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Friendly competition between cousins (pt7 - 11.27.23)


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Part 3

Ralph woke me up with some smelling salts. I tried to sit up and each of the three said to take it easy.  I was apparently out for awhile but when I looked around and felt my body it felt normal.  They were still huge and I was still myself.  Dusty laughed and said yeah you saw what you are going to become.  My eyes widened and I was about to explain until they stopped me and said that what I saw was only between me and the being that showed itself.  They would soon see what was bestowed to me in due time but take a few minutes to gather myself and get ready to start the process.  They walked out of the room down a hall.  I was still dumbfounded, I didn’t know what that meant but if what they said to me was true I was going to be not only huge but damn near godly my cousin wouldn’t be able to hold a candle to me but neither would they or anyone if I had to be honest.  The thought of this gave me an instant boner but I had more questions.

I wrestled with what I just experienced and heard a voice in the back of my head that was the being once more saying whatever it takes is what you will become, embrace it, the fun part is going through the changes, and remember you are not confined to the same limitations as the others.  I shook my head a few times and got up and followed the sounds I was familiar with hearing from those three loud workouts.  Everyone still dressed in the same manner, shirtless with shorts now.  But they were busy cranking out a few heavy sets until Wally saw me come in.  He explained to me that I would need to stay here for about a week to get my “starter” physique ready and then I can come back to the normal space.  Everything I need is here with clothes, food, etc.  I scratched my head at the “starter physique” comment and the beings voice came in again and reminded me “whatever it takes”.

I was curious about my workout plan, they laughed and said you will know what to do because it will be told to you.  They finished their set and then left me there without another word.  Looking around at the equipment around me it was something that easily rivaled our own gym back in town.  Not knowing where to start a voice in my head said “back” and I went to the area dedicated to the back and began working out, cable rows, lat pull downs, etc.  I stopped when my mind said to drink.  I was wondering if this was going to be my “whatever it takes” being told to do everything from this voice/being within me.  While drinking, I looked around and noticed there were no windows or sense of time in this space no clocks, no watches, no anything, but I was drenched in sweat and it felt like my back was tight and swollen so I had to be working out for a long period of time.  “Good Good” I heard in my head and then moved to biceps.  Same effort as my back, preacher curls, concentration curls, cable curls, etc until it felt like my biceps were going to pop through my skin and lifting even 2 pounds was a struggle.  “Good Good” I hear in my head again except now I make my way to the kitchen for my meal for the day already prepped, warm, etc which was odd because nobody was there but me but I ate and drank what was before me.  Sat and thought through what in the world happened earlier and that vision I had trying to make sense of it all but all I got were blanks and dead-ends in my memory. 

I’ve must have thought about this for awhile because the voice in my head said “legs” as if in a trance I got up and headed back to the weight room like I just didn’t finish working out maybe an hour ago or was it 2 hours ago.  Instinctively I looked for my watch that wasn’t there and clock that wasn’t around.  My back and biceps still felt pumped and tight but not sore but that focus wasn’t the main issue it was now legs. Squats, leg curls, leg presses, calf raises, glutes everything to the point where it felt like my legs were just wet bags of cement just heavy and hard to move but I willed myself back to the kitchen to eat and drink the next meal laid out for me but after this helping I went to sleep on a cot nearby just purely exhausted.  Had a dream about my cousin telling people how much bigger he was than I was until I turned a corner and dwarfed him in size and mass.  I awoke with the hardest morning wood I ever had in my life but was told to leave it.  Groggy I slipped on the new shorts and went to eat and shower.

It wasn’t until I started showering that I noticed a few differences.  It was slightly harder to reach areas on my back that I would normally be able to reach, my biceps are a bit firmer and more peaked than before and my legs look a bit more defined than before as well.  That thought didn’t last too long as the new workout appeared in my mind today that said chest.  And it was a heavy chest day.  I did every variation of a press and fly that you could think of plus took a breaks.  By the time I was finally able to just finish without the urge to continue forward it felt like I worked out for days but was really hours.  The pump I felt in my chest was unreal, covered in sweat and flexing in the mirror in front of me it looked noticeably larger.  If this is what life will start to feel like I don’t want to leave this place.

No sooner did I get comfortable with my new routine and the results from it, it came to an end.  Ralph, Wally, and Dustin returned to retrieve me.  We were all shocked when we realized that in that 1 week period of time I matched their sizes.  I was as tall as Wally now with the legs to match, my arms were the same size as Ralph’s, and my back/chest were the same size as Dusty’s.  Ralph said he didn’t know what happened to me but it looked good on me and the others agreed.  Looks like your cousin won’t stand a chance against you.  I flexed my arm and said nope not at all.  We all tried to get in Wally’s truck.  I went in shirtless since they didn’t think I was going to change that much.  Dusty sat up front and I sat in the back with Ralph taking up just as much room as Dusty did but maybe even a little bit more.

There was no need for blindfolds anymore as I wasn’t going to be able to come back without everyone else and its location would be blocked from my mind by the being.  They drop me off at my spot and said they would see me tomorrow.  I walked in and saw a note written by one of them my guess saying everything is in place now and told me to find my new workout clothes laid out for tomorrow.  I walked into my bedroom area, saw the new clothes, and read the label of XL for them.  Just from looking at them laid out they appear to be too small or at least they look to be very snug.  May as well try them on and see how they feel and what they would look like essentially in action.  I looked at myself in the mirror and sure enough they already feel too small on me.  I really examined my appearance in the new outfit starting with the shorts.  I looked and saw how big my calves truly were now that I was sliding something over them.  But the real shock was my quads and hamstrings.  It was a tight fit and that was before it reached my ass.  Pulling them over almost made the waistband rip but I finally got it.  Deformed but got it.  It wasn’t snug around my waist like it should have been but the shorts weren’t moving because my ass, quads, and hamstrings held it up.  I looked and sighed thinking I’m going to have to either cut these off or outgrow them.  But really thinking it through, outgrowing them would be more fun.

Then there was the tank top which was more of a struggle to put on but I wanted to try just out of curiosity and the struggle was tiring but I managed to somewhat get it on.  I say somewhat because with the size of my back and chest it took most of the space that small tank top could hold.  The straps were being stretched beyond their limits and the tank top covered 3/4 of my chest but still left my abs completely exposed.  I looked at myself in the mirror, shocked and surprised at how obscene I looked and how I was stretching out these clothes.  The being’s voice resounded in my head approving of this look for now but said it was time for sleep and I did as I was told with the clothes still on.  The next morning came and I was awakened by a very uncomfortable feeling.  It seems like everything got tighter overnight.  I got up slowly as my movements were constrained to look at myself in the mirror once more to see that I was about to burst through everything at any second.  A knock at the door came, it must have been the guys I move as quickly as I can to open the door.  No sooner did they walk in the apartment did my clothes rip to shreds completely naked.  The guys were completely unphased as if they were expecting this or were told this would happen and each brought some clothes for me to wear out today the biggest of everything they had.  Wally had the biggest jockstrap, Dusty the largest tank top, and Ralph had the largest shorts.  They tossed them to me and I got dressed quickly.  Even in their largest clothes they felt a little snug but workable for now.  I grabbed my food to go and we started to leave my apartment.  I had to squeeze through the doorway a bit but didn’t really think much of it since we were in a rush.  I asked what are we working on today.  Collectively they said legs.  I sighed as with most I hate legs but sensing that the being within said you won’t for much longer.  We got in Wally’s truck and I noticed I took up even more room that the day before and as if prepping for the intense leg workout everything from my waist down was already starting to feel pumped even though nothing happened yet.

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Part 4

It was early enough in the day when the gym was mostly empty but still some people were there who stopped and stared as we entered.  Ralph leaned back towards me and said how does it feel to get your first stares.  I leaned forward and told him it felt a bit odd but I could get used to it in time.  Wally patted me on the back and said yeah trust us you will.  You will even play with the folks staring and flex just because.  We walked to the locker area, and I noticed in the mirror walking by that I’m fucking massive.  The small kid I guess from college working on his triceps was very small compared to me.  I didn’t realize it until a few minutes later that I stopped next to him to compare our size differences.  My fucking leg was bigger around than his entire body.  My ass was sticking out further than his chest.  I snapped out of it when the guys called me over and I played it off as if I was looking at what was on the TV behind the kid over the mirrors.

Yeah its amazing how small people and things are in comparison to us right, Dusty stated as everyone mixed their pre-workouts to chug down and head over to the leg areas of the gym.  Now that I have a sense of time now, we worked out a solid hour and a half.  Our legs were pumped to the max and ready to be fed.  I said lets eat but the others had to go to work.  I remembered I needed to do so as well.  But before I could do anything Wally said you don’t need to worry about anything for awhile it has all been handled.  Don’t know what that meant but I just said ok and kept it moving no work, I can just go home, and relax.  That wasn’t the plan either, I was to eat and recover here in the gym and do another heavy workout before going home.  They left while I ate and about 30 minutes later after finishing eating similar to the facility I felt like I never even worked out but my legs were pumped but not tired so I went back down and began to workout again but harder for about 3 hours until walking was beginning to be a problem.  I had to almost lift my legs one by one to move them forward.  My newly swollen calves were starting to tear my socks apart and the fabric of the shorts given to me by Ralph were starting to expose skin underneath from being stretched so thin.  Fortunately, I had a shake in my bag and sat on the bench for a second after taking my shake to gather myself to be able to leave.  After a few minutes of sitting down I promise I saw my legs grow larger before my eyes and it felt like my ass is hanging off the back of this bench a little bit.  I smiled and thought to myself that my cousin doesn’t stand a chance.  The being within chimed in and said and we are only getting started.

I got up and started to leave as the afternoon crowd was coming in.  I could feel their eyes looking at me as I walk pass and seeing how they compare in size to me.  I was glad the gym had double doors because my right quad brushed against the edge of the second door to open it just ever so slightly so I could fit through without a problem and began to walk home.  I don’t know what it was but the constant movement and stretching of my leg muscles while walking home gave my legs even more of a workout especially going up the small hill.  Whoever was behind me was lucky enough to see my exposed ass as it was really starting to thin the threads of my shorts and the fact that I had a jock strap on made it that much more pronounced.  I made it to my place and as fate would have it the key to the main door was stuck in my pocket and hard to pull out with my legs having grown so much.  It was to the point that I had rip a large hole just to get the keys out which of course fell on the concrete.  I was going to squat down to pick them up but said to hell with it and bent over and that did it.  My shorts ripped to shreds exposing my ass lifted in a jockstrap to the sounds of gasps behind me.  I turned around to face the onlookers with a growing boner stretching the material trying to contain it.  I smiled and jingled the keys to show that was all I was doing but it didn’t help that a large bicep formed and started to tear a sleeve of a shirt I was wearing.

One woman was appalled at the sight and covered the eyes of her kids saying there are children around.  I was getting ticked off as if I did something wrong but to not get angry like that I said well maybe one day they will grow up to be big and strong like me as I hit a double bicep pose that ripped my sleeves to shreds.  The woman wasn’t amused and pulled her child and all I heard was “Mommy was that the Hulk?” Laughing, I then turned to face my next challenge, squeezing into the door of my building.  Once inside I looked back at the door and snorted.  I won’t be able to squeeze through that after while and may have to use the service doors in the back.  I turned to walk down the hall with my boner stretching the jockstrap further.  Since I was by myself in the hallway I released it from its prison and let it slap against my abs as I walked getting harder at the fact I noticed that I now take up most of the hallway in width.  There was still a little bit of room on the sides of me but only a real short person could walk by me because my lats flared out enough to prevent someone from walking beside me.  My cock started leaking precum at the thought of me having to squeeze down the hallway soon. 

The being inside read that thought and the others and reassured me there is so much more than that before fading away again.  I made it to my place and squeezed into the doorway but had a bit more of a challenge since the door didn’t open like the main one. I got most of my torso in and 1 leg but the doorframe was caught in the crack of my ass.  I tried to do a side stretch to get through and it almost worked but going in sideways made it difficult and I already know I’m too wide to just walk in.  After a few attempts I moved my way back into the hallway which with all the constant movement of my cock rubbing against my abs made the pressure build.  I then placed my hand on one-side of the frame and began to push just enough to allow me in but still enough to render the door completely useless. 

Fortunately it is a studio but I won’t be able to stay here for long and nobody would dare try to break into a place with a doorframe like that.  Now that I was inside I had to handle this boner and rub one out.  I sat on the floor with a loud thud that shook the whole unit plus a few others and began to work.  Just the images in my mind of getting even bigger and the look on Jax’s face in a few months was enough to give me a huge release which hit the ceiling fan that was on and sprayed my spunk all over the place.  One would consider it a mess but I thought of it as accomplishment that I was even able to do such a thing which caused me to shoot a couple of additional loads before passing out due to exhaustion.

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