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The Weatherman. Part 14. The Dads


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Wouldn't it be fun if Kurt called in his dad?  They end up discovering Kurt's dad is a behemoth 7'5" muscle mountain weighing in at over 800 pounds or more.... and the guy is 70 years old?'

Happy Father's Day!!   lol

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On 3/14/2024 at 7:51 PM, bbmikenj said:

Good to know,” said Sam. Then he noticed Hank looking at him like he was a snack. Hank’s deltoids and traps were swollen huge with tractor pump. His breathing was deep and strong. The air was thick with his musk. He rolled his powerful shoulders back, heaving out his thick pec shelf, and studied Sam hungrily.


“What are you doing?” Sam asked.


“Making your pussy twitch,” answered Hank as he spat some chew out of the side of his mouth.


“I have a plane to catch,” said Sam suddenly.


“Sure you don’t wanna stay and get driven to the edge of insanity?” Hank asked, giving Sam a sneering grin

I still hope, Hank gets to fuck Sam because of the set-up above

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This story gets better and better…gotta clean up again after reading the last chapter….again. 

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