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    • Ro20316
      a la verga, como no habia leido esta preciosidad de historia antes? Maravilloso trabajo
    • kiwigap
      Here is a link to the previous chapters: Chapter 1-8   I wanted to restart another thread to have more control over the thread itself.    Chapter 9:   Zach and Aaron walked into the lifeguard tower interior, both their hard dicks rubbing up against their suits. They both laid their items by the door. The sunlight beating through the tinted glass windows. The shadows cast onto each of their muscles perfectly, helping to highlight muscle hidden by Aaron's slight layer of bulky fat.    "Wow, you look even better in here!" exclaimed Zach, walking closer to Aaron. He noticed that he was towering over him. Aaron must have been no larger than 5'6" but his bulky muscles made him look a fair bit larger. His buzzed brown hair was neat, deep brown eyes, flawless young skin, and sexy smile    "That's awfully humble of you." Aaron said with a teethy grin, as Zach began to hit his double bicep pose again.    Aaron began to rub Zach's bulging arms, as Zach let out soft grunts. Zach loved that he was the object of another man's muscle lust. He enjoyed watching Aaron drool over his ripped body. He liked how Aaron's strong fingers nicely squeezed his buff arms.    "Now, tell me where do you get these bulky muscles from?" inquired Zach as he let his arms down. Aaron's arms had a nice bulk to them that made them look absolutely massive. Not to mention Aaron's legs were extremely large in comparison to the rest of his body.   "Well, I'll be a senior in college this next year and I play rugby for my school. I work out when I can."    "Well that explains the legs." Zach said grabbing Aaron's strong thighs, rubbing them softly . "They feel so powerful."   "Emmm, yeah. They're my favorite muscles of mine. Can't skip leg day!"    Zach continued to rub and squeeze Aaron's thighs. While Aaron closed his eyes, smiling.    Zach got really close to Aaron's face. "Do you remember me from yesterday?"    Aaron began to get a little red in the face. No one ever wants to forget someone they've been introduced to before, "Uh, I can't say that I do. You look very familiar but I don't believe I've met you before now."    "Remember the two meat heads you made arm wrestle yesterday? The one's you videotaped so you could jack off to it when you got home? I was the scrawny one with them." Zach replied calmly.    "What!? It can't be. The guy with them was just as handsome but much smaller than you." Aaron retorted.    "Yeah, I've grown a lot since then but that was me yesterday. I can't say I didn't feel a little jealous with you giving my dad and his friend all the attention."    "Hopefully you'll forgive me for that. You gotta admit those two take the air out of the room for everyone else.  But I gotta ask. How did you get so big in a day? I've seen some dudes explode after a cycle but nothing like this?" Aaron replied inquisitively.    " Well, that's why I came here to see you today. I wanted to get a little attention from your hot little self and to show you how I grew." Zach said walking over to his bag, pouring out four pills, and grabbing his bottle of water.    "Here you go, Aaron. Take a couple of these. I promise you won't regret it at all."    Aaron felt a little suspicious of taking random pills from someone he barely knew but his curiosity had certainly been peaked. He'd really gotten serious about upping his workouts recently in addition to his sports. There wasn't any doubt that he wanted to be absolutely huge and impossibly strong.    "Uh, I'm not sure. It seems like they work but I'd like you to take a dose yourself since it seems pretty fast-acting . Maybe I will try it then."    Zach smiled, "Wise decision. I'd hoped you would say that." as he popped a couple in mouth, leaving the rest upon the table, and chased them down with his water.    The effects of the pills were instantenous as Zach's body began to respond well to the pills. He instantly felt the familiar, orgasmic rush alongside with extreme heat and twitching within his muscles. He started loudly moaning and groaning as he could feel an ever so slight expansion of his muscles.    Aaron watched at this reaction, as his dick immediately stood in attention again. He was saw Zach's back slowly growing and definition being added to ever single muscle on his body. Aaron knew that he immediately needed to take some of these pills as he greedily snatched the pills remaining on the table. He likewise took a swig of water and quickly swallowed the pills.    "Emm. I see that. UGH. You've decided to. Oooh, yeah. Join me." stated Zach through pleasurable grunts and groans.    Aaron had a similar set of effects on his short, bulky body. He felt woozy as his eyes rolled up into his head with intense pleasure. However, a distinct burning sensation began to happen all around his body. The mixture of pain and pleasure was nearly too much to handle.    "Oh, yeah. It hurts sooooo good." Aaron said as the pleasure and pain increased to insane levels.    This comment was somewhat strange to Zach as he hadn't ever had severe feelings of pain other than some sorenes afterwards. It seemed Aaron didn't care too much about it.    "Look at how big you're growing, Zach. Look at those nipples being pushed down by your growing chest muscles." Aaron said through cycling bouts of pain and pleasure.    Zach looked down to see his pecs growing, beginning to block his view of his lower body. As he looked up he saw Aaron growing - fast. Much faster than Zach's dad, Brett, and even himself.   Aaron's whole body was rapidly expanding on his small stature. It was immediately clear that he was a hyper-responder to the drug, as he began to expand in every direction.    "Yes, I feel so fucking powerful." Aaron growled.    The most notable change in Aaron's body is that he was growing more than just muscle. His stomach began to distent growing into a hard turtle-shell stomach. He had a well-defined set of abs sitting atop a strong, knotted stomach. His pecs swelled up into pillows as they perked up with huge mounds of muscle. His arms were quickly being pushed away as a result, they were likewise growing. They had a nice layer of fat on top of the clearly large muscles that made his arms look even larger. He could feel his feet sliding away from his body as his quads filled out his swimming trunks, pushing up the hems farther and farther up his leg. Aaron looked down past his pecs and saw his thighs roping up with muscle and veins, while his calves grew into wide diamonds. By the end he must have easily grew to 320 pounds of bloated muscle - much more than any other individuals growth thus far.    A dusting of hair appeared on Aaron's body while his face grew a short beard that fit handsomely on his sexy face.    All the while Aaron was in absolute ecstasy. Zach himself had completely forgotten about his own growth as he focused exclusively on Aaron's inhuman growth.    "Emmm. Look at how big I got. That was only one dose and I'm already way bigger than you, Zach." as he threw his head in the air.    Aaron began feeling up his enormous muscle gut, while his swim suit rode up into a small bundle around his fat cock.    "Look at my sexy muscle gut. I can't believe it took so little time for one to develop. Imagine how many years of roiding I'd have to do to get a turtle shell like this."    Zach just stood in disbelief as this short stud turned into a magnificent muscle bear. He was so turned on seeing him rubbing his huge gut knowing he'd been the one who gave it to him.    "Now come here and suck me off." commanded Aaron as he shimmied his suit down his legs. He was glad he decided to wear his spandex one's today, hoping that he'd be able to put them back on afterwards. Aaron proceeded to lay on the table, spreading his legs wide to give Zach room.   Zach did exactly as commanded as he stood above his huge body laying on the table. Aaron's fat cock exposed, standing straight up. Zach gently placed his mouth over Aaron's dick as he began to slide his lips up to his dripping mushroom head down to the base. All the while he tried to look into Aaron's eyes, but couldn't due to the fact that they had been completely obscured by his behemoth pecs. Zach put it hands on his thick, muscular stomach and rubbed up and down upon it. Feeling the powerful midsection as it was rapidly rising up and down.    Aaron groaned as he curved his back from the pure power and pleasure he got from having a sexy, muscle bound man suck him off. He continued laying on his back and began to run his big pillowy pecs.    "Yeah, rub that muscle gut. Doesn't it feel so knotty and manly?"    Zach just moaned in approval as he began to methodically lick the precum from Aaron's thick head.    Aaron slowly lifted himself up to situp straight on the table. His stomach lightly pushed into Zach's head, as kept rubbing his hands up in down to a beat following his mouth. He slowly began to pet Zach's head to encourage him to keep going. Zach was giving him by far the best blowjob he'd ever had.    Eventually, Zach removed his mouth from his dick and pulled down his trunks. He then began to rub his own dick up against Aaron's. They were both roughly the same "10 but Aaron's was slightly more girthy.   "Oh, god this feels so right. I've never seen someone grow as much as you from one dose, I didn't even know it was possible. Everything about you is so powerful, and being so young you only have room to get bigger and bigger and BIGGER." Zach cried out.    "Yes, I want to get so big. I want my whole body to turn in nothing but big, bulky muscle. Imagine how big and hard my gut could get. Maybe my quads can follow suit. I'd love to see them grow so large that I can't even touch my feet together. Oh, that would be fucking perfect."   In that moment Aaron took his quads and pushed them onto Zach's body, pushing him on top of his dick. Zach couldn't move out of the prison Aaron's quads had made, they were far too powerful. Aaron picked Zach up with his impossibly powerful quads and began to quickly rub Zach's dick against his own.    Zach shouted, "Aaron, I think I'm close. I so fucking close to busting my load. Please, don't stop." as he held onto Aaron's quads.    Aaron moaned out, "please bust your load all over my abs. I want your cum all over my BIG stomach."    Zach and Aaron almost immediately began to cum volley after volley of hot cum. Both of their loads mixing onto Aaron's big belly running into crevices between his abs.    As both began to calm down from intense experience Aaron spoke saying, "look at me. Look at what you've done to me. Look how big and sexy you've made me."    "Trust me I don't want to look away." Zach said panting.    Eventually, Zach started packing all of his stuff away and to head back to the house.    Aaron spoke up, still heavily breathing on the edge of the table, "will I get to see you again? That was the best sex of my life!"    Zach smiled, "of course, dude. Let me give you my address, we're staying at the house just behind this tower. Come see me when you get off work."    Zach quickly trudged back to the beach house, hoping his suit wouldn't burst into pieces. 
    • 1996bodybuilder
      Please continue this one 
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