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A moment of weakness


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Hi guys, this is something i did a few years back on the old forum. Just reposting it.

Hope you guys enjoy it.





“Don’t you think that’s a little too high?”


I looked down at Alvin’s high platform shoes with a raised eyebrow


He was too busy however with measuring his new height to take into consideration what I had just said.


“Hurry up Mike! And take an accurate measurement!”


I shrugged to myself as I took a long metal ruler in my right hand and placed it gently at the top of his head. Careful to be as accurate as I could I drew a faint line with a pencil.




Alvin turned back with excitement but the hopeful smile on his face was quickly wiped off his face as his eyes gazed upon the faint pencil mark.


“Awww! It only made me about 2 inches taller!”


Being seated next to him in class, it wasn’t surprising that we started talking after a month of lessons. I found his company amusing and even though he annoyed me with his cocky attitude sometimes, I was fine hanging out with someone…erm…..less endowed than me.


Standing at a height of 5’3 Alvin was pretty much one of the shortest guys in school. The fact that his body was under developed didn’t help either. His shoulders were small and droopy, his arms were weak and skinny and his legs were short and frail. Yet despite his skinny frame he had a slight bulging beer belly popping out of his abdomen unsightly. His skin looked like it had just fought a battle with acne marks and pimple scars all over his face.  Alvin was however one of the cockiest guys in school. Given his small and unsightly stature however he would still go up to girls and ask them out and act with a punkish “Jersey shore-like” attitude. He loved wearing muscle tees, tank tops and walking around topless even though he had nothing to show off to. I always suspected he was conscious about the way he looked so he tries to act big and tough. It’s amusing to me though, and I see him as a monkey entertaining me.


The difference between him and me was simple. Just pure simple. I loved wearing muscle tee, tank tops and going topless too. Just that I had everything in the world to show it off to.


My name is Mike, and I have the most incredible body you have ever seen. My whole life I have been blessed to be unnaturally strong as well as having an incredibly hot athletic body. Being sporty and going to the gym since I was a boy has carved me into the perfect muscle god. My shoulders were broad and wide and my huge veiny biceps were the envy of every other guy out there.  When chicks oil my body up (which they all wait in line just to do), my huge godly pecs and carved abs glow bright as I stand to my full height of 6’2 under the sun. Not only am I blessed with a strong body but also a handsome face. With my smooth skin, strong masculine facial features doubled with my strong body and tall height all I needed were some killer sunglasses and I swear to you. I would have killed people on the streets.


“Damm this is gonna make me look like an underwear model”


Alvin laughed arrogantly as he admired his new platform shoes. Carefully placing shoulder pads on his shoulders to make his frame look bigger under his shirt he looked at himself in the mirror


“I already thought I looked good. But with these shoulder pads I’m gonna be getting myself laid tonight!?”


I just stood at a corner keeping my thoughts to myself as I played with the new pair of Oakley sunglasses I was intending to wear out today.  With a body and face like mine I don’t look to get laid. YOU wait in line to get fucked by me.  Being good looking all my life I just didn’t understand why guys like Alvin couldn’t just stop pretending being so confident and accept the fact that they are U.G.L.Y and probably WILL be a virgin all their lives no matter how hard they try.


No matter though. His actions entertain me. Plus I’m gonna have a laugh later when he discovers I slept with the hot chick he was intending to hang out with. I’ll just pretend I didn’t know about his crush and make it seem like it was her fault. Perfect one night stand.


Yea I’m an arsehole. But with a body and face like mine. I get away with it.


Everyone had to pass a physical test later which consisted of various exercises such as pull ups and running. This was cake for me.


It was a totally different story for Alvin. His weak little arms couldn’t even get him one pull up and his frail short little legs only hinder him when he was running.


But wanting to dress like a “real” man for this sports event he got high platform shoes to make him taller as well as well as shoulder pads to make him look wider. What a loser. Even if he looked like a “real” man, can he “perform” like a “real” man?


After taking a walk down to the field and listening to his “plans” on getting laid tonight I spotted the little pussy that slept with me last night. As always she comes before me (like any other chick would) and looked me seductively in the eye.


“I had great fun last night, I never knew a real man till your little piece of meat came into me last night”


I laughed and flexed my right bicep hard and within a few seconds the seams on my sleeve broke!


“Oh yea baby. You want somemore of this?”


She placed her hand on my crotch area and stroked it lightly while using her left to feel my huge biceps.


As a little bulge begin to appear on my shorts and my moaning got louder Alvin stood in front of me motionless. His eyes were becoming watery.


She turned around and looked at Alvin. “I can’t understand you, making such losers as friends. Oh I know! You use him as a free benchpress! Hahahaha!” 


We both laughed loudly as Alvin stood there tearing.


 I pretended like I didn’t know anything.


“Whats wrong man? You alright?”


I was full on arrogance knowing that I just dented his ego.  Sick. I know. But who cares when you have biceps like mine?


“I think my friend is’nt well. We’ll go to the pull up station first” I told her as I watched in joy seeing Alvin’s red face and teary eyes.


Putting my arm over Alvin pretending I didn’t know anything “ahh, women, I don’t know why they just keep coming to me. I always wonder why I’m so good looking” He looked up at me with a piercing stare but I just smiled back to him sarcastically.


At the pull up bar station where we had to complete as many pull ups as we could in a given time, I went first. With a smirk on my face I reached up for the bar and away I went. Seriously, this is so easy! I mean look at my arms, these veiny, muscular and strong arms has been the envy of every other guy out there! And as always I wowed the crowd when I did 60 pull ups. I even broke the record set by the previous top athletes. Wanted to hit 80, but think i should'nt make the other weaker guys look bad. I'm such a nice person


Now it was Alvin’s turn. He nervously went for the pull up bar, still obviously shaken that his long time crush was fucked by me last night. He tried jumping for the bar because his short height didn’t allow him to grab it. Everyone in the crowd laughed as I had to lift him up the ground for him grab the bar. A perfect opportunity for me to show off my strength and muscles.  Alvin however wasn’t in a very comfortable position. Trying his best to just manage one pull up he closed his eyes and tried to pull himself up.


“Hey! That guy looks like his shitting his pants!”


“What a weak baby!”


“Oh my god, he can’t even do a singly pull up? Seriously?”


The crowd around him was laughing hysterically by now. Mocking his weak strength. The main course was yet to come.

As he managed to finally bring his head to the tip of the bar something from his shirt dropped off. It was a white spongy thing that fell on the floor. And suddenly his left shoulder looked smaller than his right shoulder.


“Yo! Check it out! The weak baby is wearing shoulder pads to make himself look bigger! Pathetic!”


The crowd was now laughing madly as his strength gave in and he fell onto the floor.  Lying in mud with tears across his face, he started covering his face unable to take the humiliation that was coming at him at all fronts.


He finally got on his feet and ran off.


But not before giving me a stare. With his deep brown eyes, it pierced into my soul. And for once today, I actually felt genuinely sorry for him.


I ran off in the same direction as him. Only to find him hiding in a deserted toilet at the highest level of a building.


“Hey you alright man?” I tried to comfort him


“No go away! Fucking leave me alone!” He yelled at me while sitting on the floor at the corner of the toilet.


For once in my life I felt really sorry for the harm I caused a person. I didn’t expect this to happen and I felt really bad that I stole his crush. I did what I have never done before. I kneeled before him and gave him a hug.


For an awkward five or maybe six seconds it was silence.


He finally broke down again.


“Mike, have you any idea why I act so cockily sometimes?”


I remained silent


“I really wish I didn’t have this body. I wish I could be handsome and strong. I wish I could be tall and have a hot body. I wish I could be you……Mike, you’re my only friend. And I know you would never betray me”


At this point my heart melted. Hell was I a terribly evil person. This person treated me with so much trust and friendship but I made him go through hell.


“Is there anything I can do to make you dream come true? Maybe I could coach you in the gym or something?”


Alvin shook his head as a grin took over his face. A long silent followed as he looked at me hypnotically as in he was trying to control my mind.


“You can make my wish come true…….if you could lend me your body for a day I promise that would be the best day of my life.”

I was shocked to hear that, yet the idea of swapping bodies had been a fetish to me for some time. No doubt it would suck to be in his body. But for him to experience being a “real” man, and one that was incredibly attractive and in his sexual prime would make me less guilty for the pain I put him though. In fact I would feel no loss at all, after all he did say it was just for one day right? It would be interesting to live a day in his body as well. You know explore new things?


“I….I….I agree……How do we make this swap?”


He grinned “We have to transfer our DNAs. You suck me off to release my DNA seeds in your body and then fuck me to release yours in mine.”


Though I wasn’t gay, the idea of sucking a man’s dick has been a curious erotic idea to me. I yanked off his underwear, then buried my head into his crotch to suck him off. As my head nestled in that area between his two skinny fragile legs, I was met with a distinctive musk that only Alvin could produce and I embraced it as I began to demand his load. I sucked and sucked and it didn't take long for my skinny friend to release what he could and even the one spurt that came out was sufficient to do what I wanted it to do.


Immediately after I savored the flavor of his load in my mouth, I lifted Alvin’s legs over my strong shoulders and my cock met his awaiting hole. I had fucked a shitload of girls before but the curiosity of fucking a weak little man made my heart pump more. I wanted to fuck him so badly and pump him full of me so my pre-cum soaked mushroom just seemed to slide right into him and then I pushed and all seven inches made it, with my ball sacs nestled in between his surprisingly fat ass cheeks. The feeling of being inside him was different from chicks but as I began to pump with great anticipation I could sense that Alvin’s sperm in my mouth was making some subtle changes in me already.


As Alvin lay on his back looking up at me and yelling for me to pump faster, he began commenting that he could see my hard pectoral muscles and defined areas in my abdominal muscles moving. The sensation and realization was driving me harder and harder into his soft ass and my cock was like a hard pipe waiting to explode its cargo.


As I pumped and pumped, I was sweating like I was doing my work out and all the sweat from my head, chest and stomach was dripping onto Alvin’s stomach and the sweat seemed to cause his stomach to become more define, like it was forming six small areas and that just made me pump harder. I wanted my climax to be enough to unload every drop of my seed into him and and once that moment arrived I gave it one last thrust and with my cock so deep into him I exploded and I could see the expression on his face as he felt several thick ropes of my load fill his ass.


After any climax so enormous, there is always a slow gentle high that seems to last as my cock throbs its way down to a placid state, but in this case the gentle high didn't last very long as my cock actually shrunk as it throbbed and became too small to remain Alvin’s ass. Popping it out allowed my body to continue its transformation, while I watched Alvin change and begin to take on the physique I had known so well for so long. Watching his skinny baby tits form pectoral muscles and his beer belly of a stomach shrink and show a six pack while his face, shoulders, legs, skin color and hair on his head change.

My stomach grew wide and my once muscular chest now displayed nothing more than two saggy nipples and my face now popped with pimples and acne scars. I was totally exhausted from all the fucking and It felt strange cause I did it in my old strong body but was experiencing the exhaustion that my former body would have just chalked up to a good fuck in this weak skinny body.


Alvin, now in my former body ran towards the nearest mirror in the toilet. I watched as he carefully ran his fingers along the defined muscle lines on his chest and stomach and how he looked at his new chiseled face and admired his tan skin and not to mention that cock that now hung between two ripe ball sacs. And as he flexed his newly given biceps his legs continued to grow in length and before he was done flexing his left arm. He had already grown to my former 6’2 in height.

Alvin was now a muscle god. Alvin was now me.


I took my time to get up from the floor. Everything felt weird to me now. Being in a strong body all my life I was utterly unused to being in a weak body. I looked up at Alvin in my former body. Woah, I never knew how tall I was! I glanced at my former body’s huge pecs and strong arms, I never knew I was so sexy!


“So how you liking your new body?”


I smiled at Alvin expecting some form of gratitude from him.


Turning around he gave me a grin. He grabbed me by my shoulders and brought me to a lying position.


“Hey! What you doing man?”


He gave out an arrogant laughter as he went into a lying position himself and used me as a benchpress. Too weak to resist him I could only sound my anger to him.


He proceeded to reach for a bar on top of the celling and easily he finished 45 pull ups.


“Woah did you see that! I still can’t do 60 pull ups like you did during the test but I did 30! Not bad for a first timer using this new body” Alex laughed in my new manly voice


I tried to make him happy by forcing myself to laugh with him.


“Hey man, don’t get too comfortable. Its only for one day……right?”


As he puts on my former clothes and places his new seven inch cock and hanging sacs back into his pants he glances back at me.


“You know, you do need both parties agreement to change back before we can actually swap bodies back right?”

My whole body was sweating and my heart was beating faster than ever before. I was beginning to panic.


“Ok…….so….Tomorrow we meet at my place or your place to do th……….”


Alex in my body interrupted in a low and typical Alex cocky tone….


“Referring to the first question you asked me…”


He kneeled down and grabbed the new pair of Oakley sunglasses I was intending to wear today from the floor and slipped it over his eyes. A white reflection flashed over the dark mirrored lenses of his new killer shades as he walked out of the dark toilet into the sunlight.


“I like this body………..Alot”


I swore he killed me with that flash.





Thanks for reading guys,

Now why not I make this interesting.

What do YOU think should happen next?

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They both need to learn a lesson because they're both really awful dudes. In short...


Alvin was an arrogant guy with little man syndrome. He clearly never worked for anything body-wise. Takes Mike's body and plans to keep it to live Mike's life, despite Mike actually being nice. Alvin considers Mike one of his friends, or rather, he's so desperate that Mike is his only friend. So that makes the implied theft even worse.

Oh but Mike isn't perfect either. He straight up admits to being Alvin's pity friend. He's also arrogant but at least he has the goods to back it up, and he's not so straightforward with it like Alvin is. He encouraged Alvin's gross behavior for his amusement too. That's bad! He finally realizes how tormented Alvin is and he swaps his body, his hard work, to help Alvin out. Though it was obvious he didn't learn a lesson. Not in that short amount of time.

Still, betraying one's genuine kindness is a vile act. Even if the person was awful. So in the end, Alvin is still the ugliest one in the entire story. He needs to be taught a lesson. Mike is kind of learning his lesson of what pushing someone so far can do, but probably still doesn't get it.

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Great story!! Hope you continue!!!!

Would be great to see more humiliation for Mike. Perhaps both of them are bad people because they have been in the wrong bodies all of their life, would be interesting to see how the "straight" Mike reacts to seeing his former sexy body boss him around making him worship him. Perhaps Mike is secretly gay and submissive and has been behaving like a straight arrogant jerk.

Alvin on the other hand could become a much better person in his new body, more naturally dominant, having him treat Mike as his little slave, he might realise this is the way thing should be.

In all it would be fun to make it a humiliating journey for Mike, Alvin could very quickly realise that Mike is secretly enjoying his new role as a bottom and his slave.would be fun what imaginative ways alvin could think of to break Mike and make him accept his new role, would love to see alvin locking his cock up in chastity to keep him perpetually horny as punishment for some thing, having mike getting horny every time he sees his old body, everyone the new alvin is mean or dominant to him.

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  • 8 months later...

Sorry for the super late reply guys!


Thanks for the suggestions and different opinions!

I actually really like Leonard20's idea. From the story you can tell that if alvin were to be put in Mike's body, he would most likely do a very good job being "Mike". I think all his life Alvin was always in the wrong body. He's personality fitted Mike's body almost to a T.

Mike on the other hand... I doubt he was ever a bottom and he was meant for his body. It was a perfect fit, considering his cocky jock like personality that his stud body had come to nurture. Alot of humilation for poor little mike will be in store i guesss...


/wink wink

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