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So there I was at the age of 45 trying to build my life again. I mean, not again, ufff… it's hard to explain… but let's say I had the opportunity of a fresh start. So I moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Why Argentina? Well, I’ve traveled a lot and from all the places where to find a balance between nice city, cheap economy and sexy guys this is THE place. So I rented a small apartment in Palermo and decided it was time for me to start a new business. I had some ideas that I thought could work very well and maybe after a year or two sell them as a package for big investors. This was going to be the third time. The idea was quite simple: an e-commerce for wholesalers. Easy, possible and cheap. I only needed a developer. Not too experienced, actually an intern would suit the role more than well. So I started interviewing.

I'm not going to bore you with all the interviews I did and all the people (nice people, by the way, love you all). Let's move faster at the end of the line where Ivan was. Ivan was 20 years old. He was a morocho (they call them like that in here), not a black person, not a white person neither but maybe closer. 

Was he handsome?

Mmmmm he wasn’t bad… you know… I mean thinking about his head… he was kind of nerdy… worst haircut ever… like dumb and dumber you know? But… ok

Was he tall?

Probably 2 inches taller than me. I’m not Mr. statue, but I don’t feel I'm a hobbit… I’m a decent 5 foot 5 (no one will remind because of my height, ok).

Was he built?

Ok, now we have something to talk about. You know those guys that have big muscles (or decent muscles) but covered in fat? Well, he was one of those. I mean, he wasn’t fat at all. He had like a broad back, big shoulders, big arms and his body stretched that shirt especially on the shoulders. But because of all the fat he had there was no chest definition, no six packs… It was a trained boy, with a big body. He looked strong, no doubt about it. 

So we talked for 30 minutes. I felt he was good for the role.

—So, do you have any other interests? Hobbies?

—Oh… hobbies? I like to train!… Gym! —his English was as rough as himself.

—I can tell!

He laughed 

—Do you train a lot?

—Oh, four times a week… I used to be personal trainer…

—Really? When? When you were 10?

—haha! No no, two years ago… I’ve been training since I was 15…

—Nice… ok then, let me call you back…

That night I jacked off thinking about him. I mean I could be his father… or he could be a friend of my son? That was much better… (I'm not THAT pervert…) So… Ivan… big and powerful and young Ivan… when you reach certain age there are some things that look way different from before… youth was one… and body of course… cause actually they are related. I couldn’t help but get horny with the idea of a much younger man than me… overpowering me… dominating me… ok ok… all the humiliation games you probably know… Sex, for christ sake!

So next day I sent him an email: Congratulation! You are hired! And sent him the address of the office I rented and asked him to be on Monday at 9 AM. 

I'm not going to give many details of the work itself. Let say I had money and was good at business, to make things short it was easy for me. It was a very nice office, a small one with two desks I bought, a bathroom (with a shower and a small dressing room!) and a nice kitchen. So on Monday there we were, young and big Ivan and me. I took the first week to explain to him every detail of the business so he would know what to do. He learned fast and looked happy with his tasks. By the end of the month, we were working 100% of our time. Things moved fast, so did Ivan…

Winter came and since I like doing sports I started jogging at noon. It was my favorite moment of the day to do that and the only possible moment to avoid freezing. I changed myself in the dressing room and went out. Ivan kept on working with his headphones on listening to some metal (I hate metal!). After some days of doing that routing I said:

—Hey, Ivan! Don’t you wanna go out to do some jogging?

—What? jogging? I’m not that fan of that…

—I mean not necessary jogging… you could do whatever you want… don’t know… do some training… I mean... There are a lot of gyms nearby…

—Really? —his face lit up— That would be great! Thanks, Mr. Johnson.

—Ivan, you can call me Andy.

—Oh! Ok, sorry, Mr. Johnson.

So he kept calling me Mr. Johnson. That was something that made me feel older but at the same time… hot? Don’t know… Oooh, sex… what a mystery you are!!

Ok so I kept on jogging and Ivan started the gym. And after that each of us would eat at their desks, working. I was in front of him and the screen blocked us from seeing each other. From time to time I would stand up to answer some doubt next to his computer and sometimes it was the other way around. Normal business, people. Keep going, nothing to see, except Ivan.

At first, I didn’t notice it. But it was true that he used to use jogging suits all the time. So, what could I notice below that?. But once I stumbled next to him and grabbed his arm to keep from falling. What happened? Don’t know but that wasn’t an arm! It was like concrete or something even harder…

—Are you ok? —he said.

—yeah… sorry… sorry I grabbed your arm…

—Oh, it’s ok… I didn’t fell anything…

So there was something going on… 

Autumn finally came… and that Monday Ivan came with a t-shirt of a smaller size than his body. I remembered he was big… but now for sure, he was bigger.

—Hey, big guy!

—Hey Mr. Johnson —he said and left his bag full of who knows what.

—You grew some muscles over there…

—Oh? ha! yeah! I'm training a lot…

—Really? I can tell! How many times?

—Oh five… yeah, five…

—Nice! Good progress!

—Oh, thanks! —he said.

I did notice he was quite ashamed. But that wasn’t the only thing that was changing.

There was this day. Both of us were working in a certain feature and I wanted to check something with Ivan.

—Hey, Ivan! Come here —I said from my desk.

He stood up and came just right next to me. I showed him some things that he was doing wrong and told him how to fix them. Then I said:

—Ok, we’ll do that later… I’m going to jog —and then I stood up.

What happened? I froze… 

—Are you… bigger… I mean… taller… 

—Ah? —he said looking at me from his good head taller.

Not only taller, I mean he was bigger… way-way bigger than before… his shoulders… he had… he had a chest…

—You think? —he said taking a step closer to measure himself

My heart skipped a beat. I was two inches from his body. I didn’t realize how big he was. He lifted an arm to measure my height against his chin and I saw what was going on at his arms. Muscles! Big muscles.

—Yep… you are right… I'm taller… How tall are you?

—Oh… don’t know… 5 foot 7?

—Mmmm don’t think so… I was that when we met and I was taller than you…


—I must be 5 foot 8… 

—That is tall…

—You think? 

—Yep, you are starting to look big…

—Yep! —he laughs— My girlfriends say that too.

—Does she? —so there was a girl…

What happened? Oh, nothing, Ivan kept growing. Did it make sense? Of course not! I mean he was too old to have a growth spurt… how late was that? Well… never mind… Was I was enjoying the whole thing? I was going nuts… Every day his clothes were tighter, shorter, smaller in comparison with this huge body. But not only he was getting bigger, he was losing some fat… and muscles started to show themselves.

—Hey, Mr. Johnson!

—Hey… wow! Ivan… what happened? I mean… you look huge!

—Haha! You think so? Thanks! I feel great!

He would never do a double bicep or something… he was super shy… but there was no chance he could hide that muscle body…

—How much do you weight?

—Oh… don’t know… I don’t weight myself that much…

—Really? We’ll have to fix that!

That afternoon I bought a scale.

—There you go… step there… take off your sneakers and your sweater…

He did… OMG! What a back! He was becoming a beast!

—230lb…  Ivan, you are huge!

—Wow! I didn’t think I was that big… I mean I see myself in the mirror… and I feel good…

—Do you?

—Yeah! I'm lifting a lot!

—How much are you bench pressing?

—Oh!… let me see… 100… 150… 300 lbs I guess…


—Ha! yeah! But my trainer told me is ok for someone as big as me… I'm 6 foot tall now…


—haha! Yeah, you were right Mr. Johnson. I'm getting taller!

—You are giant! I’ll have to look too high to talk to you!

—Haha! You are not that short…

—Let me prove my point! —I step closer and look directly to his chest— You see? From here I can only see your chest… huge chest, by the way? But to see your face I have to move back… you see? Huge!

—Haha… you are getting smaller Mr. Johnson!

So every Monday we had our scaling session and I added a tape to measure his height.

—Haha! 250 lb, Mr. Johnson! 

—Come here, you giant! Let me measure you!

He steps next to me. I was facing just the bottom of his chest. Every part of his body was getting too huge for his clothes. I raised my hand and touch the top of his head to read:

—6 foot 2…

He was enormous but at the same time, he was so shy that was like a little kid in the body of a supergiant muscle man filled with strength from head to bottom. 

A few weeks later:

—Wow! 270lb, Mr. Johnson!

—Really? Let see if you grew…

But when I tried to measure him I realize I didn’t reach his head.

—Let me help you —and lift me so I could reach his head.

His hands were enormous and I felt the strength on his arms that didn’t tremble, not even for a second.

—Wow! You are getting strong, Ivan!

—Haha! Yes, that was easy… how much do you weight?

—Let see… 

The scale said 145…

—Wow! That felt like nothing, Mr. Johnson!

And then I read the tape…

—Ivan, you are 6 foot 3… 

I was starting to freak out…


A month later he went to the scale by himself.

—How much, big guy? —I said.

—Can’t read…

It was true. The scale was next to the wall and to read the scale he had to bend over this chest but the wall was there.

—Let me do it —just getting close to him was amazing— 310lb… its official: you are a giant!

—You think so? I feel all things around me getting smaller. You too, Mr. Johnson —and he lifts me up— You are getting lighter! Measure me!

So I did.

—Oh… Ivan, you are 6 foot 5… 

—Are you for real? Let me see! —he was still holding me— Wow! I'm as tall as a basketball player!

—Ehhhh… Ivan… Can you let me go?

—Oh Sorry! I forgot I was holding you! You weight nothing, Mr. Johnson you should put some weight!

But next week his mood changed dramatically. On Monday he didn’t even get close to the scale. He was silent and I could see he was sad. His expression was even different.

—Are you ok, Ivan?

—Yes, sure…

—You don’t look ok… is there something worrying you?

—Mr. Johnson… do you have a wife?

—I did —It was 50% true…

—Did you ever fight?

—A lot. Did you fight with your girlfriend? Did something happen?

—She says… —he paused.

—She says....?

—She says I'm too big.

—You are big… that is true. But is there something bad about it? Some people are big... some are not. Is she worried because you grew too much?

—No, you don’t get it… It’s not about my height… 

—Ok, it's about your muscles?

—No!!!!! —he almost turned red just because I said that.

—Then what is it about….? —and then my heart skipped one… two… three… four beats— Oh! Oh! Oh! You mean…


—Oh… —I went silent— Really? I mean… how much?

—She says it hurts too much! She doesn’t want to be with me anymore! She thinks its weird…

O was starting to feel a heat.

—And… mmmmmhh… And… aahhh.. what… do you… think?

—I don’t know! 

—Do you like it? I mean do you like to be… big?

—I don’t know!

—I think you do, Ivan…

He looked at me. He was a boy. A muscle giant with a huge (how fucking much????) cock, but a boy. Strong as a fuck but lost…

—I think you know… and even more… I think you like it… am I wrong? you like to be big.

He kept on looking at me. I punched him on the shoulder (my god… it was made of concrete)

—Don’t be sad, big man. Maybe she is afraid, maybe you need to think about you… what do you want? Can you answer that? You like to train… right? Go to the gym?


—And you like getting bigger…


—And you like getting taller…


—Now, don’t tell me you don’t like to have a big… you know… everyone man would like that… What do you say? You like it or not?

—I think I do…

—Ok —I stood up— Let’s do this… I'm going to sponsor you…

Ivan was shocked.

—Sponsor me?

—Yes! I’m going to help you in your training. I’m going to sponsor you. You know! I’ll buy you all the things you need to have a proper training. Proteins, carbs, creatine, all that stuff. What do you say?

—Really??? —he was smiling now— Mr. Johnson! Don’t know what to say!

—Say you’ll train harder!

He stood up. His face went up up up and all his body erupted like a mountain of muscles. I didn’t reach his chest anymore. He hugged me and pressed my face against his mighty pectorals. They were there, I felt them like a wall of concrete. Solid and powerful. I had to see him without clothes.  I felt like a little kid crushed by a muscle man.

—I’ll get huge for you, Mr. Johnson! —and he pressed me harder.


Spring came and Ivan started to use fewer clothes. He was not only happier, he was bigger than ever and growing like never before. I bought him t-shirts and a lot of tank tops. Lots of very tiny shorts, and lots of supplements for him to eat.

A few weeks later, the heat raised a lot. Teenagers were outside having fun. I was walking to the office and then I saw him coming. Ivan was on his bike bare-chested and using just a pair of lycra shorts. He wasn’t big... He was the biggest stud I’ve ever seen. His back was so wide that the bike looked like a tooth stick. His arms bulged with rocks of muscles and so did his shoulders. Those shoulders were bigger than my head. The muscles on his legs were so big that erupted like jams on each side. He was the image of strength and power. The most impressive man.

I ran to catch him at the entrance.

—Hey, big man!

He stood up and I saw his huge (HUGE) abs… 8 impossible big abs and the two enormous rocks filled with power on top. The biggest chest I’ve seen in a person. I looked him from top to bottom. I did notice the incredible big meat on his pants. But his huge body was shinning. It was all sweaty. The most marvelous man was in front of me. In front and above: he was way taller than me. I only reached his abs. I moved closer.

—Nice bike! —I said just as I moved even closer.

I looked like a small little girl next to her giant muscle brother. Shirtless and hung as a stud.

—It’s not mine. It's from my dad. It's too expensive for me to buy….

—Oh! Really? Do you like me to buy you a bike?

—Oh! No! No, Mr. Johnson, you’ve done a lot for me! I could never….

—Stop right there, big fellah! I like to help you! You are happy and that what matter most! Because you are happy, right?

—Happy? I'm like crazy… I have to tell you…

—Did you grow right? I mean… —I had to say it— you look impressive. I’ve never seen you without clothes before.

—Oh yeah! I'm way-way bigger!

—We should weigh you!

—That would great! —he lifted the bike and carry it above his shoulders.

—You first! —I said to follow him.

Walking was even more impressive that cycling. Every muscle on his back was working in something different. His legs were so long and big that he has to move them in a weird way. And his arm, his flexed arm that was holding the bike looked like metal or even more: pure muscle of a man.

He stepped into the scale… and… broke it!

—Ivan, you broke the scale…

—Oh! I'm so sorry, Mr. Johnson. I’ll buy a new one! 

—Don’t be silly! —I said and punched him on his abs cause it was the only part of him I could reach. Believe me: it was as solid as the wall— Go take a shower! I’ll buy a new one!

So I run to buy a new even more resistant scale.

—There you go. Take off your clothes so we can get the real number.


He said and tried to take off his shirt. But he couldn’t

—Haha! I can’t take it. Would you help me?

—Sure! —I said trembling!

I grab it and helped him. When his muscle torso was free he moved closer.

—Thanks! It’s hard for me to take them off, my back is too big.

I lost my breath. He steps on the scale and said:

—I can’t read.

—Oh my god…

—What? Did I break it? So sorry, Mr. Johnson! I promise I won’t do it again!

—Ivan… you weight 420 lbs… 

—What? Are you for real? I’m huge!

I was right next to that giant muscle man and I did notice the big python starting to move.

—Ivan… you are an impressive man… I’ve never seen someone as big and muscular as you.

—And you didn’t see me naked!

My heart stopped…

—Oh Sorry Mr. Johnson, I didn’t mean to say that! It just! Oh shit!

—It's ok, Ivan! I understand! You had something to tell me….

—Oh! yes! —he said and he turned red— Last night… ahh, I went to a party… and there were a lot of sexy girls there…

—Oh! I see. And you met someone!

—Yes! and no! I mean. I didn’t meet them!


He looked at me and turned red.

—Did you have sex with more than one girl?

He said yes just moving his head and smiling like a child.

—Two? —He said no— Three? —he was smiling even more— Wow! How many? Four?



—It was incredible, Mr. Johnson! They were crazy over my muscles!! They started touching me! And kissing me! It was amazing! You were right, Mr. Johnson! Girls love big muscles! They said I was huge and asked me to flex! I was so horny that I did! It was funny! I’ve never done that before!

—You never flex, before?


—You should try it…

—You mean alone? I don’t get it! What for?

—I don’t know… I mean… I could help you with that if you want…

—Really? that would be great! I would flex for you! Thanks!

—No problem! And Ivan, you don’t need to wear a t-shirt in here. So feel free to be like this if you want!

—Oh! Great! —and even without noticing he bounced his chest.

Unbelievable. Pure mass of muscles. A man filled with strength.

—Oh! We forgot to measure you!

—Oh, yeah! 

Without even saying anything he lifts me. But I didn’t have the chance to grab the tape. So he just uses one hand to hold me. I was using his palm as a seat and grabbed from his arm not to fall. It was like a tree, muscles over muscles, strong and expanded.

—There you go —he said after getting the tape.

—Ivan… you are holding me with one arm… and your arm… is huge!

—Oh! yeah! you are not that heavy you know! I use barbels bigger than you.

—Can I touch it? Your arm I mean…

—Sure! Look at this —and he flexed his arm in front of my face—Look, Its bigger than your head!

—Can I touch it? —I was trembling.


I grab his bicep with both my hands. It was a rock. A huge a powerful rock. The strongest arm I’ve ever felt. On the biggest muscle man, I’ve ever seen.

—It's so… hard…

—Squeeze it… 

—Oh… really? Ok… —he was still holding me with his other arm.


—Oh my god…


—I can’t…

—Haha! You can’t even dent it! —he straightened and I lost balance.

Without even thinking I placed my hand on his chest. It was even harder!

—Oh sorry!

—Don’t be sorry, Mr. Johnson! You can touch my body! These muscles are all yours! I'm this huge because of you! You can touch my chest anytime you want!


—Really… go ahead! Feel how hard I am…

—Oh my god… Ivan…you are so big… and hard…

—Told you…hit me…

—What?? No!

—Come on, Mr. Johnson! You won’t hurt me…

—Are you sure?

—Yeah! —he shouts and bounces his pecs

I hit them. It was like hitting a tank.


I punched again!

—Come on, man! Hit hard! Hit like a man!

I used all my strength. His body was even harder!

—Harder! Hit my muscles!

I obey.

—Come on! Hit this chest!

I was exhausted but I tried again.

—Told you! —I was so tired that I rested against his chest without noticing it— You can’t hurt me, Mr. Johnson. I'm too big.

I was just caressing his chest.

—You don’t know how good it feels to have muscles this big! I feel like a fucking beast… I could lift you like this for hours, you know?!! How does it feel, Mr. Johnson? To be next to someone as huge and strong as me?

—It's amazing —I was about to start kissing his chest.

—Did you ever see someone as big as me?

—No —I said not only to answer his question but also because he left me on the floor again.

—Stand up next to me, I want to see how big I am.

I was almost shaking. I was just millimeters away from his abs. And his python cock was almost burst his shorts.

—You are getting smaller, Mr. Johnson. I have to bend to see you over my chest! Hows the view? Am I big enough for you?

—You are impressive…

—Do you want me to be even bigger? If you want I can grow more.

—Oh yes… please…

—I can make my muscles much bigger… and you won’t even reach my abs. Do you want that?

—Yes, please!

—Ok, Mr. Johnson. I’ll get huge for you! I’ll make my muscles even bigger! I’ll show you how big can I be. Enjoy the view, Mr. Johnson!

Summer came. What could I say? I was living a dream. Ivan was beyond of being big. He had to duck to pass through doors, he had to turn because his back was wider than frames. He was not only getting big, his muscles were gaining more definition, thickness, and density. He wasn’t using shirts anymore, days were so warm that it made sense for him to be bare-chested. But what a chest! It was like looking someone with his armor on all the time. From time to time a would stand up and go to his place to show him something. But instead of that, something like this happened all the time:

—You look amazing, Ivan.

—Thanks, Mr. Johnson. I’ve trained shoulders today… You should’ve seen me lifting like crazy…

I would place both my hands in each of the huge and rounded shoulders.

—Your shoulders are huge… You are such a man…

—My muscles could use some massage…

And I would do that like a servant. I would massage his back, his shoulders, his arms, and his huge chest.

—Mr. Johnson, you are great with your hands… Feel this…

And then he would tense his chest.

—You are so strong, Ivan. I can’t believe the size of your muscles! You are a god!

—Ok, I'm off —he would stand up— This god is going to get even bigger.

I would stand next to him. He was so tall that I was face to face with his python. His legs were huge as tree trunks. I placed my hands on his strong legs and huge legs.

—You like that, don’t you, Mr. Johnson?

—Oh, you are such a man. 

—You I’ll see how much this man can grow, Mr. Johnson.

And he would leave me there. That was almost every day until the bathroom thing happened.

One day he came back from the gym. He had not showered there because they had a problem in the gym so he came back to take a shower at the office. I followed him like a zombie.

—Can I help you, Ivan?

—Oh… Yeah… I’m so hard after training I can barely move. Would you mind taking my clothes off, Mr. Johnson?

In other people, I would detect the perversion at these words, but there was none in Ivan. He was like a child.

—Oh, sure!

He sat on the small bench the dressing room had. He was still taller than me even seated, but I got in front of me his wide and big chest. What a view!

He lifted his huge arms and I took his tank top from his waist up, up, up and he was free. All his body was shining, rock solid and filled with the biggest muscles. I placed both hands on his chest and filled his strength. Without even thinking I kissed them. A second after I was frozen. I didn’t dare to look him in the eyes.

—That was nice, Mr. Johnson —he said and added— You can kiss my muscles. Girls do that. They go crazy with my chest. You can do that as well. Let me show you.

He placed one of his big and powerful hands on my head and pressed me against his chest.

—How’s that Mr. Johnson? Feel my power. You can use your tongue, you know. Girls do that. There you go, lick those big muscles. Lick my chest like a girl! Oh, you are good with your mouth. Do you like my big chest?

—I love it.

—I know you do. 

He stood up. But he was too big to fit in the dressing room.

—Take off my pant, Mr. Johnson

Was that possible? I mean how did he fit in those pants? They were super tight at his waist but below that, he had the biggest and most hard legs I’ve ever seen.

I started to throw but it was impossible. I only got to see his underpants and his huge python resting there.

—What happens, Mr. Johnson? Do you need some help with my shorts?

—You are too big, Ivan. I can’t

—Haha, don’t worry! Let a man handle that.

And with a single movement, he destroyed his shorts.

—There you go.

I was just looking at his giant muscle body in front of me. My hands were shaking.

—Are you going to stay there, Mr. Johnson?

—Ivan… —I didn’t know what was I going to say

—Don’t be afraid, Mr. Johnson…

—Would you… would you call me… would you call me “little man”…?

He smiled.

—Don’t be afraid, little man. I'm a huge man, but I'm not bad. I have huge muscles but I'm a good guy. Do you want to see my huge cock?

I said yes with my head.

—But first take off your clothes, little man. I want to see how small you are.

I did as fast as I could, though I was trembling.

—There you go, little man. You are so small and fragile… haha! it makes me feel huge.

He did his first most muscular pose.

—Look how big I am… Look at my body. This is how a man should look like. Look how big is my arm comparing to yours. You are so weak…

His python was raising below his underpants.

—Do you want to see my huge muscle body naked, Little man? You are going to cry when you see the size of my dick. Take off your underpants.

I did.

—Whats there? You call that a dick? Haha! It's the size of my pinky. Let me show you how big is the cock of a real man!

And he started to flex his body and while he talked his cock grew and grew and grew.

—I love to be this big and you that small. Hows the view of my body? my big and powerful body. I love to see all the little people like you look at me from below. I love how they get scared of this chest. I have all the power here, you know. I like to see you drooling over my muscles, Mr Johnson. I'm your biggest turn on, ha? You are such a fag for my muscles and you are so small, I could crush you with my fingers. I love seeing you get smaller day after day. I love to show you how much I can grow. You call yourself a man? With that dick? Really? —his python was the size of my arm now and pointing up— This is how a man should look like. Muscles everywhere. Strong as a fuck. Oh, Mr. Johnson, I'm so big. You don’t know how strong I am! All these muscles are so fucking strong. Hit my legs. Come on! Harder! Hit like a man! Yeah! Keep hitting, Mr. Johnson! I don’t feel anything! You are just a fag, this is man. Look at this arm! Look at this muscle! I’m a fucking giant! Lick my legs! There you go, lick them like the fag you are. I should rape you to show you how a real man fucks! But I think I'm too big! I would fucking kill you! Haha! I'm huuuuuge! —his python was almost the size of my leg—. Pay attention Mr. Johnson, LOOK HOW HUUUUUUGE IS THIS FUCKING MAN!

And his underpants split in two. The biggest cock I’ve ever seen was above my head.

—HAHA! You won’t even reach my cock —he said starting to stroke the immense shaft— I love to be this big. I'm a fucking beast. LOOK AT MY COCK! THIS IS HOW A MAN SHOULD LOOK LIKE! LOOK AT THE SIZE OF MY BODY! OH MR. JOHNSON IM TOO FUCKING BIG! COME HERE, STEP ON THE BENCH, LITTLE MAN! IM GOING TO SHOW YOU HOW BIG I AM

I did and there I was in front of that huge, long, and filled with power shaft. He was stroking his monstrous cock very slowly.


I grab it with both hands and lick the huge head of it. It was way-way bigger than my mouth.


And he came all over me and sent me to heaven.

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Great job, buddy!  That was hot.  I loved how Ivan grew and how he got more excited and confident and cocky as he got bigger and BIGGER.  The dialogue toward the end was fantastic.  I would love to read more.  We never found out just how BIG Ivan was at the end, how tall he was and how much we weighed.  ;)

I'm guessing that English isn't your native language.  Even so I was able to follow the story very well.   You might look into formatting the dialogue, such as using quotation marks " " instead of dashes for he speaking parts. 

Very hot!

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Great effort. I really love Ivan’s dominant speech at the end. 

Por cierto, me da la impresión que tu primera idioma es el español, quizás por el sintaxis. Si es así, a mi me encantaría leer alguna obra tuya en español. Hay un montón de hispanoparlantes que visitan esta página que estarían muy agradecidos, yo incluso. ¡Gracias!

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Well, I think the name of the story should be "Ivan the Wonderful" :)

I loved the change in Ivan from the shy, small guy to the shy, big guy and then to the confident and dominant big guy.

I'd love to see more!

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Yep, you are right about my english. I would love if you could describe which expressions were accurate. Im trying to improve.


y si, voy a traducir estos cuentos al castellano. Vamos a ver cómo funcionan en español.


gracias por sus comentarios. Cualquier crítica es agradecida.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Te quedó muy buena!.

No fue larga ni excesivamente descriptiva. Creo que estuvo en su punto justo, lo cual a mi gusto fue ideal. Y por sobretodo aun asi lograste captar ese cambio en la personalidad de Ivan. Solo que tengo una duda, que no se si esta explicada o la perdi en el ingles, pero que fue lo que hace crecer tanto al muchacho?.

Pronto quiero verla en Español

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