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  2. Hey, its been a long time since I don't read anything in the forum, and it was a nice surprise to read this one! Thanks for your work, I really like the way you write. I'll be waiting for the next and final part!
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    Jon the Growing Stepdad: Chapter 8 -- Valentine's Day Beef

    I'm diggin this series
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    Electro Muscular Stimulation

    Just when I thought this couldn't be better. Glad I was proven wrong. Great job my friend
  6. Kacperowy

    They are always bigger

  7. ploder4

    Electro Muscular Stimulation

    I was going to ask the same thing. I wonder if he'll let Aiden keep the size? He doesn't seem to be using it much. Same with muscle and height. Will he let Aiden take those too with full permission?
  8. MrMuscleJake

    Ride sharing at night | B

    Really hot. Will there be more?
  9. MrMuscleJake

    Electro Muscular Stimulation

    Really hot story. I hope Aiden uses his device on other guys as well, for a truly monstrous cock.
  10. MrMuscleJake

    One Fateful Night (Part 3 07.10)

    *Part 3* Over the next several days, Lukas and Caleb are constantly writing back and forth with each other. The conversation flows easily and naturally, which makes Caleb feel as though Lukas is showing genuine interest and like they are connecting on deeper levels. Lukas tells Caleb that he’s a graduate student in town, studying mechatronics, and also works at a robotics company. Caleb tells Lucas about being a teacher and the process of moving abroad. They talk about their families, their favorite music and movies, other hobbies, and about life in general. The two of them also continued to take ridiculous pictures of themselves and send them to each other. Every time Caleb receives a picture from Lukas, he’s reminded of the muscle juice sitting in his room. Waiting to use it has been killing Caleb, but he is determined to wait at least until after seeing Lukas again to continue using it. But it hasn’t stopped Caleb from enjoying the benefits of his first dose. Around the house he has been permanently naked, enjoying every innocuous sensation: the slightly heavier thud of his feet on the floor, the brushing of his biceps against his chest, the feeling of thickness in his shoulders, back and chest, the slight crevasse between his pecs as he scratches them, and best of all, the feeling of his heftier cock and fuller balls swinging lower and heavier from his groin. Caleb’s sensitivity has also increased dramatically, but whether it is directly as a result of the muscle juice or purely in his head is still unclear. Either way, Caleb’s nipples are now plumper and feel much more sensitive when he plays with them, not to mention the mind blowing orgasms he has been giving himself all weekend. When Tuesday evening finally comes, Caleb begins preparing by choosing some clothes for his date. For a few years now, Caleb has been trying to dress more stylishly and pays closer attention to the fit of clothes on his body. The result has been much more tapered clothing, but with a little room to grow. But now the growing has been done, and Caleb is left with a bunch of very snug clothes hugging his amplified muscles closely. His underwear now produces a much more pronounced bulge, which makes Caleb start to feel horny all over again. His slim-fit jeans now seem like skinny jeans a size too small as they wrap around his bigger thighs and pronounced butt. The baby blue button down t-shirt Caleb selects now demands the top button be opened, both for space and for showing off the top of his cleavage. The sleeves, which used to hang over his biceps and close to his elbow, now pull tightly around the middle of his bicep, which only accentuates the subtle vein cresting its peak. His shoulders and back now stretch the shirt just enough to make Caleb feel if he has to bend down to pick something up, he might accidentally tear it. That thought doesn’t help the boner rapidly hardening inside Caleb’s pants, leaving very little to the imagination should anyone be looking Caleb’s direction. He sprays some cologne and applies some product to his hair and soon he’s starting to look like the type of guy he always crushed on in college. With a satisfied grin and a quick squeeze of his pec, Caleb walks out his front door to meet Lukas. Caleb arrives at the Italian restaurant they decided to meet at in the city center and stands outside waiting for Lukas to appear. It’s just past 8:30, so Lukas should be arriving in just a minute. A vibration from Caleb’s phone signals a message from Lukas. “Nearly there,” it says. Caleb starts to feel butterflies in his stomach. He hasn’t been this excited to meet someone for a date probably ever. And unlike previous dates, Caleb doesn’t feel nervous at all. Lukas has a way of making Caleb feel perfectly comfortable and satisfied without the need to perform or pretend to be something other than what he is. He starts to wonder if Lukas will notice the changes in his body in person, when all weekend he’s only seen Caleb from the shoulders up. He starts to get hard thinking about it, when a hand clasps his shoulder and a head appears over the other one. “Now I’m here!” Lukas says with a warm smile, gently squeezing Caleb’s shoulder, as if to double check it’s as hard as he thinks it is. “Wow, did you just come from the gym too? You’re looking pretty pumped!” Caleb grins back and the two give each other a hug. “Nah, I didn’t hit the gym at all since Friday actually. I should probably start again though if I’m gonna keep up with you.” “Looks like you already are,” Lukas says, giving Caleb’s arm a playful squeeze. “Your arms are looking huge in that shirt.” “Must be the shirt,” Caleb smirks, laughing internally at Lukas’ immediate recognition of his improved physique. “Yeah, must be,” Lukas says. “Want to go sit down?” “Absolutely.” Caleb and Lukas head to the door and Lukas holds the door open for Caleb. Inside, the waiter finds them a table and leads them to it. As they’re sitting down, Lukas strips off his jacket and places it on the back of the chair. Caleb rakes his eyes over Lukas. He has freshened up since coming from the gym, but the throbbing veins in Lukas’ biceps and forearms show he probably just had the best arm day of his life. Lukas is also wearing jeans that fit him like a glove and a black t-shirt that adds width to his shoulders. This is the first time Caleb has seen the entirety of Lukas’ arm tattoo though, which depicts an intricate tree that stretches the length of his forearm. The tips he had seen on Friday appear to be the roots creeping down onto his wrist. “I love the tattoo, by the way, I forgot you had one,” Caleb says. Lukas rotates his arm to get a better view of it, inadvertently giving Caleb a perfect view of the twisting sinews inside his arm. “Yeah, I love tattoos. I have a couple more you haven’t seen yet, too” Lukas says mischievously. “Well, I hope I get to see them soon. Does the tree have any special meaning or do you just really like trees?” “Well, I do really like trees,” Lukas giggles. “But I also think of trees as these grounded things. They’re old and have seen so much of the world, but stay just as they are. They’re resilient, and they put down their roots, and that makes me think of traditions. I just like feeling connected to the world and a tree feels like the perfect embodiment of that.” “Wow, yeah, I never thought about them like that before.” The waiter came up and took their orders. “Yeah, trees and nature are really special to me. Part of the reason I got into engineering and robotics was because I wanted to build things that save people time so they can go out and enjoy the world more.” “So how come you ended up in robotics instead of something outdoorsy?” Caleb asks, intrigued. Lukas narrows his eyes and squeezes his lips, staring behind Caleb into the middle distance. After about 10 seconds, he responds, “I guess I just want nature to stay a luxury for me. If I had to work in it every day, I feel like maybe it would lose its wonder. I wouldn’t be able to go enjoy it as much because it would just feel like work. Robotics and engineering are places for me to work, but nature is the place where I get to be me.” “That makes a lot of sense.” “And I do enjoy robotics. Math and science make sense to me, and I get to work on projects that I think are important for people, that help people live better,” Lukas says thoughtfully. He catches Caleb looking intently at him. “And the money is pretty great too.” Caleb chuckles. “Yeah, gotta love the money. Not too used to that feeling really.” “How come you decided to be a teacher?” “I just wanted to come here, to see something new. Teaching is always in demand and I can do it anywhere. Plus, I’m a people person. Math and science are cool, and I was pretty good at them, but my interest always lay with people. I need a human connection in my life, or else I get bored. I just like talking to people and feeling like I’m giving them something they want or need,” Caleb says. “That’s really great too,” Lukas says, smiling. “What do you think you could teach me?” Caleb guffaws. “I don’t think I know anything I could teach you. You already speak English pretty much perfectly, you’re already really smart, and clearly you take care of yourself.” “Oh, I don’t think so, I’m sure we could find something you know more about than I do. I bet there’s a lot,” Lukas says. The waiter comes back with the food and drinks, setting them down before the two men and wishing them a good meal. “Alright, here’s something. Did you know the average Italian person eats over 50 pounds of pasta a year?” Caleb asks. “No, actually I did not know that. See? There are things you know that I don’t.” “I also know the fastest way to build muscle,” Caleb says. Lukas chuckles, taking a bite of his food. “There are no fast ways of building muscle. Just lots of food, lots of lifting, and lots of rest.” “Oh, you’d be surprised about the other things you can do,” Caleb says sneakily. “If you could snap your fingers and make yourself grow, would you?” “Obviously, but no such thing is possible,” Lukas says skeptically. “Sure, but humor me a second. If you could instantly make yourself any size, what would it be?” Lukas stops and considers for a second, taking a sip of his drink and swishing it around in his mouth. Caleb notices how his perfectly trimmed bearded cheeks protrude in and out as he swishes the beverage around. Even something as innocuous as drinking and thinking is attractive when Lukas is doing it. Lukas swallows with a click and an ahhh, before finally answering. “Ok, if I could make myself any size, just by snapping my fingers, I would want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, maybe even bigger.” Oh, if only you knew how possible that was, Caleb thinks to himself. “That big huh? I bet you’d look hot with all that meat on your bones,” Caleb says, wiggling his eyebrows at Lukas. “Yeah, too bad I’m far too busy and constrained by genetics to ever achieve that. What about you, how big would you get?” “I think about the same. I want to be massive. If I could snap my fingers and make myself as big as I wanted, I don’t know if there is a size too big so long as I could still move. Three meters tall, packed with lean brawn, that would be perfect if I could ever attain it. But then it would be hard to live, wouldn’t it? Think of the food and the implications of that,” Caleb says. “Probably better to just stay in the realm of possibilities.” “We’re talking about magically applying muscles to our bodies, I don’t think reality is that important, oder?” “Yeah, maybe you’re right. A hulking wall of muscle it is then, final answer,” Caleb says, pressing an imaginary button in the middle of the table. “Well, for what it’s worth, I think you’d look sexy as fuck as a hulking wall of muscle,” Lukas says, winking at Caleb. “But you’re pretty damn sexy already, too.” “Likewise,” Caleb says, returning the wink. The two of them finish up their food and signal the wait for their check. “Would you like to come back to my place and continue the evening?” “Of course, you still owe me a proper feel of those arms,” Lukas says as they leave the restaurant and make their way to the train station. “When we’re back at home, you can feel a lot more than that,” Caleb says, reaching for Lukas’ ass and giving it a quick pat. “Just what I was hoping for,” Lukas says, returning the bum pat to Caleb. The two sit down on the train next to each other, smiling. “You don’t have roommates, do you?” “They’re hardly around. And if they are, it doesn’t really matter to me. Just be quiet… or don’t,” Caleb says, giving Lukas’ thigh a gentle squeeze. Even relaxed and unpumped, Caleb can tell Lukas has not been skipping leg day. The jeans cling tightly to the quads and to the bulge near Caleb’s hand, that is starting to throb ever so slightly. “No problem, then,” Lukas says, tracing his thumb over Caleb’s hand on his thigh. He rolls the prominent vein back and forth absentmindedly, noticing how soft Caleb’s hands are. The train soon lets them off near Caleb’s flat and the two walk back to the flat, stealing glances at each other along the way. They get to the door and Caleb lets them in, taking notice of how Lukas’ ass looks as he climbs the stairs in front of him. The urge to squeeze it again comes to Caleb, but he knows he will soon have plenty of time to do that and more. Caleb proceeds to lead Lukas to his bedroom, where Lukas takes his jacket off and throws it over the back of the chair. He sits on the bed and looks up at Caleb with a cheesy smile plastered on his face. “You’re damn fucking cute, you know that?” Caleb says, taking a seat next to Lukas, nonchalantly placing a hand on his thigh. “I’ve heard it once or twice,” Lukas says. “But you’re very sexy as well.” “Thanks,” Caleb says. He catches Lukas’ eyes drifting to his shoulders, chest, and neck. Caleb has been lightly chubbed the entire time he’s been with Lukas, but the intensity of Lukas’ eyes mentally undressing him cause all the blood in Caleb’s body to immediately reroute to his aching cock. Caleb once again takes stock of the perfect curves of Lukas’ body: the biceps bulging out of his sleeves, the pecs pressed against their cotton prison, the bulge heaving in his jeans. Caleb moves his hand around Lukas’ shoulders and places the other one on Lukas’ perky chest, lightly rubbing the nipple with his thumb. Lukas breathes deeply, shivering slightly. They are closer than they’ve ever been before, mere centimeters between their faces and bodies. Lukas moves one of his hands to Caleb’s lower back and the other to Caleb’s abs. “Those feel pretty nice,” Lukas whispers. “Thanks,” Caleb says chuckling. He squeezes Lukas’ ample chest. “So do these.” “Glad you like them,” Lukas says, popping it a couple of times. “Would it be okay if I kissed you?” Caleb says, heart beating frantically. “Please do,” Lukas says. And so they do.
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    Electro Muscular Stimulation

    Wow Incredible work I wonder if the story will continue from a twist perhaps~
  12. SecretlyWriting

    Take Whatever I Have, AND GROW YOURSELF (One-Shot Short Story)

    Time to return. But this time I won't share any of it before completion. I don't wanna leave anyone hanging. See ya guys later
  13. “Bring… that… big… chain… and… stuff… it… in… me… nghhaaaa… please…”. Sissy’s voice was full of pleasure, pain and incredible determination to go on with this insane torture of her super shredded, screaming in agony muscles. Her pussy was so ripped and muscular that it looked surreal. It seemed, this young gorgeous muscle angel had trained it as brutal as other muscle groups, and might be even more. Now I couldn’t imagine a piece of panties covering her hypertrophied sex, with all those ripped abdominal blocks towering over it. The fact she has just made her thongs explode into shreds by the wild flexing of her muscle vagina, which supposed to be the most sensitive part of Sissy’s amazing body, and the 2 lower abs cubes of her rock-hard 8-pack haven’t been properly process in my head, as I was constantly distracted by all the mega defined muscle fibers literally in each and every of Sissy’s stunning steel-like frame. Numerous thick veins popping all over her body, and even thicker ones jumping up along and over her nuclear pectorals, spreading to her shoulders and up to her arms, which were still securely holding onto the pull-up bar, for way over half an hour since Sissy has started this crazy strength demonstrations! Ignoring her pleads for more muscle torture, I stepped aside a bit just to admire the bulging masses of thick and powerful layers of she-beef, which were her almost alien-looking glutes. “Uuuuhhhh… please… I need it… so… baaad… nghhhh…”, noticing me glancing at the monster mass of her ass, Sissy began alternatively flexing each of her glutes, one after another. Still keeping her tree-trunk legs in that killing 180-degree air split position! Before jutting out straight, her pumpkin-size glutes got even bigger with each painful pump, large drops of her sweat were flying from the deep cracks in the mind-blowing muscle development of that heavenly ass-cheeks. It seemed entirely possible to put different objects on her butt without them sliding off! I thought I could even get on top of them, placing the whole length of my feet on each of the gluteus maximus, and then be lifted with their ever-increasing expansion. Sissy’s gigantic quads and hamstrings were all covered in a spiderweb of very scarily prominent thick veins as well, delivering all the blood to the screaming in pain muscles, gawd knows how, allowing her to still hold the total load of 200 kg attached to each of her shaking like an autumn leaf ankle. Yet the most impressive thing was her iron will power to go on performing this absurd, almost human impossible feat of strength, showing me how hard has she trained her magnificent physique and nonetheless her mind?! Again, she stuck her long tongue out and licked her own sweat gathered in the deep cracks of her bulging pecs, which had developed a cleavage of not less than 10 inches deep now! Her eyes reflected nothing but animalistic hunger for more muscle mass, everywhere. Rushing to the opposite side of the basement gym, I reached for a massive steel chain with my trembling hands. It was 20 inches in lengths, consisted of numerous links each about 2 inches in diameter and had to weight around 50 kilograms total. I’ve seen the couple of times some bulky male bodybuilders using similar ones as additional load for doing chest dips. “Yeeesss…”, Sissy sighed as I dragged the heavy chain closer. “Gnnnhaaa…”, with deep groan she flexed her abs one after another, rolling the mighty muscle explosion all the way down until in astonishment I watched how her grotesquely rippling pussy lips also started to bulge and spread apart, creating an opening almost 2 inches wide! In a state of unreality, I used my two arms and all the body strength to heave the first link of the chain, elevating the chain higher with my biceps shaking of unusual effort, the steel finally came in contact with Sissy’s mighty gaping cunt, and then I pressed with my shoulders and literally smacked the end of the chain into her rippling pussy. “Uuunnnghhhhaa…”, she grunted and cried “Hope… nghaa… you are ready… for… this…”. What happened next has totally blown the leftovers of my mind. Sissy flexed her cunt even harder and I watched in shock how the chain began to move up as her muscular hole swallowed one link after another in an insane feat of otherworldly muscle control! Panting heavily, she was sucking in more and more of the steel chain’s links with her crotch. A wave of muscular vascularity cascaded down from her hypertrophied abs blocks down to her crotch and mega shredded pussy lips, veins inflating, as the hard she-beef bulged with even more sick muscle. I gasped, watching the folds of her sex organ screaming in their painful muscle expansion. Hardcore, apple-sized protrusions bulged above her pussy, and her clit stood straight up rising and falling from a pile of muscled bulges! “Ohhh… my… gawd…”, I gasped at the unreal feat. Sissy turned her head to look at my astonished face. It seemed it was really turning her on and giving her more power, having me watching this unreal muscle display. She smiled through tears and pulled up more of the chain, engulfing now about a half of its whole length. Her juices mixed with hot sweat running down the glistering iron. “Ghhhuuuu…!!!”, she yielded out loud in pain and pleasure as her insanely hypertrophied pussy devoured about 15 inches of the chain’s length. I watched her abdominal blocks protruding further out, pushed by all the steel mass deep in her cunt. I could even hear the links clinging at each other in her depth, as her whole frame shook in wild efforts. Her eyes popped out more and judging by her abrupt breathing I could tell this unbelievable muscle girl was now at her limit. I nearly came as she roared and her pussy muscles flared up with even more muscle mass, and in one rapid motion the rest of the chain was, violently inhaled by her mega-muscular cunt! Only one last link was left outside, parting the massive bulges of her pussy. Sissy growled and chewed on her lower lip, landing her eyes on me again. Her mouth went open, and she whispered through closed teeth “Pppphh… ppuuulll… on… it… ngghaaa…” As if in a dream, I encircled the last link of the chain with fingers of my two hands and pulled down hard. “Uuuuuhhh…”, she exhaled like after gulping lava but nothing happened, and I could not move down the chain even a bit! “Hhhhaaa… Hhhhaaarrrdddeeeerrrr….!!”, Sissy pleaded. Readjusting my grip, I pulled down with all my force. The heavy plates attached to her outstretched legs in the perfect air-split position slammed at one another as Sissy’s Adonis frame shook in agony of this crazy muscle torture, and yet I couldn’t pull even one chain’s link out of her shredded pussy lips. “FFFGGGHHHUUU… HAAAA…. PUUULL… HAAARDER…!!!”, Sissy screamed like an animal and stuck her long tongue out again, licking her own sweat from her explosive pecs. “Nooo… way… you can’t be that strong…!”, mumbling in anticipation and overcoming my fear, I pulled harder and eventually lifted my feet from the floor, adding my whole bodyweight to the 50 kilograms of the chain’s load which her burning cunt muscles were now holding!!! Finally, accompanied by a banshee roar from Sissy, one more link was drawn from her pussy, then another, and then one more. Yet I haven’t placed my feet to the ground, wanting to break this young muscle angel, to finally get a proof, her ripped muscled do have limits. And yet, I forgot about her will power, which was harder than iron. Never would I know how, but Sissy flexed her rudely bulging crotch stuffed with thick metal chain even more and somehow managed to stop its descend. “Mmmyyy… pppuuu… Puuussssyyy…”, she cried and then roared really loud, “THIS… IS… NGHAA… FOR… YOU…!!!” Her whole lower body exploded in vascularity and muscle mass of unknown scale. Her vagina muscles erupted again as the freshly pulled out chain links were violently sucked up back into her expanding muscled crotch, abs bulging obscenely, as her cunt devoured the entire length of the 20 inches long, heavy, thick chain!!! And my two hands, holding on the last steel link, went in as well!!! With those thick muscular lips closed around my forearms, now the only thing visible to me was a sick mass of grotesque muscles, veins, and striations that bulged from her crotch, thighs and mid-section freakishly. “Nhhhaa… Nooow… Fuuuck… Meeee…”, she cried and groaned, bucking her hips, and with a roar, her pussy exploded, ejecting me and a couple of the metal links in a single motion only to suck them up again! Sissy repeated this again and again, actually double fisting her mighty cunt with my hands encircled over the 2-inches wide chain’s link! As if it wasn’t enough of a challenge, she began to perform pull-ups of a perfect form in unison with this wild fucking motion. Three… Five… Ten… Twenty… This young muscle beast truly had no limits... After about a minute of this insane fisting action, my knuckles started to hurt so much that I had to let go of the chain and landed on the concrete floor of her basement gym. Lifting my head, I saw the most hardcore muscle girl ever. She continued her pull-ups with only her left hand gripping and the bar and her right one was furiously going on her four inches long thick clit. In awe I had to witness she took the two plates which before were attached to the belt on her waist and hooked them on her bulging clit… And with her lustful eyes on me she breathed-out, overcoming the terrible strain “More… weight… nghaa… Mmmmmoooorrrreeee….” To be continued… _______________________________________________________________________ Check for more stories at www.patreon.com/foker
  14. Jon is gonna give Austin the pounding of his life.
  15. dominantmusclemaster

    Dominant Muscle Master

    For some reason it was pending authorisation, which is weird cos it was up for 8 years or so with no issues. The other story was moved to the unfiltered section for some reason, which no longer exists. Maybe I should see if I can find it and upload it.
  16. Subone2

    Dominant Muscle Master

    I had trouble viewing it a while back but it seems fine now. As mentioned by others countless times, it is a fantastic story. There was another story I think you posted, which I think you had changed the main character from a woman to a man and took place in a frat house, but that seems to have vanished.
  17. citizenies

    Electro Muscular Stimulation

    Will he finally get to use the ems more? Or new device that can change more stuff like height or something?
  18. ThrowItAllAway11


    Honestly, as this is sorta a sequel, I was kinda expecting this to be a story about original Frank growing beyond the Earth, going through space, practicing His power as God, creating and then destroying, as He continues to spread into all of what was, is, and will be of existence. Not to say that I’m unsatisfied with another story like this, mind you. Very well done.
  19. Jon and Austin enjoy a day on campus together, availing themselves of the gym, wrestling practice room, and cafeteria. Jon woke up and realized there was a weight pressing down on top of his massive chest. He breathed in deep and saw Austin, his beautiful stepson Sir, whose body rose and fell with every one of Jon’s breaths. He breathed in deep again through his nose, breathing in the scent of his Sir that filled the room, mixed in with his own tangy musk and the smell of dried cum. His little Sir had slept on top of him all night, using Jon like a big muscly mattress. Jon didn’t fit on the absurdly small twin-sized mattress underneath him; his legs hung off the end of the bed from the knees down, and his shoulders and arms spilled over the sides and onto the floor. It hadn’t been the most comfortable sleep, but with Austin in his arms, it was the best sleep in the world. Jon sighed contently, the warm wind of his nose causing Austin to stir and awaken as well. “Good morning, Sir,” Jon said softly. He lifted his arms and wrapped them around Austin, squeezing him tightly against his bulk. “It feels so good waking up with you in my arms,” Jon sighed. “Mmm, same to you, pup,” Austin said groggily. He propped himself up by pressing his hands against Jon’s pillow-sized pecs and pressed his hard cock against his stepdad’s round belly. “Last night was so much fun!” Austin said with a smirk. “I’m glad you liked it, Sir,” Jon said. “I can still feel your loads inside me, filling me with strength,” Jon growled. Austin felt something smack him from behind and realized it was Jon’s enormous cock slapping his back. It twitched and swelled bigger, thicker, longer, smearing precum along Austin’s spine as it grew and grew to full hardness. “Well well, someone is excited to wake up with his master on top of him, aren’t they?” Austin said. He leaned back against Jon, rubbing his furry crack against his dad’s hard cock. “Unf, Sir, you just make me feel… rrruuuuuhffff,” Jon groaned as his cock twitched and leaked uncontrollably. “Gotta cum real bad, Sir,” he rumbled. “Well pup, we can’t yet. We have a big day ahead of us,” Austin said. “No loads until I say so, got it?” Austin said in jokingly sing-songy voice, like one would use with a child. Jon groaned and stretched, arching his back and lifting Austin higher up into the air. “Uhhhgggg but Sir, I need it so bad!” Jon whined and he reached down to squeeze his cock against Austin’s back. The massive tool reached halfway up Austin’s back, ooze leaking all over Austin’s spine. “I know, big bull, but right now you need to eat! Get up and carry me over to the fridge!” Austin said. Jon, of course, did as he was told, effortlessly lifting his 230lb Sir up as he rose to his towering 8 feet tall height. His head bumped into the ceiling and he chuckled, amused by his own enormity. They were both naked, their bodies rubbing against each other. Jon’s cavernous stomach groaned and gurgled loudly. “Mmm, I AM pretty hungry, Sir,” Jon rumbled as he stomped over to his stepson’s dorm kitchenette, the entire room shaking with each step. “Well I’ve got just the thing for you,” Austin said as Jon put him down. Austin put together the biggest, thickest, most calorie-dense shake Jon had ever seen, filling it with gainer shake powder, bananas, oats, olive oil, honey, whole milk, preworkout, and more. By the time he was done, it was a brown slurry that filled the blender to the brim. “Drink, now, every drop, chug it,” Austin commanded. The massive bear palmed the blender container in one huge hand and lifted it to his maw. He started gulping it down the viscous sludge shockingly fast, astounding Austin with the aggressive, relentless speed he consumed it, his Adam’s Apple bobbing up and down fast. In seconds, he was done, a couple drops dribbling down into his thick beard. Jon gasped for air when he was done and took a deep breath. His belch shook the window panes with its ferocity and depth. “MORE!” he boomed as he handed the blender back to Austin. This continued several more times until Jon had his fill, each time his gut swelling out rounder and bigger and heavier. Austin encouraged him by rubbing his massive belly and reminding him how much bigger all these calories were going to make him. Jon kept asking for more after each shake, his hunger seemingly insatiable. By the time Jon was done, he had already put away around 10000 calories and hundreds of grams of protein. “Now, pup, I have what you’re going to wear today,” Austin said as he dug around in his closet. “I was going to give this to you as a present, but since you need a shirt… Such a good obedient pup needs to let everyone know what he is!” Austin said as he handed Jon his new shirt. Jon unfolded it. It was an absurdly small, tan-colored crop-top with one word emblazoned in rainbow lettering on the front: BEEF. Jon grinned and his eyes lit up. “I am Beef!” he bellowed. He bent over and Austin helped him into the shirt, wriggling and shimmying to get the tight garment to stretch over his enormous bulk. He did the same with the black jock strap and white Under Armour compression shorts, then put on his extra wide Otomix. Jon looked down, past his beard which merged with his furry chest, and looked at this new label, BEEF, and grinned. He flexed his chest, the surging pec meat making his shirt stretch taut across his shoulders and between his pecs. His round, furry gut was totally exposed, and his massive bulge and huge ass stood out prominently thanks to the jock strap. “Today you are no longer bull or pup or Jon, you are Beef. Mine to command and obey,” Austin said with a smirk. “Your goal, Beef, is to pack on as much meat onto your giant frame as possible today, got it?” “YES SIR!” Beef rumbled and stood at attention, his bulge twitching, his shoulders round and wide. “Then, if you are good, we will come home and we will take care of his,” Austin said as he cupped Beef’s huge package and fondled it up and down. Beef shivered and grunted, and his cock throbbed in his jock. “Finally, I’m going to lead you to the gym using this,” Austin said, and he pulled out a leash. “Lean down,” he commanded, and Beef obeyed. Austin clicked the leash harness through one of the links of Beef’s heavy chain necklace. “Everyone on campus will know that you are mine. You’re going to be a good boy and do everything I say, right Beef?” Austin said. Beef nodded eagerly, his eyebrows arching with an expression that made it clear he was desperate to please his master. “Good boy,” Austin said as he tugged on the leash, Beef’s thick neck hardly budging against the firm leash. “Now, to the gym!” Austin said, and he led Beef out of the door. As they walked across campus, other students gawked, some laughing or pointing, others giving them a wide berth, while others stared and adjusted their crotches. Beef obediently followed his master, waddling across campus with heavy, thudding strides. His huge thighs rubbed against each other as he walked, and his belly swayed and jiggled, uncovered by the tight crop-top. Austin led the way, occasionally tugging at Beef’s leash and grinning at people gawking at them. Despite the frosty February temperatures, Beef wasn’t cold at all, steam rising off of his bull neck and wide shoulders. In fact, by the time they reached the gym he was already damp with sweat. His collar and leash jingled as they entered the building and went to the front desk of the gym. “I need a parent guest pass for my stepdad here,” Austin said to the desk clerk, gesturing to the enormous, bulky man next to him. Beef grinned broadly at the clerk, his face blushing bright red, his intense blue eyes sparkling. The clerk stared at him, slack-jawed, not knowing how to process the giant man in a comically tight crop-top attached to a dog leash. Beef took a deep breath, his chest expanding bigger and wider, and he flexed his pecs. “WOOF, RRUUUFFF!! Ready to LIFT!” he boomed down at the clerk, causing the underclassmen to flinch and reach for a day pass. Austin filled it out for Beef, and the two of them strode into the gym, heading for the squat rack. It was leg day, but Austin had Beef do a little bit of everything so he got a nice pump and got a good sweat going. Austin let Beef off his leash as they started to lift, and Beef nuzzled his chest against Austin’s face in appreciation. It was hard to find enough weight to challenge Beef, and Austin had to get creative. Beef had grown even stronger than Austin thought, and in trying to max out weights to challenge him, they used nearly every plate available. Austin tried standing on stacks of weights on the cable machine to create enough resistance for Beef, tried using bands and chains to add resistance, and did higher reps than he would normally think of, but it was rarely enough. Beef could easily curl hundreds of pounds, squat and deadlift double his weight, and did leg press with as many 100s and 45s as they could fit on the stack. He was tireless, relentless, and hardly needed any pauses between sets. Once Austin told him to do something, Beef did so with perfect form, ferocious intensity, and terrifying power. He panted and huffed and puffed but never complained, never slowed down, and looked absolutely content and in his element. Puddles of sweat followed them wherever they went, drops of it dripping off Beef’s face, arms, and shoulders, trickling down over his round gut and tree trunk-thick legs, soaked like he was caught in a rainstorm. Austin kept him fed with a bright-pink drink, a mix of powders and supplements that made Beef feel electric and focused and wired, the pump bloating his body up bigger and thicker than ever. Austin was shameless in touching and rubbing Beef’s big body as they lifted, groping his biceps and meaty ass as he lifted, Beef’s focus never fading, the only indication that he noticed coming from the enormous hard-ons that sprung up whenever Austin touched him. Beef grunted loudly with each rep, his resonant voice and massive weights booming in the open gym space, scaring off many of the usual early-morning crowd. He stared intensely as his own reflection in the mirror or at Austin, unblinking, locked in. After 3 hours straight of lifting, Beef stepped up closer to Austin and looked down at him from his 8 foot vantage. His massive gut groaned louder than Austin had ever heard it. “Sir, I’m hungry,” Beef rumbled, reaching down to rub his belly in a wide circle, sweat dripping off his hand in sheets as he did. His crop top was soaked, now a darker shade of tan, and Austin could see the straps and pouch of Beef’s jock strap through the tight compression shorts. “Need to fuel these muscles, Sir. When’s lunch?” Austin looked Beef over. His thighs and calves bulged with a massive pump, and his chest, arms, and shoulders were ruddy and swollen. Beef reached up and ran a hand through his mohawk, a spray of sweat misting off his hair and down onto Austin. “Soon, big boy. You’ve worked SO hard this morning, and now it’s time to eat. But first let’s go to the bathroom,” Austin said. He reached up and clasped Beef’s leash back on, and Beef moaned with pleasure as it locked around his heavy chain necklace. Austin led Beef back into the locker room, jerking his leash to get him to follow. Beef’s enormously wide shoulders took up the full breadth of the hallways, causing other gym goers to retreat. Beef and Austin made their way to the bathroom and went into the handicap stall. “Alright Beef, go ahead and relieve yourself,” Austin said. Beef dropped trou, his massive hose spilling out of his jock pouch, heavy balls emitting an intense musk. “Ahhhhhhh,” Beef groaned as a thick stream of piss started filling up the bowl. “Mmmm, such a big boy,” Austin said as he rubbed Beef’s thick glutes. “Such a good pump today, Beef, you worked hard,” Austin purred. Beef finished, bouncing his chubbed-up cock to get any stray drops, then stuffed his package back into the jock strap. “Thank you, Sir!” he boomed. Beef realized he could easily see over the bathroom stall partitions; he could just see himself reflected in the mirrors looming over the stalls. Beef grinned and his cock chubbed up more, realizing how big and tall he was getting. “Get on your knees, Beef,” Austin commanded, and Beef dropped down; he still came up to Austin’s chin even on his knees. “Now, get on all fours,” Austin said, and Beef pressed his big hands against the dirty floor of the bathroom stall; he looked up at his Sir with expectant, hungry eyes. “Good boy,” Austin said as he pulled his gym shorts down to reveal his own hard, throbbing cock. He ran a hand through Beef’s sweat-slicked hair and down his cheek to his thick beard. “Suck,” Austin said simply and stepped forward, rubbing his cock against Beef’s lips. Beef obeyed and opened his mouth. Austin groaned as Beef’s powerful lips sucked harder than he could believe, his prickly beard and mustache tingling along his cock. Beef was hungry, and his Sir’s sweaty cock excited him greatly; he slurped and grunted and licked and sucked greedily. Suddenly, someone else came into the bathroom, the door opening with a thump. The small room was filled with Beef’s grunting, moaning, and slurping sounds and Austin’s dirty talk. Beef felt so embarrassed but he sucked harder. He had to make his Sir happy. The stranger came closer and saw two massive meatheads sharing one stall, raised his eyebrows, apologized, and awkwardly left the bathroom. “Fuck yeah, everyone knows you’re my bull now, Beef, mmmph, take my fucking load!” Austin grunted as pleasure rippled up his spine. Austin exploded and Beef slurped up his thick load. “Mmm, good boy,” Austin said as Beef rose back up to his full, massive height. Beef grinned down at Austin and rubbed a knuckle against his lip, wiping a dribble of cum from his beard. As they left the bathroom, they passed by the wrestling practice room, which was a small, secluded room full of wrestling mats and practice gear. It was behind a locked door, but because Austin had a prestigious spot on the football team, he had a master key for every door at his college’s gym. “Hey Beef, wanna wrestle?” Austin said with a smirk. Beef’s eyes lit up. “YEAH!” he boomed as Austin opened up the door. The smell of stale sweat from years of wrestling practice and wrestling mats overwhelmed them as they entered the room. Austin closed and locked the door and they were alone. “Let’s see what we’ve got… here we go,” Austin said as he rummaged through a pile of dirty, used practice singlets. “This is the biggest one I can find, see it if fits.” Austin tossed the maroon-colored singlet to Beef, who raised it up to his nose and breathed in deeply, savoring the musk of wrestling practices gone by. He stripped down to his jock and struggled to put on the too-tight singlet, stumbling to keep his balance. “One foot at a time, there you go, mmm these are gonna stretch tight over your big thighs, huh?” Austin said as he helped Beef step into the singlet. It stretched and stretched, rubbing over the furry expanse of Beef’s massive thighs. Beef slowly rolled the singlet up the round expanse of his muscle gut, sweat already soaked into it, the material stretching and straining. Austin started putting on a singlet of his own, and Beef’s cock strained as he watched his hot master putting on the tight garment. A wet spot started forming on Beef’s bulging package, pre soaking through the singlet. “Sir, I need help with the final straps,” Beef rumbled. He waddled over to Austin and bent down, allowing Austin to reach up and stretch the straps over his huge traps. Beef’s meaty nipples poked out to the sides, his impossibly wide chest and shoulders too much for the singlet to handle. He rose to his full height, the straps taut between his traps and pecs, so tight they dug into his skin. His huge gut stretched the fabric so it looked more pink than maroon. “How do I look, Sir?” Beef boomed as he looked down at his master. “Like a champion heavyweight!” Austin said. He stepped forward and ran a hand across Beef’s lycra-covered gut, teased his meaty nipples that stuck out from the singlet, and bumped his knuckle against Beef’s absurd bulge. “Mmm, yeah, I’m the BIGGEST heavyweight around!” Beef boasted, then lifted his arms and flexed his big biceps. His musky stink was so strong it soon dominated the odor of the practice room, five minutes of Beef’s B.O. stronger than dozens of college wrestlers over years and year. “Let’s see if you can pin me, bud, I don’t think you can!” Austin said as he got into a wrestling stance and challenged his bigger stepdad. “Oh yeah?” Beef said as he advanced on his smaller master. “Come here, little guy!” Austin dodged out of his stepdad’s lumbering approach, but underestimated Beef’s long reach. Austin was surprised as the big man scooped him up and easily lifted him off the ground. Austin wheezed as the air was squeezed out of his lungs in an instant. “Bear hug!” Beef groaned as he flexed and crushed Austin against his enormous torso. He flailed his smaller master around, the tight lyrca singlets rubbing against each other, Beef’s sweat soaking Austin’s singlet, before squashing him down on the mat. Austin groaned as he was crushed under his bull’s tremendous weight, pressing him hard against the wrestling mats. “Takedown!” boomed Beef as he readjusted his position on top of his tiny master. He gripped Austin’s forearms, which felt so small and fragile in his huge hands, and pinned his wrists to the ground. He shifted his weight up, settling his hips and ass on top of Austin’s thighs and crotch. His gut pressed against Austin’s chest. Austin pushed against it to try to shift his weight, tried to slip his wrist out from Beef’s vice grip, tried to flip his hips over and around to fight back, but it was all completely futile. “Are you fighting back, Sir? I hardly feel anything! I’m just so much BIGGER than you, huh?” Beef growled, leaning down to whisper in his Sir’s ear. “Feels real good, feeling you struggle and squirm underneath me, Sir. You fight back so hard,” Beef said as he rubbed his leaking bulge over Austin’s torso. “But it’s pointless, I’m TOO STRONG!” “Huuffff, uff, you, huuuuff, you haven’t beat me yet!” Austin groaned under Beef’s mass. Beef just laughed. “Ha! Try your hardest, little master. I can barely feel you push back. Go ahead, try,” Beef said, shifting his weight even harder on his little captive. Austin pushed back as hard as he could, using all his jock strength, his face straining as he struggled against his stepdad’s overwhelming mass. “Hmmmm I maybe felt a little push of something underneath me?” Beef said, sweat dripping down onto Austin. Beef’s wrist-thick cock throbbed as it rubbed against Austin, lycra on lycra, the swish sound of singlets rubbing together filling the air. He leaned down even harder on Austin until Austin collapsed against the mat, helpless and out of breath. “I think that’s a three-count, Sir!” Beef wrapped his huge arms around Austin and stood up, easily carrying his master. He adjusted his grip on Austin until they were face to face. Beef had a huge, giddy grin on his face. “Heh, so easy to pick you up and move around now!” he boomed. Jon shifted Austin around in his grip again and lowered him face-down onto the mats again, in total control. “Mmmm yeah, your ass looks so good in the singlet, Sir,” Beef boomed from above Austin. Beef shifted his singlet straps off of his traps and over his huge shoulders until they hung at his sides, breathing a sigh as the tight singlet no longer dug into his skin. His chest and shoulders seemed even bigger without the straps on. “Beef wants to fuck little master so bad,” he rumbled as he fell to his knees and straddled Austin, pressing his huge lycra-bound bulge against the smaller man’s ass. “Big Beef fucking his jock stud Sir, mmmmh yeah, fuck,” Beef growled, his self-control fading, his primal instincts bucking against Austin’s control. He rubbed his cock against Austin’s singlet, leaning down harder and wrapping a huge bicep around Austin’s neck and pulling back hard to press his cock in harder. “Mmm yeah, so much fuckin’ BIGGER than you, Sir… and still GROWING!” Austin’s face was turning red and he felt the weight and pressure from his stepdad’s gigantic arm threatening to crush his windpipe. Beef’s cock pushed harder against his ass, spurting wads of precum; Austin could feel the wetness through the sweaty singlets. He knew he couldn’t keep him waiting much longer, but he knew there was one more thing he would want even more right now. “Well, big Beef, you know what you need to keep growing?” Austin choked as he best he could, voice strained as Beef squeezed harder and harder. “Food!” Beef’s gut growled loudly; hadn’t he just eaten less a couple hours ago? But suddenly he realized how starving he was, how much he NEEDED to eat and fuel his gains and feed his growing muscles and have MORE. “Oh, oh yeah! You’re right, Sir!” Beef said loudly as he let go of Austin and stood up suddenly. Austin shook his head as he got up, took a deep breath, and turned to face his giant daddy bear. That had been close. “Now Beef, you know better than to pin your Sir down without his permission, don’t you?” Austin said, putting his hands on his hips. Beef sheepishly rubbed the back of his head. “Yes, Sir, I just got, um,” he sighed heavily, his cock throbbing. “I guess I got a little carried away, Sir,” he said with a grin. “I’m just so excited to be around my hot little stepson Sir, and I—” he explained before Austin cut him off. “Shh, it’s ok, big Beef. I understand,” Austin said as he stepped closer to rubbed his hands over Jon’s sweaty lycra. “It’s hard to contain all your big bull energy, huh?” he asked as he reached down and rubbed Jon’s bulging cock. “Y-yeah,” Jon gasped, his knees shaking as his master played with his bulge. “I just want you so bad, sir,” he rumbled. “I know, Beef. And you’ll have your chance. Just don’t forget who’s in charge,” Austin, grabbing and tugging on Beef’s chain necklace and running his hand over the padlock. “Y-yes sir!” Jon said. “But for now, let’s go have lunch,” Austin said. Beef’s eyes lit up in excitement. “Get out of that singlet and let’s go!” They quickly changed, leaving their sweat and precut-soaked singlets on the mats, and Austin hooked the leash back up to his stepdad. Austin could hardly keep up as Beef rumbled towards the cafeteria, tugging at the leash; the big man was sniffing the air and following his instincts. They entered the cafeteria, and the workers stopped and stared at the massive, half-naked man on a leash. Beef’s eyes lit up when he saw all the food. “Wow! There’s so much! And so many options!” Beef boomed as he looked back at his master. “Let me take care of it, big guy. Just carry the trays and I’ll stack up the food.” Austin loaded up on chicken breasts, pasta, milk, a whole pizza, and more. When they were finished, they were carrying half a dozen trays loaded up with food, Beef balancing them between his big hands and meaty chest. “Have at it,” Austin said when they were seated; he made sure they were at a prominent spot where everyone could see them. Beef proceeded to inhale everything with shocking speed, devouring and consuming every bit of food in front of him, barely pausing to take a breath or wash down the food with greedy gulps of whole milk. “More,” Beef grunted as he finished the first tray, and Austin slid the second one in front of him. Beef continued to eat and eat. “More!” he boomed as he finished another tray. “More!!” he rumbled, his belly bulging with so much food that he had to adjust his chair. His breathing became slower and heavier, his massive shoulders slumped over the table, bent over to eat more food faster. “MORE!!” Austin kept it coming, grinning and encouraging Beef, eventually moving around next to him to rub his sweaty gut and feed him when Beef struggled to finish the last tray. “Good boy, you’ve had so much! The more you eat, the more you grow,” Austin said, a mantra that he sent along to his stepdad almost every day via text message, and Beef nodded. “Soon all this food will fuel more gains and help you get even bigger. You know, you’re getting so close to 1000 pounds,” Austin said as he rubbed his stepdad’s round, hard gut in wide circles. “Mmmmph,” Beef groaned around a mouthful of chicken, his cock throbbing in his jock strap. “Half a ton of bulky, meaty muscle. How do you like the sound of that?” Austin purred, leaning close to his daddy. Everyone stared, and Beef knew they were all staring. He blushed and sweated but Austin’s words also gave him butterflies in his stomach. “MMMph!” Beef grunted, imagining himself getting even bigger. “M-more!” he groaned, and leaned back in his chair and clutched his gut. It was stretched out, the top of it pushing and bunching up his BEEF crop-top even more. “Awww good Beef, you want to grow more for your Sir, don’t you?” Austin said, squeezing and rubbing his stepdad’s enormous bicep and shoulder. “Such a good boy.” “Y-yeah, bigger,” Beef groaned, then burped and gulped down the last of his food. “Always bigger for you, Sir!” “Mmm this is why I love you so much,” Austin said. “But I made a promise earlier this morning. Do you remember it?” Austin said, leaning closer and nearly whispering. Beef gulped and his massive package throbbed. “Yeah!” Beef rumbled. He pushed his chair back and rose to his full height. He swelled out his chest and then erupted with the loudest, deepest belch that Austin had every heard. “When we go home after lifting and eating, I get to cum,” Beef boomed loud enough for everyone around them to hear. “That’s right,” Austin said, rising out of his chair as well. “And today is very special,” Austin said. He reached up and tugged on Beef’s chain until he was leaning down to Austin’s level. “Today, you get to fuck your master and fill me with your thick load,” Austin whispered. Beef’s eyes bulged wide and the hair on his neck stood up. His cock throbbed and until it was rock-hard. “Y-you mean it, Sir?” he sighed desperately. “Uh huh,” Austin breathed, his breath tickling Beef’s ear. “I need you to stretch out my meaty bubble butt,” he said. “Yeah?” Beef panted, his chest heaving. “I need you to fill up my tight hole,” Austin teased. “Yeah??” Beef grunted, louder and more excited this time. “I need your cum inside me, Beef, for you to pound me senseless, and I want you to carry me back to the dorm right now,” Austin commanded. “YEAH!!!” Beef boomed, then picked his Sir up and threw him up over his huge shoulder. “FUCK YEAH, gonna fuck you GOOD, Sir!” Beef roared and stormed out of the cafeteria, the wet spot on his compression shorts growing.
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  21. Ro20316

    Electro Muscular Stimulation

    I wonder how is he gonna get his size back? Aiden loves to be dominant and he wont take having the same size as his lil bro. I wonder if he takes the first machine and apply the stimulatiom to his cock. Will it grow?
  22. We have a couple other Valentine’s chapters first but yes, spring break is coming, and Jon will be even bigger by then!
  23. need daddy to take his sons jock ass
  24. theredder

    Electro Muscular Stimulation

    Part 35 It hummed softly, a cold tingling sensation running up my cock, but it didn't seem to be doing anything. No pleasure, no pain, just tingle. Aiden, on the other hand, had started grunting and groaning like he was getting the world's best head, gripping firm on the tube. "Fuuuck yes!" It only lasted maybe a minute before the humming stopped, and I was confused. I pull the tube off my cock curiously and was astonished at what I saw. My cock had shrunk! I could still feel it, and it was rock hard, but it was now a tiny 3inch prick. I looked over at Aiden as he pulled his off with a little bit of difficulty. It didn't want to let go, and I soon found out why. Rather than shrink, Aiden's cock had grown, grown thick and fat. More than that, once it was all the way off, I realized it was longer too, looking closer to 8.5-9inches. It was clear what this thing did now, but how it did, it was beyond me. Aiden's new cock twitched, flexing and bouncing up and down as he squeezed his pubic muscles. I was in shock, but at the same time, it felt right now that his cock matched the rest of his body, big and hard. "Don't worry, you'll get every inch back, I promise." He reached back for his bedside table, putting away the toy and grabbing a bottle of lube while at the same time pushing me onto my back and lifting my legs into the air. "Fuck, this is going to be amazing!" I'd never been fucked before, especially not by such a big cock, and as nervous as that made me, I knew I desperately wanted it inside me. Once he was lubed up, he started grinding his fat shaft against my hole, teasing me. The pressure of it made what remained of my cock twitch eagerly, reaffirming how badly I wanted Aiden inside me. So much so that I reached for his cock, hoping to guide him inside me. Aiden was gentle with it, letting his body weight slowly but firmly press himself inside me. It was big and uncomfortable but, at the same time, the best thing I'd ever felt.
  25. lighterstill

    Jon the Growing Stepdad: Chapter 7 -- Valentine's Day Visit

    Oh, man; Spring Break is next, I bet. Can't wait to see how much size Jon's put on by then.--He just seems to grow faster and faster!
  26. lighterstill


    This was great! I love the idea that Franks' true desires were so extreme and got more extreme as he grew.
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