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“I want all your muscles, your stamina, your metabolism, your masculine beauty, your physical potential, your athleticism.”






A stream of warm water spurted out from the thick shower head.


In the steam-filled shower booth, Austin's naked body began to be drenched in water. The tanned, healthy skin became shiny when it touched the water stream. Water cascaded down his broad shoulders and down his massive, deep muscular chest like a mountain range. It soon cleansed the eight-pack abs and moistened the massive cock and testicles between the thick legs.


As Austin lazily turned back, the warm water flowed down his deep, bulging, broad muscular back, and soon his firm buttocks could feel the water. Austin enjoyed the warm, wonderful sensation for a few minutes and then took out the shower soap. His thick hands gently massaged his broad chest, brushed down his shoulders, and toned down his 20-inch biceps and deep abs.


He then gently stroked his pipe-like 11-inch cock and large testicles, wiping away any traces of the night's fun. He reluctantly moved his hand from his cock to his firm, thick thighs, where his muscles were clearly visible, and rubbed them for a while. He begins to slowly brush his knees and calves, following the lines of those beautiful muscles.


While enjoying his shower time, Austin thought about Ted and the 'bet' he had made. Ted was very popular as the best football player in the school, but to Austin, Ted was just a bad student who bullied Austin himself. Austin, who wanted revenge on Ted, decided to use witchcraft he had discovered in ancient books.


Everything went according to Austin's plan, and as a result, Austin won the 'bet' and demanded a reward from Ted: his muscles, his physical potential, and his masculine beauty. From then on, as time passed, Ted took Austin's essence and gradually became smaller and more ordinary, and as Austin took Ted's essence little by little, he became bigger and stronger.


After taking a shower, Austin returned to his room and put on a white shirt and underwear. Then suddenly, Austin stopped as he felt a huge pain in his testicles. Austin lifted his underwear and looked down to see that his testicles were writhing as if they were being squeezed.


Austin finally realized that the final swap had begun.


Austin had no time to react to this sudden phenomenon and just moaned and held his testicles in his hands. He felt the last of Ted's original essence being absorbed into his testicles, and it soon began to pump the last of his strength, causing his veins to pulsate throughout his body.




While Austin just let out a moan, his body once again became covered in sweat and began to slowly bulge and grow. The muscles in his entire body twitched and became bigger and stronger, increasing his height to nearly 7ft. The cock and testicles he held in his hand seemed to swell and grow in size. It was too big to hold with one hand, so Austin managed to hold it with both hands.


"Aaaah... yes! YES!!"


Meanwhile, Austin's vision was forcibly becoming clearer, and he was getting a mild headache as more athletic knowledge flowed into his head. Even that was enough to give Austin an ecstatic feeling. In every way, Austin's body grew bigger and stronger.


When Austin finally let out an orgasmic scream, the white shirt he had just been wearing was torn apart. Austin, who had been panting for a while as if after his long workout, checked out his body in amazement.


Now he realized he had a muscular body of exactly the same size and shape as Ted had before his bet: biceps approaching 25 inches to prove it. Ted's biceps were the biggest in the school, they were 25 inches, and when Austin measured himself with a tape measure now, they were exactly 25 inches. Austin let out a low laugh, throwing his torn clothes on the floor, cutting off his underwear with scissors and throwing them on the bed.


At this moment, a new school athlete was born who would perfectly replace Ted. What was even more pleasant was that this spell modified parts of reality so that no one would notice their changes. In this reality, Ted will always be a small, weak student, while Austin himself will be the dominant school athlete. Well, maybe he's even better than Ted in that he's sincere, humble, and kind.


Austin giggled as he looked at the sweaty 7ft massive muscular body and went into the bathroom to wash up again.



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