy the show of a huge bodybuilder feeling and flexing his own muscles, and getting hard knowing that his son is watching him do so. It was Sean’s fantasy, right in front of him. 
Clint motioned for Sean to enter the shower, so he did. Clint got down on his knees, held the soapy cloth he’d used on himself, and began to wash Sean. Reaching from behind he worked his hands over Sean’s smooth chest, Sean could feel his dad’s huge pecs pushing against his back as he massaged his body. Working down one arm and then the next, Clint took his time. Admiring the tight body his son possessed. Almost worshipping Sean’s figure. Clint began to clean Sean’s ass, his huge load still leaking from his Son’s hole. Down Sean’s legs he moved the cloth and his hands. Gripping and squeezing his son’s body as he went. Sean turned around, Clint still soaping up his body from the front. Taking extra care to clean Sean’s hard cock and balls. Fuck. Was he just going to be perpetually hard now when he was near his dad? Sean leaned forward, his cock rubbing against his dad’s monster pecs. On his legs he could feel his dad’s fat cock swaying as he got hard feeling Sean’s body. 
Clint stood and they rinsed off the soap in silence. Drying off they went to Clint’s room. To Sean’s surprise, Clint reached for a pair of underwear and put them on. To be specific, it was a baby blue thong. His huge ass swallowing the back, shoving his semi hard cock and swollen balls into the too small pouch, tufts of hair poking out, his balls nearly falling out of the sides as his king sized cock pushed the pouch forward. 
Sean grabbed a pair of his own underwear and put them on, noticing how he barely filled out anything at all. 
Clint walked to the kitchen. Something was off. 
Sean followed him and when he got to the kitchen he saw Clint sitting at the kitchen table, head in his hands. 
Sean entered the room cautiously, “dad? Is everything okay?”
Clint looked up at his son, clearly troubled by something, “yes. Everything is fine.”
The two locked eyes, Sean observed his father’s posture, the way his shoulders were hunch he almost looked defeated. 
Sean moved closer to his large dad, and placed one small hand on his broad shoulder, “dad, I’m 27,  not only can I tell something is wrong, but I’m big enough to handle whatever it is. Please tell me.”
Clint turned him body from facing the table, so slightly facing Sean. Sean took his opportunity and moved to sit on Clint’s big hairy thigh, as he straddled the thick leg, feeling the corded muscles move under his body, he looked up at his dad, and then leaned in and hugged him; again unable to fully wrap him hands all the way around the big torso, but squeezing nonetheless. He felt a big paw come to rest on the small of his back. 
“I’m sorry, son. I just. This isn’t how I ever pictured us meeting, truly. I’m worried about how it could hurt our relationship going forward.” 
Sean held on to his dad, knowing that he wasn’t done speaking, and the most important thing he could do now was continue to listen and support instead of trying to placate a grown man. 
“It also makes me upset that we’ve gotten to spend so much time together this weekend, but I know that you’ll leave tonight, go back to work this week, you’ll be busy on weekends, and I’m worried that all of…this…this fun and good time, won’t last after the thrill of the first weekend wears off.”
There was the crux of it, Sean thought. His dad was afraid of him leaving, again, and losing contact and his son all over again. 
Sean released his hug and moved on his dad’s thigh, enough so that he could make eye contact instead of just talking into a furry pec. 
“Like I said before. I now have two things I’ve wanted more than anything in my life, a dad, and a daddy. Not just any dad, a dad who truly cares for me and who worked and worked and worked on himself to be a better man, simply to be welcoming and loving for me. And, not just any daddy. The biggest, strongest muscle daddy I’ve ever seen. How lucky am I that I get someone so loving a protecting, and who is also a huge hunk?” Sean paused. Letting that settle in before he continued. “It’s going to take a lot more than work and life to keep me away from all of this.” Sean exclaimed his statement by once again embracing his father, who, returned the embrace. Pulling Sean in with his strong hands, holding him perfectly tight in his huge embrace. 
“Thank you son. I just…”
“You worry you’ll lose me again. Don’t. You’re not the same person I left all those years ago, and now that I’ve met who you truly are, I’m prepared to work as hard as you have to make up for the lost time.”
The two sat in their embrace for a moment or more. 
Clint loosened his hug and Sean did as well. “So…” Clint began, “I know you have to go back to work this week. I was wondering if we could keep in contact throughout the week?”
Sean looked at him a bit confused, “what do you mean?”
“Like. Texts or phone calls. I know you’re busy throughout the week and it’s not a correct expectation to see you every day; but to just know how your day was, if you need any help with anything, I don’t know, I’ve just enjoyed talking and spending time with you so much this weekend I don’t want it to just, stop.”
Sean looked at his father for a moment, this hulk of a man was splitting open at the seams to be vulnerable with him, and Sean found it so, so very attractive. But now wasn’t the time to get horned up over his dad. No. He needed to stay focused. 
“Of course we can!” Sean said, “we can text or talk every day. I want to know about things you’re doing as well. Pictures of contracting jobs you do, new records you set in the gym, updates on your plans to enter a bodybuilding competition, anything and everything.”
They again sat for a moment, enjoying the space each of their bodies took up in respect to the other. 
Sean slowly got off of his dad’s lap, “does that make you feel any better?” 
Clint looked at his son, and nodded, “it does. I’m not completely okay, but this is all something I can work on being okay with.” The big man then stood, “alright. Now. How about some food. I’m still starving.” Rising up in front of Sean, Sean was able to appreciate the height and scale of his dad on display in front of him. His huge bulge forcing its way forward, drawing in Sean’s attention, “ah. I know what you want to eat!” Clint teased, grabbing his bulge with one hand and shaking it. As he did one big nut fell out of the side of the inadequately sized pouch, “oops.” He said, tucking it back in, “guess I’m getting too big for my favorite pair of these.” And with that he turned and walked towards the fridge. 
“That’s not fair!” Sean jokingly whined. 
Clint bent over to retrieve something from the fridge, his huge ass on display, the light blue thong material riding deep into his hairy ass, he shook his big butt a big and then stood back up with a few containers in his big hands. “Awe. What’s not fair?” He said in a similar mocking/joking tone. 
“You can’t just tease me with your thick cock like that and then walk away.”
“Oh yeah?” Clint said, still with his back turned to him, preparing something at the stove. “And what are you going to do about it, little boy?”
Sean struggled to even come up with somethin to keep this going, his head filling with lust as he hungered for more of his dad’s huge body. 
“Well!” Sean began, “I, I…” Clint looked back over his shoulder at Sean smiling as he knew he was teasing the fuck out of him. 
“You’ll what?” Clint said, he flexed his biceps and his back as they faced Sean, “you’re so small and weak compared to me. I’ll tease you as much as I want, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” 
God. This little character his dad was playing was hitting the spot for Sean, the cocky alpha look looked GREAT on his dad. 
“Besides son.“ Clint said, “we need to eat before we do anything else. I need to grow these muscles for you!” 
“Yeah you do!” Sean barked, “you’ve been looking a little small lately.” Clint didn’t flinch at this, either the game was over, or Sean needed to double down, “in fact, I bet I could go to the gym right now and find a muscle daddy with much bigger pecs than you.” 
“Yeah? Is that so?” Clint said, still facing away from Sean as he worked at the stove. 
“Yeah. How much do you bench? Like 300lbs or something? I know I can find someone who could do double that without breaking a sweat.”
“For the record, son…” Clint said, his tone betraying his character as he fed into it, “I bench over 900lbs when I max. And I haven’t done that in a while. Who knows how strong these muscles really are.”
Fuck. Sean hadn’t expected that. 900lbs Jesus Christ. 
“What’s wrong son? Cat got your tongue now?” 
Sean was losing his battle with his cock, his craving for his huge dad swallowing him whole.
“You know what else none of those other guys down at the gym will have compared to me?” 
“What’s that?” Sean said, anticipation for what came next eating him alive. 
Clint turned sideways, Sean able to see how truly thick his father’s body was as he stood in front of the stove, mostly blocking it from view. The true area of focus clear, his rock hard cock obscenely shoving against the tight baby blue thong. His cock sticking straight out , shoving the waistband away from his waist, most of the length visible where the pouch couldn’t contain the full extravagant cock, his heavy balls hanging out of the side of the pouch, unable to remain trapped in what little fabric was left. Clint gripped his cock with both hands, covering half of it, and the other half poking out, threatening to snap the thong right off his body. “No other guy will have a over a foot of thick daddy dick for you.” Sean’s mouth went slack at the display of size on his dad. But in that moment. He knew how to play his cards. 
“In fact dad. I think I know how you can keep me coming back here time after time?” 
“Oh yeah, son, what’s that?” He said, pumping his cock back and forth in his hands, the thick head flaring. 
“Don’t cum until I come back.” 
Clint stopped, looking quizzically at Sean. 
“Yeah. All week hold your load for me. I’ll hold mine for you. We will both be so hot and horny that there’s no possible way I could stay away.” 
Clint got a fiendish smile on his face, dropping his hands away from his hard cock. 
“I like the sound of that son. I’m only worried about two things.” 
“What’s that?” Sean said, enjoying that he finally had an upper hand here. 
“Well. First of all, I’m afraid you’ll cream your pants halfway through the week just thinking about my massive muscles.” He bounced his pecs for emphasis, and he was right, it caused Sean’s cock to jump and leak. “And two, if I don’t cum all week, next time your here I’ll have to cum like 5 or 6 times to get it all out. I’ll drown you and cover you in cum.”
Sean lost his upper hand, completely unable to resist his father. He walked closer as Clint turned back to the stove. Sean walked up behind him, reaching around his waist, and gripped Clint’s hard cock in his hands. Enjoying the thickness that swelled under his palms. Moving his hands back and forth, Clint began to moan. 
“It’s done.” Clint said. Abruptly pulling out of Sean’s grip, and quickly moving past him and to the table. 
Ravenous, he began to eat right away, piles of premade breakfast burritos and an assortment of other protein filled foods suddenly arrayed on the kitchen table. 
Sean crawled under the kitchen table. His dad’s cock busting out of the tight thong, a heavy stream of precum forcing its way through the fabric, forming a sticky stream from the tip. Sean licked the salty drip off and then placed the entire covered head in his mouth, Clint’s cock swelling slightly at the feeling. He continued to eat, and Sean moved his mouth to the big balls hanging out of the pouch. Both still too large to put in his mouth at the same time, but one at a time they fit perfectly. Already, so quickly after the shower, they had a salty taste to them, Clint’s big body working overtime to refill them, the course hair that covered them tickling Sean’s face as he worshipped Clint’s big nuts. Sean worked his tongue over the balls, which had to be the size of apples. So swollen and full of cum Sean could swear he heard it moving inside of them as he licked and sucked. Sean took a moment to see just how much of his dad’s length was exposed by the huge cock pushing the thong out. With his tongue he began to lick the shaft if Clint’s thick cock. He worked up and down the thickness for what seemed to him like hours, lost in the complete bliss of worshipping the cock that made him, the huge dick that was all his to pleasure as he pleased. Suddenly. It was ripped from his mouth as Clint stood and began to clear the table. Sean crawled out from under the table. 
“I don’t know what game you’re playing, Sean, but I’m not cumming until next weekend for you.”
“Yeah dad I know. But. Have you ever heard of edging?”
By the look on his face, Sean could see he clearly had not. 
“Well dad. Edging is where you have your cock worked until just before you cum. Then you stop. Relax. Then do it again, and again, and again.” 
“What’s the point?” Clint asked. 
“Just makes the pleasure last longer.” Sean said, “and. Makes your load bigger when you cum.” 
“Well. I do like the sound of that.” Clint said. Stepping closer to Sean, his cock poking into the younger man’s torso as he stepped forward, the force of just the huge cock pushing Sean back. Clint stepped forward again, pushing Sean with his cock again. Fuck, Sean thought about how hot it was and how powerful his dad was, he could push him around with just his erection. 
“Why don’t we go to the living room. I can watch tv and you can…what did you call it again?” 
“Edging.” Send replied with a spark in his eyes. 
“Right. You can edge me. We can just spend the last few hours before you go home with you worshipping my cock until I almost cum.”
Sean drooled at the thought, Clint pushed past him and heavily sat on the couch, his weight on the dark leather causing the couch to groan and the leather to shuffle. 
Sean walking into the living room. Clint practically ignored him, grabbing the remote and turning on the tv and grabbing a tablet from the end table. Clint’s legs were spread wide, his hard cock laying against his abs. 
Sean began by kissing his fathers inner thighs, working is way deeper and deeper into them. Finally landing his lips on Clint’s heavy balls which rested on his massive thighs. Even spread as they were, there was too much meat to allow the big balls to rest on the couch. Sean worked his tongue over the balls as he had done before, at the same time, using his hands to work Clint’s cock. 
Clint paid him no mind. Scrolling through something on his tablet and occasionally looking at the tv. 
Sean continued with his worship, suddenly feeling the cock in his hand swell, and become rigid and hard as steel. He pulled back his mouth and removed his hands, knowing Clint was close. As he sat between his dad’s big legs, Clint looked down at him past the tablet. 
“I was trying to keep myself occupied so I lasted longer. But your sweet mouth just feels so good sucking those big nuts. Impressive you pulled back at the perfect time.”
Sean blushed at the compliments, “thanks. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed something more than workshopping your body so I want to do it right.”
“Well then keep going. I can really get on board with this ‘edging’ thing.” Clint returned to his tablet, most likely in hopes of relaxing his cock. 
Once Sean saw an opportunity, his grabbed with both hands and tried to pull the monster cock down lower, it was a strong muscle, using his strength he worked at positing the cockhead in front of his mouth, and then he swallowed Clint’s entire cock in one go. 
Clint’s toes curled, his cock swelled, Sean tickled his balls with his free hand and then completely released Clint in a quick move. 
Clint was breathing deep, “holy shit son. You almost got a face full there!” Clint laughed, his overly sensitive cock oozing precum as it begged for release. 

For the next couple of hours the two continued this dance. Sean working and worshipping Clint’s ever hard cock and swollen balls, tweaking his thick nipples; and Clint resisting every urge to cum, trying to be disinterested, and nearly losing control every time. 
An alarm went off on Sean’s phone. He sat up and looked at Clint, “that’s my que to head home.” He said, a sadness in his eyes. Or was it longing? 
“Come here son.” Clint said, reaching forward and grabbing Sean, pulling him into his big body, holding him the way an adult might hold a toddler. “I really enjoyed this weekend. Thank you. I’m going to keep edging all week for you. While you were on my dick I had something special delivered to your home. It should be there tomorrow. Let me know when you get it.”
They say embraced for a while, Clint caressing Sean’s body, and Sean feeling his dad’s relaxed muscles surrounding him, Clint’s hard cock constantly poking at him as if begging for attention. 
Reluctantly, Sean got up, got dressed, grabbed his things, and went to walk out the front door. 
“Wait one more thing!” Clint said, rushing over to Sean. The big man picked him up by his shoulders and planted a deep kiss on his lips, setting him down he pulled his face into his pecs for one last hug. “I’ll see you Friday night?”
“I’ll be here.” Sean said, and he left to head home. 

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