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The Stronger Vest (Part 9 added 29 Nov 2023)


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Part 2:

Simon shoved the vest into his gym bag and got dressed for work. He was wearing a button-down shirt and a pair of chinos. He looked at himself in the mirror. "I look like a middle-aged professor," he thought. "A middle-aged professor who's trying to look younger by wearing clothes that are too tight. And failing." He sighed and went to work.

All he could think about all day was getting to the gym in the afternoon. He couldn't believe how much he was looking forward to wearing his new vest. Just yesterday he'd been a bit embarrassed about the idea of wearing a stringer vest, but now he couldn't wait. He was so excited that he left work as soon as his last meeting was done and went straight to the gym.

He got changed and put on his new vest. He looked at himself in the mirror. "I look like a middle-aged professor... No, wait a minute, I look hot!" He flexed his biceps. "I look really hot! I look like a guy about to become a massive muscle hunk!" He grinned and went to do his workout.

Simon headed for the squat rack. He was loading up some plates when he heard a voice behind him.

"Hey, you're doing that wrong."

Simon turned around and saw Cody standing there wearing a black stringer vest and black shorts, grinning at him.

"I'm loading plates wrong?" Simon asked.

"I'm just messing with you, Si!" Cody laughed. "So, we're doing squats today?"

"That was the plan," Simon said.

"Awesome!" Cody said. "Let's do this!"

Simon finished loading the bar and stepped under it. He was about to lift it off the rack when Cody stopped him.

"Wait, you're not wearing a belt," Cody said. "You need a belt for squats."

"I don't have a belt," Simon said.

"No problem," Cody said. "I've got one you can borrow."

Cody went to his locker and came back with a belt. It was black leather, and it had a big silver buckle. Cody put it around Simon's waist and fastened it. "There, that's better," he said. "Now you're ready to squat."

Simon stepped under the bar and lifted it off the rack. He was surprised at how light it felt. He was used to squatting 100 pounds, but this felt like it was half that. He placed his feet and slowly lowered himself down. He was surprised at how easy it was. He was used to struggling to get back up, but this felt like he was just standing up. He did a solid 12 reps, and then racked the bar.

"Awesome!" Cody said. "You're a natural! I have no comments, your form is perfect. My turn now!"

Cody pulled the small plates off the bar and added 1 full plate on each side.

"135 pounds, this is my usual warm-up weight," Cody said. "I'm gonna do 20 reps, just to get the blood flowing."

"I'll spot you," Simon said, passing the weight belt to Cody.

Cody laughed as he put the belt on and lifted the bar onto his shoulders. He stepped forward and squatted 20 reps, smoothly and easily. Simon watched him, entranced by the way his quads and glutes flexed and bulged as he squatted. Cody racked the bar and stepped back. "Your turn!" he said.

Simon had never lifted that much weight before, but he felt like he could do it, and didn't want to let Cody down. The bar felt solid, but not overly heavy. His quads moved like pistons as he squatted, and he felt like he could have done 20 reps, but he stopped at 12. He racked the bar and stepped back, passing the weight belt back to Cody.

"Thanks. Nice set! And nice vest, don't think I didn't notice. I like the writing."

"Yeah, I have no idea what it says," Simon said. "I just saw it on ebay and thought it looked cool. It looks like Japanese maybe?"

"Maybe," Cody said. "I don't know. I don't speak Japanese. But it looks cool. I like it."

Cody added another pair of plates to the bar and stepped under it. "225 pounds, this is my working weight," he said. "I'm gonna do 10 reps."

Simon watched as Cody squatted. He was squatting 225 pounds without much difficulty. He didn't grunt or strain, he just smoothly pumped that bar up at down. Simon was mesmerized.

Cody racked the bar and stepped back. "Your turn!" he said.

Simon looked at Cody. Up until yesterday the most he'd ever squatted was 100 pounds. This was more than double that! He felt strong, but felt nervous.

"I know it's a lot of weight," Cody said, "but give it a go. See how it feels. Just do half or quarter reps if that's all you can. It's good to push yourself."

"Alright, but you'll have to spot me," Simon said.

"No problem, bud" Cody said. "I've got you."

Simon got the bar on his shoulders and hesitantly stepped forward. "This is crazy!" he thought. "I'm gonna blow my knee out just to impress some hot gym stud." He tried a quarter rep, and it felt okay. He tried a half rep, and it felt okay. He did 4 more half reps and then paused.

"Awesome man!" Cody said. "You're doing great! Keep going!"

"Get ready to catch me," Simon said. Cody got into position behind him. Simon slowly lowered himself all the way down. At the bottom he paused, and then slowly stood back up.

"Fuck yeah! Ass to the Grass!" Cody shouted.

Simon managed 4 more full reps. He racked the bar and stepped back. He was breathing hard, and his legs felt like jelly. He looked at Cody. "I did it!" he said. "I squatted 225 pounds! I can't believe I did it! I had no idea that a weight belt could make such a difference!"

"It does make a difference, but usually not that much difference!" said Cody. "Maybe you've been holding back. Maybe you've been inspired to push yourself harder."

"Maybe," Simon said. "I don't know. I just know that I feel great! I feel like I could do anything!"

"Awesome!" Cody said. "Let's do some more squats, and then we'll do some other leg exercises."

They did 3 more sets of squats, and then moved on to leg presses, leg extensions, leg curls and calf raises. On every exercise Simon managed to lift the same as Cody. He'd always worked out alone, but he was really enjoying having a workout partner. He was also enjoying the way Cody looked after he's worked up a bit of a sweat. His pumped, glistening legs looked amazing, and his vest stuck to him revealing even more of his ripped body. Simon was getting hard just looking at him.

"Lucky I'm wearing loose sweat pants..." he thought.

"Just one more thing..." said Cody.

"What's that?" Simon asked.

"Shorts. You need to get some shorts. You can't squat in sweat pants."

"Ah, I see," Simon said. "I'll get some shorts tomorrow."

"Good," Cody said. "I'll see you tomorrow then."

"Oh, you're going to be here tomorrow too?" Simon asked.

"Yeah," Cody said. "I'm gonna be here tomorrow. I'm gonna be here every day. I'm gonna be here every day until you're as big as me."

Simon's mouth moved as if he was going to say something, but no words came out. He just stood there, staring at Cody.

"See you tomorrow, Si," Cody said, and walked away.

In the locker room Simon carefully took the red vest off, folded it up and put it away in his gym bag. He kicked off his shoes and peeled his sweat-soaked sweat pants of. Wearing just his briefs, he looked at himself in a mirror. "I sure don't look like a guy who just squatted 225 pounds," he thought. He flexed his quads. "But I feel like a guy who just squatted 225 pounds." He grinned and went to take a shower.

By the time he got home he was starving. He had a protein shake and started frying up some chicken pieces, but had to make himself a peanut butter sandwich to eat while he was cooking. As soon as the chicken was done he ate it right out of the pan. He was still hungry, so he had another peanut butter sandwich.

He tried to get some of his marking done, but he couldn't concentrate. He kept thinking about Cody. It all seemed a bit strange. "Who is he? Why is he so interested in me? Why is he so keen to help me? I mean, he's hot. Really hot. And I'm... Why is he so keen to see me get bigger? I want that, though. Fuckl, I really do want that. Did he really like my arms? Why am I still so hungry?"

Simon grabbed the loaf of bread and started snacking on slices while trying to care about his students' half-assed attempts to string a coherent sentence together. Soon he found himself scratching at the end of the bag wondering where all the bread went.

"I ate that whole loaf?" He looked at the student's papers with dismay. "Ah, to hell with it. I'll get the teaching assistant to deal with this." He sent an email with marking instructions and went to bed.

He dreamt he was working out with Cody. The gym was dark, and they were alone. Cody took his shirt and shorts off off and started posing in his briefs. "This is a double bicep pose" he said. "This is a lat spread. This is a most muscular pose." Simon was mesmerized by his muscles. "Now you do it."
Simon stood up and took his shirt and sweat pants off. He flexed his biceps. "Good double bicep" Cody said. "It's working, you're getting bigger. Now do a lat spread." Simon spread his lats. "Excellent" Cody said. "Flex hard, it's working, you're getting bigger. Now do a most muscular pose." Simon did a most muscular pose. "Good, now flex your legs." Simon flexed his legs. "Harder, flex harder" Simon flexed even harder. "Yeah, feel those legs grow!" Simon could feel them growing, and started getting an erection. "Harder, Si, harder!" Simon flexed harder, and his legs grew even bigger. He wanted to tell Cody that he was flexing as hard as he could, but every time he tried to speak he couldn't make a sound. And every time Cody said "harder, Si, harder!" Simon flexed harder, and his legs grew even bigger.

Simon awoke with a yelp. Ah, yep, he'd definitely had a wet dream. He could feel his briefs were tight and soaking. He pulled the covers back to clean up, and was shocked by what he saw. His legs looked enormous! He moved his toes just to make sure they were actually his legs. He couldn't believe it. He moved his legs off the side of the bed. For things so huge, they felt really light. He sat on the edge of the bed and poked his enormous, muscular thighs. They definitely seemed real. He flexed them a bit, and watched the muscles dance underneath the tight skin. His muscles! He stood up, and his enormous new glutes tore his briefs apart at the seams.

"I'm gonna have to buy some bigger pants," he thought. "And some shorts. I need shorts for the gym."

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Part 4:

"Let's start off with Bench Press" said Cody. "How much were you lifting last time?"

"It was 150" said Simon.

"Okay, let's warm up with 75" said Cody.

"You know, I'm feeling pretty good today. Let's start with 145" said Simon.

Cody looked at Simon, surprised. "Alright, a plate and a nickel on each side" he said, as they loaded the bar. "Let's see what you've got."

Simon lay down on the bench and gripped the bar. He lifted it off the rack and lowered it slowly to just above his chest. He paused at the bottom, and let the bar wobble a bit.

"Come on, you can do it" said Cody.

Simon laughed, and pushed the bar back up. He did ten reps, and held the bar above him. "I think I've got a few more in me" he said, and proceeded to do ten more reps. He racked the bar and sat up.

"Showing off, Si?" said Cody.

"Maybe a little" said Simon, grinning.

"Don't wear yourself out" said Cody. "We've got a lot of work to do." Cody did his ten warm up reps, and then replaced the 5s with 25s. "185" he said. "Try that out."

Simon lifted the bar off the rack. It felt heavy at first, but each with each rep it got easier. After he'd done ten reps he felt like he could do ten more, but didn't want to show off too much, so he did two more reps, making it look like he was struggling. He racked the bar and sat up. "This is so weird" he thought. "I'm lifting more than I ever have before, and it feels like nothing."

"Nice work" said Cody and did his ten reps. He got up and waited for Simon to do his next set.

"The same weight again?" asked Simon.

"You want more?" asked Cody.

"Yeah!" said Simon, more enthusiastically than he'd planned to.

"Alright, let's do 205" said Cody.

"225" said Simon.

Cody looked at Simon incredulously. "225?" he asked. "You sure?"

"Yep!" said Simon, flexing his arms and pecs. "I'm feeling..." he paused and looked Cody in the eye, "Stronger."

Cody laughed. "Alright, 225 it is." They loaded the bar and Simon lay down on the bench. He gripped the bar and lifted it off the rack. It felt like it was the same weight as before. Simon did ten slow reps with good form and re-racked the bar.

"Nice work" said Cody. "I'm impressed."

"Thanks" said Simon. "I'm impressed too."

Cody lay down and did his ten reps. "I'm not going any higher than this today" he panted. "I don't want to show you up too much."

Simon looked at Cody and how much effort he'd put into his reps. "I could easily go heavier" he thought. "I could probably do 250, maybe even 275. Am I stronger than Cody already? I've only been working out for a few weeks. This is crazy." He looked at Cody, who was still breathing heavily. "I'll wait until next time" he thought.

"Okay, let's stick at 225" he said.

Simon easily pressed out his ten reps. "I can do a few more" he thought, and did two more reps. Then another one. "Oh wait, that was thirteen reps. I'm not superstitious, but I don't want to tempt fate." He did one more rep and racked the bar. He sat up.

One of Cody's friends had come over and was watching them.

"Hey Scott" said Cody. "This is Simon. He's a professor at the university."

Scott was a big guy, almost as tall as Cody, but maybe even more muscular. He was wearing a white stringer vest with gold stripes down the sides and matching shorts and shoes. His legs were huge, his arms were huge, his pecs and lats were huge. He was clean shaven and had bleached blond hair.

Simon sat up and put his hand out to shake Scott's hand. Scott looked at Simon's hand, and then looked at Simon. He stared at Simon's enormous legs, now proudly visible for all to see in his new yellow short-shorts.

"Look," said Cody, pointing at the bar, "225!"

Scott looked at the bar with a look of fury on his face. "Fuck you, Cody! Fuck. You!" he spat, and stormed off to the other side of the weight room.

"Hey, wait!" Cody called after him. "Sorry, Si, let me deal with this. I won't be long." Cody rushed after Scott and they started having a hushed yet heated discussion. Scott was clearly really angry about something, and Cody was trying to calm him down.

Simon sat on the bench and waited for Cody to come back. He looked around the weight room. There were a few other guys working out, but they were all much smaller than Cody and Scott. He tried to hear what Cody and Scott were saying.

"...you knew..." said Scott.

"I had no idea!" said Cody.

"You knew, and you fucked me over!" said Scott.

"I swear, I honestly didn't!" said Cody.

Cody reached out and touched Scott's arm. Scott pulled away. Cody reached out again and held Scott by the shoulders. They were speaking quietly now. Scott looked upset and angry.

Simon was fascinated, but didn't want to stare. He did another set, slowly keeping the tension tight the whole time. After a while, and who-knows-how-many reps, Cody came back. Simon racked the bar and sat up.

"Sorry about that" said Cody.

"Everything okay?" Simon asked.

"Yeah, it's fine" said Cody. "Just a lover's quarrel." He laughed.

Simon tried to hide the disappointment from showing on his face. "Oh," he said, "is Scott... your boyfriend?"

Cody laughed again. "No, no! Just a figure of speech! We're just friends. Well we've hooked up a few times, but we're not dating. We'd be terrible together."

"Oh" said Simon. "He's not your type?"

"No, he's not" said Cody. "He's a great friend. And he's got a stunning body, but he's not my relationship type."

"I see. So you and Scott... you're...?"

"Fuckbuddies, I guess" said Cody.

"Gay, I was going to say" said Simon.

Cody roared with laughter.

Simon worried that he'd said the wrong thing. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean..." he said.

Cody squatted down so he was eye level with Simon. He put one hand on the back of Simon's neck and looked him straight in the eyes.

"Simon," he said with a deadly serious look on his face, "I am Very. Fucking. Gay."

Simon swallowed.

"So you know what we have to do now, right?" said Cody.

Simon shook his head.

"Incline Bench Press" said Cody. "Let's go."

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