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Playing with fire (chapter 4 added - will you be able to read till the end of it without a hard on? )


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Together with @rene1 we started writing a muscle story which is linked to the magnificent muscle morphs he is producing for this forum. @rene1 will be adding pics to the story to make it even more attractive. I hope you'll like our common work at least as much as we enjoyed writing it for you. It nicely merges his tastes and mine. We hope it also meets your tastes. Please feel free to comment.


Chapter 1: Garcías nightmare

Matteo finished his last set of pec flyes. He couldn't focus on his workout as his mind kept drifting. What happened last night just didn't let him go.

It was already dark when he walked home through his native city of Piedras Blancas. Half of the street lamps in this run-down area were broken, but he didn't need much light as he knew the place like the back of his hand and felt safe. Once again he passed by the little supermarket of señor García, which did not help to improve his mood. A few years ago García caught him for stealing a Playboy magazine from the shop but didn't simply leave it well enough alone: García, a tall and burly man in his mid thirties also beat him up for it. Matteo, who had this shameful encounter burned into his memory, vowed to himself that he´d do everything he could to prevent this from happening again. He simply needed to become a real man. When he got beaten up, he was still a child, small and skinny. Now, just having turned eighteen recently, his athletic, almost fat-free 88 kgs (194 lbs) looked impressive for a young adult on his 180 cm (5’9 feet) tall frame.

His thoughts of the past were interrupted when he saw big choppers parked in front of García´s store. Even in the dim lighting, the metal of the motorcycles shone brightly and Matteo noticed that their tires were exceptionally wide. He walked a few steps further and saw a fourth bike standing a little behind, mounted by a behemoth of a man. Around the same height as Matteo, but at least 40 kg (88 lbs) heavier. And these 40 kg were probably all dark-tanned muscle which made his white tank top bulge under his opened heavy leather jacket. Black hair, neatly trimmed thick beard, strong jawline … the guy looked macho, but also dangerous …very dangerous. He seemed to scan the area. Was he a sentinel for the other guys in García´s supermarket? Luckily right in the moment when Matteo saw him, the musclebull was just looking in another direction, so he could quickly hide behind the nearest wall.




Wow! This guy was really impressive. Matteo's heart was pumping so hard you could almost hear it. So, if there were more guys in García´s shop, what would they want from him? Well, there were rumors going around that there was no way Garcia could have built his wealth just from his small store and that he was involved in some crooked business dealings. Matteo simply had to peek around the corner of the wall again. Thankfully from there he was able to observe that thug a little better without being seen at the same time. It seemed to him that the sentinel was new in the area and didn't know anything about hidden passages, secret paths and shortcuts. Matteo did. He decided to quietly circumvent the huge muscleguy and silently – very silently - climb up the fire escape stairs of a neighboring building up to the roof. From there he could watch both the guard outside and look inside into García´s little supermarket through its ventilation holes.

As almost expected, three more gang members were inside. He gasped for breath and almost slipped on the roof as he saw how BUILT they were. All those three monsters were simply breathtakingly massive superheavyweight bodybuilders! Their muscles bulged in their black leather trousers which seemed to thin out at the area of highest pressure. They were so huge that you could clearly see how the leather hugged their legs just like a second skin. Even from this far Matteo saw the muscle separations of their thighs in them, all four quadriceps muscles and his hamstrings! Some seams on their jackets had already burst due to their bulk and the tanned muscle bellies of their latissimus were visible through the large openings. Obviously they preferred to wear nothing under their jackets. The third one just wore a vest, so his gargantuan arms weren't covered at all. Hundreds of pencil-thick veins crawled along the clearly visible muscle fibers. Matteo had watched many youtube-videos of bodybuilders, even followed some pros on instagram, but never ever had he seen arms like these! How big could they possibly be? 60 cm? Even 65 cm around (around two feet)? When the big guy's arms moved, their distinct muscles seemed to fight against each other for space, which almost looked ridiculous.

Before, their companion waiting outside had left him impressed, but now it became clear that he was actually the smallest of the gang! Nothing could have prepared his mind for this absolutely stunning view. Matteo was so overwhelmed by their looks that it took him some seconds to actually understand what was happening down there. Two of them were brutally holding García´s arms upwards behind his back and the third one was shouting at the absolutely terrified shop owner.

"Last warning, Garcia! You claimed yourself you’d easily manage to double the sales! 25% … that‘s so off the mark, shithead! You miss that last chance and we are going to let you die a very slow death and enjoy your screams! And your children … I’ll make sure, I ́ll inject the unsold heroin into them myself … right in front of your eyes. Prick, prick, prick … a little pricky in their arms … or in their ears … or maybe into their eyes … Think about it! For now, I´ll just leave you a friendly reminder.”

He grabbed the pinky finger of the shop owner, pulled it at a strange angle, then twisted it. Garcia started to scream but was choked by one of the thugs who held him, which immediately cut off the oxygen needed for screaming. The biker who had talked before easily ripped off his pinky with his gigantic hands, making García faint and fall down to the floor. Or was it maybe not by the pain, but the lack of oxygen? Stomping their feet on his head and body, they went to the cashier and took all that was inside. Then they left the store, jumped on their choppers and rode off.

"Matteo! What the heck are you doing! You were supposed to be doing cardio after your last set!" Matteo woke up from his daydream and looked at his coach.

Coach Salvador was his idol. Some years ago he was competing as a middle-weight bodybuilder and even won two or three events. Even though he wasn't preparing for competition anymore, he maintained a less strict, but nonetheless controlled diet all year round and was therefore always in good shape. When Matteo entered the gym three years ago, eager to gain size after his encounter with García, it was a fortunate circumstance that he met his coach pretty quickly, who introduced him to serious strength training right from the start. Salvador saw his determination, the fire that burned within Matteo. Of course, the boy lacked a lot of muscle mass, but the trained eye of the competitive bodybuilder didn’t miss Matteo's almost perfect proportions, the favorable deep position of the attachments of his calves, biceps and forearm tendons, which would leave him plenty of room for future mass gains ... or his wide ribcage and collarbones, which were literally waiting for large packages of meat to be attached to them. For Salvador, being able to walk the path together with this talented boy, to build him up and introduce him step by step to the world of competitive bodybuilding, was a great blessing. Just like having a rough diamond that needed to be cut and polished. Right from the start, Matteo needed – and received - hardcore training, not some silly housewife jigging around. And food. Lots of protein-rich food.

Again on the treadmill. Matteo set it for 30 minutes. While running, his brain was free to daydream again. He just couldn’t avoid comparing his coach with the three giant bikers from yesterday. This morning, he and Salvador weighed themselves. His coach was exactly at 103 kg (227 lbs), offseason but still showing an eight-pack. With his current low level of body fat, his weight wouldn’t go down too much if he was to compete now, and for sure he wouldn’t start in the middleweight category but switch to the light-heavies. But then, he thought of the Bikers. How absolutely stunningly huge they´d look next to him! They were such gigantic beasts, easily 150 kg, maybe even 160 kg (353 lbs) of pure muscle mountains, brutal faces, thick black beards, carrying lots of golden chains around their muscular necks which were even thicker than their heads ... traps that went up to their ears ... ears with the typical „cauliflower look“ that Matteo had seen in many MMA-fighters or professional wrestlers before. If Salvador stood next to them, they would simply dwarf him, make him look so pathetic! To put it bluntly: meeting Salvador alone on the street, on the beach or wherever you can imagine was a turn-on for most women (and also many men). Any average Joe would describe him as a typical bodybuilder, the simple word ‘athletic’ wouldn't do him justice. But to Matteo, his body just looked ‘beautiful’. However the thugs he saw last night were gigantic beasts, animalistic aggressive hypermasculine musclehulks that emanated waves of testosterone wherever they were. Even if his rational mind couldn't actually approve their violence, deep down he was fascinated by that violence, their dominance, their unrestrained superiority. They were dangerous. Simply dangerous for anybody being at the wrong time in the wrong place. And … he had to admit to himself … that's what thrilled him most. He wanted to be huge. And feared. Be a muscle behemoth like them.

Salvador passed by his treadmill.

“Coach, I´ve got to tell ya what I'm just non-stop thinking about …”

He couldn't stop himself and told him all about what happened yesterday on Wednesday evening.

“Oh my God, bad times are coming to Piedras Blancas,“ his coach said, frowning. But he didn't miss the thrill in Matteo's eyes and somehow sensed that he'd try to get in contact with these criminals.

“When you´ve finished, come to me. I’m gonna stay at the counter. Got a surprise for you.“

Salvador stayed in an area next to the gym entrance, where supplements were stored and sold. He unpacked the newly arrived boxes of amino acids when Matteo finally joined him.

“You know what day it is today?“


“It's your third anniversary, thickie! Exactly three years ago you set foot in this gym, three years that have changed your life already. Look where you came from and look at you now!“

“Aahh, I´m sorry. How could I´ve missed that?“

“Got a gift for you. Here!“

Salvador handed a cap to him. Another one for his collection as he knew that he loved them. Matteo looked at it.

“Cool, thank you! What's that??“

Matteo pointed to the middle of his black and shiny cap. It showed a picture of a grotesquely morphed bodybuilder. It reminded him of his other cap with the well known logo of Powerhouse Gym. The torso of a bodybuilder lifting a bar over himself that was so overloaded that it bent like an arc. Well that was a drawing, a quick draft, a kind of sketch. But this far overmorphed bodybuilder actually looked like a realistic photograph that was put on the cap. For his taste the artist exaggerated too much, but still he was deeply amazed by the photorealistic quality of his work.

“Guy on that pic is called Khaldun,“ Salvador said smiling.

Matteo decided to search on the internet for new fantasy computer games after his next meal … with this strange Khaldun as the protagonist of the game.

“He's really cool.”

Matteo put the cap on his head. Less than two seconds passed when suddenly, he heard a very short beeping sound and a feeling of warmth flowed down into his body. He looked around and saw the red bulb of the gym alarm. “Ah! That’s where the beep sound came from.” thought Matteo.

“Muchísimas gracias, Salvador, I'll wear that cap all the time.“

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Im in for this ride. What will happen to Garcia now and Will Mateo become obssesive with those guys that eh would want an encounter with them?. Does he wannna be them or be with them, dominate them, going razy for his body?... 

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Chapter 2: Motel Río Bravo


On Friday morning Matteo´s brain was simply fogged up with images of huge muscles. Last night he had dreamed of the bikers and now after waking up he couldn't get them out of his head either. Every single one of them had fascinated him more than any other man in his life. In the last three years, he had already attended bodybuilding events with his coach and had also seen IFBB pros as guest posers. But that was nothing compared to the monsters from two days earlier! And not to mention all four of them together! Were they really bigger than the IFBB pros he saw live or followed on Instagram? Or was perception simply playing tricks on him? At an international bodybuilding championship, after all, you are inwardly prepared for the sight of massive bodies. The bikers, on the other hand, who were to the least just as massive, appeared completely unexpectedly in an environment with otherwise "normal" people.


Matteo had already had sexual experiences with both women and men starting at the age of fifteen. But in his imagination, it was extremely muscular men who turned him on the most. So muscular, in fact, that it was practically impossible to ever meet them in reality. Well, at least that was until two days ago. An insatiable desire to see them again aroused in him, up close, undisturbed, without a hurry. All day long his rod was at least semi-stiff.


Looking at the morph on his cap again, he smiled, put it on and began to organize his thoughts. Would the giants still be in town? Then, where could he find them? Just in case they were here for some days, they’d need a place to stay. Well, then there were just two options - either the hotel on the main square or the more shabby motel Río Bravo out of town on the road to Monterrey. Although he estimated his chance of meeting those muscle hunks again as close to zero, he had to give it a try. The hotel was closer, so Matteo jumped on his motorcycle and headed towards the afternoon sun. Some minutes later he arrived and looked for the associated parking lot. It was just behind the hotel. 


Damn… no motorbikes at all! He drove all the streets in the neighborhood. Here and there a few motorcycles, but there were never several ones next to each other. Discouraged, he drove out of town towards Motel Rio Bravo as his last ray of hope.




“¡Dios mío, qué suerte, no me lo creo!”


His heart beat faster as he saw the big choppers with American car plates parked in front of the motel. And there were not four, but even eight of them! What should he do? All day long he had been so obsessed with finding those bulls that he didn't even think about how to get in touch with them. How would they react to him? Especially if they saw his glances… his excitement … and, well, that he was gay? They had shown no mercy with García, would they turn their brutality against him as well? With a strange mixture of excitement, fear and unrestrained lust, Matteo passed the abandoned entrance area and walked straight ahead to the small motel bar. 


Two freakishly huge bikers sat completely crammed into the - in itself - comfortable lounge furniture and drank cerveza while talking to each other. Their formidable size … it was real! 

In the morning Matteo had asked himself whether his mind had not played games with him and his image of the men in his head had grown larger in comparison to reality. No … this WAS reality and they actually seemed even BIGGER than in his mind! And their musky smell … even though the bar was otherwise empty, it was completely filled with the smell of testosterone. Both of them looked like identical twins with their clean-shaven heads and a thick trimmed beard covering the top of their pectoral spheres which were jutting out from under their leather vests. Their gigantic arms were covered in tattoos. Matteo entered, sat down a couple of meters next to them, ordered a beer as well and tried not to watch them too obviously from the side. His heart was running fast and his dick was almost painfully swollen.



“Isabella, come here!”


The voice from the colossally muscular stud was so deep that his words roared in the room just like thunder. Matteo couldn’t see which twin had spoken. Slowly, a pretty 25-year-old girl who had been washing beer glasses behind the bar in complete silence and seclusion stood up. She had long black hair. However, her smile seemed fake, and she couldn't hide the fact that she was terribly afraid. Strangely her face was a little swollen and her mouth was distorted. As she slowly moved towards the two hulking clones, Matteo noticed that she was both limping and trembling.


“Don´t wince like that!”


When Isabella stood close enough, the tall muscle twin remained seated as he easily reached into her cleavage with his plate-sized paw and slowly started to caress her boobs. Huffing and puffing sounds escaped his nose, and the hair in his thick jet-black beard curled in his breath. Although she was well-endowed up above, she didn't wear a bra, which seemed to please him. After a while he released her right breast from her dress and took turns squeezing her teat and kneading her breast as a whole. 


“Oh, please … please … not again.” The bartender's voice was barely audible,either because she was too afraid or because the swelling on her face made it difficult for her to speak a simple sentence.


He continued to grab her with one hand when he occasionally reached with his other one for his beer glass, exchanged a few words with his brother and then let his gaze wander into the room of the bar. His nonchalant, almost deeply relaxed gaze met Matteo (who in turn stared at him as if hypnotized). He even winked at him briefly, as if his behavior here in public was the most normal thing in the world and he was just telling a twelve-year-old boy how a real man should deal with a woman.


His gargantuan brother grabbed her crotch at the same time. After a short time, her dress seemed to get in his way and with one single movement he tore her robe off, just as easily as tearing apart two pieces of toilet paper. When both muscle bulls noticed that she wasn't wearing panties either, their mouths twisted into diabolic smiles.


“Let's see if you’ve washed away our cum, coozie. If so, then God have mercy on you!”


Still completely unmoved by the fact that Matteo was in the room, one brute twin began to grab Isabella by her butt with just his left hand and lifted her up into the air with complete ease as if she weighed nothing. With her pussy just above his face, he slowly stuck his tongue out of his grinning mouth. Even his tongue looked muscular and bigger than a human one! He playfully let it dance like a muscular pink snake on top of his thick beard, moving it back and forth quickly to the left and right and making babbling noises in anticipation. Isabella let out short cries of fear, then his arm flexed a little and he lowered her a few inches so that his tongue could purposefully penetrate the entrance of her vagina. Still holding her with only one arm, he moved her body up and down, back and forth just a few centimeters. The resulting loud smacking sounds even drowned out the background music. One minute, two minutes, three minutes passed… The waitress whose limbs moved helplessly in the air began to moan, but somehow to Matteo it wasn't quite clear if she was still as scared as she had just been.


When after four minutes the massive hunk stretched his arm and pushed her back up above him, a considerable portion of his black beard was covered in thick white semen, which seemed to have flowed out of her pussy. Judging by the quantity she probably had endured a real gang-bang just before. It was unbelievable how she could have kept it all inside. To Matteo it was now clear where the distortion of her mouth and the swelling in her face came from.


“Good girl! Ted, I think it's time to refill her,'' he said and immediately opened the zipper of his leather pants with one hand, but gratefully accepted his brother ́s support to pull it down over his colossal dark tanned thighs. The trail of black hair didn´t obscure any of the pencil-thick throbbing veins running along the mountains and valleys of his muscles. Even from a good few meters away, Matteo saw them clearly. Once the leather was down to his knees, his monstrous veined mantool flipped from his posers and stood straight, its glans angrily pulsating with a dark red color. With his right hand he distributed his abundant precum all over his shaft. Only then did he lower Isabella which he still held with his left hand. One evil look at her almost completely closed eyes and then he thrusted the tough, beefy, and fully tumescent flesh of his mighty horse cock into her slimy pussy directly up to the hilt. She screamed out loud. The other twin took his mobile phone and elatedly started filming his brother fucking the girl mid-air.


“Yeah, give it to her, Alan….yeah … make her happy …,” Ted cheered his brother on while he kept filming and massaged the growing bulge in his own pants with his free hand.


“Alan, push your hammer in … deeper … yeah … crush her pussy … yeah, I can even see you through her abs … ” 


Alan´s powerful thrusts seemed to turn on his titanic twin brother, who moved his mobile phone with professional expertise, alternating between close ups of her pussy being penetrated by Alan’s monstrous rod, his heavy balls which knocked with thuds against his thighs, then from worm’s eyes view the erect nipples on the giant shelves of Alan’s pectorals which obscured a large part of his thick beard and his burly rough face above in the background. Then back to her juicy big boobs and her almost unconscious face. 


Even though Matteo realized that he was witnessing a true rape, he didn’t dare to say a word. Besides, even though she clearly stated that she didn’t want this to happen at first, it seemed to him that her moans were now clearly more of pleasure than pain - despite all her exhaustion. He stared at what was happening with his eyes and mouth wide open, and had long since given up trying to hide his curiosity about it. Suddenly he awoke from his hypnosis state when Ted fixed him with his piercing gaze and pointed his finger at him. His roaring voice commanded him to come.


“Hold it! And don´t you dare shake the video! Take both Alan and me. Smooth camera movements. Take close-ups of our dongs, then show our muscles again! Just as you have watched it all the time, boy! And listen! I said smooth movements. Nothing is worse than frantic camera work.”


He handed him his mobile as he took his pants - with considerable effort - down himself. His thighs were equally huge. Actually in terms of their faces, their muscular development and even their dicks the twins were absolutely indistinguishable from one another. Just two absolutely perfect, colossally massive, hyper virile muscle clones. He was about to ram his monster tool into the opening that he could reach from the other side - which was her bruised mouth - when he saw the bulge in Matteo's pants soaked with pre.


“Jeez, what do we have here? Alan, watch that lil’ boy!”


“He's into muscles. Just look at the guy on his cap,” growled Alan while he kept on banging his gun barrel mercilessly with full force into her fragile body.


Ted decided to snatch his phone back from Matteo and instead asked for his. Matteo was left surprised as he had absolutely no idea why the guy wanted his mobile phone, but it was out of question to disobey and not to follow his instructions.


He unlocked it and put it in Ted’s callused right hand. The behemoth started the video immediately as he fixed Isabella's head with his left hand and deftly opened her mouth to the utmost with its thumb and forefinger simultaneously. He could only push a quarter of his muscled dick inside until the hotel employee started to choke violently. She was now skewered mid-air on the twin´s hands and powerful musclerods like a piece of meat on a grill. Ted directed Matteo directly below the remaining three quarters of his dong which were still left outside. The nose of the eighteen year young adult almost touched its underside and Isabella’s long black hair, falling down, tickled his face.


“She won't drink all my juice. You lick up the excess. And don´t you dare miss even one drop!”


Matteo took the warning seriously. Actually he realized that never before had his health or even life been in such acute danger, and he focused all his attention on waiting for the moment when the giant muscle-hulk would cum his juices into the helpless girl. But never before in his life had he been so turned on at the same time.


Both siblings seemed to possess rich experience in perfectly coordinating their thrusts. After about two minutes of warming her up, Ted managed to thrust more and more centimeters past her uvula deep into her throat. Every fifteen or eighteen thrusts he would shortly take his rod out and give her some time to gasp for breath. But it was just about some seconds until he was back in, definitely not enough time for her to even begin to recover. Even though the girl’s face was now facing downwards, Matteo couldn't see her eyes as she was obscured by the sheer size of Ted’s monster. Never had he seen such a monumental dick, not even in any porn video. He couldn’t see that her eyes were no longer open, but obviously her body still moved on its own. 


“Turnaround, Alan!”


With perfect coordination they rotated her on their relentless pistons in a fraction of a second 180 degrees, so that she was now facing upwards showing both of them her face and breasts. In and out, in and out …. In the long run this mid-air position was certainly not comfortable for fucking, but the effortlessness with which the twins held her upright and fucked her as a kind of perfect tag-team was simply breathtaking. Matteo still tried to remain highly focused to control the movement of the vein-flooded giant penis above him, waiting for the cum. But the smell of testosterone emanating from the biker's groin made him feel dizzy. His hands instinctively searched for the biker's ultra-massive thighs. Barely noticeable at first, he touched his flawless skin and the thin trail of fur on it. Then he started to feel the mountains of muscle, the deep incisions between them, the thick veins protruding from the flesh like warm ropes not giving way to the pressure of his fingers. The palpated sensation triggered an explosion of endorphins in his brain. 


It took him a few seconds to realize that he hadn't even asked permission to touch the muscle bull's skin. But Ted didn't seem to mind and kept moving his thighs rhythmically back and forth. He even let Matteo’s hands wander over to his well shaven grapefruit-sized testicles. Matteo squeezed them gently at first, first the left, then the right one. Plucking up courage, he increased the pressure and began to knead each cumglobe with both hands, as a single hand wouldn't have been sufficient to encompass it completely. As Ted started moaning, Matteo came hands-free in his pants for the first time ever - with a force never experienced in his life before.


Again a short respite for Isabella. With his right hand the muscle titan kept filming his pulled out, angrily red slimy throbbing penis dripping precum onto her exhausted face, which he still held with his left hand. But when he heard some panting noises underneath him, his steel-hard club acted by itself hands free and hit Matteo (who was still firing his load) left and right in the face with considerable force. Despite these violent swings, he held the camera that recorded that humiliation in close-up in complete control without the slightest tremor.


It took more or less twenty minutes of merciless double power penetration till the chock-full grapefruit-sized balls of both supermen finally started to empty their load into Isabella. Just like all of their actions before, their orgasms were precisely timed to each other. The muscle bulls only exchanged glances for the command. From underneath Matteo noticed that Ted’s testicles lifted themselves up and started shooting their juices through the monstrous shaft deep into Isabella's esophagus. 


The bartender held out for four or five seconds, then massive amounts of cum shot back out of her mouth and even her nose over the moving massive plunger. From the outset, there was no chance for Matteo to swallow all this. Within half a minute, his face and large parts of his shirt were encased in thick, sticky, white glowing semen. After a minute or so, Ted took his cum cannon out of her mouth. It was so filled with blood that the skin over it almost seemed to burst.

His cum blasted unabatedly and he pointed it at her and Matteo's bodies for another minute. Isabella, whose mouth was finally freed from its gag coughed as if she was going to suffocate any second. Apparently, the semen had also ended up deep in her windpipe. Matteo saw up to the giant for a brief moment. Ted’s bushy black eyebrows contorted and an angry piercing gaze escaped from his deep black eyes. A second later, his continuing cumjets hit Matteo’s eyes directly at close range. Matteo shut them immediately, but the force of the impact had been so strong that he thought he’d go blind at any moment.


“I've warned you. Now you’ll suffer. Miserably!”


Matteo's eyes were still closed and he was only concerned with the question of what damage his eyes had suffered. He didn't hear the coughing girl, seemingly far away from him, hitting the ground with a dull thud. And he was not in the least prepared to be abruptly lifted up. He felt cool air first on his buttocks. Then his pants were suddenly gone, and an indescribable pain deep inside his innards made him faint.


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Chapter 3: Initiation ceremony


Heaven knows how many hours had passed before Matteo regained consciousness. He was no longer in the bar, but in a dimly lit room - probably in the motel. His innards felt like they had been torn apart. His eyes hurt like hell. When he opened them, he had double vision - but at least he wasn't blind, as he had previously feared. He had to blink a few more times, which was difficult as the drying cum pasted his eyelids together like glue. After a few seconds, his eyes were finally open and he saw much more cum on his arms and hands, dried up halfway down the run, similar to little icicles hanging from a roof in winter.


Someone had casually thrown his cap on a lamp next to a little coffee table. He had absolutely no explanation for why deep down he longed to wear it, or at least to have it as close to his body as possible. His shirt was torn to shreds on the floor. Probably it couldn't be fast enough for them to unpack their toy. There was quite havoc in the room and lots of even more cum everywhere …. on the walls, damaged curtains and - most of all - the bed he was lying on. Lying on? Actually, he saw himself stretched and tied to the bed with plastic cuffs… the ones which cops use for work! And then, a few meters to his right, he saw two other muscle monsters standing completely naked in the room that he hadn’t seen before.


They were obviously preoccupied with themselves as they were kissing each other uninhibitedly. For Matteo it was impossible to tell where one monumental body ended and the other began. Everything merged into a huge pile of fat-free, bone-dry mountain of beef. Only the two bearded faces were clearly distinguishable from each other. Even from their back and shoulders thick white sticky semen dripped in large globs to the floor. 

PWF 003.jpg

“He wakes up!” It was the voice of one of the twins thundering across the room. Matteo saw the twin hulk … was it Ted or Alan? … naked except for his black combat military boots ... as he nimbly typed on the keyboard of his mobile phone.


“Your insta password?”


Oh my Gawd, Noooo! Panic swept over Matteo. Who knows what had happened to him in the meantime.... What of all that had been filmed? You didn't want to...?




A plate-sized hand squeezed his neck from behind and pressed on his windpipe for a second … just like on a lemon used for cooking. Rattling and trembling, he gave it to them when the pressure stopped for a moment. Matteo hadn't expected the massive biker, who weighed perhaps 160 kg, to have such sophisticated fine motor skills. In a flash, his fingers scurried over the keyboard and he seemed to be uploading fifteen or twenty videos. His mouth twisted more and more into a diabolical grin.


One of the naked standing bikers said “Time for a good morning breeding!” as he interrupted his kiss. He seemed to be maybe five years older than the twins.


Was it really already Saturday morning? When Matteo entered the bar yesterday, it was just 6 p.m. God knows what had happened in the meantime.


“What name did your fucking whore mom give you?”


“My name … name … is Matteo!”


“Good. For me you are cum-dump. CD. Does that sound good?”


“Er … “








“Yes,... Sir!”


“Cum dump, I have to compliment you. As a fucktoy you're not doing too badly. Your ass is nice and firm, better than Isabella and George ….the lousy other bartender who still can’t walk. You were sturdy enough to survive.”


When he stopped talking, his piercing gaze became sharper again. Matteo couldn't interpret that behavior at first. Then he hoped that he was simply expecting gratitude for the compliment


“Thank you very much,” … “Sir!”, he hastily added at the end of the sentence.


Was it this gratitude that he expressed that caused the hunk to tear apart his cuffs with his bare hands in a swift move? When Matteo sat up on his cum-soaked mattress, he noticed how painful every single movement felt to him. Without thinking about it, he grabbed his cum-smeared cap from the lamp and put it on.


Meanwhile, the twin bull had finished uploading the videos and walked right up to Matteo from the side. His gargantuan thighs were interfering with each other so that his body had to waddle, as you often see with professional bodybuilders. His easily 30 cm (12 inch) long mantool did as well. It pointed diagonally upwards, led forward and obviously never seemed to get completely limp. Finally he was so close that his mantool touched Matteo's cheek and pushed his head to the side. Matteo was so fixated on his action that he hadn't even noticed that another behemoth had approached him from behind in the meantime. He was one of the kissers from before and didn’t say a word so far. Actually he was probably five or six years older than the others and if he simply had shaved off his hair, he would have won every Mr. Olympia on the spot with his competition-ready body. Out of nowhere his rock-solid equally huge mantool hit him diagonally from behind on the other side of his head with the force of a baseball bat.


"Haha, great hit, Tony!”, sneered Alan.


“Come join us, Sergio”, said the alpha-biker with extremely brutal facial features called Tony. An incredibly massive alpha titan in the midst of his hyper-masculine muscle-bull gang. He was definitely their leader. And then, gazing downwards, he directed his deep voice back to Matteo.


“Lick them, cum dump!".


Without even thinking, Matteo started licking Alan’s and Tony’s throbbing dicks, careful to give equal attention to both. Even though the blow to his skull still hurt, his consciousness was primarily aware of the incredible hardness of the hot, almost muscular organs. What a thrilling experience. Only his subconscious noticed that another arm started checking the firmness of his ass. Actually his glutes were very well developed, as he had very good genetics for bodybuilding and loved doing deep squats. Some seconds later, several fingers started to knead his hole and prepared him for penetration. For whatever reason, Matteo, who had to endure the sexual attacks of the four bikers unconscious and chained up the night before, almost felt transformed by now. With a completely different mindset, he was looking forward to everything that was to come and welcomed the kneading fingers with great confidence. His innards stretched - still completely untouched - awaiting the penetration that would definitely follow, as if they were literally anticipating what was happening. He knew he could open his mouth wider than ever before in his life, his throat was eager to rub against the vein-flooded mantools, to wrestle with them.


He lost all sense of time as his dearest wish came true. Everything was happening very fast now. Matteo was entered from both ends by three or maybe four men, he couldn’t tell precisely. Muscles were everywhere around him. However, he did not perceive their objective brutality as such. Huge meaty hairy chests were hanging above him, insanely heavy legs were pinning him to the ground. Smelly hairy armpits were given to him to lick whenever his mouth was not being fucked. He was flogged by someone on his back and ass and loved it. Probably blood was pouring, but he couldn’t see nor did he have time to get aware of the situation. Then frenzied noises echoed through the room as he felt an enormous but nevertheless wonderful pain in his nipples. Nipples which he actually couldn’t see as he kept licking the huge muscular ass of one of the horny bulls that sat on his face. Matteo tried to gasp some air from underneath the huge gluteus muscles which were each much bigger than his head.


The pain had been caused by Ted. He had used a stun gun on him that electroshocked and partially burned his nipples. With a cruel smirk on his face, showing all his teeth, he enjoyed the destruction he had caused on the young man’s flesh. At the same time Matteo’s whole body including his intestines convolved due to the electric shock, which sent Alan though the roof, who was fucking Matteo’s hole from behind. He started climaxing profusely inside Matteo, but - even though he hadn’t finished cumming yet - was soon replaced by Sergio. Alan kept shooting ten or twelve more cumjets with full full force onto the whole pile of muscle.


It was buzzing in Matteo's head so much that he didn't really notice the course of events anymore. Nor that the last two muscle bikers from another motel room had joined the impenetrable pile of mountains of muscle and firing organs. Six specimens of the most muscle-packed men in the world rammed themselves into his orifices, pressed their paws into his flesh, choked his windpipe, shot their copious fresh semen directly into his stomach, deep into his intestines, into his nostrils and even into his eyes again. He knew he would achieve his goal of satisfying them all again and again with dreamlike certainty. Everywhere he looked, fat-free, deeply incised mountains of muscle moved only a few inches in front of his eyes, it was impossible to tell their individual body parts apart. Every now and then he saw supermen wrestling their muscular tongues in each other’s mouths as he was pushed back and forth by whomever jackhammer. Now he felt Tony again inside him. How many times he might have already ejaculated today? For all intents and purposes, he was the most massive. Nearly two meters tall, probably 170 kg of pure muscle with a 32 cm cock (6 '5 feet / 375 lbs / 12,6 inches). He didn’t just look brutal … he actually WAS the most brutal of them all. The night before he had fucked the sturdy motel security guy to death and afterwards terrorised the fat motel owner who came alerted by Isabella. However they did it, the gang managed to intimidate him so much that he didn't dare to call the police, who were hardly to be seen in this godforsaken area anyway.


Matteo didn’t know that Tony had fucked all the rest of his gang one by one before. That’s why Tony was now in a kind of chill mood, had no vicious plans for the youngster and would have described his movements as “gentle-fucking a nice tight hole”. However Matteo thought that someone had inserted a baseball bat in his ass and was raping him with it … which was exactly what his innards seemed to demand. He couldn’t scream as his mouth and throat were filled with someone else’s throbbing cum-gun and he had to focus on gasping for air when - thanks God - the invasion was interrupted from time to time. But as soon as a musclerod was pulled out of his throat and mouth to let him gasp for a few seconds, Matteo felt terribly empty and with his eyes almost closed he sought contact with the next massive glans again. It was pounding in his head that this orgy should never never never end.


Tony kept breeding Matteo when he casually asked Ted where he got this hottie from. Ted immediately explained to him yesterday’s situation.


“I love his ass. This guy is crazy. Gives me the pressure exactly where I need it. Just the right amount in the right spot, sometimes in the front, sometimes in the back, as if he feels exactly what I need. His grip is stronger than his ass looks … and it doesn’t look that bad. How old are you, cum-dump?”


“Ahh … ahh … eig … eig … eigh … teen …!”


“Eighteen! And already so skilled. He could be useful to us. Don’t break him. And you, Ted, stop tasering him, got it?”


Ted, who had planned testing how much electrical shocks the youngster would withstand before becoming a useless corpse, had to agree reluctantly. But he promised to himself to use his stun gun for his next sex victim.


Half an hour later the fuck orgy was finished leaving Matteo a wreck. Covered with nearly a quarter of a liter of various cum (including his own) mixed with some blood, with a bruised eye, a flogged back and ass, a distorted mouth (when two cocks had tried to force their entry simultaneously) and intestines full of new protein, he was coughing and gasping for air. He was in a state of shock, but unbelievably satisfied at the same time. What he just went through was an amazing ultimate sex experience that no other man, let alone woman in town could have given him.


Back to his senses, Matteo saw Tony standing in front of him. He had put his black leather pants on again, but stayed naked above his waist. The two humongous pectoral muscles stood like hemispheres which reflected the sunlight coming in through the window. They were alive and expanded with every breath he took. If you were to make the attempt to feel the end of the deep crevice in the middle with your fingertips, then all of your wrist would have sunk into it as well. His dark nipples were pointing straight down due to the pectoral mass.


Above the chest were two traps, engulfing his equally muscular neck and reaching to his ears. His enormous round shoulders were each the size of a biker's head. And just beneath them Tony’s famous arms. The ones that created so much pain and torture to the innocent and to the less innocent.


Matteo continued staring at this amazing and thrilling masculine body, when Tony interrupted him. 


“Back to your senses?” 


Matteo nodded. 


“You liked the fun we had with you?” 


Matteo nodded again. 


”If you want to repeat that experience, you'll have to work for it. Clean yourself up, dress up and follow us. Your shitty life might become meaningful once we take over this province.”


In any other situation, it would be absolutely reckless to trust a completely unknown person and let him in on the criminal intentions, without putting him through his paces. But the way Matteo had just (literally) mastered the gang-bang seemed to make further questions about his trustworthiness and loyalty amazingly superfluous.


“You will get your exact instructions later!”


After devouring tons of food brought to them by several door-dash delivery services, Tony ordered his gang to sleep for four or five hours before they would leave tonight. Only now Matteo realized how tired he actually was after his hellish ride in the night. It was early afternoon, but it wasn't a minute before he slept soundly.

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Chapter 4 The villa


At 7:30 p.m. they were rudely woken up and dressed quickly. Soon later they left the motel and were on their choppers again. Matteo wanted to jump onto his own small motorcycle, but Tony just laughed, threw it eight meters through the air into the big motel dumpster as if it was a water bottle and ordered him to jump behind the smallest biker. In normal circumstances, Matteo would have been horrified and angry at the way his possessions were handled. But the circumstances were simply no longer normal. All his feelings, his rational thinking, everything that seemed important and right to him before, was now a mess. Just as he awoke from his sleep, he was plagued by remorse. He thought of Salvador and the gym, he thought of his home, from which he moved a few months ago. Of his work, from which he had been absent for several days without excuse. Was he already fired? His insides told him not to become a criminal.


’NO, NO, NO … this is all so wrong! Live your life decently, who knows what these monsters will do to you.’ Leave them when you still are able to walk. Maybe they will not hunt you down? Maybe you can return to your training and just once in a while think about these crazy days when you are horny?


Then, once he got dressed, those feelings were blown away and it seemed easiest to submit to the authority of Tony and his gang. And so he accepted that Tony would throw his bike in the trash with a shrug. The one for which he had worked hard and saved up for a long time. Wearing his torn shirt and pants and the new cap, he tried to hug the big guy in order not to fall off the chopper. And off they went driving … not to the town, but exactly the opposite direction.


They sped about three hours in the dark. Matteo didn't know the surroundings anymore. He held on tightly to the hips of the behemoth who had stood guard in front of García's supermarket on Wednesday evening and buried his face in his broad back, as the headwind was quite cold. The hunk’s vest which he wore like the others directly on his naked skin smelled of a peculiar mixture of leather, masculine sweat and - in fact - also dried cum. He wasn´t in the room this morning, but did he perhaps fuck him as well last night when he was unconscious? The man in front of him didn't seem to mind the way Matteo's fingers dug through the black leather into his hips, thighs, and belly. Just a few days ago, the mere thought of touching this testosterone-brimming muscle bull, grabbing him, even literally kneading his muscles would have been completely absurd. But the events of the last few hours had turned the world upside down for Matteo.


As his fingers wandered a little further to his crotch, he felt his cock through the leather, stiff and pulsating. The behemoth in front of him turned his head slightly to the right for a very brief moment, then he directed his gaze back to the street, where the other gang members were leading the way. He let Matteo continue, obviously enjoying his actions. Did these guys ever go soft? Where the hell did they suddenly appear from? And how did they get so massive without the media noticing? Matteo had been on Instagram every day to look at the postings of the biggest bodybuilders worldwide. He had also noted with great amazement the enormous increases in performance in the last two and a half years. The winners of some years ago would have looked like pathetic dwarfs next to today's mass monsters, and fans wondered what new drugs might have flooded the market. Drugs whose access was obviously reserved for a very, very few people. These men he rode into the unknown with were definitely Mr. Olympia material, but he had never seen anything about them. He guessed that they were indeed high-stake criminals, so it was possibly no problem for them to have access to these drugs?


The area was hilly and very remote, just once in a while a fence or a wall of a rich hacienda. After about an hour of stroking, kneading and massaging the muscles and rod of the man riding in front of him who still didn’t object to it, the other bikers slowed down. When they all stopped, Matteo mounted off as well as the others who began to gather around Tony. Each of them got some instructions and then they started to arrange their rifles, masks and night vision equipment.


The twins and Sergio were sent forward to the hacienda as a vanguard. Their tasks seemed to have been prepared for a long time and so they didn't waste many words and nodded briefly to Tony. Despite their incredibly huge muscular legs which should actually hinder each other, they ran towards the entrance of the hacienda with the most astonishing speed. 


Despite the running pace and their heavy armament and other equipment that they carried with them (well, heavy at least for any ordinary person) they didn’t need to pant or even breathe loudly. After 400 meters (437 yards) they reached their destination at the top of a little hill completely silently, put on their night vision device, scanned the entrance gate for some seconds, prepared and both fired in unison with their silenced machine guns. Then they came back and reported to Tony who nodded his head in approval. Matteo, who couldn’t hear exactly what they had told him, was too scared to say a word.


They all jumped back on their bikes and drove to the large modern gate. Next to it was a small building for the security service. The only two bodyguards on duty in the middle of the night were lying at the entrance in their pool of blood. Both had been shot precisely in their heads. Several cameras in the area were shattered. Tony stopped his bike next to them. As absurd as it was in this situation, Matteo couldn't help but notice how the leather pants almost burst open over the enormous muscle of Tony's thigh, which he heaved over his equally massive bike as he dismounted.


Both assassinated bodyguards were sturdy and clearly had been working out. Next to Tony they simply looked fragile and insignificant. He bent over their corpses, grabbed the right hand of the bigger guy and pulled off his forefinger in a clear and swift movement. He did that so many times with the dead and the living before. It had become his signature torture move. Then he slammed his fist into the skull. Blood, splinters of the skull and reddish-yellowish brain tissue splashed against his forearm and into the surrounding area. He worked his way up the front of his skull, breaking off more and more pieces of bone, as if he were breaking potato chips. Matteo watched from a distance this brutal action. It took him a minute to realize that Tony was freeing both eyeballs from their bony wrapping. One of the two muscle bulls, whose names he still didn’t know yet, had a small container filled with liquid with him, in which the eyeballs were immediately stowed away so that they did not dry out. Whereas Matteo was almost hypnotized in a mixture of horror and awe, Tony grinned wickedly at the pulpy mass which once was a human head. He decided to introduce this as his new signature way of dealing with assholes, especially efficient in front of politicians, bankers, all that kind of scum that he wanted to subdue … so that they understood that they had to serve him or follow the same fate.


There was no alarm to be heard, no lights were on. Apparently, inside the villa, the carnage at the entrance had not yet been noticed.


The bikers then moved directly to the gate and pressed the loose finger on the digital sensor. The device recognised the fingerprints of the security employee and opened the gate. Tony dropped it into the pocket of his leather vest knowing that it would possibly open some more gates.PWF004a.thumb.jpg.204e897bd770fa9576a59ef1caa9e052.jpgInsert


They left their choppers outside and marched into the inner area of the vast estate. This would soon be their new operating headquarters once its current owner was subdued … which did not constitute a problem knowing their power, their extraordinary skills, their ruthlessness and brutality.


Approaching the main house they caught sight of a young and fit guard standing in front of another entrance close to the villa itself. When, in turn, he saw the horde of hyper-muscular, aggressive men marching towards him, he ran towards his booth where he left his rifle. Of course, he had no chance at all to reach it, as the overpowering group of thugs was much quicker. Alan reached him first, decided not to kill him immediately but just punch in his head and knock him unconscious. Matteo asked himself whether this was an act of grace, if he simply wanted to avoid the noise of a firearm so close to the main house or if he rather had more wicked plans for the doomed guard.


Based on their previous inquiries, they had actually assumed that there would also be two security guards working in the internal security area. But the other one wasn’t there, which messed up their planning. The only person they could have tortured to squeeze for the information about the whereabouts of the other employee was now lying unconscious on the ground.


Tony ordered them to split. Two of them were to search the vast grounds for the missing security guard and kill him. Just as any more personnel possibly wandering around the estate. Tony would enter the house with four more men. After making sure that the unconscious employee's gun was fully loaded, Matteo was given the task of guarding him with his own rifle and warning the others by the transceiver applied to his ear if anything suspicious happened.


Matteo had recognized his duty. He was completely on his own and without them having put him through his paces beforehand, he was assigned a function, a comparatively small but however not unimportant task. Just like a few days before, when he was resting below Ted's gigantic cock and waiting to swallow the excess bull semen pouring out of Isabella's mouth, he was about to do his job conscientiously. And yet something was different. He was supposed to look around and out in the dark, to patrol the front, but he was too excited, too high on adrenaline, too high on testosterone to think rationally. Was it just curiosity? As if he were guided by a powerful force he abandoned his task, walked through the entrance gate of the inner security ring, which Tony had previously opened with the help of his victim's finger and eyeballs, and after a few meters he reached the luxurious entrance portal of the villa. To the left of it was a brightly lit window. Matteo started peeking through it. Yet In doing so, he was careful not to be seen himself.


The living room was very elegant and tastefully decorated. To the left was a travertine wall, in which a very long illuminated display case was embedded. Inside the display case, antiques, golden plates and Meissen porcelain placed on dark velvet were effectively illuminated from various directions. Next to it was a large fireplace, also made of travertine. The logs that burned inside had probably been refilled only a few minutes ago. Then in the middle of the room an English grandfather clock, maybe 100-years old.


To the right an enormous solid oak table surrounded by heavy wooden chairs. On two chairs that were right next to each other sat Tony. One chair alone would probably not have been solid enough for his weight. The furniture, which was sturdily built, looked fragile under his gargantuan proportions.


His breathtakingly muscular leather-covered legs were resting on the table together with his heavy black military boots. There was no doubt who was in full command and owned the room. 


Next to him stood a middle-aged, tall and slim man in an elegant suit. The golden watch on his wrist reflected the light of the fireplace. He might have been quite tall for an ordinary person, but not compared with Tony, who towered over his head a little, although he was sitting and the elegantly dressed gentleman was standing. Most of the time he looked directly at Tony and stood with his back to Matteo. Again there was such a strange, almost crazy moment where Matteo was distracted from the action and only noticed that from his viewpoint Tony's right pectoral muscle protruded left and right over the entire upper body of the villa owner - even though he was sitting behind him!


The proprietor was absolutely terrified. Matteo couldn't hear what was being said, but his body language was unambiguous. When he turned around towards the window, Matteo could see his face for the first time. It looked very familiar to him, but he just wondered how he knew him. Odd … very odd. Matteo rummaged through deeper and older memories of his sex-wrecked brain.


Oh, yes, of course! Now he remembered. He saw that face smiling from every billboard in town just ten months ago. The handsome elegant man in a suit, just like tonight, was indeed … yes … Senator Vazques, running for reelection. He succeeded and represented their province in the Senate once again. 


Wow, Senator Vazques! What a big fish. The most important politician of the whole province… and he was trembling in front of the bikers! Bikers who were superior to him, who had obviously more power than he did. He probably had no idea how superior their power really was.


Matteo heard a weird sound in the bushes and realized that in fact he was supposed to monitor outside. He went a few steps back to the still unconscious guard at the inner entrance gate and scanned the area. He slowly approached the bushes, pushed aside a few twigs and looked inside, but still nothing. Then his scrutinizing gaze went back to the security guy, whose body he compared with his own. Would the guy´s ass be really sturdy enough to survive a gang rape of all these hypermasculine ultra horny beasts? Wouldn’t he simply tear open in the face of so many thick, rock-solid phallic monsters, all of them between 26 and 33 cm (10-13 inches) long? Would his ass be able to grab their dicks one by one just as forcefully as he did and milk the juice out of them? No he probably wouldn’t. Matteo suddenly remembered what they said about Tony doing in the motel, the night before he was raped, the same night when they also pumped their jizz into Isabella for the first time. They said that Tony fucked the security guy of the motel TO DEATH! Matteo felt that he had already proven both to himself and the bikers that he was higher up in the hierarchy. Maybe … well maybe … they would allow him to join the pack and fuck that bodyguard when he had come back to his senses?


Lost in thought, he once again failed to accomplish his actual task, returned to the window and started to peer again through it.


This time the Senator was on hands and knees. His suit and his white shirt were torn and his trousers were down! A thin trickle of blood flowed from his hair to his face. Tony was still sitting on the chairs, but now with his feet on the ground and Vazquez was kissing his boots! Another chair next to him was broken, one of its legs was smeared with blood, probably having inflicted his head wound just before. Now the massive bodies of even more intruders were in Matteo’s field of view, filling the room completely. Sergio, mercilessly pushing the barrel of his machine gun from behind into the Senator’s underwear close to his ass with an itchy trigger finger. One twin recording the scene with his smartphone.


While kissing, Vazquez's face contorted with fear kept glancing into a corner of the living room. Matteo followed his gaze and saw a beautiful woman. Her elaborate hairstyle was ruined, her elegant evening dress completely torn open at the side. Vazquez´half-naked wife was being french-kissed by the other twin, whoever it was, clearly against her will.


And then, all of a sudden, electricity was turned off and everything went black. Matteo turned around, but something hit him in his head and with a thud he landed on the ground.



In the meantime when Matteo was back at the inner entrance when he heard the sound in the bushes:


PWF 004b.jpg

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