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The Weatherman. Part 14. The Dads


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18 hours ago, bbmikenj said:

Running their way north, faster and faster, they flew past a group of jogging Crossfitters at twice their pace. They flew past hordes of spring breakers, deftly dodging their way around stoned frat bros, who stopped dead in their tracks at the sight of the two huge musclemen sprinting their way along the surf. The duo bulldozed their way up to Haulover Beach

Love this part (I will always be a fan of big guys doing cardio lol 😂😍❤️💪

Was really nice to see these two giant hunks enjoy themselves. 

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10 hours ago, arpeejay said:

Awesome (as always!)

One quick point: If (at the start of the week) San is 320 and Kurt is 425, their combined weight is 745, not 840. Looking forward to seeing them at 840! 



Leave it to your eagle eye to spot that error! I corrected it. I must have been projecting into the future.

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1 hour ago, bbmikenj said:

Leave it to your eagle eye to spot that error! I corrected it. I must have been projecting into the future.

Why stop at 840?  :P

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9 minutes ago, ploder4 said:

Why stop at 840?  :P

Exactly! When all four of them are over 500 lbs. MAYBE think about slowing it down! 

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I would kinda like to see Hank taken down a peg or two by Sam and/or Joe.  I think Sam needs a little more empowerment but especially Joe.

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20 hours ago, arpeejay said:

Exactly! When all four of them are over 500 lbs. MAYBE think about slowing it down! 

Slowing, but not stopping

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Yes, it would be so great to see Sam and Kurt get into it to see who’s stronger and then whoever wins that match gets to take on Hank.  

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Soon after Sam and Kurt got back from Florida, they drove over to the barn. “Fingers crossed,” said Kurt as they rounded the bend that led to the barn. To their surprise, not only was the barn still standing, but it was gleaming in the sunlight from a fresh coat of red paint. As they pulled up, Hank came outside in his jock, a weight belt synched around his waist, swaggering like a 300lb Roman gladiator.


“Bet you weren’t expecting that, were ya?” he said proudly, rolling his huge shoulders and jutting out his chest.


“You did all that in a week?” asked Sam.


“Even less,” bragged Hank. What he didn’t tell them was that he used Grindr to find guys to come out to the barn for a paint party followed by muscle worship sessions with him and Joe. Hank never lifted a brush, but when they found out that the old ladder they found in the barn was too short to reach the peak, he had a guy climb to the top, then Hank squatted down, grabbed the base of the ladder and lifted it up. All the guy had to do was extend his arm; Hank raised the ladder up and down to brush the paint on. This repeated movement made Hank’s back muscles roll and mound up thickly. His mighty shoulders bulged out and hardened up. The Grindr guys had a lot of pumped mass to worship once the barn was painted.


“Is Joe still around?” asked Kurt.


“Oh yeah. He went out for a hike awhile ago. Wait til you see him. Growing like a weed and jacked as fuck. I’ve got him benching 405 for reps. That combo of tren and shakes is really working for him.”


As if on cue, they saw Joe coming up from behind the barn. He had on cargo shorts and a hoodie. He stripped the hoodie off as he neared them. His exposed torso V’d perfectly from his broad shoulders to his 8 pack, to his 28” waist. His legs were snaked with veins from his hike. His taut, golden skin shimmered in the sun. Kurt said to Sam, “That is one handsome stud. He kinda looks like you. Sure you didn’t knock anyone up when you were younger?”


“Good lord, no.” said Sam. But as Joe got closer, Sam started thinking.


“What?” asked Kurt, as he saw the puzzled look on Sam’s face.


“Nothing. It’s stupid. It’s not possible.”


“Spit it out,” said Hank, listening in.


“When I was in high school, I went to spring break down in Panama Beach.”


“Yeah?” said Kurt. “When was this?”


“About twenty-two years ago. I ran out of money, so I used a fake ID and I donated sperm for some cash.”


“No shit?” said Hank.


As Joe walked up to them, Kurt said, “Hey Joe, where were you born?”


“Florida. Why?”


“What town?” asked Kurt.


“Panama City.”


The three huge men studied the strapping young hunk. His sky blue eyes, like Sam’s. His thick blond hair, like Sam’s. His strong cleft chin. Like Sam’s. The same balloon-knot navel.


“It’s not possible,” said Sam, leaning back against the side of his car. 


“Oh yeah it is,” chuckled Hank. 


“What was your dad’s name?” asked Kurt.


“I didn’t have a dad. I had two mom’s.”


“Did they use a sperm bank?”


“Well, yeah. It’s no biggie. Lots of people do.”


“Do you like watching the weather, dude?” Hank asked Joe. 


Joe looked at each of them, then his eyes locked up with Sam’s. “What’s going on?” he asked. But as he looked at Sam, it slowly dawned on him. It was like he was looking into a mirror, seventeen years in the future. “Whoa,” he said, crouching down. “Whoa.” He looked up at Sam and said, “Dad?”


“We don’t know anything yet,” said Sam.


Joe stood up, walked over to Sam, and hugged him tight. Sam hugged him back. Hank watched them, and started thinking about how hot a three way would be, and started to bone. Kurt was having the same thought, and the same reaction. Hank looked at him and said, “Perv.”


“Look who’s talkin’,” said Kurt.


Meanwhile, Sam and Joe’s hug was turning into a hard, mutual grope. Sam couldn’t believe he was holding the son he never knew he had. The big strapping growing muscle stud of a son. “Oh fuck,” he groaned. “We should stop. We gotta stop.”


“Yeah, we outta stop,” said Joe, as he continued to grope Sam’s huge back, realizing that he had the same genetics as this massive hulk. “Aw fawk, man. We even smell the same,” as he took a big whiff of Sam’s thick neck. They were both engorged.


“Hoookay,” said Sam, firmly breaking up their embrace. “Let’s redirect our energy and go lift.”


“Yeah, great idea,” said Joe. “Pump me up huge, Papi.” He and Sam headed into the barn. 


“Awkward,” said Hank, as he actively edged himself.


“It’s amazing. They even walk the same,” Kurt said, as he and Hank watched them head into the barn.


“And both have incredibly fuckable asses.”


Kurt laughed. “True that. Let’s give them some space. You hungry?”




“Let’s go grab something. My treat.”


“Oh hell yeah,” said Hank. “Then after, I’ll find some guys on Grindr for us to mess with. Use Joe’s pics as bait, then when they show up, they see this.” Hank flexed his arm and watched it ball up into a big ball of muscle. He kissed his peak. “Make them melt just by stripping our shirts off, real slow.” Hank grinned as he continued to admire his own arm.


Kurt shook his head. “You know, I’m real worried about your lack of self confidence. Get in the truck.” They took off for town, with Hank spitting chew out the window as they drove.


Two hours later, Sam and Joe finished their workout. Joe could hardly move, but he loved it. He couldn’t believe he’d just lifted with a guy the size of Big Ramy, and the guy was his father. Sam was flexing out in the mirror. Look at him, thought Joe, my 350lb muscle daddy, my huge pumped up daddy. Sam turned and looked at him, and saw the look of the young dude’s pure admiration and desire. They both felt a stirring in their loins.


Just then, they heard a car pulled in front of the barn. Sam went out to see who it was. The car was a Mercedes-Maybach with Georgia vanity plates that read ‘HOG BOSS’. The door opened, and a huge mountain of a man emerged. He had on bib overhauls but no shirt. As he reached his full  height, Sam suddenly felt small. The guy was around 6’11” and well over 600lbs of swollen mass. The end of his thick beard rested on his pec shelf. He was a bull-necked behemoth, his traps and barrel chest straining the suspenders of the overhauls, his hairy delts the size of basketballs, his gutball filling the bib like an oversized globe. 


Given the license plate on his car, Sam was pretty sure who the guy was, but he wasn’t expecting Hank’s father to be such a giant, hairy bulldozer of a man. He came up to Sam and extended his hand. “You must be the weatherman,” he said, taking Sam’s hand into his. His huge meaty hand not only swallowed up Sam’s hand, but went halfway up his wrist.  “My boy told me how you and your buddy took him in, been treating him like kin. Mighty obliged,” said the massive hog farmer, as he shook Sam’s hand absentmindedly. He noticed the surprised look on Sam’s face and said, “He didn’t tell you I was coming’s, did he?”


“Um, no,” said Sam.


“Darn kid has the mind of a sieve, always has. I’m Hank senior, but you can call me Boss. Everyone else does.”


Sam could see why. He could also see where Hank junior got his bravado. “Nice to meet you. I’m Sam.” 


“Looks like you take good care of yourself,” said Boss, as he continued to pump their hands up and down. Sam’s knuckles were compressing from the vice grip of the huge farmer, whose ropey forearm muscles clenched with power. Boss finally broke his grip when Joe came walking out of the barn. “Well, howdy there, amigo,” he said to Joe, eyeing him up and down like he was an appetizer.


“This is…my son Joe,” Sam said.


“Yeah? Your son, huh? I woulda guessed you weren’t the kind to have kids, but he sure is a spitting’ image. Good to meet ya, boy.” With that, Boss grabbed Joe by his armpits and lifted him clear off the ground like he was a toy. Joe looked down at the behemoth in total awe. He couldn’t believe he was being held airborne like he was a thirty pound sack of rice, his feet dangling. The big man chuckled at the look on Joe’s face. He sat Joe down on the ground. “You like what you see, don’t ya, boy? How about now?” Boss brought up his left arm and slowly flexed it. Joe’s eyes grew wide as the ham-sized arm swelled up to 33”. “Go ahead and touch it.” 


Joe reached out and put his fingers on the giant arm. “Oh my god,” as he felt biceps that were 5” bigger than his waist. Boss gave Joe an evil grin, then he flexed his arm harder and it swelled another inch. Joe shuddered and came in his shorts. So did Sam.


“Ah yeah. Gets ‘em every time,” said Boss with satisfaction, shaking out his massive arm. “This is gonna be fun.”

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The first time I read this chapter (am reading it for the third time now), it left me rock hard "down under". 😜😂🍆💦

Praise to @bbmikenj

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