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The Swim Club Hunk


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AUTHOR'S NOTE: In honor of the 5th Annual Storiversary, I have decided to start my first ever chapter-based story. There will be six parts in total, added periodically as I have the time to do so. My hope is that all of you will join me on this adventure, sharing any of your thoughts, comments, or suggestions along the way. Ultimately, I do have an overarching outline in mind, but your feedback, good or bad, could impact upcoming chapters. For old fans of my writing, you can still expect my typical detailed style, with relevant images throughout and a great variety of sexual encounters, but for any new readers, hope you stick around and find something you enjoy!

Additionally, the pictures used for the main character are of someone who is 20-years-old, which he has stated multiple times when asked. 


Chapter 1: Learning the Basics

As Noah was driving back home from college to Greenfield, Ohio, he couldn’t help but reflect on where his life had taken him thus far. Growing up, he had always been the typical nerd, standing at 5’6” and barely 131 pounds, if that much. Appearance wise he never stuck out, considering himself pretty average all around, although he was particularly embarrassed by his skinniness, which borderline made him look like a child even up until now at 20-years-old. Noah’s interests then made even him more of a geek, as he was into everything you would expect, from math and video games to anime and comics. Yet, what did manage to set him apart from the average nerd was that he was gay. He had never actually acted upon his desires with someone else, still being a virgin, but while the other geeks were obsessing over the latest girl to take the internet by storm, Noah was instead eying the endless Instagram hunks that filled his feed. Sadly, even if he shared a lot else in common with the other nerds, this was always a barrier, preventing him from genuinely connecting with many of them. 

That said, he did have Tyler, his best friend, as well as Rebecca, another dear friend, although she was probably only friends with him in the first place because their parents were close. Tyler was his rock though, a fellow geek he met during third grade with all the same interests, who also turned out to be gay. He even looked similar to Noah, at an identical height of 5’6”, but somehow even skinner, weighting in at 128 pounds. Ultimately, they spent most of their free time together, and even sometimes masturbated alongside each other. However, they were either too chicken to go further, simply didn’t want to risk ruining their friendship by having sex, or were just too focused on the rippling muscular models and porn stars to even pay attention to their own frail, little bodies. Whatever the case, somehow, they had both managed to remain virgins and never actually discussed their sexuality beyond these brief interactions. Then, with Rebecca, she completed their trio, making sure they actually left their rooms from time to time, although they saw less of her during high school as she grew closer to the popular crowd and started dating her current boyfriend Paul. Honestly, she was always meant to be popular, even though she started off a little nerdy, she eventually blossomed in high school—with her looks, standing at 5’3” and weighing in at fit 118 pounds, Rebecca was unstoppable. 

Thinking back to those times now, especially with the loneliness of college weighing on him, Noah wished he had done something differently. Once they graduated, he hadn’t seen much of Tyler or Rebecca in the following two years. While Noah had gone off to the University of Dayton to study Mathematics, roughly an hour away from home, Tyler, with his brilliant mind, managed to get into Yale University to study Economics. The distance and internships had kept him away until now, although he was just back for a day or so to catch up with friends and family before he had to return to Connecticut. Rebecca, on the other hand, was closer to home, studying Biology at Ohio University with Paul, yet without Tyler, they would barely even say hello to each other during breaks. It was too late now, but maybe, just maybe, if he had been honest with Tyler about his feelings and fought to stay friends with Rebecca, his life would be better. Noah wasn’t even sure if he liked Tyler that way or if he could have kept Rebecca from leaving their group, but the experience of trying, that may have meant the world. But now, he was more alone than ever, without any friends at college, so he was going to make the best of today. A heart-to-heart with Tyler and Rebecca could be the start of much needed change.

Originally, Noah had no goals for this summer, probably just a lot of gaming at home, but closer to the end of the semester Tyler reached out to make plans on his tight schedule. Weather permitting, the idea was to meet up with him, along with Rebecca and Paul, at the Greenfield Swim Club. On the surface, a perfect idea, just the right setting to have some fun and catch up about college, yet that name alone brought back difficult memories. Sure, Noah was at least, in part, happy with who he was, but the swim club embodied who he wanted to be, yet wasn’t. At the end of the day, he was the kind of guy that was afraid to even just take his shirt off for fear of being ridiculed. But, growing up, Noah dreamt of being a hot, muscular lifeguard, which of course he never even came close to achieving. It was then at the swim club where these worlds collided, he was forced to show off his embarrassingly petit body, while the hottest senior, if not college-aged, lifeguards paraded around like they owned the place. The most notable amongst them was Jeff, who women threw themselves at and men wished they could be. Worst of all though, he was more than happy to treat Noah like shit along the way, which even spread from summers to high school. Noah couldn’t escape him during the school year, and then when he had to leave his room during the summer, the only nearby hangout spot was going to the pool. It wasn’t all bad there, but at all times he feared what Jeff might do, or say.

Physical bullying was rare for Jeff, although it could come to that if Noah tried anything, but it was the rude comments and jokes that just kept piling on and hitting harder overtime that hurt the most. Then, it didn’t help that physically Jeff was everything Noah could ever dream to be, and more. From his sexy middle part and amazing smile to his well-toned, tanned muscles and total confidence, Jeff was the perfect lifeguard. On top of that, Noah could only imagine how much sex he had had over the years, and, apparently, Jeff was even thriving at Ohio University studying Business. Sure, there were hotter and more muscular guys online, but to Noah, in real life, Jeff’s 5’11” height, 172 pounds, overall sex appeal, and immense popularity was his tangible goal. He hated himself even more for it, but Noah did sometimes masturbate thinking of Jeff, yet, it wasn’t about having sex with him, it was about being him. Noah imagined himself on the lifeguard chair showing off his glistening tight bod thinking about the sex he would be having that night. Ultimately, it was weird masturbating to images of his own bully, but it was so hot, and the closest he’d ever get to living that fantasy. 

Nevertheless, as he took the exit headed to Greenfield, and a knot formed deep in his stomach, Noah was prepared to suck it up and head for the swim club. Getting closer, he could feel his legs shaking in his blue and white checkerboard swim trunks. What were Tyler and Rebecca going to say about him? Would Jeff be there to make is life miserable? How was he going to look in front of everyone, skinner than ever? Driving through town, these questions only made the situation worse, with him eventually realizing that he was beginning to breathe heavily. Then, as he drove up the Greenfield Swim Club driveway and parked in the nearby lot, Noah could feel his heart pounding almost ready to burst out of his chest. Taking a few minutes to compose himself he looked at his phone and saw that Tyler and Rebecca had already arrived over half an hour ago. There was no more waiting, it was now or never.

Grabbing his things and getting out of the car, Noah walked towards the fence that separated the pool area from the parking lot. That was easy, but it was the walk from there, past the never used jungle gym on the left and the large pool shed to the right, towards the large family pool that seemed unbearable. Looking down the path, everyone seemed to be having so much fun, yet here he was practically having a panic attack. Yet, just as he was arriving, just as he was managing to mentally prepare himself, Noah saw Jeff on the lifeguard chair off in the distance in front of the adult’s only pool. This stopped him dead in his tracks, he wasn’t ready after all, he just couldn’t do this right now. Then, in a complete panic, he ran towards the open pool shed and sat on a dusty, old chair hoping to relax himself. This was his worst nightmare, seeing Tyler and Rebecca was going to be weird enough, but why did Jeff have to be back. Noah knew that most of the lifeguards were college students trying to make a quick buck, but did Jeff actually have to be working the one day he was coming to the swim club.

On the verge of tears, Noah could only sit there, examining everything in the pool shed as a way to distract himself. This worked so well that a one point he managed to turn his attention to a small chest he noticed out of the corner of his eye. In reality it was nothing special, but it seemed to be the only clean, shiny object in the whole building. Walking towards the box, it was almost as if the chest was calling to him, or maybe he was simply just looking for any excuse not to leave the shed. Opening the chest was ultimately anticlimactic, as it held mostly paper work, likely from the manager, Mr. Adams. However, at the bottom there was a golden lifeguard whistle, which was likely some award for the best lifeguard of the summer or some nonsense like that. Thinking no one would miss it, Noah decided to take it, as, in a way, it made him feel like an honorary lifeguard just to have it. Somehow, it even gave him a little confidence, prompting him to walk back out of the pool shed. Yet, from this angle, all he could see was Jeff and his beautiful body, and that was enough to break him again.

“I hate myself,” he whispered, “I wish I could be an even bigger, muscular alpha. For once I want to feel all that strength, all that attention, all that confidence.” Such a powerful desire brought him into one of his usual fantasies, getting him a little hard, but he was quickly awoken by the sound of a lifeguard whistle. 

Thinking that Jeff might be springing into action to save someone, he didn’t even bother to look, making the decision to go home instead. Walking back towards the parking lot he texted Tyler that he wasn’t going to make it as he held back any potentially tears. Noah felt hopeless and pathetic, with every negative opinion he’s had about himself just flooding into his mind. Making it into his car, Noah couldn’t wait to get home any faster, but luckily, he only lived a few minutes’ drive from the swim club. Finally, when Noah arrived, he raced to the front door and ran upstairs to his room. He would hate for anyone to see him like this, so he was quite glad that his parents were away on vacation for the rest of the month. That said, he did manage to calm down after a little while, even playing a new game he had recently purchased on Steam. Yet, any time he thought about how much of a loser he had been today, Noah would just get a piercing migraine, so eventually he simply decided to head to bed early. 


However, rest didn’t seem to help, as something was very wrong the next morning. Waking up at around 8:00am, Noah was completely drenched in sweat, with pain all throughout his body and the worst headache he’s ever had. It seemed difficult just to stay conscious, yet at the same time he struggled to even move, as if a massive weight was keeping his body pinned to the bed. Noah couldn’t even lift his neck to get a good look at what was going on, he was stuck staring at the ceiling, unable to even move his hands to get his phone and call for help. He wasn't even able to get comfortable in bed as he waited this out, with his body starting to shake and his chest only getting heavier. Finally, he regained some use of his right arm, managing to at least take the comforter off his body. Lifting his neck he was horrified, yet completely turned on by the sight—his body appeared to be slowly inflating as his pajamas now barely managed to contain his once tiny frame. Noah could hardly even get a good look at the rest of his body as his chest began to balloon before his very eyes. Where he was once as flat as a board, Noah now sported two growing mounds of hard muscle that were only just beginning to grow, straining the fabric of his small shirt. Such a beautiful sight, his hard nipples rubbing up against the tightening piece of clothing was probably the most erotic experience of his life, and it was just starting. 

Unable to control himself, Noah grabbed the collar of his shirt, easily ripping it to below his new pectoral muscles, letting those bad boys finally breathe. The strands of fabric came apart like nothing in his hand, with him only stopping half way to admire the pecs in their full, monstrous glory. Although he was still sweating, what was once pain from head to toe was now becoming pure euphoria, and he was loving every second of this as he slowly became more mobile. But, before he could admire his gigantic pecs for too long, he heard another rip, now from the fabric around his arms. Noah couldn’t believe it, yesterday his arms were just skin and bone, but looking now he could flex them, revealing two round, baseball sized bulges of pure muscle. Unable to help himself, he brought his giant right bicep up to his lips and began to lick every crevasse frantically, a literal dream come true. He didn’t know how it was happening, but he was gaining the body of a muscle freak, a god among men, that not even Jeff could rival.

However, Noah was far from done, as now he could feel his stomach straining, begging to get out from under his shirt. Practically in heat, he used both hands to rip the rest of his shirt down the middle, revealing sculpted six-pack abs, rock hard obliques, and a v-line straight from a Greek statue. Noah had always wanted to get his hands all over the muscular Instagram models he obsessed over, he would have killed for a chance to just massage their bodies for a second, but now, feeling real muscle for the first time, it was his own. He could touch any part of his body, for as long as he wanted—these muscles were his. Noah had the massive pecs he had drooled over for countless nights, the hard biceps he had begged to see flex and unflex, the solid triceps that formed a perfect horse shoe, the amazing shoulders that put boulders to shame, and the rippling washboard abs that brought men and women alike to their knees. 

Noah couldn’t believe this, it didn’t feel real, but this was the happiest moment of his life, and it seemed like his little friend down there was enjoying every minute of it. He could feel is cock growing to full hardness, yet, when he looked down, he was not greeted by his tiny four and a half inch cock, but instead what had to be an incredibly thick eight inch python. Noah initially tried to strip off his pants to get a better view, but his now tree trunk sized thighs and perfectly rounded calf muscles made that an impossible feat. Luckily, it was easy for him, with his increased strength, to grab the pajama bottoms by the elastic band and stretch them off his tight, thin waist until it ripped just like his shirt. The sight of his body was a true marvel, there Noah was, lying in bed, glistening with sweat, as strands of fabric barely covering his body. Only his Batman-themed boxer briefs remained covering his body now, but they were so compressed against his gigantic thighs and sculpted Adonis belt that they appeared almost painted on to him. Yet, Noah needed to get a look at his new, enormous piece of meat, so he did his best to slide down his sweat drenched underwear half way down his large thighs, finally revealing the beast in all its greatness. Not only was he sporting the muscles of his dreams, honestly even bigger than he had ever imagined, but he also had the cock of porn star. Rock hard, Noah’s new dick put his old little penis to shame; he had finally become a real man through the second puberty he had begged for day after day.

Then, before he could fully begin to worship his own body, Noah began to convulse one more time, as if every one of his muscles were on fire. Yet, this time, it felt orgasmic, he was coming into his own now, his muscles growing just a bit more before finally stabilizing. Ultimately, he couldn’t take it, the pleasure was unimaginable, and all of a sudden, his huge cock began to unload spurt after spurt of hot, real man cum. The first shot flew over his face, landing on the backboard of the bed, followed by another that hit him right in the face, as his incredible dick then coated his colossal pecs and chiseled abs with the remaining loads. Noah was used to a meager amount of semen, so this was amazing, he was completely covered in his own man juices, and he was loving every minute of it. His body had to be producing such an incredible amount of testosterone to fuel his body and produce such copious amounts of seed. But, even more astonishingly, he was far from satiated, Noah could probably go a few more rounds at the same level before physically tiring or fully emptying his balls. With only sex on the brain, and more confidence than ever before, Noah reached for his phone and called Tyler. The thought of dominating Tyler with his new glorious physique was enough to get his cock excited again. 

“Hey Tyler…sorry again about yesterday,” said Noah, sitting up in bed, only just realizing how much deeper his voice had become after the transformation.

“No problem Noah, but if you were feeling sick you should have just told me,” Tyler responded chuckling to himself. “You can totally hear it in your voice...but no judgement.”

“I know you’re heading back to Connecticut later today, but would you mind coming over to say goodbye,” Noah replied, completely ignoring what Tyler had said, only thinking about having him worship his new body. 

“Um, sure, I think I can do that, but only for a little,” Tyler stated after thinking about it for a bit, sounding genuinely happy at such a direct request.

“Awesome, see you soon,” Noah managed to blurt out before getting distracted by his veiny arm and completely spherical bicep.

Hanging up the phone, he once again looked down at his body to admire his handy work, as the strong stench of his delicious cum consumed the room. That said, Noah knew he couldn’t greet Tyler in this state, so he finally collected himself and got out of bed to take a shower. At first, he was a little dizzy, realizing that he must have grown at least five inches in comparison to the rest of the room. But, of course, the true marvel was his body; pulling out a scale from the closet he gasped at the realization that he had added on around 50 pounds of pure muscle, leaving him as a 5’11”, 183 pound, ripped hunk. Running to the full-length mirror in the bathroom, needing to see his body in all its glory, Noah was simply astonished by the sight before him. With the shreds of his shirt still on his torso and his skin tight underwear clinging to his waist, Noah looked like a cross between a bodybuilder and a romance novel cover model. Admiring the veins all over his jacked torso, Noah began to flex, with the crab pose ripping to shreds what remained of his pajama shirt, leaving him only in his underwear. In a way, it was an amusing sight, such a manly hunk, with the body of a god and a gorgeous, newly chiseled face standing in front of a mirror in Batman boxer briefs. 

After briefly struggling to take them off, and his hard as steel cock bouncing out and slapping against his incredibly defined abdominal muscles, Noah stood there, unable to believe the beauty before him. This was impossible, something straight out of a nonsensical story from the Muscle Growth Forums or Metabods. Yet, he didn’t care what had made it happen, he was living his dream now, and the world was his for the taking. Noah did consider it might have been the golden lifeguard whistle, some type of MacGuffin from your typical muscle erotica, but that was just crazy talk. Either way, he was definitely going to keep it safe with him at all times, just to be sure. Nevertheless, as he continued worshipping his monstrous physique in front of the mirror, he couldn’t help but notice the drying cum stuck between the gaps of his bodybuilder torso. Turning to the shower, which now felt small in comparison to his massive build, he turned on the warm water and got in, not even closing the door behind him. Just yesterday he would have been afraid for anyone to see him even remotely naked, but now, he was happy to show everything off, he didn’t think twice about who might see him. 

Now lathering his gorgeous muscles, with the water cascading over the new ridges of his body, Noah was finally able to appreciate his new physique in its perfect form. As the sweat and cum washed away he could feel his perfectly soft skin, clinging tightly to every individual muscle on his body. Just when he thought he had covered every foot of his new rock hard body, something new would surprise him, turning him on like nothing had before. Noah couldn’t even decide which part he loved most, giving any of his muscles all his attention only made him hornier and hornier as he moved onto the next. That said, Noah did seem to love his chest the most; rubbing his newly sensitive nipples as he bounced his pecs under his soft finger tips felt like heaven on Earth. As his giant cock began to drip pre-cum from this action, Noah knew he had become a sexual beast that could not easily be satiated. Eventually, as he grew closer to orgasm, Noah grabbed his monster of a dick for the first time with his right hand, rubbing it up and down frantically, as his left hand did the same up and down his magnificent torso. Although this was the greatest experience of his life thus far, it took time for Noah to cum compared to his less than a minute sessions days prior. It seemed that the development of his pelvic floor muscles had turned him into the perfect sex machine, able to expertly control how long it would take for him to explode. Yet, in due time, load after load shot out of his amazing cock and onto the wall on the other side of the shower. Despite cumming just minutes earlier, Noah was like an unstoppable hose, soaking the wall in his god semen, before finally catching his breath as the remaining cum leaked out of him. This genuinely was a dream for Noah, and as he finished showering, he couldn’t wait for Tyler to experience this pleasure with him.


Having taken too long in the shower worshipping his godlike muscles, Noah was only just drying off and wrapping his towel around his sculpted waist and hard, bubble butt when he heard the doorbell. Realizing he would be taking his clothes off again soon enough, Noah decided to simply greet Tyler in this towel, a sight he knew would get him cumming instantaneously. Making his way down the stairs to the front door, in a house that now felt so much smaller, Noah opened the door. Smiling at Tyler, there were no words between the two of them; Noah had no idea how to initiate a hook up, while Tyler’s jaw nearly fell to the ground. Before, no one had given Noah a second glance, unless to laugh at his basically childlike body, but here was Tyler, clearly checking out every inch of Noah’s body. He didn’t know where to look, and Noah was loving every minute of his best friend admiring his musculature. Noah was only awoken from this nonverbal dance when he began to notice that Tyler was visibly getting hard in his white shorts. It was amazing, Noah had such power, and he wasn’t afraid to use it. 

“Are you okay?” Noah questioned with a cocky smile on his face and his muscles flexing as hard as he could get them. 

“Um…uh…sorry, I must have the wrong house,” Tyler responded, confused, as he attempted to cover up his boner and walk away, never taking his eyes off of Noah’s delicious abs.

“Stop messing around Tyler, it’s Noah, I can’t believe you don’t recognize me,” Noah joked.

“Recognize you? Noah…no…this isn’t possible.”

“It’s the real deal Tyler, the body you knew I always dreamt of having.”

“This can’t be happening, how could you put on this much muscle in only two years?”

“I guess some determination…and a little bit of magic.”

“Jesus Christ, why didn’t you come and show this off yesterday, fuck.”

“Um, there was just a lot of traffic coming back, I guess…Also, my eyes are up here,” Noah stated before stepping outside his door, grabbing Tyler’s chin, and leaning down to kiss him.

“Noah, this is incredible,” Tyler managed to blurt out in the middle of his daze.

“Why don’t you come in and I can show you more of my transformation,” Noah said confidently, despite having no sexual experience.

Tyler froze at the idea, realizing that his dream of being with a muscular man, a real hunk, a god among men, was finally coming true. Tyler couldn’t move or speak, yet Noah knew he had to have sex with him now, so he slowly took Tyler’s hand and walked him into the house, closing the door behind him. Tyler began to breathe heavily, mirroring Noah’s reaction yesterday, but he managed to follow Noah up the stairs and into his cum drenched room. It was clear that taking in the full smell of Noah’s manly semen, and seeing it splattered over the head board of the bed, got Tyler’s little five inch cock rock hard and dripping pre-cum. Not knowing where to go next, Noah stood right in front of Tyler and slowly dropped his towel, revealing his giant thighs, half-erect monster cock, and his glorious marble-like ass. Having seen Noah’s penis before, Tyler knew somehow it had grown to at least double its length, yet he couldn’t question it, he was simply mesmerized by its presence. Noah was just as hot and muscular as any of the Instagram models they followed, but he was real, in front of Tyler, naked, and ready to go.

“God, Noah, your body…it’s beautiful,” Tyler managed to let out, practically drooling. 

“Touch it,” Noah replied, taking Tyler’s hand lightly once again and placing it on his right pec.

“Fuck,” Tyler responded, before letting out a soft moan and turning bright red.

“Don’t worry, my body has that effect on people, just relax and have fun,” Noah said while looking down into Tyler’s eyes with a cocky, yet loving smile.

As much as Noah wanted to have sex with, and be worshipped by, Tyler, he recognized how monumental of an experience this was for him. Before his glorious transformation, Noah would have given anything in the world for a sexual encounter with a hunk a quarter of his size, and he knew Tyler felt the same way. Additionally, as both of them were virgins, the idea of being with someone else, no matter the position of power, was a completely new, if not slightly scary, experience. The only component that was keeping Noah calm and in control was that his new libido craved sex at all cost, so any fear over the situation didn’t matter. Nevertheless, after a few moments, Tyler managed to finally build up the confidence to move his hand down from Noah’s gigantic pec to his rippling six pack abs. Although unable to make a dent in the rock hard muscle as Noah flexed them, Tyler went one by one, rubbing and pushing his fingers down each one. With passing time, Tyler’s boldness only grew, now moving his left hand to Noah’s right bicep, which Noah happily flexed for him as hard as he could. While Noah was loving the idea of a weakling, just like he had been a few hours ago, worshipping him like the god he was, Tyler was in heaven, his dream coming true of touching muscles for the first time. 

“Noah, I’ve wanted this so badly,” Tyler stated, now gliding his hands over Noah’s perfect upper body.

“I know Tyler, we both loved muscles so much, and now here I am...for us to enjoy,” Noah responded as he continued to flex and pose for Tyler. 

“Us…,” Tyler whispered before he gulped loudly and began to lightly convulse as a wet spot formed in his shorts. After he managed to compose himself, and embarrassed by what had just happened, he attempted to run away, before Noah easily grabbed his arm and stopped him.

“Oh come on, don’t feel bad, it’s your first time with muscles,” Noah responded reassuringly with the most adorable look he could muster. “Plus, we’re just getting started, you must have at least another orgasm in you, right?” 

Tyler had never considered the idea of being with Noah, yet, beyond of course his incredible muscles, Tyler was genuinely seeing Noah for the first time. In an action that surprised even Noah, Tyler escaped Noah’s hold, ran into his arms, and began making out with him. Other than the previous two pecks, both Noah and Tyler were experiencing their first real kiss, and it was admittedly a little sloppy. Slowly but surely, the two of them got the rhythm of it, prompting Noah to take it up a notch by picking Tyler up into his arms as they were still making out. On the way to the bed, Noah had Tyler strip his shirt off, before unbuckling Tyler’s shorts himself and tossing them and his underwear across the room. With the two of them now naked, the contrast in their bodies was clearer than ever before to Noah. While Tyler was completely entranced with Noah’s body, Noah got to really see how frail and wimpy Tyler was by comparison. Noah had to be at least five times bigger, giving him complete and utter physical control over the situation, which he relished. As much as Noah fantasized about being the muscular guy, his more realistic desire was to be in Tyler’s role, yet, now, he couldn’t imagine this any other way. Tyler would forever be the weakling, and Noah was the incredible hunk that everyone would beg to have just one night with alone. 

However, as the power dynamic had just brought Noah to full mast, Tyler was getting close to having his second orgasm. While Tyler and Noah were grinding against each other, Tyler’s tiny cock was being squished in the middle of Noah’s chiseled, rock hard abs. He could also feel Noah’s gigantic, wide cock rubbing in between his ass cheeks, from one end to the other, a pleasure so powerful that in no time he was letting how his puny amount of cum up between Noah’s monstrous pecs. However, it was more semen than before, if still a fraction of Noah’s, and this time he shook far more aggressively during his throughs of pleasure before finally falling back into Noah’s arms. Not wanting to make Tyler feel too embarrassed about his premature ejaculation, but also wanting to show off his comparable amount of cum, Noah laid the completely dazed Tyler down on the bed, before straddling Tyler and beginning to masturbate. In an instant Tyler was brought back to life by such an extraordinary sight; if his balls hadn’t been empty, he almost certainly would have been rock hard and ready to cum again. Nonetheless, using some of Tyler’s cum as lubricant, Noah furiously went to down on his own giant cock, before letting out another constant stream of cum, now all over Tyler’s face and frail upper body. Noah had made himself cum faster than he could have held off for, but the orgasm was just as amazing, with Tyler loving every second of it and licking up some too.

This was definitely not what Noah was expecting when he called Tyler over, but sharing his first kiss with his best friend, who he made orgasm twice, before cumming all over him, was an experience he would never forget. Although he probably could have kept playing around with Tyler for the rest of the afternoon, Tyler was completely tapped out. Sure, there was some embarrassment over cumming prematurely twice, and he wished they could have done more, but Tyler was in complete heaven. Plus, the experience was made even better when Noah laid down next to Tyler, cuddling with his best friend for the first time. Even though they were both covered in each other’s cum, there was something vaguely romantic and touching about the situation. They were still complete novices, but for the first time they were genuinely together, and muscles were involved on top of that.

“Can you believe we never did that before,” Noah finally said to break the silence.

“Why didn’t we again,” Tyler responded chuckling to himself.

“Guess we needed the muscles to finally make it happen.”

“Do you think it would have happened otherwise?”

“I think a part of me always wanted it to happen just for the experience, but I was too shy to say anything about it. Plus, even thinking about it now, I wouldn’t have wanted anything to get between our friendship.”

“You may be a muscular hunk now, but you’re just as corny as ever Noah.” 

Pulling Tyler in closer, just a little tight to assert his dominance, Noah stated, “Maybe we can do this again sometime if you ever recover.”

“Ha-ha, hilarious, sorry if we all don’t have the stamina of a professional athlete.”

“You’ll get there, too bad you have leave later though.”

“Oh shit, what time is it, I have to go…”

Grabbing his phone to check, Noah replied, “it's a little past 11:00am.”

“Oh my god, I was only supposed to come over for a minute, I’m so sorry Noah, it’s been amazing, fucking amazing, I won’t forget this, but I need to get home.”

Giving him one last kiss for the road, Noah cockily responded, “I know you won’t.”

Finally able to pry themselves apart, Noah handed Tyler a towel to clean himself off with as he looked for his clothes scattered around the room. While Tyler was getting dressed, he wished he could stay the entire summer having sex with Noah every day, but he still had to think about his future despite the immense pleasure he would be giving up. He feared that by the time he came back in August for his father’s birthday that Noah would have moved on, but there was nothing he could do. Walking out of the room and down the stairs to the front door, Tyler felt up Noah’s sculpted abs one more time before they said their goodbyes. For Noah however, this was just the beginning of his summer of sex. With some experience under his belt, and having reconnected with Tyler, Noah was ready for more. Horny as ever, Noah decided to hop in the shower, where he masturbated again thinking about his experience with Tyler. Later, as he dried himself off, he debated where to go next for his next conquest. Noah did consider simply just bringing Grindr hookups over one after the other, as he knew he’d easily thrive there now, yet that would be too easy. Then, it hit him, now was the perfect time to finally head to the swim club and show off his godlike physique. Putting on the only pair of swim trunks that still fit, which were a solid blue pair with a single red stripe, Noah stuffed everything he needed into a duffle bag and headed for the car.

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Noah finally ebcome the hunk and dominant man he always wanted to be and im sure he and Tyler will have a connection that will last for years but now he needs toe xplore what his new self can do and what better place than the pool?

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5 hours ago, dagonthethird said:

Great story! Can't wait to see more. Thanks for sharing with us this awesome work 😁

Thank you for taking the time to read it! Look forward to the upcoming chapters, from this point on everything basically happens at the pool, or at least includes it. 

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5 hours ago, VRGoh said:

Awesome story, and really good build-up.  Can't wait to see more of Noah and his new life as a muscular hunk.

Yeah I think that often when I read stories I always wish there was more detail to make it feel more real, so I really try to embody that in my work. Definitely stick around though, this really is the start of Noah coming into his new muscles and mindset. 

4 hours ago, Ro20316 said:

Noah finally ebcome the hunk and dominant man he always wanted to be and im sure he and Tyler will have a connection that will last for years but now he needs toe xplore what his new self can do and what better place than the pool?

I like that you noticed the dominance aspect as the hope really is to have him become more dominant over time. Like right now deep down inside he's still the nerd, he's still thinking about his old life, but eventually he will just be one with the hunk. But yeah much more fun to be had at the pool, with a lot of unexpected situations!

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This is such a hot story, the transformation, self worship, and sweet encounter between friends is perfect.  Excellent work, I loved it! 💪🏻

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On 6/27/2021 at 8:03 AM, Ultrabeef said:

This is such a hot story, the transformation, self worship, and sweet encounter between friends is perfect.  Excellent work, I loved it! 💪🏻

Thank you so much, look forward to more soon! Life got a little crazy, but I'm writing Chapter 2 as we speak. 

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