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Lex's Fulfillment


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As he rocketed across the sky, the Man of Steel struggled to calm himself, realizing that he needed to come up with a plan and get back quickly to Lex at the construction site. In spite of the hero's superhuman capacity to recover, and even though their struggle lasted only minutes, he actually ached from the strain of grappling with the enormous pistons that were Lex's arms. It was hard to believe that Lex had out-muscled him - something he had never experienced before. But even harder for the hero to accept was how Lex had raped the hero's mouth with his tongue and forced the hero's groin to press against Lex's hardened cock. Nothing in his experience had prepared the hero for being forced to submit to being used as a toy for an enemy's physical pleasure.

As uncomfortable as he found the thought of facing again the musclebound goliath that his old archenemy had become, the hero knew he could not leave Lex alone to wreak destruction on the city. He estimated how quickly he could get to his artic fortress to obtain the projector that could send Lex to the Phantom Zone until he could figure out a means of reversing Lex's phenomenal alteration.

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted when he experienced his midsection being rammed, knocking the air out of him, and forcing him out of his flight path. Lex moving at an even faster speed had intercepted and tackled the hero in mid-flight, his enormous arms now wrapped around the hero's waist, pushing him backward across the sky. The hero now had to confront that Lex an ability to fly as well as strength that challenged his own.

The hero recognized that Lex had them on a collision course with the upper floors of the Metropolis tower, the city's preeminent skyscraper. He had to prevent that from happening, as the force of their impact would shatter a large portion of the building, endangering hundreds of lives. He attempted to use his own flight power to pull them off course, but Lex had too much momentum for him to alter their path. Instead, the hero attempted to break Lex's grip by spinning like a top.

Fortunately, the effort was successful. Lex released him, but threw a fist into the hero's spinning midsection that knocked him a half mile across the sky. Finally managing to stop his backward flight, the hero turned, clenched his fists, and faced his now grinning opponent. Lex was clearly itching for a fight.

"No point trying to run away, little man. Up here, down there, I'm coming for you."

The hero knew he had to restrain himself from responding to Lex's arrogance. A struggle over the city would risk thousands of lives. He turned from the city and flew in the direction of his Artic refuge. He knew Lex would follow but he needed to arrive first, so he concentrated on maximizing speed to get some distance from his enemy. The effort accomplished nothing. Even as the hero broke the sound barrier, Lex kept pace with him and then was flying immediately at his side.

Lex yelled a taunt at his old opponent:

"Supes, you really need to lose the cape so the world can get a better view of your rear assets. Let me give you a hand. You can thank me later."

As the two figures rocketed across the sky, Lex moved behind the hero and then grabbed the top of the hero's cape and ripped it off his shoulders, letting it fall to the ground below.

"Somebody's going to make a fortune with that on E-Bay."

Lex was now flying directly behind his adversary and started intermittently pushing his hyper-developed chest into the wide spread of the hero's back. The hero recognized this was Lex again toying with him.

The now cape-less crimefighter decided he needed to take some evasive maneuvers.

"Lex, I don't know how you've copied my powers, but I have a lot more practice at this than you."

The hero began rapidly spinning through the sky as he increased his pace while at the same time rotating in circles. However, it simply didn't matter. For the next fifteen minutes, turn after turn, loop after loop, Lex continued to fly right behind him, making each spin and turn in unison with the herolike synchronized fighter pilots. Eventually, the frustrated hero slowed his pace. Lex decided it was time to show off a bit of his own maneuverability and spun around the hero so that they flew face to face, an arm's length apart.

"You may have more practice at this flying thing, Supes, but I seem to be a natural at it. You want to race?"

The hero determined that they were now finally approaching his artic fortress. If he could only maneuver Lex inside and line him up with the Phantom Zone projector, he might be able to trap Lex.

"Let's go down Lex, and talk this over, man to man."

"I got in mind something man to man too, Supes, but it hasn't got a lot to do with talk."

Lex drifted back and allowed the rattled crimefighter to descend. The hero landed on the ground in a clearing about a mile from the hidden entry to his fortress. He immediately clenched his fists, and scanned the area looking for Lex's arrival.

Within seconds, Lex appeared flying rapidly toward him. However, rather than land, Lex hurtled directly into his rival, wrapping his bulging arms around the hero's statuesque torso, lifting the hero off his feet and hauling the two of them through the air for half a mile until they smashed into a snow covered mountain cliff with the force a large dynamite explosion, hurtling rocks and snow thousands of feet, quaking the earth, and knocking the wind out of both of the titans.

When the hero recovered his senses, he found himself at the bottom of the crater created by their collision with Lex on top of him.

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I am working on the next section, but if you any ideas on how you would like to see Lex humiliate the Man of Steel, feel free to private message me. (but no Lois Lane).

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the pic of the real bodybuilder is he perfect incarnation of your Lext Luthor perfect!!! I think you must really post the new capters with this pic like add! It's eprfect, great work!

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Thanks. I have a few other "Lex inspiration" pics, tagging some of them onto chapters is a good idea! I like that guy in particular just because the sheer size of his chest is amazing, and his face has some real aggressive attitude

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The hero was initially taken back by the sheer weight of the large man on top of him - it felt as if an aircraft carrier had been condensed into Lex's 6'4" frame. However, the hero knew he was fully capable of lifting an aircraft carrier. He placed his hands onto the sides of Lex's enormous back and started to push him off. Before he could make any progress, Lex' hands grabbed the hero's wrists and his massive arms wrestled them to the ground on either side of the hero's head with Lex straddling his midsection.

The Man of Steel again was stunned by Lex's incredible strength. No one had ever forced his hands to do anything. He pushed with straining arms to resist, but Lex's position gave him superior traction, allowing him for the moment to keep his adversary pinned to the ground beneath him. The two enormous men glared at each other.

The hero sent a short quick place of heat vision into Lex's eyes intended to blind him temporarily. As the blast of radiation hit his eyes, Lex's head at first snapped back, then returned its fix on the hero.

"Oh please, don't make me laugh."

The hero suddenly felt a burning sensation on his own eyes. Lex was responding with a blast of his own heat vision. Now there was no question whether Lex had all of the hero's powers.

"We could probably both do that to each other all day, Supes, and only succeed in getting headaches."

As Lex looked down at his famous enemy, he squeezed the hero's wrists tighter, just to drive home the unfamiliar fact that the hero was facing an opponent actually able to inflict pain. Lex, convinced he no longer needed to fear his former tormentor, admired the perfect form of the man beneath him - even in this position he was a living sculpture of the idealized male form.

"As much as I hate you, Supes, I have to admit you are one gorgeous man. I'll try to avoid damaging that perfect face. So how do you like the new Lex?"

"Lex, this has to stop."

"Come on, Supes, you have to admit I'm a pretty impressive sight. Look at these guns!"

Lex released his grip on the hero's hands and brought his arms up, flexing his enormous biceps on either side of his head. As he moved his head from side to saw to examine the mountains bulging on each arm, Lex appeared intoxicated by his own muscularity.

The hero struggled to slow his racing pulse and mind as he looked up at the goliath looming over him with shoulders that filled his field of vision. Although he had encountered many powerful allies and opponents, he had never faced anyone as physically imposing as this bald Hercules. As he stared at the massive pectorals, layered abdominals and bulging arms, he forced himself to remember this figure was his old arch enemy.

With Lex momentarily distracted in self-admiration, the trapped hero finally managed to pull in his legs and forcefully elevate his lower body, throwing Lex off him. The hero jumped to his feet and shot out of the newly made canyon, heading through the artic wilderness in the direction of his hidden fortress. Within seconds he would be there, and he counted on having a few seconds lead on Lex. Suddenly, he felt a pair of powerful hands grab his feet and swing him in circles in the air, and then send him hurtling and crashing into the ground below.

Within seconds, the blue and red figure rose to his feet, but it was too late. Lex stood behind the still recovering hero, wrapping his right arm around the hero's chiseled midsection, and pulling the hero's muscular back tightly against his expansive chest. Glancing down at the hook pulling him in, the hero couldn't help being awed by the enormous size and sheer power of Lex's arm, its bicep shaped like a double-sized over inflated football connected to a tree trunk of a forearm. With his right arm now firmly pressed against the contour's of the hero's midsection underneath the famous insignia, Lex's right hand began to tightly squeeze the hero's right pectoral, fingering the nipple.

Before the shocked hero was able to comprehend what was happening, Lex's left arm reached down around the hero's other side, placing Lex's left hand firmly upon the hero's groin. Lex's fingers began squeezing and stimulating the hero's dick through his red trunks.

"Well, no wonder why they call you the Man ofSteel. Impressive by any standard, although in yet another way, I'm the bigger man."

The flustered hero reached inward and attempted to yank Lex's molesting right arm off his chest, which only resulted in Lex pulling him tighter into the crevices of Lex's hard body. Suddenly, the hero felt Lex's groin push against him, and could feel what he assumed was Lex's cock pressing through their clothes against the hero's butt.

"As you can tell, I'm pretty steely myself."

The hero's right and left hands gripped both of Lex's wrists, as he struggled to break free from Lex's solid hold on him.

"Hey, my dear old enemy, here's a news flash: you beat and humiliated me for years, but now I'm bigger, stronger, faster and all round more super than you. Maybe it's time you started begging for mercy. We might figure out something you can do for me."

Lex pushed his crotch forcefully against the butt of the hero.

The hero ceased his struggling, frozen by Lex's words.

Lex continued, "I'm a gentleman, though, so I'll give you a choice. You can submit and admit I'm in charge, or you can let me persuade you. What's it going to be?"

The panicked hero realized he needed to get out of Lex's hold and into his fortress. He bent his knees as forcefully as he could while twisting his frame and grabbing and then pulling Lex around his shoulder, managing successfully to through Lex onto the ground in front of him. He turned and flew toward the nearby mountainside.

Behind him he heard Lex: "I'm so glad you choose to play some more."



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The hero quickly reached the mountainside hiding his fortress behind thick lead walls, undetectable under a carefully constructed facade of ice.  In order to enter without tearing the walls off their hinges, the hero needed to force his hand through the ice a hundred feet above the ground to reach a hidden lever - an impossible task for a normal man, but no great effort for him. The hero elevated himself to the spot and pulled back his fist to force it through the covering.  Just as the hero's fist started moving toward the wall, it was grabbed in the firm pliers of Lex's now familiar grip.

"Did you think you could hide from me by burying yourself in there? Seriously, I expected better of you than running away the moment the playing field's level."


The hero turned to face Lex, who now stood in the air alongside him, preventing his fist from entering the ice. 


"Lex, you need to let me help you. However you caused this to happen, it's driving you insane." 


"You are trying to put your fist through a mountain and I'm insane? "


Lex released the hero's fist.  The two faced each other silently hovering some 40 feet in the air, less than an arm's length apart. 

The dumbfounded hero considered whether he should tell Lex of his fortress laboratory hidden beneath the nearby surface.  Perhaps he could convince Lex to enter and then maneuver Lex into position to be captured by the phantom zone projector.  It would be not be easy to hold Lex in place long enough to be captured by the projector, and if Lex recognized what he was attempting, Lex clearly had the capacity to destroy the projector and thus any hope of containing him.  The better course for the moment appeared to be to continue to endure Lex's taunts, as uncomfortable as that made him, until he was able to safely remove the projector and catch Lex in it unaware. 


"Now where were we in that conversation, before you ran off on me. Oh yes, 'Me Tarzan, You Jane.'"


Lex moved gradually closer, staring intently into his adversary's blue eyes, which he could tell were focussed on the mounds of Lex's approaching chest. As Lex moved forward, the hero moved backward until he was squarely pressed against the icy mountain wall behind him.  As Lex continued his approach to within six inches, the hero instinctively raised his hands and placed them on Lex's jutting pectorals.  


"If you wanted to feel, you only had to ask."


Lex flexed his massive chest, visibly unnerving the hero who immediately pulled back his hands.


"I can tell you're impressed. Let me give you an unobstructed view." 


Lex reached into the deep cleft in the middle of his chest, grabbing onto the low point of the collar of the stretched tight white t-shirt he was wearing, and pulled down, ripping it off and fully exposing the interplay of thick layers of muscle across his chest, and then the multiple ridges leading down his abdomen.  Lex moved back slightly to make sure his rival could fully take in the perfectly sculpted form that he had uncovered. 


The hero's jaw dropped involuntarily.  He knew Lex was playing a game of intimidation, and was trying not to acknowledge that at the moment Lex was winning. Lex wasn't going to stop there.

"Maybe you would like to check out the arms."

Lex pulled his right arm in front of the hero, and brought his fist in toward his chest and flexed, placing the enormous size of his biceps and triceps on display immediately in front of the hero's face. As Lex looked into the hero's raised eyebrows, he felt confident that there was some portion of the hero that did want to reach out and feel the hardness and size of the powerful cords of muscle in Lex's arms, and a portion with growing discomfort as to just how Lex intended to use them on him.


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There is something about that 'me Tarzan, you Jane' line that really gets me going. From that one line, I get the image of Lex towering head and shoulders over Superman and his body mass just completely dwarfing Superman's. The only way this could be any better, is there were actual pictures of a large bald bodybuilder dominating a man in a Superman costume.

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Glad you liked that line.

I think I will be taking a bit of a break, but if anyone wants to try their hand at moving things forward, be my guest.



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Feeling speechless and cornered, but recognizing that Lex had momentarily let down his guard in putting on this performance, the hero shot a clenched right fist into Lex's jaw. The force of the blow sent Lex rocketing back through the air, landing on the frozen ground about 500 yards away.

Having taken the offensive, the hero realized he needed to take advantage while he could. He hurtled to where Lex had landed, pummeling Lex again as he rose to his feet with another blow to the jaw, sending Lex flying back another twenty yards across the surface of the earth. The hero calculated that while he had nothing available in the vicinity to use to even temporarily restrain Lex, a series of repeated blows might stun Lex long enough for the hero to access the phantom zone projector in his fortress. He again flew to where Lex's was rising to his feet and delivered a further left-handed uppercut to Lex's jaw.

This time, however, Lex had managed to brace himself by tensing his enormous quadriceps before being struck by the hero's fist. Rather than being knocked to the ground, Lex stumbled back from the force of the blow, but remained on his feet. The hero moved in quickly intending to land another powerful right jab to the face before Lex could gather his wits. It was too late. As the hero's right fist launched forward toward Lex's face, Lex's own right fist launched from below, pummeling into the hero's jaw and propelling him back hundreds of feet through the air until he collided with the mountainside and slid to the ground below.

The hero pulled himself to his feet, his hands ringing with pain from the blows they had delivered, only to find Lex standing in front of him. Rather than delivering more blows with his fist, Lex placed both of his hands firmly on the hero's chest on either side of the famous symbol.

"Instead of knocking each other around all day, let's settle this with a little contest. Put your hands on my chest like mine are on yours."

The Man of Steel hesitated for a moment, but realizing he was at a loss for a plan to get the better of Lex, the hero placed his hands in the same position on his Lex's bulging chest. As he did so, he felt a jolt of pain as Lex's hands began to squeeze into his pectorals.

"Feel good, Supes? Here's the contest. We both squeeze until one of us can't take any more."

"And if I play your silly game, Lex, what does the winner receive?"

"Why, the right to pick our next game. Of course, if you are afraid of the challenge, I'm sure I can find something amusing to do elsewhere."

As much as the hero did not want to let Lex dictate terms, he knew at least they were in a secluded location, so at the moment Lex was not a danger to anyone else. He needed to play along to keep Lex where he was until the hero came up with a plan. Moreover, as Lex already had a firm and painful grip on him, it wasn't clear he could walk away.

"All right Lex, you're on."

The hero began pushing his fingers into Lex's rock-like chest.

"If you just plan to give me a massage, old foe, you might as well surrender now."

The hero winced with pain as Lex increased the pressure on his pectorals. It was beginning to feel like his chest was on fire. The hero responded by forcing his hands to harden their grip into Lex's flesh. He could see the effect register on Lex's face. The two combatant's arms swelled from strain as they worked their fingers into each other.

"That's better. Let's see what you can do."


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Had to interrupt the story to share this little gem, although I'm sure the original artist was expecting the response, "oh no" rather than "hell, yeah!"


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