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The Superflu - The Hypertrophic Pandemic


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Question: is this story macro only, or are human-sized segments ok too?

Texas USA 04/21/14


The almost empty college campus seemed like a ghost town, with a few clustered groups of female students dotted across the quad. The groups of jocks showing off and exercising nowhere to be seen, now that most all were stuck at home, avoiding any contact with the outside world as per the instructions of the WHO. The few men who were seen outside were doing so at the risk of their own health and those around them, but some just had too much to do to let some nebulous "superflu" stop them!


One such was Austin, a grad student in his final year, who had been working the better part of his 23 years working for his degree, and with the insane amount of extra credits he'd piled up trying to speed his way through, he wasn't going to miss a day, not if he could help it. And at 5'6 he was more than a little relieved by the sudden lack of jocks and meatheads who had made his walks down the halls feel more like Junior high than college! He finally sat down in the middle of the cafeteria, reveling in the silence and peace and quiet as he struggled to cram for an upcoming exam, just an hour away. He'd heard of the superflu that was running rampant but chalked up his sweaty clammy pallor and slight cough to the exhaustion of this course overload!


Rubbing his aching shoulders, his slight frame feeling all hot all over as he let out a few coughs, the few students in the cafeteria turning to look, by now the pandemic was almost legendary, some had their cells out, already focusing on the poor nervous little guy.


"I'm fine, i'm just..i'm just tired! ok?" He tried to assure them raising his hand in a sign for them to calm down, but as he lifted it, the scrawny pale sweaty arm suddenly THROBBED, veins pulsing up and down it as it swelled and started to grow! he quickly pulled his arm down, watching as the growth slowly stretched up, past his shoulder, ripping seams apart as his arm thickened with muscle adding inch after inch to that impressive bicep! Soon his other arm followed suit! people closing in on him as he stood up, feeling his legs swelling in his pants as a meaty bulge started to press against his zipper!


"Stop! STOP" he shouted, not just at the people filming him, but at his own body too! watching in shock as his pecs inflated with each deep breath, buttons busting one after another as thick hair started to spread over his muscled frame! Unlike the other outbreaks, the spectators weren't fleeing, most of them being the female students they weren't worried about contamination, instead watching his growth with awe and more than a little arousal! Also unlike the other spurts, Austin wasn't getting any taller! his muscled frame growing OUT instead of up!


His arms being lifted as his chest and lats spread, his tremendous shoulders growing wider than he was tall and still getting bigger as the clothing was torn off his body! a thick arms length cock tore free spraying some of the watchers who let out a flurry of cheers and laughter watching him fall to his muscled ass as his growth just kept going!


The tiles and floor starting to crack and splinter under his weight as his muscled became more and more lean, getting so veined you could see the deep striations across each muscle as it flexed and twitched, growing denser by the second! The virus rampaging through his body in a totally new way, the 5'6 grad student was moaning uncontrollably as his body added hundreds upon hundreds of pounds of muscle!


The fire alarm was pulled, by one panicking viewer and the sprinklers immediately went off! rushing water over Austin's thick muscled body, steam coming off as his muscles continued to grow and flex out of control, weighing well past 1000lbs and still growing as his throbbing 3ft member started to spurt and spray cum across the floor! Austin was barely able to move, just this solid monstrous mound of muscle twitching and cumming out of control as his infected cum was washed down the flood drains and into the town's sewers and soon to be into the treatment center itself!

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(Couldnt help myself)


France   04/22/14


“Dude, come on, we’ve got to do something dangerous before we head back to New York. Who knows whether or not we’ll be able to do it the way things have been going” Chris said to his boyfriend since senior year.


“Chris, I love you but there’s no way you’re getting arrested before I get you home and put you to bed” Rob said as he pulled his muscular arms around his boyfriend’s neck and pulled him closer, causing their chairs to slide closer together with a silent scrape of the floor.


Chris let his head rest on Robert’s broad chest as he looked out on the scene around him. It was sunny in Paris and the restaurant the two were in let them eat outside while enjoying the fresh air. Chris smiled as he looked up from his perch on his boyfriend’s chest to look up at him. Rob wasn’t a super model but he was quite handsome, picking up a lot of girls in high school before he realized that he was into guys more than girls. Chris remembered those times when he’d see a girl in his arms and feel some part of him hurt that he’d never be with his crush. So much can happen in two years, huh? Chris was hypnotized by his boyfriend’s resting form as he looked off into the crowds walking on the cobblestone streets. Chris got so hypnotized by his muscles and beautiful blue-green eyes.


“Then what do you want to do before we get back?”


Rob looked out at the different buildings and stop on the tallest one. “That one!” he shouted enthusiastically. Chris knew which one he’d chosen. The Eiffel Tower stood tall above all the other less significant buildings.  He sighed.


“Fine but whatever we do, we have to get it done soon before we miss our flight.”


After they paid for their meals and passed through the crowds, Rob and Chris found themselves on an elevator up to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Chris looked up at Rob on the ride. Between the two of them, Chris’s height was somewhat average at 6 feet solid. His body wasn’t nearly as lean as his boyfriend’s but he wasn’t necessarily small 160 pounds. Chris like to think that, due to Rob’s 3 inch height advantage, he was being looked down on at times by his lover whenever he wasn’t looking. Though he had the blonde hair and bright blue eyes, Robert had the height, the muscle and the beautiful brunette hair that was somewhat stylish regardless of the fact he got it done by his hairstylist, his bed. “You think that thing happening in America has spread over here. I heard there was a guy infected in Sweden and he got the worst of it. They had to lift him with multiple helicopters just to get him to their facility.”


“There’s no way” Rob said. Suddenly, Rob felt a tightness in his chest before he coughed a loud cough that attracted the attention of some of the passengers in the elevator. Rob covered his mouth and said excuse me but saw a look coming from Chris. “It’s just a cough, man. Don’t worry.”


Chris walked up to his boyfriend, stood on his toes and kissed him for all he was worth. “I’m not worried about you as much I’m hoping I get a big, strong boyfriend bigger than a house. I bet its more potent here than it is in the states ” Chris said, admitting to his macrophiliac nature. Rob only goofily smiled as they reached the top floor.


The view was amazing as the two looked out from the height of 1,063 feet and saw all of Paris. Rob grabbed Chris by the arm as he saw him walk out. “ Be careful, it’s windy and probably dangerous up here. Chris only smiled and continued to walk to the edge, his eyes bulging at the sight.


Rob stood back for a moment, pressing his sleeve against his mouth as he tried to hide his spontaneous coughing fits. Something was wrong and he hoped that it wasn’t what he thought when they were so high off the ground. AT first, it happened slowly but the pace began to increase as Rob felt through all over his body. Rob moaned a little as he felt an amazing feeling fill him and slowly fill his clothes as they became tighter. Rob forced himself to move and grabbed Chris’s shoulder’s tightly. “Get the fuck on that elevator” he whispered into his boyfriend’s ears. At first, Chris though Rob was just being aggressive to turn Chris on but that changed when he felt Rob’s hand enlarge on his shoulder. Chris’s mouth dropped as he felt his boyfriend swell behind him and he could hear tearing noises. Chris turned and gasped.


Rob was kind of big from high school football but now he was getting massive as he stood in front of Chris with his face in a hot and bothered expression and his chest bulging out. Already his chest had to be a foot forward and his arms and forearms were beginning to swell into each other. Rob’s moans alerted those around him and quickly people started pulling out their phones to get a picture of the first growing man in France. Rob didn’t pay attention to them as he looked down over his chest at Chris. “Fucking go. NOW!!” he said, his voice going down several octaves as he shouted. Chris ran to the elevator and quickly pressed the buttons, getting a last glimpse of his boyfriend tearing his revealed boxer briefs with his genitals as a long, meaty shaft grew out of his pants before he went down, down, down to the bottom floor. After Chris made it to the bottom floor, he looked up and gasped.


Rob must have been growing rapidly as, even from over 1000 feet below, he could see him growing and spreading over the top floor. Chris could hear screaming as he knew people were trying to get on the elevators as soon as possible so that they didn’t get killed by the growing power and size of his boyfriend.


Rob himself was panicking as his muscles collided with each other and he became taller and taller. 10 feet tall…… 20 feet tall…… 40 feet tall……. 50 feet tall…… He was like a rocket as his body tried as best it could to shun ALL surroundings. Rob found himself losing balance as his big feet blew through some of the iron beneath him thanks to his weight. “Fuck......I’M GETTING SO DAMN BIG……...” he said as he realized he was growing larger than he thought the virus could make him. He knew for certain he would fall and get hurt if he didn’t reach 200 feet before the metal floors gave out beneath him. Rob felt his muscles increase in density and strength as he broke the 200 feet mark and began to just spread out like spilled milk as his muscles went into overdrive.


Rob almost didn’t realize as he and the several tourists on top of the tower fell and plummeted 1000 feet to the earth. No one was prepared as an explosion occurred and dust was picked up everywhere, blasting into people and blowing some away as it broke several windows.  When the dust cleared, Chris ran to his boyfriend to the ground zero of the impact, grabbing what he thought was Rob’s new bigger muscular chest.


“You grew! You really grew!” Chris said as he wrapped a hand around the large limb he was holding in the dust cloud. “MAYBE A LITTLE MORE THAN YOU THINK” came a deep and powerful voice as the dust began to clear and Chris realized that he was hugging the thinnest section of Rob’s thick ankles, not his chest.


Chris looked high up to see his boyfriend’s bulging chest 315 feet up. Chris wanted to marvel at it all but it didn’t last as Rob suddenly grunted and, like an airplane taking flight, a massive rod far bigger than any bus grew between his titanic legs and aimed at the sky. Rob moaned as he saw his cock prepare for ejaculation, its length thickening and veins criss-crossing on its shape as it reddened. “HOLY FUCK!!!” Rob roared as he fired a white geyser up into the sky that went up high before coming down and raining on assorted buildings as most had run away with the intention of not being infected. The plaza around the Eiffel tower was officially destroyed but it seemed Robert’s cock just didn’t feel like that was enough as it launched hot, white jizz all over and coated the area with a fresh coat of it. Chris was dumbfounded as he watched his boyfriend destroy so much of Paris with just a fall of his new massive weight and his cock. When it was over five minutes later, Rob sighed coming down from the high and bent forward to look at his now puny boyfriend. “ I TOLD YOU IT WAS DANGEROUS UP THERE”

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Question, can two characters have sex in one's segment? because so far there is only growth. It's fine if we shouldn't write a section like that but I have this idea and this story might be the best place to write it.

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(Thought I'd start a non-macro branch for this story)


Indianapolis 4/23/14


Carter wheezed as he watched the readout on the treadmill roll over to 7 miles. He knew he probably shouldn't have come to the gym today, but he had a race to train for and it was storming out. At 5'5" and a lean 114 lbs, Carter had a natural gift for speeding through crowds, which made him a champion runner. He had a record of placing, and he wasn't going to let a little cold change that.But he was really feeling whatever kind of cold it was, and since he had reached his halfway mark, Carter stepped off the track to catch his breath. It wasn't just a cough, though. His head throbbed occasionally, he was congested, and his whole body ached. To be honest, that was the other reason he decided to come for a run. Sometimes running helped him power through the fatigue and get through his symptoms quicker. But so far he only felt worse.


Looking up at one of the TVs that hung on  the wall facing the treadmills, Carter noticed the headline: "SUPERFLU WREAKS HAVOC." He'd heard about the outbreak of some new bug that doctors had no idea how to deal with. The WHO and the CDC were calling it a pandemic and there didn't seem to be any way of stopping it. He hadn't believed the reports at first, but more and more video coverage of guys who had grown were showing up in the news everyday.


Carter shook his head, trying to get back in the zone and finish his run. Instead he started feeling zoned out. His vision blurred and he collapsed onto the treadmill track and slid off onto the floor. The woman on the elliptical next to him screamed, drawing a crowd to see what happened.


Before anyone could really check on him, though, his eyes shot open and he cried out in pain, coughing even as he did. Every muscle in his body started to spasm and pulse. Several people gasped, and the crowd stepped back. It sort of happened all at once. Each of his muscles stretched a contracted at the same time, doubling and tripling in size as they did. His lithe frame thickened to support the rapid growth, and within a minute he had grown a full foot taller. Luckily for the onlookers, Carter didn't seem to be one of the ones they were calling Titans. Now that he was 6'5", though, he would certainly look Olympian. While he was toned before, his physique was what some would have called "compact." Now he was anything but,


His neck alone was thicker than his thighs had been, and he was wider than any door frame. Each delt was as big as his head, and his biceps looked like they were about 30" a piece. They certainly led down into gargantuan forearms. And his back was enormous. It has torn his shirt to shreds in seconds and now, even though he wasn't flexing, it spread three feet wide beneath him on the floor. His pecs were like a mountain range, heaving as he breathed. The bodybuilders in the crowd could tell that his chest was no less than 90" around cold. He'd never be able to see them without a mirror, but the abs below his massive pecs were so thick and carved so deep that they looked like cobblestones. His waist was the same width as his shoulders had been before the growth, but on his new frame it looked tiny with the huge V taper of his thick lats.


His running shorts fared better than his shirt had. The spandex managed to survive the growth, although it was stretched so thin that the black material was almost as transparent as fishnet.His new glutes had lifted him off the floor several inches with their impressive girth, and his cock and balls were clearly on display. They had grown along with his muscles, and were being pushed out obscenely. His cock snaked down the length of his shorts, ending just millimeters away from the hem. The quads that were fighting his cock for room inside his shorts were each 45" around, and his calves were the same thickness as his neck--what his quads used to be. If he'd gotten on the scale he would have seen that he now weighed 465 lbs. His bodyweight had more than quadrupled!


The crowd murmured uneasily as they watched Carter's transformation come to an end. Considering the number of bodybuilders who were there, it wasn't a group that necessarily thought as negatively of the so-called "Superflu" as much of the world. One of them, a young man named Diego who was training for his first competition went forward and helped Carter to his feet. The former runner wobbled a little, getting used to his new center of gravity, but Diego helped steady him. Then he pulled Carter in and kissed him as deeply as he could.


Carter pulled back and wiped his lips. "What the hell, dude?! Did you not just see what just happened to me? And besides, I'm not gay!


"Neither am I," Diego grinned, "but if that's what getting sick looks like, I want some!"

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(this one's longer than the previous additions and has a bit more exposition and some more extreme muscle/hyper/macro growth, but i couldn't help myself. enjoy!)


Portland, Oregon, 4/26/14


Tom sat in his living room, hunched forwards in anticipation as he quickly flipped through every local news channel he could find. He had heard much about this new virus spreading that made people turn into huge musclebound freaks, but it was too good to be true. It had to be, he thought, until he saw the photos and quickly snapped camera videos posted onto tons of popular websites, and especially the porn websites and muscle fanatic communities he followed. He especially followed the ones that were full of self-designated growth chasers, people who would travel to where cases of the virus were documented, either to show others or to possibly get infected themselves.


Needless to say, he was bewitched by the thought of growing that big. Addicted, even. He heard so much flack against it, people saying that it is a threat to society as we know it, doctors saying that these people are “unhealthy” and “dangerous,” but he doubted those claims. He was too turned on by the whole thing to think about any repercussions, and he wanted a taste of it as soon as possible.


His vigilant watch over the local news and radio stations had proved fruitless, unfortunately. There just didn't seem to be a really some sort of outbreak of the virus, or any really big results... the largest he had seen in the area was someone who grew to a measly (to him) 400 pounds, and they were taken into care (or was it quarantine?) by the government before he could get on the scene. But he knew, one day, he would get his chance to be infected. He was addicted to the thought. He HAD to. Little did he know, he would get his chance sooner than he thought.


A rush of sirens outside his window pulled his attention away from the TV for a second. A mix of police cars and ambulances were going down his block and turning the corner. For a second, he hoped it was a response to an outbreak. Then he heard the woman on the TV come in with a special report.


“We have some breaking news right now, local authorities and paramedics are rushing to the scene where there is apparently a case of the recent viral pandemic which causes extreme mutations in the bodies of males worldwide. We turn now to a live feed at the scene. Warning, some imagery may be graphic, and we apologize for any unplanned disturbances.”


Tom watched the cameraman who was documenting the scene run up as close as he could to the police blockade, and saw, with his own eyes, that someone was indeed infected. The guy was rather large already, probably twice as heavy as a large bodybuilder, and almost completely in the nude, save for a pair of boxers just barely hanging on. The man was kneeling in the middle of the street and shouting. It wasn't a shout of pain, but the guy sounded... reluctant, like he didn't want this. “What a waste on someone who doesn't even appreciate it,” Tom mumbled to himself. He looked at the man and all his muscles, his body clearly glimmering with what was sweat, each muscle tensing and flexing with every little movement, every surge of growth... Tom was ready to blow his load right there in his pants.


However, something else caught his eye. The place where the man was growing... Tom recognized that store. Was that... the corner store right around the block? No way. He looked out the window, and he heard the sirens loud and clear. They were near, and weren't moving. The scene was close. Tom's heart skipped a beat, and he was out the door without a second thought.


He arrived at the scene within moments, practically sprinting. There were a lot of cars in the way, but he could see a clear break in between them that gave him an excellent view. He gasped at the beautiful sight in front of him. The infected man was growing steadily, but it didn't seem to be stopping. His boxers were packed to maximum, the man's balls coming out of the leg holes of the stretched underwear, his huge hard-on forced out through the fly, but its thickness was still tearing the seams. Tom watched as the boxers suddenly exploded off of him, letting his balls flop down to mid-thigh and his cock fly up and smack against his pecs with a wet thwap. The man roared; he hadn't even been touching his cock, but it jerked on its own and he came quite suddenly, his jism arching up into the air with a powerful shot.


The police recoiled and most others fled, but Tom stood his ground. But he almost didn't see it coming. Right before the man blew his load, he had turned and was facing right at Tom, and that very first cumshot had fallen as quickly as it came out. It hit Tom square in the chest. He staggered back, in brief shock of being hit. His mind blanked for a second as he didn't know how to react, and he looked up at the people around him who were staring at him. One of the paramedics on the scene began to rush forwards, an arm extended as to help Tom, but Tom knew exactly how he could help himself. He was slightly disgusted at the thought, but he raised his arm and scooped up a gob of the cum from his shirt, and put it right into his mouth.


The crowd around him made gasped and made disgusted noises, and two or three officers rushed up and grabbed Tom. They knew he had ingested the virus directly, but what they didn't expect was for it to react so quickly. Tom had turned red in the face immediately, his body heat rising and making him sweat all over. He wasn't even near the vehicle the cops were pulling him towards, and he had already began growing.


It was incredible, Tom's mind was filled with endorphins and hormones and clouded with the fever he had, but he could feel the change happening to him. His muscles swelled, his clothes pulled tight, his dick oozed as it stretched down his pant leg, his skeleton ached as it adjusted. It was all a blur at first, because it was happening so fast. He could hear the police around him on their radios, shouting in a panic. “We have another case happening here!” “Evacuate the area, block off the roads!” “Everyone, back away!”


Tom jerked his arms away from the police holding him with his newfound strength. He stood upright, feeling his now too short pants ride up his ankles. He held his arms out in front of him, his shirt pulling across his back and cutting into his shoulders. He grinned and began joyously laughing in an almost insane manner. “Yes! Yes! It's happening! Finally, i'm infected! I'M INFECTED!”


He pulled his arms back and puffed out his chest, making his shirt split apart and fall, tattered by just a simple movement. He was massive, and growing faster than man who had infected him. He reached down and ripped off his own pants, too impatient to grow out of them, even though his thighs would have done the job soon enough. His large member bobbed up into the air, level with his chest, copious pre running down the length and dripping onto his pecs. He flexed his arms and posed to the best he could, grunting and laughing all the while. He stretched taller, rising above the vehicles and becoming a giant among the men.


His muscles were enormous, even at his tall proportions his muscles looked massive on him, slightly restricting his movement. His quads exploded out and made him widen his stance, his lats flared and made his arms bow out, his chest rose up to his chin and shoved out feet in front of him, covering his upper abs with their own mass. He could bend his arms just enough to grasp his fat cock, which was rising skywards, passing even the traps that were threatening to swallow his head. His massive wrecking balls churned as they rested on his quads, large enough on their own to reach his knees.


He stroked himself off, his biceps flexing and chest bounding up into his chin with each thrust of his larger hands. Waves of pleasure shot through his body, seeming to fuel his growth. News and government helicopters were buzzing above him as the crowd below him dispersed, unsure of what to do and how to contain such an extreme case of the virus. The first infected man had stopped growing before him, not even hitting the ten foot mark like Tom already had.


Tom was in pure bliss. In the back of his mind, he knew he was passing the size of so many others that were infected by this virus, becoming one of the largest infected men ever. Inches turned to yards, pounds into tons, liters into gallons. His muscles were immeasurable, his growth was amazing and increasing exponentially, even his manly scent was powerful. He shouted as he rose over roofs and cracked the pavement underneath him. The surrounding town houses and apartment buildings were quickly out-sized by the growing behemoth. He was even in danger of crushing something with his massive balls, which were swelling with cum and almost reaching the floor.


His toes curled and he could feel his pelvic muscle clench. His cock, bent at an angle because of his leviathan pecs, began to quiver. He clenched his cock in his mighty hands, letting out an orgasmic roar as he orgasmed, his olympic pool-filling load gushing out and splattering loudly onto the floor and buildings in front of him. He wasn't conscious of the world around him, just of his own body and his own pleasure. In a feat of power, he raised his arms and flexed his biceps hard, the peaks forcing aside his forearms and rising past his clenched fists. Lats spread and shoulders rose, the incredible display visible to thousands around him.


When his orgasm cooled down after what felt like an eternity, he felt his growth slow to a stop at somewhere between 200 and 250 feet. He had finally gotten the infection he desired, and he had absolutely no regrets. He briefly wondered who would be next to join him because of his actions, before returning to explore his own body some more...

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I assume this bug going around can be caught by any bloke..,not just college kids and fitness addicts,but those you'd least expect or wanted..?


Festival Park,Otterspool area of Liverpool,Merseyside,England..


Dave cursed to himself as he trudged across the scrubland of Festival Park,back to the shithole of his home,in Toxteth. it was raining lightly as he trudged along Otterspool Promenade. It was late at night and he had lost his bus pass and had little cash on him, and the incessant drizzle was only adding to his sullen mood. Festival Park wasn't the best route home but cutting across it shortened his journey and hopefully those little chavvy pricks were not about so he would be left alone to gather his thoughts.


The Parks pathway was dimly lit with low orange hued streetlights that did little to shed enough sufficient light around,except cast murky reflections off the rough wet uneven tarmac paths. Apart from the rain falling lightly,there was only sounds of cars passing along Riverside Drive and a fox yelping harshly,somewhere in the darkened undergrowth..otherwise,it was fairly quiet. Home wasn't too far now.


As Dave walked along the pathway into a thick shade of woodland,his heart started to beat faster as he got the feeling that someone was behind him.. A quick backwards glance to see no-one there,calmed his nerves,only for himself to be startled by seeing a man half hidden in shadows,just out of the arc of light from a dim streetlamp,even though the guy was 20 feet away and was not even aware of Dave...yet.


No good turning back now, Dave though,as he approached the guy,intent on just simply passing him. When he drew closer,the man turned around to face him,letting out a hacking cough and looking a little bedraggled. Dave recognised the young scrote. It was Aidan,a 26 year jobless layabout,who lived,or rather squatted,in one of the old run down red brick terraced houses that dotted Toxteth. Aiden was by no means a thug,but he was a mild nuisance,petty thief and often smoked skank,though whenever Dave bumped into him,he claimed he would never ever do hard drugs or serious crime,he just stole to get by..

Anyhow,he was not someone to worry Dave,physically. He was a tall lanky pale skinned ginger lad who'd look as if he'd blow away in the slightest of winds.


Though,for some reason,when Dave approached him,he looked for some reason, a little less wiry and perhaps slightly more toned,but that may have been a trick of the dim lamplight. Aiden wore matching light coloured cotton sweats and an open light jacket,and a taut greyish tee shirt underneath,scuffed Adidas trainers..along with his usual Nike Baseball cap tilted back on his head,revealing a few strands of his gelled cropped ginger hair. And yep, he was smoking his joint as Dave came by,Dave could smell it.


"Oh hi Dale,..alright.." Aiden nodded as Dave went to walk past him,hacking loudly as he took a drag of his joint.

"Its Dave, not Dale" Dave said with mild chagrin.

"Oh  yeah,haha" replied Aiden trying to be smug. He let out another hacking cough which caused him to double over for a moment.

"Maybe you should stay off those dumb things,and perhaps you wouldn't splutter so much.?' Dave said not really caring.

Aiden straightened up,staggered a little into Daves path. "I don't think its this stuff thats making me cough",he said huskily,waving his joint. 

Daves eyes glanced at Aiden's chest.The shapely outlines of firm pectorals showing underneath. "What the fuck" he muttered,loudly enough for Aiden to hear. "Whats in those joints you been smoking, you actually look bigger than the last time i saw you.... I can't think of you going to the gym.Going to work for more than an hour is too much effort for you..?". Dave was struggling to find a reason why Aiden looked a little leaner in the 2 days since he last saw him...outside a benefits office.!

And why his cock was getting a little aroused at the sight of the lad.


Dave was gay,and he DID find Aiden strikingly good looking and maybe once or twice,imagined him a beefed up ginger hunk to stir his sexual juices,despite his circumstances,but Aiden wasn't the be all and end all of Daves fantasies and only a fleeting thought.


But now Aiden was standing before him,looking actually quite sexy as he let out another hacking cough that caused him to stumble forward against Dave.clutching his left forearm in a tight grip. His lean pecs were actually starting to swell,if it were possible,into his tee.

He grinned broadly and rather sinisterly at Dave.. "I sure as hell don't think its my skank,but what a fucking drug if it were.?"

Daves brown eyes met Aidens hazels,and it suddenly dawned on Dave that it might be that strange muscle inducing flu going around over in America.. But how'd the fuck did it get over here without being noticed..?


Aiden took a last drag of his joint  before stubbing it out on the wall and sliding it back behind his ear to scrounge off later.This last drag caused his muscles to literally explode with growth all over,with his pecs bloating out forward and ripping his tee wide open as he deliberately pulled Dave against him,pressing the older guy against his broad fat mounds that were soon becoming dusted with coarse ginger stubble.

"Fuck, i'm loving this.." he said as he picked up dave,revelling in new found strength flowing through his engorging muscles that were now rapidly swelling,huge biceps bloating from once non existent twigs into mighty,freakily 30 inch boulders tearing through even the firm cotton sleeves of his open jacket,thick tree trunk thighs stretching his cotton sweats to dear life.


Dave didn't know whether to try and fight against Aiden to get away,or go with his obviously now over exaggerated fantasy of a beefed up Aiden,but his rapidly stiffening cock,hinted to the latter.

Aiden grew  only slightly in height,but packed on so much overdeveloped muscles,he was literally crushing Dave in a 400lb muscled bear hug. His own once undersized cock that had been 5 inches erect,was now tenting out his sweats and itself bloating to a freaky fat shafted 14 inches of pulsating rock hard erection,accompanied by his heaving swelling ballsac expanding to knee hanging grapefruits.


He looked at the little man he was now holding,almost protectively and like his possession, with lust in his eyes.

"Welcome to the new me,DALE..". Then he deliberately and unceremoniously coughed and spluttered right into Daves face.

"Lets get you home before you come down with some nasty cold.." he said mockingly..


Dave couldn't exactly react,being held so tight in Aidens huge pale bulging muscles. Then he coughed...


The bug had certainly arrived on England's shores..

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(Continued from the OP)

Will felt weak as he sat on the couch.  He didn't even feel like turning of the TV, even though it just said "Technical Difficulties".


His phone rang, he struggled to lift it to his ear and hear the voice of Crystal. "Hey babe, heard you were sick. I've got some soup I can bring over."


"Nah, just a COUGH*Hack* cold"


"You don't sound so good.  Maybe I should come over."


Crystal hung up before he could reply. Soup actually sounded pretty good right now.


Shortly he heard her key in the lock and she let herself in. She was carrying a covered dish of something that smelled amazing.


Will had stretched out on the sofa. She set down the soup on the coffee able and lifted his head so she could sit.


"You really should be home...*COUGH"


"Maybe you have that new virus going around.  Soup might do you good. Sit up and eat some."


Will struggled upright and held the spoon he took a couple of sips.


"That tastes pretty good.  And I already do feel a bit better"


He was hunched forward and Crystal saw his back begin to widen out slightly. 


"I think you might have that virus"


He sat up and turned to her. "What virus?"


She saw his pecs pushing against the front of his shirt and he appeared as yet unaware of the changes.


She smiled, "You do have it.  And I, for one, am glad."


She suddenly leaned in and kissed him.


He pushed her back, "If I have a virus don't be kissing me."


"I can't catch it.  Only  men get this"


Then he noticed and gasped. His back flared out bursting his shirt and pushing his arms away from his sides.

Crystal leaned in to rub the pecs and fell them swell in her hand.


More popping and snapping as his arms blew out of his sleeves.  Crystal saw his already large package grow even bigger and she grew wet and pushed him back into sofa and crawled on top of him.


He wrapped his arms around her and she could feel his hands thickening.  There was a loud snap as his feet burst from his sneakers.


"This feels...uhhhhh.....so damn good" He was bucking against her. His voice much deeper caused her to moan.


His waist thickened and his butt bubbled out causing them to rise upwards.


With a loud groan the sofa collapsed under them and the floor cracked when they hit it.


Will was only 5'7 but he was beginning to stretch upwards.


Crystal ripped what was left of his shorts away and began stroking his 3 foot dick.  The tip of it rubbing against her breasts.


This only cause Will to go even more wild.


He moaned, I'm going to cum and suddenly released so violently it threw Crystal back and he continued to coat the entire living room.


After his last gasp he struggled to his feet, adjusting for his new size.


Crystal looked up at her now 6'5 400 pound man and said, "Now that's a boyfriend"

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Bradford,West Yorkshire,England


It was late Sunday evening.The Horton Boxing Club and Gym was empty,save for three young souls hanging around putting in a spot of sparring.. Well one of them anyway!. Amir came to the gym every chance he got,to train on the weights and to box in the sparring ring, and his body showed it. 23 years old, 6ft 3' of finely sculpted rich caramel hued muscle. His biceps were thick and pumped,and his delts were broad and lean,which put some weight behind his punches. His lean pecs,covered in a thick matt of wiry black hair,were snug tight under his sweaty blue tee shirt which was tight enough to show the shapely curve of pectoral muscles pressing against them.. He was ghost boxing in the ring in his grey sweatpants,the bulge of his genitals was ever so perceptively visible within its confines,even though he was wearing briefs underneath.. 


Poor George, he was standing outside,pressing himself against the rings canvas,trying to stifle his erection as he took in every sight of Amirs thick exotic muscular physique and that mouth-watering bulge that from time to time pressed s\lightly against the crotch of Amirs sweats as he shifted about on his feet,sparring away. He had a gay crush on Amir for ages,since their school days,and he had a fetish for South Asian and Arabic guys in general,and there was no shortage of hot looking Pakistani,Arabic and Indian studs around his neighbourhood as he grew up through his teenage years to his 22nd year. Amir was George's secret crush,private wank fantasy.. As well as his muscular hairy physique,Amir was a stunning looking guy,with close cropped black hair,shaven at the sides with a zigzag pattern cut above his ears,notches shaved into his left eyebrow and a thin line of finely trimmed beard hair along his jawline up around his full sensuous lips...and his urban,streetwise demeanour,gave Georgie boy a n active imagination that often got him hard....


Amir knew George's sexual orientation for years.It did not bother him in the slightest.. He didn't mind George harmlessly checking him out,the compliments even gave him pride in his physique and his looks,but he trained his hard lean muscled body reserved for those fit ladies he hoped to come across while out and about,especially clubbing at the weekends..not for gays..


Amir stopped his sparring for a moment to pick up the punch pads resting on the stool in the corner of the ring. Sweat trickled down his face,and he wiped some away with the back of his red boxing glove. He felt fatigued a little,and he had rattled out a few coughs every now and then,but shook it off as wear from his training..

Amir held the punch pads out down to George.. " Mate,wanna do me a favour and put these on and help me train..?",letting out a sharp cough as he spoke.

George was about to say no,for fear of letting Amir see his raging hard on tenting his polyester blue trackies,when a voice hollered from behind him.. "Let me gizz ago bruv.."


Imran,the 18 year old cousin of the gym owner,who was going to lock up the place once Amir had finished his private session,came sauntering in from smoking his blunt outside, the potent smell wafting in on his clothes for a short while.

Imran was the opposite of Amir,5ft 8' ,skinny,with stick thin arms on view outside a loose black vest,and wearing baggy dark grey sweats. Though Imran was a good looking kid,with cropped hair,shaven sides,like Amir,patterned with zigzags,he was slight like a twink and George thought 'One punch from Amir,even lightly,would send the poor boy flying across the ring..!'

He even looked ill as he walked across the gym,sniffing like he had done a line of coke,and his eyes looking watershed..

Perhaps it was just that dumb fucking joint..


As he passed close by George,unseen by Amir,he had the audacity of giving Georges arse a quick grope,and winking at him slyly. George was instantly rigid,both with his cock getting stiffer at Imrans sudden action,and the perplexity of the out of the blue grope. He wasn't yet aware there would be a reason for Imrans teasing..


Amir looked down at Imran,as the boy clambered up the steps and ducked under the ring ropes into the ring,picking up the pads,coughing sharply.


"You sure you can handle a few punches.?" Amir remarked. "Cos you look ill bruv.?"


"Sounds like you got what hes got though,Amir" George remarked. he had noticed his friends body language even before the gym that he was a little under the weather.


"Its nuffin' mate, i'm a tough fucker" Amir waved him down.


"So am i..tougher than you think bruv" interjected Imran as he slipped on the punch pad and folded his arms in a posture ready to take Amirs sparring.., his small golf ball biceps actually bunching up and tensing against his tightly held forearms. Biceps that even caught Georges silent attention.. Maybe Imran had been getting a few sessions with the weights..?


Amir threw a left hook hoping to catch out Imrans unreadiness,and air of cockiness..but Imran held the right punch pad and held back Amirs punch. He then let go with a short volley of punches,which amazingly only knocked the boy back a fraction.

"See, i told ya i's tougher than you fink,bruv".


Amir wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his right glove,letting out a cough,his bicep seemingly feeling a littl;e too pumped as he wiped himself off.Shaking this feeling off,he suddenly threw a harder left swing into the punch pads. This time Imran crumpled back,giving both George and Amir the impression he indeed was too weak for sparring with a midweight amateur boxer.  But Imran remained doubled over,groaning and breathing heavily..


Amir relaxed his session,now a little concerned for the boy.. "Mate,you ain't soundin' good.Just chill out. I'm finished anyway.."

Imran started to laugh,rather creepily.. "Soundin' good..i feel fucking good, hell, i feel fucking great..".


George was the first to notice a physical change in Imran. As the lad was still bent over,his arms still folded,he could see Imran flexing his biceps.. biceps that looked,if it were possible,more pumped..


Imran straightened up,but when he did,he was suddenly eye to eye in height with Amir..

"What da fuck..?'' Amir exclaimed..

Imran shucked off the pads and threw them arrogantly outside of the ring,then raised both his arms into a double biceps.    Biceps that all of a sudden grew bigger,thicker,more pumped,bloating out like boulders,vascular veins rippling down to forearms that soon followed in growth,thickening,getting sinewy.  "Fucking awesome.bruv.."  Imran shouted out,echoing around the gym.

.He swung round to glare down at George.. and threw himself into a bodybuilders Most Muscular crab flex,as growth kicked in all over like he was literally hulking out.. His back broadened,his delts & traps bulked and thickened into a bull neck and huge wide shoulders.. As he stood again, his non existent chest filled out with swelling,swollen pecs that strained the once baggy vest.He helped out by ripping part the front,revealing those huge mounds surging forward,fuller,bloating like ticks sucking blood,the smooth skin sprouting dark harsh hair,down deep into a canyon like crevasse,down over abdominals,6,no 8..rising into cobblestones..


George was close to coming in his trackies..  Amir,was himself fighting foreign feelings.. His cock was getting hard,, He had not noticed that in the time Imran was growing rapidly,his own muscles had become more defined,more pumped under the tee,his thighs filling the sweats..  "Your growing into a fuckin' freak,man" he glared at Imran..


"Fuck yeah,bruv,... a horny fuckin' freak.."  Imran turned to Amir and groped a thickening bulge of his cock,as it too joined in this insane growth.. It grew thicker and fatter,,and pumped as it grew erect..and Imrans balls were churning,bloating,swelling,filling with potent cum that he seriously felt the need to offload down someones throat...and his mental feelings altering to sense that he need a man to get off,..a man to fuck,to suck him off.. And as he grew from a weak 120lbs into a monstrous 320lb+ rippling muscle beast, he looked hungrily at Amir..


"If this is a fuckin' sickness,i know already you got it as well Amir.. i can just smell it on you..Your hormones are fuckin' going wild..Let me help you bruv.."


"Nah, i ain't getting freaky like you.."


Imran,heavy with growth,only took on step to grab Amirs tee and yank him into a forced kiss,holding his head firmly.

Amir fought against the huge muscle boys vice like grip,trying to ineffectively punch him,but with each punch it seemed like his will was giving away to growing newfound homosexual lust...and Imrans muscle growth seemed to activate the 'infection' in himself..


George's heart was beating like a drum.He could not hold out any longer,and came inside his tracks,his legs buckling with the aftereffect of orgasm..his pale white face and freckles flushed with redness.


Amir had stopped resisting.. He was starting to swell out his tee as the two fit asian studs continued to kiss. He reached between himself and Imran and ripped open his tee,revealing his chest,the full hard toned pecs,swelling out into sweaty,hairy bloated muscle tits,pressing hard against Imrans own huge mounds.. Amir was now groping,stroking,touching Imrans thick,rigid obliques,and bulging lats,as his own hairy arms thickened,the already impressive biceps,filling out,ripping the sleeves of his tee,swelling into huge cannonball hogs over 28 inches. His back was becoming wider,pumped,ripping apart the last vestiges of his tee,unveiling rippling expanse of sweat glistened lats and an impossibly narrow waistline.

Both lads arses had become fuller,rounder,like bubble butts on oversized overdrive..pulling their tracks and sweats respectively,skin tight..

Oh...and who could ignore those enormous bulges caused by over enhanced cocks.crushing against each other in their passionate embrace.


Poor George,he did not known whether to run away in fear or to get out his cock and have a wanking session right there and then.. Whatever these two fucking sexy huge Muscle Hunks had, he hoped he would catch..


Suddenly,Imran broke the kiss,both hunks seemingly forgetting George's presence.. His breath heavy with lust,he looked down almost with a sneer at George,and then tugged down his trackies,finally unleashing a truly freaky monster of a cock,poking out like a cannon,thick as a beercan,way over a foot long,16 inches at least,and leaking pre-cum like a leaky tap..and then two huge bloated heavy swinging balls as big as grapefruits,hung close to his knees..


"Sorry Georgie boy, we forgot about your scrawny ass standing there...getting off on our superior muscles.." He glanced back at Amir,speaking lower,more huskily to the huge hunk.


Amirs full luscious lips were curled into a smile.. "Yeah,bruv,why don't you cum up here and show me what you gay guys are good at.."  He tugged down his sweats,unleashing his own thick,throbbing monster of a dick and bloated hairy balls,if he wasn't still wearing his boxing gloves,he would barely able to get his own fingers around its fat girth,hefting the 14 incher and resting the pulsing brown shaft onto a ring rope..


The smell of sweat and raging hormones seem to draw George hypnotically up the ringside steps towards the two behemoths..


"But i don't know if i can take both of you..?"  George was sweating..


"I don't give a fuck..i just wanna fuck" said Amir,scooping up a glob of pre- from his bare piss slit and purposefully wiping it on Georges pale whiter thin arm..  "But if you hang around us too long,you might cum down with something..?"






As some of you may have noticed,this ties in,for a part,with my own fetish for South Asian Hunks.. ;)

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