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The Weatherman. Part 15. The Battle


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Wouldn't it be fun if Kurt called in his dad?  They end up discovering Kurt's dad is a behemoth 7'5" muscle mountain weighing in at over 800 pounds or more.... and the guy is 70 years old?'

Happy Father's Day!!   lol

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On 3/14/2024 at 7:51 PM, bbmikenj said:

Good to know,” said Sam. Then he noticed Hank looking at him like he was a snack. Hank’s deltoids and traps were swollen huge with tractor pump. His breathing was deep and strong. The air was thick with his musk. He rolled his powerful shoulders back, heaving out his thick pec shelf, and studied Sam hungrily.


“What are you doing?” Sam asked.


“Making your pussy twitch,” answered Hank as he spat some chew out of the side of his mouth.


“I have a plane to catch,” said Sam suddenly.


“Sure you don’t wanna stay and get driven to the edge of insanity?” Hank asked, giving Sam a sneering grin

I still hope, Hank gets to fuck Sam because of the set-up above

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This story gets better and better…gotta clean up again after reading the last chapter….again. 

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As Sam and Joe showed Hank’s dad the inside of the barn, he said he could see why his boy liked it here. He stopped to look over the boxing ring and said, “This reminds me of my days as a pro wrestler.”


“You were a pro wrestler?” Joe said, wide eyed with awe. Plus, he couldn’t imagine anyone climbing into the ring with such a monster of a man.


“Yep,” said Hank senior. “I was fifteen when I knocked up a stripper from Atlanta, so I dropped out of school so I could pay for the kid.”


“They let you wrestle at fifteen?” asked Sam.


“Yeah, well, I was big for my age.” This was an understatement. By the time of his fifteenth birthday, he was already 6’3” and 235lbs, and was sporting a thick full beard. No one in the Georgia wrestling circuit ever asked his age. By the time he hit sixteen, he was 6’6”, 310lbs, and could pin any man on the roster. “I rassled for a couple years, but then my pa died and left me the farm, so I went home to run it. The farm has grown a lot since then. So have I,” he said with a laugh, as he patted on his protruding gut. What he didn’t mention was how he had grown so much. As the hog farm grew more and more profitable, he got his veterinarian to supply him with extra growth hormones that he used on himself. His size and strength ballooned, along with his ego and desire for more strength. In recent years, he’d been going to Indonesia to get a testosterone stimulating treatment that made his testes produce five times the test of a normal man. Now he had bull sized balls that were hard as iron and constantly churning out vast amounts of male hormone. Now, at thirty-seven, he was growing faster than an eighteen year old newbie.


As they made their way over to the workout area, he led the way like the big bossman that he was. He noticed a loaded Olympic bar by the Smith machine. 


“We were just finishing up deadlifts when you pulled up,” explained Sam. “Joe was doing reps with the 860 pounds.”


“That so?” said the giant farmer. “Not bad for a boy your size,” he said to Joe with a wink. Then he crouched down, grabbed the bar with an underhand grip, stood up with it, and started doing curls. He did reps with the bar like it was a broomstick. His massive triceps bulged out at the bottom of each rep. Joe’s knees wobbled at the sight, and he sat down on a nearby bench. The big boss’s arms swelled and swelled. He did twenty reps, then dropped the bar down, causing everything in the barn to jump an inch off the ground. He slapped each of his upper arms with the opposite hand. The sound of the slaps made Joe’s dick twitch. The big brute smirked in the mirror as he admired himself. “Bet they just grew another inch,” he said with satisfaction. Sam could see where Hank junior got his bravado.


Outside the barn, Kurt and Hank pulled up. “Well, what have we here?” said Kurt, as he noticed the vanity plates on the big Maybach. 


“I didn’t think he’d actually come,” Hank said.


“That’s a good thing, though, right?”


“Um, sure,” answered Hank, unconvincingly, as he got out of Kurt’s truck. Kurt got out too, and they made their way to the barn. “Pa?” Hank hollered out. The three men at the back of the barn turned and headed up front. When Hank got a good look at his father, he said, “Jeezus Pa, you’re bigger than ever!”


“You ain’t getting any smaller yourself, boy. Come give your old man a hug.”


Hank obeyed and went up to his huge dad, who wrapped his massive arms around him and lifted him off the ground, squeezing hard, crushing his son against his giant, hairy chest. Hank grunted out as his ribcage compressed. Hank senior continued to squeeze. He linked his wrists against the small of Hank’s back and dug in harder. 


“Pa…fuck…I can’t breathe…”


“Ah yeah, boy. No matter how big ya get, I’ll still be able to take you.” He clenched his arms together even harder. He shook his son back and forth. “Who’s the strongest man you know, boy?” His forearms bulged with power.


“You are, Pa,” 


Standing behind the giant farmer, Sam couldn’t even see Hank junior past the sprawling back of the older man, who finally put his son down and swiped off his hands with self satisfaction. Hank went down on one knee, trying to get his breath back.


“Maybe you should pick on someone closer to your size,” Kurt said. 


The massive farmer hooked his thumbs under his suspenders as he looked Kurt up and down. “You must be the sports guy. I was expecting you to be bigger.” Hank’s dad was 6” taller and 150lbs larger than Kurt. “Why don’t we step into the ring and see what you got?”


“Works for me,” said Kurt. He stripped off his shirt and tossed it aside. 


Hank senior unhooked the suspenders of his overhauls and let them drop off his huge shoulders. His enormous pecs seemed to billow out even more. “Why don’t we make it interesting?” he said. He turned and wrapped his arm around Sam’s neck and yanked him up beside him. “Let’s go two against one.”


“You’re on,” Kurt said, answering for Sam, who looked like he was barely able to support the weight of the heavy arm that was pressing down on his big shoulders.


The three men went over to the ring and climbed in, big, bigger, and biggest. The ring creaked under their combined weight. Hank senior took off his overalls, giving them their first look at his monstrous thighs and calves. His boxer briefs were gray with age and tattered from straining against all the bulk. “I usually limit my rassling these days to my prize hog, Brutus. Y’all ever grapple with a greased up 780lb angry pig? You should hear him squeal and squeal as I pin him down in the mud, or trap him in these legs. Can’t wait to hear what kinda noises you two fellas are gonna make.”


With that, Kurt and Sam rushed the bigger man. They each grabbed a side, but the big hulk didn’t budge. He tossed them both off him and sent them flying into the ropes. Undeterred, they charged at him again. This time, the giant farmer charged back, outstretched his arms and clotheslined them square across their chests, flipping them 270 degrees in the air and onto their faces on the mat. Big Hank picked Kurt up and pressed him overhead and walked around the ring with him. Sam got up, and started punching the huge goon in his protruding, ridged roidgut. Hank looked down at him and said, “Those abs are over a foot thick of enhanced muscle, so gimme your best shots, cause I can’t even feel the ones you’re giving me now.” He stood there and let Sam work his solid abs. 


Sam punched on the solid gut ball over and over, harder and harder, but Hank just snorted. Sam might as well have been punching cast iron. Joe looked on with lust in his heart. He would have given his left nut to touch that protruding orb. When the huge farmer saw how he was looking at it with awe, he said, “Careful what ya wish for, little fella. I could crush your skull like a Georgia peanut with this gut.” Then he turned and readjusted his grip on Kurt, reared him back and threw him over the top rope and out of the ring. Then he grabbed Sam, twisted him around, lifted him up, and slammed him into a reverse chokehold and shook him back and forth hard. 


When Kurt stopped rolling across the floor of the barn, he crawled back into the ring. He ran at big Hank and shoulder tackled him right at the knees. The giant man toppled forward, right on top of Sam. Outside the ring, both Joe and Hank junior grimaced at the sound of Sam’s lungs deflating like bellows. The beast of a man rolled off Sam and onto his side, then went for Kurt. He moved remarkably fast for a behemoth, and Kurt didn’t move away from Hank’s monster quads fast enough. The huge tree trunks wrapped around him, trapping Kurt between two 49” hog-crushing thighs. Then the massive farmer locked his ankles together, and started to squeeze. His leg scissors hold was multiple times more powerful than his bearhug. Kurt grunted, and pounded his big fists into the monster thighs. Hank only chuckled. When Sam tried to get up, Hank pinned him back to the mat by pressing his index finger deep into Sam’s pec valley until it was pressing hard against his sternum. Sam struggled but couldn’t budge.


“Say ‘uncle’, punks, and do it quick,” said Hank senior, as he applied more pressure with his giant thighs, and his dick-sized finger. Neither Sam nor Kurt could breathe from the immense pressure on their chests. Hank’s face bloated and reddened as he exerted more power. Veins snaked all over his hulking thighs. Suddenly, they all heard a muffled pop as one of Kurt’s ribs gave out. He stifled a cry of pain. Sam was starting to lose consciousness.


Joe turned to Hank junior and said, “Do something.” That was all the motivation Hank needed to jump into the ring. He was sick of seeing his old man win at everything. He remembered all the times his juiced up pa would roughhouse with him around the house and the farm, always winning, and always taking it too far, making it hurt, telling Hank that he was just toughening him up. Now, the junior Hank wanted to see his cocky old man lose at something for once, even if it took three of them to do it. He angled behind his pa’s huge back, and applied his own chokehold around his old man’s massively developed neck. A normal man wouldn’t stand a chance of choking out that thick column of sinew, but Hank junior had been training his forearms extra hard with specialized equipment made for arm wrestling. He’d also been bending 2 1/4” rebar on a regular basis. He used that newfound muscle strength against his dad’s bullneck, and he felt it giving. So he squeezed harder. Hank senior lifted his finger off Sam’s chest and released his scissors. He stood up, with his son rear choking him. He tried to ply his son’s hold apart, to no avail. He jumped upward and threw himself onto his back, landing squarely on his son. The whole ring collapsed, the turnbuckles toppled inward, the ropes flopped loosely. Despite the full weight of his 700lb father landing on him, junior Hank not only held his chokehold, he tightened it. His father’s head nodded forward. Kurt crawled over and lifted the big man’s arm, and let it drop down with a thump. 


“He’s out, Hank,” Kurt said. But Hank just flared his nostrils as he tightened his grip. “Dude, stop,” Kurt said, more urgently. He put his hand on Hank junior’s arm. He couldn’t believe the titanic strength surging thru the musclebound arm. Hank only released his hold when Joe came over and said, “Bro, you did it. You took your old man down. That’s was awesome.”


 Hank pushed his old man off him like he was pushing over a rhino. His arms were throbbing and heavy. Kurt was holding the side of his ribcage. Sam was rubbing the contusion in the middle of his chest. The boxing ring was trashed. Hank senior came to quickly. He sat up and rubbed his welted neck as he looked around.


“That was the most fun I’ve had since being a pro wrestler,” he said. “I told you I’d make a tough guy outta you, boy,” he said to his son. “Now who wants to go get something to eat?”

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FINALLY caught up to the most current chapter. I'm usually at least one behind. So, commenting doesn't make much sense. Like others have said, and as usual for your stories, each chapter just gets better and better! I have been so in awe of Sam and Kurt, and then along comes a guy who takes them both down combined  like they are nothing? Awesome! Just reading the descriptions of Boss Hank was enough to make an incredible chapter, but the way he manhandled the two (until now) biggest guys in the story was just incredible.

For the love of God, if I was them, I would not share the herbal milk with him! It sounds like he has enough advantages going over the other guys. Of course seeing him getting even bigger and stronger would be awesome. I'm torn between wanting to see Boss get more dominant or seeing one of the other guys passing him and being able to take him down solo. Honestly, the guy does need to be taken down a peg, but in real life he probably wouldn't be. It was great to see Hank, Jr. take down his old man, even if it was as part of the trio. What an awesome chapter!

EDIT: Just a note, by my count "The Battle" is Part 15. So, you might want to edit the title or just catch it up to 16 when the next part is added, unless I am counting wrong.

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