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Genie with a Muscle Growth Fetish


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That's so sweet. ^^

Glad to see our former genie has a friend now. ^^ I hope they'll get along and that even though Karim will grow his friend's muscles to giant proportions that Marvin won't change too much. ^^ <3

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On 9/27/2016 at 10:46 AM, Hanugumo said:

Hey scriptboy? Any plans on continuing this? Or giving other autors an idea of what you had in mind for the next chapters? ;3

Other authors are more than welcome to continue this, which is the whole reason behind the continuous stories. I have been role playing a lot and you can find me in the chat room almost every evening if anyone wants to talk to me about this. Of course you can always message me. I would love to see this continued but I have not found the time to continue this myself for (very) obvious reasons.... I got a (little)  forum to run! 

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I am unfortunately a horrible writer and I won't be able to continue it myself but I do hope someone will pick up some of these stories. They always start out well for a bit, but soon after having been started no one but the original author contributes too these kinds of stories or they just stop after the story begins. ='(


Also i wish you good luck with the RPing and luck with everything else in life, both on- & offline. ^^

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I always get around to writing.... eventually. My busy times come in waves. I'm just riding a really BIG wave right now. Sooner or later I get a really serious urge to write again and then I'll write a bunch of stories in a row. 

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Genie with a Muscle Growth Fetish - Part 3


Young and Jacked II.JPG


Genie with a Muscle Growth Fetish - Part 3

Karim was having a blast growing Marvin’s muscles pound for pound, but he wanted to grow the muscles of other guys in school… faster! How could he do that without making it too apparent that HE was the one responsible for their strange muscle growth spurt?


A couple of the guys got up and walked over to Marvin, who was sitting next to Karim. The bell had rung and classes were over for the day.


“Hey, Marvin?” Jason asked him. “Got a Dollar I can borrow? That new sandwich truck is parked out front and I just need a buck to get me a bite to eat…. I can pay you back tomorrow!”


Jason was another one of the geeky guys in class and Marvin was friends with him.


“Really? A food truck? Oh, I gotta check that out!” Marvin smiled as he handed Jason a Dollar.


All three boys walked out and walked towards the truck, which was parked on the opposite side of the bus stop near the edge of the student parking lot. Most students would drive home or wait at the bust stop, but those who wanted to grab a late snack could get something at the food truck.


A large sign hung from the side of the truck, listing all the sandwiches that were offered. The vendor offered only three or four sandwiches, and his meatball sandwich was his biggest and best deal.


“Umm…. One meatball sandwich, please?” Jason asked Arnold, the old, chubby man who worked in the truck.


“Alright…. Anything to drink with that?” Arnold asked him.


“No thanks!” Jason replied.


“Uhh… I also want one!” Marvin added. “I’ll have one!”


Marvin and Jason stood next to each other, waiting on the same type of sandwich.


Karim stood right behind them but he still had a good view of the truck. He then walked over to the back of the truck, where the back door was wide open. There, he saw how Arnold first cooked the ground beef into big, round chunks the size of tennis balls in a saucepan on the stove before pouring melted cheese and spaghetti sauce over it, which came from another pan on the stove top.


Finally, Arnold pulled the sandwich bread out of a bag and cut them in half before placing the meatballs on them. Karim witnessed the whole process and began to wonder how these sandwiches could make people stronger.


 “Meatballs? These should be muscle-growth-meatballs!” Karim grinned. Karim pointed his finger at the freezer and at the sauce, and quietly stated his command. “Every meatball sandwich will cause tremendous muscle growth in those who eat them from now on! Each person will gain thirty pounds of raw muscle, evenly distributed throughout their entire body, for each sandwich they eat!”


Karim zapped the sauce, the freezer containing the ground beef, the counter, the stove and the cheese with his magic. Then he walked back to where Jason and Marvin were patiently waiting.


“There you go, you guys!” Arnold said, giving each boy a sandwich which was wrapped in wax paper. “That will be four Dollars!”


The boys paid him and thanked him. Then they turned around and walked over to the bus stop where they waited for the bus.


“Are you gonna eat your sandwich?” Karim asked Marvin.


“Yeah, I’m gonna dig into it as soon as I get home!” Marvin smiled. “I’ll be home in five minutes!”


The boys got home in 5 minutes where Marvin got off and get in his house. He dropped off his backpack in his house and walked into the kitchen so he could enjoy his sandwich.


Meanwhile, Jason arrived at his house as well. Jason only lived a block away from Marvin. He didn’t waste time. He sat at the dining table in the kitchen and ate the meatball sandwich. It was delicious! And… It was all GONE in just a few minutes. Jason took a napkin from the counter top in the kitchen and he wiped down the table and he washed his hands before he walked back into his bedroom.


Jason took his English book and opened it along with his notebook. He had an essay to write so he decided to get started on that right away.


He had just finished his first page when…


“Darn, why is my shirt so tight?” Jason wondered. He unbuttoned all the buttons so he could continue working on his essay.


Five minutes later, his shorts started to feel really tight, especially around his quads.


“Crap! What is this? Are my clothes shrinking?” he grumbled, as he pulled his shorts down and continued while just wearing his underwear.


Another minute later, his long athletic socks started to feel uncomfortable, especially around his bulging calves.


“What’s going on?” he groaned.


This time, he got up and walked over to his mirror as he bent down to pull his socks off.


“What’s happening to my cloth—“he sighed as he saw his reflection in the mirror.


Then it hit him. His jaw dropped wide open. He had gained thirty pounds of MUSCLE!


“Holy smoke! What…. What happened?”


Then there was a sound! It came from his cell phone! It was Marvin! He ran to his desk to answer it.




“What? Why? What’s going on?”


“I’m like all BUFFED UP! GET OVER HERE!”


“What the hell is going on?”


Jason hung up and put his shoes on before he ran out the door, jogging down the street to Marvin’s house. He would normally run this in 3 minutes, but he got there much faster, thanks to the inflated muscles in his legs….



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Yay!! It continued! 83

I hope that more chapters will be added soon. ^^ You're awesome.

(also: sorry that I do not add one... i am not a good writer at all. ;n; )

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On 10/20/2016 at 1:34 PM, Hanugumo said:

Yay!! It continued! 83

I hope that more chapters will be added soon. ^^ You're awesome.

(also: sorry that I do not add one... i am not a good writer at all. ;n; )

THANK YOU! I'm so happy to read this kind of feedback. I didn't realize you guys would like this story so much. I'm gonna start working on a new chapter... I usually think about it first before I write it...


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