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Growing for the Size Queen (Pt 3 - 9/17)


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Dedicated to a certain M/F writer

You warned me what would happen if I started taking it. I sort of believed you, but I didn't believe that it would work in the first place. How many fake ads were there online that claimed to be able to grow your cock and increase your musculature overnight. When you bought those pills, I laughed, VirilX, came from some unknown distributor in a cheap little bottle, a dozen capsules. Each one was supposed to make any man stronger and way more potent in bed. They rolled around in the bottle like candy, but they didn't look like pills as far as I was concerned. 


So, we sat there, kissing, making out. You always turn me on so fucking much. Short, I was already a foot taller than you, but you have curves in all the right places, such kind eyes but they burn with passion whenever you're fucking me, and you absolutely know how to ride me to get me to bust all over those delicious tits of yours. But compared to me, I'm a string bean against your toned and fitness model body. You had been edging me to get to the gym, and I had started to go just to get some cardio so I could keep up with your frantic fucking in bed. You fucked like a rabbit, and each time I came, it felt a little weak, but you said, adding a few pounds of muscle here and there and I'd be rocking you in the sack instead of the other way around. 


But you said I hadn't made enough progress, and that's why you were shaking the bottle, running your delicate hand against my trim stomach, grinding your crotch against in those yoga pants that turn me on so much, your breasts pushed up against my non existent chest. You had rushed home after your workout, covered in sweat and I could practically feel how wet you were through my shorts. You jumped on top of me, riding my lap as I watched TV. Something had you going, and as I grew harder and harder you wordlessly popped the pill in your mouth and kissed me. 


I could feel the pill hit me as it worked its way down. My throbbing was getting stronger as I kept kissing you, pulsing, changing. My cock was threatening to completely tent my boxer briefs as it pushed up between your cheeks, my hands pulling down that zipper of your sports bra and my mouth clamped down on your hard swollen nipples. Something overcame me as I started breathing harder, my hands clawing at your ass and your tits as I groped you, my cock feeling like it wasn't truly hard, but I could feel it stretching out my gym shorts to their limit. I hadn't felt this fucking horny since I was a teenager, I practically growled as I kissed your neck and lifted you to feel how fucking hard I was, my shaft contained only by the little clothing between us. 


Then I heard it, a stitch popped, something snapped and I think I felt you gush. I roared as my cock tore out of my underwear, my balls feeling the oppressive tightness too and followed suit as they outgrew the tight pouch. Simultaneously you bit your lip and watched my body as it slowly changed from a thin wiry guy and started really packing on pound after pound of muscle. I didn't really have any fat, but what fat was there melted away, each group stretching and tearing before repairing itself in breathtaking speed.


Every muscle, writhing under my skin as it began forming inhuman cords of bulging muscle, thick and veiny, each part made to fuck. My hands seemed bigger, thicker, fingers longer, I grabbed your yoga pants and with a little effort tore them apart, your little manicured fingers feeling my softball sized bicep, and doubly thick horseshoe tris as I made quick work of the rest of your clothes, tearing them into a heap of cloth on the floor. You worked your way up to the definition of my shoulders, my delts turning into cannon balls, my pecs surging forth into monstrous slabs of beef. Everywhere you touched grew on command. My lats flared out into cobra like wings, my stomach formed a slate of thick cobblestone abs, first four, then six, and finally nearly eight visible boulders. My neck thickened as you struggled to hold on, as you felt my neck slowly disappear into my newfound traps, I felt the sagging couch begin to creak and then give way altogether. I didn't even have to touch you to know you came again at the thought. My legs, well, the pill made sure I didn't look like I skipped leg day as each thick cable of muscle surged into existence, crisscrossed by a network of veins that would make a bodybuilder proud. My gym shorts turned into compression ones as my butt and my thighs filled them out to bursting. Finally, it seemed you left the best for last, my cock, it was already bigger than before, but now it was gaining a girth that would make you struggle, make you pant, and each veiny thick inch of it would be absolutely made to fuck the lights out of you. My balls kept up in proportion as my sack sagged down, the heavy tennis ball sized testicles churning with so much cum I could practically feel them wriggling within. 


As the transformation tapered off. I only looked at you with a sexual hunger I never knew existed. I was now changed, a man made to fuck. Made to make little sluts like you cum on command, I was looking at you like a lion looks at its prey. With one swift grip of my hands I picked you up and threw you down on the remains of the couch, my double digit shaft now leaking a steady stream of thick pre-cum, your slick little cunt oozing down your thighs as I pushed it up against the lips, looking for your approval to take you and make you my submissive little gym bunny. My newfound wide, shredded back blotted out the light, so I could barely see you, but I could make out your little nod. 

I pushed it in, and you met your newfound muscular god. 


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The stud woke slowly, his thick cock was still half buried in her warm twitching snatch, their bodies were entangled in the sheets and covered in sweat and cum. The fucking had only picked up from the couch to her bedroom, but he came what- six? Seven times? And they weren't small ropes either. He chuckled to himself before he pulled out, an audible sloppy river of cum poured from her thoroughly stretched cunt and onto the sheets, her body lay still, utterly fucked into unconsciousness. He, on the other hand, felt energized and his cock slowly erected itself again to a sizeable chub, long, thick and way bigger than before. He could barely encircle it with his fingers and thumb, and his balls seemed to be as large if not larger than the night before. 


A smile cracked on his face as he got up and walked to the bathroom to see the extent of his changes. When he flicked on the lights, he saw a walking fuck machine staring back. Broad thick pecs, shredded six pack, veiny double headed biceps, clearly defined quads, a wide spread back tapering to his tiny waist and Adonis belt. As his hands explored his newfound muscles, he felt his cock twitch, a drip of pre-cum oozing from the tip. He felt hornier than a teenager, like he had been blue balling it for weeks- hell, months! And with every throb and feeling of the thick calluses that had formed on his hands, he felt a stirring within him. A feeling he needed more. 


He walked back to the couch, getting used to much larger feet, much larger everything, the semi-hard cock dangling between his thighs throbbing and found the bottle, eleven pills remained. How much larger could he get? Fuck, enough of these and he'd be unstoppable! He though to himself as he idly felt his cock grow to full mast, a hefty beast the size of a tall can of beer. He wasn't dominant before, but now he felt like a goddamn sexual monster!


He laughed out loud as he popped the top, popping another two capsules into his mouth, dry-swallowing the little pills, feeling the familiar burn all the way down. He lay down on the couch and started stroking his cock as he felt it throb, twitching like his legs after a marathon, like his dick was flexing, and then he felt it get harder. Bit by bit, his grip had to stretch wider as it grew in all directions. So much blood was hammering through his veins, new ones seemed to puff up to the surface, crisscrossing the skin making it almost jagged in appearance. His balls too, joined in the growth as they sagged lower, pulsating with virility as they grew. His lips parted as he let out a groan as his cock reached what looked like they rivaled the biggest in porn, his fingers still gripping it tightly but it slowly outgrew it like a rope slipping through his grip. Inches and pounds packed onto his thick meaty anaconda as he sat there and felt the other changes kick in. 


He was thankful his partner installed a mirror in front of the couch for some of their kinkier sessions, his body was starting to take an increasingly large part in the mirror. He was 6' before, but now? He must have gained half a foot at least! 


The core of his body was already well toned and fit, with no fat to melt the drug started to metabolize into pure muscle. Every single fiber seemed to instantly shred and rebuild itself thicker, wider, and far more dense. His pecs surged forwards, his nipples slowly pointing downwards as the shelf formed, striations visible. His abs, a craggy four pack now doubled as the cobblestone eight pack stretched underneath, the feathery wings of his obliques stretching up to meet his lats. His shoulders grew wider, boulder like mounds on his delts thickening and packing on more mass. Each one popping into stark relief. His neck slowly disappeared as his traps grew up to his ears with freakish size. To his eyes, it almost looked comical with his monstrous top half and comparitavely weak bottom, but it continued downwards. 


Simultaneously his limbs exploded with mass. His biceps surged as his double head flexed into a freakish cantaloupe sized mountain, thick cephalic vein throbbing with his supercharged blood, his forearms the size of prized hams leading to even thicker fingers, perfect for grabbing, groping and curling. 


His legs, were twigs that turned to redwoods, the thick definition on his quads sharply began to take on striations like they were being pulled apart and reshaped into steel-hard muscle. His calves, craggy before became diamond hard with definition. Finally his feet became so much longer and thicker to keep him upright. 


With a few more pants he felt his transformation taper off, his breath ragged as he slowly jerked off his immense beast between his legs, it's length now closing in on double digits in length, the tip streaming a thick white ribbon of pre-cum, so overloaded with sperm. 


"Fuck!" He moaned, his ears unaccustomed to the even deeper pitch of his voice, he could see the last few changes, a nice dark treasure trail led up his abs from his crotch, his hair on his head getting even longer and more luscious, his chin covered in stubble. 


With a few more strokes, he felt his thick gargantuan cock slap up to between his pecs, the head nestled between them. The meaty thud of his beastly cock growing to its full potential made the gush of pearly pre down his cumgutters feel all the better. Then the thudding in his heart started drumming faster, his vision clouded as he saw stars, all he could feel was his cock seeming to have a life of its own, it stretched and the veins puffing up seemed to be pulsating with how much blood was in it. It grew another inch, then another. His beast demanded to be worshipped. He needed to cum. Now.

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The fourth-from-last paragraph ends with the word "He". Did you leave out the rest of the sentence or accidentally just type the word there?


Great story?

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His footfalls were louder as he heard the baseboards beneath his feet creaking with every step as he made his way back to his sleeping girlfriend, his enlarged fucklog and massive balls swinging like a pendulum made his gait a little more of a waddle as his thunder thighs pushed them out of the way. His grin widened as he pushed the door open with his cock, a long dripping rope of pre-cum drooled from the tip and connected to where he had thrust forward to swing the door wide open like some weird alien tongue. Even his pre-cum was getting thicker and cloudier he noticed as he felt himself pulse once again, like he wasn't done growing. Oh fuck, he was definitely not done yet.

When he looked down from his newfound height, he saw her tiny body, barely covered by part of the sheet, pillows flung everywhere, the tattered remains of her panties and bra ripped apart from last night's affair. Her plump ass was covered in cum, glazed like a donut. Seeing her much smaller form, he grinned as he saw that she seemed to be drooling, his smile widened even further as he tried to move her, the sloppy gluey cum sticking her to the bed, and the fact she was utterly fucked out meant he really had done a number on her. Her cute ass rose as he came up and grabbed it with both hands, his new found fingers easily able to palm those formerly huge round cheeks with ease, his fingers slowly spreading her lips and watching even more cum ooze out of her. Fuck she was hot, even hotter now that he had fucked her into submission, he thought as he fondled her ass. His fingers sank deep, slowly massaging them as he slapped his raging hard cock between her buns. 

"Damien," she rasped, weak and tired. He certainly had ridden her hard, she could barely speak as her vocal cords were shot from screaming. But at least his newfound cumdumpster was alive. 

"Morning sunshine." He grinned lasciviously, his torso blocking out the light from above as his cock ground in between those cheeks. A foot of cock, thicker than a coke can, now pulsed between them, aftershocks of his growth still hitting him. He tilted his head back as he bit his lip, he felt the warm tingling sensation of another wave of growth and heard the deep groaning sounds of his flesh and bone shifting in his body as it grew again. Growing that much bigger, that much stronger, so much more muscle packing on to his already jacked frame. His bones ground against each other and his skin stretched as his body swelled against his so much smaller partner. He glanced in the mirror as he felt his neck slowly being eaten up by his traps, he cocked a smile as he flexed his arms in a double bi pose, they rose and rose and rose, veins popping up. 

When he looked down he saw her curvy body so much smaller, his cock visibly throbbing as it continued its expansion. His need seemed overwhelming as he saw the slack jawed look on her face, taking in how much bigger he was all over. She almost looked afraid of him, she tried to move but only winced in both pleasure and pain as a flutter inside her pussy made her twitch in the pool of drying cum.

But he quickly snapped her out of it as he guided the head between her nether lips and bucked his hips forwards, the giant fist sized head of his battering ram doing more than simply parting them, he GAPED her as he felt her cunt spasm around the first few inches. He'd normally have played with her a bit to get her warmed up, but his need to cum was too great. He grabbed her from around the waist, pulling her back like a human hydraulic press, slowly forcing inch after cunt splitting inch into that tight pussy.


She screamed, a hoarse cry of pain and pleasure but as she clawed forwards, her fists still entangled in the sheets she felt the pull like quicksand on her. Drawing her back onto that cock, like a glacier ripping open the Titanic. 

Something had changed in her boyfriend, she looked into his eyes and saw nothing of the caring, gentle, nerdy beanpole left, all she saw was hunger. She swallowed as she realized what he had done. He'd gained at least a foot of height maybe, his fingers drew so much further around her waist, it made her feel like a doll in his hands, his muscles so much thicker, like he was turning into a freakish musclebound bodybuilder, but kept growing. And the cock? A fucking girder that was absolutely stretching her out, almost painful if it weren't for the fact that fucking bull stud was the strongest and hottest fucker around! Her eyes rolled back a bit as her cunt squirted her juices around it, spasming her body and causing her to slump forwards.



"So fucking tight. Just how I like it, my juicy little slut." He growled, barely noticing the deep rich timbre of his newfound voice as he started to rut inside of her, his eyes focused only on the amount of cock still left outside her. So much more cock! Each vein that visibly throbbed was as big as her pinky finger! His thoughts clouded as he felt the overwhelming need to flood her guts with cum. He needed more. He needed to cum more, grow more. He needed a fucking harem of sluts to pound and pump gallons of his impossibly thick nut sludge into. She was going to be first, but certainly wasn't going to be the last.

More. He needed more.

It was like he was losing control of his own body, the need to breed suddenly overcoming hunger and thirst, his cock exploding inside of a hole, ANY hole, was the only thing that he seemed to be able to focus on. The need to fuck, the need to be More! More muscle, more cock, a titanic sex machine. He was made to breed. Without warning he gripped the bottle so hard it shattered in his palm, the jagged plastic pieces barely making a dent in his skin. He looked down at his girlfriend and laughed before he took the entire palm of plastic and pills and swallowed them down his greedy mouth. 

He would be so much more.

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