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The Secret Snuffers Society Part 18-Fianchetto.


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Disclaimer: As alway this series is very sniuff oriented, if this is not your thing, please read another of the wonderfull stories that are on this page. Otherwise, please enjoy. I just hope that you like it, and thanks for all your encouragement, as always special thanks to freakoman2 and Mczapl.  And this time I  also thank  Portamivia, Ro20316, Shade,  and all the others that encouraged me to keep writing (I hope the story keeps improving).


The Secret Snuffers Society Part 18-Fianchetto.

That morning Wolf was alone on the restaurant, all the other SSS members avoided his table, his fearsome presence made everyone avoid his path, only a few could even stand near him. He was devouring a pizza, an odd choice for the morning. Ivan, Buck, Igor, Felipe and Carlos were in a nearby table enjoying their breakfast and looking at how Wolf devoured one pizza after other.

The Interviewer entered the restaurant and seated in front of Wolf, without saying any word he took a slice of pizza and ate it just for Wolf annoyance. The Elites gasped at the view, any other SSS member would be converted into a stain on the floor or at the walls in just matter of seconds, in the Interviewer case he just got a “GRRRRR” and an annoyance look. “Sorry buddy, I’m starving…”. Wolf kept devouring his pizza until the restaurant send more and more until Wolf was satisfied. “That was an odd choice for breakfast” the Interviewer said. “I like pizza” was the only answer he got.  The Interviewer shrugged and left the table. “Paolo, Igor, I need you, Wolf, as soon you can please come to my office”  he said, Wolf nodded with his head.

Wolf walked to the gym, he trained very hard that day, when he finished he was so sweaty that his shirt was already adhered to his body, so Wolf ripped from his body just for the sake of it and flexed in front of the mirror grunting.  He wanted more action than the usual one he always got.  He then decided to go to the Interviewer office shirtless and sweaty.

As soon as he entered the office he found that Igor and Paolo were already leaving. They both were extremely serious, they nodded to Wolf and left the office. “You’re stinking” the Interviewer said.  Wolf smiled, he knew that even if he was “stinking” his masculine pheromones were of his liking and he liked to tease him with those small things. The interviewer sighed with a slight exasperation. “So, you’ve finished your training for today?” He asked. Wolf nodded and bounced his pecs, then flexed his biceps, the Interviewer walked next  to him and poked his pecs, “showoff” he said. Wolf smiled.

“What are those two up to?” Wolf asked. “They have a mission I need them to do, they will be gone for some days, Michal hasn’t arrived yet an I’ll need him to put up to standard the southern base, we still need to train more recruits for the streets” the Interviewer answered.

Wolf look at him,  the interviewer looked slightly tired, “you need something?” Wolf asked. “In fact yes buddy…I got some info and I need to check it with you…come with me please”.   The interviewer closed his  laptop  and left the office; Wolf walked alongside him, the Interviewer was silent, he was pondering his previous steps, It was a difficult task, the SSS where at the point that they destroyed the Old Reds, the Italians and the Japanese mafias, but the Latins had resources, even if they wore out with the Japanese, they still had resources to fight. He was worried that when he sent Michal in a search and destroy mission he also lost the opportunity to gain more recruits, but he deemed the Japanese too loyal to their structures so they would not join the SSS. But the Interviewer struggled with his decisions, did he made the right call?, did he jeopardized the SSS like he did with the Italians?.

He struggled, he knew that Wolf and Michal let him use their unfathomable strength, but he needed to be loyal not only for them, the SSS was already a bigger organization, now the SSS needed to handle the administration of the annexed organization and the government tasks for the neighborhood, a task in which Ivan demonstrated excellent skills. However that meant much more dedication and the Interviewer wasn’t as strong has Wolf or Michal, he knew his mental strength was at his limit, and if he was deemed weak for Wolf, that could mean a betrayal to the SSS and even his own end. “No time for weakness” the Interviewer thought for himself and he kept walking.

On the way out of the warehouse he found Felipe, “are you free?” The Interviewer said. Felipe turned to the Interviewer and Wolf and bounced his pecs. “You need me?” The Interviewer nodded. “In fact yes, you’re exactly the one that can help me…come with us”.

They left the base on one of the SSS Vans. The interviewer took the wheel since he was the only in the car that would not destroy it.  The neighbors knew that Wolf was inside of the Van specially since the van was almost about to flip because Wolf’s weight. Felipe was serious, he was a big man, with little expressiveness.  Wolf was sleeping in the van’s back seat. While they were on the way they saw Ivan and approached the car to him.  The Interviewer lowered the glass of the door. Ivan was packed, he wasn’t defined, but the Interviewer knew that Ivan was a real snuffer, he liked to dispatch any criminal their men found own the streets and he was very competent on the street’s safety, Ivan was in cargo pants and a tank top that allowed to see the hair that . “Hello Sir, how I can help you?” Ivan said.

The Interviewer stepped down from the car, Felipe stood on the car looking at Wolf, he already knew what could happen if Wolf suddenly wakes up and trows a punch of a kick, so he decided to step down of the car. The van almost flipped but somewhat it managed to stay with a fragile stability. “He’s sleeping inside” the Interviewer said. The recruits recoiled in fear since they already knew the tendency of Wolf to kill anyone at his reach when he wakes up. Ivan, Felipe and the Interviewer talked outside the van. “Are you sure of that?” Ivan said, Felipe saw the Interviewer directly at his eyes “It’s too dangerous” he said. The interviewer cut him off quickly,  “The Latins are already at the north of the city and they see, to be amassing a good amount of weapons and resources, we can risk the base but we can’t risk the neighborhood, Ivan you’ll take care of the defense, Felipe will go with Wolf and me, Ricardo, Buck and Carlos will take care of the base, we still don’t now where their HQ is, so until we ge t a good lead we play on the defensive here”. The Interviewer said. “But sir” Ivan said. “Enough” the Interviewer said, Thanks for your concern, but I already made a decision, we need to go. They entered the car and turned on the engine. “Wolf, wake up” he said.  Wolf opened his eyes and flexed his biceps. “I'm ready”.

Ivan was astounded, Wolf was already know for is sheer capacity for violence, but for some reason he contained himself with the Interviewer, (even he was able to wake him up without fear) he thought, “Take care sir”, Ivan the diced to obey and keep the defense plan. The Interviewer nodded and left the place.

After some time the van left the city’s borders. “Look, the Latins stablished a small base near the town, we’ve been informed by our spies that they want to use that facility as an outpost to attack our base. We still don’t know when they plan to attack, but I want to destroy this base first.” The Interviewer said. Wolf smiled and touched his big round biceps. “These will work extra time” he said. “To your heart’s content” The Interviewer said. “For Now, Paolo and Igor are going to gather information of the Latins, Buck will find us soon, If you’re not quick he might get some of your fun” the Interviewer said with a smile. Wolf just bounced his pecs and smiled devilishly.

A siren sounded on the distance and a cop appeared on a motorcycle. “Aw man, I don’t want to deal with this” the Interviewer said.  Even so, he slowed the pace and stopped by the highway.   After some seconds the cop stepped down from the bike and walked to the SSS van. “Stay there, I’ll deal with this, Wolf ordered. “So, why the hurry?” The cop said to the Interviewer, he was built and his muscles were stretching his uniform, he kept his glasses on and had a kinda cocky attitude. The interviewer glared at him from head to toe, my lord, have you thought of switching careers?” He said. The cop smiled “naaaah sir I’m just fine like this. “Too bad” the Interviewer said, “that was the last opportunity you had”.  The van opened. “Oh my…” the cop was astounded to see Wolf’s frame when he stepped down the van. Wolf smirked devilishly
Wolf grabbed the cops neck and lifted him until his feet dangled in the air. Wolf din’t comprised the cops windpipe but he couldn’t scape. Wolf shook the cop like a rag doll,  “let me goooooo” the cop said but Wolf was shaking him so violently that he sounded like he was on a vibrator chair, but without the pleasure.  Wolf smirked, the cop tried to grab his gun but aft he reached it Wolf grabbed his arm and crushed it with the sole strength of his hand. The cop yelled but the scream sounded funny because the vibration Wolf was causing,  the Interviewer gave him a glare, “we are late”. Felipe was enjoying the show with a serious face but expectant eyes. Wolf smiled “Ok buddy”. The nWolf using his free hand grabbed the cops crotch, his hand was so big that he grabbed the cop’s pelvis and covered his dick. With his arms he folded the cop in half breaking the spine in two, the cop made a muffled scream, Wolf grabbed the folded cop in half and crushed him from the orson and legs like the cop was some kind of human hamburger (or some gruesome crab) with the arms and legs dangling from the sides. Wolf took the filed cop body and tossed at the highway side. He walked next to the cops’s bike and kicked it. The bike was ripped in half and pieces of it flew in all directions. Then Wolf looked for the cop’s remains just to check if he was already death. The cops body was twitching so Wolf lifted the cop again from the neck, the body dangled, he was already dying but Wolf punched the head with is much strength that his punch went through the head and even from the helmet. Wolf released the neck and the body was dangling from Wolf’s hand and the helmet remains. Wolf smiled and said “hi” with his hand moving his bloodied fingers before ripping the punch from the helmet. The brain remains where stuck to the helmed remains. Wolf tossed the corpse and left for the van.  “Showoff” the Interviewer said, Wolf burst in laughter and cleaned his fist against his shirt before jumping back to the van. The smell of blood and brains filled the van’s interior, the Interviewer sighed and lowered the window. He thought of the future for the SSS.  “So little time” he muttered to himself and kept concentrating on the way while Wolf was bouncing his muscles and Felipe was looking quietly at the other side of the van.

“Why you killed him” Felipe asked,  Wolf smiled and kissed his biceps, “Because I can…muscles are everything…and…I don’t like to be challenged” Wolf answered defiantly with a smirk on his face while bouncing his pecs.  The Interviewer gaze was fixated at the front but raised an eyebrow “Showoff” he muttered, Wolf smirked “You like it” Wolf said in a low voice but the Interviewer noted it and smiled briefly. Felipe looked at the Interviewer, “why yo do this?” He asked. The interviewer face hardened, then he answered, “Because If you don’t have any power, nothing will change”. “But you don’t have much power” Felipe said while thinking that he was trying his luck there. Wolf quickly moved from the backside next to Felipe, then he flexed his bicep that was already the same size of Felipe’s head. “He has me” Wolf said defiantly, then he sat on his chair, bouncing his pecs, Felipe looked at him, then at the Interviewer. “I suppose that can be true” he muttered. The Interviewer went silent while driving. “And what you want to change?” Felipe said. “Maybe the World” Wolf said with a vicious smirk. Felipe saw at him and then looked at the front of the highway.

“What do you want to change Felipe?” The Interviewer asked. “I’m getting stronger…yet I don’t know what to do with my strength”, He said. “Maybe this experience can help you” the Interviewer said. After another minutes the Interviewer said “We’re close”. Then they got out of the highway to a hill.  They left the van and walked to the top of the hill.  “What do you want to do if you win this war?” Felipe said. Wolf walked in front of them and kept walking to the hill’s top. The Interviewer stopped and saw Felipe at the eye, “I want to make a different world…and I’ll need you today to make that possible”. He answered and resumed his ascension to the hill. Felipe was surprised,  followed behind muttering some words in Portuguese and walked behind the interviewer.

Over the hill the three stood up looking at the valley.  There was a small base, not that big, but there where some heavy equipment, mainly modified trucks with heavy machine-guns attached to them, one helicopter that seemed to be mainly used for transport since it was not armed, but the strangest thing out there was “A tank, a freaking tank…where they got those?, Is that from WW2?” Felipe said. “Cold War, it’s a T-72 I think, I really don’t know how they smuggled one to this point, but seem they’re serious about overtaking our base…”The Interviewer said while looking at the tank in a very serious face. Wolf was smiling with a devious face, expectant. “These weapons should not reach the city, those can create too much unnecessary damage and affecting the neighborhoods, we can’t risk them” the Interviewer said.  Wolf suddenly ran to the base. “Wait, Wolf” Felipe said a bit too loudly and the Latin’s guards saw them. The Interviewer sighted exasperatedly “you fools” and put his hand over his head.  “Felipe, wait here”, the Interviewer ordered, “Wolf, i need some of them to interrogate” he yelled. Wolf flexed his biceps while running and the Interviewer took that response as a “yes”.

The alarms sounded and the noise was heard from the hill. “Let Wolf work, I’ll need yo here in case some guard shows up here”. The Interviewer said. “Felipe was concentrated on Wolf, Felipe was bouncing his pecs like expecting something. “Felipe, you have your orders, the ones you received on the town, and the ones I’m giving you here, those orders doesn’t contradict”. Felipe looked at the Interviewer, his face was clearly showing some confusion, like if in his mind a dilemma were forming in his mind. He opened his mouth like If he wanted to ask a question but at the end he decided not to, so he turned his body and face the base.

Wolf ran towards the fence, the moment he reached the fence he just ran over it, some of the chain link fence stuck to his frame Wolf ripped it easily from his body (and his shirt was ripped too), and kept running until he reached the center of the base.  The alarms were high enough to make Wolf angry, some of the soldiers were stupid enough to walk towards Wolf aiming him with their rifles. The first soldier that went next to Wolf tried to order him to freeze but he didn’t even finished his sentence when Wolf grabbed his head and squished it like a grape, blood , brains and the eyes exploded from Wolfs hands. Wolf smirked, the other guards begun to fire at Wolf but all the bullets bounced on his skin. Wolf stood there enjoying the “bullet massage”. Another guard went near Wolf, Wolf grabbed his rifle with one hand and pushed the rifle through his head, Wolf then lifted the rifle and for some second the guard impaled with the rifle from it’s head looked like a gruesome flag before Wolf hit the ground with the guards head obliterating it. The other guards begun to fire while walking away from Wolf. Wolf stood quiet looking at the guards, ponder gin how he would kill them, then decided to walk to his left, flexing his biceps and bouncing his pecs, just to instill fear on the soldiers. The bullets keys bouncing of his body, some fearful yells where like “el diablo”, “un demonio”, Wolf grabbed one of the guard fro, the neck, then gently hugged him from the abdomen, the guard shot at close quarters but Wolf’s skin and muscles repelled all the bullets, Wolf looked deviously at him  and gently said “now you’re going to feel my full strength”, Wolf bear-hugged the guard with all his might, the abdomen suddenly collapsed, the blood was shot up the head with such force that the head exploded like a bloody volcano, Wolf crushed the abdomen, the vertebrae and the pelvis, blood was dripping from Wolf’s body so he looked more demonic this time, another nearby guard tried to run but Wolf was quick and grabbed him from the neck, then from the pelvis, Wolf crushed the body like an accordion and then with all the strength of his back he ripped the body in two, blood splashed in al directions, Wolf tossed the lower half from the body, his eyes begun to became red and walked next to other guard. Wolf showed this guard the upper half of the corpse, then Wolf palmed the head and slowly crushed it, the head slowly became deformed until the eyeballs burst out of their sockets, then the head became ovoid and then blood poured from the mouth with teeth and from all the head’s orifices, then the head was so flattened that blood, bones, teeth and brains poured from Wolf’s interdigital spaces. Wolf was smirking like a devil, he enjoyed the terror he caused, the guard then looking at Wolf tried to use his rifle to commit suicide but before he could shoot his head Wolf grabbed the rifle and playfully put it in his mouth, the guard shot his rifle but Wolf bite the rifle and flattened the canon so the rifle became useless. Wolf wasn’t even hurt. Wolf grabbed the guard from his head. “You want death…I’ll bring you death…” Wolf ripped both arms with a sole yank from his triceps and back, the muscles were striated, looking like rocks, from some moments the guard’s yell were higher than the alarm and Wolf enjoyed the yells and the blood bath, the guard fell to the floor and begun to roll over his back, Wolf looked at him and simply put his foot on the head, Wolf quadriceps flexed, the quadriceps sprung to life showing every fiber of the leg, the wonderful image of the quadriceps only was overshadowed by the exploding head under his strength. Wolf walked over the head while looking at more nearby guards.

Another squadron was handing and shooting from the back Wolf stood in front of them, he looked like thinking in how to kill this bugs for pleasure. Wolf stretched his neck, looked at the guard and with a smile he jumped high. For some seconds Wolf looked like he could fly, but the gravity acted and the guards were too slow to recognize that Wolf was aiming at them, they scrambled but one was too unfortunate to keep himself shooting at the air. Wolf fell over him and a cloud of dust formed, the guards shoot’s stopped since they were preoccupied for his partners, but as soon as the dust settled they found Wolf’s legs stuck on the guards torso and abdomen, Wolf calmly walked to them tearing  the body apart. Wolf smiled, lifted his foot and with all his might he stomped the guard’s head.  The head exploded, almost obliterated, the stomp was with such force that the ground shook. Wolf then with a quick movement punched both guards chests and grabbed their hearts, Wolf pulled both hearts out and crushed them, then grabbed both heads, opened his arms as far as he could and then brought tighter the heads. The skulls where crushed, almost like melting between them so it seemed that there where tow bodies stuck by the necks, Wolf tossed both corpses aside, then he grabbed the last guard of that squadron b the neck and punched the head. The punch went thought the head, the bloodied fist dripped blood, Wolf ripped the head that got stuck to the arm, Wolf grabbed the head remains and ripped them from his forearm and tossed the remains at his side. Wolf was barely dressed since all the bullets ripped most of his clothing from his body, so his extremely well built body was shown, so mucho for the dismay of the Latins on the base.

Felipe was astounded by Wolf’s might, the Interviewer was at his side, looking fro, the distance. They saw the ruckus from the distance. “It will be fine if we leave him like this?” Felipe asked. “It will be worst for us if we go there, specially if Wolf loses his mind”.  The Interviewer said. Felipe looked at him with a clear confusion on his face.

On the base Wolf was walking next to another guard that fell to the ground, Wolf stomped his torso, the foot was stuck to the ribcage, Wolf kept Walking and stomped the head next. Wolf kept walking until he’s foot was unstuck from the torso and he left behind a crushed body, then he grabbed another guard by the shoulders and ripped the volt like it was a piece of paper. Suddenly Wolf heard a loud “bang” followed by a hit to his head that made him stumble back”.

On the hill the Interviewer saw the tank moving to the place were Wolf was standing and shooting at Wolf. The tank shot Wolf, the Interviewer saw the tank bullet hitting Wolf making him stumble another step back. “Now he will get really mad” the Interviewer said, Felipe grabbed his head in clear confusion, “como é possível?” He said. The interviewer took his phone and send some messages.

Wolf felt the canon hits on his torso, but even as the shots made him stumble two steps back but he wasn’t hurt; Wolf even enjoyed the “sorta challenge” the tank represented.  Another shot from the cannon was aimed at his head but the shell only gave him a light headache. Wolf’s eyes became even more reddish and he begun to grunt in a very wild way. Wolf went quite serious and walked to the tank. Wolf walked slowly and in a very deliberate way. Wolf bounced his pecs and arms while walking. Wolf grunted, the tank fired at him but the shots became suddenly completely ineffective. The cannon ammunition bounced on his body, then the tank tried to aim at his head but this time Wolf caught the shell whit his hand. Soon Wolf was just in front of the tank. Wolf grunted and a small but fearsome smile was on his head.

The tank tried to overrun Wolf,  Wolf put his hands in front of the tank and begun ti push back. At first Wolf was caught off guard but soon Wolf got his ground and he just begun to push back the tank. Wolf smirked he walked until he almost pushed the tank to the place where it was parked. Wolf closed his fist an punched the tank’s armor on the hull. The hull was pierced by Wolf’s punch, the tank tried to overrun Wolf, but Wolf was already in advantage so the tank only vibrated in the place. Wolf used his other hand and punched another hole on the hull’s armor. Wolf then using his hand begun to tear the tank apart. From the center he begun to use his triceps and his monstrous back tearing metal apart, Wolf could hear the driver’s frightened screams while trying to desperately overrun Wolf, but Wolf already was tearing the driver’s compartment wall.

The driver was panicking, he was frantically moving al the levers and pedals, he was shouting orders but suddenly a fist with the biggest hand, forearm and biceps that he saw in his life went thought the wall plates. The driver frightened screamed when he saw another punch similar to the former one coming through the wall and barely missing him. The driver grabbed his gun and aimed at the front Wall. Suddenly a third punch went in front of him and barely missed again, this time Wolfs eye was seen on the hole. Then a devious smile, Wolf hands appeared on the center hole and he begun to tear the tank wall apart. The driver shot at Wolf but the shots were useless, after some moments the driver was in front to Wolf pecs, Wolf bounced his sweaty pecs and flexed his biceps in front of the driver. With a proud smirk. “You’re the first one, let’s make this  a very intimate farewell” the driver in fear tried to shot his head but Wolf grabbed his hand with the gun and crushed both. Blood poured from Wolf’s hand and the driver yelled in pain. Wolf then grabbed the driver’s shoulders, closed his fist crushing the shoulders. There were some frantic yells from behind the driver’s place. Wolf ignored them and just banged the tails hull with his fist, the yells stopped followed by some pain screaming. The driver looked at Wolf’s face that was enjoying the pain he was causing he tried to kick Wolf but Wolf’s dense muscles repelled any damage, Wolf grabbed the leg and fled it in half in an angle that was abnormal from an anatomic perspective. Then grabbing the other knee he crushed with his hand. Wolf laughed like a mania while the driver was screaming in pain. “I´ll come soon” Wolf said and left the driver’s place.

Wolf left the tank, on the outside there where still some latin guards firing at him and tryin to make any damage, Wolf smiled, “wait patiently”, he said. Then he jumped on the turret and using his fist he gently pushed the hatch jamming it. The gun operators were tapped inside the tank. Wolf flexed is biceps proudly over the tank like showing of to the soon to be victims.  Wolf  flexed his pecs and then his legs. Wolf gave quite a muscle spectacle and then he stomped the tan that sounded like a “clank”, jamming the turret mechanism and fixing it in front.

Wolf knew the tank was already unusable but for the sake of it he grabbed the Ian gun with his hands and folded the main gun. The solider saw in awe how wolf was destroying the tank structure, Wolf jumped to the tank side and with his hands he ripped the tracks and wheels, then walking slowly he went to the other side and wiped the weeds and tracks of the other side to the tank. Some of the guards tried to shoot at Wolf. Wolf walked to the back of the tank, punched the armor again with both hands and  with a proud scream he lifted the tank over his head. Wolf smirked at how easy he lifted the tank over his head. Some nearby guard shot at him but Wolf then using the tank he squished the guards like there were some bugs. The tank stood over a pool of blood. Wolf laughed hysterically. The base went silent excepting for the screams of the tank operators and the muffled yell screams of the driver.

Wolf then entered again on the hole he made just to find the driver still alive and looking in fear at Wolf.  Wolf said “time to finish my work with you” then Wolf grabbed the driver’s legs and clenched his fingers on the drivers quadriceps, then Wolf begun to slowly but unrelentlessly begun to tear apart the legs and rip them off from the pelvis. The driver was squirming on his seat trying to cover himself,  but Wolf kept tearing the driver apart.  After some seconds the left leg begun to tear apart, the muscles were ripped, the tendons didn’t gave any sign of resistance. Wolf’s back muscles exerted a monstrous force that no human tissue would be able to resist, the right leg ceded too, after some seconds the legs where separated from the body and Wolf squished them against’s the tanks walls. Wolf then grabbed the sternum and in a sudden yank he ripped the ribcage from his place like he was opening a bag of potato chips in a explosion of blood an guts, the guard couldn’t even scream but Wolf knew he was just about to die, Wolf then grabbed the crushed shoulder and ripped the arms from the body. At the end Wolf grabbed the head but instead of crushing it he clenched his fingers over the head making dents on the head. Wolf opened the skull exposing the brain, then wolf ripped the brain from the stem and crushed it against his pecs. Wolf bounced his pecs and flexed his biceps. Wolf kissed his muscles and feasted over the mangles corpse flexing his muscles and self satisfying himself enjoy his kill. He then heard the frightened screams of the other two and left the hole he made on the tank.

On the hill The Interviewer was seated on a rock, Felipe was standing up, looking at the sounds and the explosions, suddenly a jeep appeared and two armed men were running to them. “I got this” Felipe said, the Interviewer just looked at Felipe, then at the two men. The soldiers fired at Felipe, the bullets were ineffective, the Interviewer looked at him “he’s grown” he thought. Felipe waited, his rugbyer size looked even greater at higher ground, Felipe then jumped over the first soldier, he ripped the weapon from the soldiers hand ripping two fingers with the rifle. The soldier screamed, the other soldier tried to hit Felipe with the rifle butt but before he could land the hit Felipe made a right uppercut the ripped his head.  The other soldier tried to run but Felipe surpassed his speed, tackled him to the ground and seated over him, Felipe hit his head so fiercely that the cranium was broken, Felipe hated his head with such savagery that after a few blows the skull didn’t had even a remote resemblance of a head. Felipe was hitting while breathing heavily, like he was venting his anger in each blow. The Interviewer looked at the distance, puzzled, maybe a little worried but kept his mouth shut. After some minutes of skull destroying, Felipe went at the Interviewer’s side and stood quiet. “You’re OK?” The Interviewer said “Sim” Felipe answered.  “Let’s go to the base, we’ll take the jeep” the Interviewer said and begun to walk to the jeep,  Felipe followed behind.

On the base Wolf was enjoying the screams of the trapped soldiers on the tank. He was laughing like a maniac, he flexed his biceps and then let the front hole of the tank. Just for fun he went on the tanks back and hit the back plates, ripping them easily, like they were cardboard until he found the engine, Wolf grabbed the hot engine and with a scream he ripped it from the tank. Wolf was sweating but his face shoed a great amount of pleasure from the sheer brute force he was exerting, so free, so powerful that he los himself on the trill for destruction, he wanted even more, then he decided to used his trapped bugs for fun.

Wolf jumped up the tank, and punched the hull, the frightened crew jus looked at the big fist tearing the tank’s hull like it was made from styrofoam and then with a yank he ripped the hull fro the tank.  A hand went down the orifice and grabbed the nearby operator by the head. “Gotcha” Wolf playfully said and then he yanked the soldier from the head with such force that he dislocated one of his arms almost ripping it from the body.  “Ohhh, to bad…you broke” Wolf said and with a devious smile he grabbed the broken arm and ripped it from the body. The soldier screamed at the top of his lungs. The other soldier was trapped inside the tank just looking at the blood dripping from outside the tank. Wolf then grabbed the soldier by the neck using his biceps. The soldier used his only arm trying to force Wolf’s biceps out from his neck to no avail. Wolf smirked and then put all his strength on his biceps crushing the skull like if it where a soft fruit. Blood dripped from Wolf biceps but the body still didn’t fell to the floor, Wolf grabbed the body from the shoulders and ripped in half like the body was a piece of paper. Blood dripped inside the tank. The soldier inside was terrified but he surely diode’t knew the  terror until he felt Wolf ripping and tearing  the tank turret until the hole was big enough to accommodate his size, Wolf playfully sat at the soldiers side. The soldier looked at his face, Wolf’s eyes where red, he was bouncing his pecs in a mesmerizing but terrifying way.  Wolf was occupying almost all the space on the turret. The solder begun to try to crawl his way out of the turret but Wolf placed his hand over his shoulder like they were a pair of buddies.  “Hi” Wolf said with a terrifying tone of voice, the soldier knew he was in deep trouble.) Wolf deviously said “I’ll give an opportunity…do you want one?” The soldier nodded with his head. Wolf grabbed the drivers cheek with his left hand and said “worship me…lick”. Wolf then used the driver’s head and forced the soldier to lick the blood and dirt from his pecs. The driver frantically tried to lick Wolf’s pecs. Wolf was stimulated from the lick over his nipples. “He bugs can sometime do a good work”.  Wolf kept pressing the head against his nipple, the soldier tried the best he could to clean Wolf’s pecs but they were so big that soon he got dehydrated and choked from the blood on his mouth. “Lick” Wolf ordered, the soldier move his head frantically. Wolf grabbed the head with his right hand and flexed is biceps. “Last chance…worship me…lick it” Wolf eyes were red, his hardened face clearly showed that he wasn’t for jokes… he was ordering and he was about to unleash his wrath. The soldier begged… “please…my mouth is dry”. Wold tossed the soldier at his seat and suddenly he stood up, his strength was so great the he still ripped the turret’s plating forcing it to take all his size. “I´ll help you find water” then Wolf punched the soldiers abdomen and grabbing his intestines and bladder he crunched the abdomen internal organs and ripped it outside. Then he put his hand over the soldiers screaming mouth. “Here you have some liquid” Wolf said enraged. “Need more?” Wolf grabbed the soldiers arms and ripped them like tissue paper, Wolf kept ripping and tearing the soldiers torso the soldier screamed until the like left him but Wolf kept tearing until the soldiers was just a head attached on a mangled an torn body.  Wolf grabbed the head with his right hand, hardened his left  biceps and ten crushed the head against his biceps. Wolf caressed his biceps with blood, bone and teeth, the eyeballs got stuck to the biceps until Wolf crushed them while worshiping his own size.

Wolf then unleashed his rage against the tan from inside, at the distance the sound of banging and tearing metal was heard from the distance. Wolf screaming in pleasure with the metal sounds where a spectacle to behold. After some minutes of metal sounding the tank looked like a volcano exploded inside it with Wolf emerging from its remains like a sea god emerging from the sea.  The soldiers remains where liquified agains the twisted and torn metal, the only  testament of a corpse there was the blood stuck to the tanks walls. Wolf tore the tank to exit it. Wolf looked at his sides, looking for more victims.

There were only silence, Wolf walked, sniffing the ambience, he grunted like a beast, he looked for more victims, suddenly the helicopter made a starting engine sound. Wolf turned and saw five men running towards the helicopter. Wolf ran to the helicopter, the men yelled at each other, “boss move quickly, he’s going to catch us”. Two men turned and fired at Wolf. Wolf grabbed both heads and closing his fist he crushed them like eggshells. Wolf kept running to the men. Soon the Interviewer and Felipe appeared on the jeep, Wolf was already near the helicopter. The boss screamed in fear. “Help me!”
The interviewer stepped down of the van. “Wolf stop” he screamed at top of his lungs. Suddenly the Interviewer felt a sharp pain followed by blackness, he fell to the floor unconscious. Wolf looked back and suddenly he stood frozen, clearly surprised at the sight of his friend slowly falling to the ground. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain on his head, everything turned to blackness and Wolf fell to the ground too.  

After some time the interviewer begun to hear some voices at the distance. “You took too much time Felipe” the Latins boss said. Felipe was sweating, he was holding his leg. “He’s too strong, his bones too hard, I can’t kill him”, Felipes was speaking with a lot of difficulty ,  the Interviewer heard some voices at the distance, “é muito difícil eu não poderia quebrá-lo” Felipe answered, “what?” Another voice sounded. “I barely managed to hit him hard enough in the head, he might be dead. “We´ll carry his body to our base, maybe we can do something with it…you saw how strong he was”. The Interviewer closed his eyes, clearly in pain. “The other…are you sure he’s dead?” The boss voice said. “I’m sure”, Felipe said. “Go make sure” the boss ordered.  Felipe walked to the Interviewer place, he was limping, clearly in pain.  He should have damaged his leg when kicking Wolf with all his might. The Interviewer tried to get up but his body wasn’t responding. “This shouldn’t be happening…” the Interviewer thought, “I clearly miscalculated”. Suddenly there were a lot of sounds a car engine roared on the distance followed by a hard braking sound… “let them go” a familiar voice sounded at the distance, Buck’s was running to the place Felipe was standing…Buck’s voice resounded  again…”What are you doing?”,  “lets go” the Latin’s boss ordered so Felipe turned back and ran limping to the helicopter, at the last minute he decide to use a rope tying Wolf’s body. Wolf was lifted by the helicopter, unconscious, “WOOOOOLF” Buck screamed at top of his lungs but there where no use, Wolf was unreachable, Buck screamed in rage until he found the Interviewer’s unconscious body. “Boss, Boss!!!! Are you Ok?” Buck lifted the unconscious Interviewer, he wasn’t sure but what to do, Wolf or the Interviewer, after some time he carried the Interviewer to the car in with he reached the Latin’s post. The advanced post was absolutely destroyed but the SSS have lost Wolf, Buck screamed in rage at the top of his lungs but decided that the Interviewers health was the top priority and left with him to the SSS base.  What would be of the SSS without Wolf, he didn’t knew but if someone could give an answer, it was the man at his side…if he could survive.



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OH Felipe is teh second mole and he is strong enough to repell bullets now. How far he has grown and i bet the others have too.

Im sure the interviewr and Wolf saw this coming. They need to infiltrate the enemies base and who better to do the job ?

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I think exactly like @Ro20316 about the infiltration and also enjoyed A LOT to read Wolf's rage against a tank. That was simply AMAZING.

Btw, "pizzayuno" hahaha I can relate A LOT to that hahaha ;)

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On 5/24/2023 at 1:50 AM, Freakoman2 said:

I think exactly like @Ro20316 about the infiltration and also enjoyed A LOT to read Wolf's rage against a tank. That was simply AMAZING.

Btw, "pizzayuno" hahaha I can relate A LOT to that hahaha ;)

 Maybe it's a two sides job and they had Felipe running things all along to infiltrate the Latinos as well. That would be even cooler.

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