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    • DennisFLL
      Loved the erotic and funny euphemisms.
    • lionlouis
      6th of December What do we have for today in our Muscle Growth Advent Calendar ? Nothing less than a very hot story by the talented @FallenAway and coincidence of the calendar this story is also featuring a guy named Gabriel, what are the odds ? haha Stay tuned for updates because a new author is entering the game ! who might that be ? come to discover it tomorrow   Gabriel Displays His Assets by @FallenAway The lonely housewives of Lake Forest didn't pay Gabriel $500 an hour because he was good at hanging Christmas lights. In fact, he didn't even try to do a good job. He knew they were happy to stand back and watch him work in a pair of well-worn Levi's that were a few squats away from bursting. Those jeans were the centerpiece of his very successful marketing strategy. The view from the back convinced all the neighbors to hire him as soon as possible, regardless of his exorbitant hourly rate. Meanwhile the view from inside the house was driving his customer into a lustful frenzy. By the time Gabriel fastened a few crooked strings of lights to the front of the house, the lady of the house would peel off a layer of clothing, shuffle into the yard like a starving zombie, and invite him into her kitchen to get a taste of her "Christmas cookies." Gabriel always accepted. He especially liked it when there were actual cookies involved, as he was frequently hungry. But he wouldn't have much time to eat once he shed his winter coat and revealed the thickly muscled torso that matched his thickly muscled legs. He had mastered the art of the seductive stretch, with hands clasped and arms extended overhead, ensuring that the hem of his inadequate t-shirt would be dragged above two or more rows of abdominal muscles. His abs were then thrown into high relief with a gentle twist of his hips and a casual flex of his tight, fat-free core. He liked to finish by using his right middle finger to scratch an apparent itch in the lowest part of his unruly treasure trail.  Gabriel's business analysis revealed that 62% of his customers tried to unwrap his hefty Christmas package before he was done with his little scratch. 23% fainted, 8% babbled incoherently until he shoved something into their mouths, 6% burst into tears, and 1% just... died. (Rest in peace, Mrs. Abernathy!) No matter how they reacted to his overwhelming physical presence, Gabriel took his time (he was being paid by the hour) to provide each woman with an array of erotic handyman services whether they ordered them or not. When they’d had their fill of his homemade eggnog and were close to passing out from exhaustion, he made sure they expressed their satisfaction with a five-star review on Yelp. But Gabriel went above and beyond the expectations of the most demanding suburban housewives. After leaving them sprawled on their ruined bedsheets, he took their smartphones and prepared for his favorite part of the job. If there were children in the household, he sent texts and arranged for them to stay with friends or grandparents after school. Then he texted the man of the house to say that he was needed at home immediately. If they balked, Gabriel made a vague reference to plumbing that needed to be snaked. (They had no idea they would be bringing that plumbing home with them.) When the worried husband rushed into his house to find an enormously muscled young man, naked, finishing up the last of what was supposed to be the man’s dinner, he was rarely able to articulate any of the questions in his head. Gabriel took advantage of that pause to stand up, towering at least a foot over most of their heads, and greet them politely: “Hello Mr. X, I’m Gabriel.” He would tug on his intimidating yule log a couple of times before extending the same hand for a businesslike shake. Most of them of them were conditioned to shake any hand that was offered, so they gripped it without thinking while Gabriel enjoyed their changing facial expressions. At the same time, they were hit with a wall of humid body heat and potent alpha musk that stripped away any of the authority they enjoyed as C-suite executives, doctors, lawyers, or investment bankers. They lowered their eyes and waited for instructions. “Your wife hired me to ‘clean out your garage’.” Gabriel always cocked an eyebrow when he said that, just in case the man was too clueless to recognize a euphemism when he heard one. (Some of them were still surprised when the cleaning began.) “She didn’t have enough cash in the house to pay me, so… do you need to go to an ATM, or would you like to use a card?” Gabriel pulled out his phone and plugged in a card reader. Anticipating their questions about the cost, he would size them up and squeeze an upper arm to evaluate their muscle tone. “You won’t last more than two hours, so, including your wife, that’ll be $2500 including the tip.” When 31% of the men expressed some kind of objection, Gabriel calmly flexed a bicep bigger than their heads and waited for their platinum cards to land in his outstretched hand. With payment out of the way, Gabriel introduced the men of Lake Forest to home maintenance services they didn’t know they needed. Their ‘drains’ were ‘snaked,’ as promised, and their ‘garages’ were cleaned out and rearranged until they had more space in them than they ever thought possible. (Some claimed that their farts echoed off the walls!) On top of that, he left them with a warm meal in their distended bellies before he gently carried them to their beds and laid them next to their sleeping wives. Gabriel stayed just long enough to eat all the remaining food in the house before he locked the door on his way out. A stranger driving around Lake Forest during the holiday season would be surprised by the number of houses with poorly hung Christmas lights. “Surely they can afford better services,” they might say. But those who lived and worked there began to notice that everyone seemed happier and more relaxed. Shop owners and clerks commented that their customers were less irritable. Tips increased by 25%. Bosses were nicer to their employees. Workaholics went home earlier to spend more time with their families. And the name Gabriel was often overheard in quiet conversations between friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Gabriel made enough money to buy a private island. But he didn’t. Large anonymous donations were made to food pantries and homeless shelters. No one seemed to know where Gabriel lived, but he was always around, often recommended, and surprisingly available to meet everyone’s needs whenever he was called. Inevitably, people began to say he was an angel. Whether they meant that literally or metaphorically, it was universally agreed that he had brought joy to the community, and that was all they needed to know. And that, boys and girls, is the legend of Gabriel, the angel who fucked some sense into the people of Lake Forest.
    • Ro20316
      I love how he is changing from not confident to a proud alpha. He and i loves what is happening.
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