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I promise this is the last of the silly ideas in my head before I write something more mainstream, so thanks for bearing with me while I indulge some of my ridiculous fantasies!


Okay, whoa, stop stop stop! Without reading your story, let me tell you right off the bat that this disclaimer is ludicrous! Whatever the premise, whatever the plot or the fantasy, you write whatever the hell you want. You don't try to please us with something "more mainstream" – whatever that means. We are not "bearing with you", we are eagerly awaiting anything creative that anyone here thinks up and is kind enough to share with us. 
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Now I've read it – and you can color me very intrigued. First off, I want to know what happened in that year into the future. But even more so, why does a bodybuilder just walk around this post apocalyptical world? Why does he look familiar? And why does he have a name for whatever he thinks Lewis is? 

As I said, don't you dare refrain from what you've called "silly ideas". I want more of this and you're not keeping it from all of us in the forum because you think it's not "mainstream" enough!



Seriously, though, the beginning is very interesting and I would really like to see you expand on it :)

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Whoa, hey, nice one :)


More glimpses of the dystopia and it's only making us more interested in what the hell happened in that one year. The descriptions and actions are to the point and keep the story going at a pace fitting for the shock to Lewis' system. Personally, I'm not a fan of excessive violence, but the hell I'll miss the next part because I want to see what's gonna happen next!

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