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Author Note: Hey Gang, this is my first published story on the new m-g site. Different compared to the stories I usually write. I have a few notes  at bottom of post. Thanks for reading.



Freshman year. Cross country team. Most of us freshman had had our share of ritual welcomings before. None of us were surprised after the first day of practice when the rest of the team, the older guys, came into our row in the locker room and gave us a directive.


“Nice work, boys. We look forward to welcoming you to the team,” our senior captain, Steve said. “But it's a long tradition at the U to have the freshmen meet us the night after first practice. Tonight. At the track field. Bring your running shoes.”


There were only 10 of us freshman who made the cut. We looked to each other with a knowing and sighing conclusion. It was going to be a naked mile. We knew it. It probably had to happen.


So at 9pm I threw on some comfortable running clothes, ones I'd easily be able to slip out of, and headed toward the track field. I ran into two fellow freshman runners, Chris and Kurt, on the way down. “Hey Tomas,” Chris said. “Glad someone else is heading down dressed. Daniel said he was going to go in the buff, heard whoever did that would get extra cred with the upperclassmen.”


“I wouldn't doubt it,” I responded, “but I'm too new at this shit to try anything too out of the ordinary. Are we running late?”


“Nah...” Kurt answered, “probably okay to be a little fashionably late anyway.”


As we rounded the corner our suspicions were proven: Daniel was about 20 feet ahead of us, in the complete buff except for his running shoes and socks. He turned around, “Hey ladies!” he said, running back up the stairs to meet us, “ready for a little naked run! I love it, fresh breeze, night air, dick waggin under the stars,” the three of us laughed. Daniel had a certain playful quality about him, which made him a good friend to us. Easy to get along with. And even though he wasn't the fastest runner, his personality made him popular. We also found out quickly during our first practice that the guy was definitely the one who would be the buff buddy. The naked roommate. He walked into the locker room only in his boxers, having already started stripping outside, and was nude almost the entire time inside. He was just that guy, nothing wrong with that. Looking down at his body I could understand why too. His Adonis was ripped and his thighs were ticker than footballs. What he lacked in upper body strength his legs carried 3-fold.


As we rounded our way into the track field we found the rest of the team, and the remaining freshman waiting for us. “Well, I guess we are late,” Kurt said.


Of the upperclassmen, two sophomores, Ben and Andres, were completely nude. Daniel walked over to them, “well if it isn't the upperclassmen getting naked too, how goes it ladies?!” he said, slapping them on the ass before taking position with the rest of us freshman.


Ben and Andres looked right ahead like guards to a fort, but Steve gave the evening's directives with a commanding presence. “First, gentlemen,” he said, “welcome. And in case you are wondering, Daniel does get the extra cred as Badass of the Night for coming down from his dorm in the nude. Congrats big guy!


“As for the rest of you, it's gonna be a naked run through the county's forest preserve, right across the street from campus. As Ben and Andres won last year's race during their initiation, they get to have the honor of leading you through your initiation. Whoever gets first and second tonight will get to have the honor next year.” Ben and Andres smiled at each other, not much of an 'honor' but they were willing to do it regardless. “Race starts here,” Steve continued, “first two back here win. It's about a mile and a half, but I don't think you ladies will mind. So stretch out, strip here, we'll take care of your clothes, Ben and Andres are going with you as insurance that we're not going to abandon you and your clothes, they'll be safe with us until you get back. We're a team, we're bros. We're lookin out for you.”


We didn't spend too long stretching before Steve commanded the clothes to go. I peeled off my shirt and realized, with the humid air outside, going in the buff for a few minutes wouldn't be so bad. Dropping my shorts and boxers, I looked around to see I was completely in the norm tonight as my new friends did the same thing. Giving ourselves another quick stretch, we stood and followed Ben and Andres out toward the forest preserve.


“Alright guys, we'll try to keep this as brief as possible. Try to follow one at a time, if you fall behind, no big deal, Andres will hold the rear, won't pass anyone and will help keep you on the path.”


“Yup, the rear,” Andres said with a chuckle, just trying to keep the tension down. It didn't take long, honestly, for the consciousness of being nude to leave me, or my teammates. We just started running. We didn't talk to each other, but after a minute I noticed I was already far ahead of the rest of the group, I was just trying to keep up with Ben but noticed soon he and I were the only ones running through the forest. I listened for other footsteps, but could hear none. “Hey Ben,” I said, speaking for the first time, “where is everyone else?”


Ben turned around and noticed the same thing I did. “Oh shit,” he said, “I wonder if I made a wrong turn?” I looked back to him, “dude you were supposed to lead us, did you really?”


“I dunno,” he said, looking up at the stars, “we could have, maybe we should backtrack and...”


His sentence was quickly cut off as a short but loud roaring sound came to us overhead. I looked up and to the left quickly following the sound. It was a bolt of fire, almost a comet-like orb, that came racing overhead. Ben and I ducked as the rock-like shape continued overhead us, then off to the near distance. CRASH! He grabbed my shoulder out of fear and we looked to each other.


“What the fuck was that?” I asked. “Is this some stupid part of the initiation?” I shoved his hand off of me, thinking it was a ploy to freak out the freshmen.


“What? No, man!” Ben answered. “We just run out and back from the forest. I have no idea what that thing was. I'm just here to lead a run! Jesus what was that?...”


“Oh shit...” I whisper, “well, maybe we should check it out I guess, I don't know if that was a plane or a burning parachutist, or what.”


Ben and I walk carefully toward the burning orb, the fire now seemingly bigger. After about 50 feet we stop in shock, however, as we see not a burning rock but 2 men, or something like men, fighting ferociously down a hillside.


Below the hillside where we stand is a 10 foot area in the forest completely obliterated by the falling orb. Everything is scorched. And in the middle are two men, one who looks human, with his shirt off, hairy chest, and incredibly buff, fighting another man who seems to be completely coated in silver. “Jesus,” I whisper, almost too afraid to talk. “What the fuck is that Ben?”


“I don't know, keep your voice down,” Ben whispers back. “What the...they look like...err...”


“What is this a fuckin joke? They look like the avengers or something,” I say with a blush. I can't help but remind myself that comic book characters aren't real. Who are these people? What are they doing?


The hairy guy is leveling incredibly loud punches into the silver guy who, though they don't seem to phase him, he's continually getting confused and not able to fight back. “I want that board!” the hairy man shouts, “every time we work together you always end up getting the glory! Not anymore you dick, it's mine!”


The hairy man shoves the silver man into the dirt and steps on him, his weight causing the silver man to sink a little. With an instant of opportunity, the hairy man grabs the silver board and slams it into the silver man's chest. “ARRRGHHHH!!” the silver man shouts, his voice quickly gurgling as a mercury-like liquid sprays out from him.


The hairy man snaps his fingers and torches a huge fire over the silvery puddle, quickly causing it to liquify and separate form the man. The man quickly turns into a hot, bubbling puddle of mercury and subsides into a lifeless pond.


The fire burns off the hairy man's pants, but otherwise he seems unhurt from the destruction he caused. He looks around cautiously to examine his surroundings. Ben and I quickly hide behind the bush where we were observing.


I can see the hairy man look in our direction. I was sure he heard us, he must have. I wanted to tell Ben to run but we were both too spooked to say a thing. We pause and carefully watch like silent hawks. Though he's far away I think I see the hairy man smile, almost as if he knows we're there, or at least one of us. Turning his attention back to the puddle, he says, “Later, surfer,” stepping over the puddle and tossing the board into the air, causing it to levitate. He hops on it and speeds off into the upper atmosphere, higher and higher until he's completely out of site.


Ben and I stand, wondering if the coast is clear. I look over to Ben and he smiles at me, shrugging his shoulders. “kinda exciting isn't it?” I look down and see what he's saying. The jock is sporting a small erection. He grabs it and gives a pump or two. “That was fuckin incredible. Who were those guys? Looked to me like Johnny and the Silver Surfer.”


“What are you nuts?!” I shout back. “Those things aren't even real! They're drawings in a book! This is totally fucked up we gotta get help, we gotta get someone out here to examine this shit!”


“Not yet,” Ben said, walking down the burnt hill toward the puddle of silver. “I wanna check this out first.”


I turn back but don't see the team, we must be alone. Reluctantly I walk with him toward the puddle, quickly examining my surroundings to see if some other insane creature will come swooping down to destroy both of us. “Be careful, man!” I say, “we're both fuckin nuts for even coming this far! What the hell was that?” I ask.


“I know it sounds crazy but look: I think two superheroes were fighting, one and the other, the one dude wanted the other one's board and he got it. Now he's off with the board and the silver dude is dead. Maybe.”


We walk toward the puddle and see it still bubbling slightly from the fight. “Man, to have all that power,” Ben said, bending his knees to look closely at the silver. “All that fuckin power.”


I stand behind him and notice goosebumps rise on his skin. The guy was becoming drunk on what he just saw! The supernatural abilities of those guys. “I got an idea,” Ben said, restanding and facing me. “I want to touch that silver goo, just to see what might happen,”


“Ben, no!” I shout back. “You're fuckin nuts! You have no idea what that shit can do.”

“No,” he replies quickly, “I think I do. It's worth a shot, I want some of those powers.”


I look around again before seeing Ben stare deeply into the pool. I walk around him and look into it too, the puddle, though seemingly unimportant, grew on me as I stared at it. It looked kind of miraculous, sharp, powerful. It was pretty incredible. “Okay Ben,” I tell him, and wait for him to bring his attention back to me, “if this shit works out, and you uhh, gain something from it, promise me,” Ben looks back down at the puddle, “Ben!” I shout again, “promise me! That you won't go all fucked up by touching it, and that you'll maybe, uhh, share some of what you gain with me and the team.”


Ben snaps back to reality and considers what I say, nodding. “Right, okay,” he answers, “thanks man, thanks for spotting me. Here we go.”


Ben reaches his hand toward the puddle, watching as it steams and bubbles more and more as his flesh approaches it. “Oh my god,” I whisper as his hand gets closer and closer, until finally...


The silver jumps onto his hand before Ben even has a chance to touch it. “Oh!” he shouts in surprise. “God it's hot!” he says as the silver starts puddling over his hands and reaching onto his forearm.


The silver pulls his left, then right arms in toward the puddle as Ben tries to balance himself. “Jesus!” Ben shouts, his left foot slipping into the puddle as well, immediately burning his shoe and sock off. “Oh god, I can feel it!” he says between breaths, “it's fuckin...garr...takin over me!”


The silver climbs up both his forearms and his feet, burning off any hair he has on his body before climbing over it. It smoothly rolls over his flesh, creating a shiny covering over his body and pulls itself up from the ground and onto my teammate. “Oh god,” he says, still frozen in a crouched position, “I'm fucking growing!!” as his muscles twitch under the silver.


The silver slows at Ben's elbows and knees and he's able to pull his arms out of the puddle before restanding. His feet still in the puddle, other shoe quickly disintegrating, he examines his body as his twitching muscles grow out from the silver covering onto the rest of his naked body. “Ohh...” he says in ecstasy. I watch in bewilderment as his body grows.


Ben involuntarily bends his shoulders muscles and back as muscle grows over his shoulder blades, protruding out, then wrapping down and into his biceps. They were becoming refined, strong, and assured. Ben laughed a little to himself as he checked out his building arms. “Jesus!” he muttered. Looking down at his lower arms he saw veins begin to protrude under the silver and additional muscle warp itself. His hands cracked and grew as he stretched and moved his fingers.

At the same time
I noticed his abs expand. They began to grow outward: even, defined muscles forming an eight pack. They hardened as the cresses grew deep grooves into his body. “Ahh!” Ben exclaimed. “What's happening to me” he whispered. As the muscle growth began hitting his waistline, he could feel it growing, enveloping more as his waist grew. The growing waist caused his sinew to create fine and definable contours. Ben grabbed his waist as he wished for more, silver coming off his hands and settling onto his ass.

Ben turns and examines his protruding butt, pulling against his body at first before it forming hard muscle on itself, growing outward, strong, further tightening. As the side ass muscles flexed and locked in place, rounding to become a tight bubble butt, he noticed the silver regaining length on his legs, slowly moving up his now incredibly muscular body. His thighs snapped tall and grew, becoming refined and strong. He started growing from his fairly short 5'7” to 6'0” and taller. His thighs then began pecing outwards and matching the growth of his ass. They became like footballs as rock hard muscle grew into them as the silver slowly climbed its way over his knees and onto his thighs.

Checking out his growing body,
Ben looks up at me and smiles. “This is what I'm fucking talking about!” he says, laughing as the silver climbs up his forearms. But even as he continued to transform into this muscle creature all I could do was stare in intense interest and admiration. Admiring himself in all his naked splendor, Ben smiled at the silver that grew over it, a new form of supernatural armour that was embellishing his newly cut body. I couldn't help but turn my attention to his exposed cock and balls, they were growing! Ben laughed as a huge source of adrenaline and sex-hormone erupted from his exposed package, balls stretching with his growing dick.


Oh my god,” Ben says in ecstasy, “more! MOOREE!”


I looked down to notice all the silver had seeped up from the ground and was now completely on Ben. It shrouded his shoulders, more muscular than ever before and raised up over his incredibly bulked quads, burning the hair off his body as it continued to take over him. “I am gaining the powers of the silver surfer” he quickly whispered, “I can feel his presence, his powers, his autonomy, his omnipotence. I am becoming...him!” he says between breaths, “More...more” he continues whispering as the silver burns his pubes and forms over his hugely defined dick and balls allowing his package contours to be completely visible, protruding behind the silver. “Mmm...” he says as it builds over his body, “Yes!” his voice getting deeper.


He turns and the silver climbs over his new bubble butt and up his sinew-ridden back. Ben stretches his body as it rises over his chest and neck before covering his face, up and over his brown hair, burning it off as it expands over his body.


The liquid over the new super-powered man continues to rumble over his body, almost massaging his muscles. Ben grabs his silver-coated face, loosing his balance for a moment and stepping back before looking forward with a huge smile. Though his lips are covered, I can see an intense silver electric current emenating from his eyes and mouth. “FUUCK YEA!” he shouts with a deep and power-ridden voice. “I am...POWER!”


Ben starts to levitate from the ground as he continues to check out his growing body. “MORE!” he shouts again. “I can feel the powers!”


In a blinding light of pure power I take witness to what the new being is saying, I see the powers he gains. As his face, now handsomely grown and thinly formed, began to show underneath the silver armor, a dark gray cloud cloud began to form over him. He looked up at me and smiled, eagerly awaiting the best part of his transformation. He was gaining the power of this body suit he wore. The powers of the Silver Surfer! The cloud quickly enveloped him, violent, like a tornado, wrapping around his now coated body. Still levitating electric bolts started forming within the clouds and gracefully running over Ben's suit: The power of transformation, the power to turn into anything he wanted, the power to read or control other peoples minds, to leave them at his will. The power of immortality and invisibility, to phase through all matter. The power to spread the surfer's—quickly becoming his own—power to others, if he wanted, or to enslave them. He began laughing as he gained the knowledge of all of this, realizing the liberation of becoming a something all-powerful. His laughter grew louder while still under the cloud, all of these powers and more depositing into Ben.


In an instant, the cloud subsided, and the newly formed silver surfer floated above me in all his glory. “Yes...” he said again, examining his body, feeling the silver on his skin.


He levitates to the ground and takes a step toward me. “This was exactly what I wanted, and now I can have it!” he says.


The being is intoxicating. The powers were hypnotic. Almost infatuating. I don't think I had ever been or seen anything more incredible. Why couldn't I have seen what Ben saw earlier? Those powers could have been mine! I was too rational. I kept thinking to myself such insane thoughts about the power before me that I didn't even realize what kind of situation I was in. That I was standing in front of someone who was incredibly dangerous. And I didn't even seem to care. Mustering the strength to talk I said, “Holy shit...Ben? Uhh, are you still all there? Can I uhh...”


“Of course I am!” he states commandingly. “I have the power now. I have everything! I got exactly what I wanted and you stood there and let me take it. Let me take the powers.”


He looks to me with an electric smile. “You want some of these powers don't you? Well I'm afraid I don't have time for humans at the moment,” he looks back at his body. “No time to share powers with a mortal. Better luck next time little human...”


“Ben wait!” I shout, trying to get his attention. I run toward him, thinking if I make contact maybe I can take some of the silver powers as well, but I simply phase right through the being. “HA!” he shouts, a now more sinister voice. “You can never be like me! I am the silver surfer! Like I said, better luck next time little mortal, I have the power now, I will use it to my will; if you're lucky maybe you'll find a destroyed a superhero you can merge with...heh...”


Ben rises again from the ground, levitating higher and higher. He motions his arms in a circle creating a new silver board for him to fly on. “Later on!” he shouts, standing on the board, flying high into space. “Johnny, I'm coming after you!” he shouts, his mind on a new objective.


I stare at the sky as the silver beam disappears into the stars. “Holy shit...” I say. I had to find some of that power, and I was going to get it.



This is my first attempt at fan-like fiction, could be my only I'm not sure how I feel about this story. I appreciate any feedback. I don't know much about comics, but there's a few characters that I think are pretty cool. I got this idea after seeing some requests for comic fanfics on the story ideas forum. I have a lot of new original stories I hope to post soon, they take awhile for me to edit. This one was kind of a quick write up.


Also, what are your thoughts on the ending? I wanted to make something that would leave some objectives for Tomas and the other runners to go after. Some story development, I guess. But it also causes another guy to kind of become a potential antagonist. I've been trying to stay away from corruption TFs, but that seemed to be the best way to go with this one, to have Ben gain the powers and be, maybe sort of, corrupoted. Anyway I appreciate thoughts on that too.

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Compared to some of the weird stuff I've seen in various fanfics (hell, My Immortal is still the unofficial record holder for being the weirdest fic most likely written under the influence), this is actually tame. The corruption aspect does work here as the surfer's powers were not meant for the human mind. As for limited knowledge on comics, there's always marvel.wikia.com

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Hey Gang,


Wow, thanks for the kind words and support. I really appreciate the feedback. Honestly, this story was one that I just wrote up quickly, as arpeejay said, it has some proofing errors.  I just wrote and submitted without a lot of proofing or corrections, which I should have done. I had never done a outright comic-character story and just decided to give it a shot, I've had a fantasy for awhile about a guy getting super powers from being covered in goop and I thought this could be a neat tie in.


I have a big series that I'm working on right now, a rehash and continuation of a really old story that I posted on the old site years ago. It could be up to 8 parts, but I only have 3 parts done so far. I don't post too often and I wish I could write more stories, but I'll throw out another thread on the story ideas section to see if I can brainstorm ideas with fellow writers.


Definitely let me know if you guys have any other ideas I can give them a try or give some other brainstorming ideas. I think a venom/abomination story would be awesome but I don't have many ideas for it at the moment.


If you like these kinds of stories I'll put a post on the story ideas thread. Thanks again.

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