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Yep, it's a Halloween costume story.  Sorry for falling into well-established tropes, but I hope the timing is right and you enjoy!



Jeff looked through the packaging again.  There is no way this was all that was supposed to be included, the guy at the shop had obviously ripped him off. He had been invited to a costume party, and in typical college student style, he'd waited until about 3 hours before the party to actually find something to wear.  In a panic, he searched the internet for top quality costumes available in his college town.  It wasn't a big town, options were limited to say the least.

But still he'd found a small little hole in the wall shop that had a few 5 star reviews online, so he'd hopped in his car and booked it to the shop.  He wasn't disappointed; inside was an assortment of everything from superheroes, to pirates, to every monster that had ever graced a movie screen.

Jeff was a bit of a nerd.  Well, that was putting it lightly, he was 5 foot nothing, and weighed maybe a buck thirty soaking wet if you used heavy water.  He wasn't socially that proficient, and had spent most of his High School and now college career hunched over a D&D table, rolling die, playing the strong hero, and basically living out everything he wasn't in real life.  It was no surprise he'd found himself in the fantasy section, filing through various knights, knaves, peasants.  Then he saw it! A very convincing barbarian costume.  He grabbed for it as childhood memories of He-Man came rushing in.  He'd always wanted to be He-Man, every boy his age had wanted to.  His heart rose a brief moment before he realized looking at the model pictured on the box, that he did not have anywhere near the body to pull it off.  He put the costume in its box back down, a little dejected.

"Why don't you get that one? You want it, it's written all over your face!"

Jeff spun around and found the owner of the voice behind him, an older gentleman with a white modest beard that just hid most of a name tag on his shirt that Jeff could discern must have said "owner".  "Are you kidding? There's no way I could pull that off. Look at me," he gestured down to his puny frame, "no one wants to see this in a skimpy costume.  I'd never do it justice," he smiled at the man, still wistfully longing to be able to actually wear and do the costume some justice.

"Oh! No, you don't understand, those muscles, the hair, all  of it is included in the costume. You'll look fantastic in it!"

"What is it, like some sort of padded shirt or something?" Jeff picked the box back up and scrutinized the model on the front.  He really couldn't make out where the muscle padding ended and the skin of the model began.

"Sure, padding, yep, that's exactly what it is," the old man gave a reassuring smile.

And somehow, Jeff had believed him, bought the costume, ran home to change, and now found himself sitting on  his bed staring at the package with a picture of a bodybuilder of a model in barbarian shorts with bracers, long hair, boots; the works and only a pair of what he only could describe as "fur briefs" to show for it. He picked up the brown leather "tighty whities", holding them up at arm's length to inspect them. They looked like underwear, except for the thick blond-ish fur that was pluming up out of the waistband and the leg holes. 

"Ok...", Jeff thought to himself, "I need a saving throw if I'm going to make the party."

He just stared at the fancy loin cloth.  "Maybe I can pair it with something, get some sort of mashed together costume." He gave out a hopeless sigh. He had to admit the idea sounded completely stupid.

"Never say die...just put it on, and let's see how bad it actually is.  It won't be that bad. Sure, it won't be that bad, and something to put on with it will present itself." 

Jeff really didn't believe himself, but with 2 hours before the party, there really wasn't an option.

Jeff peeled his shirt off his thin, pale body, catching a glimpse of himself in his mirror in the corner of his room. His lanky form and shaggy black hair adding to the general air of "unkempt" that summed him up. He threw his shirt in the other corner of the room, along with his jeans he'd just removed. His own underwear was the final piece of clothing gone. As he reached for the leather briefs, he averted his eyes from the skinny, unimpressive figure in the mirror.

"Alright, here goes nothing," he muttered to no one else in the room as he closed his eyes and yanked the briefs on, the waist being far to big to fit his own, and the leg holes looking like they were made for a man with legs so big he'd have trouble walking. 'Roomy' was the vastly inadequate word to describe his feeling in the very oversized leather garment.

He stood there, trying desperately to hold the briefs up, and squeezed one of his eyes half open, trying to soften the blow of what he knew he'd see in the mirror. His gaze was met with a very small, pasty, unimpressive guy in oversized fur underwear. "Oh no, no, no, no...", Jeff let the briefs go in desperation.

He'd expected the cloth to just fall down when he let go, but he noticed as he dropped his hands, the briefs stayed in place. And there was something else, a feeling of 'fullness' around the top part of his thighs, almost like they were touching. Jeff adjusted his stance a bit wider, and looked down. He almost fainted when he saw his quads, and calves, already noticeably bigger than they were before. He stared in awe as he felt veins actually creeping up under the skin, showing in the stark relief of the definition of his legs. Adjusting his stance wider to accommodate the growth, his legs felt like they'd been inflated with way too much air, but as he reached down and felt, they were hard as rocks....and getting....harrier? He looked closer, and saw fine blond hairs, lighter than those on the briefs poking through the paper thin skin of the hard muscle on his legs. He reached down again, and was startled - as he reached, his arm, particularly his bicep, brushed against something. Something hard. He looked down and realized not only had his arms grown to bodybuilder size while he had been inspecting his legs, his chest had too. He tried moving his arms in front of his body, testing the range of motion with his newfound brawn. He found he could no longer reach across the front of his body, his muscles were just too massive, his arms and chest kept fighting for space. He raised his right arm, and tried touching his left shoulder ("Oh my god, it's a bowling ball!"), getting about three quarters of the way across before his chest prevented any more motion, bunching up with a thick valley ranging from his neck down through his abs, only slightly obscured by the blond pelt his body was receiving. He turned his head and saw something in his field of vision. Jeff realized it was his traps - raising up to just below his jaw from the mountains he now called shoulders. He looked in disbelief down at himself, having to bend over slightly to get past the view of his chest. Calves like diamonds as he flexed them. Quads that were huge, every head of the muscle visible beneath the blond fur. "Well, I'm going to be walking different from now on." he thought to himself. Cobble stone abs led up to the most massive chest he'd ever seen. He felt so heavy, he grinned at his transformation. Jeff was reveling in the sheer mass of his body, he'd never felt what it was to be 'big' in any sense of the word, and now he was bigger than any bodybuilder. Just moving brought a whole new range of experiences. Muscles plump with definition.

He looked briefly in the mirror and held his arms straight up above his head as if he was raising a sword. His body was in stark relief as his biceps and triceps gave way to shoulders that could carry the world to armpits that were deeper than he'd seen formed by the wings of his lats as his back became the envy of any pro bodybuilder - his pecs still plump and defined even with his arms stretched up there was still a good inch of shelf underneath them. Cobblestone abs with blond hair leading into the waistband of the loin cloth, hinting at what might lie underneath. Quads blossoming out of their confining holes in the briefs. "By the power of GraySKuLL I HAVe The POWERRRR!", as he yelled his voice dropped a good two octaves as his adam's apple grew. Jeff laughed, he really did look like He-Man come to life. Only maybe bigger. He chuckled to himself and let his arms, now covered like the rest of him by blond hair, drop to his side - as much as they could. His triceps hit his lats, another new, exciting sensation of muscle on muscle, and Jeff realized now he'd always have his arms hanging at a 30 degree angle away from his body, his powerful back flaring out behind him like a gargantuan cobra's hood.

Jeff finally got a good look at himself in his mirror. Any trace of the old him was gone, except maybe in some of the facial features. His shaggy hair was now a long flowing blond mane, the briefs were no longer large on him, and actually looked like they were a bit small on the behemoth bodybuilder lurking in the mirror. Jeff turned around - he glutes were globes of muscle. "Guess I've got squatter's ass now," the thought thickly moved through his mind. His muscles were massive. he tested flexing as best he could, his mind overloaded with the new feelings of his added muscle. He was big, huge. More importantly he felt huge. As he was flexing his bicep, admiring the vein popping out on its way down his massive forearms, he noticed his skin was darker. Like he'd spent a few days at the beach. His skin was thicker, tough, though still thin enough to show off his musculature. He had a dopey grin as he raised a hand and felt the cleft beneath his chest, losing a good portion of his hand under the massive pecs.

He felt something else start to enlarge. He let out a guttural, deep, primitive, dull laugh as he glanced downward, noticing a fullness in the briefs being pushed out by the girth of his thighs, and actually slightly distending the front of the briefs. He'd have to examine that further after the change completed.

In the last few seconds, his eyes changed to a steel blue, and something else. He tried to find the right words, but words weren't his strong suit now. In fact, as the Barbarian settled into reality, Jeff couldn't really concentrate on much at all. He heard a noise, a beeping of some sort, and traced it to a small rectangular thing on a table in the room. He looked at the strange glowing thing across the room from him, making out the letters C-H-A-R-L-I-E on it. Jeff would know that his friend Charlie would be calling him to arrange for a ride to the party, but  a war was going on in his head as thoughts slowed and Jeff drained away.  The Barbarian that was left just looked at the strange magic device.  He walked over to it, his massive thighs rolling against each other as the Barbarian lumbered. He had to bend down from his massive six foot seven height to see over his pecs to look at the glow closer. He scrunched up his face, the short blond beard and mustache on the former college student forming a quizzical look at the strange markings on the screen, not able to comprehend their meaning.  "Jeff" wasn't in control anymore, but Ja'Carr the Barbarian warrior was.

Ja'Carr reached out a huge arm and touched the glowing, flashing thing, which caused the glow to go black. A booming bass voice rang out "I guess that wasn't important, heh." He looked as his massive arm, veins wrangling their way up his forearm, across the bicep and up to his huge cannon ball shoulders. He laughed out loud again, his voice so deep it seemed to make the windows of the room rattle. He didn't know why this body made him so happy. He couldn't quite get rid of the feeling that this wasn't his body, but he just crunched his abs, flexed every muscle in his legs and screamed into a most muscular in front of the mirror, muscles swelling, veins about to burst, relishing in the power and strength he had, the low reverb of the battle cry carrying though his apartment building and out into his neighborhood.

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