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Ask and you WILL receive Parts 1, 2 & 3 (11.02.24)


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Here's another adventure of The Erotic Occultist.  It's an idea that's been brewing for a while and I thought I would pound it out while I'm working on the last few parts of Food of the Gods.

Hope you enjoy!


Tim waited in the virtual waiting room for the Zoom call to start.  He admitted to himself that he was nervous and excited… well… nervous… excited… and slightly scared.  He had been at the gym that morning when the email arrived, letting him know that his request for a meeting had been accepted.    As soon as he read the text, his cock was hard.  He tried to go back to lifting, but his mind was no longer on it.  Sitting on the bench, he opened the email again and checked again the time the meeting would take place.  He even tested the Zoom link to make sure that it was real.  The link went directly to Zoom, but having used Zoom all through the pandemic, Tim knew that anyone could set up a Zoom call.  It didn’t necessarily mean that it was really The Erotic Occultist reaching out to him. 

It had been eight months since he had written his first email asking the mysterious YouTuber if they could talk.  Tim had come upon the muscle growth subliminal videos in his feed, and at first he didn’t even bother to listen to them since he wasn’t into that sort of stuff.  Then, he hit a frustrating tableau in his quest for muscle.  It seemed that no matter what he did, his stats and personal bests remained the same.  When a month went by and everything was still exactly the same, he became desperate.  He tried natural testosterone boosters, he hired a new trainer, he changed the way he worked out, but he still remained at 6’1 and 196 lbs of tight muscle.  Then he tried steroids.  

Tim’s first cycle went well, and he found himself not only going up in weight and size but in his lifts as well.  Strutting around the house and flexing for himself, he loved how his new muscle mass felt when he was both naked and clothed.  When he hit 209 at the end of his cycle, he celebrated by going online and finding a twink to worship his muscles as he flexed.  He was on top of the world.  

That is, until less than a week later, he watched as his gains slowly began to disappear.  Each day he weighed himself, he was less and less.  His mass crept away, and all of his clothes, including his underwear, felt baggy.  He also began having trouble getting his cock up, which was something he never had an issue with before, and the hair on top of his head had begun to thin.  A month after his first cycle, Tim was 6’1 and 196 lbs again.

Tim looked in the mirror and hated what he saw.  He wanted serious size.  He wanted serious mass.  He wanted people to look at him in awe when he walked into a room.  He yearned for people to fear him when they saw him walking down the street at night.  He craved to feel what it was like to find it nearly impossible to buy clothes off of the rack.  He needed his body to match what he knew he really was inside.  When he closed his eyes, Tim saw himself as a hulking mass of flexing muscle unlike any that had lived before.  Bigger than any bodybuilder.  Much bigger.

Lying in bed, unable to sleep, Tim began scrolling first through CNN… then through Facebook… then through Instagram… and then finally in a fit of boredom, he landed on YouTube.  At the top of his feed was the all too familiar muscle growth subliminal video he had been seeing for the past month and a half.  Willing to give anything a try, he pressed play.  Listening to the deep, masculine voice speak had Tim instantly hard, and as the video progressed, he found himself having one of the most intense orgasms he had ever had, and he hadn’t even touched himself!!  Not even bothering to clean himself up, Tim fell asleep while the video continued.

The next day was Tim’s best at the gym in weeks.  He found himself lifting far beyond what he had been able to a few days prior, and when his hour and a half session at the gym was complete, he was shocked by how swollen his muscles looked in the mirror.  Standing on the scale, he watched as the dial went up, eventually stopping at 199.  

199!  199!!  He was 199!  He had gained 3 lbs of muscle after one workout!  At first he wanted to take all of the credit for his gains, how he had pushed himself harder than he ever had before, but as soon as he saw the video again at the top of his YouTube feed, he knew that he had definitely gotten some supernatural help.  Tim didn’t care if it was all in his mind, the placebo effect, or the Devil himself helping him.  All he knew was that he had gained 3 lbs after one workout, and he was determined that there would be more where that came from.  

He listened to it again that night… and the night after… and the next.  He listened to it at work.  He listened to it on the tube, he let it play in the background no matter what he was doing.  And soon, the gains began to pile on.  Within 7 weeks, Tim stood even larger than he had after his first cycle.  Much larger.  He was now 245.  He was still 6’1, but his stats were staggering!  He had a 31 waist, 32” quads, a 55” chest, and 24” arms.

He still continued listening to the video every chance that he could, but soon, Tim plateaued again, and no matter what he would do, he could never rise above 245.  Even on another cycle, his weight and muscle stayed astonishingly the same.  It was unbelievable.   That night, he hunted down the email for The Erotic Occultist and wrote to him.  He was desperate to be bigger.  He craved it.  It was a physical need that was eating him up inside.  

It was the third email that was eventually answered and had him sitting in the virtual waiting room at 11 am that day.  He had called in sick to work, something he rarely did, but he didn’t care if he was missing an important meeting.  If he could get everything that he wanted from The Erotic Occultist, he didn’t care about work.  HIs body and muscles would be his work from now on!!  He’d probably quit… maybe become a professional bodybuilder or make crazy money on Only Fans!  What happened next was totally in The Erotic Occultist’s hands.

Tim sat forward as the screen of his laptop changed.  Suddenly he was no longer in the waiting room and on screen sat before him a fairly unassuming looking man.  To Tim, The Erotic Occultist looked to be about 48 years old, was maybe 5’6 or 5’7, had an obvious slim frame beneath his buttoned up shirt, thinning blonde hair, and glasses which partially hid piercing blue eyes.  Tim didn’t know what he was expecting, maybe some sexy, powerful figure, but he hoped the disappointment didn’t show on his face.  This was The Erotic Occultist?  This was the man with the deep, orgasm inducing voice behind the video?


“I’m sorry?”

“You guessed I was 48.  I’m 62.”

“62.  Wow.  I never would have guessed.  You look great.  Hope I look that great when I’m 62.”  Slow down, Tim.  Take a breath.



“Moisturizer.  It’s the only way to keep your skin looking young without surgery.  That and sun block.  And some peptides.  What kind of moisturizer do you use?”

“Um… I don't know.  I think… Kiehls.”

“Kiehls?  Not bad.”


“So… tell me… why summon me?  Five times no less.”

“You received my email?”

“I did.  Each one.  But… why don't you tell me again.”

“I love your video.  I watch and listen to it all the time.  I know I’m the size I am right now because of it.”

“So you said in your emails.  But… each time you wrote… I could sense that there was more.  Some… deep desire hidden behind the words.  Why don’t you share with me exactly what that desire is.”

The room Tim sat in seemed to grow warmer.  Grabbing the glass of water that sat next to his laptop, he took a sip.  

Just speak, Tim.  Just tell him exactly what you want.

An image exploded in his mind, but he quickly buried it down from the depths it had sprung up from.

“I… I love the size I am.  I really do.  It suits me.  Lots of guys would kill to be this size.  It’s just…”. His cock was hard.  Why was his cock hard?  Why the fuck was his apartment so hot?

“Say it.” The Erotic Occultist’s eyes seemed to gleam in the light.  Tim looked deep within them and felt himself fall.

“I want to be big.”

“That’s it, Tim.  Let it all flow.”

Fuck he was hard!!!  “Not just big.  Huge.   I don’t think I can fully tell you how huge I want to be.”

“Tell me everything.  I want to hear even the minutest detail.”

His cock was leaking.  The room was sweltering.  His head was spinning.  “I… Humongous.  That’s the right word.  Titanic.  That’s an even better one,  I… I fucking hate hitting plateaus.  I want size… but no more fucking limits.”

“Say it again.  This time with some balls behind it.”

“I want size but with absolutely no limits.”

“Yes, Tim!  Yes!!  That wasn’t so hard now, was it?”

“No… I… I’ve just never said it out loud before.”  He rubbed his crotch with his hand, massaging the jeans covered shaft.

“It feels good… doesn’t it… saying exactly what you want?  Most people are afraid to do it… to claim what they feel is rightfully theirs.  You can have anything you want if you just ask for it.  The universe barely ever says no.  Look at Taylor Swift.”

“You helped Taylor Swift?”

“Do you see the universe telling Taylor Swift no?”

“I guess I don’t.”

“No.  You don’t.  Tell me again what you want.  I love hearing you say it.  I love hearing the passion in your voice.”

“Limitless growth.  Limitless size.  Limitless power.”

“There it is.  I knew there was more.”

“I want to be immense. Ridiculously immense.  Like… People would think I was crazy when they see me.”

“And with that size comes… what?”

“Comes… I don’t know… ummm…”

“Do you remember Behemoth B?”

“I don't think so.  Should I?”

“No.  You shouldn’t.  He was some of my greatest work, but my supervisors didn’t approve.  They said I had put my needs above what he truly desired..”

“You have supervisors?”

“Everyone has supervisors.  What they didn’t see was that I grew him to the size I knew he truly wanted.  Deep down… he craved the size he got!  Sure, it wasn’t the size he asked for… but I know… if he hadn’t been afraid to just admit it…  So, my supervisors decided to  jettison him.”

“They killed him?”

“No.  He’s still around.  He’ll be around forever… just… in a different place and time. I visit him every once in a while.  Damn, he’s happy.   You would love Ben.  You two have a lot in common.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Your quest for size… you both share that need.  Anyway.  You can see why I need for you to spell it all out for me.  Can’t make upper management mad.  Need to dot all of the i’s and cross all of the t’s.…”

“I bet.”

“So… what does you size come with?”

“I guess it comes with…”  Tim stared deep into The Erotic Occultist's eyes once again, and he swore that he saw them start to dance… spin…  Taking his hand, he slowly began to rub his right pec… toy with the nipple.  “Respect.  It… it comes with… respect.  And awe.”

“What else?  Say it!”

Tim’s cock jumped as he pinched his nipple tight.  “It comes with fear.  Lots of fear.  Mostly fear.  I want the world to fear me and my size.”  Tim couldn’t stop himself.  He was surprised by what he was admitting, but it felt so incredible to say it out loud.  Of course he had thought these things.  Who hadn’t?   But,  he never would have admitted them to someone he didn’t know.  But, The Erotic Occultist wanted to help him.  Didn’t he?”

“Fear.  Yes.  What a beautiful word.  So much energy comes from people’s fear.  It’s like… currency to someone like me.”

Tim’s skin was so hot now… nearly burning.  He pulled his shirt over his head and threw it on the floor.  He sat there, in front of his computer, panting and sweating and hornier than he ever remembered being.

“Beautiful.  Just beautiful.  That’s an epic chest you have there, Tim… but I see why you contacted me.  Why limit yourself.  Why not grow to what you were truly meant to be.”

“Yeah.  Thanks.  Exactly.  No more plateaus.  Just… growth.  Limitless growth.”

“I imagine you want a huge cock and balls too?  Right?”

Tim laughed.  “Well… if you’re offering….”

“Of course.  Everyone always wants a huge cock.  Hyper masculine?”

“Oh yeah.”  Tim unbuttoned his jeans and shoved his hand into his briefs.

“I knew you were one of those! Super hyper masculine… massive cock and balls… and the immense size that the world will… What was that word?  Ah yes…  My favorite word.  Fear.”

“Fear.  Yeah.  Fear.  The world… it will fear the sight of me!!  I’m just… too huge!”  Tim needed to cum.  He desperately needed to cum.

“How much is it worth?”

“How much?”  

“Yeah.  How much are you going to give me to make it happen?”

Tim hadn’t thought about payment.  “I… I don’t know.  My… soul?”

The Erotic Occultist let out a long and deep laugh.  “Too cliché.”

“What does something like what I want go for?”

“It always varies.  How much do you have right now in your checking account?”

“Exactly?  I don’t know.”

“Check.  You have your phone there.  Stop playing with yourself for a minute and check.”

Tim picked up his phone and clicked on the bank’s icon.  Soon, after the system analysed his face, he was in his account.

“I have… 328,363 dollars.”

“That sounds good.  I’ll take that.”

“All of it?”

“All of it.  But… to be fair… the money wont be removed from your account until after what you’ve requested is fulfilled.  How does that sound?”

328,363 was all he had in his checking account… but he did have a savings account with much more in it.  If he got what he wanted… it would definitely be worth every penny.

“Sure.  That’s fair.”

“So… I can have 328,363 after your request is fulfilled?”

“Yeah.  Let’s do it.”

“Amazing.  Now… tell me again… what is it you want?  Tell me it all.”

The room grew quiet again.  The Erotic Occultist looked deep into Tim’s eyes, and the words flowed out of him like water.  

“I want to be…  I want to be immense.  Gargantuan.  I want my muscles to be so massive that they should each have their own zip codes!”

“Yes!”  Tim dropped his phone and grabbed his cock once again.

“Every muscle on my body… they’re so beyond swollen that if I was studied… they’d find muscle growing on top of muscle growing on top of muscle!  I’m a genetic freak!”  Tim pumped his cock faster.


“Like my size… my strength is beyond words and comprehension.  I mean… I bet I could lift cars with my pinkie… and even would be like lifting a piece of dust.  I could… oh fuck… I could move mountains if I wanted to.”  Pre was free flowing, coating his cock and running onto the floor.


“My cock… It’s just as insanely big and thick as I am.  I mean… guys… they run from it, it's so huge.  And my balls… I’m so virile I could impregnate the world with one orgasm.”

“I need more!!!!”  

The Erotic Occultists eyes seemed to fill the screen and burrowed into Tim’s soul.

“I’m so titanic that… honestly… no one should be that big… yet I am.  I’m actually bigger!  I’m a menace to society. I'm so huge!  My strength… oh fuck… it destroys everything I touch!  Nothing’s safe when I’m around.  People fear even the thought of me!!  I walk and the ground beneath me shakes.  I walk… and people run!  And the worst thing for all of them?  I just… keep… growing!!!”

“Say it, Tim!!  Now!!”

“No limits!!!  I want to live my life with no limits!!  I want to be a fucking monster!!  I want to be so huge that I’m all there is!”


Tim's cock erupted, sending ropes of cum shooting onto the desk, the laptop, and onto the floor.  Just when he thought he had released all of his load, more and more poured out until his balls began to ache.  Tim felt like the orgasm went on and on forever, draining him of every ounce of cum he possessed, but still more flowed.  He wanted to scream.  He wanted to beg his cock to stop cumming, but he couldn’t find the words.  Then, just when he couldn't take anymore, the orgasm faded, and Tim collapsed into his chair, exhausted.

“It’s done, Tim.  You’re all set to receive exactly what you asked for.”

“It… Really?”  Tim looked down at what seemed like a gallon of cum coating everything around him.

“Oh yeah, Tim.  And your down payment has already been made.”

“It has?”

“It has.  But, don’t worry your pretty head about that.

“When will my muscles start to grow?”

“That, my friend, is all part of the fun.  But don’t worry.   Within the week… you won’t be living the boring life you live now.  You’ll be something… extraordinary.”

“When it happens… then I’ll pay you?”

“Yep.  When it happens, the money will be transferred to me.”

“I’ll need your account information.”

“No need.  I’ll get it.”

“Oh.  Okay.”

“One word of advice.  Do everything that you can that you think you’re going to miss when you’re… gargantuan.  Don’t worry.  You’re going to love everything you receive… it just… as time passes… you’ll find that some of the simplest things are beyond your grasp.”

“Oh.  Okay.  Right.  I see what… FUCK!!”  Tim’s chest  felt like it was on fire.  His pecs had never felt so sensitive.  He looked down, and watched as both began to slowly flex, pump up, and then inflate.  Soon… hit fat pecs were thickening… inflating… expanding.  The weight of his pecs was extraordinary.  Like flesh covered balloons… they just kept growing and growing.  Soon, both muscular mounds slammed together and created an extremely tight crevice.  

“Oh my god!!  This is incredible!”  Tim’s nipples were soon forced to point down as his chest became more than super sized!  When they did, the growth stopped.

“Holy fuck!!”  Tim’s eyes were wide as he looked down at the most massive and incredible set of pecs he had ever seen.  Flexing them, the heavy masses jumped at his command.

“You have a 73” chest now.  How does that feel?”


“Don’t lie!”  Tim grunted again as the wave of growth passed through his chest once again and he watched the mounds start to thicken again.  He leaned back in his chair as his pecs continued to gain more and more incredible size. Looking down, all Tim could see was pecs!  His chest was all pecs!!  When he grabbed them with both hands, he groaned again.

“Feels… so… good!!”  Vince twisted his nipples and nearly came again.  How was he ever going to find a shirt to cover these things?!  Did he ever want to cover them?”  Wait till the guys in the gym saw him!!

“Enough!!!”  The Erotic Occultist fell forward against the table he was sitting behind.  Automatically, Tim’s chest stopped growing.

“That's 83 inches now, Tim  How does that feel?”

“I… I have no words!!”

“Just a taste Tim.  Just a taste.  You’re never going to see me again, Tim… but I’ll be watching you.  Have fun.  Make me proud.”

The Zoom  call ended. 

The room spun.  Tim felt nauseous.  He gagged several times and was afraid he was going to vomit.  Then, just as quickly as it started, the wave of nausea faded.  Looking over his pecs… Fuck!  Looking over his pecs!!  Tim saw that his computer was dark and looked like it wasn’t even on.

Standing up, Tim saw that his jeans were still buttoned, containing his painfully hard cock.  The mess he had made when he came, was gone.  There was no sight that he had even orgasmed at all.  He picked up his phone from the floor and looked at it. It was 11 am.  No time had passed.  He would have thought the conversation had all been a dream, but when he looked down… all he could see was the biggest set of pecs in the world.

Tim shuddered as he massaged his pecs.  He had made a deal with… he didn’t know what.  The idea of that slightly scared him, but it also turned him on. He tried replaying the conversation in his head, but it all seemed hazy.  He knew he had asked for size, that much he knew.  And if his pecs were any example of what was to come… if what his body was going to be like when it grew to match his gargantuan pecs… Tim couldn’t wait!! 


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Even though Tim had worked out earlier that morning, he was dying to get to the gym and show off his meaty pecs.  He had played with them, stroked them, and fiddled them for an hour and a half after his meeting with The Erotic Occultist, and he couldn’t get over how incredible the two immense muscle masses felt.  His nipples were now hundreds of times more sensitive than they had been before, and just gently rubbing them sent a shock wave of electricity right to his cock.

In fact, Tim found that he could now actually make himself cum just from squeezing and playing with his nipples.  When he was aroused, which was all the time now,  they became engorged and thick, standing at attention like two squat soldiers.  He wished his tongue was long enough to lick them himself, but he would just have to wait for that until he got some hot stud in bed with him and have him suck and lick them.  For now, he just had to be content with his own tactile stimulation, and from the three mind blowing orgasms he had experienced toying with his nips and pecs, he was doing an incredible job.

Knowing he couldn’t play with his nipples and cum all day, though he’d love to try, he decided to head for the gym.  He would have gone shirtless and really thrown his new pecs in the face of all the other mass monsters at the gym, but the place had a strict shirt on policy, so he’d need to find something to wear.  Going from a chest that was 55 inches to one that was now 83 inches proved to be a slight problem.  Nothing he owned would fit over his mountainous pecs.

He tried pulling on several large compression shirts, but he simply couldn’t force the fabric over his pecs without it ripping.  He tried a regular cotton V-necked t-shirt, but again the fabric tore right down the middle from the strain of trying to cover his immense meat bags.  Finally, Tim had the brilliant idea to cut the sleeve straps off of an XL tank top he had received as a Christmas present and never used because it was too big, and use it as a sort of halter top.  Clinging to the midsection of his pecs, it stayed up exactly as he wanted it.  Sure, it looked a little silly, but until his body grew to match his pecs, everything he wore would look ridiculous.

Driving towards the gym, he thought about  the Erotic Occultist  saying he should think about what he might miss doing when he was too big.  What kind of things would that be?  What couldn’t he do when his body matched his pecs.  Fly in a plane?  Yeah.  Probably fly.  From the size of his pecs, he more than likely would be way too big for the seat after he grew, and possibly too heavy.  Fuck.  He hasn’t thought of that.  He had a trip planned to Bermuda in two months.  How would he get there if he couldn’t fly?  He’d have to remember to cancel that.  

Yeah, not flying would prove to be a huge pain in the ass and he would definitely miss it.  The Occultist said that he was going to grow sometime this week, so it wasn’t like he could just hop on a plane and enjoy one last flight.  So, if it was true that he wouldn’t be able to fly, then so be it.  He could always travel by train… or take a cruise… so his life wouldn’t be that limited. 

Getting on the highway, he thought about what else he might have to miss.  Possibly his car.  His pecs were definitely getting in the way of the wheel when he needed to turn, so he was going to have to look into buying something larger after he grew.  Maybe a truck.  Yeah.  A truck or a jeep would look great with the new body he was going to have.  Problem solved.  Tomorrow he would trade in his car for a truck… or a jeep. 

As he neared the gym, he had trouble thinking of anything else he might miss.  Sure, things may be a little bit more difficult, but it wasn’t as if he couldn’t come up with a solution.  He was smart.  Maybe The Occultist didn’t give him as much credit as he deserved.  Whatever problems and potential difficulties came his way, he’d solve them or adapt to them.  Honestly, once he had the body he’d always fantasized about, he wouldn’t care if he could fly on a trip or not.  His body would be his trip and something he would continually find pleasure in.

The stares he received as he walked into the gym were worth every penny he would pay for his new body.  With every person he passed, mouths fell open, eyes grew wider, and all appeared to be in awe of him and how huge and defined his chest was.  Stopping and saying hi to one of his PT friends, Tim nearly laughed out loud when through the entirety of the conversation, the guy’s gaze never left the two muscular protrusions rising up and nearly out of his shirt.  No matter what Tim did or said, no eye contact was ever made. 

Dropping his keys and wallet in his locker, he turned around and nearly ran into Jason, a hook-up he met five years ago.   Even though they both had a good time and enjoyed each other’s company, nothing really became of it.  Both of their work and social lives just seemed to be too full and too complicated to pull them in the right direction of a possible relationship. Tim hadn’t seen Jason at the gym for months, and honestly hadn’t thought about the sexy man until he was right on top of him..

“Sorry, man!  Didn’t see you there.”

“Totally my fault.  Shit on my mind.  Fuckin he’ll, Tim.  Great tits on you!”

“Thanks.  Been really working them hard.”

“I can tell.  They real or you buy them?”

Tim laughed.  If you really knew, he thought!  “All mine.  Are there pec implants?”

“I’m sure there are.  And if there aren’t, there should be.”


“Guess every day is chest day for you.”  Jason reached out and touched Tim’s clothed right pec.

“Pretty much.”  Tim groaned slightly, excited by the mere thought of another person playing with his pecs.  

Jason looked Tim directly in the eye as he brushed his nipple.  “Going to focus on any other muscle groups soon?”

“I… yeah… I do… I…” What was Jason trying to say?  Tim pulled back with a questioning look on his face.

“I’m sure.  Just… nothing.  Looking great, Tim.”  Jason moved to continue on his way, but Tim stepped in front of him to stop him.

“What are you saying?”

“You’ve got a great body, Tim.  Damn sexy.  Got a semi right now just looking at you.  But…   Don’t get me wrong.  It’s just… everything else is looking pretty lean next to those pecs.  Maybe focus on your shoulders and back a little more to accentuate them and build up your torso.”

A cold look passed through Tim’s eyes.  “Thanks, man.  I’ll take that into account.”

“Just my two cents… for what it’s worth.”

“Right.”  Tim walked past Jason towards the gym floor.

“Hey!”  Tim stopped and looked back.  “Give me a call sometime.”

“Will do.”  Tim watched Jason walk into the locker room, and then continued on his way. 

Just wait, asshole, Tim thought as he made his way onto the gym floor.  When I have my new body… you'll be the first person I’ll look for.  Have you at my feet worshiping me in no time!  Show you how I’ve built up my torso!

Strutting onto the gym floor, Tim found an available workout bench and barbell,  and began his chest routine.  Beginning with the basic bench press, he set up his usual weight on the bar and pulled himself under it.  Grabbing the bar with both hands, he found his pecs rising up and getting in the way; pressing against his chin and making it difficult to get a proper handhold.

Trying to ignore this minor frustration, Tim lifted the bar up, and found that his starting weight suddenly weighed next to nothing at all!  Lifting it up and down several times, he felt a slight strain on his arms, but when it came to his chest, it was as if he were benching air!

A huge grin erupted onto Tim’s face.  Hoisting himself up, he hunted down some additional plates, and added another 50 lbs to bring it up to his max of 325.  After squeezing himself in once again, he hoisted the bar, and again, despite some strain on his arms, found that he could pound out 20 with a weight he was lucky he could do two reps with before!

Gym goers began to stop what they were doing and watch Tim adding more and more weight to the bar.  First going up to 375… then 425… then jumping to 525… then to 600… then 675.

The bar bent as Tim added more and more weight, each time becoming slightly frustrated that he couldn’t achieve the pump and burn that he needed.  Sure, his arms and shoulders were getting a bit of a workout, but his chest simply couldn’t get the weight it craved.

When he plated 725 on the bar, one of the managers of the gym came over and stopped him before he could dive beneath it.

“Can’t let you do that, Tim.”

“Why the hell not?”  Tim was sweating, but not from the workout he wanted.  He had spent more time hunting down more and more plates than he had actually lifted. 

“We don’t have the spotters equipped to help you with that.”

“Thanks.  I don’t need them.”  Tim went to move again, but the manager grabbed him by the arm..

“Really sorry, Tim.  But I can’t let you.  Besides… other people want some of the plates.”

Tim pulled away from the Manager.  “They can have them when I’m done.”

“Let’s not make me have to ban you from the club for being uncooperative, Tim.”

Tim stood up taller and pressed his mighty chest into that of the older man’s.

“Is this being uncooperative?”  There was silence in the gym as the two men stared each other down.  Finally, once the Manager looked away, Tim stepped back.  “Fuck this shit.  Can’t get a decent pump anyway.  Might need to look for a serious gym.  Not one that can’t handle a body like mine.”  Looking at everyone watching, Tim announced: “The show's over.  You can have your fucking plates back.”  With that, he turned and headed back to the locker room.

Just as he was going to grab his keys and go, Tim felt the need to cool down.  He wanted to sit somewhere quiet and just chill.  It wasn’t like him to lose his temper like that.  He was usually extremely even keeled.  Even when he was cycling, he hardly ever lost his temper.

Seeing the steam room across the way, he decided to sit in there for a while and sweat it out.  No longer having to worry about needing to wear a shirt on the gym floor, Tim pulled the uncomfortable tube of fabric up and over his head, releasing his pecs.  Tim had forgotten how heavy they were and nearly grunted as gravity pulled them towards the floor.

In the white light of the locker room, his pecs looked even larger than when he had been at home.  The roundness of them was almost square… and the way they pressed together yet took up so much space on his chest was powerful.  They deserved to always be on display and not covered by clothing.

Taking off his shorts and underwear, Tim strutted into the steam room, his pecs proudly on display.

The room was dimmer than he had remembered.  Hotter.  Steamier.  He could barely see where he was going let alone if there were other people in there with him.  Finding a place to sit, he stretched out his body, spread his legs, leaned his head against the wall, and inhaled deeply.

Rubbing his hands over his pecs and nipples, he felt his hard wired cock get instantly aroused.  Since the club had separate steam rooms for men and women, he didn’t care if anyone saw his cock.  It wasn’t like they didn’t have one of their own.

As his muscles relaxed, Tim thought about apologizing to the Manager.  He didn’t want the guy to be mad with him, but it might not be a bad idea to find another gym; one that was more catered to what his body was going to become.

Fuck!  He wished it would just happen already and let him get on with his life.  He was ready.  He wanted the size now.  He’d deal with things he’d miss when he missed them.  Honestly, he thought, how much am I going to miss?  I’ll have this amazingly huge body with guys lined up to pleasure me!  It’s the life I’ve always wanted to live.  Bring it on!!

“Recognize those tits… and that cock anywhere.”

Tim opened his eyes.  Through the steam, he saw Jason sitting naked across from him.  Damn his body looked good.  Muscular, tight, and just the right amount of chest hair.

“Hard to miss.”

“Emphasis on the word hard.”


“You and me both.”

Tim looked over and saw Jason was stroking his own hard cock.  Standing, Jason walked over and stood right in front of Tim.

“What I love most about these steam rooms,” he said, “ is that no one comes in at this time of day so I can get all the privacy I want.”  Jason smiled at Tim, lifted his hand to Tim’s right pec, and squeezed his nipple.

“Fuck!!”  Tim shuddered and his cock released a wad of pre.

Straddling Tim, Jason grabbed onto both pecs and began to massage them.  “Damn, these are tight.”

Tim grinned.  “Yeah they are.”  

Jason leaned forward and wrapped his lips around Tim’s left nipple causing Tim to convulse slightly from the pleasure while his cock got harder.  “That’s it, Jason.  Suck it.”  When Jason bit down slightly, Tim’s moans filled the room.  

Moving his head between the two, Jason licked and toyed with both nipples.  When his mouth didn’t seem to be enough, he would grab onto the thick mounds and play with them with his fingers.  Becoming further aroused and daring, Jason began to grind his ass against Tim’s cock.  All too quickly, Jason had licked and kissed his way down Tim’s torso and soon was on his knees in front of him.  Opening his mouth, he went down on Tim.

Tim groaned again as he ran his hand through Jason’s thick blonde hair.

“That’s it.  Take it all.  Suck every last inch of that cock.  Get it nice and wet for when I fuck you.”  Jason began sucking on Tim’s cock with renewed fervor.  

“Fuck yeah!!  Feels so fucking good.”  He had forgotten what an expert cock sucker Jason was.  His lips and throat felt incredible wrapped around his cock.  Tim felt he was harder than he had been in a while.  In Jason’s mouth, Tim’s cock throbbed and flexed.

Jason gagged slightly as Tim grabbed the back of his head and forced him down deeper on his cock.  He was so hard.  Insanely hard.  It felt incredible to be as hard as he was.

“Your mouth… fuck… incredible… but would rather feel… your ass… wrapped around… it.”  

Jason didn’t need to be told twice.  Standing up, he grinned at Tim.  “Your wish is my command.”

Turning around so that he faced away from Tim, Jason squatted down, grabbed a hold of Tim’s cock, aimed it towards his hole, and then sat.  Tim moaned as he felt himself become encased in the tight surrounding of Jason’s ass.  Soon, Jason was moving his body rhythmically up and down, fucking his hole with Tim’s cock.

Leaning his head back, Tim closed his eyes and enjoyed the ride.

“I imagine you want a huge cock and balls too?  Right?”

Tim’s eyes shot open as he heard The Erotic Occultists voice in his head.

“Well… if you’re offering….”  Jason’s back flexed as he moved up and down,

“Of course.  Everyone always wants a huge cock.”

In the steam room, Tim agreed with himself once again.  Everyone did want a huge cock.  A massive cock…  

Jason moaned as Tim’s cock throbbed in his ass.

“Fuck!!”  Tim bucked his hips upwards and met the force of Jason’s squat as he came back down. 

Tim grabbed Jason around the waist, forcing him to go balls deep on his cock.  As Jason’s thick ass hit his groin, Tim grunted quietly as he suddenly felt his cock throb and then expand.  The root of his cock quickly grew thicker, filling the tight hole he was currently in.  Both Tim and Jason moaned as Tim’s cock swelled and thickened again.  Tim noticed that Jason was no longer going balls deep any longer, and from the way Jason was grunting, the slight increase in girth was proving to be a pleasurable challenge for him.

Tim audibly inhaled as he felt a sharp snap in his groin.  Suddenly, Tim felt a strange sensation of his cock slowly starting to inch longer in Jason’s ass.  Tim tried to look down and see if there was more cock than he was used to, but he was having trouble seeing over his mountainous pecs.  All he could see was Jason riding up and down on top of him, but he did notice that he was failing to go as deep as he once had been.

Jason grunted again and then inhaled sharply.  He stopped riding Tim suddenly, and he watched the sweat cascading down his back.  Tim could feel his cock snake further up Jason’s ass, causing Jason to moan and groan loudly before impaling himself again on Tim’s, now, much longer and thicker cock.  From his movement, Tim could tell that Jason was no longer squatting down as far as he had been, and his ass was no longer even touching his quads.

“Fuck yeah… feels so fucking good… filling me up…”. Jason’s moans grew louder, not caring who heard the noise he was making.

"I imagine you want a huge cock and balls too?  Right?”

Again Tim heard The Occultists voice, but this time it seemed much louder and forceful.

“Well… if you’re offering….”   Tim released his own deep groan and grabbed forcefully onto Jason’s core as his  cock swelled even girthier. 

“Yeah.  Everyone wants a massive cock… a humongous cock.  A cock guys run from!”  The words echoed in Tim’s head as he felt it lengthen further.  His cock was now feeling extremely constricted in Jason’s tightening hole, and each time Jason moved up and down on it, the less pleasurable it was feeling.

I definitely need some lube on this thing.” Tim thought.  Jason’s travel up and down his shaft was getting shorter and shorter and Tim’s cock grew larger.

Tim’s mind was racing.  With every second that passed, he found himself growing hornier and hornier.  He felt he needed to cum badly, but even grabbing a hold of his ultra sensitive nipples did nothing to make it happen.  He was also beginning to wonder how much longer his cock could grow before Jason definitely began to notice.  He loved seeing how much more Jason could take, but knew the other man had to be feeling every added inch in length and diameter!  Tim knew he was!

Tim’s entire body bucked as aggressive jolts of some unknown power coursed through his body and ignited his cock and balls.  Tim convulsed slightly  as his cock spasmed, somehow became even more erect, and began to grow even faster.  The muscles of his groin flexed repeatedly as an ever greater amount of blood was forced into his cock, swelling it up and out.

A deep burning filled his balls, and he felt them slowly begin to expand.

“Oh my fucking god!!!”  Tim’s cock swelled and released a huge wad of pre into Jason’s shaft, lubricating his insides even further.  Tim’s balls were feeling unbelievably full… uncomfortably full… and as he reached down to feel them with his hands, he was shocked to find they had swelled from their original egg size to that of peaches. 

Tim’s cock throbbed once again as it stretched, growing longer and fatter.  Jason’s piston movements mainly focused on the head and first five inches, and Yim was shocked to see that the guy riding him was nearly standing up!

Jason screamed out as Tim’s cock  exploded in size within him, pulling himself off of something that was too big and too uncomfortable for him to manage.  When he turned around and looked down, he stared in shock as 11 inches of Tim’s cock raised itself up at him.

“What the fuck is going on?  You were never that huge!!”  Tim’s cock wasn’t merely huge now.  Standing erect like a steel girder, it pulsed and flexed, the shaft nearly the circumference of his forearm, with a bulbous, mushroom head that was larger than a boy's fist.  Thick veins ran up and down the length of it, plunking the shaft further with more blood and more size.  At the root, orange sized balls sat on the bench in a large sack that seemed to be expanding and contracting to Tim’s breathing.

Jason backed away as Tim’s cock pulsed and throbbed in the hot, steamy air, before growing and expanding to nearly 13 inches in length. Tim wrapped his hand around it, not surprised that his large hand couldn’t even close around it and that there was now an inch gap between thumb and pointer finger.  Tim wished that he was standing in front of a mirror so that he could actually see how immense his cock had grown.  He could feel that the head was now much thicker than the shaft and seemed to have stretched to a whopping four inches in length; the size of some men’s entire cock!  He chuckled at this thought, feeling a renewed energy course through his cock as it spasmed several times more, sending it longer and thicker.

“Look at this… fucking… thing!!”  Tim could barely speak.  All the energy he could muster in his body was being used to grow his cock larger and more immense.  “Don’t you… wish… you had… meat… like this?!!”

Thicker veins rose to the surface of Tim’s groin and infiltrated Tim’s cock, forcing still more blood into it.  The 13.5 inch shafted pulsed along to his heartbeat, each time sending out another fat wad of precum up into the air and onto the floor.  Jason simply stood there, his cock painfully hard, watching as Tim’s cock shuddered, spasmed, and throbbed, growing bigger with every second.

“This is… insane!!!!”  Jason turned, grabbed his towel, and walked quickly out of the steam room.  TIm tried to stand, but several lightning bolts of pain shot through his body and into his balls.  He could actually hear them churning now as they swelled, each testicle fighting for room in his sack as they grew.  The weight of his sack grew heavier, weighing it with their ever increasing mass and load. 

Stroking his cock, Tim felt it expand further in his hand.  He couldn’t tell, but he guessed it was nearing 14 inches in length and probably 8.5 in girth.  How much larger was it going to grow?  Surly it had to stop soon.  At this size already, didn’t it perfectly match the iconic chest he had already grown? 

All at once a voice filled the empty locker room.  It was his voice.  It was the words Tim had spoken to The Erotic Occultist being played back at him.

“My cock… It’s just as insanely big and thick as I am!”

“It is!!  It’s already insanely big and thick!”  Fuck!!  It had to be 15 inches long now!!  The head had begun to rise above his pecs; the mighty glans inching into view.

“I mean… guys… they run from it, it's so huge.”  Well, Jason had hightailed it out of the steam room, so he could tick off one more wish come true!  His cock didn’t seem to think so as it throbbed and shot up to 16 inches, the head swelling fatter and releasing and increasing river of pre.

“And my balls… I’m so virile I could impregnate the world with one orgasm.”  But… What the fuck had Tim meant by that?  He had been horny at the time he had said that.  Insanely horny.  Surely The Erotic Occultist understood that it had been a lot of horny talk.  Surely he didn’t take Tim at his word.  That would be… ridiculous! Another lightning bolt shot through his body and into his balls.  Tim widened his legs as they both swelled.

Tim’s cock throbbed and grew.  He now needed two hands to successfully stroke it, and he guessed it was nearing 16 inches and thicker than a can of Guinness.  He stroked it faster as he became more and more arrogated.  Leaning his head back against the wall, all he could do was grunt and moan as his body gave birth to a titanic cock.

“Smile for all of my followers, Tim!”  Tim opened his eyes and saw Jason standing in front of him with his cell phone, obviously recording him.

“Jason.  What the fuck!  Put that…”. Tim tried to stand again, but as he made the attempt, another bolt of pure power surged into his balls, magnifying them again and forcing his sack to be pulled down further and grow larger.  Soon it slipped off of the bench, housing two baseball sized balls.

Jason grabbed onto Tim’s cock and began to stroke it.  Tim wanted to shove him away, punch him in the face and tell him what an ass he was for filming him, but his hand felt too incredible to resist.

“That’s it, Jace!  Stroke it!!  Harder!!  Faster!!”

“What the fuck are you taking?”  Jason tried to wrap his mouth around the head, but he couldn’t open his mouth wide enough.  “Maybe not as much as you.., but I could take a few inches on me!”

“Not… on… anything.”

“Right!  Dicks don’t just start growing, Tim!  Just like your chest!”

Jason watched, and felt in the grip of his hand, Tim’s cock exploded with size.  First it was 16 inches… then 17… then 18… then 19 inches long!  With each stroke, there was more and more landscape for him to cover, and with each throb, a greater amount of ore was fired out of it and onto him.  Tim’s cock had grown to be as thick as a baseball bat… the root taking up more room in his crotch, and felt extremely heavy.

“Hope you enjoyed the ride I gave you, Tim, ‘cause you’re never getting that huge thing in anyone ever again.  Hope you don’t miss it!”

Tim’s eyes shot open at Jason’s words.  Miss it… because he was… too big! Was he going to miss it?  Of course he was!  What was he going to do if he couldn’t fuck other guys?  He’d need to let them breed him now, which had never been something he favoured.

Both men felt the shaft grow harder, if that was at all possible.  Tim begged the growth to stop, but his words had the opposite effect, and another spasm and throb shot through him and forced it even larger.

“Balls!!  Fuck!!”  Tim still couldn’t see them over his pecs, but feeling his balls with his hands told him that they had both grown to the size of softballs.  Both Tim and Jason could actually hear them churning, growing more powerful and producing more and more sperm.  

Looking up over his mountainous pecs, the only thing he could stare at was his cock.  It had grown beyond anything he had ever imagined. On its own, it swayed back and forth like a cobra, long, thick, and immense.  The head had swelled thicker than his own fist, and just as long.  The head itself was now longer than Jason’s own 6 inch cock!  The shaft was just as impossibly thick, and the length… fuck!!  It seemed to take Jason longer and longer to get from root to head and back again.  

Tim wasn’t sure if he should worship his own cock or be afraid of it.  Tim shuddered and groaned as a new wave of growth hit him.  His cock was stretching longer, even faster than before.  Every few seconds, Tim found he had to look up further and further to watch it rise towards the ceiling.  It was like a tree growing out of his crotch.  He needed to spread his legs wider as the root was taking up more and more room in his groin.

The skin felt incredibly tight as it grew past 24 inches!  Tim now had 2 feet of cock!!!  Jason was needing to raise his arms up higher each time to stroke and film it.  When a time came that he could no longer get the entire monstrous appendage in the frame, he stopped stroking and stepped away.  No longer having Jason for support, the shaft tipped forwards.  The weight and the pull had Tim sitting up straight to try and counteract the force gravity had on it!  

Grabbing a hold of the monster, Tim did his best to stroke himself.  

I need to cum, he thought.  Maybe it will stop growing if I cum!  Tim doubted this was true, but he had no other options.

24 inches became 25… then 26… 

This can’t be happening, Tim thought.  This just can’t be happening!!

At 27 inches in length, it was thicker than Tim’s own calf.

An unknown energy filled Tim, and he began to buck his hips. Each time he did, his cock grew larger.  HIs balls churned even louder and pre constantly shot out of the large piss slit.

“Need… to… cum!!  Please!!!  Help… me… cum!!!”

Jason backed up further, and found himself falling backwards onto the bench.  Watching Tim, he couldn’t even film anymore.  He just stared as a monolith of pure sexual energy rose up, growing more and more titanic.  Even the pheromones wafting off of Tim had grown stronger.  Jason wanted Tim to fuck him… to use him like never before… but he knew it was impossible.  Knowing this had Jason physically hurting from the longing of never being able to physically please Tim.  Jason barely even saw the man anymore.  All he saw was a god cock rising up before him.

The bucking of his hips became more manic as Tim’s cock rose up over 30 inches in length.  Tim stopped stroking it and grabbed onto the lip of the bench to try and control himself, but it was impossible.  His balls… now the size of coconuts, began to slowly rise up in their sack, filling Tim with even more fervour.  Tim groaned loudly, his grunts filling the steam room as another wave of insane growth hit his cock, and it expanded to 32 inches… 33 inches… 34… inches… 35 inches…  

It just kept growing longer as he felt the firm grip of orgasm wash over him and the cum begin to slowly make its way up his cock before bursting out of the end like the firehose his cock had become.  

As he came, Tim felt a new, even more powerful energy fill him.  He could barely hold on as every inch of his body felt like his cock… and with the horrid sounds of cracking and stretching, his entire body began to expand.  His torso quickly began to rise up as his arms and legs stretched significantly longer.  HIs shoulders grew broader, forcing his pecs to settle down slightly on his chest.  His hands and feet lengthened and swelled just as another orgasmic rush hit him, and every muscle in his body flexed and swelled.

Watching this, Jason lifted his cell phone up again and began to film the unbelievable sight that was occurring right in front of him.  Tim groaned and moaned louder and louder as he expanded.  Soon, his feet were taking up more room on the floor while his legs stretched closer and closer to Jason.  Then, with a final loud groan that had Jason dropping his phone onto the floor into a puddle of hot cum, Tim swelled up one last time… and the growth faded.

Tim panted as he tried to catch his breath.  Everything seemed so much lower and way smaller than it had been 5 minutes before.  Looking ahead and slightly down, he saw Jason looking back at him with a mixture of lust and fear in his eyes.  Tim stood on slightly shaky knees, and felt his body rise up and up and up.  Looking around at the steam room and then up at the ceiling, Tim guessed that he had gained about a foot in height and probably about 150 lbs of muscle.  His cock was half hard and swung low, stretching past his knees.

Stepping forwards, Tim smashed his foot down on Jason’s cell phone, shattering it.  “Next time.  Ask before you film someone.”  He then lifted his arms and pulled a double bicep for Jason, the peaks rising up much higher than they ever had before.  “Hope my body accentuates my chest more suitably to your liking.”  With that, he turned towards the door, swung it open, shifted his body slightly to the side to accommodate his wide shoulders, and stepped into the locker room.

Turning towards the mirrors, Tim took himself in for the first time.  Fuck.  He looked incredible!!  Besides being much taller, every muscle on his body was pumped and swollen giving him the look of a full time body builder.  His cock was ginormous, and even soft, it would strike fear into the hearts of those who might want Tim to fuck them.  Oh yeah.  He would have taken this body in fulfilment of The Erotic Occultist plans for him, but he doubted that he was finished.  His chest was still the largest muscle group on his body, and he would need to get much bigger to grow into them.

Turning towards the shower stalls, Tim took a few steps, reached out towards one of the curtains, and pulled it down with a slight tug, the rings hitting the floor with the tinkling of metal.  Time then grabbed a towel that was folded up near the showers and proceeded to walk towards his locker.  Lifting his leg, he tore the towel in half and then proceeded to tie his cock to his left leg with the strip of material..  He then wrapped the other strip around his balls, lifted them up, and wrapped the two ends around his waist, creating a makeshift jockstrap.  He then took the shower curtain and wrapped it around his body like a toga.  Looking at himself in the mirror and thinking that he was as presentable as he ever would be, he grabbed his keys and wallet from the locker and left.

Passing through the gym, even more people looked at him now than when he had first entered.  The Manager ran around from behind the front desk stammering and waving his hands.

“You… you can't walk around like this, Tim!  Do you want me to revoke your membership?”

Tim stopped and looked down at the much smaller man.  “You can take your membership and shove it up your ass.  I won’t be needing this shitty club anymore.”  With that, he pushed the Manager with his hands and sent him flying to the floor.

Knowing he was never going to see the inside of this gym again, Tim tore the toga from his body and showed everyone that was watching what exactly he was hiding beneath it.  His cock jumped and grew slightly harder, tugging against the knot Tim had used to tie the torn towel. Walking out of the building with a smile on his face and his head high, Tim stopped for a moment when he thought he heard the sound of laughter in his ear, but when he saw no one around, he assumed it was the wind.  


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Passing through the gym, even more people looked at him now than when he had first entered.  The Gym Manager ran around from behind the front desk stammering and waving his hands.

“You… you can't walk around like this, Tim!  Do you want me to revoke your membership?”

Tim stopped and looked down at the much smaller man from his now 7’3 height.  “You can take your membership and ram it up your ass.  I won’t be needing this shitty club anymore.”  With that, he pushed the Manager with both hands and sent him flying to the floor.

Knowing he was never going to see the inside of this gym again, Tim tore the toga from his body and showed everyone that was staring exactly what he had hiding beneath it.  His cock jumped and grew slightly harder, tugging against the knots Tim had used to tie the torn towel. Walking out of the building with a smile on his face and his head high, Tim stopped for a moment when he thought he heard the sound of laughter in his ear, but when he saw no one around, he assumed it was the wind.  

With the few changes he had already undergone, Tim had begun to understand what the Erotic Occultist had been going on about missing familiar things when he was bigger.  Driving home had been a real challenge, and one he didn’t look forward to repeating.  To accommodate his immense chest, Tim had already put the seat back all the way when he drove to the gym an hour prior, so when he tried to shove his much taller and wider body in, there was nothing further he could do to gain room.  He simply had to deal with being uncomfortable in his car until he got home.  He had no other options.  He doubted a ride share would pick him up!!  Trying to hold both hands on the wheel and out of the way of his titanic pecs while carefully driving and keeping his eyes on the road was something he hadn’t taken into account as he pulled away from the gym.

Tim was glad that the drive back to his house wasn’t far since he was having to drive with his head slightly bent over and still hitting the interior roof of the car.  On the road, he got a lot of honks and stares from his fellow drivers and their passengers.  He assumed that he looked ridiculously funny shoved into his car, his upper body taking up the entirety of the front seats.  He had ended up having to drive with his left leg while the right one sat in the passenger side well.  He was a clown car all on his own!  He could only imagine what they would think if they caught sight of the 15 inch soft cock he had trailing down between his legs.  Keeping with the clown theme, he laughed when he pictured it as an unshaped balloon animal that was straining against its bindings while the immense slit slowly leaked pre onto the floor.  Pulling up to his house, he parked in his driveway, and fell out of his car since he couldn’t think of an eloquent way to get out any longer.  He was glad that it was the middle of the afternoon and no neighbours were around to see his naked stumble.  With him not at work, they would no doubt think he was either drunk or losing his mind!  

Unlocking and opening the door, Tim walked into his house.  The first thing he did was untie the torn strips of towel and set free his enormous cock.  Tim released a guttural groan as he felt his much weightier piece of meat pull on his groin.  He was surprised by how much heavier it felt hanging free, and it was only half hard.  Tim laughed.  It seemed to always be half hard now!  Taking in the rest of his house, he was amused by how much lower everything appeared to be from his new height.  Walking into the dining room, he had to crouch down slightly to get through the doorway, and his shoulders and arms grazed both sides of the jamb.  The EO really did grow me into a much bigger version of myself!

Tim had never imagined how incredible an added food of height was going to feel, but now, as he walked around his house, he revelled in his new size.  

This is the height I was always meant to be, he thought.  This new size has always been my destiny, and I made it happen.

Knowing that getting a request granted from The Erotic Occultist was something that was beyond what most other men could accomplish made him feel slightly superior; a feeling he knew would always stay with him.  He had no reason to doubt it.  When it came to looks, height, and strength… and cock… he was superior.

Deciding that he needed another day to figure out how he was going to live with his new body, he quickly dialled work to let them know he was going to be out for another day or two.  Once that was over, he threw the phone onto the sofa and proceeded further into the house.

Moving towards his bathroom, hearing the pictures and trinkets and coins rattling and vibrating on side tables and shelves as he walked,  slowly stroked his anaconda of a cock.  Even he knew a cock of this size was insane.  He’d never be able to fuck another guy again with it… or get it into a hot mouth… but if he was honest with himself… he really didn’t care.  Just the fact that he was strutting around with a cock that was nearly three times as long as what most men had in their pants  was enough for him.  How many stares would he get everyday if he could figure out how to fit it in trousers and went out in public with it ?  Too many to count, he didn’t doubt, with a smile.

Crossing into his bathroom, he smiled even wider as he took in how tiny the room now appeared.  Moving to the walk-in shower, he opened the glass door, leaned over, crouched under the metal bar, and stepped his much larger body in.  He didn’t need to take a shower; he had barely broken a sweat in the gym except when he was fucking Jason.  No.  He merely wanted to see how much smaller the shower felt compared to his titanic body. 

That morning he had fit comfortably under the rainfall shower head.  Now, he needed to partially squat to get his head underneath it!!  The position was uncomfortable, but Tim loved the idea of it!  He had grown to a size that made it difficult to live in the normal world.  It wouldn’t be impossible, but it would be difficult, and he never had been so ready to take the challenge.  He couldn’t wait to find more things that it was going to be difficult for his superior body to do.

Moving to the scale, he was just about to step on it and watch as the arrow went above and then stopped at 350, but there was a knock at his front door, and then the doorbell rang several times in quick succession.   Being naked, Tim moved quickly into his bedroom and pulled out a pair of briefs from his dresser.  He was slipping them on his legs when he remembered that there was no way he’d ever fit his monster of a cock and balls in it!  For fun, he pulled it over his meaty quads and forced it up over his thick ass.  The pouch was unable to hold even one of his much larger testicals, so they split the difference with each falling out of a leg hole.  His cock rose up, being held by the waistband against his abdominals and sternum.  

The doorbell rang again.


Tim moved quickly into the bathroom again, hitting his forehead on the door jamb.  


Grabbing a towel, he wrapped it around his waist, barely hiding his cock, and carefully went to the front door.  When he opened it, he was slightly surprised to find Jason standing there.

“Wow.  This is a surprise.  Here for seconds?”  Tim dropped the towel so Jason could take in how ridiculous he now looked in his briefs.


“You coming in or do you want to give the entire neighbourhood a show?”  Tim backed away from the door letting Jason enter.  

“What’s happening to you, Tim?”

“What do you mean?”  Tim closed the door and turned to his friend.

“Your cock… your… height.  Your chest.  There’s no way this is normal.”

“It is for me.”  Just talking about size got Tim hard.  He felt his cock swell and snake up higher against his abs.  It began to uncomfortably pull against the waistband of his briefs

“Come off it, Tim!  There’s no way this is normal.”

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”

“Try me.”

Tim walked past Jason into the kitchen, tugging at the waistband until it tore.  He knew that he didn’t want to share his story about the Erotic Occultist.  What if Jason reached out to him and asked to grow even larger than Tim.  He couldn’t risk it.

“I ordered these supplements.  From Germany.  Strong shit.  They said it might have these kind of side effects… but I never imagined…”  Tim tossed the destroyed underwear onto the kitchen table.

“Damn, Tim.  You need to stop taking that shit… like… yesterday!!  Flush it down the toilet.”

“I’m going to.”  Tim grabbed a bottle of orange juice from his fridge, feeling how much lower he had to bend to get at it.

“You can’t risk getting any bigger.”

“No?”  He offered Jason a glass, but he declined.

“No!  Do you think… this is temporary?  That your cock will…”



“No clue.  What do you think of it?”  Tim took a sip of juice with one hand while stroking the upper shaft with the other.

“It’s massive.”


“Not sure what you can do with it now.”

“Tell me about it.”

“It's nearly the size of my arm.”

“Is it?  Let me see.”  Tim walked towards Jason, Tim grabbed his arm so that they could compare.  “You’re right.  It is nearly as thick as your forearm.  Definitely as long as it.”

“Yeah.”  Jason looked down at Tim’s cock next to his arm.  He had never seen something so immense.  “How… how does it feel?”

“Having a cock this huge?”


“Heavy.  Really pulls on my groin muscles.”

“I bet.”

“But, at the same time, I have to be honest: I like it.”


“Yeah.  I feel… really masculine swinging this thing between my legs.”  Tim leaned against the kitchen counter and slowly stroked his cock.  “It’s also super sensitive.  Much more sensitive than it was before.”

“Yeah?”  Jason couldn’t take his eyes off of Tim’s cock.  When he had seen it before, it was in the haze of the steam room, but now, seeing it in the light of day, it appeared much bigger and stronger than anything he had imagined.

“And my balls… I can actually feel them producing more cum.”

“Now you’re fucking with me.”

“No.  Really.  Here.  Give me your hand.”  Tim grabbed Jason’s hand and placed it against his left ball.  Cupping the sack, he didn’t feel anything at first, but then, suddenly, he felt it come to life.  It had begun to churn like a machine, throbbing and pulsating with Tim’s heart beat.  “See what I mean?”

“Yeah.  That’s crazy.”

“Just imagine how much I’ll shoot once I let loose.  Been really building up since I left the gym.”

“I can only imagine.”  Jason cupped Tim’s ball with more force, feeling the heft against his hand.  “Robert’s furious with you.  He won’t allow you to step one foot back in the gym, and he said that even though it's the beginning of the month, he’s not giving you any of your money back.

“Don’t really give two shits, Jase.  What about my chest?  You like my chest?”

“It’s massive.  Like the rest of you.”

“Yeah.  And strong.  Couldn’t even get a pump in the gym with all the plates.”

“That’s insane.”

“Look at how my nips point downwards now.”

“Bet those pecs are heavy too.”

“Yeah.  Heavier than my cock.”  Tim could see that Jason’s cock was hard in his pants.  “Looks like you’re enjoying the view up here.”

“I…”  Jason followed to where Tim was looking, and saw the impression his cock was making in his jeans.  

Tim smiled.  “Yeah?”

“You’re just… so fucking huge now.  Almost like one of those morphs.”

“That’s how I feel.  I love having to look down at you now… knowing I’m bigger and stronger than, probably, most of the guys in the world.”

“I bet.”

“When I grew… in the steam room…you can’t imagine how it felt.”

“How long have you been taking that shit?”

“What shit?”

“Those supplements you're taking.”

“I don’t know… a month or two.”

“You need to throw them away.

“You really think I should?”

“Don’t you?”

“I don't know.  At first, I was positive that I was never going to take another one again, but seeing the reaction your body is getting from how huge I am… makes me want to maybe… get a little bit bigger.”  

“Bigger?”  Jason’s cock ached hearing Tim speak.

“Yeah.  Not a lot… just enough to always be the biggest.  No one would ever be bigger than me.”  Tim moved his body closer to Jason and pressed his cock against the other man’s body.  “Would you like that?  Me… being the biggest?  The biggest cock…”. Tim leaned in closer and kissed Jason on the lips.  Jason was caught by surprise, but automatically began returning the kiss.  Pulling away slightly, Tim grinned.  “The tallest…” Tim moved to Jason’s neck and began to kiss and lick it.  Jason arched his back, basking in the orgasmic sensations of Tim’s mouth.  Trailing his tongue over Jason’s neck to the other side, Tim continued his thought. “The most muscular and the strongest…”. Like a vampire, Tim went to work on the right side of Jason’s neck, grabbing the other man’s ass cheeks with his muscular hands.  Jason groaned.

“You’d love that.., wouldn’t you… having the biggest mass monster as your plaything.  Doing shit to me you’ve only fantasized about…”

Tim pressed his lips to Jason’s once again, shoving his tongue deep into his mouth.  It felt incredible being the taller man in the relationship, and he loved the idea that if he stood up straighter, Jason would have to compensate by lifting his head higher and extending his torso.  Tim deliberately shifted his body so that Jason had to stand up even straighter, enjoying the thought of how much larger his body stood.

Moving his hands down to Jason’s chest, Tim began to unbutton his shirt.  When his fingers fumbled, He grabbed the material with both hands and pulled dramatically.  Buttons flew in all directions, ricocheting off the countertops and onto the floor.  Jason wrapped both of his hands around Tim’s broad chest and grabbed onto him with all of his strength.  Tim’s cock, hard and shoved between the two men, spasmed and released a large wad of pre, hitting both in the face.  They laughed, and went back to making out.

Tim was about to drag Jason into his bedroom when he began to feel a new energy take control of his body.  It started out small… just a brief flame… but it quickly began to grow in intensity.  At first, he thought it was merely the desire for the smaller man to worship him, but as the energy mounted its intensity and course faster through his body, Tim knew exactly what it was.  

Pulling slightly away, Tim looked down at Jason and grinned.  “I’m going to grow again.”

“What?  Really?”  Jason looked slightly flustered by the news, releasing his hands from Tim’s back and letting them drop to his sides.

“Yeah.  I… I can feel it.”  Tim’s cock spasmed again, releasing a larger wad of pre. 

“This isn’t good, Tim.  You need to contact that company… tell them about these side effects.”

“It’s okay.  It’ll just be a little bit more… a little bit more muscle mass… maybe another foot or so in height.”

“That’s too big!”

“You’re just saying that because society’s told you to limit what you really want.  Fuck that!  I knew what I always wanted… so I grabbed it.”

“You wanted this?”

“I want size, Jason.  Serious size.  And I want you here… watching me grow… taking my place as a god among men.”

Jason smiled.  “Fuck, you’re nuts.”

“That’s why you want me.”

“Yeah, I do.  I always have.  I didn’t think you wanted me.”

“More than you know.”  Tim pressed his body against Jason’s once again, feeling Jason’s heartbeat pounding against his skin.

“You know what I want?”

Jason’s reply was barely a whisper. "What?”  

“Stroke it.”  Jason took a few moments, but understanding what Tim wanted, he wrapped both hands around TIm’s cock and began to slowly move up and down the length.  “That’s it.”

Sweat began to form on Tim’s forehead and in his armpits.  The bottom of his feet felt warm and clammy while goosebumps ran up and down his arms.  His heart was beating faster; each pump felt like it was shooting new and powerful energy through every vein of his body.

“That feels so incredible, Jason.  Suck it.”

“I… I don’t think I can.”

“Yes you can.  It’s not that big.”  

Jason laughed. “You should see it from my perspective!”

“Go on!”  

Jason held the throbbing shaft still and tentatively lowered his face towards the head.  Fuck, its huge, he thought.  He paused for a moment, looking up at Tim.  

Tim grinned. “Do it.”

Opening his mouth wide, Jason leaned in and placed the upper half of the thick tip into his mouth.  It was warm to the touch with a slight river of pre leaking from the slit.  Forcing his mouth even wider, he pushed himself to slide down further onto  it, receiving more and more of the head in.  Finally, just when he thought his jaw was going to break, he threw himself down harder onto it, and felt the entirety of the head fill his mouth.  Jason gagged slightly as it rammed against the back of his throat. “See.  I told you you could do it.

Jason began to bob up and down on the head, sucking it like he would a cock.  Fuck, he thought, Tim’s cock head is as long as my cock!!

“That’s it, Jace!  Stroke the shaft as you suck the head.”  Jason did as he was told, a slave to Tim’s immense appendage.

The energy that flowed through Tim grew in intensity.  His eyes went wide as his body felt on the verge of erupting like an immense volcano.

I know you’re there, Erotic Occultist.  I know this is your doing.  I know I still have a little bit more growing to do to match my pecs and cock… so if you’re going to do it… let's get one with it!!  Let’s give Jason a show!

As if having his request granted, Tim felt the energy leap in intensity.  Now his entire body felt as if it was fuelled by pure lightning.  Jason was still bobbing up and down on his cock head, but suddenly, the over abundance of sensations was beginning to hurt.

“Too… sensitive.  You… need to… stop… Jason.”


Tim’s body spasmed slightly.  The energy ripped around his body so fast that Tim felt like if he didn’t grow soon, his body was going to explode.

Another spasm tore through him, this time with an even more ferocity.  As his body shook, Tim lifted his hands, extended his arms, and pushed Jason away.  The thick head pulled out of his mouth with a loud pop, leaving Jason feeling vacant and hollow. 

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No… I… It’s not… you.  It’s just… Oh Fuck!!!”  Tim’s groan was accented by a loud and violent  cracking noise heard by both men in the silence of the kitchen.  Lifting his hands up, Tim watched in pain, fear, and glee, as the bones in his fingers began to snap and violently stretch longer.  The noise grew in intensity as it occurred over and over again, the digits of his hand lengthening.  Following his digits, the palms of his hands jerked, spasmed and cracked, growing his entire hand larger… wider… and thicker.  

“Fuck.  Tim… you’re hands!  They’re…”

“Growing!”  He lifted his hands up towards Jason’s face, and was amazed by how quickly they had expanded.  They had already grown to twice the size  they had been only minutes prior, and the growth only seemed to be happening faster.

“Hands… growing… match my… chest… my cock…. With hands… like these… bet I’ll end up… close to 9… feet tall!”


Tim groaned as his hands cracked and shot much larger.  As they did, his forearms began to swell with thick muscle.  It seemed odd watching his forearm grow thicker and denser as his hands tripled in size.  Holding them up again, Tim saw thru were larger than Jason’s head… then they surpassed that. 

Fuck, Tim thought. These aren’t the hands of someone 9 feet tall… or even 10 feet tall!!  How fucking massive am I going to grow?  His forearms swelled thicker, soon riveling his bicep in girth.  

Jason’s eyes grew wider as he watched Tim’s hands extend further.  His fore arms… fuck.. Jason had never seen forearms so thick with muscle.  They were nearly as large as his quads… and he never skipped leg day!!!

Tim opened and closed his mighty fist.  He gulped as the energy radiated through them again, and they swelled further.  It seemed that each time he opened and closed them, his hands proceeded to grow larger and heavier.  His forearms had proceeded to swell, both insanely thick and powerful, unlike any forearms on Earth.   Painful energy shot through his arms causing Tim to groan.  Then, with several loud snaps, his entire arm began to lengthen.  

In a short time due to the increasing weight, Tim had to hold his arms at his side.  Soon, he felt his fingers begin to skim the kitchen floor.  When his arms stretched and dropped lower again, Tim was able to press his palms to the floor.  Feeling powerful, Tim lifted his body upwards on his hands like he had seen a gorilla in a zoo once do.  He then laughed out loud as he swung his body back and forth by his shoulders.  This act was short lived as another wave hit him, sending his arms to grow faster and longer.  In less than a minute, his forearms were dragging against the floor!  Then with a loud and painful pull, his elbows slammed into the floor!

“Your arms… they’re… almost 9 feet long!”  Jason backed into the kitchen counter as he watched Tim’s arms shoot even longer, his biceps and triceps swelling larger.

“This is…” Tim’s body shook as his shoulders started to grow broader.  “Jase… I never… imagined…  Growing… too… fast!!  I… need… to… get… out…”  Tim tried to move his body towards the French doors that led into his backyard.  Dragging his arms, he moved closer, until there was another sharp crack and snap, and his legs began to lengthen along with the rest of his body.  Tim looked over at Jason, watching him fall further and further away.  When his body spasmed, his torso joined in the lengthening, growing him quickly taller.

His arms dragged along the kitchen floor as his shoulders spread him wider.  Pushing himself to move, Tim fitfully walked towards the French doors.  With each step, he grew taller.., wider… and heavier with muscle.

He lifted a titanic arm and wrapped his hand around the door knob, and felt it break off in his hand.  His head slammed into the ceiling cracking the white plaster above him.  Panicking, he lifted his arms, and with all of his strength, pressed his hands against the doors.  He rapidly began to feel them both begin to buckle under the strength of his insanely thick arms.  The wood frame cracked as the glass of the doors shattered.  With a grunt, Tim pressed against them again, and both doors flew outwards onto the grass.

With what felt like only minutes to spare, Tim lowered himself down, leaned his growing body outwards, shifted his wider than the door jamb sized shoulders through, and then crouching down, forced his entire naked body out and into back yard,

Every part of his body spasmed uncontrollably as he grew longer and wider.  At the same time, every muscle group swelled in tandem with his body, inching thicker and thicker, filling him out even more.  To Jason, Tim looked as if he were strapped to a nuclear power plant that was filling him with unlimited power and size, forcing him to grow and grow and grow more immense.

 When he looked down, the grass seemed to spin as it shot further and further away.  Every inch of him burned as his muscles swelled and his skin stretched.  Bones all over his body snapped and reformed themselves sending him up to new heights.  He had never felt so powerful in his entire life.  HIs muscles flexed of their own accord as they swelled even mightier.  He felt his feet dragging across the grass as they grew so much larger to hold up his growing body.

When his already titanic cock began to stretch itself longer, Tim began to panic.  “Cock… growing… Jase!!  How… can it… be getting…bigger?  I thought… my body… growing… to match it… in size!   Was I… wrong… about… that?”  Tim howled and grunted as his cock swelled, growing much thicker and longer.  

Jason stepped out into the yard to watch his friend grow more and more immense.  He wanted to run, but he couldn’t pull himself away.  Tim’s moans were growing louder as his lats flared out wider and his delts grew rounder.  Soon, his arms were in proportion with the rest of his huge body, and Jason watched as his biceps began to swell again, gaining new heights as they rose higher.

The world around  Tim grew smaller and smaller.  He kept rising up higher while his muscle continued to pile on the mass.  He tried to look around as he grew, but nothing in the world stayed still for him to get a grip of.  The world felt continuously in flux; always moving… always getting further and further away.

He heard Jason below him say, “You need to stop, Tim!  You need to…”  What the fuck did Jason want him to do?  Didn’t he know that it was beyond his control.  He knew that he was already too large, but there was nothing that he could do about it.  He wanted it to stop.  He truly did.  Didn’t he?

So powerful, he thought.  I feel… so fucking strong… huge… powerful!  I feel like a fucking god!!

When the growth slowed and stopped, Tim was left feeling shaken and weak.  His breath came in fits and spurts, his lungs opening wider to fill with more air.  When he looked down and saw Jason for the first time, his stomach dropped.  Jason… 6’3 Jason… only came up to his knee!!

“What the fuck… has he done… to me!!”  His voice was much louder and deeper than he had expected it to be.  Looking straight ahead, Tim saw that his head was inched up slightly higher than the roof of his 2 story home!!  Tim’s heart beat faster as he looked around at his, now, tiny backyard.  On impulse, suddenly worried what his neighbors were going to think, Tim quickly lowered himself downward until he was crouching on his hands and knees.  

Jason stood near his head… a head that was nearly as large as Jason was tall!!

“Fuck, Tim!!  You’re… you’re a fucking giant!!”  Jason’s voice sounded much quieter and further away than it should have.

“How big am I, Jason?”  In the position that he was in, Tim’s pecs bulged dramatically, pressing against his forearms.

“You’re bicep’s taller than I am by two feet!”

“How big am I?”

“Fuck, Jason!!  If I had to guess… I’d say you were around 27 feet tall.  Probably around 30,000 pounds of muscle!”

“Holy fuck!!  Holy fuck!!”

“What are you going to do, Tim?”

“How the fuck do I know?”

“These drugs you’ve been taking.  The experimental ones.  We need to get in contact with someone… their manufacturer.”

Tim exhaled, his breath hot and wild on Jason’s body.  “I’m not taking any drugs, Jason.  I… I had a wish granted.  I thought I’d sound like an idiot if I told you that.”

“A what?”

“A wish.  This guy… he granted me… for a fee… size… more muscles…”

“You wanted to be this big?”

“Not this big!  Just… bigger!!”

“You need to be more specific when making wishes, Tim!  You can’t just say, bigger!”

“Well, thanks for telling me that, Jason!!”

I didn’t just say bigger, Tim thought.  I said… limitless growth!  Goosebumps erupted all over Tim’s naked flesh.

“Jason… you need to do me a favour.  Go into the house… grab my phone.  It’s on my sofa.”

“You’re phone?”

“NOW!”  Jason turned and ran into the house.

I said… limitless growth.

“That wasn’t all that you said, Tim.” The voice of The Erotic Occultist swirled around him.  As if being played back like a recorder, Tim’s voice could be heard in his head. 

I want to be… I want to be immense.  Gargantuan.  I want my muscles to be so massive that they should each have their own zip codes!  Every muscle on my body… they’re so beyond swollen that if I was studied… they’d find muscle growing on top of muscle growing on top of muscle!  I’m a genetic freak!  Like my size… my strength is beyond words and comprehension.  I mean… I bet I could lift cars with my pinkie… and even would be like lifting a piece of dust.  I could… oh fuck… I could move mountains if I wanted to.  My cock… It’s just as insanely big and thick as I am.  I mean… guys… they run from it, it's so huge.  And my balls… I’m so virile I could impregnate the world with one orgasm.  I’m so titanic that… honestly… no one should be that big… yet I am.  I’m actually bigger!  I’m a menace to society. I'm so huge!  My strength… oh fuck… it destroys everything I touch!  Nothing’s safe when I’m around.  People fear even the thought of me!!  I walk and the ground beneath me shakes.  I walk… and people run!  And the worst thing for all of them?  I just… keep… growing!!!  No limits!!!  I want to live my life with no limits!!  I want to be a fucking monster!!  I want to be so huge that I’m all there is!”

“That’s not what I really wanted!”

“Isn’t it, Tim? Isn’t that what you really wanted?”  

Jason ran into the back yard holding Tim’s phone in his hand.

“Okay.  I need you to type in my passcode:  1-8-5-5-8-2.”  Tim tried to hold his voice steady

“I’m in.

“Go to my Wisteria Bank account.”


“You’ll need to put in my pass code:  Snowboard855.”

“Okay.”  Jason slowly typed in the password.

“Hurry up!”

“I’m hurrying!  Okay.  I’m there.”

“How much is in my account?”  Tim held his breath.

“328,363 dollars.”

“It’s not finished.”

“What do you mean?”

“He’s going to take the money once my growth was complete.  The money’s still there.  I’m going to grow again!”

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