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Eddie Brock the alpha predator. English Version. Part 1


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Capitulo 1

It was morning in the "Daily Bugle", in one of his offices was Peter Parker, a 27-year-old brown boy, he was 1.85 and weighed 90 kgs. of muscle, aesthetically well distributed, he was wearing that morning a white shirt that fitted well to his athletic anatomy, but without being too flashy, the shirt fitted well on his chest and biceps, he also wore black dress pants and shoes the same color, well polished, the collar of his shirt unbuttoned just to allow him to breathe well and not suffocate, since the morning trip using his powers to reach the newspaper had been quite fast, he took the sleeves of the shirt and rolled them up to leave uncovered his forearms as he took a folder with pictures of Spiderman, he smiled to each other.

These months had been important to him, he found an alien suit that had completely improved him, gave him more speed, agility, strength, muscles, and above all a growth in his virility that he at first could not believe, he still remembered when He only measured 1.75 and weighed only 70kgs. It was surprising what a few months with the suit had done to him, to have a piece of only 16 cm. From manhood to erection he became a monster of 25 cms.

He kept looking at his photos, beating thugs the night before, it was magnificent, he thought about the position he was competing at that time as a plant photographer, the other man definitely didn't have a chance, he took a sip of his coffee while he was still sitting and saw the front door of the office.

Someone arrived, precisely the man who had no chance against Parker, it was nothing more and nothing less than his officemate, Eddie Brock.

Eddie was already a 37-year-old man, despite being older than Peter, he looked younger, he was blond, with short hair, jovial features, blue eyes and totally hairless, life had not favored him, never He had the opportunity to exercise, or do diets or other kinds of things due to his physique, he was only 1.65 cm tall and weighed only 60kgs., He definitely did not impose in any way, everyone passed him over and lately someone especially.

Poor Eddie came to the office shaken and sweating, his brown briefcase at his side.

Eddie was dressed in a sky blue shirt that highlighted those eyes of his, brown pants and shoes of the same color, everything would have looked good if it had not been for everything that was too big for him, except for his shoes, the shirt was hanging from him. The sides, and not to mention the shoulders and sleeves, gave the impression that a boy had dressed in his father's clothes, because of this he never had the opportunity to flirt with someone in his life.

While still breathing heavily he saw Parker quite cool and confident of himself.

Eddie wondered how it was possible that Parker was like this if he lived further away from work than he did, despite having a certain suspicion of the brunette, he greeted him ...

- Hello, good morning Parker - His voice was heard somewhat high-pitched, it seemed the voice of a 15-year-old boy. - How do you do to get there before me, if I live closer?

Peter looked at him out of the corner of his eye and smiling as he drank his coffee, he said: - Because I get up earlier than you, "friend".

Eddie looked at Parker, he noticed that the brunette had improved his physique a lot in recent months, he knew that this was not normal in a person, besides Eddie always fought to get on the bus for the first hour, at least he should see Parker in transportation or arriving at the same time if Peter was taking the bus from another route.

Eddie ended up better to stop thinking about it and went to the bathroom to cool off a bit, even so he could not stop feeling frustrated, when he left he saw Mr. Jameson talking with Peter and he only said:
- Hello Sr ...
Jameson and Parker saw the blonde out of the corner of their eye and continued their conversation ... yes, they had literally ignored him.

Parker showed the boss his photos of Spiderman, Jameson was satisfied as always with those photos, took them and left without saying anything, Peter saw the blonde again ...
-Wow, again you missed the plane of success "little friend". - The brunette took his coffee again and took a sip while he recharged himself on the blonde and saw it as a small thing - Do not worry Eddie, there must always be a second man so that the first place shines more and neglects, when they give me the position , you will be my "assistants", I assure you.

The blonde clenched his fist and pulled his shoulder from Parker's contact and then grabbed his briefcase and tried his luck in the city for some pictures. Peter only saw him: -Bye "little one". Hey, when you come back from walking, bring me a coffee ... - The brunette smiled as he saw the blonde go out - Poor Eddie, I almost feel sorry for the poor man, but hey, he can't compete with a super man like me ...

Parker was idle in the office while he waited for it to be later for lunch, total, in the end he knew that at night he would take his photos, meanwhile when Eddie went out ...
- Damn Parker, his attitude has changed, he's a pedant now- the blonde muttered as he went to his secret place in the diary, it was an abandoned and very small cubicle, it only had space for a chair and a few things, Eddie entered and activated his underground police radio while still thinking about Parker - just because he's changed his physique and he's lucky with the photos he treats me like that.

It was late and Parker was already hungry:
- Damn Brock !, Where did you get ?! You know I want my food at a certain time, you damn dwarf. - Peter left the office quite angry and went to the street to buy something and thus calm his appetite, being able to buy something he calmed down a bit, but he was still annoyed because even consuming what he had bought, his hunger did not disappear.

- I ate too much and I'm still hungry, I don't understand, why is this happening to me ?! -
The brunette was starting to get more angry, but at that moment his arachnid sense began to activate. - Yes, what I was missing- he went to a dark alley and put his civilian clothes in a cobweb bag -Let's go chase the bad guys and take pictures.

Meanwhile Brock was rushing out, heard about a nearby bank robbery, and bolted out of the newspaper, straight into action.

When he left he saw Spiderman go to the crime scene at the same time, it was not far, Brock ran as fast as he could, but he arrived too late, being already in the place he only saw how Spiderman left the scene and several criminals wrapped in spiderweb, glued to the lamp posts, the blonde felt terrible, another action scene had escaped him.

- Damn, that way I won't achieve anything.
He took photos of what he could and returned to the diary as soon as he could, he had in mind to manage to offer his photos before Parker showed up, although it was very rare, Peter was never on the scene and still got photos.

When he arrived at the office he was surprised, Parker was already there, handing several photos to Jameson. Brock watched as his opportunity vanished as the boss entered his office with Peter behind him, the little blond just sat at his desk quite agitated from running and then ...

-Brock !!!
Parker yelled like he was the boss as he entered their shared office, while the blonde only glared at him and Parker slammed the door shut and Eddie questioned him.

-I don't know how you do it ... You were here in the office and you come back with photos and you're not tired ... - Peter approached Brock little by little, who was still agitated, but confronting him, the blonde didn't know if that was a good idea or not, but he was already doing it.

-What do you want Parker ?!

-What do I want?! - Parker smiled with some derision, and thus took Brock by the collar of his shirt with both hands, lifting him off the ground, while the blonde watched as the chestnut's pectorals, biceps and forearms were tightened in the shirt.

Capitulo 1 part 2

- Those are not ways to answer your future boss.

Parker brought his face close to the blond's - Why did you forget my food, you damn dwarf ?!

-What ... which food?
- Shut up !, Stop babbling like stupid, you know that if I ask you for something you have to bring that and more, in any case you didn't bring me anything! That is not from good friends. Oh yeah? Sweaty little bug.

The veins in Parker's forearm were dilated due to the time of holding the blonde suspended.

- You ... You weren't like that ... What happened to you? - Said the blonde somewhat scared and sad while Parker's face changed from being aggressive to being somewhat out of his mind, releasing Brock and dropping him to the ground.

- I ... I ..., Go get food and don't delay - The brunette threw bills in Brock's face - Do it now ...

After that, the blonde crawled on the floor, took the money, and bolted out of the office, but his legs were still shaking a little.
- Damn Parker. What did the idiot think? No, I better not make him angry any more, I don't know what else he could do to me - The blonde comes back with a salad and roasted chicken breast, it hadn't taken anything really.

"There you go Parker, take advantage of you." Eddie couldn't help saying it with a somewhat defiant tone.

- It was about time - Meanwhile Peter did not pay attention to Brock's tone, he was so hungry that he only cared about food, the blonde from afar watched how Peter ate, he seemed anxious and desperate, like a wild animal, he even let out a few grunts , so he preferred to go out and go to the bathroom, meanwhile only thinking about Parker's behavior during the last months, he went to the bathroom of the apartment, opened the door and went to one of the urinals.

He unsheathed his piece of meat, it was only 8 cms., And that if it were erect, at rest it was only 5 cms, that's right, the blonde was small even in that.

While he was urinating and feeling sorry for himself, he heard the bathroom door open, unfortunately it was nothing more and nothing less than Peter who was watching him, the brunette began to sniff, as if he smelled something in the environment and while doing that his pants of Dressing marked Parker's big erection, the hot 10-inch chunk. from his crotch, it was maxed out.

- Aaaaahhhh- the brunette seemed to appreciate some smell.

- Here it smells ... - Said the brunette approaching Brock.
-What do you mean by that? -

Eddie put his phallus away and raised the fly of his pants, he had a feeling and he thought he better get out of that place as soon as possible. - Sure it's the bathroom, it's badly washed, I'll go out and tell the cleaning staff.

Parker approached the blonde and took him quite hard. - Are you! ... You suck! - Parker returned to carry the blonde as he had done a while ago and began to rub his large erection in Eddie's crotch while at the same time he squeezed his small manhood.
-You want to be pregnant.-

The blonde was cornered and felt helpless, he couldn't hide his worried face. -Parker, yeah ... yeah ... I smell like that that's why I ran a lot ... a lot today ... I'll put on my ... deodorant so I don't ... bother you ...

- You want to be pregnant- Parker looked like a wild animal that did not reason.

- Get pregnant?!, What do you mean ?!

Parker released Brock but only to grab him tightly around the waist.

-You know you need a male, little bitch.-

The brunette began to prowl with his hand in a lascivious way the body of the blond still over his clothes, Peter's hand began to slide towards Eddie's pelvis, almost touching his manhood, but at that moment Parker stopped .

- No ... No ... This is not right ... No ... - Peter released the blonde immediately and quickly left the bathroom.

Eddie was sweating cold, alone in the bathroom, still glued to the wall, traumatized, he felt weak and fragile, his legs would not stop shaking, it was the first time someone tried to rape him, he could only shrink and stay in a fetal state on the floor of that bathroom.


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