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The Gamma Wave (Pt. 3 Updated 4/12/2024)


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Summary: A level headed and principled intern at a think tank, is tasked with researching the so-called “Green Wave,” a new movement sweeping the nation’s male youth tangentially inspired by the superhero alter-ego of the late Dr. Bruce Banner. As this intern falls deeper into the rabbit hole, he finds out more than he expected and finds himself questioning his direction.

Loosely inspired by She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (2022) season 1
Disclaimer: The Hulk is a copyright of Marvel. I do not claim ownership.
Warning: Political themes, toxic masculinity (?)

Thank you to @czechhunter69 for feedback.

This is a very plot-heavy story, so if you want a deeper story and not just a cum-and-go story, you’re in the right place. Originally written to be a one-shot, but split into parts for easy reading.



Author’s Note: I was watching She-Hulk again with a friend, and while it’s not Marvel’s best work, the plotline involving Intelligencia had some potential. 

I have an idea for a line of stories based on it, starting with this one. Whether they all get written, who knows - but at least we have this one. And I know it takes place 4 decades in the future with all the contemporary slang, websites, and archetypes of today, but bear with me. Also, this is loosely in the MCU, but it doesn’t focus on any superheroes or pre-existing characters too much (other than the Hulk of course), only using it as a backdrop.

Be aware that this has some darker implications and explorations of masculinity mixed into the muscle growth, so if you’re not into the parallels I’m drawing to real life, this might not be for you. Maybe consider this a bit of a cautionary tale about looking out for what your friends are looking at online.

Please note that this first part does not have ANY muscle growth — but still please read for the story! I promise the next parts will be much more spicy. ;)


Part 1


“Morning Finn. Got a new assignment for you.”

Peeking from behind the large monitor, the intern’s brown eyes locked onto the packet of documents dropped onto his desk. Without missing a beat, he picked it up and opened it, reading through the organization’s briefing. Sometimes he felt like he was a CIA agent planning a psyop, not a political science student working at one of the most guarded think tanks in the nation.

Each topic and area of research was treated as a “case” — not just a study, but an actual investigative case to close. Case in point, the documents detailed a small, but steadily rising movement among his peers.

“Good morning to you, Marty...” Finn’s voice had a deep but raspy tone, almost sounding as if he struggled to keep it at that pitch even at his soft-spoken, almost whispery volume. He swept his dark brown short shaggy hair out of his face as he continued. “What is this? ‘The Green Wave, popular with Gen Gamma males aged 18-25.’ It just reads like another dumb trend for immature guys.”

“Read more,” the middle aged man pulled a seat in front of Finn.

Finn glanced up before continuing. “‘Idolizing volatile fitness personalities, feeding off a culture that borderline fetishizes strength and power, and inspired by the late legendary superhero Bruce Banner, Gen Gamma swept up by the Green Wave are redefining what masculinity means for them by reinforcing what they know. They’re projected to have a devastating psychological and political impact on the demographic.” Finn paused before recalling some of his friends who’ve been acting different over the past few months, wondering if this had something to do with it. “Interesting,” he ended simply.

“Your goal is to study them,” Marty said. He reclined a lil bit in the chair. “I want you to figure out how they appear. How guys your age get pulled in. What methods they use. What makes them tick. What changes in all these guys. We figured since you’re in Gen Gamma it would be easiest for you to understand them in context.”

“Just study them?”

“We want to see if they’re doing anything different that we could use for our own campaigns. Election season’s coming up and our client wants some data on what’s happening here, and maybe we could even intervene. Think you can do that?”

Finn looked through the rest of the packet. Some lists of hashtags, accounts, ideas, and people apart of this movement. It seemed… A little unrefined, but workable. Though Finn thought that ‘intervention’ was not exactly the direction he cared about.

“Yeah I can do it,” he said. “What’s the deadline for the first round of info briefs?”

“End of week.” Marty sprung out of his chair and headed towards the door. “Ping me if you got any questions.”

Finn spent the first half of the day finishing up his last reports before transitioning to working on the Green Wave assignment. And he wished he wasted another hour before jumping in.

As expected, the scene was very… Male. It was a bunch of amateur bodybuilder bros drunk on their own manufactured sense of masculinity. They were pretty much exactly what you’d think. A lil dumb, a lil vain, definitely cocky, and one-track-minded on reaching ‘Hulkhood’ — whatever that means.

Corny naming aside, it definitely looked like their model and template was this bastardized idea of the Hulk — this toxic, inhuman, ultra strong, gamma green image of being a man without any of the Banner. Finn just shook his head the whole time. If any of the Avengers were still alive to see what people did to his image, they’d all condemn the glorification of the Hulk. But their naming just made it obvious they just didn’t get that.

Maybe Finn was just too pretentious to handle the mindless and uneducated droning of these guys. But that was just the surface. Finn barely knew what else laid underneath the surface, given that these were just the most popular creators. As far as he could tell, it really was just another stupid aesthetic latched onto gym bro culture.

But there had to be something else. The comments on some of these reposts on Britter alone were enough of an indicator that this had to be a whole other corner of the internet that he just has never interacted with.

Not wanting the algorithms to mess with his carefully curated timelines, Finn made a new account on each of the major platforms. He immediately followed different accounts — the big ones listed on the brief he was given, other big accounts that seem only tangentially related to the Green Wave, and a few random guys his age who follow Green Wave guys and seem to be posting a lot.

It’s time to research.

The rest of the day was slow. Finn felt like he was losing brain cells every time he scrolled to another Green Wave video on TikKot. They all started the same: some kind of hook focused on the guy trying to gas himself up for being ripped, then some faux-deep talk about “finding your inner Hulk,” then some workout tips, then an edit of their latest workout set to whatever trending song seemed most “hard” at the moment. He just didn’t get it, it seemed like generic gym motivation content. Two months into this internship season, and this might be the most nothingburger case he’s handled. How could this be politically relevant?

Going home was his respite. Thankfully his internship paid for his rent for the duration of the internship, letting him live in a nice apartment for the summer. He just has to keep the internship, which should be no problem. He’d never say it outright, but Finn knew he was dedicated and smart. That’s why he was the only intern they recruited for three seasons at a row at this point. 

Changing the world for the better by understanding, was what he said in his interview. Bridging divides and making connections. Solving the social issues of our time. Creating acceptance and good for the world that would transform the headlines in the news into positive ones.

But increasingly discouraged by the lack of change despite his efforts, the news never changed.

Even as Finn turned on the TV and switched it to the news channel, he was feeling like it might be a lil futile. What good was this data? He knew where he stood, but he wondered if it was a combination of boredom and frustration that influenced his growing apathy towards change.

“We’re coming to you live from the city,” the news anchor announced. “Today we are doing a deep dive on the so-called ‘Green Wave.’ Could it impact the future of Gen Gamma? Or will it end up be—”

Finn groaned and shut the TV off. Even at home he couldn’t escape his work. However he knew the news was clearly overreacting as always, sensationalizing something that would turn out to be an unpopular, fringe online community.

As he idly thought about what he should get for dinner, he scrolled through Extergram, trying to see if his friends were doing anything. He had a dry feed and instead went to check his own profile, looking over his old memories and pictures with friends. 

He should check in on a couple of them.

Finn took no time in video calling Tyler. 

He picked up immediately, his face popping up and his voice, a bit deeper and more monotone than Finn remembered, boomed through his phone’s speakers. “Heeeyy, it’s been forever! What’s up, man?” His voice had a weirdly familiar inflection that was definitely different from how he talked before, but Finn wasn’t entirely sure where to place it.

But Finn’s attention was directed elsewhere. Absent in the frame of the video feed was Tyler’s shoulders, which were pushed out of sight but framed his newly slightly muscled frame, covered only by a loose shirt with its sleeves and sides cut out, showcasing the edges of his lats and pecs. Finn couldn’t believe it — Tyler had gone through a crazy transformation, looking less like the scrawny nerd he left him and more like the athlete his father wished he’d been. What happened to him since Finn had left for the internship just two months ago?

“Helllooo. Shit, am I lagging or something?”

Finn shook his head as he pulled himself out of his thoughts. “I’m here! I’m here,” Finn said, trying to take in the sight. He could barely articulate, being distracted at what his friend had become. “Hi. Sorry I’ve been so busy; I was bored since I finally had some time to kill and thought I’d call. I’d ask how you are, but you look like you’ve been doing… good. Real good.” 

Cutting through Finn’s awkward chuckle, a grin stretched across Tyler’s face. “Oh man, you mean this?” The camera got tilted to the right as Tyler’s arm flung up into a flexing pose, a prominent bicep peak straining against his skin as veins bulged around. His face came back into view as he relaxed his arm, an irritating cocky expression on his face. “Phew. Yeah, I kinda started hitting the gym while you were doing your thing in the big city.” His words carried an uncharacteristically brash energy.

Finn’s jaw almost dropped at the sight. Where the hell did this come from? Despite the weird shift in his attitude, Finn had to admit Tyler was looking good. “Damn. Did your dad finally get to you?”

Tyler laughed. “Not exactly. I just decided to stop being a bitch and start getting tough.”

The expression on Finn’s face shifted a little, his brow slowly raising with his smile not as strong. “You know you could’ve just said you wanted to get stronger.” Finn was not amused.

“Hey, it’s just a joke,” Tyler said playfully. “No yeah, that’s the one. I mean, there were like a bunch of reasons though, like I got a job at the gym and I kinda got swept up in…”

“...The ‘Green Wave’?”

Tyler’s eyes widened before he brought the camera closer to his face, looking around before speaking again, as if he wasn’t home alone at this time of day. “Yooo…” His voice was lower, like he was trying not to let anyone else hear. “You’re in that too? You gonna go full Gamma, bro?”

He was talking like Finn knew what he was talking about. The look in Tyler’s eyes made it look like he was begging for validation, hoping that Finn was one of “them.” Who “them” was exactly was still unknown to Finn, but his catch-up call was turning out more relevant than he realized it would be.

“I… I just heard about it a couple days ago,” Finn lied, trying to maintain a cool tone and contain his immediate urge to go on with a barrage of questions. “I think I wanna look more into it but don’t know much… But it sounds like you know more than me.” 

“Nah, I don’t know much,” Tyler said, relaxing a little bit. “I just got into it a few months ago. I’m just hyped I finally met someone else who can understand my Hulkhood journey, bro.”

“A few months ago?” Ignoring the weird terminology popping up again, Finn tried to chart out the timeline. This meant that he must’ve gotten hooked…

“Like a little before you left, I started getting Green Wave stuff on my TikKot and Britter feeds. I thought it was a bunch of bullshit, so I used to just scroll past it as soon as I could recognize what it was…” Tyler shook his head and grinned, as if he was recalling naivete. “Just a few days after you left for the big city, my feeds were completely swamped with the Green Wave. I tried avoiding social media for a couple days but I decided I should just check some of these people out. Understand what they’re saying so I knew what I was up against.”

Finn interjected. “But it didn’t turn out that way.” 

“Nah, bro. I finally sat down and scrolled through. At first it was just dumb, filler shit. Then I started seeing more and I started understanding… Even though I hated them at the beginning, I just realized I didn’t fully disagree with them. Then I realized they kinda opened my eyes in a different way. Like fuck, they’re right, there’s a Hulk inside me waiting to be unleashed…”

Finn shifted uncomfortably as he saw Tyler stare off into the distance, biting his lip, his arm moving in a way that suggested him adjusting a half-hard dick. (Or was that just Finn’s imagination?) 

“Remember how I got hired at the gym and they never gave me a schedule? I guess I was a seasonal hire and didn’t realize it, ‘cause the next week they finally had me working in the gym. And that’s also when I actually started working out too. By Wednesday I’d woken up to the sound of my Gamma Protein being delivered to my door.”

“That’s a fast change.” 

“That’s what my dad said.” A smirk came across Tyler’s face. “Imagine the look on his face when he saw me walking in and finally noticing the gains. The growth. I told him I was serious about this shit. He sent me some Green Wave videos he didn’t even realize was Green Wave stuff, which just cemented this shit for me even more. We started bonding again, to be honest. Bro, he ordered me a tub of the Gamma Labs protein powder, and it came in yesterday.”

“That’s it?” Finn tried to imagine himself witnessing the changes in real time, but it all still seemed a bit too unrealistic. Too drastic. 

Tyler nodded. “Look, I don’t give a fuck what everyone else says, bro. They’re just haters. They just don’t understand what it feels to finally be free and know it.”

Finn grimaced at the wording. “You make it sound almost like a cult.”

“It’s not, I swear! It’s just opened my eyes, a little, you know?”

“What is it, then? Like what exactly is the Green Wave?”

“It’s just…”

“Just what?”

“I don’t know how to explain it, bro.” 

“Well try! How can you not explain it after 3 months?” Finn’s neutral, friendly tone broke for a moment, sounding more forceful and irritated. 

Tyler just chuckled before taking a hard look at Finn, almost studying him. “Look man, if you’re that curious, you gotta check it out yourself. I think you’ll resonate with it, bro.”

Finn could’ve sworn Tyler’s brown eyes looked a lil green as the light hit them. He blinked, and the green was gone.

After the call, Finn got dinner: some spicy tofu dish and fresh greens from the Chinese place around the corner. The whole time, Finn couldn’t stop thinking about his chat with Tyler. It just seemed a little strange that Tyler had slipped into it and changed so quickly. He didn’t seem like the kind of guy to get sucked in just by watching some random videos online. That’s not to say that Tyler didn’t seem happy or like he was taking care of himself, it’s just… A weird shift.

He was missing something.

When he went to bed that night, it weighed on his mind. This didn’t seem very interesting at first, but seeing Tyler talk and carry himself the way he did seemed a little sobering. He did want to understand.

As he laid there, earbuds in, he decided to do a deep dive once again. He pulled up his burner account on TikKot once again, hoping that maybe a couple more scrolls could illuminate his friend’s motivations now.

Instead, Finn was disappointed to find that his new scrolls weren’t bringing up anything new — just the same kind of generic motivation edits and short videos of people trying to show off their progress in the gym. There was nothing new. Nothing interesting. Nothing provocative. 

And so he eventually slipped into his sleep. It was too boring. With his earbuds still inside, the noise of his feed continued to fill his ears, dumping its cacophony unprocessed. Words whispered into his ears began to sound like Tyler’s voice, echoing what he said before: “a Hulk inside waiting to be unleashed…”


The loud, bass-y voice suddenly blared in his ears, startling him out of a deep sleep and back to consciousness. 

Finn nearly had a heart attack. He immediately pulled his earbuds out and threw them across his bed. Palming and massaging his face with both hands, trying to rouse himself awake, he struggled to reorient himself. He felt well rested yet restless. Looking down, feeling a dampness around his neck and chest, he was shocked to see his shirt was actually drenched, as if he’d run a marathon in his sleep. And at the back of his head, a hazy, tingly sensation as he tried to shake the ‘sleep’ off.

Feeling around his bed, he finally picked up his concerningly warm phone, playing a short clip from some podcast on TikKot. Then he looked down at the caption — tagged with #greenwave — and username behind the clip — “Intelligencia Pod”. He didn’t see this account yesterday despite his diligent searching and decided to screenshot it for his later reference.

“Geez, I must have left it on auto-scroll all night…” Finn muttered. Then he looked to see his phone’s battery — at an abysmal 11% — and the time, evoking a horrendous horror  — “Holy fuck, I’m already 6 minutes late?”

Finn rushed to beat the clock. He typically had a whole morning routine and never missed it. Now, he had to skip it, instead rushing to brush his teeth and wash his face, foregoing the shower in favor of cologne and body spray he never even knew he had, and quickly throwing on the first clothes he could find before making his way to the office. 

What he didn’t notice as he rushed in the bathroom, was his phone, still open to TikKot, scrolling on automatic once again, passing a few seemingly ordinary clips. Maybe if Finn had lingered a while longer he would’ve noticed words flashing on the screen, with binaural beats and subliminals pulsating through the speakers.

Today was going to be a long day.

“Are you okay, Finn?”

He looked up to see Marty, his mentor popping by his desk for the fourth time that day. Finn tried to dust himself off, an attempt to make himself look more presentable in spite of his disheveled experience. “Yeah, yeah, I’m great. Why?”

“Just checking,” Marty said. “You just came in late, looking a lil rough this morning. I’d never seen you show up like that.”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just, uh… Just overslept my alarms a little bit. I really am fine, though.”


It was true. Despite his bad start to the day, Finn was strangely feeling more energetic and eager to seize the day. He hadn’t felt this motivated in months. The only issue was that with the energy seemed to be a lack of focus. He was getting distracted from his work, his mind and fingers always making their way to TikKot on his phone before he stopped himself.

Marty gave Finn a long hard look before he sighed. “You know what? Take the afternoon off.”

Finn’s head snapped over. “Take the afternoon off?”

“You’re one of the best interns this firm has ever had, and the longest one we’ve ever retained. It’s beyond worrying to see a bright star like you so off your game today.”

“But I need the hours! Seriously, I’m fine,” Finn protested. “I can clean myself up for the rest of the day. I need to be here.”

Marty shook his head. “You can stay til lunch, but I want you to rest. Don’t worry about your hours — consider it a fully paid half day. You deserve a break, kid.”

With the rest of his day cleared, Finn was left with nothing to do. It was only at this point he’d started to realize that his life was empty; his weekday cycle was just waking up, working, eating, then sleeping. He hadn’t a clue of what to do til he stepped into the breakroom.

He was idly pacing around the room as he contemplated grabbing one of the donuts left out by one of his coworkers when he jumped at the sound of the door creaking open. In a panic, he scrambled to look like he was in the middle of some meaningful action, maybe about to grab a donut, before he saw who was at the door.

Walking in was a guy not much older than Finn, standing much taller than him at 6’2”, his dark sandy blond hair cut to a short cropped undercut, his cool gray eyes wandering around the room before settling on Finn. His stoic expression shifted to accommodate a slight grin as he nodded to the intern. His plain office-appropriate shirt and tie did little to conceal the young man’s physique, only sparing spectators the details of the precise angles of his muscle insertions while betraying the shape and density of his muscles. “‘Sup, Finn,” he said plainly. 

“Hi Brian,” Finn muttered.

Brian had been brought on as the firm’s newest junior associate just as the internship season had picked up, hired straight out of college somewhere in South Carolina. Finn hadn’t paid him much mind at all, barely prodding anyone with questions and never questioning how little the two crossed paths, if they’d even see each other. 

He wasn’t one for stereotypes, but Finn just thought Brian had that look to him that said they wouldn’t quite… align, so to speak. Brian looked like the type of guy that would be on the other side of his issues. Coupled with his apparent lack of enthusiasm for progress and his masculine bravado, Finn just steered away. He wasn’t his kind of crowd.

But today, Finn was ogling him. He felt drawn to him. “So, uh… You’re grabbing a donut, huh?”

“Nah.” Brian walked past him to the office fridge and opening it. “Just getting some protein in.” He reached in and pulled out a bottle of Gamma Labs Mass Milk, with its unassuming white packaging and a deep green cap. 

“Right.” Finn sheepishly withdrew his hand, as if not to let his habits offend the gymgoer in the room.

A distinct snap sounded through the room as Brian quickly and forcefully opened the bottle. “So you taking an early lunch?”

Finn shook his head and lightly chuckled. “No, I… Well, Marty let me take the rest of the day off. I’m just hanging out in here before I go.” He shuffled to the side, allowing a clear path from Brian to the door.

“Oh! Sweet,” Brian said simply. 

Finn was waiting for him to leave, but the tall associate instead pulled a chair beside him, angling it towards Finn before sitting in it. His legs were spread casually, his left elbow resting on the table looking up at Finn. It felt like Brian was fucking with him honestly, but Finn was feeling confused more than anything. Why is this guy entertaining a conversation with him?

Brian took a gulp of milk, a loud ‘glug’ sound unnerving Finn. “So what’s your plan for the rest of the day?” 

“I don’t know. I don’t really do much since the internship usually takes up so much time…” Finn felt so awkward talking. Even as he did, his eyes were glued to Brian setting the milk bottle down as he tilted his thick neck, stretching it and showing off the striations of his subtle traps — then lifting an arm to scratch the back of his head, as his white shirt slightly tightened around his biceps and shoulders before he relaxed.

“Really?” Brian leaned forward, letting Finn take in the broadness and width of his shoulders and the way his shirt hugged his chest. “You look like you’d have a lot of hobbies. I thought a guy like you would be like… a painter or some shit.” The mild stereotyping would’ve ordinarily annoyed Finn, but he had no place to talk since he categorized Brian as one of those entitled jock types. 

“Well I used to skate, but I…” Finn watched the slight flex of Brian’s bicep as he went to take another gulp of his milk. He hated that he was noticing all of this right now, but with Brian just there in his sight, he just couldn’t help but notice. He ended up wondering if…

“I… gotta hit the gym.”

“Huh.” Brian’s eyes lit up at Finn’s words, and he stopped himself from taking another sip. He looked Finn up and down, almost studying him. “I never took you for someone who lifts. That sleeper build must be fucking crazy, dude.”

It took a moment for Finn to fully process what Brian was implying before he exclaimed, “No, no, no. I mean like... I’m interested in maybe starting to hit the gym. Not that it’s on my schedule. It’s just been on his mind, like maybe I should start going…” Finn’s brown eyes were wide as he talked. He honestly didn’t know what he was talking about himself — what he was saying was a total fabrication just to make himself seem relatable or on the same level. But he’s usually not afraid to say it: that’s not his crowd.

“That’s what’s up,” Brian affirmed, his voice taking on a more casual and irritatingly familiar fratty cadence. He kept his eyes locked on Finn, looking him up and down before speaking again. “Hey, uh. I’m gonna be off in a couple hours actually. If you’re down for it, you could come to my gym.”

Panic. “No, it’s okay,” Finn said quickly. “I’m heading home after this, I’m down by 87th and 52nd…”

“That’s perfect!” Brian’s eyes lit up even more. “I go to Phelps Fitness on 87th and 50th. It’s the one that used to be Energy Gym, but some chain bought it out.”

“But for me — I just don’t know if it’s for me. Like I’ve never even touched a weight,” Finn tried to reason. His bashfulness was genuine, and he was quickly realizing he should’ve just admitted that he didn’t give a fuck about the gym.

Brian instead took it as a challenge. “That’s just fear, dude. Fear is what keeps men like you and me from reaching our potential.” He stood up as he crushed the rest of the milk. “Come on! You said you were interested. Just tag along, I can show you a couple workouts, then you can decide whether or not it’s for you. Deal?”

This was far from anything Finn would seek out for himself. He’s a proud bookworm, armed with political theory and psychology. After all, the pen is mightier than the sword. Plus he has his fill of physical activity in his walks around the city. But in the back of his head, a voice was pushing him to try — plus he had no excuse not to. Finn couldn’t place exactly why he felt uncomfortable feeling the urge, or where the urge had come from. 

Years of lack of interest suddenly flipped to a cautious interest.

Not that there was anything wrong with it. It’s good to want to be stronger after all. 

Finn looked up to Brian. “Sure,” he said, looking a little confused by his own decision. Something inside told him this was the right choice. “Yeah, I guess it wouldn’t hurt.”

Brian grinned. “Hell yeah. Alright, I’ll message you or something. I’ll be out in a couple hours and let you know.” He extended his hand. Finn awkwardly reached forward to shake it, just for his business shake being subverted by Brian dapping him up before he left the room.

All alone in the breakroom once again, Finn began to agonize over the idea of scrawny him struggling to bench just 10 pounds. A part of him wanted to be able to bench 10,000.

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Part 1 is above.


Part 2

“This was stupid.”

Finn felt embarrassed sitting in the locker room, surrounded by guys all around who looked three times larger than him. 

He was 5’10” and comfortably skinny. Not bony. But his baggy old t-shirt, basketball shorts and posture betrayed the fact that he wasn’t much of an athlete at all. A good look in the mirror told him he was way out of his element, and that this wasn’t where he’s meant to be. 

Brian thought different.

“Everyone starts somewhere,” he said, unbuttoning his shirt to reveal his sculpted physique. 

Finn got red seeing his pecs bulging and his abs exposed with its pleasure trail leading downwards. He looked away as Brian pulled on a loose stringer over his body. “What sport did you play again?” Finn asked.

“Basketball in college.” Brian kicked off his work pants and slipped on his gym shorts. “Also did a little bit of football in high school.”

“Seems like everyone else’s story here.” Finn glanced around the locker room again, standing awkwardly. He couldn’t even believe he was here, and that Brian was here talking to him like they were talking for forever. “It literally looks like no one else is ‘starting somewhere.’”

“Relax, dude. No one here’s gonna judge you. Besides, you’re an intern. I got you covered.” Brian threw the rest of his items in his locker, atop Finn’s stuff. “Random question, what’d you eat today?”

“Just some cheese pizza from Napoli’s.”

“Damn bro, that’s it?” Brian seemed shocked. He chuckled before he reached into his backpack and pulled out a bottle. “Dude, drink this.” He tossed it to Finn, who miraculously managed to catch it. 

Finn inspected the bottle — it was another Gamma Labs drink, like the one he saw Brian drinking in the office, but this one was labeled ‘GAMMA UNLOCK PROTEIN SHAKE.’ Chocolate flavored. A crude faceless stock photo of a bodybuilder edited green was slapped on the side.

“I just got a pack of this in the mail last night. I’ve never tried it before but I guess they just dropped it as part of a new line a couple weeks ago,” Brian explained. “I should’ve brought more than one.”

“Thank you, but… Why are you giving it to me?” Finn inspected the bottle for a bit before a logo in the back caught his eye.

“You need protein and energy. You can’t workout without either, and you got neither. It’s supposed to be some special formula that gives you both. I was gonna drink it but you need it a whole lot more than me.” Brian closed his locker before turning to see Finn still frozen looking at the bottle. “Come on, chug that shit so we can get this started!”

Finn shook his head. “Yeah, for sure.” He twisted the cap off and started drinking it. The logo he saw — he wasn’t sure where he’d seen it but he swore he’d seen it before. But who it was…

“You done?”

Finn didn’t even realize he’d finished it so quickly. He pulled the bottle away from his mouth, quickly followed by a sudden burp. “...’scuse me.”

After several minutes of Finn stalling, the two finally made their way out of the locker room. The gym wasn’t the largest in the world, but it definitely wasn’t just some small hole in the wall gym. Finn was astounded at how many machines were so tightly lined up on the floor, taking in the size of the huge mirror completely covering one wall. 

“I’ve never seen a mirror this big,” Finn said, bashfully following Brian walking through. He was wondering if the drink that Brian gave him had gone bad — his stomach began to hurt.

“Yeah. That didn’t used to be there. It’s kind of a nice upgrade.”

Finn was increasingly entranced by the whole gym floor, seeing everything through the mirror. However he was dismayed when he finally noticed the huge image reflected from the wall opposite to it. 

Finn turned to confirm — it was a huge painted mural of what looked to be some depiction of the Hulk (or “a” Hulk) curling a huge dumbbell in one hand and flexing his bicep on the opposite, all while stepping on a globe as if to show off his glutes and quads. Beside it were the words ‘Strength, Power, and Drive’ inscribed above an out-of-context quote from the late Bruce Banner: “Channel your rage and embrace the beast inside.”

The mural was in his direct line of sight while they stretched. Finn just followed what he saw from Brian, stretching his arms, then his back, then his legs, then his sides. Each time Brian shifted a little off, Finn could see the painting, only compounding his questions and bringing him back to his assignment on the Green Wave. 

It was beginning to get distracting. “Don’t you think it’s weird how like… everyone’s treating the Hulk like some kind of fitness legend and model for men?” Finn stretched towards his toes once more. “He was a destroyer — even Dr. Banner said so — but fast forward two decades later and he’s the idol of every jock on the block.”

Brian looked up and glanced behind him. “Talking about that shit on the wall, huh?” He turned back around and slowly got up. “The new owners put that one in there too. I used to think it was corny, but I’ve kinda warmed up to it.”

Finn leaned forward to listen, loosening his stretches. 

“Bruce Banner had issues on his own. If he didn’t, you know it’d be different when he’d go Hulk mode. But imagine if some average dude like you or me could be like that.” Brian slowly loosened up his stretches. “Super strong, hella tough, running off all your rage but without losing control. No one would fuck with you. You’d be the biggest man in the room.”

“Even with the green?”

“I don’t know, but to be honest, the green’s lowkey the best part. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fuckin weird. But think about it, it’s like poison dart frogs. When people see you, they’ll know exactly what you are. It’s badass. I like badass.” Brian finally got up. “You ready to hit some weights?”

Finn thought about it as he finally got up. “Yeah.” Brian’s explanation seemed so effortlessly simple. Like who wouldn’t want to be super strong? But what exactly did Brian mean when he said ‘exactly what you are’?

They wasted no time heading to the dumbbell rack, right under the mural. The first exercise was bicep curls, which Brian tried to explain would be the easiest to test Finn’s strength.

“Look, we can start you off at 10 pounds,” Brian said, settling into his fitness trainer tone of voice. “We’ll just work on form and making sure you get the motions right.”

And on form they worked. Finn had never scrutinized himself in the mirror so harshly before, trying to imitate Brian’s movements so closely. But even when Brian was just trying to demonstrate what to do and what not to do, Finn had to bite his tongue. Brian used the same 10 pound weight as him in his demonstration, maneuvering it about effortlessly with little sway while Finn was flailing about and shaking, clearly unbalanced and not as strong. As soon as he’d be done, he’d switch over to his pair of 50 pound dumbbells.

“And that’s 8 full reps.” Brian put down his weights. “How are you feeling?”

Finn bent down to put his weights down as well. He was short on words as his muscles relaxed. “Fine,” he said.

“Just fine? You feeling any burning, soreness, anything?” Brian asked. Much to Finn’s relief, Brian picked up Finn’s weights to return them to the rack. 

“I can feel my heart rate’s up,” Finn said. It wasn’t by much, but the feeling of the beating in his chest told him he was actually breaking a sweat. “I mean, I’m catching my breath over here.”

“Well let’s see how you do with 15 pounds.” Brian walked back with a new pair of dumbbells, visibly larger than the last.

Finn put his hands up. “I think I’m good with 10. I don’t know if I’m ready for that.”

“There’s that fear again,” Brian said, cracking a smile. “Trust me. You said you’re just feeling your heart rate up, but it didn’t look like you were feeling that much resistance. That’s just the warm up.”

There was, again, no other excuse from Finn. He looked at Brian and sighed before reluctantly squatting down to pick up the dumbbells and — wow, that’s some actual resistance.

The additional weight, though small, only further illuminated Finn’s lack of strength. Where before, Finn looked clumsy just because of his poor form and lack of experience, you could now actually see the effort he was putting in as his muscles began to start working. He was embarrassed, feeling the fibers in his biceps wake up and come alive, an unfamiliar burning beginning to set in. 

He was scared.

A voice in the back of his head told him to just keep pushing.

Strong. Forceful. Commanding.

“There we go,” Brian said, watching Finn test himself even more. “I bet now you’re feeling it. That’s that lactic acid doing its work.”

“Yeah, I’m feeling something for sure,” Finn said a bit sarcastically, getting more irritated than comforted by Brian’s voice. Did he detect condescension? That voice at the back of his head once again spoke up, quick to anger, noting Brian was beginning to piss him off. And in the middle of him struggling, but for some reason actually trying, he wasn’t interested in Brian’s patronizing attitude.

On the third rep, Finn was feeling good. Keeping pace with Brian. This was feeling easier. Finn wore a fierce expression on his face that he’d never had before, locking eyes with himself in the mirror. The burning he felt was quickly subsiding as his back straightened and his shoulders looked more taut and controlled as he rolled them backwards. A tingling sensation instead arose at the back of his head and in his muscles.

“You’re actually hitting those reps perfectly,” Brian said. Even he looked a bit confused.

“Fuck yeah I am.” A certain confidence oozed from Finn’s words. Something had clicked as he took another breath in, pushing his chest out and leaning just slightly forward. His brain’s synapses were firing off as they quickly wrote something new into his muscle memory, making him look like a natural master at form. Confidence in the gym was not something he thought he’d see today. The large mural looming large behind him as he looked at his reflection only added to him suddenly feeling like he was on top of the world.

The voice in the back of his head called out to him again. Telling him that this was what he’d been missing his whole life — discipline, training, the feeling of power in his body. It felt almost like the devil whispering things in his ear to tempt him. If so, the devil’s suggestions were innocent enough; just add another 5 pounds. And then another.

He’d completed two sets at 25 pounds in each hand when the fatigue was finally setting in.

Finn set the dumbbells down, sweat dripping down his arms and chest. “That… that felt good.” He felt like he was clawing back to a more conscious reality, a strangely dazed look in his eyes. Finn had felt the high of good exercise before, especially after his long runs. But this… Something was different about this. He felt different.

“Hell yeah, bro,” Brian said, clapping his hand against Finn’s back. “You picked up the intensity way faster than I ever did. No offense dude, but you were looking like someone who could only lift 10s. Are you sure you’re a beginner?”

“I’ve only been a runner. I’m serious when I say I’ve never touched a weight before in my life.” Finn picked up his water bottle as the tingling sensation subsided. He half expected his arms to feel like pure jelly, like other people in his life experienced when they started working out. Instead, he just felt stronger. Better. Bigger.

If either of them had paid closer attention, they would’ve noticed Finn’s eyes flash green for just a moment, and Finn would’ve noticed his shirt was a little tighter than before.

Sprawled out on the couch of his living room was Finn, feeling himself sink into the cushions. He was back home earlier than he’s ever been all summer, but he felt like he had his longest day yet. He would ordinarily rush to describe it as weird, with such an unorthodox schedule. Finn felt outside of himself, doing things so different from what he’d imagined the day would let him do.

In reality, it would be an otherwise ordinary day. The morning was just a little rough. And him going home early was unusual. Even in spite of the weird strength discovery, his first time at the gym was decidedly mundane. The only thing he couldn’t explain was this shift he could feel within himself. Something about the idea of becoming like the mindless meatheads in the gym terrified him, but the relief and satisfaction he felt only served as justification for their devotion.

He laid there, his damp shirt stuck to his chest, feeling the sheen of dried sweat sticking his fluffy hair to his forehead and temples. He was… exhilarated. For the longest time, he’d denied any inkling of interest in the gym. Now, he couldn’t wait to go back.

Finn absentmindedly scratched his crotch, trying to adjust himself towards more comfort. As he did, stretching his arms up, the smell of his pits hit his nose. A combination of his more subtle fragrance, deodorant, and the strong smell of a man’s sweat. His nose scrunched up and he immediately got up. He didn’t even know his body could smell like that. He needed to shower.

A buzzing sound reverberated in his bag as he dragged it to his bathroom. Eager to end the vibrations, Finn dug into his bag and pulled out his phone, seeing a notification from Brian.

Brian: Hey can you check if one of my shirts in your bag
Brian: Cant find it

Finn’s thick brows furrowed before he turned on his phone’s light to illuminate the contents of his bag. He stuck his hand inside and, lo and behold, out came a white shirt damper than his own, it’s sleeves cut off smelling much stronger than any of his own stuff, adorned with the three Greek-letter logo of a fraternity. On the tag inside was Brian’s name.

Finn tried to hold his breath, as to not be attacked by the strong musky scent that infected his bag. He snapped a pic and sent it to Brian.

Finn: found it i think
Finn: [Sent 1 image]

He went ahead to turn on the shower and open the window before he finally took a breath — just to realize his precautions did nothing to lessen what was emanating. A strong cologne and the remnants of crude body spray, all mixed with the thick scent of a man, stronger than what Finn thought was offensive coming from his own body. 

Idling holding it while trying to decide whether he’d rather stick this in a bag in the kitchen now or after his shower, the smell continued to flood his senses. Finn had always hated how gross it seemed, going around dressed in fragrances that barely masked the workout a guy had just completed. Yet as he held the shirt in his hand, feeling the steam of the shower fill the room, he couldn’t help but feel drawn to it.

Brian: Thanks sorry if it smells, that’s my usual workout shirt
Brian: Can you bring it to work tomorrow lol

Finn imagined him wearing it, slipping on a remnant from his time in his fraternity, working up a sweat in the gym, just like he’d seen him today. His muscles rippling and bulging with each rep, coated in sweat and reflecting the harsh white overhead lights. His labor in the gym fueling his gradual transformation towards something bigger. Just like the Hulk, laid out on the wall behind him.

Was he really horny thinking about this? His chest started to pound as an uncomfortable stiffening took place between his legs. His mind raced as the image of Brian standing tall, intently staring into his own eyes in the gym’s large mirror, watching his sweat stain his shirt, getting tighter around his muscles every day.

“Shit.” Finn felt distracted from his original task at hand. He began to fondle himself through his basketball shorts, eventually settling into a gentle rubbing and stroking of his newly erect cock. As if it had a mind of its own, acting on wants that Finn never knew he had, his hand brought the shirt to his face for him to fully inhale Brian’s masculine scent.

He quickly dropped his shorts to the ground, sitting on the top of his toilet’s seat. As his eyes closed, fully indulging in the idea of Brian turning into some warped version of himself, muscles instantly inflating into hard boulders around his body, his eyes going green before his skin does, mimicking the transformation of the late superhero.

Finn softly moaned, his dick lurching forward at the thought. He reminded himself of what Brian had been saying at the start of their workout, talking about how he wouldn’t mind being a Hulk. A memory of a decades-old clip of Dr. Banner hulking out in a documentary, showing off his monstrous, powerful physique played in his head, slowly morphing into Brian going through the same thing.

He thought about Brian wearing this shirt and ripping out of it, a green-skinned chest pushing out between the shreds of the shirt. Dropping the weights in his hand and standing over him, flexing biceps. “You wish you were half the man I was, don’tcha, bitch?” A voice called out. But it wasn’t quite Brian’s voice, it was…

The pace of Finn’s stroking quickened as he took another deep breath, Brian’s shirt so intoxicating and mind numbing at that point that Finn couldn’t help but push himself deeper. He imagined Brian’s taking on a more brutish personality, a combination of the meathead stereotype in his head and the masculine personas he’d encountered in his research into the Green Wave. 

He could tell something was wrong, but he didn’t want to stop. He imagined Brian being a total dumb show off, ready to prove his superiority and masculinity at a moment’s whim. He’d denied it for so long, but he now he couldn’t — guys were hotter like that.

He felt himself slowly get closer and closer to climax, with everything flashing in his head all at once. A part of himself asked why he was so worked up — did he want Brian or did he want to BE Brian? Any interrogation was quashed by his desperate sniffs in between his tugs, his brain desperately trying to sustain the image of Brian turned into a gamma-powered brute.

Unable to control himself, he dropped Brian’s shirt as well. He began to whisper to himself, talking to himself in a way he’s never done before. “Fuck… Fuck yeah… Lose control… Hulk out… You know you want to…”

His conversation with his friend the other day popped up in his head. He thought about how uncertain and weirded out he was by his friend’s sudden conversion, but at least at this moment the appeal was apparent. The words he was whispering — he wasn’t sure if they were meant for Brian or himself.

That uncertainty is what led to the image of a Hulked out Brian to falter in his head, slowly losing it, cycling through, before it became clearer once again, Finn trying to make the image clearer in his head, trying to make out who owned those boulder shoulders and abs, the thick green neck, the trail leading to his dick, that messy short black hair, those eyes, it was him, Finn hulked out, he looked fucking amazing hulked out, he was—

“Ungggh -” A deep moan left his lips as he shot a load up onto his shirt before he pumped himself all over the bathroom floor. It felt like a part of his soul went as he did, his brain short circuiting for a moment as pure pleasure overtook him, the gratification unlike anything he’s ever induced in himself and more primal than he’d ever felt in himself.

Finn sat there, slouched over, trying to support himself, shaking. He was shuddering trying to catch his breath, each one deeper than the other. He gently licked the cum on his fingers in his haze as the orgasm’s euphoria slowly subsided. It was a slow fall back to earth as he realized the shower was still running.

He blinked and shook his head. Clarity hit him and he realized the full extent of what he’d done — he’d just jerked himself off to his coworker’s sweaty shirt. And over what — him turning into the Hulk?

Finn felt conflicted and upset as he realized how strange he was being today. He would’ve never done something like this before. A voice in the back of his head told him it was just that his testosterone was up because of his workout. Testosterone’s a bitch.

Finn looked over to his phone, contemplating the sound of the water running from the showerhead. Brian’s messages were still open, awaiting a response.


Finn took a very long time in the shower, standing for several long minutes taking in the heat of the water. After, he got dinner: his usual spicy tofu dish and fresh greens from the Chinese place around the corner — with a twist: to satisfy his insatiable hunger that day, drained from the workout, he got an extra serving of orange chicken.

After such a long, unconventional day, there was nothing that better suited him than spending the last hours of the day in bed, half under a blanket under a fan set to the highest setting. He plugged his phone in and pulled up TikKot in an attempt to just take his mind off of… everything.

A collection of social satire, bite-sized explainers, and media commentary was right at his fingertips once again, populating his endless feed. It worked to entertain him for a short while, but there was something missing. There was something gnawing at him on the inside. 

As if the phone could read his mind, Finn’s next swipe revealed a video of a guy showcasing his progress. Crudely cut together were a couple videos of him just a year ago, looking just as weak and scrawny as he currently did. The music suddenly dropped into a bass-y breakdown, and the video transitioned to a few clips of the same guy, looking three times bigger than he did before, bulging with muscle and a tame imitation of the Hulk’s anger and drive in his eyes.

In the caption explaining his transformation were the tags #hulkout and #greenwave.

Finn did a double take, checking which account he was on. Sure enough, he was on his own personal account. Did he accidentally try to dig into the Green Wave with his main profile? 

For some reason he didn’t really mind it. It changed things up, which was very nice.

As his concern and panic melted away he scrolled on, his mind lingering on that guy’s Green Wave-motivated change and bravado as he watched short videos of cats. It didn’t take long before he encountered another outlier on his feed.

It was a podcast clip, with just three guys sitting around the table on an elaborately decorated set, behind expensive looking microphones. They looked a bit familiar, but Finn couldn’t help but feel immediately glued to the screen. Something about how the guys looked and how they talked just commanded his attention, making him invested in what they had to say.

They all looked around the same level as each other but one of them, maybe 5 years older than Finn at most, was positioned across from the other two, framing him as the host of the show. His short blond army crew cut hair, clean five o’clock shadow, and thick neck gave him a classically rugged masculine look. 

“You know why we always bring up the Hulk as a model on this podcast? It’s not just because he’s a badass fuckin beast,” he said, sounding vaguely familiar to Finn’s ears. “For people that have just found this podcast, you know we all keep saying that we all need to embrace the Hulk inside, to take up the mantle of Hulkhood, but you probably are missing some of the context that defined this podcast at the beginning.”

Finn looked to check who this was — it was the Intelligencia Pod from this morning! His first instinct upon this realization was to scroll again, but the next guy spoke and Finn couldn’t help but continue watching.

The next speaker looked like he was more around Finn’s age. His black hair was matted by a backwards cap, his skin had a subtle tan, and his sleeveless shirt revealed a not-as-large but still impressive physique.

“The obvious one is the physical part. You gotta want to be better. That means getting bigger and stronger, and being able to prove it. You look at the Hulk, you look at Banner — Banner is where we start off at the beginning of our Hulk journey, but Hulk? Hulk is what we wanna be. No, it’s what we are MEANT to be. Strong as hell, being able to take lead. Nobody wants their friend, their brother, their partner to be fuckin weak,” he said.

Finn recoiled at his first instinct. It sounded toxic as hell, the same kind of toxicity he’s spent half his life rebelling against and the full duration of his internship trying to strategize against. The false equivalency between absolute strength and absolute weakness. All echoed effortlessly and casually by some random dude on this podcast for any guy to pick up. 

Yet that voice at the back of his head echoed it as well, planting the seed of doubt in his own convictions. Did he really want to be weaker than the rest of the pack?

“The rage. The anger. Most men these days have it bubbling inside, but they don’t know where to put it. Where to let it out,” the guy said. “The Hulk had it down, he channeled that rage into his power. That’s better than the average human, who lets it eat it up. Nah, Hulkhood is about owning your anger and harnessing it. Letting it become your mode of control.”

The historical revisionism of their characterization of the Hulk was astounding. Dr. Banner would’ve condemned this for sure. The idea of rage being your default state seemed a bit terrifying, as the Hulk’s early incidents would reveal. Part of Finn wanted to write an angry comment about how dangerous this was — another part of him wanted to let out that anger otherwise.

As Finn continued to listen, it sounded like there was a weird overlay in the audio. The audio anomaly was distracting, but Finn couldn’t make out exactly what the sound was. It sounded almost like words being whispered, but tucked far enough to the back that he couldn’t fully make out what they were saying.

“The psychological aspect is huge,” the older host said. “The Hulk represents being unchained from society’s standards. Their trends. Their wants. He represents letting out what’s inside and truly becoming who you’re meant to be. And most men, especially the ones listening, are meant to be more than they can imagine themselves to be. Do you want to be like the average joe on the block? Or do you want to join the lineage of men reclaiming the power they have inside?”

Finn was getting a headache watching the clip. Not just from the rhetoric, which he found abhorrent and antithetical to his own values. What he didn’t realize was that there was a subtle, weird pattern periodically overlaid upon the video, words flashing, invisible to the naked eye but pronounced to be picked up by the subconscious.

The third guy in the podcast spoke. His light blond hair was separated with a middle part, the sides shaved tight. “I know when Mark first tried to get me onto the Green Wave, I was skeptical. It just didn’t seem like it was meant for someone like me,” he said, gesturing to the other younger speaker beside him. 

“But the more I dove into it, the more I found myself in it,” he continued. “Mark sent me episodes of this podcast — your podcast — and I realized how much I resonated with it. You don’t realize the confidence you feel, you almost feel, like, superior. That Hulk mentality changes you. It makes you tough. It makes you fear your own strength. I like it.”

Finn didn’t know why he decided to watch through the whole thing, but he couldn’t take it anymore. He was about to leave a comment, but instead decided not to feed the trolls. He just scrolled away, their words weighing heavy in his mind.

However, the next video was even more strange in both its sheer appearance and its place on Finn’s feed, although more mundane.

The video started off with the sound of a man yelling “HEY BRO,” vaguely sounding like the voice of Mark from the previous video, before white noise completely took over. The video playing looked like pure static. Finn was ready to just scroll away when he noticed the caption was only the tag #greenwave, and that the video’s view and like numbers were rising by the second. 

What was this? A teaser video? Promotion for something?

Finn pulled up the comments, hoping to gain some insight. Unfortunately, the comments were just as confused as he was, with about half questioning what the point of the video was, a quarter being Green Wave acolytes repeating the same faux “self improvement” rhetoric, and the remaining encouraging readers to watch the video through to the end.

So Finn did just that. Trying to combat that headache and the weird tingling that returned to the back of his head, he laid there, staring at the static. His screen would flash green periodically, but he just chalked that up to a glitch in the app, as it always was. It wasn’t long before his eyes slowly closed as the video’s white noise and its contents filled his ears for yet another night.



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On 3/26/2024 at 3:29 AM, Ro20316 said:

#GreenWave !!

Don't get swept up in it... Unless you want to!


6 hours ago, HG01 said:

Here for this.


… Wow!

Hopefully you'll be ready for what's in store for Finn and Brian very soon.

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<< Click to read Part 2

Thank you everyone for the replies. I'm glad to see so many people like the story so far. This next part gets more spicy, and I hope you find it worth the wait. :)


Part 3

Waking up the next morning was way less rough than yesterday’s debacle — until Finn realized he was already late. Cursing his failed alarm once again, but grateful for the restful sleep, he took very little time to get ready and dash.

Attempting to make sure he looked more presentable than yesterday, he told himself to stand up straighter. The only thing stopping him from looking like he was ready to seize the day were his aching and sore arms, temporarily bent into the iconic dinosaur arm pose emblematic of any new lifter.

“Looks like someone’s feeling the DOMS.” Brian had slipped into the break room for his morning coffee just to catch Finn grabbing a water.

Finn winced as he outstretched his arm into the fridge, grimacing as he retracted his arm, bottle in hand. “If you’re talking about my arms feeling like I put them through hell, then you’re right.”

“DOMS is like the soreness you feel after a workout. You’re new and you pushed yourself hard yesterday, so I can’t imagine how fucked your arms feel.” Brian glanced up from his phone. “I just don’t remember it making you look bigger. You got a tighter shirt on?”

“No.” Finn looked down at himself but nothing seemed amiss. “This is my usual Friday shirt.”

“Huh.” Brian’s eyes lingered for a moment as if he was ready to say something, but he ended up just looking back at his phone. Changing the topic, he brought up the trending story of the hour. “Did you see that thing about the high school in Nevada?”

“I’m from Boston. Nevada’s a mystery to me. What happened?”

“Look,” Brian replied, passing his phone to Finn. “It says some kid totally cratered the side of his school building during his summer class. There’s something weird about it.”

Finn studied the image he was seeing: a brick-built circular building, surrounded by smoke and on the brink of collapse thanks to a massive hole seemingly punched out the side of the building. “That’s crazy. Is he enhanced?”

“No one’s said yet.”

Finn passed the phone back to Brian. “It’s probably some kid messing with Chitauri artifacts. You know the west loves showing it off to students.”

“You think so? I think they might be hiding something.” Brian scrolled through once on his phone before starting to walk out. “Well, I gotta start working on stuff. Thanks for finding my shirt. See ya later — by the way, the beard is looking good!”

It took a moment for Finn to understand what he meant before he leaned into the coffee maker, trying to catch his reflection. Sure enough, there was a very faint 5 o’clock shadow sprouting out, paired with a light dusting of hair above his lip. Finn usually preferred a clean look, but he’d never seen himself with this much hair on his face. “I gotta shave,” he muttered to himself.

Finn wasted no time today, immediately getting to work on research. It wasn’t long before he settled on the Intelligencia Pod homepage, resisting the urge to listen to one of their episodes and giving them another view. Instead, Finn was fixated on their logo: a blend between a radioactive symbol and a flexing arm, in green and purple, abstracted, atop the wide bold font stating their name. It was only then that Finn dug into his bag and pulled out the empty bottle he drank from the previous day. 

Sure enough, tucked away in the bottom row of logos, inconspicuous yet obvious, was the very same logo.

This only plunged Finn deeper into the rabbit hole, trying to find how tightly linked the two were. There was something intriguing and engrossing about this, especially as Finn discovered how the government got involved with them at some point, then their sudden renaissance over the past few years. Finn remembered graduating high school and already hearing peers mention it, although it was derided as a joke.

It wasn’t long before he discovered Intelligencia Holdings.

“It’s a huge conglomerate hiding in plain sight. It somehow has a cash flow of over 100 million dollars but no one talks about it!” He passionately explained the situation to Marty, who seemed stumped at every detail being told to him. Finn had rushed to Marty’s office after four hours of keeping his eyes glued to his screen.

“Intelligencia isn’t supposed to be an operating company,” Marty said. “Are you absolutely sure that the two are under an actual holding company?”

Finn nodded to him. “As far as I can tell, both Gamma Labs and the podcast are subsidiaries. I haven’t seen anything else of note — about every other one listed seems to be some shell company or totally defunct.” Finn passed his notebook, filled to the brim with notes and diagrams based on what he’d found, to Marty. “It actually astounds me, mainly because I found out they were around in 2022. They’re an Avengers-era corporation, and most of them did not survive.”

“Intelligencia didn’t.” Marty’s voice took on a more concerned tone. “They were only supposed to be some loose online community. I mean, S.H.I.E.L.D. never fully briefed us or the press on what happened with them. They just alluded to a gamma-related incident.”

“And they’re involved with the Green Wave directly. Almost controlling it,” Finn said. “Gamma Labs and the podcast are trying to hide that they’re connected, especially since they don’t mention each other directly. But their logos are on each other’s websites! They’re obfuscating the truth.”

Marty tossed Finn’s notebook on the table before closing his eyes and rubbing his temples. “This is not where I expected this to go.”

Finn stood idly before collecting the notebook. 

“Ok. I want you to try to compile a rushed report on any further info you can find about Intelligencia today. Down to the smallest detail.” Marty was writing down his own notes before he slapped another one on the table to give to Finn. “The fact that they’re gaining more influence so quickly is not good, and I don’t have a good read on what exactly they’d be doing getting Gen Gamma guys on board with them. Need it by Monday.” 

Finn quietly nodded and left.

“Good work this week,” he heard Marty say behind him. “Get some rest. You earned it.”

The weekend was finally within reach after a long, confusing week of strange shifts and discoveries.

Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like the strangeness was going to end anytime soon.

As Finn approached the front door of his apartment, a plain cardboard box placed right beside his door caught his eye. He only casually passed by it at first, glancing at it to see who it belonged to — maybe one of his neighbors would appreciate him giving it directly to them — but instead stopped slackjaw when he noticed it was addressed to him, sent from an address in South Carolina.

He took it inside, gingerly placing it on his table. He wasn’t expecting any packages.

Standing on the opposite side of the kitchen, Finn quickly looked through his email to find something that could explain what he was dealing with. He gasped when he found a thread from Gamma Labs titled “Get ready to Hulk Out. Your complimentary package is delivered.”

He never remembered ordering anything. He would never order something from this circus.

Yet he grabbed a pair of scissors to cut open the box, simultaneously excited and in disgusted disbelief that a Gamma Labs package was in his apartment. It took only a few swift motions before Finn pulled out a new 6 pack of Gamma Labs’ Gamma Unlock Protein Shake. It was wrapped in a deep green matte plastic, with generic fitness-oriented marketing jargon dotting its surface.

He even went so far as to cut it open — but only to inspect one of the bottles. Finn picked it up, holding it in his hand as if to compare its weight to the one before, to confirm that this was the very same one. He turned it to find the Intelligencia logo, and it was there.

“How the hell did this get here?” Finn slipped the bottle back into the packaging with the rest of the bottles, leaving it to sit. He tried to think of every logical, conceivable way this could’ve happened. He definitely didn’t order this today, since it would’ve needed to take at least 12 hours to get to his door. This means it must have happened in the past couple days.

Even then it wouldn’t have made sense, he had no time to do it… Unless…

Finn’s email search was interrupted by a notification from Britter, indicating a post from a news outlet with an update for a recent news story. 

“The building-leveling accident that has left a high school in shambles has been classified as a Gamma Incident,” he read aloud. “The classification for potential Enhanced-involved destruction has not been used since 2049, when Dr. Bruce Banner first announced his alleged ‘total control of the Hulk’ and retirement from hero activities with the She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters. Walters passed away at age 65 in 2057, while Dr. Banner was reported to be dead a year later at age 89. Dr. Banner’s alleged son Skaar is not on Earth.”

Finn tried to understand what it meant for the very possibility of another Hulk being thrown into their world, and how it was possible. All the while, his eyes were fixated on the package of Protein Shake drinks on his countertop.

“Mmmph…” Finn was finally waking up to the sunlight pouring through the blinds of his window, casting shadows over his eyes, his neck, his chest, his legs, his stained blanket…

He was beginning to realize he could feel some warm liquid pooling around his dick and saturating his boxers. With his eyes still shut, Finn slowly fumbled his hands around to feel his rapidly deflating dick through a soaked pair of shorts. He rubbed his fingers as he pulled them away, quickly recognizing the warm sticky substance. Despite something telling him exactly what it was, he was uncharacteristically relishing the sensation.

“Shit. What the hell was I dreaming about…” Finn wiped his fingers on the sides of his shorts to rid them of the sticky feeling, before resting his hand on his bare chest, slowly feeling his brain turn on…


His eyes shot open. There was a sudden rush to his head as he regained full consciousness. He hadn’t had a wet dream since he was 12. And he’s always went to sleep with a shirt on.

Now he was fully awake.

Finn suddenly scrambled upwards, feeling the air of the room against his bare torso. He felt around his bed, lightly grimacing at the feeling of the warm wet sheets (although part of him loved it), hoping to find a shirt. He instinctively felt around his body, trying to detect any sign of fabric, but failing to realize the increased toughness and tone of his still-small muscles. A million questions popped up in his head as he began to scan the rest of his room when he finally found it: a shirt of his at the foot of his bed.

He jumped out of bed to retrieve it — awkwardly shuffling around as the reality of his sticky situation began to hit him — just to be shocked when he picked it up to find the shirt was ripped up. Still somehow barely holding together by literal threads, he was shocked to see the graphic tee was ripped down the middle of the collar on the back, looking like a makeshift suit, with one of the sleeves completely gone.

It looked like the shirt exploded off of him. “How the hell did this happen?” he asked himself, staring and studying all the ripped edges of the shirt. Words got caught in his throat, and he could feel his heart beat even faster. Panic was setting in. Something was wrong. Something was different. This came from somewhere, didn’t it?

Desperate to find an explanation, Finn spun around his room to see any sign of other damage, but instead he began to fixate on an open ballpoint pen in the middle of his bed. His favorite pen, due to its super fine point.

A super sharp point.

“Jesus Christ,” Finn sighed as he walked over to pick it up. He looked at it, and it became clear to him that the pen did the damage. It probably pierced a hole into that super-thin shirt, and just ripped it to shreds as he tossed and turned. He probably kicked it down to the floor in his sleep. That was a strong and reasonable explanation, Finn decided as he slipped into a new set of clothes, careful to choose a thicker shirt that won’t spontaneously rip off.

What the pen did NOT explain, however, was the mess in the middle of his living room. Papers were strewn about, looking like a tornado had come in the place. Finn was not amused as he slowly walked over, studying each piece. Their origin seemed to be… 

“My notebook — fuck!”

Finn rushed to the kitchen to find it sitting there with half of its pages torn out. His eyes darted around the small living area, trying to see where the debris of his work was placed. Thankfully, as he rummaged through the mess of destroyed and completely ripped up paper, he found all of his notes on the Green Wave intact. And when he finally collected all the unrecoverable pages to throw in the trash, he was puzzled to find a completely crushed bottle placed dead center in an otherwise empty trash bin.

Familiar deep green packaging gave it away. The words ‘Gamma Unlock’ were barely visible. He knew he had it. The issue was that he didn’t remember drinking it. Not at home.

At first, it was that same fear and panic as before. He could barely piece together the why and how, leaving him feeling too vulnerable in his own place of refuge. As his mind ran through several scenarios — a break-in, sleepwalking, even him somehow getting black out drunk and forgetting everything — anger began to supplant all else. Something (or someone) was fucking with his brain, and he wasn’t having it. Why did he let himself drink something that may be poison?

But Finn’s logical side quickly quashed that feeling. That can’t be right.

Suppressing the sudden urge to punch something, his hands shaking as pure adrenaline started pumping through, Finn turned away from the bin and the bottle. He was feeling frazzled again. The day was barely getting started, but he felt like he was losing it.

He set down his notes on the Green Wave. He just needed some food in his system. In a far away mirror, he caught a glimpse of green in his eyes quickly dissipating, which he dismissed as glare from the sunlight hitting it. 

The thought of Gamma Labs’ history weighed in his mind.

“You know, you’re really impressing me.”

Finn, sitting on one of Phelps Gym’s benches, looked up to see Brian’s stare locked onto him as he gulped down some water.

“You said you weren’t that interested, but your strength gains say otherwise,” Brian said, wiping some sweat from his forehead. “Even for newbie gains, your progress has been crazy. You’re a natural, bro, it’s always been in you.”

Still catching his breath, relishing the feeling of the sweat dripping down his body, Finn was in no condition to properly respond. Instead, feeling more blood rush to his face when he’s supposed to cool down, he simply replied with a small “Thank you.”

Finn looked down at his hands, which were a little red from handling dumbbells and bars, feeling the energy and strength of the workout settle in. He’d never imagined his hands moving like this, pushing and pulling weights, working his muscles. There was something… satisfying about receiving validation — the kind that just affirms something that he’d been lacking. There was a certain warmth and pride that was pooling in his chest.

This feeling — it’s always been in him. Brian was right. He just never let himself indulge in it.

Enough blood had pumped to his brain that Finn could finally put words together again. “I doubt I could get to your level, though.”

Brian chuckled. “Don’t doubt yourself, bro. I bet you’ll get here sooner than you think. Some people just got that beast waiting inside, you know.”

There he went again, fueling Finn’s ideas of ‘finally becoming a man,’ even though it was a futile, regressive concept. The sound of being called ‘bro’ was also starting to sound like music to his ears — he used to hate it since it sounded dumb. Now, it made him feel less awkward around Brian.

Water bottle in mouth, Brian beckoned Finn to follow him as he turned towards the locker room. Finn stood up to follow him.

Recalling the story Brian shared with him yesterday, Finn decided to bring it up. “Did you see any updates on that school in Nevada?”

Brian shook his head as he pushed open the doors to the locker room. “Nah. I don’t check the news outside of work. Did something happen?”

“They said that it’s being investigated as a Gamma incident.” Finn watched Brian fiddle with his lock before finally taking it off. He grabbed his bag.

“A Gamma incident? What, ‘cause he’s Gen Gamma?” Brian stifled a chuckle, seemingly amused by his own joke.

Finn shrugged, smiling, before turning away as he pulled off his sweat stained shirt. “It would be funny if Gen Gamma was called that ‘cause we’d all turn into gamma mutates.”

“You don’t even know the half of it, bro.” Brian pulled out two bottles of the Gamma Unlock shake out of his bag and passed one of them to Finn. “Here. Get your protein in.”

“Thanks,” Finn said. He cracked it open, its sound muffled by the cacophony of people shuffling through the locker room and opening their own doors. 

“So…” Brian wiped himself with his yellowed gym towel, his noticeably pumped arms catching Finn’s attention as his hands traveled around his neck.  “How’s the Gamma Wave project? Are you into it?”

Finn clumsily pulled his bottle away from his mouth, followed by a hard gulp. “I don’t know, to be honest. I’m not the biggest fan — they’re all overly macho and vain. It reminds me vaguely of alpha male bullshit. That’s not really me… But I’m slowly understanding it, you know.” 

“Really?” Brian asked before turning away, pulling off his own shirt. before reaching into his bag to pull out a clean one.

“Yeah, I mean I guess they might have some merits but as a whole…” Finn’s eyes were glued onto Brian’s wide back, and a deeper sense of admiration grew as he studied the man’s muscle insertions and mass. Gears still turning in his head, a brief flash of imagination as he envisioned himself being built just like Brian. It was quickly interrupted when he finally realized that Brian had revealed himself: “Wait, how did you know about my project?”

“What do you mean?” Brian had fit himself into a plain black shirt before he turned around. The expression on his face was hard to read — was he shocked that Finn noticed? Or was he just playing it cool?

“Did I tell you about it or something?” Finn stood up, partially in fear. He racked his brain for more info or any kind of memory — something — that would remind him of why Brian knew, but there was nothing.

Brian stayed silent for a moment, as if he was also searching for an answer. “Marty told me,” he said finally. “I just have a small personal interest in it. Didn’t mean to spook ya, bro.”

Maybe that explanation would have sufficed for any other topic, but Finn was already aware of the possible conspiracy brewing underneath the movement’s surface. While it was surely possible that Marty told Brian, it wasn’t nearly as plausible as Brian was suggesting. Finn’s mind raced as he placed himself out of gym mode and back into his typical investigative personality.

“You doing anything tomorrow?” Brian asked the silent Finn as he rummaged through his locker. “Look, I have my own, uh… research that I’ve done on my own. Maybe we could meet up and I could show you.”

Finn stayed silent for only a moment longer, weighing out his options. “Well…”

That voice in the back of his head started whispering to him again, trying to convince him that there was nothing wrong with his bro coming over. The more logical parts of himself were trying to scream ‘No’ at him, desperate to sound off all the alarms. Yet that voice kept popping into his mind. He began to rationalize it, saying it would be an opportunity to gain insights he didn’t have before, and inevitably…

Brian stuck his head out of his locker. “Well?”

Finn bit his lip before speaking. “I don’t have anything else to do tomorrow, so…” He pulled out his own shirt, bracing himself for what he was about to say. “Sure. I mean… Yeah. I’d like to see what you got.”

Brian grinned. “Sick. Think we could do some time in the afternoon or something?”

Finn stared off into the distance. “Yeah…” There was a strange sense of obligation motivating his choices that he couldn’t explain.

Was this the right choice?

Tossing and turning in bed once again, Finn was feeling feverish. No matter whether he pulled off his blanket or not, there was a warmth building inside, and he was on the verge of sweat. He couldn’t sleep like this.

He got up, feeling tiredness under his eyes, yet empowered by his racing mind. Brian’s words, in retrospect, were too suspicious. Between his sudden friendship with him and his way-too-influential perspectives on things, Brian was acting on his own agenda. He had to have some kind of connection with the Green Wave, right?

Venturing out of his bedroom into the dim common area, Finn opened up his old laptop and flicked on one of his lamps. With its fans whirring to life indicated it was booting up, he took his time to enter the kitchen and picked up another green Gamma Labs bottle. He had to admit it was starting to taste good to him. Two in a day wouldn’t hurt, right?

Returning to his laptop, Finn wasted no time in diving into research — this time, into Brian Watson. However, TikKot, Pinstergram, Britter, ConnectOn, hell even dinosaur platform Facebook had little to offer or illuminate about the man. Finn thought that maybe he was just overreacting — but in the post-digital age, it made no sense that someone like Brian would practically be a ghost online. There was little trace of any activity, which Finn did not expect at all.

“What are you hiding?” Finn muttered to himself as he combed through dozens of mundane posts, the newest being uploaded over a year ago. He had no patience for this and decided to move onto more pressing matters.

And those pressing matters were about to make him angry, as the Phelps’ Gym website was NOT user-friendly at all. The broken website was poorly designed, looking like it was made decades ago — during the Avengers era! — but struggled to balance its dated aesthetic with its attempts at modern involvement. There were dozens of pages to jump into, but Finn couldn’t find the membership sign up at all.

“Maybe it’d be better to just go in person… Wait!” Finn scrolled down from the home page and scoffed. There it was, a plain text link indicating a place to sign up, pushed all the way to the bottom of the page. Finn laughed at the continued incompetence of these meatheads, but his expression dropped when he noticed what was right under it: that damn Intelligencia logo.

Finn’s heart dropped as his expression twisted. How is something like Intelligencia involved with a stupid small-scale gym chain?

The gears in his brain were turning once again, and Finn couldn’t help but scour through the entire website, trying to find any inkling of information. When even clicking the logo yielded no information, Finn dove deeper. The company’s public archives, business filings, anything. Absentmindedly draining the bottle of his Gamma Labs drink, Finn opened a new document to fill with new information about the gym. His 15 minute cyberstalking had quickly turned into over two hours worth of online research, wandering into the darkest parts of the internet.

And in his folly, he had come across a treasure trove of leaked documents that went beyond just Intelligencia Holdings’ strange dealings.

“Experiments on mental modification using subliminal techniques, serums and formulas based on the DNA of the Hulk…” His rapidfire typing only made the new discovery of information more intense, unloading it all into the document on his computer. “Jesus Christ… These people are insane!”

Implications stemming from this discovery hadn’t yet occurred to him, his empty Gamma Unlock shake bottle sitting on the corner of his dining room table. It would never come up in his mind, as just as he found a whole new slew of undeciphered documents on the Dark Web detailing some kind of large-scale plan for apparent ‘recruitment,’ his computer itself went completely dark.

“What?” Finn’s feverish rush had now started slowing down, his signature feeling of panic arising once again. Repeated clicking and keyboard hits didn’t do anything, and even though the screen was all black, it had a soft glow indicating it was still somehow on.

On the 30th hit of the space bar, something finally appeared on his screen. A look of horror came across Finn’s face as an icon of a skull with crossbones popped up in all red before revealing his desktop. Then, a pop up smack dab in the middle of the screen. Any attempt to remove it failed.

“‘Thanks for visiting Parah’s Leaked Docs. If you’d like to keep reading or keep your files, you must send 0.15 BTC to this address’?” Finn read aloud. “‘All files from the past 14 days have been encrypted and will be effectively deleted until we receive payment.’ Fuck, no!”

He was lucky enough to be able to still navigate his computer, but going back to where the document was supposed to be saved revealed that all his files on the Gamma Project were in fact gone.

“No… No, no, no…” He hurriedly checked his recycle bin, and spent a few minutes looking through every folder he could. “No, no… NO! FUCK!”

The panic and anxiety in his chest was starting to burn. No, it wasn’t anxiety at all…

Finn slammed his laptop closed with a kind of viciousness he’d never expressed before. “All of my fucking work… Jesus fuck… It’s all… GONE!” He slammed a fist into his table, surprised at the relief he felt in spite of the anger beginning to bubble over inside him.

“STUPID fucking website…” Finn was seeing red. He could barely think. He could barely talk. He could hear the blood in his ears pumping hard and faster, if the rough beating in his chest wasn’t enough. Gritting his teeth he almost growls, before getting up and chucking his laptop to the ground. “Stupid fucking LAPTOP.”

Something was telling him there was something wrong. He doesn’t get angry. He doesn’t get pissed at a little computer virus. He doesn’t show his anger. But that was superseded by the voice in the back of his head goading him on, asking him to let out his anger, tempting him with the pure satisfaction of unleashing everything he’s ever contained on the inside. 

Unable to control himself, he jumped up and started punching his chair, knocking out its frame and kicking it down. He wasn’t seeing red, he was seeing green, just like Banner — no, just like the Hulk. 

He deserved a little release. 

“I’m fucking better than those internet hermits…”

Finn felt desperate to get out of his clothes. He deserved more than just release. 

“Who the fuck do they think they are, messing with a motherfucker like me— agh!”

His vision blurred as a sharp pain hit behind his eyes, causing him to cover his eyes, applying light pressure. It wasn’t long before all his muscles started to feel like they were burning, much more intense than how he’s been feeling after his workouts. Finn felt like his body was on fire, tingling reaching every nerve, but as he finally removed his hands from his eyes, revealing his brown eyes had become a bright, radioactive, toxic light green, there was something he didn’t expect about the sensation.

He liked it.

Letting his uncontrollable, raw, primal anger take hold of his personality, Finn moaned as he stepped away from the table but fell to the ground in a sudden spell of dizziness. He was breathing heavily, trying to calm his fast beating heart, but his hand felt strange as he rested it on his chest. It felt swollen. Thicker. Bigger.

He tried to feel his own hands, which felt tougher and more calloused. “What the fuck… What is…”

Another soft moan suddenly escaped his lips as a wave of energy, pain, and pleasure rocked his being. Even the smallest shift intensified the feeling. So much so that he didn’t even realize his shirt was much tighter than it was just moments ago. The euphoric feeling made his eyes roll to the back of his head as his cock stiffened in his shorts.

Finn’s hands rolled into fists as he punched into the floor, cracking the apartment’s cheap tile. He looked at his hands with shock and awe before realizing a green patch of skin appearing along his knuckles, quickly spreading across his hands and past his wrist. He couldn’t process it at first, but as he recalled that documentary featuring Dr. Banner, it became abundantly clear what was happening.

“I’m Hu—” He coughed as his throat became scratchy. “I’m… I’m HULKing… Out…” His voice began to crack as it oscillated between his normal human timbre and a deep, beastly, brutish tone. 

Finn looked up at the mirror hanging by the dining room table, the same one that revealed to him his own eyes going green that morning, that he so foolishly dismissed. This time, his eyes were glowing, unchanging, locked onto his growing silhouette beginning to resemble Brian more than it resembled himself. 

Those eyes. Those glowing green eyes. Why did it only make him more horny?

The intern stumbled upward, hunched forward, to try to get a better look, but groaned once more as he could feel his legs stretch upward, pushing him taller. His neck cracked as it thickened, traps rising upward as if he’d been doing pull ups for years, his shoulders broadening and growing gamma green boulders as delts, his arms bulging with biceps that rivaled the size of his head and triceps that looked like they were carved from marble.

“Ugh… Ungh… FUCK!” Every conscious part of his being attempted to fight the feeling, resisting the urge to relish the feeling of his muscles finally beginning to swell, just like Banner would. But everything that Brian had told him, all the words he’d absorbed from those TikKot videos, all the aspirations of ‘true’ masculinity popped up in his head.

“On beast mode…” He huffed out. “Bigger… Stronger… BETTER.”

It had barely registered to Finn that he wasn’t ‘losing control’ of himself like Banner. It felt like he was even more in control than ever before. Still hunched over, he flexed and stretched his back — leading to a loud RRRIP as his shirt gave way to his widening back, revealing a new muscular V shape to his torso, getting more pronounced by the second as his lats flared. It wasn’t long after that he forced his biceps to BURST through his sleeves, completely destroying his shirt.

Finn’s anxiety was no more, but so was his rage. That unfettered, primal rage had faded, replaced by the feeling of pure POWER. He started to chuckle as he pulled his shirt off his body, revealing his ballooning pecs and abs bigger and more defined than any washboard, topped off with a slight dusting of dark green hair on his emerald chest climbing down his abs and past his waistband.

That waistband would soon become the next victim of his hulkout. His insatiable boner couldn’t take confinement anymore. With a quick flex of his now huge thighs, the seams of his shorts finally burst open, revealing chiseled, green, gamma-powered muscle that could crush skulls. His calves also grew impossibly large, continuing to stretch as his height grew far beyond that of Finn’s original 5’10” frame. Then his socks finally gave way, turning into nothing more than tattered white cotton, a failure to its purpose.

Finn couldn’t take it anymore. His gamma cock was begging for release. 

With a swift motion, he snapped the waistband of his bloated boxers, finally allowing his engorged erection some room. “There we go,” he bellowed deeply. It was bigger than he ever remembered it being, looking closer to 10 inches than his puny 4, thicker and bulging with veins, like the rest of his muscles.

A deep haze settled on his mind as his Hulk transformation finally came to an end. Finn was confused. He felt euphoric. He wasn’t himself. He felt more like himself than ever. He couldn’t think, but his purpose was clearer than ever.

There was no trace of the messy-haired, scrawny, principled intern. No, standing in his place, flexing cockily and curiously in the mirror, a smirk plastered on his face, was a 7-foot gamma-powered emerald beast in his place, bigger and more muscled than ever before. The feeling of pure power and superiority were all on his mind, driving his thoughts and instinct. Finn was hulked out into a walking embodiment of the Green Wave’s idea of the Hulk.

And he fucking loved it.

And with his hard cock standing at attention, Finn had no time to think before the rest of the night became a blur.

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