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A bald man walked through a dark hallway full of flickering lights in an underground laboratory, that man with a well-built body, but in an ordinary way, lay dressed in a white shirt and black dress pants and a tie of the same color. slightly out of adjustment, the man was sweating profusely and his walk was slow but sure as he went down that hallway.
A communicator was placed in his left ear, which looked like a small hearing aid, that man in a white shirt was none other than Lex Luthor who was heading to another sector of his underground laboratory, just below his company LEXCORP, that place was protected from the sight of his nemesis, Superman, since the outer layer of the entire area it covered was covered in lead to prevent the hero's X-ray vision.
A voice in Lex's ear communicator was heard:
— Mr. Luthor, Parasite is already in the cell
— Very well, I think it's time for me to go visit our guest, I need something important from him...
Luthor soon passed through an automatically sealed reinforced door, and positioned himself in Parasite's cell, a large specially reinforced glass was dividing the two subjects, Parasite looked quite weak and somewhat disoriented, while Luthor looked at him coldly.
- You don't look good at all...
—The great Lex Luthor is bringing me to his underground laboratory, I must be someone important then…
—In fact you are not, but you have something that interests me…
— Fuck you Luthor, I won't give you anything.
Parasite said while flashing a sly smile on his face.
— It's too bad that you don't want to cooperate, don't worry, it's not necessary to have your consent for it.
Luthor pressed a button and mechanical arms with pincers snaked down from the top of the cell, immediately focusing their pincers in the direction of the prisoner.
— I think you will notice that I can be very persuasive my friend...
Parasite, still being quite weak, fought a little against the mechanical arms, but it didn't take him long to fall before them, each arm took hold of one of its extremities, and soon a mechanical arm, very thin compared to the others, emerged from the same place as the previous ones with a syringe. Parasite tried to drain the energy from the machines, but Lex just smiled.

— Oh, don't even bother, they have a special coating to prevent you from draining their energy

Parasite looked at Luthor with hatred, and he didn't even bother to pay attention to him anymore, so he proceeded to give a message over the communicator.

—Proceed to extract the sample…

- Yes sir, we proceed...

The mechanical arm began to move the syringe in the direction of the prisoner's neck.

—You will see that it will not be something pleasant for you…

— No, wait Luthor, I'll give you whatever you want!!!!!

Parasite struggled futilely to free himself and his face began to turn into despair and then terror as the needle slowly advanced.

— Oh, of course you'll give me what I want, but unfortunately for you this is the only way.

Luthor said as he continued to stare blankly at his hostage, then shook his head in affirmation. Quickly and precisely, the needle was inserted into the base of Parasite's skull, and he let out a piercing scream of terror that was beyond belief. The cell was not perceptible because they had muted the cell's audio. The needle extracted a purplish-colored liquid while the subject spasmed in pain. Lex gave a very slight smile of satisfaction as he watched the syringe fill with that precious liquid.

- I told you, I get what I want...

Luthor mentioned while Parasite felt a chill running through his body due to that statement that was being fulfilled at that moment. Soon the syringe finished filling and four more came out to do the same. Parasite felt even more dizzy and weak, but he could still stand a little.

—Proceed to put the guest to sleep…

A blue gas began to fill the cell and Parasite little by little suffocated, in such a way that he soon remained kneeling on the floor coughing and later became unconscious.

— Don't worry, you won't die, I just put you to sleep, I hope you like staying here for the rest of your life, by the way, thank you for giving me what I wanted so much...
Luthor proceeded to turn off all the lights in the cell and slowly and firmly left that place. In his mind, the plan that for years had been his last option to destroy that conceited Superman, but soon that alien, began to take shape. He would have what he deserved, he would know what it would be like to truly feel terror, Superman's world would crumble, it would be completely destroyed and it would be Lex's as his most cherished dream came true.


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