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    • BuiltNstrong
      Hoping to find out what additional procedures h will be needed to get th car running (and how you’ll get it off the broken lift…. Definitely where I’d want to take My Car for a tune up     great str or y!
    • NTMuscle
      Part 7 I made it to the gym to begin my heavy chest workout and all I could think about during the whole workout was Jason and how big he is and how big I wanted to become.  I made sure to squeeze at the top of every chest movement.  I wanted to make sure that I really gave my chest the attention it needs to become the chest that I want.  The pump was insane and right when I figured I couldn’t take anymore the workout was over.  I had my post workout meal, ice bath, shower and recovery.  I had to be exhausted because I went to sleep soon after and woke up in time for my next meal before my afternoon workout. Jason still wasn’t back yet so the house was still quiet.  I ate my meal and made my way back to the gym to do part 2 of my workout and had the same energy as I did this morning.  Went through the 2nd phase of the routine and was just as exhausted.  Did my post workout activities and made it back to the kitchen to eat.  Jason was back and on the couch with a big smile but before he said anything about his adventure he stated that it must have been chest day because I have one hell of a pump going on and I must admit that was a good feeling to hear. I grabbed my meal from the fridge and walked over to Jason who was taking up 2/3s of the couch to have him explain how things went at the gym for him.  He started talking about how the whole place went silent as he walked in.  He strutted over to the same group of people that essentially ghosted me while they were working out.  Normally that kind of story would keep my attention but I was looking at Jason’s muscles moving and flexing as he was telling the story while occasionally looking at my chest.  He was right, that pump was insane in my chest.  Never felt anything like it before.  His story didn’t require any participation on my part but when he asked if I could take the constraining tank top off I said I could or you could just rip it off. Jason thought about it but said I thought you may have wanted to have it for yourself.  My eyes grew wide, he continued to say as a thank you for helping me out earlier today to get the damn thing on.  You can have the shorts too as well.  Think of them as motivational souvenirs, as we were taking them off.  I took them back to my room as additional motivation to grow into them and then out of them.  I tried both of them on and of course they hung off me like a bed sheet.  I looked like a kid in his dads tshirt but I couldn’t wait to fill it up. A few days had passed and Jason wasn’t lying when he said The Corporation knew what it was doing and to follow the plan.  This heavy chest workout, meals, and rest/recovery was the real deal.  Some of the side effects too were/are pretty nice if I had to be honest.  I got up and took a good look at myself before going to be measured.  It looks like I’ve grown taller since last time and of course bigger overall.  My morning wood reached a bit higher than it used to as well and my nipples look a bit puffier than normal.  I sorta have the build like Jason did except my entire body was proportional with the exception of my chest which I honestly think should be considered and called pecs now.  I tried on the tank and shorts that Jason gave me several weeks ago just to see. The shorts were essentially being held up by my throbbing morning wood so I still had some growing to do in the legs department.  The tank top was still hanging off of me but my pecs were able to at least hold it up somewhat.  My back and shoulders are almost wide enough and broad enough to hold it up but not bad if I do say so myself.  I felt confident enough to now walk around shirtless so I took off Jason’s stuff and just put on my workout shorts and went to the stat room.  I walked past the kitchen and saw that Jason must have had an early workout because there were some remnants of the meal he had left.  I went into the stat room and eagerly awaited the results. To my liking everything matched what I was seeing and how I felt.  I did grow taller.  I’m now 6’2” as well a bit heavier than I was when I started I’m now 241lbs with bodyfat at 14%.  My waist trimmed a bit to 34”, my calves were now 18.5”, quads 54”, arms 14.5” unflexed and 19” flexed.  My soft penis was 4” and erect was 8.5” don’t know if that was a side effect or not but I like it.  Last and certainly not least my chest will now be officially known as pecs they have grown to be 66”.  Not as big as Jason’s were when I first got here but damn they aren’t that far off.  Seeing and reading those last few measurements caused precum to leak from my soon to be cock.  If it gets any larger it will need to be called that in my opinion. I was stoked and ready to workout so I went to the kitchen and went to the fridge looking for my meal.  The cold air stiffened my nipples which looked sexy erect.  I heard Jason walking in and was he going to be surprised when I stood up at eye level with him.  He spoke to me while I was leaning into the refrigerator thinking how funny it would be for him to see how much I had grown so I stood straight up, closed the fridge and was met with a wall of pec meat in my eye line.  Looking at my stat line he saw that I grew a few inches and he remarked about it too but also saying that he did some growing as well as I could see.  Even my once large and proud soon to be cock was smaller than his but not by much but because he was taller his rose higher than mine and was thicker.  Jason said he gets measured tomorrow but is happy that I decided to start going shirtless makes it less awkward when he comes into the kitchen or any other room completely naked.  I told Jason that I’m glad I can take away that feeling of awkwardness.  He smiled and said, I bet that outfit from awhile back probably won’t fit me in any form now as he laughed and I agreed laughing back with him. We talked some more while eating, if he wasn’t as tall his pecs would have rested on the table.  I leaned over just a little bit to see how it would feel which obviously at first very cold but I liked the feeling.  We both got up to leave, me to go workout and Jason to go rest.  Of course I followed behind him purposefully.  He had to slightly duck his head to leave and walk down the hallway.  I’m so glad this is the main hall for a few feet before splitting off seeing his triceps start to graze the walls in the hallway was amazing and caused an instant boner for me.  It was like my penis, because it’s not a cock yet, was just magnetically attracted to him.  I intentionally slowed down some because he was approaching his room, watching him trying to squeeze himself down to fit through the doorway was enough to send me over the edge but I held it together.  He knew what he was doing as well but I was able to remember my goals and moved along to the gym and used that moment as additional motivation to achieve my goals.
    • Two
      So am I! I hope it is forthcoming 🙂
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