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  3. dagonthethird

    muscle growth Josh Outgrows Sam

    What a good story! The best part is that, although the ending is excellent, it also leaves space for a sequel (which most of us would love to read). All the scenes were super hot. Thank you for sharing it with us
  4. dagonthethird

    sci-fi Bittersweet Revenge [Part 3]

    Nice story! The open ending really gives us much to think. Hope we can keep enjoying your wonderful work in the future
  5. dagonthethird

    muscle growth Jed, Dexter, and Cindy

    What a nice story! I love it that there is a sense of karma. No bad deed goes unpunished and no good deed goes without reward, but everything in the right measure
  6. Shade

    strength The Kid Freak (Part 6 Added)

    Agreed. I think there is a lot more to tell about the adventure of Oliver.
  7. dagonthethird

    strength The Kid Freak (Part 6 Added)

    What a great story! I can't wait to see more One really can't help to love Olly, Mike and their love story (a surprise for sure, but not unwelocmed). You just got a new follower
  8. citizenies

    muscle growth Leech (chapter 2 posted on 30-7-21)

    Interesting development hope to rrad more
  9. dagonthethird

    growth Super Soldier (Chapter 10)

    What a pleasant surprise that we got back Florida20 And what a nice gift for us was this chapter
  10. Yesterday
  11. GymFox90

    muscle growth Leech (chapter 2 posted on 30-7-21)

    Second chapter is up! Chapter 2: Nesting “I know we're both gay, but this is not a moment to get all frisky. So why the hell do I need to take off my pants?” “Hmm, you see.” Harold held the small black container in front of him. “The leech needs an entrance point.” He gazed at Reno’s crotch. “And this is the least painful… way to do it, you see.” “Hmpf.” Reno reluctantly obliged. At least they had the privacy in the dorm room of Harold. He unclasped his belt and unzipped his pants. Harold, careful to point the lid towards Reno, opened the container. “You see, the leech is already fancying you. Look at how excited…” He interrupted as the leech jumped onto Reno. Reno hadn’t noticed at first, as he had just taken off his pants and was about to take off his underwear, when he felt something slimy sticking to his upper leg. “What the hell?!” He stared at the leech and gritted his teeth; he was putting all effort into not squashing the leech right there and then. The leech wasn’t squirming anymore, unlike when it was still in the container. It held still, moved left, then right. Then suddenly it knew where to head to, and it slithered right into Reno’s briefs. “Yuck! It feel so disgusting!” Reno felt the slimy creature moving over his balls, then his dick. With a few swirls around it, it left a few pin pricks that were barely felt. “Eewww, it’s uuuhh…. oooooh” Reno blushed, the aphrodisiacs having immediate effect. His arousal was apparent as his briefs were quickly tenting. Finally, it found the cock head. “It’s massaging my prick uuuugh.” The leech swirled around the cockhead, at times sucking at the slit. “Damn, I’ve never felt this aroused before.” He muttered. “Man, this is better than a BJ. I should do this more often!” He laid back on Harold’s bed. Harold hadn’t believed that Reno had so easily fallen for his offer, but every thought of victory was pushed aside as he was looking at the scene unfold in fascination. He had never seen the nestling of a mother Thieving Leech in person but here it happened in front of his eyes. Reno’s average dick jutted against the fabric of the briefs, a protrusion moving under it. The whole scene was so hot, seeing Reno all flustered by the leech, Harold himself started to chub up. “My God, I’m so argh…” Reno moaned. He had never been so hard before. He stared at his tenting briefs. Even though he could see the leech moving under it, his penis looked incredibly swollen and thick. “Fuuuuuuuck….” He continued moaning. Not intending to miss out to see what’s happening, he lifted the waistband of his briefs and then looked at his cock in disbelief: His average 5-inch dick was now a swollen veiny writhing 5.5-inch cock. It was as if his cock was pushing its limits. Reno grabbed the base of his cock, and consequently almost saw stars as he was hit by a wave of pleasure. Promptly deciding that touching his cock would be too intense, he pushed down his briefs and moaned watching the leech sucking and playing around his cockhead. He was close after all. “I think I’m gonna….” His cock twitched and firmed up even more, the skin tight and red with writhing veins. “Aah… uuuuuughn!” The leech latched onto the slit, right before the first jet of cum erupted. It greedily gulped it up, making it swell a bit. “Aaaagh!” The leech swallowed a second jet. “Aaahhahaaaghn…” A third jet quickly joined into the leech, growing it slightly bigger again. “Fuuuuck…” The leech sucked the last dribble of Reno’s orgasm. In the afterglow of his orgasm, he glanced at the leech. Did it look fatter? But he had no time to ponder as the leech’s tip suddenly slipped into his slit. “Ah!! What the fuck?!” It writhed and slithered to push itself into the cockhead. Panicking, Reno tried to grab the slimy appendage but missed and grazed his cock, again he was overwhelmed by pleasure. “AAaaagh!” His dick hardened immediately, and it was all the leech needed to fully slip through the entrance. The slimy leech slithered through his cock to the base, only adding to the overload of pleasure. And just like that, it was over. Reno was lying on the bed, panting and sweating. His cock was still standing up proudly as ever. “Is it over?” Harold asked with glee. “I… I think so.” Despite that the whole ordeal was over, he still felt very aroused which was proven by the fact that his sore dick was firm and twitching. “I don’t feel it anymore.” “Wait, I think I can see it.” Harold squinted at Reno’s nuts. “You see, one of your nuts is a bit swollen.” “It is?” Reno wanted to push aside his firm cock, but the mere touch sent him moaning. “Agh! …. Fuck, it’s still so sensitive.” A drop of pre leaked from his cock. Looking past his cock, he could clearly see that his left testicle was considerably bigger, it was almost the size of a large egg. Reaching around his cock, careful not to accidentally graze it, he felt that the testicle was round and squishy. “It kinda looks a bit out of proportion, doesn’t it?” “Slightly. But in any case, I see it has found its home for now.” Harold pinched his chin, thinking. Then he could smell it. Or rather, feel the urge. "I see..." He murmured, his mind clouding over. That leaky cock looked so enticing… so firm yet so juicy… so suckable… He almost reached out to grab Reno’s dick, but at the last moment he stopped himself and cleared his thoughts. “No, not me.” He groaned, pinching his nose. “What’s the matter?” Reno, seeing the effect of his cock on Harold, grinned. “You like what you see?” More pre started to leak from his cock. “You could come play with it.” He chuckled. “No, NO!” Harold stood up abruptly. “You have to go away!” “But why, I’ve just…” “NOW!!” “Alright, alright. I’ll go, jeeze.” Reno stood up and carefully pulled his briefs up to his crotch. Now came the hardest part; there was no way to go around it. His briefs caressed his cock. “UGHN!!” A squirt of pre wet the fabric. “AAaaaah…” He moaned, blushing and biting his lip. “Fuck, it’s still so sensitive.” “Go GO GO!!” Harold, still pinching his nose, unlocked his door and roughly pushed Reno towards it. “Wait, I…” Reno was awkwardly holding his pants partially up and shuffling towards the door. “We’ll talk later!” He nervously offered before pushing Reno through the door and slamming it shut. Reno heard the door being locked, leaving him alone in the hallway of the college student dorm. There he was, standing there in his briefs which had a large wet stain on an undeniably firm bulge, and his pants around his ankles. He wasn’t embarrassed of standing in his briefs here since most students didn’t care anyway, but he was rather worried what they’d think if they caught him here with a boner. As if to confirm his fears, he heard a door further down the hallway unlock. Didn’t Matt live there? He saw Matt leaving the door who briefly glanced at him and then take a second look. Shit, he had noticed him. “Reno?” He squinted at the wet tenting briefs in disbelief. “What the hell dude.” He grinned, almost starting to laugh. But when he suddenly smelled something odd, his grimace quickly turned to blushing.
  12. Ro20316

    theft Tales of theft: blob no more...

    yeah. I dont knwo what happened he was her one day and the next he appeared as guest.
  13. Again, I'm lame. I wish I had an update for the moment. Only thing I can say is maybe by end of next week. So sorry!!
  14. Tjdonger

    m/m Eric and Seth

    Same here! Enjoy and come back when ready. We will be here anxiously waiting!, congratulations again!
  15. Kymuscleboy

    theft Tales of theft: blob no more...

    Unfortunately, it seems the author has left the site. I don't have any idea why. It's a real loss. He was a nice guy and one of the best creative contributors here. Herald, if you're out there in lurkerdom, I hope you are okay physically and mentally, and I hope you can rejoin us some day.
  16. MadDog

    growth The Heart is a Muscle (Brock and Ben)

    Sad that I didn't see this until it got cross-posted on Metabods. I feel like it's easier for stories to catch people's attention on there.
  17. RockyDragon

    The Arab Prince

    Oh i am excited!! I am glad you continue. Love to see moreee
  18. Wrestlejock646

    growth Super Soldier (Chapter 10)

    Me too! Welcome back Florida20! You were missed and this was fantastic and unexpected-an awesome surprise to wake up to this morning!
  19. muscleson

    muscle growth My Two Muscle Daddies - Parts 1 & 2

    Part 9 Just as we reached the top of the stairs, we heard a loud smack. The door to the bedroom was cracked, so we peered in. Tony and Terrell were standing in the room naked, facing each other. Tony had his arms down to his side, his chest puffed out, and his dick erect while Terrell had his arms raised, his hands in fists, and his dick erect as well. Terrell then threw a punch that landed hard on Tony’s massive chest, making a loud smack. Tony smiled as he flexed his pecs. “Yeah, Daddy!” he bellowed in a deep voice. “But I barely felt that one.” Terrell smirked, threw another punch, this one landing even harder and louder. Tony flexed some more, his chest rippling. I got hard watching this and saw Justin get hard as well. Terrell punched Tony’s chest a few more times. “That’s it, Daddy! Show me how tough you are!” He continued to pummel his pecs as Tony flexed, rebuffing all the hits. Terrell finally relented, then relaxed his arms and stuck his thick chest out. “Now hit me.” Tony pulled his arm back and pounded Terrell’s pecs with a loud smack. Terrell stood his ground, laughing. Tony pounded on Terrell’s chest some more. “Smack! Smack! Smack!” The sound of muscle getting hit, turned me on. Justin started stroking his cock while watching these two giant men wail on each other. “Now punch my roid gut!” Terrell ordered, while scrunching his abs. Tony lowered his arm and landed a hard punch on his turtle shell gut. It looked like he hit a brick wall. He continued to pound on his gut, with Terrell’s gut refusing to budge an inch. They eventually swapped places and Tony took the same beating to his gut. Same result. Both men were huge and hard as rocks. I started rubbing my own dick. “Fuck, that new batch of roids really is stronger!” remarked Tony. He began flexing his arms. “Look how big my arms are after that injection!” Terrell felt them. “Fuck yeah, Daddy! They are bigger. Check out mine!” He raised his arms into a double bi and Tony worshipped them as well. They both did look a little bigger. My dick throbbed at the sight of these two massive daddies. Their big bodies collided with one another while they flexed and worshipped each other’s muscles. They grunted and flexed for a while, each hitting different poses. Both their dicks were leaking pre-cum all over. I could smell the roid soaked cum wafting through the door. I wanted to lick it up so bad. By the way Justin was drooling, I think he wanted to, too. After they flexed and posed for some time, Tony laid on his back on the bed. Terrell moved over to him, his dick dripping. He grabbed Tony’s legs and put them over his beefy shoulders. With one thrust, he shoved his dick right into Tony’s hole. Tony moaned, “Fuck, Daddy! Your dick feels so good! Give it to me!” Terrell rocked his hips back and forth, fucking Tony’s meaty ass with his big dick. He picked the pace up and began flexing his arms and chest while holding Tony’s legs. “That’s it, Daddy, take all of my roid dick!” His balls began smacking Tony’s ass, making a loud sound. He fucked him even harder and continued to flex. “FUCK YEAH, DADDY!” With one last thrust, he unleashed a giant roided load inside of Tony. He moaned and convulsed in pleasure as the roided seed filled him up. “FUCK, DADDY!” he howled. He pulled off of Terrell’s dick and stood up unsteadily. His body swayed as the sound of stretching skin filled the air. His muscles pulsed, then expanded right in front of us. His body swelled until he looked he had gained 20 pounds. He was now 300 pounds of pure muscle. I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to worship him so badly. Tony looked at himself in the mirror and smirked. “Fuck yeah, Daddy! Wait ‘til the boys see this!” He flexed both arms. Then he looked at Terrell. “Now it’s your turn. Come sit on my dick while worshipping me.” Tony laid on his back and Terrell sat right on his throbbing dick. He moved up and down while pounding on Tony’s even bigger chest. Tony flexed for him, showing off the new thickness. “Fuck yeah, Daddy, feel how much bigger my chest is.” Terrell could barely stand it, when Tony unleashed his own roided load inside of him. Both moaned in ecstasy. Suddenly, Terrell howled as his muscles bulged and grew. He stood up and his body ballooned. He had gained 20 pounds as well and was now a 300-pound behemoth. He flexed in the mirror. “Yeah, those roids really are stronger. We’ll have to thank Joe later.” He continued to flex, while Tony joined him. Justin and I shot our loads all over the door and let out gasps. Both of them turned and Tony opened the door. “What’s this?” We stood up bashfully. I expected them to get mad, but they both smiled. “Well, it looks like we weren’t the only ones who grew!” Justin and I stood there for a second, forgetting about our own growth spurts. “Oh, yeah, Daddies. Check it out!” Justin flexed his arms and then I happily did the same. Tony and Terrell felt our bodies, excited by our new mass. “Those are our good boys! We’re so proud of you!” said Terrell. “Why don’t we all go out to dinner and celebrate our new gains!” To be continued…
  20. Last week
  21. debate1

    growth Super Soldier (Chapter 10)

    So excited to see this story and author back!
  22. QuoteTheRaven

    muscle growth MadMutter - EMSO [3D Image Story]

    You are astonishing. This is unbelievable!!
  23. Hialmar

    growth Super Soldier (Chapter 10)

    Amazing. My favourite sub-genre!
  24. MadDog

    transformation CREO Pt. 1

    Very interested in seeing where you can take this next!
  25. Ro20316

    growth Super Soldier (Chapter 10)

    OMG! whata great surprise. After 2 years we got an update and what an update. Things are not looking good for our guys now that Whitaker has taken the serum and now that he took anotehr dose he will be unstoppable
  26. Rorange

    growth Super Soldier (Chapter 10)

    oh God... I miss this so much!!
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