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Justin’s Ascension Part 1-13


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Go and get big as I can make them akneel before this big m*********** cock. This one is just starting off with a big fat mushroom cap on the dripping onto his vascular body 


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Part 2

As Justin’s transformation reached its peak, something shifted in him. The sheer power and size he now possessed began to affect his personality. He felt invincible, and with that came a newfound arrogance.

One afternoon, after an intense workout session, Justin stood before a full-length mirror in Will’s home gym, admiring his colossal physique. His towering 6’4” frame, now packed with 260 pounds of rock-solid muscle, was an intimidating sight. Justin flexed his enormous biceps, watching the veins pop and the muscle swell with satisfaction.

“Will,” Justin called out, his voice deep and commanding, “come here.”

Will approached, a mixture of pride and curiosity in his eyes. “What’s up, Justin?”

Justin turned to face him, his expression cocky. “Look at you, boy. You’re nothing compared to me now,” he said, a smirk playing on his lips. “I’m a beast, and you’re just a shadow.”

Will felt a jolt of something unexpected. He was used to being the biggest and strongest, but seeing Justin’s newfound confidence, and hearing the commanding tone in his voice, stirred something inside him.

Justin stepped closer, towering over Will. “Check this out,” he said, pulling down his shorts to reveal his massive cock, now an impressive 10 inches. “Even this is bigger than yours. How does it feel, being outclassed in every way?”

Will’s heart pounded. He couldn’t deny the arousal he felt from Justin’s dominance. There was something intoxicating about the way Justin flaunted his superiority.

Justin noticed the change in Will’s demeanor and chuckled. “You like this, don’t you? Being put in your place by someone bigger, stronger?” He flexed his biceps again, the sheer size of them dwarfing Will’s impressive but smaller muscles.

Will nodded slowly, unable to hide the excitement in his eyes. “Yeah, I do,” he admitted, his voice low.

Justin’s grin widened. “Good. Because from now on, you’re going to be my boy. I’m the alpha here, and you’re just here to serve me.”

Will felt a thrill run through him. The idea of being dominated by the very person he had helped transform was exhilarating. “Yes, Justin,” he replied, his voice filled with a mix of submission and excitement.

Justin placed a hand on Will’s shoulder, his grip firm and possessive. “That’s right. Now, let’s see just how good you are at pleasing your new master.”

As Justin continued to assert his dominance, Will found himself increasingly aroused by the power dynamic. The shift in their relationship was unexpected, but it awakened something in both of them. Will had unlocked a new level of strength in Justin, and now, Justin was unlocking a new side of Will. Together, they explored the boundaries of power, strength, and submission, finding pleasure in the roles they had assumed.

As the days passed, Justin fully embraced his role as the dominant force in their dynamic. Will found himself increasingly drawn to Justin’s commanding presence, his excitement growing with every display of Justin’s power. The new routine became a thrilling part of their lives, with Will calling Justin “sir” and relishing in the feeling of submission.

One evening, after an intense workout session, Will and Justin were cooling down in the gym. Justin was shirtless, his massive chest and arms glistening with sweat, his cocky grin ever-present as he admired himself in the mirror. Will, now fully accustomed to his role, stood nearby, his eyes filled with admiration and desire.

“Will,” Justin said, turning to face him, “you’ve done a good job today. I think you deserve a reward.”

“Thank you, sir,” Will replied, his voice filled with genuine respect and excitement.

Justin flexed his biceps, watching Will’s reaction. “You know, boy, I’m feeling pretty generous. How would you like to see your master get even bigger?”

Will’s eyes widened, the idea thrilling him. “Yes, sir. I’d love that. I want to see you grow even more powerful.”

Justin’s grin widened. “Good. Because I want to be the biggest, most powerful man you’ve ever seen. Make me even larger, Will. Make me a true giant.”

Will nodded eagerly, his heart pounding with anticipation. He focused intensely on Justin, channeling all his energy into making him grow. He visualized Justin’s muscles expanding, his height increasing, and his overall presence becoming even more imposing.

Justin began to feel the familiar sensation of growth, but this time it was even more intense. His muscles swelled, his chest broadening further, his biceps bulging to an unbelievable size. His thighs thickened, and his back widened until he looked like a living colossus. His height increased as well, reaching an astounding 6’8”, making him tower over Will even more than before.

Justin’s cock also grew, now a massive 12 inches, adding to his overall intimidating and dominant appearance. He looked down at Will, his eyes filled with a mixture of satisfaction and hunger for more.

“How do I look, boy?” Justin asked, his voice deeper and more commanding than ever.

Will gazed up at Justin, awe and arousal flooding his senses. “You look incredible, sir. You’re a true giant. There’s no one like you.”

Justin flexed his massive arms, the sheer size of his muscles almost defying belief. “That’s right. And don’t you forget it. You’re mine, Will. And now, I want you to worship your master.”

Will fell to his knees, his heart pounding with excitement and reverence. “Yes, sir,” he replied, his voice filled with unwavering devotion.

As Will worshiped Justin, the bond between them grew stronger. Together, they continued to explore the limits of their dynamic, knowing that as long as they had each other, there were no boundaries they couldn’t surpass.


• Height: 6’2”

• Weight: 215 pounds

• Chest: 48 inches

• Waist: 32 inches

• Biceps: 18 inches

• Thighs: 26 inches

• Calves: 17 inches

• Neck: 17 inches

• Cock Size: 8 inches


Justin (initially):

• Height: 5’10”

• Weight: 170 pounds

• Chest: 40 inches

• Waist: 32 inches

• Biceps: 14 inches

• Thighs: 22 inches

• Calves: 14 inches

• Neck: 15 inches

• Cock Size: 6 inches


Justin: (Now)

• Height: 6’8”

• Weight: 300 pounds

• Chest: 60 inches

• Waist: 32 inches

• Biceps: 26 inches

• Thighs: 36 inches

• Calves: 20 inches

• Neck: 20 inches

• Cock Size: 12 inches

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This is shaping up to be a very hot, story! Right up my ally!

One suggestion I have though, maybe slow down the growth scenes a bit. Let Justin, and the reader, enjoy them as they happen.

But other than that, great stuff so far!

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Part 3

The gym was filled with the faint sounds of heavy breathing and the creak of flexing muscle. Will was on his knees before Justin, his eyes filled with a mixture of awe and desire as he took in the sight of his transformed master. Justin, now a towering 6’8” and 300 pounds of pure muscle, stood like a colossus above him, his presence utterly dominating the space.

Justin’s muscles gleamed with sweat, each massive bicep, chest, and thigh glistening under the gym lights. His cock, now an impressive 12 inches, was rock hard, a testament to his absolute dominance and Will’s devoted submission.

“Look at you, boy,” Justin rumbled, his voice deep and commanding. “Worship your master.”

Will’s hands roamed over Justin’s immense thighs, feeling the power and strength in every muscle. He kissed and licked Justin’s quads, marveling at their sheer size and hardness. Justin flexed his legs, making the muscles bulge even more, enjoying the way Will’s touch sent shivers of pleasure through him.

“Yes, sir,” Will murmured, his voice filled with reverence. “You’re incredible.”

Justin’s chest swelled with pride as he flexed his biceps, the massive peaks rising like mountains. “That’s right, boy. I’m the biggest, the strongest. And you’re lucky to serve me.”

Will’s cock was rock hard, the sheer act of worshiping Justin fueling his arousal. He moved up to Justin’s abs, each one like a solid brick, kissing and worshiping them as Justin flexed and tightened his core.

Justin looked down at Will, his eyes filled with a mixture of satisfaction and desire. “You love this, don’t you? Being beneath me, worshiping my muscles.”

Will nodded, his lips brushing against Justin’s powerful abs. “Yes, sir. I love it. I love serving you.”

Justin’s grin widened. He reached down, gripping Will’s hair firmly but not harshly, pulling him closer to his immense chest. “Then worship every inch of me, boy.”

Will did as he was told, his lips and hands moving over Justin’s colossal pecs, his tongue tracing the hard lines and contours of Justin’s chest. Justin flexed his pecs, making them bounce and swell, enjoying the way Will worshiped him with complete devotion.

“You’re my boy now, Will,” Justin said, his voice a low growl. “And I’m your master. Remember that.”

Will’s heart pounded with a mixture of excitement and submission. “Yes, sir. I’m yours.”

Justin flexed his entire body, every muscle standing out in stark relief. Will couldn’t help but moan in pleasure, the sheer sight of Justin’s power and size overwhelming his senses.

“Now let me finish my workout, little boy.” Justin commanded. Will sat on a nearby bench watching his master work. Knowing that he was in for some fun later. 

The drive home was filled with an electric tension. Justin, his massive frame barely contained by the car, was overflowing with testosterone and desire. Will sat beside him, eyes wide with anticipation, his own arousal building as he considered what was about to happen.

As soon as they arrived at Justin’s house, Justin practically dragged Will inside, his powerful grip firm yet filled with urgency. Once inside, Justin pressed Will against the wall, his towering presence overwhelming.

“I want you now,” Justin growled, his voice low and filled with raw desire.

“Yes, sir,” Will replied, his voice trembling with excitement.

Justin’s hands roamed over Will’s body, stripping away his clothes with a primal intensity. As Will’s naked body was revealed, Justin’s eyes gleamed with hunger. He lifted Will effortlessly, carrying him to the bedroom.

Justin’s massive cock was already rock hard, and as he positioned himself, he entered Will with a single powerful thrust. Will gasped, the sensation overwhelming, but it was the look of pure dominance on Justin’s face that truly drove him wild.

As they moved together, Will’s mind began to wander. He couldn’t help but think about what it would be like for Justin to grow even bigger while they were having sex. The thought alone was intoxicating, and without realizing it, he began to focus his thoughts on Justin’s body, willing it to grow.

Justin’s eyes widened as he felt the familiar surge of power coursing through his veins. He looked down at Will, his expression a mixture of surprise and ecstasy. “Will… what’s happening?” he managed to say between gasps.

Will’s concentration deepened. “Just grow for me, sir. Get bigger. Show me your true power.”

Justin’s body responded immediately. His muscles began to swell, his already immense biceps ballooning even larger, his chest expanding until it seemed almost impossible. His cock grew thicker and longer inside Will, sending waves of intense pleasure through both of them.

“Oh my God,” Justin groaned, his voice deeper and more powerful. “This feels amazing.”

As Justin’s growth continued, he was sent into a frenzy. His thrusts became more powerful, each movement driving them both closer to the edge. Will’s own arousal was at its peak, every inch of his master’s growing body sending jolts of pleasure through him.

Justin’s legs and arms thickened, his shoulders broadened, and his neck swelled with muscle. His height increased as well, now towering even more impressively over Will. Each inch he gained amplified the intensity of their connection, the sheer size difference adding to the thrill.

“Yes, sir,” Will moaned, his own pleasure intertwined with the ecstasy of feeling Justin grow inside him. “Grow for me. Be the biggest, the strongest.”

Justin’s body was now a marvel of sheer power, each muscle a testament to his dominance. He felt unstoppable, his thrusts growing more frantic as he neared climax. Will’s worship and his own explosive growth combined to drive him to new heights of pleasure.

With a final, powerful thrust, Justin roared, his body shaking with the force of his orgasm. Will followed almost immediately, the overwhelming sensation of Justin’s growth and power pushing him over the edge.

As they collapsed together, breathless and satisfied, Justin looked down at Will, his eyes filled with a mixture of awe and gratitude. “That was… incredible,” he said, his voice still tinged with the deep resonance of his transformation.

Will nodded, his own body still trembling from the intensity. “You’re amazing, sir. Thank you for letting me worship you.”

Justin pulled Will close, his massive arms enveloping him. “No, thank you, Will. You’ve made me realize just how powerful I can be. And I want more. I want to keep growing, with you by my side.”

Will smiled, his heart swelling with a mixture of love and devotion. “Yes, sir. I’m here for you, always.”


• Height: 6’2”

• Weight: 215 pounds

• Chest: 48 inches

• Waist: 32 inches

• Biceps: 18 inches

• Thighs: 26 inches

• Calves: 17 inches

• Neck: 17 inches

• Cock Size: 8 inches


Justin (after growth during sex):

• Height: 7’0”

• Weight: 350 pounds

• Chest: 64 inches

• Waist: 34 inches

• Biceps: 28 inches

• Thighs: 38 inches

• Calves: 22 inches

• Neck: 22 inches

• Cock Size: 14 inches


As they lay next to each other, their bodies glistening with sweat and their breathing slowly returning to normal, Justin couldn’t help but revel in his newfound size and power. He looked down at Will, a smug grin spreading across his face.

“Well, little boy, looks like I’m even bigger than you now.”

Will looked up at Justin, his eyes filled with admiration and excitement. “I love being smaller compared to you.”

With a tender smile, Will laid his head on Justin’s massive chest, feeling the warmth and strength radiating from his body. They wrapped their arms around each other, their hearts beating in sync.

“I love you,” they said simultaneously, their voices filled with genuine affection and connection.

Justin gently stroked Will’s hair, his expression softening for a moment. “I love you too, Will. But we need to be careful. If I get any bigger, I could hurt you without meaning to. Not that I would care, but I need my boy in top shape.”

Will nodded, understanding the seriousness in Justin’s words. “I know, sir. I’ll start working out more, get stronger. I want to keep up with you as best I can.”

Justin chuckled, his deep voice rumbling in his chest. “That’s my boy. We’ll work on it together. I’ll push you to be the best you can be.”

Will smiled, feeling a surge of determination and love. “Thank you, sir. I’ll do my best. I want to be worthy of you.”

Will felt a warmth spread through him, his heart swelling with love and devotion. “And you’ll always be my powerful, amazing master.”

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Maybe Will eventually learns to use his powers on himself, that way he can keep up with Justin, but he'll always make Justin even bigger than him.

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Part 4 

The next day, Justin and Will hit the gym, eager to test Justin’s newfound strength and to begin training Will. As they walked in, heads turned, and whispers spread among the gym-goers, all amazed at Justin’s enormous size. Justin reveled in the attention, his massive frame commanding respect and awe.

“Let’s see what these muscles can really do,” Justin said, a confident grin on his face. He approached the bench press, loading the bar with an amount of weight that made even the seasoned lifters around them raise their eyebrows.

Will watched in amazement as Justin effortlessly pressed the heavy weights, his muscles bulging and veins popping with each powerful movement. The sheer strength Justin displayed was incredible, and Will couldn’t help but feel a mix of admiration and excitement.

“You’re incredible, sir,” Will said, his eyes wide with admiration. “How do you feel?”

“Like a fucking GOD,” Justin roared, racking the weights with ease. “But this is just the beginning. Now, let’s see what you can do.”

Justin guided Will through a rigorous workout routine, pushing him to his limits. As Will lifted, he could feel Justin’s eyes on him, the intensity of his master’s presence driving him to give his all.

Throughout their session, Will couldn’t help but ask, “Justin, how big do you want me to get?”

Justin chuckled, his deep voice carrying a tone of amusement and dominance. “Well, as long as I tower over you, I don’t care, little boy. I will always be bigger and far superior to you.”

Will’s heart raced with excitement. He loved this answer. The thought of growing stronger and bigger for Justin, yet always being dwarfed by his master’s superior size, was thrilling. “Yes, sir,” he replied, his determination growing. “I’ll work hard and grow for you.”

As they continued their workout, Will pushed himself harder than ever before. He knew that the stronger he became, the more he could help Justin grow even bigger. The idea of his master becoming an even more colossal powerhouse fueled his efforts.

By the end of their session, Will was exhausted but exhilarated. Justin, still brimming with energy, looked down at him with a satisfied smile. “Good job today, Will. You’re making progress.”

“Thank you, sir,” Will said, breathing heavily. “I’ll keep working hard. I want to be worthy of you.”

Six months had passed since Will began his intense training under Justin’s guidance. Day after day, Will pushed himself harder, his dedication unwavering. With every workout, his muscles grew larger and more defined, his strength reaching new heights. Justin’s encouragement and dominance fueled his progress, driving him to achieve more than he ever thought possible.

By the end of those six months, Will had reached an astonishing 265 pounds of solid muscle. His physique was now a testament to his hard work and Justin’s rigorous training. He stood taller, broader, and more powerful than ever before, his body a masterpiece of strength and dedication.

Will (after six months):

• Height: 6’2”

• Weight: 265 pounds

• Chest: 58 inches

• Waist: 36 inches

• Biceps: 24 inches

• Thighs: 34 inches

• Calves: 22 inches

• Neck: 20 inches

• Cock Size: 8 inches

One evening, after an especially grueling workout, Will and Justin stood in front of the gym mirror, admiring the results of their hard work. Justin’s eyes roamed over Will’s massive frame, his expression filled with pride and something more primal.

“Look at you, my big boy,” Justin said, his voice thick with excitement. “You’ve grown so much. I’m beyond happy and excited.”

Will’s heart swelled with pride at Justin’s words. “Thank you, sir. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Justin’s gaze intensified, his cock throbbing at the sight of his perfectly sculpted “boy”. “You’ve made me so proud, Will. Your dedication, your growth… it’s amazing.”

Will flexed his biceps, the massive muscles bulging with power. “I did it for you, sir. To make you proud.”

Justin’s eyes darkened with desire as he stepped closer, his hand running over Will’s broad chest. “You’ve more than succeeded, Will. You’re a beast, my beast. And seeing you like this… it drives me wild.”

Will could see the raw hunger in Justin’s eyes, feel the heat radiating off his body. “What do you want, sir?” he asked, his voice trembling with anticipation.

“I want you,” Justin growled, his cock rock hard at the thought of his big boy. “Right here, right now.”

With a powerful move, Justin pressed Will against the mirror, their bodies colliding with an intensity that sent shivers down Will’s spine. Justin’s hands roamed over Will’s massive muscles, feeling the strength and power beneath his fingertips.

“You’ve become everything I wanted and more,” Justin whispered, his breath hot against Will’s ear. “Now, let me show you just how much I appreciate my big boy.”

Will’s heart raced as Justin’s lips found his neck, kissing and biting with a possessive hunger. Their bodies pressed together, the sheer size and power of Will’s muscles making the moment even more intense.

As Justin entered him, Will’s mind swirled with the realization of how far they had come. Every thrust, every kiss, was a testament to their journey, to the bond that had grown between them.

“I love you, sir,” Will gasped, his voice filled with emotion.

“I love you too, my big boy,” Justin replied, his voice a mix of dominance and affection. “And I’ll always be here to push you, to help you grow even more.”

As they moved together, the world outside the gym faded away, leaving only the two of them and the powerful connection they shared. In that moment, they knew that their journey was far from over. With every challenge, every goal, they would continue to grow stronger together, their bond unbreakable and their future filled with endless possibilities.

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